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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do some Christmas shopping at a mall on Thursday (December 23) in Windhoek, Namibia.

The 35-year-old actress left the store with Brad, 47, while pushing a cart full of toys.

Last week, Angie said the couple planned to “travel with the kids and go to a random part in the world.” Now we know where exactly they went!

Namibia is a special place for the Jolie-Pitts. Daughter Shiloh was born in the African country four years ago in the seaside town of Swakopmund.

FYI: Inside BP and AJ’s shopping cart is the Mudslinger Ford F150 Remote Controlled Monster Truck.

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Photos: Francois Poolman/AP Photo
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  • truth is

    @,f,f,f,gg,,,fty,: You are so STUPID alright. The Tourist is playing in their second week only. Look at the Box Office Mojo you idiot. You said it’s a flop but at least The Tourist still beats Jen’s movie The sWitch both domestic and foreign playing in 13 weeks. That’s the power of LA JOLIE.

  • JanC

    I wonder why these 2 never spend the holidays with family. We always spend the holidays with family. In fact all mine just left after a 2 day celebration of family and love.

  • Kellis

    To JanC – They are spending the holidays with their family.

  • Etta (new HO on board)

    Brad, Angie and kids are a FAMILY of 8 spending the holidays together.

  • Bitter Bi!ch Ex Here !

    JanC and JenHo spending their holidays at Joe’s house !

    The Girls Gonne Wild With Ding Dong Tours in Meh-hee-co !

  • JanC

    I keep thinking about all my kids art work, school programs, little awards and treasures. Their report cards and all the things you save from your children that they love to look back on. What do they travel with. Where do they keep that stuff. I know most kids love the familiar and I bet most of you with kids this Christmas talked about all the familiar places and traditions. I love to travel but Christmas is for home.

  • Kellis

    JanC – Family IS home, not a physical place in time. It is wherever they are – TOGETHER. I traveled with my family every Christmas and LOVED it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. That was my experience. This will be the JPs experience. Do not belittle another experience because it is different from yours. That’s what makes the world unique.

  • JanC

    I didn’t mean to belittle it . Your right family is home, but I couldn’t stand not spending Christmas without my Mom and Dad. That’s just me of course everyone has to have their own experience..And I know my Mom would go nuts not seeing her grandkids at Christmas.

  • Bitter Bi!ch Ex Here !

    The hotels around the world fully books with their guests especialy on Christmas and New Year Eve’s Parties !

    Handjob+The Barren Cow never have kids never knows that people have kids always took their kids stay at the hotel for their long week-end or long holidays !

    Only Norman’s friends have to stay home b/c he/she/it got $1-2 per post,ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  • busted


    maybe you should get off the computer talking about someone else’s life and spend time looking at the pictures of your children and their little programs.

    if you really are a parent you are a nutty one. to assume you know anything about someone else’s life. YOU have no idea what traditions or special things they do as a family. HINT you don’t live in their home.

    There are millions upon millions of children in the US that are home-schooled. Go in you community and share your judgmental ideal.

    Sad that in the year 2010 you actually think all families are cookie cutter. That they have to look and behave the same. Angie and Brad have both said that they take certain things with them when they travel and that the kids look forward to other things that are kept in certain homes. These children have been traveling with their parents since birth. It is the live their parents have decided to have. Their right. Where is your concern for the celebrity kids whose mother or father are away from the family for months filming. hmmm

    These children stay with their Family always. Home is where the people you love are and who love you. so the jp kids are at home always with Mommy/Daddy and their siblings.

    But the thing is you really don’t care about these kids. YOUR undercover nasty is obvious. Since it is obvious that this couple is solid. The nuts hags have now started the They travel too much. I guess the break up rumors don’t work now so now the fake concern for ONLY THESE CHILDREN.

    Go in your community to a shelter, hospital or help children in Foster care. Those kids need memories and keepsakes. they need someone to make Christmas and the other 364 days GREAT.

    The JP kids have 2 parents that are taking care of them. They don’t need your concern. But as I said there are thousands of children in your community that do. .

    Put you concern where it is needed.

  • Kellis

    How do you know Brad’s parents aren’t with them now? It’s quite possible. Or if they’re not with them now, maybe they’ll travel to MO for new year’s. They were last year. The Pitts are an international family, as Brad’s brother Doug is a photojournalist, Director of Africa International 6000 and a Goodwill Ambassador for Tanzania. So I’m sure by now they’re use to the global sojourns of their children (and grandchildren).

  • Etta (new HO on board)

    Then your mother is a control freak

  • hag

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS JP FANS!!!!!! saw The Tourist again with friends and we all LOVED IT!!!! really a great movie. the so-called critics wanted to bury this movie, but word of mouth about how good it is will keep it up. European audiences will appreciate this film. watched TAOJJ again last night and what an unbelievably beautiful, nuanced film it is. again, so-called critics overlooked this delight. we fans appreciate excellent film making. Brad and Angie are international MOVIE STARS!!

  • JanC

    @Etta (new HO on board): I agree my Mom is a little bit of a control freak but I love her.

  • brenda

    hey people don’t know to talk about other thing??always the same thing! many post do you want to invent now in this new thread? 500 or 600? ha..ha ,this is so angelina…you all the JP fans always saying that angelina has millions of fans more than anybody in hollywood …why those fans went to the cinema to see the tourist??where are they now?? she is not the biggest star in the world as the media and all of you want as to belive!

  • JanC

    Talking about the movies I can’t wait to see True Grit.

  • doris

    Just some thoughts about the year that’s about to end:
    1) What was Aniston thinking when she put out that perfume? Who would want to smell like the woman who was dumped by every guy she’s been with? What I (and every woman) would want to know is the perfume of the woman who got Brad Pitt!
    2) Again…where’s that guy who said he was going to go naked somewhere if Pitt and Jolie have not yet split up by December?

  • NAN

    Jennifer Aniston didn’t invited her own mother to her wedding,but she could invited 200 guests and she called her own mother A Disease !

    That’s why 2 of her Exes didn’t choosing Jennifer to be the mother of their children !

    BP choosing Angie to be the mother of his baby and babies after 6 months they’d living together !(Apr05-Dec10)

    VV choosing Kyla to be the mother of his baby after spent time with Jennifer 6-8 months(05-06)

    How can Jennifer be the good mother ?
    Jennifer cannot be the good daughter for her own mother !

  • Etta (new HO on board)

    Not gonna waste my time responding to trolls. We know Brad and Angie are happy. The end.

  • Grace

    I bet they went to AFRICA for a present a new black baby.

  • NAN

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all JP fans around the world !

  • fly high


    You morons are looking for the word of “family” in here, in this Brangelina thread. :) Don’t you think you’ve got the wrong address? Go and knok knok ! AND find the “family” in front of the MANISTON’s house. I think she needs it more desperately than this beautiful FAMILY. :D

  • Etta (new HO on board)

    Where is poor Manniston gonna go now??


    STARS including Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, have been warned they risk being ­kidnapped or killed if they try to see in the New Year in drug war-ravaged Mexico.

    Among their expected guests is Jennifer Aniston, who owns a nearby villa at which she has enjoyed at least three breaks during the past year. The actress, 41, regularly travels there with Hollywood pals such as former Friends co-star Courteney Cox and American TV chat show host Chelsea Handler.

  • NAN

    May 98 !
    ” l dump my boyfriend of 3 years (TD) upon spread my legs on the first blind date with an A-List Hunk ! “

  • NAN

    12 years ago (May98)


  • A Wedding

    is in the works. Jolie is working toward it now. She’ll get her way because she still wears the pants.

  • truth is

    @JanC: here you we go! another idiot Jen fan. Honey, you know that Home is not a house. You can bring your home wherever you go but you can leave your house. Home is where your family is, the LOVE of your life(husband & kid/s). It seems like you are the one doesn’t have a home. You don’t even know the meaning of it. Just shot up okay?

  • busted

    Good night.

    I am going to make myself stop responding to the 1 or 2 name changing nuts that infest any JP thread. They are a bug and I need to just thumb them down and stop allowing them to dictate the conversation which is exactly what this ONE fool has done.

    My before New Year resolution.. They talk about the fans, but we all know that there are just a few haters that post here. And most use multiple names. Easy to spot when the post are back to back … LOL

    But enough of the fools.

    Hope all of you great fans had a beautiful Christmas.. where ever you were. Hope it was with the people you love and that was and is all that matters.

    Off to clean up the gift wrap and hit the hay. Maybe the Confused-admirers will stop spewing hate for the sake of hate. It may do your spirit some good.

    I’m sure the JPs had a beautiful Family day.

  • hag

    wonder who the tick spent Christmas with??? HER FAMILY???? NOT!! huvane, handjob and DOGS????? DIIIINNNGGG DIIIIINNNGGG!!! YEEEESSS!!!

  • premalee

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all JP fans.

    Neleh thanks for the shout out.

  • chocochips

    They both are beautiful and looking so relax, happy and sooo together.

  • hag

    may 2011 be the year that THE TICK looses it’s blood supply., FeEDING\

    off Brad for YEARS!!!!! Dog repellant may get rid of the
    “ex repellent”…..please????????

  • gracie

    # 169 JanC & Grace, if you two morons had families of your own or loves in your lives, you wouldn’t have spent your Christmas day stalking Brad and Angie’s thread and wondering how they are spending theirs. At least they are family and together. who do you have? Losers, you’re all as pathetic as the barren loser you warship. You have no family, no children, no husbands or no boy friends, no man would have you two and no friends to spend one special day with. Brad and Angie’s thread is the only place you get the only excitements in lives —- how sad and pathetic. Not even friends wants you low lives to crash their parties? Do I blame them. Who wants fleas at their family get together.

  • Catsup

    Love the Jolie Pitt’s and Family MAUUH/

  • gracie

    Who did Anuston spend her Christmas with —- .Her mom is a disease, so that’s out.

    CC’s home is longer there coz she has destroyed it and that is excluded too.

    She has siblings but she doesn’t see them — that’s also out of the question.

    Some of her friends have children but she doesn’t like children —- She won’t fit in and they don’t want her coz they are spending it with their own families. No 3rd wheel to crash family parties.

    Oh! there’s Norman — the only family she has —- that’s something at least, one loyal love she can count on. Hahaha.

  • Lara

    Sending festive greetings to all the lovely JP fans.
    Neleh, muaaah. Thank you for the lovely shout out, means so much to me. Enjoy your time with the family.

  • Lara

    Sending festive greetings and best wishes to all the lovely JP fans.
    Neleh, thank you for such a thoughtful shout out, means so much to me. Muaaah, enjoy your time with the family.

  • Lara

    Oooops, sorry!
    Anyway, poor little Norman I say.

  • aseret64

    @JanC: You must be confused. Angie, Brand and their children – they are a family spending Christmast together in another country. If thats the way they want to celebrate to holiday season, so be it. Its their family, not yours. My hubby and I, although we dont have kids at present, spend Christmas with my family. We spend New Year with his family. Thats been our tradition for the past three years and we love doing it. We have our own choices or traditions in celebrating the holiday season so the bottom line is to each his own.

  • gracie

    Happy holiday to all JP fans and may all your dreams come through in 2011. Good health and safety to JP family and to all their fans.

    Beautiful Neleh, Happy holiday to you and your family. Thank you for the good work and all the wisdom you spread around here.

  • gracie

    If you scroll down, you’ll see Brad’s parents circle Angie and his mom whispering in Angie’s ear and having good time at the premiere but stupid delusional trolls are blind and only see what they want to see and believe their lies — Yeah, Jane loves Anuston alright like you love dog’s poo poo. You losers keep dreaming of what could have been and you’ll all be stuck in the stinky shite for another 10yrs.

  • lurker

    Jane Pitt likes Angie. Jane loves Angie because her son, Brad loves her. Janes loves Angie for making her son very happy. Jane loves Angie because she gave her and Bill adorable grand children.

    Any mother will always love any girl who will make her son happy. I love my daughter-in-law because she makes my son happy.

    By the way, Knox is a little Bill Pitt. Amazing resemblance. Love the Jolie Pitts. Happy New Year to all.

  • NAN

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and best wishes to Neleh,Lara,bdj,PT,Aussiegirl,gracie and to all the best of JP fans around the world .
    Bye l have to working during these holidays !
    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts and God Bless to all of us “JP fans”

  • http://Facebook Anyta

    Brad is sooooo sexy !!!
    Love them!


    The stupid biiitch is such a creature of habit, its gonna be the death of her. Once she slips into a routine, she cant seem to let it go. She’s like a fu.cking hamster on a wheel. :
    shes been going to the same mexican resort every year, three and four times a year from the year 2000;
    she ate the same chicken salad for lunch for 10 freakin years on the set of friends;
    she has been in therapy for 20 freakin years ever since she got to HW, so much so that she bored the poor therapist to DEATH! Literally. The poor therapist died and all she could do is laugh and say: ‘what am i going to do now?’ Unfreakinbelievable!
    she has been milking her divorce and riding Brad and Angie’s coattails for 6 freakin years. So far.
    she keeps doing the same things in relationships over and over and over again that drive men away time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time again (count them: thats at least 8 men -that we know of – since Brad dumped her);
    she gives the same asss and coochie show for the paps every time she goes to mexico;
    she remains friends with misogynist types like joe francis (who exploits young girls with his girls-gone-wild porn brand) and chelsea handjob, the unfunny, wannabe comic who insults little children. Which reveal exactly what kind of person she is: show me your friends and i tell you who you are;
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    she plays the same rachel character in all her movies, with the same characteristic moves that everyone recognizes and ridicules her about;
    she chooses the same genre of movies every single time she does a movie, which since 2006, has been an average of 3 movies a year;
    she wears the same hair-as-curtain-to-cover-my-fug-face hairstyle for over 16 years now;
    she has been smokin and tokin and drinking nonstop all her adult life even tho she has lied that she wanted to be ‘a young mom’ when she got married in july 2000;
    she has been saying she wants to have a kid every year since she got married in 2000 and still repeats this lie even when no one believes her anymore;
    she has had the same PR drag queen huvane since before she got married and he keeps telling her to do the same underhand tactics that have reduced her to a HW laughing stock but she is too dumb to see it.
    Couldnt happen to a more mean-spirited, mother-hating, passive-aggressive, vindictive, grudge-holding, untalented, famewh0ring, high-maintenance, pretentious, nasty biitch.

  • lulu

    gracie @ 12/26/2010 at 4:38 am +6

    Who did Anuston spend her Christmas with —- .Her mom is a disease, so that’s out. CC’s home is longer there coz she has destroyed it and that is excluded t


    I read somewhere CC will be spending christmas with her new boytoy and her daughter outside LA. Do you think X will join them?

  • lylian

    Hmmm, just saw the post that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are spending xmas together.

  • tazzy

    @A Wedding:

    You don’t know what you are talking about so sit down an STFU!