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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Christmas in Namibia!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt do some Christmas shopping at a mall on Thursday (December 23) in Windhoek, Namibia.

The 35-year-old actress left the store with Brad, 47, while pushing a cart full of toys.

Last week, Angie said the couple planned to “travel with the kids and go to a random part in the world.” Now we know where exactly they went!

Namibia is a special place for the Jolie-Pitts. Daughter Shiloh was born in the African country four years ago in the seaside town of Swakopmund.

FYI: Inside BP and AJ’s shopping cart is the Mudslinger Ford F150 Remote Controlled Monster Truck.

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Photos: Francois Poolman/AP Photo
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  • from mexico

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  • bdj

    Baby Jane blogging from Mexico. I guess the coke and toke fest is not going good. Go buy 1000 bottles of stink water Baby Jane.

  • Passing Through

    # 240 groundcontrol @ 12/26/2010 at 5:52 pm
    Thanks! You saved me a trip to Target….

  • http://deleted angierocks

    The hens goin nuts what a shocker!LOL………so desperate why not help ticky, buy some of stink water.

  • http://deleted angierocks

    Double Standards when it comes to Angie UGH!Makes me sick really….the haters have it on a just click button everytime they wish to spin and rag on Angie they just hit red flashing knob….They can’t put a good woman down.

  • Mary T

    Only Angelina would think children need to be traipsed all over the world for Christmas……Since she is weird anyway, what else can you expect?

  • justabitch


    Brad is tiny meat in those photos, but he used to have awesome abs. I don’t think we’ll see him nude again. AJ sucked the hot right outa him with her vacuum lips. She is never seen wearing bathing suit even. Any nude shots are in movies where they can photoshop to hell.

  • anustin

    by the time Maniston in her 60′s….alone and forgoten….no peen to tickle her calousal vaj. very sad life.

  • truth is

    @from mexico: You are stupido. The Tourist opened Dec. 10 and today is Dec. 26. Only 16 days divided 7 days a week. Go back to school luco.

  • justabitch

    Seriously, that’s where they went, Namibia? That was the big deal? They already been there, done that, had a kid there and everything. You’d think they would come up with someplace new. Throw the loons a new bone. I bet their kids would like to have played in some snow for Christmas and seen their Grandparents too.

  • dianad1968



    I LMAO when I read how desperate the media are trying to, as you say, “dethrone” the JPs.They did the same thing when The Beckhams were coming to America. I remember watching Nightline one night and Cynthia McFadden was reporting Becks and Posh will be the next Power Couple, even going so far as to say “Brangelina who”? I kid you not, and we saw how well the Beckhams “took over” the media. LOL. The funny thing is I am sure Brad and Angie would welcome less focus on their family.

  • justabitch, u mad though?


    y u mad? u mad though? y u angry?

  • groundcontrol

    PT, I was sooo frustrated with the Salt dvd for a while there. I was clicking madly away at everything in sight. I don’t even know how I came to click on that empty space. Couldn’t they have included instructions to find the extra cuts?
    As it turns out when I put the DVD in my TV/DVD combo, there is no empty space before the Play Movie on the TV screen so I had to watch the Extended Cut on my laptop which was fine. I really love the ending to that – maybe more. It has a lot of different scenes which changes quite a bit toward the end.
    I also watched some parts of the Director’s Cut and there is a small change at the end that is quite delicious in its implications. Check that out as well.
    I also got the one and only season of Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback which she did in 2005. I watched some of it when it was on HBO and it was really creative and good. The entire season is such a combination of funny and pathos that speaks to the world of show biz and those trying desperately to cling to their place in it. Kudrow is incredible. She also created and co-wrote it.
    Kudrow has a web series called Web Therapy. For those who haven’t seen it yet check it out. It is on the L Channel (L for Lexus). Just google Lisa Kudrow Web Therapy. There are 3 seasons so far and I’ve watched most of the episodes They are each anywhere from 8 to 13 mins. Lisa plays self absorbed Fiona Wallice, a psychologist (sort of) who offers therapy session in 3 minute sessions over the web. It is hilarious. I think there are about 33 episodes a season. Julia Louis Dreyfus plays her more conventional (again sort of) psychologist sister in a number of episodes and Meryl Streep recently played a sexual aversion therapist for gays. Again hilarious.
    Kudrow writes the Web Therapy episodes as well. I guess it has become all too clear who the real talent and creative genius is from Friends. She is so edgy and unafraid to look foolish and even unlikable in creating these memorable characters.

  • cj

    off topic………………..r&b singer teena marie is reported as passed away this evening…………………… rest in peace

  • lulu

    Passing Through

    BTW – Where are the hens ragging on Rachel for cheating on her hubby and dumping her kid somwehere at Christmast time to go off with her lover? Oops…my bad…that would only be a problem if it were Angie. Sorry…sometimes I forget how this works…

    ITA. And where’s the pity party for Satsuki ? Satsuki was with Daniel Craig for years when he was still a poor,struggling actor before his break-out role as James Bond. although there’s no kid in between them, I still felt bad for Satsuki, I don’t think she’s rich like maniston and they might not be married but I wonder if Craig would gave some financial compensation for his ex.

  • hohoho

    Apparently, the perfume business isn’t just one you can walk away from and expect it to do well. Shouldn’t Aniston already know this? She’s in the movie business, after all. When one of her movies is finished, she is obligated to go on promotional tours, to keep interest in the movie alive. Seriously, shouldn’t she already know how promoting a product works?

    Anyway, a supposed insider said Jennifer did little more than choose the actual fragrance and appear at the perfume’s launch in London at the Harrods department store. Although there was initial buzz and interest in Aniston’s signature perfume, much–if not all of it–has died down now.

    Don’t be too concerned over Jen’s perfume sales, though, because she could easily just start promoting them. If she gets desperate, she can always call her friend Chelsea Handler, and have Chelsea bash people who aren’t buying the perfume. Yeah, that works wonders on the public.

    Apparently no one likes stink water that makes you smell like a desperate, passive-aggressive loser whining all of your life like Jen.

  • lulu

    Daniel Craig and Weisz , the new couple, I can’t wait for the what will lainey commnet on this .She was always how in love was D.Craig on his ex. how his Satsuki was his solid rock, blah. blah..

  • Ginger

    Angelina = MODERN DAY Joan Crawford

    I FEEL HORRIBLE FOR THESE CHILDREN and I pray pray pray that no one ever allows her to adopt any more children into her home. She is certifiable CRAZY! Please stop believing the woman is so damn wonderful!!!! It is ALL about publicity and PR, just like Joan Crawford!!!!

  • dianad1968



    GC, I have always admired LK. I think she is very creative, does not take herself too seriously, and does not expect special favours because she was on Friends. She has gone out and is trying to chart her own course. Isn’t it funny we don’t know who her BFF is?

  • hohoho


    Me too. I like that show where the family history is traced, I think Lisa produces it or is connected somehow.

  • groundcontrol

    guli, I saw your post at jjb. Hope you were able to find the extra versions on your dvd. As I said upthread it was fine on my laptop but I still haven’t been able to get it on my TV.
    Again for anyone hunting for the extra versions of the film on their non-BluRay dvds labeled Deluxe Unrated Edition of Salt – on the main menu – to the left of “Play Movie” should be a blank space in the rectangular box that has the menu – click that empty space and it will take you to another page with the other 2 cuts.

  • Get Real

    @Ginger: # 273

    You really should see a doctor. Stop inventing things. You do you pray to? Satan? Hypocrite! You have no shame!

  • gracie

    We know who the crazies are and you’re certainly one of them, Ginger. You need to be locked up in an asylum where you belong.

  • Really!


    Why don’t you share therapist with your idol, the Ex wife? Or maybe not. Heard she’s been in therapy for about 20 YEARS now!

  • neer

    Not that I am obviously an AJBP supporter but there’s no other couple like them, no matter how much the so-called new “it” couple is being compared to them every time.
    Just to name a few……Olivier/Halle……….David/Posh………Zac/Vanessa………..Ben/Jen…….Chris/Gwyn……..or even Robert/Kristen……Justin/Selena……..and now David/Rachel…… Consider this really….. do they really come close to the power & fascination the AJBP couple ignites?! The interest they generate from the public all over the world?! The seemingly hunger for anything about them?! Their fan-bases are from all ages?! The people of influence & power this couple interact & deal with…be it in business, movie industry, politicians, academe, professionals, philanthropists, etc. ?! It just really speaks how this “it” couple is a cut above the rest….way above….just waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy above!
    The very fact that every celebrity couple is being compared to AJBP only shows that this couple is THE STANDARD of today. It is always about them. In fact, AJBP is now being compared to the golden age era…to the successful “it” couples of the past due to some similarities in terms of glamor, strong presence & huge talents. They are not just an ordinary couple. AJBP is the “it” couple in every sense of the word. Why is that so? It is because they are not only very successful as as couple but as individual persons as well. Each of them is very effective in their passions & talents. Each of them possesses power, talent & of course out-of-this-world gorgeousness. Together, they just explode!
    So, I cannot really think of any other couple that can really be compared to the kind of impact in all aspects that AJBP has generated. I simply can’t. Maybe, not on this lifetime.

  • Think Again

    @CK: Wrong!! Rachel and Daniel are the hottest!!!!

  • busted


    so true.. so true.. and as one of the fans posted a bit earlier.. I think Brad/Angie would actually love to be dethroned. LOL

    anyway.. I don’t know why that fool posting under multiple names is so concerned about the BO of TT.. The fans don’t care. We loved the films and don’t care how much money it makes or does not make. Thing is we will be buying the DVD next year and will be front and center for all of Angie’s and Brad’s films. See that is just the way it is.

    Angie is not in need of work. She has directed her first film.. I say first because I suspect it will not be her last. She is going into the editing room soon and will be working on that project. Something not many other female actresses can say they go to do. So see all is good in JP land..

    OK.. guys I’m confused about the Salt DVD.. Maybe I missed somthing..

    on my dvd. i have the Theatrical Version, Unrated Director’s cut and Unrated extended cut..

    am I missing something else because I need to know. Plus I didn’t see this empty space thing some of you were talking about. Please post if you know what I am missing.. I can’t believe how much I loved watching that movie. So much fun..

    OK waiting for a reply.

  • Trolls in Pain

    All is well in the JP’s world and that causes trolls extreme pain. Screaming and spewing the lies and hoping & hoping & SCREAMING that JPs will break up for SIX YEARS- day after day, night after night- even spewing lies on Christmas…wow- all that hate is certainly taking it’s toll on the trolls. With each JP success, baby or even a blurry picture from Africa, troll brains are rotting and souls are becoming more rancid. The trolls’ mission- to break up the JPs- is an utter failure and they are getting nuttier by the day.

  • busted

    One more thing then I won’t be discussing Aniston..

    Why are these fools so concerned with where Brad/Angie are.. who they are spending the holiday with.. how they are spending the holiday. What are they doing and where are they doing it.

    YET no one seems concerned with the whereabouts of Aniston at all. Not even her fans. I mean they are not asking where is Jen at Christmas. How is she spending the Holiday.. is she alone or with Family and Friends. How come she has not been spotted with Courteney or her usual gaggle of friends. Why is she not spending time with Courteney after the break up. I mean they have not been seen together at all. And yet this is her very best friend. Why didn’t she go to California to spend time with her friend that for years has been supportive of her. Why didn’t she rush to Courteney’s side. hmmm

    And the perfume. Why don’t we hear anything from her fans about that. No chatter about how great it is or how they rushed to purchase it. Why no threads on how much money it has made. I mean Aniston according to them is loved by millions. Her perfume must have been one of the major money makers. Yet we hear nothing. Also why is it that she is doing paid events. Hotel openings and a Paris Hilton or Snooki.. she is a private person. Yet instead of spending time with her best friend she goes to an event about a wine opening or something. hmmm I guess that Friends money is gone. And if her films Budget is less then 20 million she surely is not being paid 8 million a film. AND LAST ONE.. WHY is it that if Aniston is such the perfect woman and friend she can’t stay in a relationship longer then a year. Reese, Halle, Cameron, Rachel, Kate, all these women ended relationships and found new one. YET in 6 years Aniston can’t. At some point one has to think is it all about the guys or her. And please don’t come with the she is picky.. She dated, slept with and with back to John Mayer. bragging about him to the world. so nope she ain’t picky.. NO every woman does not need a man. But she is not a nun.

    sidenote (I remember when Angie had left BBT and was alone for a few years she talked about how great it would be to have someone to share the things that were happening in her life. A partner. She is an independent woman and was not afraid to admit that it would be great to have that kind of connection to a man).

    Aniston is 42.. and if her fans thinks she has not been with a man since Mayer they are fooling themselves. She is such a coward that she can’t let the world know that she has something or someone on the side for that action. I applaud women like Angie, Cameron and Kate H..who at least are not so fake that they can’t admit they are women and enjoy the company of men. )

    just a few things I have wondered about. Maybe the lurking and posting CONFUSED-ADMIRERS. can provide some answers for me.

    Don’t rush.. take you time to come up with a great reply


  • neer

    Re Salt DVD
    Based on my experience, I just “enter’ (on my remote” in choosing “play” as well as selecting any of the 3 versions. I

  • karmaback

    @Think Again:

    Then why in the world are you not on their thread.. why are you here.

    makes no sense at all..

    But we all know the truth don’t we.. ROTFLMAO AT YOU

  • pig ear big nose maniston

    Belated Merry Christmas to all JP fans from JJ, M4A, M10 and other JP sites, I saw a vid of Vivienne smiling and waving, so I made this vid, she is very cute and beautiful and also I wish everyone have a happy New Year 2010.

    Good Nite JP fans.

  • pig ear big nose maniston

    pig ear big nose maniston = LLM

  • dianad1968

    I was slumming at Celebitchy as things are kind of quiet on the JP front, and almost died laughing reading the comments about the Daniel Craig/Rachel Weitz hook up. I am reading the excuses for Rachel for not spending the Holidays with her son, excuses for hoking up with a man she met on set of a movie, and apparently being the cause of two break-ups, and the best one is regarding DC ex. According to the hens, SM was well compensated by DC, so she has nothing to be upset about. I am wondering if these apologists are writing these comments with a straight face, and if they don’t see the hypocricy in what they are posting.

    Incidentally, I also read the thread about Courtney Cox spending the holidays with her “jump-off”, as they are referring to the guy she is supposedly boning, and one of them actually posted that when a couple seperates, they are free to see anyone they choose. I am not kidding, one of these hypocrites actually posted that, and she is a rabid Angie hater. I am sure the JP fans remember how we would say the same thing, and the hags would still claim that Brad and FT were not yet divorced, so Brad and Angie were WRONG to get together before then. These b*tches heads spin like The Exorcist evrytime they contradict themselves.

  • hope And change

    why do you hide half the messages and show only the ones that suck up to them?

  • hope And change

    It takes illiterates like you to fall in love with this publicity-crazed couple.

  • gracie

    dianad1968, I read their comments too. She even said DC’s partner got $2m+ and that should keep her quiet and settled. As if the payoff justifies his actions. I was LMAO. If Angie has done what RW did, abandoning her child at Christmas time and taking off with her new bf, it will be on the front cover of every tabs and news paper. These hypocrites will be the first to call her an unfit mother. I have said many times, Anuston fans are hypocrites. The hatred directed towards Angie stems from jealousy. She is young, gorgeous, talented and has Brad and these fat ugly losers can’t handle it. Angie has it all and it kills them. ENVY is like a disease embedded so deep in their souls, 6yrs on they still can’t move on. They think by attacking Angie and wishing her all kinds of harm, their wretched lives will improve. It doesn’t work that way but they’re too dumb to know it, or else 6yrs on, they would have gotten the message by now. Good things keep happening to Angie and Brad — Good karma follows good people.

  • dianad1968



    gracie, all these hens are good for now is comic relief. They have contradicted themselves so much, and they lie just as bad, that I don’t think even they know what point they are trying to make. There is a poster there called “fanny”, who tried posting at JJ a few weeks ago using the name “denise” whining how the fans were “picking” on FT, and how we should stop. After the fans here gave her a verbal whup-a*s, she ran back to CB complaining that we threatened her. It was hilarious. They are all idiots there, who just wait for any thread about the JPs, (and Kaiser is only happy to oblige, posting the most innocuous stories) to come slithering out of their holes and caves to rant and rave and froth at the mouths.

  • Beautiful Couple

    Even shopping they are gorgeous- what a nice holiday trea!

  • lylian

    @Passing Through:
    BTW – I saw a THR story listing the salaries on HDYK.
    Reese – $15MIL
    Jack N. – $12MIL
    Owen Wilson – $10MIL
    Paul Rudd – $3MIL
    James L. Brooks – $10MIL
    I saw the numbers you posted and I had to laugh as well. Damn. Paul Rudd was paid 3m?? Owen Wilson cost 10m. The producers paid 40m in talent altogether. That’s 1/3 of the total production budget!!

    But that still leaves 80m for production. Now I haven’t seen HDYK but I understand it’s a comedy – with a bit of romance in it. I understand that the movie has few special effects and fewer stunts, no costumes. How did they manage to spend 80m filming it in the USA for heaven’s sakes? Makes you wonder if it wasn’t intended to be a tax write off.
    I mean, I can understand how the tourist cost 110m. Depp is probably a 20m per movie man. Angelina as well. Then Florian, Bettany, Dalton and several other add another 5 to 10m to the budget. Salaries in The Tourist were probably around 50 to 55m. But then, they filmed in Venice – so, that would also have cost quite a bit. But that’s still only approximately 55m in filming the movie on location. And that’s still a good 25m less than HDYK.
    I also started to think about Shite happens: Prod budget 18m. The turkey: 19m, and Butty hunter was on a prod budget of 40m
    Assume that Aaron Eckhart/Jason Bateman made about 2.0m – 3.0m and that Dedn, coz she’s a bigger star than Eckhart/Bateman but a lesser star than Owen made about 4.0m – 6.0m. Gerard buttfingerler would have been paid about 4.0m? Let’s say that the director in those movies plus the writer was paid another 2.0m to 3.0m (considering James L Brooks made 10m as director and screen writer and Dedn’s directors have a track record at least). Salaries in Dedn’s movies alone would have made up about 8.0m to 12.0m of the movie. What’s left for production is therefore approximately 9.5m – 7.0m.
    How did Shite and turkey get made for less than 10m a piece and HDYK get made for 10 times the amount? Even Jennifer Lopez’s movie the Back Up plan cost 35m to make.
    To quote:
    “Something is rotten in the state of Hollwood.”

  • neer

    Re Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

    Who are we to judge them?
    We are not privy to what really happened to their respective past relationships. We don’t know about them. We are not with them 24/7. So it’s unfair to throw stones & crucify them.
    I am not really their fans but I watched some of their movies. I think they are good.
    Regarding their personal lives, well it’s not for me to say whether their hooking up as a couple is good or bad. As I’ve stated, it is only the persons concerned who can really tell.

  • noplace

    @from mexico:

    I can not speak spanglish!

  • roserock

    did anyone happen to note on the “wider” shot the item in the basket has the title “Mud Slinger?” Coincidence or subtext?

  • Hortense

    The only place you can find Jen’s fragrance is on eBay from people who bought tons of it in the UK or had people in the UK transship it here. It never was launched in the USA. Very, very bizarre!!!! You can’t even get it at Harrods website anymore. Wht wouldn’t they have some stocked at Christmas time?

  • gracie

    lylian @ 12/27/2010 at 2:46 am

    Lylian, Happy holiday. You’re so right. I questioned the production budgets of Anuston’s rom-coms too. Somethings don’t add up.

  • fly high

    Angie & Johnny’s (new) interview? :)

  • fly high

    @fly high:

    Look at that relaxed and comfort atmosphere. What a pity hens…Angie and Johnny always seem to have a good time. They respect each other anytime anywhere. Do you know the “respect” between the co-workers? Your Man has it?

  • busted


    I don’t think anyone is judging them. Actually I doubt anyone really cares one way or another..

    I think people are just pointing out the Double Standard. Brad/Angie got together after Brad and Aniston separated and she filed for divorce. But the attacks on them continue til this day. Seriously. When couples break up and they know the marriage or relationship is over they each have the right to move on.

    We are noting that the same people that attack them are the same people fawning all over themselves about how HOT and SexY this new couple is. Same thing with Courteney and Christina. NO headlines calling them names or labeling them. NO comedians calling them ugly names.

    So there is a double standard and the fans have a right to point it out. I for one don’t really care about Daniel or Rachel.

    But yeah it pisses me off how these nasty women can see the same situations in different a different light all because they are jealous and threatened by Angie.. no other reason.. oh and the man is Brad Pitt..

    I guess that too makes the difference. I wonder if Brad/Angie got together now if it would be the same considering all the other couples that are now together or have broken up..

    some women are just two faced and hateful.