Top Stories's Most Popular Music Acts 2010's Most Popular Music Acts 2010

Another year, another amazing group of performers!

Here’s a rundown of‘s most popular music acts of 2010. Find out which artists sang their way to the top of our list.

Also, be sure to check back in the next few days to see who were our most popular actors and actresses this year and who made the cut for our top 25 most popular celebs!

10. Beyonce
9. Carrie Underwood
8. Glee
7. Lady Gaga
6. Christina Aguilera

Click inside to find out who were‘s top five most popular music acts of 2010!


5. Katy Perry
4. Britney Spears
3. Taylor Swift
2. Miley Cyrus
1. Rihanna

WHO WAS YOUR favorite music act in 2010?

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  • Cute

    Kylie minogue and rihanna

  • Gaga

    Gaga vs rihanna and rihanna vs xtina

  • http://1 One my love


  • Caitlyn

    wtf Taylor, Rihanna & Miley all infront of Britney, Gaga and Beyonce?
    This is a joke right?
    But to be honest Britney didn’t do anything but record, write and drink starbucks so..
    Should be:

    10. Glee
    9. Carrie
    8. Christina Aguilera
    7. Miley
    6. Katy
    5. Taylor
    4. Beyonce
    3. Rihanna
    2. Britney
    1. Gaga

  • Rob

    Slig or sander Choose one name you slig or sander? The‏ ‏same comment’s

  • isi

    christina aguilera! the queen of music :) love her

  • Superman


  • Jeo drew

    H Duff , Rihanna number 1

  • Kevin

    The payola check must be damn good, right JJ ?

  • Fergei Queen

    Sure fergie

  • iris

    why are all the acts that can accually sing at the bottom.. very bad taste in music

  • Singer

    Great Rihanna

  • Heart

    Lovely music is RIHANNA

  • Jolie pitt

    Just Angilena jolie the BEST sound and actress

  • BeyondEveryone

    Christina Aguilera :D

  • http://seriousbodoh SERIOUSbodoh

    britney is the queen of pop

  • JamieHam

    Um, really? Rihanna number 1? Just Jared, you just lost your credibility. A girl who can barely sing is number 1? Over Gaga and Beyonce. Two of the best LIVE VOCALISTS OUT RIGHT NOW. Rihanna over the biggest show on television- Glee? What a joke.
    I guess Beyonce wasn’t really out with an album this year but Gaga? C’mon!
    Rihanna over Britney? really? ok. They both can’t sing but at least Britney was a good performer. And wait Britney over Gaga?
    Who wrote this list?

  • delicate

    Definitely Rihanna. She’s amazing, she released perfect album and she keeps on showing that she’s the only diva out there.
    I’d put Katy Perry higher too. ‘Teenage Dream’ is amazing album and ‘California Gurls’ is one of these clips you can’t forget. Brit should be totally out of the list, she had done nothing than showing herself with Jason in too tight bikini :]

  • Tomas

    cute Rihanna nice sound

  • donna

    christina <3

  • Justine


  • Conando

    Christina, Xtina, Baby Jane, etc. I’ll always love her voice!

  • Brooklyn

    Love Christina Aguilera, shes so gorgeous.

  • digital

    Christina Aguilera was THE act this year. The amount of press she got, even Katy Perry with her generic ho-hum singles didnt. Negative, or positive. She had the most talked about Album of the year (Bionic) and one of the most talked about (golden globe nominated) Movie Musical as well. Thats territories only Beyonce has really been linked to. Lets not bring up that mess CrossRoads.
    All in all, Christina Aguilera dominated the the internet and blogs, which in tern means she dominated the entire year. Katy its fair to say Dominated the Air-Waves, but do people still listen to Radio?

  • Ell

    I agree with the top 10 but wheres Adam?

  • Lalalove

    Lame ass list.

  • JJ (the person)

    I loved it! (I’m just not a Gaga fan, but that’s okay)

  • KnowItAll

    Christina before Gaga? That’s a joke.
    Gaga should at least be top three. Clearly, you’ve never been to one of her shows.

  • Qboy

    Christina Aguilera 1st among all…

  • JJ (the person)

    Wait! But where are the male artists?

  • http://MiaKukuljan Mia

    Lady GaGa+Katy Perry+Christina Aguilera=BEST SINGER ON THE WORLD

  • Marta


  • David


  • Rihanna Fan


  • vanessa

    yaaaay riri is numbah one stans getting mad hahah love her

  • salar bil

    love you christina you are great :X

  • http://seriousbodoh SERIOUSbodoh

    people are wondering why britney is number 4 although she didnt make any music this year. she’s also one of the highest earners this year although she didnt make music. why? because she’s too awesome, everytime she tries to become invisible she’ll be more sought after. So famewhores (gaga especially) should learn from it. the more u create attention for yourself the less publicity you get.
    Britney- although no music in 2010- u are the queen of pop!

  • Julian

    Gaga, Christina and Beyonce all superior acts

  • http://justjared christina

    Christina MaRIA Aguilera, Baby Jane, Xtina , Madam X , C/X for meee love hrrr

  • Peter

    Christina Aguilera! Hope she starts 2011 in the right foot and with a Golden Globe on her hands. “Bound to You” is a mind-blowing song. She and Sia make a great team!

  • Kaitlyn

    Why is Rihanna at no. 1?! Her album is FLOP!

  • Nathan

    Christina for me =D amazing as always!

  • http://MiaKukuljan Lady Mia GaGa Germanotta Hate

    Miley Cyrus -.-”’ OMG Just Jared? God,God ……..

    LADY GAGA <3


  • http://MiaKukuljan Lady Mia GaGa Germanotta Hate


    LADY GAGA <3

  • Ivory

    Christina should have at least been in the Top5. What in the hell did Britney do this year? She hasn’t even got an album out so why is she so high in the rankings. Miley please! She is a disgrace as a role model to young girls. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended pregnant (like someoneelse we know-Oops i did it again) by some no good dude who she claims shes in love with and therefore ending her whole career. Carrie Underwood had a good year. I don’t listen to country but some of her songs are ok. Lady Gaga did ok as well. I haven’t been hearing a whole lot about her. Beyonce or B as i like to call her, will always be the queen of R&B and pop. She ain’t goin nowhere, but i do think its time she starts to focus on starting a family and let someoneelse have the spotlight for a moment. Katy who? Naw im just kidding Katy Perrys cool. She had a good year. She got married and her album isn’t all that bad. Glee idk about that one so ill skip it. Well since im not like 15 or 16 years im most definitely not into Taylor Swift, but i gotta hand it to the little white girl shes doin her thang. She must have a really good manager and marketing team cause shes been selling albums out the wazoo. And last but certainly not least my girl Ri-Ri. She has had an amazing year i really enjoyed her album and her style she is always changin it up shes such a chameleon.
    So my top 5 would be.
    5. Lady Gaga
    4. Katy Perry
    3. Christina Aguilera
    2. Beyonce
    1. Rihanna

  • dita

    Christina “Voice” Aguilera
    i love her

  • Sarah


  • UzTawkin2Me

    Miley<3 xoxo

  • Clarissa

    I love Beyonce. She’s amazing all around talent.

  • Jordan

    Rihanna is 1 because she deserves it ( 9 number one in the US in five years , Loud is overselling at 2 millions worldwide AND IT ONLY CAME OUT 1 AND A HALF MONTH AGO . )
    There’s a lot people loving Christina here , why didn’t you just all buy her album which is very good btw !