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LeAnn Rimes: Dreaming of a White Christmas

LeAnn Rimes: Dreaming of a White Christmas

LeAnn Rimes races boyfriend Eddie Cibrian to the car after a workout at the gym on Friday (December 24) in Los Angeles.

“Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!!!,” the 28-year-old singer tweeted, along with a link to a video where she sings “White Christmas” in front of a lighted tree.

“Magical Christmas!!! Beautiful day!!! Merry Christmas to ALL, every single one of you!!!!” she added.

LeAnn got into the holiday spirit early with a sexy Santa outfit that she wore to the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles concert last weekend.

LeAnn Rimes – White Christmas
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leann rimes eddie cibrian gym 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian gym 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian gym 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian gym 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian gym 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian gym 06

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  • bobbi

    God forgive me but she’s hideous.

  • Jenn

    Everything about her is fake…

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    All this photo opting but still unpopular. I wonder why they didn’t make the top 50 popular isn’t from lack of trying. LOL

  • Reason

    Bitcch/Douchebbag Alert!!

  • Lord

    Haven’t seen an uglier skkank in ma life!

  • sanaz

    yes leann, go ahead and wave away whatever is left of your “career”

  • BOBO

    i dislike them both , leann i hope you remember what goes around comes around

  • this

    I’m sorry but this is too mediocre and I got bored at like 0:10

  • blair

    When leann says run, you run, eddie.

  • elaine

    Maybe Eddie was trying to make a break for it and she had on her lightning fast shoes . see he didn’t make it too bad, Eddie has it made she even pays for the gym memberships

  • JKC

    Whoreific self adoraration from two despicable pieces of humanity. They got everything they wanted for Cristmas, no concern or care, it comes at the expense of others.

  • jim

    definitely the ugliest face in Hollywood. i thought only beautiful people make it in H-wood.

  • hohoho

    her face is hideous, matches her personality.

  • ka-blamo

    Merry Christmas to the families she helped tear apart!!!

  • ho-down

    ho ho ho

  • lisali

    Wow… lots of nasty comments on a day that we should be spreading peace and goodwill.
    Heres to happiness and a Wonderful New Year to everybody on this board, and Leann & Eddie also.

  • boston61

    It’s got to be hard for LeAnn being with a man who is so much better looking. LeAnn has already had a ton of plastic surgery (chin implant, etc).
    She is in love. HE is the one who cheated on and left the mother of his children not her. Because he is so good looking and she has a funny edge to her looks everyone blames her. It really isn’t fair.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    You forget Leann had a husband also what about him?

  • blair

    @betty…he’s the luckiest one of all to be rid of leann, he must be thrilled.

  • blair

    @betty….Dean’s the luckiest one of all to be rid of leann, must be his happiest Christmas.

  • anonymous

    I’m positive it’s Dean’s happiest Christmas ever, just like she said it was hers last night. LeAnn clearly defiles/cheapens whatever she had with Dean in the past everytime she talks about Eddie and how happy she is.Basically saying Eddie is better than him in every possible aspect of her life.Some say LeAnn loves to take digs at Brandi.I actually see more digs at Dean with her ‘he’s everything you’re not’ attitude,but maybe that’s just me.Anyway,I’m sure he’s thrilled to be rid of her anyway

  • Andrea

    Well, when a necklace given to her by Eddie the first Christmas they spend together means more to her than anything she’s ever gotten including whatever she got the previous 8 Christmases from Dean,you know where the bar is set.Wonder what she got this year.

  • LOL!

    Wow where did all these haters come from? You know Leann is doing something right …or getting positive press when “all these” (same 2 people) haters show up! If she was a nobody and her career was dead like the haters say… you wouldn’t be commenting on her threads, especially on x-mas! Merry X-mas to the haters (and the fans too)!

  • Josie

    Are you sure they weren’t running out of the church they go to because it caught fire when they walked in?

  • Say

    The way this site panders to this trailer trash is pretty vile. happy Christmas to every home you wrecked this year, has been ho bag!!!

  • http://justjared issa


    hey jen…you’re fake…lol

    and hey ho down….you’re a big hypocrite lol

  • blair

    The money won’t last forever, especially since wewe’s music isn’t selling and eddie is unemployed. Happy New Year, lowlifes.

  • elaine

    eddie wonders what 2011 will bring I can tell him more of the same . Living and sponging off of a twit who doensn’t have the sense God gave a turkey. There are so many good-looking hot young men in Hollywood now, that Eddie is toast something sad has happened to him he looks vacant in the eyes and his entire body shook when he said On T.V “we are madly in love” think he couldn’t even convince himself. Any “man” that cheats on his pregnant wife is the lowest of the lowdown and the name Eddie Cibrian should be in the dictionary with that description beside it “Cheats on wife when wife is pregnant “

  • gwen

    Leann is at it again. Coming to these sites and posing as her own fans because her fanbase is just that low.

    LR tips off the paps and then she gets mad when the public doesn’t oh and ah over her photo-op.

    1) lol!

    WEWE, no one likes you. Even JJ agrees, which is why they didn’t even include you in on the 50 most popular list.

    What positive press is Leann getting? WEWE, if you were doing something right, you wouldn’t have to come to these sites and pose as your own fans.

    WEWE, if you don’t want people to comment on your photo-ops, then stop calling JJ. As long as you keep staging these photo-ops you are going to get slammed. You knew the outcome, now deal with the consequences.

    Thanks for outting yourself, isn’t RACY always telling us Merry Christmas?

    2) lisali

    WEWE, why do you keep acting like people obligated to like you and EC? You get nasty comments because you are a nasty person. Speaking of peace and goodwill, where is yours?

    WEWE if you were happy, this photo-ops would not exist.

    We know that you won’t ever have a happy new year. EC is cheating on you and you have to literally babysit him so that he doesn’t “fall madly in love” with another woman.

  • gwen

    Come on JJ, we all know the drill.

    When we see photos of EC and LR it is because they are trying to promote something for their careers.

    So what are they trying to promote now?

    Her Crazy Women single isn’t ranked very well on Itunes and she has to hype up EC new job, which she used her connections to set up for him.

    Or is this an attempt to convince people that she really does spend time with EC since many people are quesiioning how she spends any time with EC since she is tweeting 24/7.

    If Leann is dreaming of a White Christmas, then does that mean that Eddie Cbrian is dreaming of a GREEN one?

    Since he is still playing the devoted lover, that would mean YES.

  • gwen

    Was Leann Dreaming of a White Christmas or dreaming of the woman EC was going to try to hook up with at the gym?

    Funny, that she has to interupt that special time with “her family” to make a video like this?

    What is is trying to prove?

    That is right, remind a mother just how powerless she is over her own kids.

    Thanks to JJ for assisting Leann is this disgusting game.

  • gwen


    Leann to the public:

    “See, I don’t spend 24/7 on twitter and to prove that I don’t spend 24/7 tweeting, I called JJ so that they can even more “candid “shots of my love and me being LOVEY DOVEY on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas. “

  • gwen


    What will 2011 hold for EC?

    The very same thing that 2009 and 2010 did, only it’s going to be a lot worse because of LR latest twitter antics with those kids.

  • Hope Dworcyk

    Gwen…why do you get so excited and extreme when the truth of the matter is…
    EDDIE WILL CHEAT AGAIN. A cheating liar…is who he is and WHAT HE DOES. This isn’t me making things up, it’s the truth here.
    Leann will learn the hard way….so why talk about it?
    Just sit…and wait it out.
    Once Eddie gets a lame part on a lame show (he will)…and his co-star is some young hottie with a great pair of lips and bronze skin…Leann will be the last thought on his mind.
    It is just how it will go down.
    People don’t change.
    Sorry, Leann.

  • Lisa

    Her teeth are hidieous

  • gwen

    @Hope Dworcyk:

    Why talk about it?

    Perhaps you should take the time to ask yourself the same thing; afterall, you did take the time and energy to write post 34 where you get so exicted and extreme by trying to police other posters.