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Enrique Iglesias: I Loved 'Last Christmas'!

Enrique Iglesias: I Loved 'Last Christmas'!

Enrique Iglesias holds up some festive stockings during the Y100 Jingle Ball earlier this month in Miami, Fla.

The 35-year-old Spanish singer took time to chat with Just Jared about his holiday traditions and what he’s hoping to find under the tree this year. Check it out:

JJ: I have a couple of holiday questions for you. What’s the best present you got as a kid during the holiday season?

EI: The big spaceship in Star Wars. When I was a kid I was very attached to Star Wars.

JJ: Did you like the latest installments of Star Wars?

EI: Not as much as the older ones.

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JJ: What’s a gift that you didn’t get as a kid that you always wanted?

EI: There wasn’t anything that I really wanted.

JJ: Is there a gift you’re hoping to get under your Christmas tree this year?

EI: Yes!! I want to be able to take 48 hours of peace and quiet where I can sleep and relax.

JJ: You need a vacation! Are you on the naughty or nice list this year?

EI: I’m in between! [laughs]

JJ: Do you have any favorite family traditions?

EI: You know, to my mom it’s so important. On the 24th we eat dinner right before the 25th. That right there is crucial for her.

JJ: And who does the cooking?

EI: She doesn’t do the cooking, that’s for sure. We usually eat turkey.

JJ: Do you have a favorite Christmas carol?

EI: Nope, not really. I mean I like a bunch of them.

JJ: Do you have a favorite Christmas song?

EI: You know what Christmas song I used to listen when I was a little kid over and over? George Michael‘s “Last Christmas”. That was my favorite. Well classic maybe is from that generation.

JJ: If you could design the ugliest Christmas sweater, what would you put on it?

EI: I don’t know. It’d be really green. Really, really green with a reindeer on it!

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Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • http://Tj Slig ^_^ cute

    Agin Ineeded here!!? Enrique like a stench and nasty looking

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    His so freakin ugly ,hes gisgusting x_x

  • N

    I think he needs to retire the aging teenager look. It’s getting old. Extended puberty doesn’t look fitting on a 35 year old man.

  • jennie

    @1 2 and 3 i couldnt agree more with you what happened to this guy? i mean i never thought his music was good or he was so hot as they say but he looks like hell! and he looks like he needs a shower change of clothes and he really looks so sad and depressed all the time!

  • jake

    He needs a stylist. This teenager look, I couldn;t have said it better N, is so wrong. Man, put on some GQ clothes. Even buy GQ magazine and see how guys your age dress. Enrique needs to appear on a episode of What Not To Wear. Plus, the hat has to go. He has nice hair, why be so insecure about it.

  • marq

    Hahahaha, brings back old memories. 20th Century Fox once publicly threatened to sue, when a major metropolitan newspaper executive publicly suggested that I had produced the original Star Wars, rather than Gary Kurtz having produced it. :D

  • Miranda Gonzalez

    The shoes, the jeans, the hat, its all wrong. Wrong Wrong. Wrong. He looks like those illegal immigrants of Hispanic descent. Even Pitbul dresses better than him and he is street/hard.

  • marianna

    so true he gives latin guys a bad name whats his poor excuse for not dressing nice even at certain times i mean and CLEAN the man looks like he going through an ordeal of his own hes been looking pretty down in the dumps lately wonder why? hes junk music is selling but it means nothing if youre not happy maybe his girlfriend miss anna kournikova has something to do with it i heard shes a phony and a real nasty girl enrique needs a new woman anyone agree?

  • hey hey

    yeah it is true JJ youre the man you look happier being with anna kournikova then enrique does that kiss enriques giving her couldnt be more phony lets get real enrique you look so bad and sad wake up before its to late

  • Butter_Fly

    I was hoping for some better answers but, oh well.

  • touche’

    what do you expect hes no to smart and a little strange if you ask me

  • Jokergurl

    I love his music, those of you whining about his latest music need to lighten up “Tonight” is a satire, it’s a joke, it’s not supposed to be taken seriously, rappers do songs like that all the time and when Enrique does it everyone freaks out. I think he’s very handsome no matter what he wears, he’s cool,he’s laid back, he’s doesn’t flaunt how HOT he is. He’s always gracious to his fans, doesn’t have an ego like some others I won’t mention, and he’s been with the same woman for 8 years now and he’s damn talented too.

  • @jokergurl

    you are a jokergirl i guess youre a sick fat old ugly on of his fans that no matter what he does say or sing you think is great the song is a joke its deamng to woman and young girls enrique is not a rapper or maybe now he thinks he is hes a joke and cool i dont know him so cant say that gracious to his fans he better be thats how he gets paid flaunt how hot he is ? have you taken a good look at him lately? he looks sickly anorexic depressed older then his age like 45 years old now and never smiles he looks like a sickly depressed unhappy person, talented i wouldnt go that far his fans like him for his looks they think are good not me maybe being with the same woman for 8 years hasnt made him that happy god knows it doesnt show enrique needs to wake up and see what he really is an aging 35 year old man trying to write a sing music out of his league take a brake enrique for life retire already!

  • marq

    @@jokergurl: He’s demeaning, to women, jokergirl? Didn’t you just demean, in another thread, a wonderful women who was valiantly defending the human dignity of all of mankind? Aren’t you now also demeaning the subject of this post?

  • @14

    no! dont think so everyone has a right to their opinions and voice here on JJSs great site if you dont care for what people are saying here dont come here and read it. simple as that !

  • marq

    @@14: Good point, albeit sarcastic. For those of you believing that Jared is motivated solely by advertising revenue, the volume of comments is consistently far higher on sites when predominately used for expressions of hate.

    If advertisers go solely by volume of comments in selecting their sites on which to advertise, then Jared should be more interested in cultivating hate, than in discouraging it, yet he’s not. I just took a cheap shot at jokergirl, and I’m sorry for it.

  • @marc

    smart move on your part!

  • Jokergurl

    @@jokergurl: Pull the christmas tree out of your ass, I am neither fat nor old, probably taller than you too. Oh yes and you need to work on your typing.Enrique Iglesias doesn’t care what you or I think of him. :)

  • @jokergurl #18


  • @ANNA

    this must be anna kournikova writing and protecting her cheating so called boyfriend hey anna why didnt you participate in the video? just your style

  • Aitch

    JARED; you are hotter than Enqrique!

  • mimi

    jared is adorable and a sweetheart we love JJ. and as far as being hot enrique is not hot anymore he doesnt look good like he used to

  • chanell

    loooovee enrique! I feel like I know him, so funny and charming!! and deff he’s like a child!! he’s just awesomee!!

  • Lisa

    JJ is pretty and goodlooking. Enrigue is a sleezy natsy looking taco

  • Sally

    Wow. So much jealousy in these posts. I can’t believe the stupid comments everyone is posting. Just because Enrique looks younger than you, is very sexy, talented, funny and very good looking doesn’t mean you have to attack him. Hey it’s not his fault he’s so damn sexy. I love Enrique Iglesias music. It rocks. He’s always going to be one of the best. Sorry.

  • dogonit

    oh please enrique has looks good let alone sexy for at least 2 years now he went down hill faster then a speeding bullet sexy my a-s. And how do you know what any of us look like so shut your big fat old a-s up already must be one of his sick obsessed fans that has nothing else in her life or maybe its MISS ANNA KOURNIKOVA!

  • hillary

    sicko fans of enrique monkey sad eyed puppy fans writing in the middle of the night ha ha we know who these fans are are stay up talking about him all night how pathetic told you theyre obsessed and have no life! the man lost all his looks awhile ago get it? hes BALD ANOREXIC DIRTY FILTHY AND A DEPRESSED LOOKING SLOB deal with it ! hes 35 and looks 45 years old vomit on this!

  • jade

    i wonder when the last time he washed those jeans? i bet when he takes them off they stand up by them self. eeew hes really nasty

  • wondering?

    was anna kournikova in his video tonight?

  • kinky

    what is going on with enrique all he does is talk about porn and making these sexual videos i think he must be sexually frustrated hey ANNA KOURNIKOVA do something!

  • Jaqaelia

    I love this song tonight i so get it and he is really fin to me if i counld i’ll married him!

  • more and more

    @31 you get it? another loser cheesy ignorant fan of mr anorexic himself marry him? to bad hes taken and he needs a good shower and grooming first!

  • rachel

    i love enrique iglesias ..