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Hayley Hasselhoff: Topless for NOH8 Campaign!

Hayley Hasselhoff: Topless for NOH8 Campaign!

Actress Hayley Hasselhoff goes topless in this exclusive pic for the NOH8 Campaign, which helps raise awareness about marriage equality.

“I think the NOH8 campaign is outstandingly moving,” the 18-year-old daughter of David Hasselhoff told Just Jared. “The photographic protest created in response to the passage of Proposition 8, has been a huge topic in and out of the entertainment industry. I believe in the power of coming together to make an impact, so I am glad to be able to support such a powerful message.”

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  • trill

    I dont get why she has to be topless to express her support for the LGBT community?

  • marq

    With government reparations of some of the billions of dollars already spent on psychological warfare and mind control run through the powerful, now very consolidated media, (and with another antitrust consolidation wending its way between NBC and Comcast, even more powerful), with some of those billions paid as reparations, and made available to our stars themselves, we might stand a chance at rolling back some of the hate and psychosis, that’s been so relentlessly programmed by design. We might hold a Truth Commission, toward that end.

    In the mean time Hayley Hasselhoff and JustJared, thanks. You’re doing yeoman’s work.

  • Brandon Hilton

    you’ll notice that all the “celebs” who go topless/nude for this campaign are all the “fame whores” of Hollywood, the ones desperate for attention and press..

    true supporters keep their clothes on, and use their name and voice to make a change. sex doesnt always sell, and it certainly doesnt pass government bills!

  • Brandon Hilton

    notice that all the “celebs” who go topless/nude for this campaign are all the “fame whores” of Hollywood, the ones desperate for attention and press..

    true supporters keep their clothes on, and use their name and voice to make a change. sex doesnt always sell, and it certainly doesnt pass government bills!

  • carla

    She REALLY HAD TO BE TOPLESS for this. No really.

  • wassup

    at first glance i thought she was hayden panettiere

  • Pat McKrotch

    LOL. Amazing how the democratic process was allowed to work in CA on the topic of Prop. 8, yet the liberals didn’t like the result and have resulted to these ridiculous campaigns. Seems as though democracy is only worthy as long as the result is a favorable one; otherwise, America and its citizens are fascists. All the boobies and bums in the world won’t change the voters’ minds on this one.

  • Jordan

    “Yeah, I love the gays and stuff… and getting my picture taken”

    This is as bad as PETA’s celeb campaigns.

  • Frosty

    Daddy must be so proud.

  • caden

    An “actress”? Really?

  • marq

    So pray tell, you that are snickering, let’s have the discussion. What would be your perfect world? You seem to advocate for the status quo, but that center never holds. What would your ideal Utopia look like, if you could help fashion it right now?

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Wried at all :@

  • marq

    @Brandon Hilton: Perhaps you’re busy writing but in case you’re not, Did you mean that nudity equates to sex, or was that shorthand for “sex appeal”?

    And by “it certainly doesn’t pass government bills”, by “it”, do you mean using nudity as political expression to influence “anti-hate legislation”?

    Government has been complicit in the crime. My interpretation is that this is a fundamentally grass roots public awareness statement to address the existence of systemic hate and intolerance. I threw in the idea for reparations

    I can supply countless links to nude political parties and movements around the world, if you doubt such things exists.

    Hating nudity is only one aspect of hate. It gets expressed here about sexual orientation, hate also gets expressed here over age, over physical appearance, etc., ad nauseum

    So where do we start?

  • marq

    Okay, stepping out of our own personal bents, what evolutionary purpose does hate serve? Is that confined to an anthropological evolutionary purpose, or is it broader than that? Does sufficient hate guarantee depopulation of the species, for instance, toward the benefit of other forms of life? What purpose is hate serving to be so prevalent?

  • Ismail


    She looks like Hayden Panettiere!

  • well duh

    everyone else that took part in this campaign wore white shirts.. why the hell did she chose to go topless…WTH..totally diverts attention away from the cause dumbass

  • Brandon Hilton

    @marq: The campaign was initially created as a duct tape over the mouth/white v-neck t-shirt only photo that EVERYONE was supposed to wear, then suddenly the media whores took control and made it NUDE.

    Clearly you missed my point… (I have nothing against nudity, I do have something against taking a cause that actually stood for something and TURNING IT INTO A JOKE!)

  • Berry

    I also thought she was Hayden Pansomething

  • marq

    @well duh: So then is it those we perceive as being “different” to which we direct hate? Is hate then a device whose purpose is to compel conformity? And even if not obviously directed from top-down, otherwise essentially achieved through something of a social echo chamber effect?

  • marq

    @Brandon Hilton: Is it fair to call your objection, “resentment”, owing to misrepresentation of the campaign organizer’s declared intent, in your understanding, which subsequently may have cast participants into something of a less favorable light, again, as perceived from your perspective?

    Or is it otherwise a question of yield, bang-for-the-buck, net effect? The process of art creation is one that evolves, that builds on itself. Project managers are generally familiar with the notion that projects tend to take on a life of their own, independent of the original intent of their authors.

    So is your criticism owing to the artists applying ‘one too many brush strokes’, and not knowing when to stop, thereby lessening the overall beauty of their work, with ‘a bit too much’, detracting from it?

  • marq

    As to the notion of social lockstep, of conformity, are you familiar with the word “decadence”, used as a pejorative? “DE-cadence”, literally out-of-step?

    Yet coloring “outside the lines” i.e., being original, doing and/or being something different, is both responsible for progress as well as regress. Without decadence, things would remain static, entropy set in, things would merely decay and then die. Decadence has become predominantly pejorative in use and understanding, out of an irrational fear of change. We become so accustomed to the familiar we cling to it and shun advances.

    That excessive fear of regress consequently paralyzes progress.

  • Lalalove

    This campaign it just an excuse for many of these celebs to take their clothes of in the name of “NO H8″.

  • marq

    Once again, focus seems to be on the act of nudity for the vehicle of attention, that is attracting derision, over the main message.

    And yet, in the most staunchly outspoken, nudity-centric, adamant circles of “social nudity”, “Young Naturists and Nudists America”, has recently challenged the old guard, AANR, (American Association for Nude Recreation), over relevance, for not representing the interests of young people. Interestingly, AANR, had itself, previously countered ASA, (American Sunbathing Association), over similar want of relevancy, for not adequately representing all interests.

  • Bored with Bints

    Total correct, she’s just trying to get in the media and get famous and attention by taking her clothes off stupid slut. She didn’t have to do that for her voice to be heard and support.

  • Girl1

    totally agree she is just trying to get in the media, get famous and attention by taking her clothes off. She didn’t have to do this to show her support or get heard. She is using this as away to get noticed and probably doesn’t even care about the campane. Silly slut. Get some brains you dum peroxide head!!!!!

  • marq

    Then how would you detractors address the flood of vicious hatred so frequently poured out here upon celebrities and others for not dressing stylishly in the latest clothes and fad and fashion?

  • marq

    How much fun or enjoyment or excitement is in it for you to hate? If you cannot hate enough, what mood suddenly replaces it? Are you then abruptly stricken unbearably, when unable to hate in vast enough quantity?

  • Jokergurl

    I don’t care what sexual orientation somebody is if they’re a good person it shouldn’t matter, the nude gal is tacky though. What for? She looks like an ad for plastic surgery on a billboard or something. Next time put on a shirt, she’s not helping the “just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean I’m dumb” thing. Canada’s more scenic than California anyway.

  • marq

    Clearly, it’s going to take the pendulum to start to swing the other way and with billions of dollars spent to counter the conditioning of the billions of dollars having already been spent on making you hate this way in the first place.

    Logic obviously isn’t going to do it. It’s going to take a massive campaign of counter-brainwashing to tackle the job.

  • racheal

    yous are all going on about how this took our atention away from he actual cause but yes she has atracted media atentionin but because she has drawn more atention to herself it has also drawn ore attention to the NO H8 and just because she went topless does not make her a whore

  • Brandon Hilton

    @marq: Its not “resentment” at all, I shot my photo for NOH8 last year with Adam Bouska, before all these “fame whores” jumped on the bandwagon.

    Its turned a serious issue into a sex driven JOKE… there’s no resentment, its about equal rights, not SEX APPEAL! obviously you’ve missed the point. in which case, you should probably cease talking!

    View my NOH8 photo here –

  • laverdadduele

    And she expect us to take her seriously? This is just stupid.

  • marq

    @Brandon Hilton:

    “true supporters keep their clothes on, and use their name and voice to make a change. sex doesn’t always sell, and it certainly doesn’t pass government bills!”

    Aren’t you forgetting the proud tradition of Lady Godiva?

    Viewed your Twitter and links, good luck with your career.

  • to marq

    Please save us your long, boring stories. They’re really annoying & no one reads them.

  • marq

    @to marq: Love you too

  • zzzz

    Why is this girl holding her breasts? Holding your boobs has nothing to do with the issue, it’s just weird.

  • lar

    @racheal: Actually that’s exactly what that makes her

  • the answer!

    Hailey H. seems to yoyo between overweight and obese & had a role in a show, “Huge”. It looks like she’s gotten thin for the moment and is using the Prop 8 campaign to show off her new look, which explains why she’s topless. Unless it’s just “extreme” airbrushing!

  • lame

    i think its funny how BRANDON HILTON is talking about this girl taking her clothes off for a serious cause, just to get some fame. yes, it might be true. but he HIMSELF lied about doing a song with Lady Gaga (which has been proven that he lied, by the way). Now, why would ANYONE lie about doing a song with someone who has basically taken over the world and is EXTREMELY famous? BECAUSE HES A FAME WHORE HIMSELF!

    it might be a totally different situation, and one is worse than the other, but still, Brandon has NO RIGHT to talk about others being a fame whore, when he is one himself.

    and he can say what he wants about “doing it to support the cause, blah blah blah”, which might be somewhat true, but i would imagine he did it for some publicity as well, and just now he even talked about how “everyone is talking about the comment I made on”. when in reality, only one person is talking about it. he lies about the SMALLEST things ever, and he wonders why he hasn’t made it yet? he might actually be a little more known if he wasn’t such a, not only liar, but a BAD LIAR.

    i have never commented on something he has talked about before, but this just aggravates me. i hate how people pretend to be a certain thing or do a certain thing. and him saying his comment “made headline news!”, i had to say something.

    so Brandon, respond if you want, don’t if you do not want to. i don’t care. i don’t believe Brandon is a bad person, and he would actually go somewhere if he would just STOP being fake about small and/or big stuff.

    ps. i do believe this girl did it for some publicity too, just F.Y.I.

  • mungox

    I guess some people call that topless.

  • erik

    what an attention-seeker w#ore. I bet she didn’t even know what the campaign is about. So sick of this so-called “actresses” or “celebrities” taking of their clothes and claiming that it’s for “a cause”.. Get a job!