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Leighton Meester is 'A Little Bit Stronger'

Leighton Meester is 'A Little Bit Stronger'

Listen to Leighton Meester belt out another track, “A Little Bit Stronger,” from her new film Country Strong!

The song is off the movie’s soundtrack, which is currently available on iTunes.

Last week, the premiere for Leighton‘s song “Summer Girl” was released.

Leighton, 24, also sings “Give in to Me” with co-star Garrett Hedlund.

Check out “Summer Girl” and “Give in to Me” after the cut!

Leighton Meester- “A Little Bit Stronger”

Leighton Meester – “Summer Girl”

Leighton Meester – “Give In to Me”
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  • Shia LeBouf

    man face

  • Shia LeBouf

    man face

  • Jo

    Who else is getting tired of seeing her music from that movie getting released every day ? Am so.

  • stephanie

    FYI Sara Evans is who sings “little bit stronger”

  • ivanka

    the second song is cute

  • r.

    Great movie, great actors, great performances.

  • lala

    I think this girl is going to be around for a while to come, and I’m pleased about it, I like her more and more. This isn’t a great picture, but she is so gorgeous it is ridiculous

  • Kelley Belle

    YAY! thanks jj!! i love the songs!! there so catchy! and beautiful!!!

  • m.m.

    She is beautiful!!!

  • m.m.

    She really does have a beautiful singing voice too

  • andy

    I love all the songs!! Leightons cover of “A Little Bit Stronger” is my favorite song off the soundtrack (BTW the 2nd Soundtrack is REALLY GOOD).

  • iluvsummer

    what a beautiful song!!!

  • Ash

    I like all of her songs for the movie. She sings good and I hope she will be around for a long time cuz she is my favorite.

  • Lokas

    This girl is getting overexposed. I hate that cuz I actually like her. Not a fan of her singing voice, its a bit forced.

  • sam

    @Lokas: Her career is taking off and there is nothing wrong with that. You think she is overexposed at this moment? Wait till 2011 she is going to be everywhere

  • 7youth

    Shes the weakest part of Country Strong, she needs to loosen up and get comfortable. Her hair looks great dark and in the film though.

  • Century

    LOL i bet she wouldnt have as many fans if people knew how she got her character on entourage to come back..forget casting couch this girl lived in the casting bed in those days

  • nena

    both her and blake lively are amazing, best of luck to em both in 2011!

  • willow

    She reminds me of someone I can’t put my finger on. Arggg!


    pretty girl with no charisma or on-screen spark.

  • razorsharp

    She should stick to acting her singing voice isn’t good. Her music is fun I think so its cool if she doesn’t try to do ballads.

  • trow

    anyone else get lesbian vibes from this girl? would be cool having a gay gossip girl actor!

  • beenafan

    i need that lipgloss lol

  • .liz

    i dont get why they didnt sing original songs?

  • northfolk

    give into me is so void of emotion. like her as blair, what a well written character

  • theSuburbs

    She sounds like a different person on every song of hers. Quit putting on accents Leighton…

  • 44

    does anyone know leightons background?

  • jean

    Country Strong opened in 2 theatres on Wednesday December 22nd&until Sunday 26th it managed to earn… $30,000!!!! In 5 whole days!!! Can you say disaster or what?! Only on Wednesday afternoon did some reviews come out in the first reviews stated the film SUCKED (it’s 22% rotten) no more reviews were released!!!! It’s supposed to have a wide release on January 7th, in over 1,500 theatres, but I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen now…now, ask me how much I love Gwyneth’s flop… Yeah, that much!

  • panda

    @Century: wow what a dumb comment, get your facts straight that blind item was not about her. Leighton was already in Gossip Girl when she was asked to reappear in Entourage. The producers asked her to do another episode because she was getting famous.

  • mel

    @theSuburbs: umm she plays a country singer…I think an accent is required..DUH!

  • Anne

    According to awful truth, she has no blind vices so there.

  • anroid

    @trow: OMG yes I always thought she was a lesbian also. The way she talks about dating guys it seems shes not into it, plus i just get that vibe.

  • jean

    it doesn’t matter even even you put 30 thimbs down people, Country Strong STILL made 30,00$ &is 22% rotten! A bad movie is just BAD! And I guess this wasn’t Garrett Hedlund’s lucky break either! Poor boy, sucks to be him theses days… Seems Tron won’t even make the $300million it cost&this one is an utter flop aswell! Oh well, not every1 can make it in Hollywood!

  • Ash


    I don’t think it will affect their careers if Country Strong flops because all of the actors are getting good reviews for their performances.

  • theSuburbs

    @mel: I wasn’t reffering to these songs only, nor a texan accent.

  • yella

    @Anne: The only thing I can think of is her smoking weed, but what people choose to do in their own time is their business

  • 6rez

    @jean: Country Strong might flop yeah,. but Gwyneth is fantastic. You can be a great actor but make a bad movie. I don’t think country strong was bad and I give movie reviews for some very important magazines.

  • Anne


    Nooo. Somebody asked on that site a little while back if her or Blake had any blind vices and he said only Blake does. But yeah I could care less if she did smoke weed or not lol

  • polish

    shes not my fave actress but i wouldn’t call her ugly at all.

  • T

    @jean: wow you are the definition of a troll. For someone who hates Gwyneth you sure take time out of your life to see how her movie is going lol. As of right now it dosent matter if the movie gets bad reviews or if the movie is not a blockbuster hit because at the end of the day all the critics agree that the acting from Gwyneth, Tim, Garrett, and Leighton is superb so i dont see how this movie will have a bad affect in their carrer

  • yella

    @Anne: You think those sites tell the truth about everyone? Lol human beings are behind those, humans with their own opinions. Its excused slander.

  • incept

    i want to hear her album. she should work on that more and spend less time promoting random products we know shes never used.

  • Anne


    I usually take it with a grain of salt. Someone had mentioned on here about casting couch so that’s why I said she has no blind vices according to that site. I choose to believe that is truth :)

  • verdi

    You know its time we stopped putting women against eachother and started embracing the differences. I know that sounds cheesy as hell lol but im sick of leighton fans bashing blake, and blake fans bashing leighton. They’re friends so I don’t get why everyone else has a complex.

  • yella

    @Anne: Agreed! :)…some of it though is spot on and is scary lol.

  • aly

    @Anne: ha ha yeah the person who posted the casting couch thing is a moron that blind item was not about Leighton

  • Washy

    she should fire her stylist and start wearing things that she likes. i hate when celebs don’t even pick out their own clothes, its not personal.

  • chris

    the thing is jared posts the same people on rotation so it seems like shes overexposed. she isn’t, not yet but hey its nobodys fault this industry is so fickle. the public gets bored quickly, which i don’t exactly understand.

  • Century

    wait you people think this is from blinde items? lainey gossip and the like that create bull so people read their site? nah, camera crews are small, and work on multiple projects sometimes at the same time. these young stars think they are being respected by execs but men in the industry like to brag about their conquests. i don’t know leighton, her show isn’t in my demographic but i do know more than i want to about their personal lives.

  • Westershire

    Me&Tennessee is the best song off that soundtrack! Its a shame they didn’t like Tim sing more on the record and instead had random artists.