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'Little Fockers' Tops Christmas Box Office

'Little Fockers' Tops Christmas Box Office

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro‘s in-law comedy Little Fockers was #1 at the box office over Christmas weekend.

The third installment of the Fockers franchise raked in an estimated $34 million.

Joel and Ethan Coen‘s western adventure, True Grit, opened with a stronger-than-expected $25.6 million. Pic stars Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin.

WATCH: “True Grit” Trailer

Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde‘s 3D sci-fi flick Tron Legacy pulled in another $20.1 million.

WHAT DID YOU WATCH at the movie theaters this weekend??

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  • ihateph

    yea but it s*cked I should have walked out. not funny at all :/

  • aeg

    No wrinkles in De Nero’s face. Just sayin’

  • ella

    producers should wise up and know that if they put J. Alba in a movie, it will surely tank!!! Spy Kids 4, anyone?

  • Jubee

    And the Photoshop-Award goes tooooooooooooo…….

  • Delphic

    This franchise got old really quickly. The whole “I’m watching you” thing got tiresome and the jokes do nothing but embarrass the likes of De Niro, Danner, Hoffman and Streisand.

    Glad to see True Grit did well…and for a western, too.

  • sally

    Good for True Grit, Gulliver Travels flopped hard, and terrible xmas drop for Tron Legacy probably won’t be a a trilogy anymore

  • purple poet

    Forget Little Fockers, yay for the Coen brothers that they got a huge hit with True Grit. Now they will have more freedom and clout to do whatever they want. Continue bringing us those great films boys. And we should be so grateful to you.

  • Dubya Bush

    I knew this movie would suck. True Grit was amazing though!

  • jean

    Tron… ouch!

  • Anita

    Congrats to True Grit; glad to see that great movies arent being forgotten. I dont understand why people go see Little Fockers; when they know damn well that its going to be bad – after the 2nd film ppl shouldve known that they were gonna do the same tired ass jokes. Unfortunately this movie will do well enough for the studios to plan a 4th movie – whether the actors will do that to themselves (*cough* De Niro) is another question.

  • Anita

    Once again Tron will do well (globally), so we WILL get another unnecessary sequel. SMH! They are so lucky they released it in 3D cos otherwise it would have bombed. Unfortunately it seems like every studio is using 3D technology as a buffer – cos with the higher ticket sales it practically ensures that the studios get a good return on their movies.

  • deedith

    This just shows that people want smart, original, character driven movies. So sick of all this crappy movies lately, these “little movies” are beating the shit out of these so called blockbuster movies. Hollywood should take notice.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    They finish and nothing

  • Mell

    What happened to Country Strong? Did it bomb. Why is no one talking about it.

  • Ash


    Not sure. It’s only playing in 2 theaters so far. It’s getting not too good reviews story wise but good reviews performance wise.
    Anywho, has anyone seen the Fighter yet?

  • Mell

    Thank you Ash.

  • laura

    @Mell: it was in 2 theaters since Wednesday&in 5 days it only made $30,000; that’s pretty bad :/ and it’s getting bad reviews too; it’s currently 22% rotten in; but it’s not getting good reviews in performances either, that’s not exactly true; some critics just say the actors are not as horrible as the rest of the film, but still mediocre; I’m surprised with the box office though, Gwyneth has been pushing it since the summer&I thought americans liked this sort of music..we’ll see how it goes in a couple of weeks when opens wide; nothing’s lost yet!

  • nina

    @Anita: Tron is doing worse internationally than in the USA ; it was an expensive film, Disney fears they won’t even get the money they spent back

  • Burlesque

    Barbra Streisand RULES :)


  • Lalalove

    I love De Niro. I was just watching him in Godfather II (AGAIN…seen that movie so much) as Young Vito and thought of how very handsome he was. Still is, but he was so freakin’ hot. Love him and his acting!