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Miley Cyrus: Christmas Karaoke with the Family!

Miley Cyrus: Christmas Karaoke with the Family!

Miley Cyrus spent her Christmas with her family at their home in Nashville and had a little fun with one of her younger sister Noah‘s gifts!

The 18-year-old singer’s older sister Brandi, 23, tweeted that Miley and Noah, 10, sang a duet to “Can’t Be Tamed” on their brand new karaoke machine!

Miley sent out a Christmas message to her fans saying that she’d love to see her fans in 2011, possibly on an upcoming tour.

Watch the video message below…

Miley Cyrus’ Christmas Message
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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    I think it’s great that she spent time with her dad and her family and not with those fake shady friends. She’s a sweet girl and I hope 2011 is a great year for her.

  • sally

    Miley is the best

  • lexy hates bilson

    Her sister is a cutie!

  • LEE

    Miley i am glad you are smart enough to plant stories like this one. It shows your still”wholesome” at least your trying to pretend ….

  • Warren

    Good for Miley. I’m happy she is with family. I hope to see a Miley concert next year, along with two Miley movies. I Love Miley!

  • Heather

    WOW i love her. Hoping she will come back to the UK after i had the best time (literally) at her wonderworld tour O_O please tour with the can’t be tamed record!!!!! Merry Christmas


    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy are you still shitting on Rachel Bilson? I haven’t seen Rachel on this site forever.

  • Sophie

    Miley your the best.I hope you and your family, had a wonderful christmas.I would really like it if you could do a concert in Perth.


    WTF Jared, you call this news? seriously???? Miley Cyrus SINGING KARAOKE and you don’t even have the video of her karaoke, you made a news post on your site based on a tweet by a TEN YEAR OLD girl! wow…

    is this for real? I thought Just Jared Jr was the site for Disney tweenyboppers and the stars of ‘Cody Banks 2.0′ remakes like So Undercover.

    Has anyone seen the plot of SO UNDERCOVER? this is it: ”Plot details from Hollywood Life: Molly rides a motorcycle, carries a gun, can beat big dudes up, and is a real smartass. She uses swear words and crude language all throughout the script (including a bunch of ‘holy s***!’ and one funny line where she suggests a fundraiser, ‘I said car wash, not hand job booth!’). Molly has at least two big fight scenes, which means Miley will probably have to put in some intense training. Molly takes a HUGE punch to the..face from a guy in an effort to protect her dad. Molly’s love interest is named Nicholas and is described as ‘mysterious’ and motorcycle-riding. Even though Molly wants to stay focused on the case, she can’t help but give in a little bit to Nicholas’ charms including kisses. At one point, she thinks he’s the bad guy, so she handcuffs him to a radiator and beats him.”

  • E.C.C.

    Good lord, that poor child is intractably inbred.

  • Shawna

    Wow, her younger sister is very unfortunate looking.

  • Shawna

    P.S. This is not interesting news.


    SO UNDERCOVER is the movie miley’s filming now loool

  • Kate

    Why is Miley’s 10-year old sister wearing makeup? Do the parents not realize that this is why Miley has been in so much trouble? Their kids dress, and act too old for their ages.

  • nicole

    I AM glad Miley is spending time with her family. It’s good to be with people you can trust, unlike those fake friends who sell her videos. They were totally bad influence. I love Miley and i hope she had a good christmas!!!

  • JK

    You Look Like BIT@@@ , I hope you fade away before you spoil the wold.

  • JK

    You Look Like BIT@@@ , I hope you fade away before you spoil the wold.

  • justabitch

    I wonder if Miley’s sister can sing. There was a blind item about two sisters, one being famous and the other not so much and the singing/recording was done by the not famous one. The blind said “whoever you are thinking of, think younger”. Could be these two. Miley sounds like an old, chain smoking truck driver when she talks. I doubt she can sing either. I wonder if she has done anything recent without lip syncing.



    this sister is in her 20s

  • Roxy

    That’s an ugly child…and Miley aint that cute either, her voice is so darn annoying. Just calling it like it is. Ok go ahead and press the thumbs down button

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    They Lookalike and 2wried huge skull

  • genie

    They are both UGLY but especially the sister.

  • Warren

    Noah is pretty and Miley is the most beautiful woman in the world. I wish you haters would just go away. You are probably old fat women that are jealous of sexy Miley.

  • bb

    @Warren: Are you serious? Miley is immensely ugly and no where near sexy, hell her teeth are still disgusting (chipmunk-like).

    It’s universally known that Miley is unattractive. Whoever believes she is anywhere near attractive must be high or delusional.

  • Chris

    I love how the names of some of these professional haters match their personalities. Take “justabitch” for example: she’s obviously never heard Miley Cyrus sing or seen her in concert or she could never claim that Miley lipsyncs or has her older sister sing for her. And then there’s “bb.” I can imagine what that stands for, and once again her message is so far from the truth that no one could take it seriously. The amazing thing is that these people hate Miley Cyrus so much and yet the spend so much time paying attention to her! These haters’ lives must be seriously sad and lonely for them to spend so much time commenting on a person they don’t like.

  • Roxy

    @Chris…I don’t hate Miley or her sister, nor am I jealous or lonely. I’m just saying the litttle one is ugly and Miley not much too look at. I might understand you like, worship, adore, inlove, have a crush on her, but let’s call a spade a spade and admit the truth…when it comes to beauty they don’t have much going on in that department.

  • Lisa

    Hahaha Miley had a nosejob!!!!!!!! Search for her old nose


    Oh my goodness !!! Little Noah looks like a booger
    and a midget version of Cyndi Lauper.

  • Ananas

    Miley has the WORST speaking voice E.V.E.R. and her American accent
    is so strong it’s almost a caricature.
    Besides, what’s with the whole pouting thing ?
    Does she think it looks sexy or what ?

  • Brightside
    Yeah….she’s still so wholesome and classy! Yeah, right!!!

  • hanni

    @Brightside: Sarcasm. I see. You probably didn’t see this (I can’t believe she’s this trashy):

    She was 17 when that picture was taken according to the credited source.. plus she was 17 when she smoked bong according to TMZ (after they revealed the cover-up plan that happened before her birthday to coverup the bong video). She was 17 when she smoked salvia (the drug she smoked) and it’s illegal for minors to smoke bong, in every state. Not to mention smoking and consuming salvia is illegal in several states in the USA, but not LA.

    Still there isn’t any evidence she smoked salvia via bong in LA.

    I think the police should be involved, it’s illegal for a minor and it’s probably illegal in whatever state she was probably at.

  • fat GAY queenie

    Sorry but Miley is ugly.

  • Warren

    Miley is beautiful, hot and sexy!

  • Brightside

    I suspect that what you see as beautiful, hot and sexy behaviour begins with the word S and ends with the words TY. And most of the world knows how they behave. It’s move over Lindsay Lohan coz Miley Cyrus is in town and determined to out s–t you!

  • tom

    No little girl should be singing along to Can’t be tamed. that song is about how hot you are, how all guys love you, and how you should only care about yourself, and reject and disrespect anybody who dissagrees with your opinion. they’re going to corrupt noah, i feel bad for her

  • Jokergurl

    I hope she stays away from the bong, seriously she doesn’t need that in her life, she’s got success, charisma, prospects, just stay away from the trouble. I don’t want to see a train wreck for this kid.