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Elton John's New Son -- Zachary Furnish-John!

Elton John's New Son -- Zachary Furnish-John!

Elton John and husband David Furnish are the parents of a baby boy!

The couple welcomed Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John on Christmas via a surrogate, Us Weekly reports.

“We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment,” Elton, 62, and David, 48, said in a joint statement. “Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents.”

The baby was born in California and weighed 7 pounds, 15 oz.

The day before Zachary‘s birth, Elton and David were spotted doing some last-minute holiday shopping at Barneys New York and Neiman Marcus.

Congrats to the new parents!!!

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47 Responses to “Elton John's New Son -- Zachary Furnish-John!”

  1. 1
    Tibbi Says:

    That did NOT name that baby Levon. SERIOUSLY?

  2. 2
    Cheery Says:

    ^^^ I know!!

    “And he shall be Levon, and he shall be a good man, and he shall be Levon, in tradition with the family plan”…

  3. 3
    Renee d Says:

    That poor child. Why do these two fossils need a child number one, and no mother number 2.

  4. 4
    JC Says:

    At least the kid will be rich while he’s confused.

  5. 5
    Butter_Fly Says:

    Congratulations to them! I’m sure they will be great parents. That’s a long name though.

  6. 6
    missy Says:

    oh dear God

  7. 7
    boston61 Says:

    That poor little boy. He will be mentally ill by the time he is grown.

  8. 8
    Shawna Says:

    Why are you people so judgemental? I’m sure they will be wonderful parents. Everyone who desires to be a parent, and has the resources to be a good one, has the the right to do so. Congrats to the new family!

  9. 9
    boston61 Says:

    Masculine, normal gay men like Ricky Martin or Anderson yes. But not two queens. It will not work. Sorry.

  10. 10
    meloni Says:

    My partner and I couldn’t have children to natural way, for obvious reasons so we adopted. I understand people wanting a child they concieved, but like with Elton and his partner, the child only shares DNA with one parent.

  11. 11
    DANI Says:


  12. 12
    kristin Says:

    Congrats to them! May they both live very very long lives.

  13. 13
    rhonda Says:

    this is sick, sick, sick

  14. 14


  15. 15
    laverdadduele Says:

    Wrong, in so many levels.

  16. 16
    Wait Says:

    Ok they aren’t married for heaven sake but I like Elton John even though. I don’t agree with all they homosexual stuff but he seems cool :) I don’t think this will be good for the kid however

  17. 17
    jack Says:

    it doesn’t get much sicker than this! for all these sick transactions there is a woman selling her kid to freaks.

  18. 18
    Shawna Says:

    @meloni: They had tried to adopt but they couldn’t find a country that would accept Elton because of his age.

  19. 19
    ella Says:

    @Shawna…by resources are u referring to money? Sure, the child will always be looked after in that sense but I worry that Elton is too old to be a father to a newborn child.

    He’s 62 and while he may appear to be in good health now, you never know what’s around the corner and there is a heightened possibility that he might not be around to see this child grow up fully or as much as a father should be able to, because of his age. Also, children are incredibly tiring and hard to keep up with so the older you are, the harder that gets…

  20. 20
    Anne Says:

    Elton is 62 and thus way too old to have a baby. Plus they are both rather strange people. Not exactly fit to have a baby. They probably view it as another little doggie. I seriously hope not, of course. Hopefully they will have a team of kind nannies to raise the baby.

    No congrats from me to the parents, but I will wish that poor baby a very very happy life.

  21. 21
    jack Says:

    that’s gonna be one screwed up kid

  22. 22
    not me Says:

    Congratulations!! They have money to get nannies so the age should not matter. And the kid will inherit millions if Elton dies in few years and David is still just 48. This kid will be just fine….

  23. 23
    Frankly Says:

    OMG, oh no no !! WTF these gays will be parents. That’s so disgusting, I’m so sure the poor baby will become mentally ill someday!! please anyone help the poor baby please for God sake!


  24. 24
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    I don’t care that they are gay and got a baby but they are both a bit OLD to have a baby! Elton isn’t exactly in shape – how’s he going to run after a toddler?

  25. 25
    nina Says:

    OMG! I didn’t know they were having a baby!!! Awww…so happy for them, tis is ther best Christmas present they could ever have!!!

  26. 26
    JR Says:

    I am happy for them having a kid, but that last name combo is absolutely horrific…


    sounds like “Decorate-Toilet”

  27. 27
    Passing Through Says:

    Congrats to Elton and David! After being Godfather to all of his friends’ kids it’s nice to see Elton FINALLY take the plunge into parenthood himself.

  28. 28
    lokju Says:

    poor poor kid…cant belive this is legal….how can a gay couple have a kid? dont understand the world…

  29. 29
    JMO Says:

    This is so wrong on so may levels—my heart goes out to the child

  30. 30
    Ignorance is bliss Says:

    All of you are “SO” wrong on so many levels not this. What is your problem with gay people?? How many children only have ONE parent and nobody says anything? If being gay is against the bible then who the heck made homosexual people?? So God doesn’t exist after all?? WAKE UP to the reality. Either except homosexual people or stop preaching about how god invented the world OK!

  31. 31
    Sad Says:

    I wonder how much money it takes today to buy a child…what do you suppose the mother was offered to be willing to contemplate and agree to get pregnant on purpose in order to NOT be it’s mother… To give up her child on purpose… What do you suppose is enough incentive for a mother to do that?…perhaps athreat that the child should be sliced in half as in Bible times?…not even CLOSE!! All a woman needs today to be convinced to sell her child is a heavy dose of homosexual LGBT politics and a hit up side the head with a wad of gay activism… Pity the wisdom of Solomon no longer makes people see sense in our world.

  32. 32
    MERRY Says:

    Didn’t Sarah Jessica Parker recently have twin daughters through a surrogate?? Did anyone wonder what that mother was offered?? Who cares????

  33. 33
    ken rumsey Says:

    What gives with these two pervert wierdo,s. The boy is going to grow up in a homosexual surrounding. alienated from normal hetrosexual life,and when he is older he will be a complete wreck.

  34. 34
    Sad Says:

    “# 32 MERRY @ 12/28/2010 at 12:29 pm
    Didn’t Sarah Jessica Parker recently have twin daughters through a surrogate?? Did anyone wonder what that mother was offered?? Who cares????
    @reply | flag this”

    Who cares indeed???FYI I don’t agree w sjp doing this either… If ivf is involved, i’m sure both couples are providing the much needed lives of their “unused” embryos for the benefit of embryonic stem cell research… As much as I disagree w hetero or homo demand for ivf baby warehousing and distribution, at least the genetic material used in sjk’s case belong to BOTH her and the man she is committed to… I still say to anyone considering the route both these couples have taken to satisfy their warped needs to prove that they are able, thru hook or crook, to have a child, DON’T DO IT! IMO it’s not worth fostering a yet even greater lacadaisical societal attitude towards child creation and parenting

  35. 35
    Frida Says:

    All these homophobic comments make me sick! YOU are the ones who are disgusting not Elton & David! And yes, I do agree 62 is a little old to be having a child, but they’re hardly the only ones having kids at that age. If they think they can handle it then fine, congrats to them!

  36. 36
    JJ Abraham Says:

    STraight couples have gay kids too.
    There are many single mothers with no husbands.
    There are orphaned kids.
    Life does not always work in the way that a child will have two parents (1 mom 1 dad).
    Some kids loose their parents at a young age.
    You guys are acting like we live in a Utopian society where everything is in equilibrium and perfect. Its not. The world is diverse.
    Get over it.
    Also how many of you guys the STRAIGHT ones here are close with your parents. How many of you guys hate your parents. I would say many of you.
    The fact that you guys are intolerant proves that you guys have bad parents who taught you guys to hate rather than be compassionate.

  37. 37
    eirn Says:


    It’s more about the fact that when this kid is 20, his parents will be in their 80′s. He’s going to have to live the majority of his life without them around. Just seems a bit sad, really.

  38. 38
    goodbyenormajean Says:


    Elton & David “married” (civil partnership) in the UK as soon it was available back in 2005.

  39. 39
    biglips Says:

    so many celebs have made elton the godfather of their kids cuz hes rich and gay (and he’ll let the godchidren inherit)so he doednt have kids but now he

  40. 40
    Jokergurl Says:

    Elton John is one of the coolest people on the planet, he’s done more charity than most celebrities, he supported the late Princess Diana in quest to eradicate land mines, even wrote a song dedicated to her. I have great respect for this man, congratulations.

  41. 41
    Melina Says:

    This is so wrong, sad and pathetic. What kind of society do we live in where this is acceptable??? Please gay men, leave children out of it.

  42. 42
    Melina Says:

    Yes, but those children WILL have a mother. A mother and a father, the way it should be.

  43. 43
    Ignorance is bliss Says:


  44. 44
    cphelps82 Says:

    This is wrong on so many levels. I think that if you can’t make one with your partner because YOU chose to be with a same sexed person then you should just not have kids. That is so darn gross. Gross Gross Gross…. I am so against this. These poor babies… Poor, poor, poor babies…

  45. 45
    Kathleen Benedict Says:

    The fact that they are gay does not matter. There are plenty of gay people in the world today adopting and brining up children. they are giving them wanted and loved homes. What does matter is Elton John’s age and his husband I think his name is David. thier ages are to old to bring up a child . Elton is what 63 and David is 48. We all know who’s going to bring that child up it’s the nannies. and that’s wrong; And besides Elton will be gone before that child goes to High School and David by then will be an old man.

  46. 46
    valerie becker Says:

    the rude comments some people have place here are so cruel. you people need to wake up, love is love. period. heteros have their rights and marriages that are abusive. leave these people alone and stop placing these bully ish things here. really some people are gay get over it

  47. 47
    valerie becker Says:

    @ken rumsey:

    you are wrong i have two mothers, i have 3 sisters and i had a brother, he was killed in a car accident at 18yrs old, and you no what , only 1 of the 5 of us are gay. and it wasnt my brother. leave gay parents alone they are awesome.

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