Top Stories's Most Popular Actors 2010's Most Popular Actors 2010

They’re some of the hottest guys on TV and the big screen and now they’ve also made our list of the most popular actors this year!

Did your favorite actors make‘s cut?

Also, be sure to check back in the next two days to see who made our list of most popular actresses and the top 25 celebs of 2010!

10. Alex Pettyfer
9. Jude Law
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Jake Gyllenhaal
6. Wentworth Miller

Check inside to see who were our top five most popular actors of 2010!


5. Alexander Skarsgard
4. Gerard Butler
3. Robert Pattinson
2. Brad Pitt
1. Zac Efron

WHO WAS YOUR favorite actor in 2010?

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250 Responses to “'s Most Popular Actors 2010”

  1. 1
    amy Says:

    Good for Zac :)

  2. 2
    caro Says:

    Butler??????? Miller??? Who is Pettyfer?? Law?
    who did this list?

  3. 3
    Jones Says:

    Wow, Zac at #1? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that one.

  4. 4
    Dani Says:

    Brad, Leo, Jude and maybe Gerard are great actors…
    The rest of these guys aren’t… maybe in the future zac and Pattinson will be.. Right now are teen idols but I think Efron will be the next DiCaprio..

  5. 5
    Madhatter Says:

    @ caro : I think it is figured out by post/picture hits, or the like.

    I have no idea who this Pettyfer kid is, but, good for Brad Pitt, at his age and all… He’s still got it.

  6. 6
    In your dreams Says:

    Zac… I mean @Dani: … that’s a lofty accomplishment.

  7. 7
    cacey Says:

    YOU R FULL OF sh-…t, Where did u get this DUMB LIST from? Where is RYAN GOSSLING? Well it would be a joke to even mention his name with this MEDIOCRE group of actors..

  8. 8
    Jones Says:

    Pettyfer is in an upcoming movie with the chick from Glee – Dianna Agron – called I am Number Four. I saw a trailer for it recently. He’s also dating Agron. Other than that, I don’t know anything else about him.

  9. 9
    cacey Says:

    Not including LEONARDO and BRAD PITT, LOVE HIM…

  10. 10
    Team Leo Says:

    Leo is number one in my book. I like Jude too and Brad is good too. Don’t really care about the rest of the list.

  11. 11
    Dani Says:

    @In your dreams:

    Yes, I think I exaggerated that one, sorry I take that back..
    I wanted to say that Efron is better than Pattinson, but definitely not the next DiCaprio, sorry!

  12. 12
    klutzy_girl Says:

    Huh. I’m really surprised Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki didn’t make the list!

  13. 13
    sexxxy Says:

    Shia???? Jared?

  14. 14
    Julluf Says:

    lol of course he’d be the most popular: dumb beard, dumb Sparks movie and now dumb haircut. You go, Zac!

  15. 15
    france Says:

    where is Johnny Depp ? hum Zac is better than Johnny ? Idiot !

  16. 16
    Madhatter Says:

    @ cacey : Calm down there, angry one.

    All worship the Gossling, but, because he keeps such a cool-cat low profile- the JJ site must not have had a lot of posts about him. Thus, the lack of hits on his name.

  17. 17
    Honey Says:

    alexander skarsgard is hot :) i approve lol

  18. 18
    SarahNL Says:

    no James Franco? Or one of Salvatore brothers.. Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley? They are on the hottest show on tv. imo. I agree with DiCaprio, Inception & Shutter island!

  19. 19
    nina Says:

    PETTYFER??? Srsly? Only people who visit this site know him cause he’s Diane Agron’s bf! And no Leo? Are you for real Jared?

  20. 20
    kris Says:


  21. 21
    Grange Says:

    How did Wentworth Miller make the list and not Matt Bomer?

  22. 22
    Wendy Says:

    What about Ed Westwick?!!! He should’ve been on there! Ian Somerhalder too!

  23. 23
    penneyb Says:

    Go Gerry. He’s my all time favorite anything. Love him.

  24. 24
    Katy Says:

    Were Brat pitt??????

  25. 25
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    8# leonardo so handsome and best in hollywood

  26. 26
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Leonardo the best acoter and handsome boy im big fan him good luck leo ^_^

  27. 27
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    Yea my fevroute actor =)

  28. 28
    Xxx Says:

    Leonardo and jude law the best man

  29. 29
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    @hey katy i think funky monky prat pitt threw in hospital

  30. 30
    eve Says:

    It’s a bit outdated, I mean I agree on some parts, but where’s Garrett Hedlund??

  31. 31
    Katy Says:

    Brad pitt #2

  32. 32
    fat GAY queenie Says:

    I love you Leo.

  33. 33
    Sea Shell Says:

    Wentworth Miller is so damn hot. Love him.
    Like Jude and Leo too.

  34. 34
    cathy Says:

    Zac efron 4ever

  35. 35
    Fan Dicaprio Says:

    #8 Leonardo Dicaprio is hot

  36. 36
    JJ lurker Says:

    Happy to see Butler in the top 5. He certainly gets enuf posts on this place. I think he’s simply gorgeous. Hope his next two movies – Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher – are good. Different type of things for him.

  37. 37
    Rihanna Says:

    Zac & robert the best hondsome then Brad is cute’s

  38. 38
    Will Says:

    Jake is just popular because he dated Taylor & went nude for that movie.

  39. 39
    Anne Says:

    Gerard Butler is my favorite actor …… as long as he promises never to make another movie with Jennifer Aniston.

  40. 40
    Robert Says:

    All the both Best hottest zac, Brad, robert, wentrworth, jake, leonardo,jude,Alex<3

  41. 41
    Vegas Says:

    Go Gerry! LOL. I’m happy to see some other fans have been here. He’s my favorite celebrity. I’m a bit addicted to him. Alright, more than a bit.

  42. 42
    me Says:

    uh…Just Jared loves Chris Pine…so where’s her?

  43. 43
    ??? Says:

    Ok Jared ! But i have some questions :

    Johnny Depp : Not hot ?
    Robert Downey Jr : Not Hot ?
    Ryan Gosling : Not Hot ?
    Ryan Reynolds : Not Hot ?

    i think some guys in your list are not better than these guys !

  44. 44
    Jumana Says:

    Pattison!! Butler!! … FAIL. this list is big fail tbh.

    where’s Jensen Ackles and Jared pada-something.

    this is my list:
    1- Jensen Ackles
    2- Johny Depp
    3- Jared pada …
    4- Leonardo DiCaprio
    5- Jake Gyllenhaal
    6- Tom Hardy

  45. 45
    Jumana Says:

    @klutzy_girl: I think whoever made this list need glasses.

  46. 46
    Brad pitt Says:


  47. 47
    sarahlc Says:

    I like Zac Efron, but seriously he should not be #1 on this list….

  48. 48
    kenny Says:

    OMG Zack !!!!! The susperstar ! I love CSC

  49. 49
    H Says:

    Maybe it’s time for JJ to come clean on how it judges who gets to be included on the list.

    Anyhow I am glad Gerry Butler is on the short list. He is super hot topic of discussion anytime he is on JJ… You go Gerry!!!

    Team GB

  50. 50
    !!! Says:

    Ummm where is Jensen Ackles!!!

  51. 51
    lawl Says:


  52. 52
    susan1 Says:

    Zac Epron #1.the hottest!!

  53. 53
    French Girl Says:

    i’m so sad Robert Downey Jr is not in this list but he is very very hot in Iron Man 2 and in Due Date…

  54. 54
    laverdadduele Says:

    Of course, the term “actor” is used very loosely here. This list is a joke.

  55. 55
    Question Says:

    Why is MANny Jennifer Aniston not in the list?

  56. 56
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o L Says:

    …alex pettyfer, who?! ahahahahahaha …who?!?! ahahahahahahaha …what was he in. how many post did he even get, cause i don’t remember seeing that name on here before.
    …wentworth miller, what did he do in 2010? LOL.. leo dicaprio could do nothing in a year and still deserve to be above went on any list.
    …cant even mention the rest of the list, straight comedy.

  57. 57
    Number-four-is-toosexy Says:

    WHAT THE HECK. The list is s F*CKING atrocity! The list just goes to show how people have bad taste and they just attune to whatever’s popular out there. When really none of that matter except the real truth itself. Which means the only intelligent beautiful man in the list is Alex Pettyfer!!! He is the hottest bad boy around you don’t get any better then that. EVER.

    Robert, Leo, Wentworth are worth the list too but everyone else I suggest you fans get to an optometrist ASAP. Everyone else is either to makeup-ed like Zac or too over-rated in the looks department like Brad and Gerard- and old they have cracks in their faces. Jensen and Jared have’t made the lists cause their too GAY and they suck.

  58. 58
    vany Says:

    that list is supposed to be bout 2010, right?
    how come you didn’t include Joseph Gordon-Levitt??

  59. 59
    Butter_Fly Says:

    Like all lists this sucks. Zac Efron number 1?

  60. 60
    Missing person Says:

    I guess acting talent isn’t necessarily a requirement here.If it were based on talent and looks,Matt Bomer would be near the top of the list.

  61. 61
    A Fan Says:

    I wish JJ would ‘splain the list, but my guess would have something to do with numbers. Even if there is nothing new to report, Butler posts become epic in # because fans just continue to chat about him. Last summer one got to over 8,000 posts. Anyway, yes, go Gerry.

  62. 62
    ericap Says:

    I love Jude!

  63. 63
    Starlight Says:

    Alex Pettyfer rocks the list he should be #1 with silver gates blocking all the other losers number ten ft below. I’m sure he can beat the crap out of all these other losers and look good. I’m proud that he’s on the list. He’s quite new. Go Alex!

  64. 64
    Frosty Says:

    Gerard Butler makes me want to puke.

  65. 65
    ivy liu Says:

    wooo zac efron :D

  66. 66
    Karen Says:

    Yeah Alex Pettyfer!! Not only an actor but a producer! And dating Dianna Agron!

  67. 67
    Marine Says:

    People don’t understand how those lists work apparently: they’re based on the number of comments on threads, that’s why Zefron is #1.

  68. 68
    Lexy Says:

    Alex Pettyfer – gorgeous, smart, funny, talented. What more can you ask for!

  69. 69
    june Says:

    @Marine: I don’t think it’s as simple as the number of posts. In some cases there are just a few people yacking, and it doesn’t reflect anything. JJ must keep track of IP addresses or whatever to get a realistic count of iindividuals. I’m a Butler fan, and I know the older a thread gets, it’s just about a core group of fans talking to each other and bringing in stuff from other sites. The bigger numbers of different posters come at the start of a new thread and then it gets down to the regulars as they call themselves. Some of them even wait until the passersby leave to come on.

  70. 70
    :( Says:

    What about Chris Evans? He is way hotter than Zac

  71. 71
    Tom Says:

    @june: You must be right. Simply the # of posts doesn’t give an accurate picture of who draws the most general interest. It must be IP addresses or email listings so individuals and not repeaters are counted. My 2 cents worth anyway.

  72. 72
    Sasha Says:


  73. 73
    JoJo Says:

    Butler is #1, hottest and most popular, at least among the gals I know!!!

  74. 74
    erin Says:

    Some people here talk like JJ pulled these names out of hat. They were the most popular on here, among the people who check out JJ. Other places with other dynamics likely have other outcomes.

  75. 75
    Rena Says:

    Yeah, Wentworth is hot!
    Love him.

  76. 76
    Journo-Gee*8 Says:

    This a list of YOUNG hot people who have been in the NEWS …NOT acting ability.

    If so…then Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the male cast of Tudors…or Michael C Hall of Dexter…not to mention BOARDWALK EMPIRE male actors! Edward Norton and R-Downey Jr…this is crazy!

    Geez this is why H-WOOD is so shallow.

  77. 77
    French Girl Says:

    maniston first !!!

  78. 78
    themask Says:

    Go Gerry Butler!

  79. 79
    Lee Says:

    My #1 is Wentworth Miller.

  80. 80
    sunny Says:

    Zac Efron shouldn’t be the no. 1 on this list.
    whatever,it’s the most popular list and not the best actors list.
    So,it’s ok.

  81. 81
    renee Says:

    @Journo-Gee*8: It says most popular actors, not the best actors. There are plenty of good actors out there that no one wants to talk/gossip about. This isn’t the Academy Awards. It’s gossip central. Lighten up.

  82. 82
    u kidding me? Says:

    @france: i say the same what happen where’s johnny depp? johnny depp is the best i think and everybody loves him not like those who really wenworth? i cannot say good his name brad pitt? naah, zac efron? only for teenagers, jude law? alex pettyfer? who is this guy no justjared just A BIG NO! you must be kidding me, do this ranking again because seems like nobody likes this list :(

  83. 83
    johnny? Says:

    JOHNNY DEPP JOHNNY DEPP WHERE’S HIM? nah you must be joking just jared serious xd

  84. 84
    moe Says:

    ZAC !!!!!! ♥

  85. 85
    renee Says:

    @u kidding me?: As long as Gerard Butler is on it, I like the list.

  86. 86
    Nanda Says:

    Of course… Leonardo DiCaprio! Who else? He was the actor who has received more prominence in the international media. One of the best actors of all time. Robert Pattinson? Zac Efron? Seriously! Participated in a franchise that was successful and nothing else. Go figure!

  87. 87
    Ramona Says:

    how old is the person who made this list? efron #1 and pattinson #3? seriously? i would have put ryan reynolds, ryan gosling, johnny depp, ian somerhalder and matt bomer on that list

  88. 88
    Katie Says:


  89. 89
    HellZBelleZ Says:

    Nice selection and I like all of the actors… but Alexander Skarsgard is still my favorite. Something about him mesmerizes me when he is on screen.

  90. 90
    sigh Says:

    @Ramona: You wouldn’t be putting anyone on this list. It’s who most individual posters here look at. If you like those people you mention, click on them when they come up in a thread and post something and maybe next year your click will count. Until then, quit grousing. This year, these were the popular people.

  91. 91
    casey Says:

    I simply adore Gerard Butler. Those L’Oreal commercials are to die over. Too bad they aren’t shown in the U.S. But you guys can see them on the internet.

  92. 92
    bac2cali Says:

    No Ian Somerhalder? Huh?!. Well Leo and R.Pats probably made the most money. Leo, Brad, and Ian Somerhalder ought to get together and make a movie about saving the environment and humanity from Aliens that run an oil company. these Aliens (Angelena would be their leader), instead of sinking your battleship, would infiltrate your dreams and make you buy an SUV, or worse, a Hummer (trademark). I’d watch that over aliens attacking Navy carriers. It would be a battle to see you had the prettiest eyes, with the messiest hair and best scruff. Ian, I vote for you. all aboard! My heart will go on, but my money for most of these guys will probably stay in my wallet.

  93. 93
    Carolyn Says:


  94. 94
    paisley please Says:

    Yea, Gerry!!! Gerard Butler is the hottest man on earth, as far as I’m concerned!! Love him and so glad that he made the list! I mean, the guy gets more comments to any one posting than any other celebrity! 8,000 and some for one post, that I know of!! Love the guy!!

  95. 95
    Hannah Says:

    Wentworth Miller’s hot!! did a great job!!

  96. 96
    let me be... Says:


    YOU’RE MY GOD<3<3

  97. 97
    Abby Says:

    Oh yeah Zac Efron for the winnnn. <3

  98. 98
    siss Says:

    Robert Pattinson, NO WAY in the list!

  99. 99
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac! He is the best!

  100. 100
    may Says:

    Wentworth is hot!

  101. 101
    Ali Says:

    no matt damon? no clooney? where is johnny depp – the best of them all?

  102. 102
    Annie Says:

    Not buying that list, probably it counts comments.
    Alexander Skarsgard looks like an alien next to the other (more masculine) men. Viking? NO!

  103. 103
    paisley please Says:

    Zac and Pats – boys (shakes head), mere boys . . . Gerard Butler – a REAL man!

  104. 104
    paisley please Says:

    Gerard Butler is soooo freakin’ HOT!!
    Take a look, if you don’t believe me:

  105. 105
    vic Says:

    @vany: JGL is fugly and looks asian

  106. 106
    Angela Says:

    Robert Patterson should be 2nd Brad Pitt is weird looking and no one likes him only people in their 30s and higher!

  107. 107
    lou Says:

    what aboout ed westwick. chace crawford ,tom welling

    Jaejoong,Yoochun,Joon,Mir -korean idols

  108. 108
    paisley please Says:

    Gerard Butler as Attila – what could be hotter?

    Zac? NO! Pats? Not a chance! Even Brad? Nada. Gerard RULES!

  109. 109
    Blancmange Says:

    Yay Wentworth! The only gay guy on the list. Good for him. Oh, wait… Zac Efron is on there too. My bad. ;)

  110. 110
    Where's Jonny Rhys Meyers? Says:

    A lot of people yakked it up for JRM. The last season of the Tudors, another drunken airport incident (JFK airport), the movie with John Travolta (bombed) and his subsequent new movies, Belle du Seigneur and Albert Nobbs.
    After the latest airport incident people said he’d never work again.

  111. 111
    I'm a cutiepie Says:

    This is a joke right?….

  112. 112
    sharyllee Says:

    Jude Law is my best one!! number 1!!!

  113. 113
    gosling&labeouf are minee :) Says:

    Who the hell made this listt ?? okay i agree with Alexander Skarsgard and Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. but not all these other ppl .
    someone tell me were Ryan Gosling iss !! or even Shia Labeouff . for goodness sakes even james franco

  114. 114
    anna Says:

    zac effron number 1?!?! Is this a joke.. this isn’t jj junior hello!!

  115. 115
    ellie' Says:

    Leonardo DiICaprio should have been #1 and Matt Damon.. can’t believe hes not even on this. list…Brad Pitt is overated…

  116. 116
    Blancmange Says:

    Blast! Jake G is also on this list. Just ignore my other post! ;P

  117. 117
    Maniston Says:

    JUDE, LEO, AND BRAD! The rest can wander away.

  118. 118
    xenia Says:

    Hands down….Brad Pitt!

  119. 119
    Old Mia Says:

    Late to the party. Just happy to see my guy, Gerry, on the list. G in Glasgow the other day:

    IMHO it doesn’t get better than that.

  120. 120
    Tiptoes Says:

    Yes, Zac is 1!!!!!!!!

  121. 121
    jcn Says:

    @xenia: Old botoxical Brad’s days as a hunk are long gone. He’s now riding along on smug AJ’s coattails.

  122. 122
    glinda Says:

    @Old Mia: Gerard Butler is so beautiful it hurts. I posted on his board. There is something sad in his eyes. Maybe this kind of fame isn’t what makes him happy afterall?

  123. 123
    sami Says:

    Für mich kommt nur Jake Gyllenhaal in Frage.Er ist mein Lieblingsschauspieler,und er scheint auch ein netter Mensch zu sein.

  124. 124
    grace Says:

    Bless you Butler. I love that man.

  125. 125
    Jokergurl Says:

    Zac is number one? Is this Just Jared Jr.? Anyway my two favorites Robert Downey Jr. and Colin Farrell are not even on this list.

  126. 126
    TC Says:

    Alex Pettyfer’s publicist must be paying good money. Where is Johnny Depp?

  127. 127
    ok, my take Says:

    As far as Butler goes, it’s all that Celtic lore: Jamie Frasher, celtic Merlin/Arthur romance novel stuff come back to haunt us. Celtic music at Wal-Mart. Marek in Timeline. Burns in a fluffy shirt reciting poetry. That’s not Gerard Butler. He’s a businessman/lawyer making a bunch of money. He’s pretty, but don’t mix fiction with reality.

  128. 128
    TC Says:

    @Lexy: an arrogant d-bag who enjoys controlling his girlfriend and making himself her manager. Who is also stupid enough to re-tweet this on his twitter @alexpettyfer because for his ego he considers this important. His publicist just pays well.

  129. 129
    Heba Says:

    Wentworth Miller is so handsome & a very talented actor.He deseves the best

  130. 130
    Jim Says:

    Gyllenhaal gets attention because nobody knows for sure whether he is gay but everybody wants to find out and give their opinion. If his sexuality was not questionable, nobody would be interested in him.

  131. 131
    beatriz Says:


  132. 132
    Jackop Says:


  133. 133
    lisa Says:

    zac efron is the best! rob pattinson isn’t bad but zac deserves the no.1

  134. 134
    lisa Says:

    zac efron is the best! rob pattinson isn’t bad but zac deserves the no.1

  135. 135
    Felicia Says:

    No Tom Hardy? You’ve posted a lot of pix of him this year. I think you should revise your list, Jared, and include Tom.

  136. 136
    claudia Says:

    Clearly not a list based on talent … I mean, Zac Efron at #1? A better actor than Jude Law, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal? You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

  137. 137
    wonderwall Says:

    Missing James Franco.

  138. 138
    mimi78 Says:

    Yum, Wenty.

  139. 139
    Kimo Says:

    They all have blue eyes ! LOL

  140. 140
    Mama meya Says:

    Brad and leonardo they are hot sexy guy’s

  141. 141
    pl100 Says:

    Come on, Zac Efron really? This must be a loke.
    Where is ANDREW GARFIELD???

  142. 142
    Claudia Says:

    Tom Hardy, no doubt about it. A veritable breakout!

  143. 143
    Anastasia Kostova Says:

    Where is Jared Leto????????????????????????????????????????

  144. 144
    pita Says:

    yes Zac EPRON IS NO.1 YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. 145
    rhea Says:

    ,,,i dont care about the rest,as long as wentworth i there,

  146. 146
    A Says:

    Zac is NO 1 !!! YEAH HE DESERVE IT !

  147. 147
    A Says:

    Zac is NO 1 !!! YEAH HE DESERVE IT !

  148. 148
    Melly Says:

    Zac Efron first ? Yay :) !
    But my favorite actors this year was : Alex Pettyfer and Jake Gylenhaal.
    But but but, Zac Efron, Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio stay in my heart, haha. :P

  149. 149
    chad Says:

    only BRAD PITT. love u BRAD

  150. 150
    paisley please Says:

    Gerard RULES! “THIS IS Spartaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!”
    The only person on the list that I’d love to hang with.

  151. 151
    wentaddict Says:

    Wentworth did it! GREAT! And for all – he deserved it!!!!

  152. 152

    Most popular actors on JUST JARED you guys, not world-wide. Popularity covers the gamut of qualities and characteristics – good looks, talent, charisma, etc. Although I question the presence of some of them (Miller seems to have disappeared), you have to concede that all of them are attractive with a modicum of talent (if you are capable of objective observation, which most of you are not, Zac is actually a good actor) and have charisma and charm. These traits are what make them popular.
    I do think JJ overlooked Johnny Depp, who easily fits the bill.

  153. 153
    ssl Says:

    Wentworth is my most favoured actor.
    Glad that he is on the list.

  154. 154


  155. 155
    Thuy Says:

    Miller should be@ numba 1

  156. 156
    appena Says:

    I would love to see Charlie Hunnam on that list.
    He totally deserves it.

  157. 157
    Clairedelune Says:

    What is this?……. I think JJ’s demographic is under 21. JJ is the new Tiger Beat (on line version of course). James Franco? Chris Pine (hot!)? Shia? George Clooney? Danzel? C’mon….. Don’t trick us JJ

  158. 158
    Perfection Says:

    Congrats to all! My favorite is Wentworth Miller!

  159. 159
    Raluca Says:

    Ryan Reynolds!

  160. 160
    Blaze & Ice Says:

    Wentworth hasn’t been acting at all this whole year. He’s got more comments because of ppl wondering if he’s gay than for his acting!!!As an actor he’s been out of work this year so why is he on this list!!!

  161. 161
    chris Says:

    I don’t know if Zac realy deserves to be no.1 but I am glad that Wentworth is on the list….I am a huge fan….

  162. 162
    72 V Says:

    So u Excommunicaded fangurls are aloud to comment on jared now!!! last time I checked you advised your members to only read jared.Cos its a trolls place LOL Now it is ok to suck up to jared. Hipocr…..

  163. 163
    kris Says:

    Alex f*cks me up

  164. 164
    sukri_yusoff Says:

    there is my list………….
    1. Bruce Willis
    2. Leonardo Dicaprio
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Jesse Eisenberg
    5. Andrew Garfield
    6. Jake Gyllenhaal
    7. James Franco
    8. Danzel Washington
    9. Chris Pine
    10. Tom Hardy

  165. 165
    observation Says:

    Could JJ have chosen a worse picture of Brad Pitt? Does he really look that bad?

  166. 166
    the truth Says:

    i would think think that you would have put hyden christense up there. while you posed him so much last month. Why idn’t you put hayden up there too. Is it becaus he don’t live in la?

  167. 167
    Cammie Says:


  168. 168
    Shinoa Says:

    Wentworth Miller is cute but he’s done nothing in 2010.
    Where are the BIG names?

  169. 169
    azerty Says:

    Wentworth Miller is on the list because his stoopid fangurls have been voting and re-voting for him.

    Check on their site Excommunicated, this vote is worthless!

  170. 170
    carlos Says:

    Two gay actors: EFRON and MILLER

    One Bisexual: GYLLENHAAL

    The others are straight.

    Good representation of all types of sexuality. Good list!

  171. 171
    anwar Says:

    For sure wentworth miller :D

  172. 172
    jo Says:

    Wentworth has a lot of fans in China and places where Prison break is like new stuff :D

  173. 173
    Dasha Says:

    Leo for sure, the best actor!

  174. 174
    claire Says:

    Gerry Butler makes my teeth sweat. He’s hot, hot, hot.

  175. 175
    Emma Efron Says:

    yay Zac is #1

  176. 176
    Biljana Miller Says:

    Wentworth Miller :)

  177. 177
    anonymous Says:

    HE IS MY TOP 1

  178. 178
    overated. Says:

    .. As much as I love Zac .. Leo should be #1. Inception was mind-blowing.

  179. 179
    birdie Says:

    @overated.: These are for posts that have the most comments on JJ. So, comment on your favorites posts next year. In the meantime yea for Zac, Robert, and Leo. Love those guys.

  180. 180
    happy Says:

    Wentworth Miller :)

  181. 181
    Visual Presence Says:

    Wentworth is very handsome, sexy, smart, great actor. I love all his characters. I’m his huge fan. Went is my hottest actor among the others!

  182. 182
    lory Says:

    yaaaaaaaaaay for alexander skarsgard he is my favorite <3

  183. 183
    Tania Says:

    Jude is not sexy, he is a nasty cheater!

  184. 184
    josh Says:

    @Visual Presence: Perfection AND Visual Presence,Mariana. Now that hes on a top list you cant stop but ehere were you when everyone were bringing him down.

  185. 185
    chat noir Says:

    Zac? (my eyes jumped out) who did make this list? his PR?

  186. 186
    cava104 Says:

    Zac is butt ugly…my god…why do women evn like this rat face?????
    Jude and Brad are ral men…

  187. 187
    Cruze Gal Says:

    Luv ya work Wentworth <3

  188. 188
    Visual Presence Says:

    @josh: Bringing him down? A big LOL on that. Kisses to you!

  189. 189
    bvlgari Says:

    who is # 5 and #10 never heard of em :-/

  190. 190
    josh Says:

    @Visual Presence: Having trouble keeping up LOL imitating words from others aint helping, Sandy.

  191. 191
    ana caroline Says:

    zac, you really deserve that, congrats #1

  192. 192
    Ghoolie Says:

    We love our gay Wenty!

    Support Gay rights to marriage!

  193. 193
    Paul Adams Says:

    Wentworth Miller, no doubt !!!

  194. 194
    Smell the roses Says:

    @Ghoolie: Pull your hand out of your pants and calm down. Calling everyone gay will not get you laid or make you friends.

  195. 195
    Chrissy Says:

    #194 Unable to think for your self? Someone already said it on the last thread , smell your FAIL copycat!!!

  196. 196
    RubiksCube Says:

    @Smell the roses: Is that a two for one? I call a COS here.

  197. 197
    Frog Legs for dinner Says:

    So what? Your a nasty booger-eater. Take a hike, sweet pea, nobody cares about your hate, your hangups, and need to be noticed somewhere, anywhere.

  198. 198
    Smell the roses Says:

    @Chrissy: Pull your hand out of your pants and calm down, your embarrassing yourself.

  199. 199
    Chrissy Says:

    @ Smell the roses
    safe your pickup lines for someone who cares.

  200. 200
    Smell the roses Says:

    @Chrissy: Hand out of your pants, it’s not that hard.

  201. 201
    Lily Says:

    Why isn’t Brad Pitt in the 1 place!

  202. 202
    lisa Says:

    zac zac zac zac

  203. 203
    Blancmange Says:

    Lol. 10 thumbs down? So mad. :P

  204. 204
    543 Says:

    jakes mom is hideous

  205. 205
    Mery Says:

    Go Wentworth! lol
    You were awesome in Resident Evil. You deserve it.
    Love Went :3

  206. 206
    Hallo Says:

    Happy for all of you…..Wenty you deserve it.God bless you all.

  207. 207
    sami Says:

    Ich stimme auf jeden Fall für Jake Gyllenhaal.Er spielt toll und er scheint auch ein sehr netter Mensch zu sein.Also Jake Gyllenhaal.

  208. 208


  209. 209
    Aline Says:

    Number 6 – wentworth miller!! <33

  210. 210
    kai Says:


  211. 211
    Anja Says:

    My favorite actor and number one in 2010 is Wentworth Miller!!

  212. 212
    TLM Says:

    10. Never heard of Pettyfer
    9. Law is a sleazeball. Won’t watch his movies.
    8. Leo is the king!
    7. Jake is a good actor but not very interesting.
    6. Miller is gay.
    5. Skarsgard is off my radar entirely.
    4. Butler? He’s popular?
    3. Pattinson has great potential.
    2. Pitt has never done anything for me.
    1. Efron is number one? where are the great actors? where is Johnny Depp?

  213. 213
    Seth Says:

    @TLM: Miller is gay? So???

  214. 214
    TLM Says:

    @ Seth:

    FYI ;) that he’s gay.
    It probably hasn’t helped his acting career.

  215. 215
    Jessica Says:

    what a ridiculous list! where is Johnny Depp?

  216. 216
    Raul Says:

    Depp is not a fameho.He’s a serious actor with high standards unlike most on that list!

  217. 217
    unicorn Says:

    Did you know Wentworth Miller doesn’t have to work out for his roles, it’s all about stamina. Anyone surprised no one hires the clown ;-)

  218. 218
    Jen Says:

    Yay Butler.

  219. 219
    AmyShell Says:

    The only reason Went is even on this list is because #1, he was seen out with Luke McFarlane and photographed, so that got a lot of hits, and #2 because right before RE: A started he gained a bunch of weight and was photographed. Must say I wish I hadn’t seen those!! That being said… I love me some Wenty-poo and would love love love to see him doing more stuff. Yep the gay rumor thing has not helped his career. Who knows if it’s true. Who gives a fat rat’s crack either way?! And all the idiots that think this is Jared’s rating of the best actors of 2010 probably made D’s in school!

  220. 220
    sami Says:

    Für mich kommt nur Jake Gyllenhaal in Frage.

  221. 221
    E.E. Cummings Says.... Says:

    Wentworth was photographed with Luke in 2007. Keep trying though i’m sure you could score a D+ just for trying so damn hard! How is grade school these days kid?

  222. 222
    LeoGrande Says:


  223. 223
    Victor Says:

    It’s a list of actors popular for getting most comments not for best actors.

  224. 224
    dorina Says:

    millerrr grande lo adoro e il numero 1 per me e il numero 6 nn mi piace uffaaa

  225. 225
    swiftdang Says:

    Hey justjared! Can you please fix that jake is 30 years old, NOT 29, his birthday is the 19 of dec. Please fix this on all posts that state his age or invovle it. All past posts are incorrect stating he is 29. Thank you

  226. 226
    Krull Says:

    Anyone know if Wentworth Miller has a boyfriend?;)

  227. 227
    ACM Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….:

    I didn’t say he was photographed in 2010, just that the photos were out there and searched in a big way. There are a lot of countries where Prison Break is still on an really big. So… when the fans see Wentworth Miller, they google. And what do they get? “Wentworth Miller GAY?” so they check it out. I was simply pointing out that people keep saying the list is wrong and stupid, but it’s not a subjective (may need a dictionary for that one) list. It’s based on number of hits and comments on this particular site for each individual on the list over the year 2010. Exactly what part of my post offended you? The fact that I don’t believe that an actor should be judged based on sexual orientation? The fact that many many posters here honestly don’t GET what this list means? The fact that I personally am a fan of Wentworth? Or the fact that I said, “fat rat’s crack?” I’m sorry. I retract that verbage.

  228. 228
    Blancmange Says:

    @Krull: IDK but I would guess that he does. Why else do we never see him? He’s busy sucking c*ck all day. Oh, his lucky, lucky BF! ;P

  229. 229
    E.E. Cummings Says.... Says:

    @ACM: Your google results may display “Wentworth Miller GAY?” but majority of people don’t spend all day googling gay porn. Oh and that’s not subjective kid I only speak in the objective…also it’s verbiage moron! LOL

  230. 230
    Dino Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: Why are you connecting” Wentworth Miller gay” with gay porn? Being gay is not just about sex!

  231. 231
    E.E. Cummings Says.... Says:

    @Dino: I never said it was. It’s not my fault you’re not old enough to make the connection kid.

  232. 232
    Dino Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: You should not talk about gay porn and Wentworth . It just isn’t right. I feel bad about it.

  233. 233
    E.E. Cummings Says.... Says:

    @Dino: I should, it’s obvious you’re just struggling now! Later kid!

  234. 234
    Dino Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: Not so fast grandpa. Easy on the old men talk takes half the day to google your sh!t Later!

  235. 235
    Leo Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: Dirty old man.

  236. 236
    Blancmange Says:

    Meh. Went is geh. Deal with it.

  237. 237
    ACM Says:

    Apparently everyone is a kid to E.E. Cummings. He’s such a respectable and distinguished gentleman. I’m puzzled as to how he found time in his important life to post a reply to a JustJared item, much less REPEATED replies!

  238. 238
    ACM Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: Also just wanted to mention, Cummings, because I know you are there…
    “Verbage” was a simple typo, it happens. And I didn’t say I google, “Wentworht Miller GAY” I said when anyone googles Wentworth Miller, one of the first results that pops up is GAY, along with FAT. Which is probably somewhat interesting to new fans. Nothing to do with porn, gay or otherwise!
    And my only motivation for my original post was to clarify for all those people who kept saying, “Why is Wentworth on list? He hasn’t even worked in 2010!” Which actually isn’t true, but his work is not why he’s on the list. It’s for the reasons I stated. Well, that and Jared is a fan, so anytime there is an excuse to post “news” about him, it gets posted and then generates more hits. Sheesh, it’s like explaining things to a 2 yr old!

  239. 239
    Leo Says:

    old man type slow to make no typo

  240. 240
    Mariah Says:

    Went is such a cute sweety. Gay or not gay I love, like and respect him!!
    He don’t like the spotlight, which is his right. Unfortunately that means that his REAL fans miss him.

  241. 241
    Ulrica Says:

    @Mariah: You love a stranger so that make you a “REAL” fan now. You think it’s noble of you to say you love him gay or not gay, that make you a REAL fan now. He said he’s not gay so why are you his REAL fan even considering he might be?If you would really respect him you wouldn’t call him a cute sweety.He’s a grown man writing serious material he’s no Justin Bieber.

  242. 242
    Soc Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: # 229 WHY would google results display “Wentworth Miller gay” if “gay porn” is googled???!!! Hope you get well soon.Just sorry for Wentworth for how he seems to attract all kinds of nutters in his fandom.

  243. 243
    E.E. Cummings Says.... Says:

    Getting help and pulling out multiple usernames wont prove my last comment any different, and i’m the nutter LOL. Nice try on the grandpa comment kid, but even that wont save you from struggle street. Re-read my comment #229, eventually you might grasp its meaning and it will save you a f**k ton of useless reiteration and questions.

  244. 244
    Soc Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: Still finding the need to reply to a struggling kid. Pointing out what others are doing doesn’t make what you wrote any more acceptable. Your fail. Deal with it.

  245. 245
    E.E. Cummings Says.... Says:

    @Soc: It has nothing to do with acceptance moron, don’t worry, you’ll figure it out kid, no fail on my part, i’m not the one struggling to comprehend.

  246. 246
    Soc Says:

    @E.E. Cummings Says….: Temper, temper, go watch some TMC gramps….

  247. 247
    aisimi Says:

    Wentworth Miller is a very talented actor.He deseves the best!

  248. 248
    Lomi Says:

    Isn’t he gay?

  249. 249
    Cassandra Says:

    Why doesn’t he come out and play!

  250. 250
    Ex Says:

    He has so cute horseman’s legs, We love them at Excomm. Silly us gasbrains.

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