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They’re some of the hottest guys on TV and the big screen and now they’ve also made our list of the most popular actors this year!

Did your favorite actors make‘s cut?

Also, be sure to check back in the next two days to see who made our list of most popular actresses and the top 25 celebs of 2010!

10. Alex Pettyfer
9. Jude Law
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Jake Gyllenhaal
6. Wentworth Miller

Check inside to see who were our top five most popular actors of 2010!


5. Alexander Skarsgard
4. Gerard Butler
3. Robert Pattinson
2. Brad Pitt
1. Zac Efron

WHO WAS YOUR favorite actor in 2010?

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  • lawl
  • susan1

    Zac Epron #1.the hottest!!

  • French Girl

    i’m so sad Robert Downey Jr is not in this list but he is very very hot in Iron Man 2 and in Due Date…

  • laverdadduele

    Of course, the term “actor” is used very loosely here. This list is a joke.

  • Question

    Why is MANny Jennifer Aniston not in the list?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …alex pettyfer, who?! ahahahahahaha …who?!?! ahahahahahahaha …what was he in. how many post did he even get, cause i don’t remember seeing that name on here before.
    …wentworth miller, what did he do in 2010? LOL.. leo dicaprio could do nothing in a year and still deserve to be above went on any list.
    …cant even mention the rest of the list, straight comedy.

  • Number-four-is-toosexy

    WHAT THE HECK. The list is s F*CKING atrocity! The list just goes to show how people have bad taste and they just attune to whatever’s popular out there. When really none of that matter except the real truth itself. Which means the only intelligent beautiful man in the list is Alex Pettyfer!!! He is the hottest bad boy around you don’t get any better then that. EVER.

    Robert, Leo, Wentworth are worth the list too but everyone else I suggest you fans get to an optometrist ASAP. Everyone else is either to makeup-ed like Zac or too over-rated in the looks department like Brad and Gerard- and old they have cracks in their faces. Jensen and Jared have’t made the lists cause their too GAY and they suck.

  • vany

    that list is supposed to be bout 2010, right?
    how come you didn’t include Joseph Gordon-Levitt??

  • Butter_Fly

    Like all lists this sucks. Zac Efron number 1?

  • Missing person

    I guess acting talent isn’t necessarily a requirement here.If it were based on talent and looks,Matt Bomer would be near the top of the list.

  • A Fan

    I wish JJ would ‘splain the list, but my guess would have something to do with numbers. Even if there is nothing new to report, Butler posts become epic in # because fans just continue to chat about him. Last summer one got to over 8,000 posts. Anyway, yes, go Gerry.

  • ericap

    I love Jude!

  • Starlight

    Alex Pettyfer rocks the list he should be #1 with silver gates blocking all the other losers number ten ft below. I’m sure he can beat the crap out of all these other losers and look good. I’m proud that he’s on the list. He’s quite new. Go Alex!

  • Frosty

    Gerard Butler makes me want to puke.

  • http://ivyyliu ivy liu

    wooo zac efron :D

  • Karen

    Yeah Alex Pettyfer!! Not only an actor but a producer! And dating Dianna Agron!

  • Marine

    People don’t understand how those lists work apparently: they’re based on the number of comments on threads, that’s why Zefron is #1.

  • Lexy

    Alex Pettyfer – gorgeous, smart, funny, talented. What more can you ask for!

  • june

    @Marine: I don’t think it’s as simple as the number of posts. In some cases there are just a few people yacking, and it doesn’t reflect anything. JJ must keep track of IP addresses or whatever to get a realistic count of iindividuals. I’m a Butler fan, and I know the older a thread gets, it’s just about a core group of fans talking to each other and bringing in stuff from other sites. The bigger numbers of different posters come at the start of a new thread and then it gets down to the regulars as they call themselves. Some of them even wait until the passersby leave to come on.

  • :(

    What about Chris Evans? He is way hotter than Zac

  • Tom

    @june: You must be right. Simply the # of posts doesn’t give an accurate picture of who draws the most general interest. It must be IP addresses or email listings so individuals and not repeaters are counted. My 2 cents worth anyway.

  • Sasha


  • JoJo

    Butler is #1, hottest and most popular, at least among the gals I know!!!

  • erin

    Some people here talk like JJ pulled these names out of hat. They were the most popular on here, among the people who check out JJ. Other places with other dynamics likely have other outcomes.

  • Rena

    Yeah, Wentworth is hot!
    Love him.

  • Journo-Gee*8

    This a list of YOUNG hot people who have been in the NEWS …NOT acting ability.

    If so…then Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the male cast of Tudors…or Michael C Hall of Dexter…not to mention BOARDWALK EMPIRE male actors! Edward Norton and R-Downey Jr…this is crazy!

    Geez this is why H-WOOD is so shallow.

  • French Girl

    maniston first !!!

  • themask

    Go Gerry Butler!

  • Lee

    My #1 is Wentworth Miller.

  • sunny

    Zac Efron shouldn’t be the no. 1 on this list.
    whatever,it’s the most popular list and not the best actors list.
    So,it’s ok.

  • renee

    @Journo-Gee*8: It says most popular actors, not the best actors. There are plenty of good actors out there that no one wants to talk/gossip about. This isn’t the Academy Awards. It’s gossip central. Lighten up.

  • u kidding me?

    @france: i say the same what happen where’s johnny depp? johnny depp is the best i think and everybody loves him not like those who really wenworth? i cannot say good his name brad pitt? naah, zac efron? only for teenagers, jude law? alex pettyfer? who is this guy no justjared just A BIG NO! you must be kidding me, do this ranking again because seems like nobody likes this list :(

  • johnny?

    JOHNNY DEPP JOHNNY DEPP WHERE’S HIM? nah you must be joking just jared serious xd

  • moe

    ZAC !!!!!! ♥

  • renee

    @u kidding me?: As long as Gerard Butler is on it, I like the list.

  • Nanda

    Of course… Leonardo DiCaprio! Who else? He was the actor who has received more prominence in the international media. One of the best actors of all time. Robert Pattinson? Zac Efron? Seriously! Participated in a franchise that was successful and nothing else. Go figure!

  • Ramona

    how old is the person who made this list? efron #1 and pattinson #3? seriously? i would have put ryan reynolds, ryan gosling, johnny depp, ian somerhalder and matt bomer on that list

  • Katie


  • HellZBelleZ

    Nice selection and I like all of the actors… but Alexander Skarsgard is still my favorite. Something about him mesmerizes me when he is on screen.

  • sigh

    @Ramona: You wouldn’t be putting anyone on this list. It’s who most individual posters here look at. If you like those people you mention, click on them when they come up in a thread and post something and maybe next year your click will count. Until then, quit grousing. This year, these were the popular people.

  • casey

    I simply adore Gerard Butler. Those L’Oreal commercials are to die over. Too bad they aren’t shown in the U.S. But you guys can see them on the internet.

  • bac2cali

    No Ian Somerhalder? Huh?!. Well Leo and R.Pats probably made the most money. Leo, Brad, and Ian Somerhalder ought to get together and make a movie about saving the environment and humanity from Aliens that run an oil company. these Aliens (Angelena would be their leader), instead of sinking your battleship, would infiltrate your dreams and make you buy an SUV, or worse, a Hummer (trademark). I’d watch that over aliens attacking Navy carriers. It would be a battle to see you had the prettiest eyes, with the messiest hair and best scruff. Ian, I vote for you. all aboard! My heart will go on, but my money for most of these guys will probably stay in my wallet.

  • Carolyn


  • paisley please

    Yea, Gerry!!! Gerard Butler is the hottest man on earth, as far as I’m concerned!! Love him and so glad that he made the list! I mean, the guy gets more comments to any one posting than any other celebrity! 8,000 and some for one post, that I know of!! Love the guy!!

  • Hannah

    Wentworth Miller’s hot!! did a great job!!

  • let me be…


    YOU’RE MY GOD<3<3

  • Abby

    Oh yeah Zac Efron for the winnnn. <3

  • siss

    Robert Pattinson, NO WAY in the list!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac! He is the best!

  • may

    Wentworth is hot!