Top Stories's Most Popular Actors 2010's Most Popular Actors 2010

They’re some of the hottest guys on TV and the big screen and now they’ve also made our list of the most popular actors this year!

Did your favorite actors make‘s cut?

Also, be sure to check back in the next two days to see who made our list of most popular actresses and the top 25 celebs of 2010!

10. Alex Pettyfer
9. Jude Law
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Jake Gyllenhaal
6. Wentworth Miller

Check inside to see who were our top five most popular actors of 2010!


5. Alexander Skarsgard
4. Gerard Butler
3. Robert Pattinson
2. Brad Pitt
1. Zac Efron

WHO WAS YOUR favorite actor in 2010?

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  • Ali

    no matt damon? no clooney? where is johnny depp – the best of them all?

  • Annie

    Not buying that list, probably it counts comments.
    Alexander Skarsgard looks like an alien next to the other (more masculine) men. Viking? NO!

  • paisley please

    Zac and Pats – boys (shakes head), mere boys . . . Gerard Butler – a REAL man!

  • paisley please

    Gerard Butler is soooo freakin’ HOT!!
    Take a look, if you don’t believe me:

  • vic

    @vany: JGL is fugly and looks asian

  • Angela

    Robert Patterson should be 2nd Brad Pitt is weird looking and no one likes him only people in their 30s and higher!

  • lou

    what aboout ed westwick. chace crawford ,tom welling

    Jaejoong,Yoochun,Joon,Mir -korean idols

  • paisley please

    Gerard Butler as Attila – what could be hotter?

    Zac? NO! Pats? Not a chance! Even Brad? Nada. Gerard RULES!

  • Blancmange

    Yay Wentworth! The only gay guy on the list. Good for him. Oh, wait… Zac Efron is on there too. My bad. ;)

  • Where’s Jonny Rhys Meyers?

    A lot of people yakked it up for JRM. The last season of the Tudors, another drunken airport incident (JFK airport), the movie with John Travolta (bombed) and his subsequent new movies, Belle du Seigneur and Albert Nobbs.
    After the latest airport incident people said he’d never work again.

  • I’m a cutiepie

    This is a joke right?….

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    Jude Law is my best one!! number 1!!!

  • gosling&labeouf are minee :)

    Who the hell made this listt ?? okay i agree with Alexander Skarsgard and Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. but not all these other ppl .
    someone tell me were Ryan Gosling iss !! or even Shia Labeouff . for goodness sakes even james franco

  • anna

    zac effron number 1?!?! Is this a joke.. this isn’t jj junior hello!!

  • ellie’

    Leonardo DiICaprio should have been #1 and Matt Damon.. can’t believe hes not even on this. list…Brad Pitt is overated…

  • Blancmange

    Blast! Jake G is also on this list. Just ignore my other post! ;P

  • Maniston

    JUDE, LEO, AND BRAD! The rest can wander away.

  • xenia

    Hands down….Brad Pitt!

  • Old Mia

    Late to the party. Just happy to see my guy, Gerry, on the list. G in Glasgow the other day:

    IMHO it doesn’t get better than that.

  • Tiptoes

    Yes, Zac is 1!!!!!!!!

  • jcn

    @xenia: Old botoxical Brad’s days as a hunk are long gone. He’s now riding along on smug AJ’s coattails.

  • glinda

    @Old Mia: Gerard Butler is so beautiful it hurts. I posted on his board. There is something sad in his eyes. Maybe this kind of fame isn’t what makes him happy afterall?

  • sami

    Für mich kommt nur Jake Gyllenhaal in Frage.Er ist mein Lieblingsschauspieler,und er scheint auch ein netter Mensch zu sein.

  • grace

    Bless you Butler. I love that man.

  • Jokergurl

    Zac is number one? Is this Just Jared Jr.? Anyway my two favorites Robert Downey Jr. and Colin Farrell are not even on this list.

  • TC

    Alex Pettyfer’s publicist must be paying good money. Where is Johnny Depp?

  • ok, my take

    As far as Butler goes, it’s all that Celtic lore: Jamie Frasher, celtic Merlin/Arthur romance novel stuff come back to haunt us. Celtic music at Wal-Mart. Marek in Timeline. Burns in a fluffy shirt reciting poetry. That’s not Gerard Butler. He’s a businessman/lawyer making a bunch of money. He’s pretty, but don’t mix fiction with reality.

  • TC

    @Lexy: an arrogant d-bag who enjoys controlling his girlfriend and making himself her manager. Who is also stupid enough to re-tweet this on his twitter @alexpettyfer because for his ego he considers this important. His publicist just pays well.

  • Heba

    Wentworth Miller is so handsome & a very talented actor.He deseves the best

  • Jim

    Gyllenhaal gets attention because nobody knows for sure whether he is gay but everybody wants to find out and give their opinion. If his sexuality was not questionable, nobody would be interested in him.

  • beatriz


  • Jackop
  • http://yr10899 lisa

    zac efron is the best! rob pattinson isn’t bad but zac deserves the no.1

  • http://yr10899 lisa

    zac efron is the best! rob pattinson isn’t bad but zac deserves the no.1

  • Felicia

    No Tom Hardy? You’ve posted a lot of pix of him this year. I think you should revise your list, Jared, and include Tom.

  • claudia

    Clearly not a list based on talent … I mean, Zac Efron at #1? A better actor than Jude Law, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal? You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

  • wonderwall

    Missing James Franco.

  • mimi78

    Yum, Wenty.

  • Kimo

    They all have blue eyes ! LOL

  • Mama meya

    Brad and leonardo they are hot sexy guy’s

  • pl100

    Come on, Zac Efron really? This must be a loke.
    Where is ANDREW GARFIELD???

  • Claudia

    Tom Hardy, no doubt about it. A veritable breakout!

  • Anastasia Kostova

    Where is Jared Leto????????????????????????????????????????

  • pita

    yes Zac EPRON IS NO.1 YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rhea

    ,,,i dont care about the rest,as long as wentworth i there,

  • A

    Zac is NO 1 !!! YEAH HE DESERVE IT !

  • A

    Zac is NO 1 !!! YEAH HE DESERVE IT !

  • http://Melly_Tweets Melly

    Zac Efron first ? Yay :) !
    But my favorite actors this year was : Alex Pettyfer and Jake Gylenhaal.
    But but but, Zac Efron, Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio stay in my heart, haha. :P

  • chad

    only BRAD PITT. love u BRAD

  • paisley please

    Gerard RULES! “THIS IS Spartaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!”
    The only person on the list that I’d love to hang with.