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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Christmas with the Parents!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Christmas with the Parents!

LeAnn Rimes spends time with her boyfriend Eddie Cibrian and her parents while out on Sunday (December 26) at the Commons in Calabasas, Calif.

“Today, yesterday, the day before that…all have been truly unforgettable,” the 28-year-old singer tweeted. “Greek food and True Grit w/ both sets of parents today. Its been nice getting tons of family time in.”

LeAnn and Eddie will be heading to Cabo for New Year’s Eve, where they will be hosting a party!

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  • laverdadduele

    Gee, the parents must be so proud of them.

  • Miriam

    butterface woman

  • blair

    “What a great year….broke up a couple of marriages, took over someone else’ family…..can’t wait to see what I can destroy next year”….lovE, leann

  • Annie

    Isn’t it kind of hypocritical to be attacking this couple, but celebrate, for example, Jolie/Pitt or Craig/Weisz. Why the hate only for some cheaters and “marriage breakers”?! Makes no sense to me.

  • Speak Now


    See? People excuse Angelina of everything.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    @Annie: I KNOW! Angelina could kill to get another woman’s hubby and people would say “oh, leave it be, she’s brought so much joy with her humanitarian works!” lolol. If they got together, it’s not only Leann’s fault. She’s not fvckin’ with herself! He’s to blame, too.Actually, he’s the one who has to be blamed the most. And besides, his former wife shouldn’t have “satisfied” him enough for him to stay with her sooooo…..You get the point.

  • Yolanda

    I totally agree!!!

  • Say

    Angelina is not okay. I haven’t seen anything her or Brad has done since the breakup of his marriage. Hoever, SHE was not married, and HE did not have kids, and SHE has not tweeted continually since that time, rubbing it Jennifer’s face.

    And if Danial and Rachael cheated, then they suck. Cheaters suck.

    But these two are the posterchildren for cheaters that suck. They are PROUD of their cheating, and have since acted with gross inconsideration for their ex’s ever since.

    So shaddup about the Jolie Pitts, mkay? This thread isn’t about them.

  • blair

    @Say…I agree with you, these two are constantly in everyone’s face, they are shameless.
    BTW, I can see where leann gets her looks from…

  • Ewosa

    Gotta love how she is posting about how great “family time” is when they both totally wrecked a family, his family.
    And I agree about Brangelina… at least they had the good sense nto to tweet about their cheating every 5 minutes.

  • Wren

    Ciprian hasn’t looked happy with her since they couldn’t cash in on the engagement ‘announcement’ – he’s a real fame whore.

  • lewhore

    B!tch…homewrecker…cheate…liar…go to hell!

  • pmet

    While not in any way condoning the actions of this couple, I cannot understand the judgments people make about them. While their actions were not moral and didn’t follow the commandments, neither is attacking them on a personal level. We don’t know them personally or what their lives were like with their respective spouses. Try compassion and forgiveness. They work wonders.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with Say.
    Also, Brad Pitt traded in on crazy girl, Jennifer Anniston (disowns her mother,mother lives on bare minium,etc) for another crazy girl,Angelina Jolie(Christmas in Namiba,always traveling, school aged kids not rooted in any one place,etc.)

    I call it as it is.

    Hopefully LeAnn and Eddie can get married asap, and then get divorced.

    That is her mom and stepdad pictured there.

    I don’t lnow if she menas her dad and stepmom were there at the same time. Maybe she saw one set of parents one day,and the other, the other day along with Eddie’s folks.

  • please…

    “SHE was not married, and HE did not have kids, and SHE has not tweeted continually since that time, rubbing it Jennifer’s face.” That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If you all are so big on following the commandments, then be consistent at least. Or do you believe some commandments are worse than others? What about Angelina and “thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife (husband)?” She definitely had strong desires for Brad while married and afterward gave an interview stating they “fell in love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith.” (while Brad was married.) And it shouldn’t matter who had kids or not. Leann didn’t have kids? So it makes it better? And about the tweeting….ALL parties involved tweet a lot. Brandi bashes her kid’s father and Leann over twitter continuously, and Leann tweets about nonsense, but least least it’s not negative like Brandi’s. “Gross inconsideration” for the ex would be Brandi and her constant bashing of Eddie to whoever will listen (tabloids, twitter, tv interviews)…has Leann done that to Dean? AND, are you kidding about Brad and Angelina not rubbing it in Aniston’s face? How about countless interviews about their love for one another… pics and the cover of a magazine posing with kids as a family a few months after the affair…PAID covers for People Mag with the birth or adoption of each kid. Paparazzi shots set up a few weeks after Brad broke off the marriage (before Jen had even filed for divorce.) So “shaddup” with your hypocritical remarks “mkay”? You’re PROUD to be a HATER. This thread isn’t about hating on Leann and Eddie. Stop taking the fact that YOU got cheated on out on Leann and Eddie. xoxoxxx

  • thank you

    please: take a deep breath and maybe your medication. This thread is about Leann and Eddie, good and bad (and ugly).

  • anonymous

    BRAVO please…#15.Very well said.People obviously choose who can ‘sin’ and who can’t.I remember very well when the rumors first surfaced last year that Eddie and LeAnn were f””” each other how most people went:”You go,LeAnn,I’d totally cheat on my husband with him,too”.Then the minute it was confirmed they were in fact together,the same people started calling her every nasty name there is.What changed?So it was ok when it was just rumors,then?Because you never really thought it was true?Or is it the fact that an average looking woman as LeAnn would be able to get a guy as hot as Eddie?That’s why you say he’s only with her for the money,isn’t it.So you can justify the fact that he left his beautiful wife for someone less attractive. So in your mind,only beautiful women deserve a good looking guy.The less attractive ones also has to settle for less I suppose.Hypocrites.

    Also Brandi gets no sympathy from me.Between her doing interviews and selling her stories to the tabloids(Eddie isn’t paying you enough?) to her constant digs at Eddie and LeAnn and her *poor me’ attitude until she gets what she wants.Tweeting some real nasty stuff to/about LeAnn,then not long after delete it,making her appear totally innocent and hoping to get sympathy from people.Brandi has been airing her dirty laundry since day 1,so if LeAnn wan’t to do the same thing,I say go for it.
    Neither of these women are better than the other.Yes,LeAnn was the one having an affair,but Brandi is just as obnoxius IMO.

  • Carmen

    Eddie’s father was kind enough to stop by Brandi’s on Christmas Eve to give her a gift. A very thoughtful thing to do. No doubt Eddie’s parents wish leAnn had not interferred in the marriage and that Eddie would have been a decent father and husband to their grandbabies instead of the money grubbing dog on a leash he has become.

  • Guest

    If you want to talk about brangelina go on their thread and bitchh about it..this is the leann and eddie and thread and most people in america are disgusted with these two

  • Go Ask Alice

    Put bias away, then you can see the situations clearly.
    Jennifer adn Brad had no kids.He wanted a family and she was stringing him along…after Friendsended, after this movie and that movie.WRONG for him and Jolie.Get divorced first. If Jennifer the darling high maintenance girl was preggars, Brad would have been over the moon.
    Eddie and LeAnn were both married and Eddie ahd kids, and Dean and Brandi were totally in the dark as Eddie and LeAnn w/them had dinner dates and flirted and stuff.
    LeAnn and Eddie should have divorced first and then carried on.
    Simple. LeAnn filed a lawsuit against Brandi. Ugly. LeAnn tweets constantlyabout herboys and one of her boys got hurtin soccer,LeAnn tweeted and the child’s mother found out when she did which was way later. Seems Eddie should have called the child’s MOTHER ASAP!! Ugly.
    Both were wrong.

  • anonymous

    @Go Ask Alice

    We don’t know if LeAnn actually did file a lawsuit.She apparently just ‘threatened’ to do it.And based on the fact that Brandi still talks badly about LeAnn in the press,I’m guessing that lawsuit never happened.

  • gwen

    This is so transparent.

    So now we are supposed to believe that they are happy and in love because they double date with Leann’s parents ?

    What was that thing Hollyscoop said? That they pose for the paps like it’s going out of style and then they want people to think it’s adorable because they are in love.

    Of course LR is spending time with EC, many people have pointed out that her relationship with EC is in trouble as evidenced by the fact that she spends more time with the iphone than she does with EC. So are we at all surprised that LR has now responded by staging DAILY photos where she interacts with EC just to fix what we have been pointing out?

    This is just another photo-op bought, paid for, and set up by Leann Rimes. Since they were able to avoid the paps when Leann’s friend came to town, everyone knows that this photo-op exists because Leann tipped off the paps.

    Remember how EC made that speech about how he didn’t want his kids exposed to the media because it wasn’t child focused and then he sits back and allows LR to expose his kids to the media and paps by tweeting about them? Well since EC can’t keep that promise to his kids, why exactly do you and LR other mouthpieces keep insisting that this is love because now they are double dating with LR parents?

    Don’t you just love how they keep trying to fuel engagement rumors. She made sure that her mouthpieces included that they were at a jewelry store.

    These two lowlifes are just too stupid to see that the more they shove this down people’s throats, the more backlash they are going to get.

    So JJ what are Leann and EC promoting this week?


    Leann’s Crazy Women single isn’t doing very well on twitter, is that what this is, an attempt to hype up her music?

    Are they bombarding the internet with DAILY photo-ops to prepare us for People mag’s exclusive of their engagement?

  • gwen

    Where did all of these Leann Fans come from?

    That is right, Leann has to pose as her own fans to convince record producers that the backlash isn’t real.

    1) Annie:

    Leann, just because other posters are not slamming other cheaters in a LEANN RIMES thread, it does not mean that they condone their actions.

    If you are so concerned with other cheaters, why then are you not those threads ?

    BTW, your circumstance if very different, when those other cheaters recieved backlash, they laid low. But now you. You keep right on tweeting and staging photo-op after photo-op. This little photo-op was not necessary, and you knew very well that you were going to get slammed. No one likes you and what do you think is going to happen when those photos of you in Cabo hit the internet.

    2) Lilakoi Moon

    How does it go?

    When you can’t make people like you and EC, then you deflect by dragging up other cheaters or by trying to downplay EC marriage to justify your affair with him.

    3) pmet

    You and EC will get compassion and forgiveness when you LAY LOW.

    You are constantly shoving this nonsense down people’s throat and then you boo hoo because each time you tip off the paps, you get slammed by the public.

    You put all of your business on a public forum, so through your tweets and constant photo-ops we do know you personally.

    Stop the tweeting and photo-ops because it is only going to get worse for you.

    4) anon 17/21

    So when all else fails, you are going to try to justify what you did by depicting BG as the villian?

    That didn’t work well for you last year or this year, so do you really think that you are going to do yourself any favors in 2011 by attacking BG?

    BG talks badly about you in the press? Leann why are you always playing the victim? Besides, BG isn’t saying anything that we haven’t seen based on your tweets.

    5) please

    TRANSLATION: When all else fails and WEWE still can’t make the public like her, she just resorts to trashing BG.

  • gwen

    When all else fails and Leann still can’t make people like her she will:

    1) try to justify her actions by dehumanizing BG (see posts by pmnet, anon 17/21, please, likaloi moon)

    2) Scream about how other cheaters are getting a free pass simply because we are not slamming them in a LR thread ( see posts by annie, yolanda) .

  • june

    all I have to say is that LR looks a lot like her mother so run Eddie Run because in a few years She is going to be just as huge as her Mom Its called genetics Stupid amd her father doesn’t look any better

  • Go Ask Alice


    No, LeAnn DID file a lawsuit. She laterdropped it ,but it was after many months.

    This is all public record.

  • blair

    @june…lol! That’s true, and it’s probably why leann is so obsessed with going to the gym every day. If she stops, she’ll blow up.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I waswrong WRONG.
    LeAnn threatened lawusit and DID file a Cease and Desist Order against Brandi.

    Still,what an ulgy,low character thing to do by LeAnn and Eddie too.

  • anonymous

    Well,I guess JJ will already have a new article up within the next hour with their rep confirming their engagement seing as he loves to post their every move.So I assume they were picking up the ring in these photos.

  • blair

    Hey y’all….People is reporting their engagement…is it fake engagement #6 or the real one?

  • anonymous

    People would never be the first one to report it if it wasn’t true and I see LeAnn already has confirmed.

  • gwen

    Well, well, well.

    So the reason these two have been staging so many photo-ops lately is because they were indeed gearing up for an engagement announcement.

    This played out just like we said it would.

    Exlcusive from People mag.

    It happened or the holidays (just like In Touch or was it E said).

    She made sure to put in that she and EC designed the ring.

    She had People mag post photos of them on a boat in Malibu just so that we can see just how in love and happy they are.

    It happened the week of that her Crazy Women single came out.

    So the only reason LR and EC got the two kids two Christmas’s in a row was because they were planning this engagement. Just like some of us speculated.

    LR is so bent on having BG life that she made sure that the engagement fell right arpund the same time as BG.

    Let’s guess we are going to hear a lot of their engagement when they host the Cabo party.

    If their love is so REAL, why then are they so predictable?

  • Just Sayin’

    it’s almost sad, that one person can be so homely!!!

  • gwen

    Wow, Leann is sick.

    Now why would she want her engagement and proposal to be around the same time that EC proposed to his ex-wife?

    Why does Leann still feel the need to compete with BG, if she has won EC?

    I suspect that People mag will be in Cabo with LR and EC to get the lowdown on how it happened.

    What is so funny is this played out just the way In Touch reported it. So LR is indeed leaking info to the tabs.

    It’s sad that BG wasn’t able to get her kids this Christmas because LR needs came first.

    Did you see the photo that People mag posted of EC and LR? Now how did People mag get that photo? Because LR has set up a deal with them, just like E hinted.

  • tomas

    Angelina and Leann — in the same exact category, anyway you slice it. Come up with all the excuses and reasons you want but they are still HOME-WRECKING SKANKS. Deal with it.

  • jojo

    I think Leann is messing with her face, she looks alot different over the last few years…

  • blair

    Hope they don’t have a pre-nup.

  • newbie

    these two people are so wrong on so many levels.

    you may not accept it but for those that keep insisting on jolie being a homewrecker like leann rimes, pitt and aniston had marital issues well before mr. and mrs. smith. not defending them but at least they waited until pitt filed and they certainly were not in your face displaying public affection. and yes, there is a difference when you break up a marriage with children involved!!!

  • Hope Dworcyk

    yep theyre engaged!!! congrats i guess….hope brandi can now move forward from these lame people. its obvious eddie is enjoying his time in the spotliht as a “star” bc of leann. its sad, brandi seems like a nice woman.

  • Gennell

    Damn I wish I was invited to Leann and Ed’s party in Cabo.
    Sounds amazing. And fun! I wonder if the boys will be joining them??

  • anonymous


    They won’t.They’re hosting a party and celebrating their engagement with friends.I’m sure there will be pool pictures and other ‘dirty’ pictures similar to the ones taken on her birthday in August.Not appropriate for the kids.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    @Hope Dworcyk: Brandi had issues, has issues, and will have issues. Grow up already willya?! Maybe Eddie & LeAnn didn’t handle things gracefully, but stop the madness. LeAnn or not, Eddie and Brandi were not meant to be and most who know them know that. Would you rather they had stayed unhappy together just to please you?

  • tina

    He is only marrying her because he doesnt have a job. She is his sugar momma and bank. What a manwhore. She is trash.

  • Jana

    LeeAnn Rimes is an immature whore who broke up a FAMILY to snag a good-looking man. But doesn’t she know that is ALL this man brings to the table? He is certainly not her financial equal and when you marry someone who cheats on their spouse then you are married to someone who cheats on their spouse- people don’t change. I agree, she ‘tweets’ non-stop, if EC would like her to put down the damn iphone a little more often who could blame him… and if he were a real man he would put a stop to it! There is no reason for her to ‘tweet’ everything about his and Brandi’s kids. She acts if she did nothing wrong because they fell in ‘love!’ Let’s see how she feels about that in a few years when she and Eddie have a child together and he falls in ‘love’ with someone else. So immature and selfish and she is UGLY to boot!

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All these fans are poping out of the woodwork!!!!!!!!!

    1) “Brandi had issues, has issues, and will have issues. ”

    When all else fails and WEWE still can’t make people like her, she tries to justify her actions by dehumanizing BG. So you think that you can deflect by trashing BG? This backfires on you everytime.

    2)”Grow up already willya?! ”

    Is that what EC told LR?

    3)”Maybe Eddie & LeAnn didn’t handle things gracefully, but stop the madness.”

    The madness will stop when LR and EC lay low and shut up. No one likes them and the more they play this out in the public the more backlash they will get.

    4)” LeAnn or not, Eddie and Brandi were not meant to be and most who know them know that. ”

    So is that how you justify your affair with EC?

    So why did you have to go t osuch extremes if EC and BG were not meant to be?

    Couldn’t the same also apply to you and EC? You practically had to buy EC affections. If it wasn’t for your money, do you really think that EC would still be with you?

    5)”Would you rather they had stayed unhappy together just to please you?”


    Now why does this sound so familiar?

    Because you have written this like how many times before?

  • Felicia

    Did Leann did implants or a good push-up bra? Usually she’s flast as a board. Now her breasts look very circular and like bolt-ons.

  • kimmm

    @Speak Now: well well .. at least Brat dump ugly jenn for a beautiful woman … but gigolo eddie dump a beautiful woman for an ugly one . imperdonableeeeee