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LeAnn Rimes: Engaged to Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Engaged to Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian got engaged over the holidays, she confirms via Twitter.

Eddie and I got engaged over the holidays,” the country songstress writes. “It’s for real this time and the first time EVER!” (She denied engagement reports last month.)

She added, “It was nice to have our little secret for us our families and friend’s a few days! So excited to now share the wonderful news with our fans. Thank you for all your well wishes!! We are extremely excited and look forward to a beautiful future. It’s been an incredible last few days, I was shocked!!! We are blessed, our families are so happy and our lives are filled with love.”

LeAnn, 28, and Eddie, 37, met while filming the Lifetime original movie Northern Lights (they were both married to other people at the time).

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • Vanessa Fan

    She is dimwitted that won’t last long he is only with her for the $$$ and the way she tries to take over those kids instead of slowly integrating them as a step-mother to be is shameful I feel sorry for those kids can we say she reminds me of the movie Hand that Rocks the cradle!

  • Dani


  • blair

    She was shocked?! She was just shocked that it took this long.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Good for them! Nice that they found each other!!

  • http://deleted Guest

    how could she be shocked if they designed the ring together..girl please..they have been engaged since the E story broke

  • &&&

    f/cking hate these two, they’re so annoying. It almost seems unfair these homewreckers are getting a happy ending.

  • http://Tj Slig ^_^ cute

    They agin boring and crap

  • Hallie

    Can’t wait for the divorce!

  • Anon

    @Guest: Hahaha. Very true. Seriously, btich designs the damn ring with the guy and yet her dumbarse is STILL surprised by the proposal? W.T.F? What a loser.

  • OHMY


  • Madhatter

    I don’t hate them. I have been to LA and some of the people there scare me. His first wife was a very typical cheesy, fake, LA girl and an out of control lush to top it off (DWI anyone?).
    A perfect example of why most people shouldn’t get married too young.
    I like LeAnn for him.
    Especially, that I would have thought he would go for another random girl with fake implants.

  • Lisa

    Exactly. They are so obvious and tacky.

  • annie

    maybe they really love each other?

  • OHMY

    Since he started humping LeAnn. Eddie has become ugly and horse-faced like his mistress-homewrecking-cheating-lying-horrible fiance.

  • Ana

    How long before anyone cheats on the other?

  • mimi

    who cares

  • gwen

    This was a secret?

    To whom?

    This played out just the way that In Touch, E, and many of us said it would.

    Leann was shocked? Come on, she knew that the “proposal” was going to happen.Leann Single Whites Females BG. So many people speculated that her engagement date was going to be somewhere near the time that EC proposed to BG.

    The major indication that LR knew that the “proposal” was coming is the fact that those kids HAD to be there with her and EC for this Christmas despite the fact that they had spent last Christmas with EC. The fact that LR and EC wouldn’t allow those kids to spend Christmas with their mother is a major indication that this was planned.

    Thirdly, the article says that she and EC designed the ring together. So how is she even shocked when she knew that it was coming?

    What does she mean that this is REAL this time and that it’s the first time? How can she be so insensitive? She says these things and then gets mad when people call her out on it. Did she even have to make that statement where she dissses Dean and her marriage to him?

    Wow and let the backlash begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why don’t they just lay low, they should know by now that things would get better for them when they stop trying to shove it down our throats.

  • gwen


    If it was love, she wouldn’ t have to use People mag to constantly validate it.

  • laverdadduele

    Ha! What a joke! They’ve built their “happiness” over the misery of their former spouses. All I have to say to them is: KARMA IS A B.I.T.C.H. I hope their life together bring them as much pain and suffering as they’ve caused others.

  • JeAnn

    I give them 10 months

  • Vanessa Fan

    To think I used to like her music but every since this Eddie thing I think ignorant dimwit. I feel sorry for her she has lost a grip on reality. I think she needs some long Oprah time lol.

  • Samm

    they are cute, hope it works out. Too many people have broken up lately, they look happy. i don’t care whatever they did-at least they ended their last marriage to get married instead of just hook up–good luck to them

  • Samm

    @laverdadduele: that’s rude, not saying what they did was right but you can’t help who you fall for. Good luck to them and wishing bad things on them screws u in the karma department

  • Samm

    @Madhatter: i love her music and her n liked him in CSI n i love how leann is being bashed non stop when a. it takes two to tango and b. his “innocent” wife just got a dui. She hangs out with hids kids n they are always smiling. I love them together, hope they work out

  • Gloria

    This is just step 2 of 4 on the path to their second divorce. YAWN….wake me when the first one cheats.

  • laverdadduele

    @Samm: Gee, was I rude? boo hoo. You know what’s rude? A couple who shamelessly makes out in a restaurant, and then lie to their spouses and the whole world when the video of that night comes out.

  • ugh

    this is one of the most disgusting things i have ever heard…wonder who will cheat first?

  • islandgrl

    Come on people life is complicated and we have all lived in those gray areas. We can all admit to not being graceful in some aspects of our lives. We are not part of their lives and whether it works out or not, they are attempting to find happiness.

  • erin

    Doubt it will last. Cheaters and cheaters are never a good match.

  • gwen

    By happy couple, do you mean Eddie Cibrian and Leann’s bank account?

    This is too funny, many sites are making fun of them.

  • ella

    on, the two homewreckers have already posed overlooking the ocean with LR showing off her ring. I wonder how much she spent on her own engagement ring. For people who are ok with these two getting together while married, I just hope you won’t feel the same pain that the people that these two selfish whores hurt. That is what’s wrong with our society, no morals left whatsoever.

  • Sofia

    what about one thing? let them live their life and let them enjoy the moment with their family?

    I wish them all the happiness and nothing but the best!

    don’t like them? don’t read it! get in your own life! ’cause you know nothing about what happened after they assume their affair! you don’t know what was said behind a close door! so shut up about it! I wonder how you would react if you and your lover would stand in their shoes!

  • gwen


    WEWE, shouldn’ t you be celebrating your engagement, why are you on JJ?

    So in other words, you want us to glorify your engagement the way that People mag is doing?

    It is not going to happen.

    Your life is complicated because you just won’t lay low and shut up and stop staging these photo-ops.

    If you don’t want people to be apart of your life, then get off of twitter.

  • gwen




    So in other words, you are going to stalk and harass other posters if they don’t express happiness for you?

  • islandgrl

    @gwen: Such anger from you. You don’t have to glorify anything, but being mean and nasty is not any better than cheating. I hope ever fork in the road of your life is crystal clear – I really do.

  • Speak Now

    Hey guys, Angelina Jolie isn’t a saint and yet you people excuse her for everything she does. Jolie is more messed up than Leann.

  • Speak Now

    Gwen, you are so desperate for attention, get a life of your own and stop obsessing! Freaking negative woman.

  • Speak Now


    Gwen is a spiteful woman, she has been trashing this couple nonstop since the news broke. She must be very lonely.


    @Speak Now: Here goes nuts again with her essay rants! The woman needs serious therapy. It’s so obvious she got dumped by her husband for another woman and now she obsesses about it on every celeb websites with her rants.

  • ella

    these two are the most disgusting human beings out there. For their People mag photo-shoot, b***h had to show off her toned abs. Can you say “publicity whores”?

  • Flo

    They have seem to have gone about their relantionship in bad form, both don’t seem to be the nicest of people.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Well Leanns money is buying her a new husband.Just shows how desperate Leann is to be with Eddie. No wonder she spent all that money on him and kids for Christmas.You would think Eddie would at least have a job when he proposed they are jokes “Twitter Dee and Twitter Dumb.”

  • stopbeinghypocrites

    if u can openly accept gay marriage why bashes this couple??????they also have the right to find love….

  • islandgrl

    @GWEN IS NUTS: Thanks for the heads up. What does her weird WEWE thing mean anyway?

  • mae

    Anyone who has to publicly gush like that is trying to talk themselves into believing it. Her attempts are so obvious. They have built their lives on a sand foundation…it will never last. The children will be the most hurt. ; (

  • mae

    Anyone who has to publicly gush like that is trying to talk themselves into believing it. Her attempts are so obvious. They have built their lives on a sand foundation…it will never last. The children will be the most hurt. ; (

  • gwen


    Wow, look at the DAMAGE CONTROL. Leann doesn’t get her way and the next thing we know all of these “fans” who haven’t even posted in along time show up.

    Now WEWE, how come you are not out celebrating your good news?

    Oh WEWE is so upset because we are not patting her on the back for her engagement to EC.

    Now where or where did all of these “fans” come from and why oh why are they coming out the woodwork? Wait, that must mean the reaction to LR engagement wasn’t all what LR expected and now LR has to fix it by stalking and harassing other posters who are not fawning over her engagement like People magazine did.

    So how many different names is WEWE going to use in this thread alone?

    1) islandgirl

    Such anger from Leann. So what you are saying is that you are mad because we are not fawning over your engagement the way that JJ and People mag are doing?

    When people won’t glorify Leann, she gets mean and nasty and thinks that this is better than cheating

    . I hope ever fork in the road of Leann’s life is crystal clear – I really do so that she doesn’t have to keep playing games with the lives of innocent people and posting on JJ because of her fanbase is low.

    2) speak now

    Again, why do you keep brining up AJ? Where do you get that people are praising AJ? Because they are not slamming her in a LEANN RIMES thread.

    Leann is a spiteful woman, she has been trashing this BG, DS, and EC nonstop since the news broke. Leann must be very lonely.

    3) gwen is nuts

    Here goes nuts again with her essay rants! LEANN RIMES
    Leann needs serious therapy.

    It’s so obvious Leann got dumped by Eddie for another woman and now Leann obsesses about it on every celeb websites with her rants.

  • Go Ask Alice

    What a shock!


    Everybody called this one. like when LeAnn twittered goood feelings message about Dean Sheremt’s engagment and her own sublimial message about herself and Eddie’s upcoming engagment. Or maybe when she and Eddie moved in or perhaps is waswhen leAnn tweets always about HER boys, the kids.

    I am sure Dean and Brandi are not shocked either. Both of these people have moved on,esp. Dean who got some good money and a STFU contract.
    Hopefully, Brandi will find a good older man, late 40ish,divorced, and who has big money. She is beautiful. Yeah,DUI is wrong.She had one too manny but was it was a first offense and it appears she was not sloppy drunk. We all drink and drive. Being drunk when you can’t see straight or driving atfer 2 beers with pizza from the game is another story. Brandi has to pay the piper on this and will.Case closed.

    Thing is, we ALL make choices. May theirs last or perhaps karma is going to bite them latter. Yeah, waht they was wrong ,but once again WHAT GETS everyone is how they publically belittled and rubbed their ex’s faces in it and carried starting their affair on even in front of their then spouses faces and lied to their faces.
    If you like this,then I hope it happens to you or your sister,friend,brother.

    LeAnn and Eddie,heres to the beginning of the end or maybe they will make it last. Time will tell..

  • Go Ask Alice

    qwen, though I and others agree and have said this LeAnn and Eddie thing is old,and their affair was so cheap and hurtful to others,gwen,girl,you have to give it up.

    The list, it is too much,
    Like you and we all have said,saw this coming a dozen times.
    FromLeAnn’s People mag story when she said she regrets people got hirt, but does not refret the outcome.Huh?WTF?
    Oxymoron in her statement there if there ever was one.

    LikeI said,maybe it willlast and they are soulmates and maybe they willbe spiltting up in 2 yrs.

    I think what bugs people is that people, fan or not,realy put leAnn as speical.She avoided the pitfalls,acted maturely, and had a real talent.

  • Speak Now

    gwen, you are so obsessed with Leann you neglect your own life to hate on her.

    I feel sorry for you. It’s the holidays and yet you are still hateful, that says a lot about you. You’ve no joy in your heart.