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Natalie Portman: Pregnant & Engaged!

Natalie Portman: Pregnant & Engaged!

Natalie Portman is pregnant with her first child and engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied, her rep confirms to

Benjamin, 33, and Natalie, 29, met during the production of the Darren Aronofsky ballet thriller Black Swan. Nat‘s performance received nominations for a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.

Nat and Ashton Kutcher‘s romantic comedy, No Strings Attached, opens January 21, 2011.

Congrats Nat and Ben! People first reported the happy news.

UPDATE: Nat tells EW, “I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience.”

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153 Responses to “Natalie Portman: Pregnant & Engaged!”

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  1. 51
    M Says:

    What a surprise! I wish these two all the best.

  2. 52
    Gabby Says:

    Wow. Congratulations to them both! I think it was smart of them to release the news on their own terms to avoid press speculation. Good job!

  3. 53
    difi Says:

    So unexpected!))) I’m happy for them))Congratulations to happy couple=)

  4. 54
    Andie Says:

    I’m so happy for them. Love Nat to death. Congratulations.

  5. 55
    sexxxy Says:

    I want a ballerina baby too!!!!

  6. 56
    reyes Says:

    Congratulations Natalie! Wish the best for you two!

  7. 57
    xx Says:

    Smart and talented actress. Very rare these days. Congrats to her!

  8. 58
    Isaure Says:

    @Carey: You are wrong about the due date..if she was due in late summer/september she would not have made an announcement so early in the pregnancy!!I guess she’s probably 3 or 4 months along so the baby will be born in may/june 2011

  9. 59
    the truth Says:

    Congrats to natalie . Wish was haydn instead are the guy se is witha better couple. and i know that you all wll say that that she didn’t want hayden anyway. I know that rachel bison is gald are that . so she sthink people will like her now. I still don’t like rachel bilson at all.Rachel bilson still still sucks as an actress and a person. congrats anyway. The guy that is with natalie only wants atention from this.

  10. 60
    gaeljet Says:

    Benjamin Millepied is not good looking at all, especially compared to portmann, they don’t match at all(physically)

  11. 61
    Letisha Says:

    I agree with #58. I think she is probably due in May. Maybe even April. I put her at four or five months along. That’s why it was announced.

    I love Natalie but I don’t have a very high opinion of some of the guys she dates. Sometimes guys just want to be associated with her. She is a major film star and one of the world’s most beautiful women. She is Harvard educated and speaks five languages and is a huge activist and a celebrity.

    I don’t think this Ben guy is ready for the total package. No one would know who Ben is outside of the ballet world, if it weren’t for his dating Natalie. He definitely is more “important” now than he was 18 months ago.

    Yes he has his own career, but he’s also very ambitious. My guess is he will be competing with her and it will get ugly. He’s very self-centered, from what I read. He takes advantage of his opportunities. I just hope he is a good person. I’m not convinced he is. Not yet. I hope I’m wrong.

    I’m very happy for Natalie about the baby, though.

  12. 62
    Carey Says:

    @ Truth

    Bilson is a nothing actress with 0 talent the only reason she is ever in the news is b/c of Christensen who isn’t too smart to have that woman around him who pimps him out when he is supposed to be such a private man..yeahhh nottt. And why do ppl keep bring up Bilson on Natalie’s threads Bilson should never be in the same topic or sentence with Natalie..

    The idea was she is announcing this on her own terms not some leak that can be disputed I’m saying about summer which is June/or July she might be early pregnant as well my first guess is end of June or july which would make her pregnant in Sept/Oct which is about right. Until Nat and Ben make it known when their baby is due and what it might be it’s anyone’s guess.

  13. 63
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:


  14. 64
    Some Bunny Says:

    Many blessings to Natalie. She is a great actress!

  15. 65
    france Says:

    Natalie is the actress the most endowed with her generation. She undoubtedly has to see nothing more with Scarlett Johansson whom I also liked but now, her movies are uninteresting ! Congratulations to the family by hoping that Scarlett will become better.

  16. 66
    Aaron Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about this. She had a great body and this is going to ruin it.

  17. 67
    nina Says:

    love her!!!! Gongrats to both!

  18. 68
    anna Says:

    wow! that was completely out of the blue! congrats to the happy couple!

  19. 69
    wow Says:

    She gets pregnant by a guy who cheated on his girlfriend with her?
    And here I thought that she was smarter than that.
    Why marry a guy who has PROVEN that he is a cheater?
    Once a dog, always a dog.
    He’s going to cheat on her, too.
    She’s just asking for heartbreak.

  20. 70
    lurker Says:

    @Great!: You should not call anyone monkey. That is an insult to us classy monkies.

  21. 71
    never gonna last Says:

    Hes a cheater always will be and natalie is an emotional mess forget it 1 maybe 2 years doubt it!

  22. 72
    tal Says:


  23. 73
    lawl Says:

  24. 74
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    I’m kinda surprised at the lack of “homewrecker”, “man-stealer” and “karma” comments…Anyway, I guess her biological clock was ticking.

  25. 75
    Alias Says:

    She’s never been a natural beauty, without her makeup she looks ick & ugh!!!

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