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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Nashville Lunch

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Nashville Lunch

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban walk back to their car after having lunch on Monday (December 27) in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 43-year-old Rabbit Hole star recently shared she’s not inclined to rush out and look for work.

“I’m in a place where I just don’t want to take on too much,” she told the Associated Press.

“My husband and my mother will say, ‘You shouldn’t just abandon your talent. You should still get out there and do some things every now and then, because you’ll appreciate that over the next couple of decades,’” she added.

“And I suppose deep down, I know they’re right, because part of me could easily just keep nesting and staying at home,” Nicole said. “It’s really nice.”

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at lunch in Nashville…

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  • kizbit

    Love them!

  • teletori

    It’s really sweet how they’re always together. They know how to make a successful marriage.

  • Delphic

    Oh no, she succumbed to that awful leggings as trousers trend. Why NICOLE?!

  • Apple

    What did Sunday Rose get for lunch?

  • Who sounded the skeptic alarm

    Give a rest Sue! Go tell Loony Bin Leery to shut her mouth that the Urbans were in LA for Christmas. You gotta love having to deal with her dumber than dumb comments at E! and Urban Myths!

  • Blue

    NIc shouldn’t wear her hair pulled back like that. She is really going bald.

  • Sickos

    Skeptic is too kind of word.

    Tell the truth, HATERS R US…

    I would be so embarrased to run around the net telling lies and actaully think nobody notices!!
    Do you not have an ounce of pride ?

  • Sara

    Just remembered the Haters pictures are also out there on the net. All 5 of them!! lol

    OMG, look around. You will understand right away why they are so jealous of Nic.

    No mirrors in their houses I can tell ya that!

  • Joy

    Hey with Keith Urban to “nest” with I wouldn’t blame her. Makes the colder weather a lot easier to handle I’m sure. Glad they are back in Nashville.

  • shelly

    She is one lucky lady. We should all have a Keith Urban to keep us warm every night. I would beg him to sing to me 24/7.

  • randy

    It takes a beautiful woman to have the guts to wear her hair like that.

  • tracy

    It’s not easy after age 35 to have a slender body like Nicole’s. She must work out very hard.

  • Dallas in winter

    She doesn’t have any talent to abandon. Talk about being full of herself. ugh.

  • lung

    AODRABLE couple!!!!!
    loveeee them, but where’s the little angel?
    Nicole, congrats on the Critic’s Choice, Golden Globe and SAG nominations!!!!
    You’re my Best Actress!!!!

  • boston61

    Apparently Keith was in need of a mother figure. Nicole is UGLY.

  • hiln

    business meeting

  • irene olson

    No one can wear a tuk and sunglasses like Keith Urban can. He is one handsome, hotttt man!. You can see that he and Nicole are very devoted to one another. How wonderful to be married to your best friend. Way to go Urbans!

  • cindy

    Nicole says she wants “to nest” and doesn’t want to take on as much work as she races around the world, never in one place for more than a week, has a nanny take care of the baby (more than we probably realize), and is wanting to make a Dusty Springfield bio and the Danish Girl movie. I’m sorry but I don’t call that “not wanting to do much”. This lady can’t stay home. I’m not saying she should stay home, but can she at least be honest with people about the fact that she loves working and being in the public more than being a mother? If celebrities would be honest about their true lifestyles, maybe the public would respect them more.

    Also, let’s see how much NIcole stays home if she does have another baby. She took off to work on a film two-three months after Sunday was born. I’m sorry but it’s not like she needs the money. In my opinion, if she craves to be “creative” and do “her art”, try doing it in motherhood for a year or two. It might even help her career being gone for awhile.

  • LoriLori

    Nicole is talented and beautiful she needs to make better movie choices than AdamS. crap like JGWI hopefully she won’t have to promote that garbage

  • irene olson

    Where Nicole goes, so goes her baby. When she shot her movie after Sunday’s birth, the child was with her in Europe. She was on the set and was well taken care of. Nicole and Keith are one of the few normal celebrity couples.

  • Sally

    Wow Sally, do you make judgements about all people, or just the ones you don’t know?


    What a joke. I bet your friends love that about you!

  • Ha

    Must be stimulating conversation at lunch, if you have to bring a book. And your own water? LOL

  • danielle


    You know if you are going to make sweeping statements then back them up. If you look at the movies she has worked on since Sunday Rose was born–
    2009 Nine- she put in 6 weeks on set-Sunday was with her
    2010 Rabbit Hole-filmed near Nashville-she said she went home every night
    2010 Just Go with it – she had a bit part. Her filming took two weeks.
    2011 Trespass – another 6 weeker
    2011 Hemingway – in pre-production and it is a TV movie so it will take most likely 6 weeks
    2012 – Danish Girl – still in pre-production – an Indie will most likely take under three months to film

    So how is this working ALL the time. Her charity efforts have taken only a few days a month in terms of travel.

    If you go back and look at her film schedule when she was married to Cruise–they alternated so no more than one of them was working while Bella and Connor were babies/toddlers.

    She doesn’t work all the time. I’d kill to have her schedule. I’d love to work three or four months a year and spend the rest with my kids.

  • Sara

    And ofcourse you know exactly what the business meeting was all about RIGHT ?

    Cause you saw a picture…LOL

  • reliant

    I’d kill to have her schedule, also. Just one correction, however. Rabbit Hole was not filmed near Nashville, it was filmed in NY. She stayed in the house she was filming in at least part of the time. Sunday wasn’t with her, she was with Keith during that time.

  • Julie2

    Rabbit Hole was filmed in NY, but at night she went home to their apartment where Keith and Sunday Rose were. When she said she stayed at the house they were filming, that was during the day, instead of the usual trailer that the artists stay during filming. Please go and review all the interviews done on RH, whether it is written or video clips and it will tell you all what I just said. JMC was the only one who stayed and sleep in that house at night.

    Regarding Dusty…. she will definitely produce it but not sure whether she will star on it, that comes form one of her video interviews. She mentioned about doing the play towards the end of next year.

  • Eve

    She stayed at the NY house all day during filming and then went home into the city to be with Sunday. Keith was with them when he wasn’t working and Sunday stayed off the set for obvious reasons. Then when they did Just Go With It in Hawaii there was a little school/playgroup for the kids of the cast and crew. Sunday was a part of that and Nicole talked about her and Dave Matthews son taking a liking to each other.

    I don’t know where the haters are getting their info but when Nicole was married to Tom the kids always traveled with them and were on set when it was appropriate. When it wasn’t Nicole always talked about how she missed them. In the bonus material for Dogville there’s a documentary. At the very end an exhausted Nicole says she’s going to get on a plane and go see her kids. It used to be on Youtube if anyone wants to check it out. It’s called Dogville Confessions.

  • Mags

    Is nashville’s snow gone already? The ground isn’t even wet. He’s a cutie. Is he really 43?

  • s

    Keith is hot!

  • Blue

    @danielle: You are forgetting that Nic went back to Oz to finish “Australia” before she started “Nine. Her baby was only a couple of weeks old at that time.

  • Eli

    @mags- Snow is almost gone.

  • loricntn

    what book is Keith holding in his hand?

  • Mary

    Wew Does Nicole look miserable in Nashville or what? She will be in NYC or Los Angeles very soon where the real paparazzi are..

  • Sara

    is that suppose to be a joke , Mary. ?

    yes she will be in different places soon, collecting all her awards.,

    Big smiles & a wonderful husband by your side , means miserable? That is just like a hater to post more ignorant remarks that make them look NUTS

  • Mikado

    She should urgently stop the botox. She looks tormented while she gives the message to be happy. Her face is frozen instead of giving a real expression!

  • Sara

    Awhh come on You can do better than that !

    5 years of stupid remarks have all been tried. over, and over and over.
    You are getting stale. & it shows.

  • danielle

    @reliant: and Eve

    Thanks for the correction. I didn’t realize that. Just glanced at the interview where she said she went home at night and assumed Nashville.

    AND @ BLUE:

    I didn’t forget Australia. She had a prior commitment which she honored. She didn’t take on new work. If she hadn’t of honored that commitment you’d be dissing her for that wouldn’t you?

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    Personally, I think that Nicole’s tired of the actor’s life. I agree with those who advise her to take a break and wait until something really interesting comes along’.

    “You Gonna Fly” fits this couple. They both have an urge to ‘be on the road’ and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as they both feel the same way. I grew up in a military family, lived the life of a gypsy and loved it. There’s no doubt Ms Sunday will have those wandering genes also and enjoy what life has to offer – a little trooper already. Gotta love these Aussies.

  • jump

    Keith has a wool hat, scarf, but,yet his shirt is unbuttoned. I’m not complaining.

  • Jokergurl

    Nicole Kidman has always been thin, but from what I’ve read she runs 10 miles a day and swims everyday, which is a great workout. Plus she’s constantly getting and having to stay in shape for film roles (i.e. Australia with all the horse riding) (Moulin Rouge with the dancing, Nine same thing) She’s always been in shape and looks great. Plus she’s got the height 5’11 flat footed. Lovely couple, they really fit together.

  • Nashville Here


    Dear, it’s not a “book”, it’s called a day planner. It’s what adults with lives use to calendar and plan our lives.

    It also was not lunch it was breakfast across the street from the gym after the morning workout.

    I went to buy pastries instead. That’s why I’m a size 8 and she’s size 2!!!!

  • Leena

    Wow, I hope Nicole is pregnant and have baby boy to complete the Urban’s Family, We love this couple very very much, we wish them all the happiness and good health success in their lives, God Bless them always,