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Rachel Bilson: Layering Is Key!

Rachel Bilson: Layering Is Key!

Rachel Bilson goes shopping with a pal on Monday (December 27) in Glendale, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress was recently asked how she would adapt to moving somewhere colder.

She told InStyle, “Layering will be key, as will a good winter jacket or two (my suggestions: a peacoat and a puffer). Smythe‘s tailored overcoats are warm but they still have style.”

“I’d wear a lot of jeans tucked into boots and thick, chunky sweaters (I like Vince‘s selection),” she added, “or a cashmere hoodie under a wool blazer with a scarf.”

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  • lillybell05

    I bet you she and Hayden are engaged again. You can tell b/c she is deliberately not showing her left hand.

  • laverdadduele

    Since her “acting” career is going nowhere, maybe she should try a career in fashion. For example, she would be great helping the models get dress in fashion shows.

  • as if

    No way would she move somewhere cold, she wouldnt move to Canada for her ex-fiance, still trying to hint they are back together, more fool him, if he believes her

  • say what!

    when did this girl become a fashion know-it-all? don’t seem to be on board with everyone else who finds her so “trendy” what am i missing here?

  • DANI


  • Lexi

    my cutiee, love her!

  • Coola

    No way!

    Where is she getting all this money to go shopping? I can understand the freetime, since she has no job because she’s unemployable due to her lack of talent. But where’s the money coming from?

  • Kali

    To begin with this was in her Instyle article someone wrote in and asked her what she would do if she had to dress to be in a cold climate. JJ is making this seem like he asked her or someone just out right asked her. She never shows her hands anymore she likes the drama of it all When she is seen there is NO ring on the finger. To be honest she won’t give up the idea of being in LA ever, She more or less has told ppl she wants to raise kids here in LA. So guess unless HC plans on living anywhere he would have to be living in LA and give up the farm in Canada with animals that is very hard to maintain when your not working full time. Also if you look at the bottom of her instyle article she shows the fugly miss piggy halloween costume she made.

  • Make me laugh

    @ Dani-all caps make you look stupid….BTW if you don’t like her don’t post a reply about her just move along and go gush on the Natalie thread.

  • JC

    Brilliant. If it is cold you should wear warm clothes. I don’t know how I would make it without her extraordinarily helpful advice.

  • MissAnthropica

    @lillybell05: lol Shut up thats hilarious your killing me lmao.
    No the reason she is hiding her hand is so stupid “Rayden” fans will think they are again,
    Why because she knows Rayden fans are dumb enough to care or believe anything she says or does.
    The photos are staged like look look no hand.
    She did the same thing after they split more than once and before it was announced.
    Shes a one trick pony really and its the same thing with Rachel always over and over and over again.
    So someone anyone will pay attention and not forget her like Mischa Barton lol

    She was spotted in La Dec 27th.
    Just two days after Christmas on purpose once the speculation that she was in Canada passed.
    Obviously she was not.
    You dont ditch a bf or fiance less than 48 hrs after christmas or a holiday if you care
    . Most people would spend the whole week before and after and maybe even the whole month together. Like Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz but not Rachel and Hayden ever lol
    Its not like she has work to keep her busy.

    The whole they are back together thing was for press simple and they got what they wanted from it both of them and no ones heard a word of it since once it was played out as far as it would go for attention.

    Also its been cold as hell here in California lately so most people are wearing sweaters. She is probably wearing this one to plug it for Instyle magazine like she does with everything. Pimping out clothes.

    She said.

    She told InStyle, “Layering will be key, as will a good winter jacket or two (my suggestions: a peacoat and a puffer). Smythe’s tailored overcoats are warm but they still have style.”

    “I’d wear a lot of jeans tucked into boots and thick, chunky sweaters (I like Vince’s selection),” she added, “or a cashmere hoodie under a wool blazer with a scarf.”

    And look she just happens to be wearing a big chunk sweater by Vince on the 27th. LOL Talk about staged.
    So was the question … Which just happened to be about her giving advice to a made up reader of InStyle about “moving” somewhere cold. That was supposedly the reason she and Christensen split she didnt like Canada enough to want to move there officially.
    What would she know about cold weather for long periods of time lol she lives in LA. I live in LA as well and can tell we wouldnt be the best people to give you advice. People here wear shorts in the pouring rain often lol
    I do know this much though from being a long time snowboarder this is horrible advice.
    When Rachel said.
    “I’d wear a lot of jeans tucked into boots and thick, chunky sweaters (I like Vince’s selection),” she added, “or a cashmere hoodie under a wool blazer with a scarf.””
    You would freeze your rear off if you tried that without real layering. Its about staying warm first and foremost and a hoodie and a scarf wont cut it.
    She gives the worst fashion advice sometimes because Instyle just wants her to plug items for them. Although this piece of advice was really really bad.

    I will say the sweater she is wearing in the pictures is fairly cute and casual but you can bet its a Vince sweater just like the company she plugged in Instyle. She is such an obvious sell out sometimes.

  • Fandango


    She has always played this game with the media she likes the fact she can get attention by just playing hind her hand which has her fanbase assuming she is back with HC. Honestly this so called jacket looks bad on her it’s as if she borrowed the old granny look is like that the new In Style bc if it is then sure as hell looks bad on her. I love how JJ has ppl believing this was was question was directed to her as if she was moving. It wasn’t it was a question asked if she had to live in the cold what would she suggest. This was not what JJ is making ppl believe. he wants ppl to assume she is planing on going to a “Cold” place. The only thing that I see in her so called “relationship” with HC is friends with benefits she has moved to a level of poor pathetic fool. Any woman who allows a man to use her is just flat out a fool.

  • @fandango

    @Fandango: I doubt Hayden has EVER used Rachel more likely the other way around, Her using him more than once. She has gotten alot more out of their association with eachother than Hayden ever has. It only seems to have hurt his career and made him look like something the cat drug in around her. While she has used it to get still talked about since she doesnt work anymore often if at all. I think Hayden had good intentions with her of some sort while Rachel had her own intentions that benefit herself even if she never actually meant to use him really, She cant help it she is spoiled not very bright shallow shopaholic brat who loves attention from the media. Like all addicts in her case to attention they will hurt and use anyone to get whatever they are addicted to regardless if they are friends or family. Addicts just want their next fix and for Rachel thats her next headline.

  • 21west

    Concidering the fact that she gets paid to mention brands I just can’t even take this chick seriously. Its one thing truly loving fashion and trying to help ethical brands but shes just desperate.

  • nona

    @DANI: Well actually Jared and other blogs don’t care if you like an actor or not. The traffic she gets mostly from people who hate her makes her posts popular. I think shes a loser so I don’t usually comment on her posts. Less comments=less demand.

  • Tinky

    She’s not even hiding the hand. Jesus people. The only reason why you can see her right hand is because she’s carrying her purse in the crook of her elbow. If she hadn’t been carrying it like that, that hand would probably be covered as well. Some of you need to stop making something out of nothing all the time. And others need to stop overreacting to their dumb comments.

  • Brightside

    ‘Layering will be key!!’ Well duh….quite apart from her having prattled on about layering god knows how many times before…does she really think that her audience is as stupid as she is.
    Please Instyle ditch this worthless mouth bucket and employ someone whose fashion tips your audience might want read instead of someone with one working brain cell. Layering!!! WTF!!! My grandmother gave me this advice every winter!!!

  • Mariah


    I’m surprised the question was even asked. I don’t get why people ask her about the most basic things, she answers, and it’s as if the messiah of fashion said it. So that makes it so. Everyone should know these things. When there is cold weather, you don’t go out in a tank top. You layer things so that you’re warm under the conditions. Duh. She does give some good advice from her POV at times. But a lot of times it’s just simple fashion 101 stuff, and other times, it’s bad advice. I guess that’s why InStyle hired Georgina Chapman to balance things out.

  • Brightside

    Poor Georgina…that’s a whole lot of balancing!

  • @Kali#8

    @Kali: Lets see the fugly miss puggy costume she made for halloween. I noticed JJ never posted it or any other site even though she hyped her halloween costume for months before . Anyone have any pictures of it I am sure it would be a good laugh.

  • http://hel Kalie

    It’s in the INSTYLE this month magazine at the bottom of the page trust me it’s a joke.

  • maya

    she’s fabulous i relly like her, her style is so unique and she’s amazing

  • lala

    Yes, lets stop commenting on her posts please and get rid of her

  • ej


    Too long a comment. FAR, FAR too long a comment. Read the first line, then saw the rest and moved on to the next post.
    Just some advice; people like to read through most of the comments related to an article, not a page consumed with one poster’s essay on their seriously alarming amount knowledge on trivial information about a Z list actress.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! That Rachel is a genius. I bet all those folks in the Midwest and in the Northeast blizzard NEVER thought to layer their clothing in the cold. Why I know personally I’ve been walking around in the snow in shorts and a t-shirt. I never thought to add a sweater or tights or anything.
    I swear what would we do without this tips from the Rachel??

  • Kali Ugah

    Wow, layer clothes to keep warm in cold weather? Really? I would never have thought of that. Her uncle or someone in her family owns InStyle so that’s why we have her giving incredibly obvious fauxion ‘advice’ while pimping her relationship with her constantly-absent fiance Hayden– and all in the same obviously orchestrated photo-op. Trust that NO ONE watches or cares what she wears since she has no unique personal style at all, unless its overage OC mallrat. Her PR person is sure working to get the biggest bang for the buck. Too bad RB does nothing but shop, get coffee or run errands and almost never works for more than a few days a year. She only gets jobs through family and friends and only enough of them to keep her SAG card current. She and Hayden are the perfect boring loser couple and it would be great if they would get married. His Star Wars fame will get her papparazzi the rest of her life and she will aways get noticed because of it and that’s what she craves. God knows she will never do anything herself that anyone will remember and as a person she is shallow, stupid, vain, selfish and a total parasite. Congrats Hayden you got a real winner there. I think even a less closeted actor would cut his own throat rather than spend his life with THAT.

  • kaleigh

    A No talent trickster by default who could have automatically fallen off the radar if it weren’t for “1″ money-hungry gossip blog & paparazzo – such a dreadful parasite.

  • the truth

    @MissAnthropica: I agree with yu about that. They both did got whatt they wanted about them being back together story. And you’re riight she didn’t go to canada. Are there woud have beneen something about it on twitter. se just stay out of sight to make people think that she did. And hayden didn’t come an visited her thisyear. She would be tellng alie caus she said tt shewan’t going to do that anymore. Sh just thought that shewas going to get a part from him like always.

  • http://hel Kalie

    they are barely together and when ppl see them it’s just mainly for show and to help RB for the press attention. Sounds to me that HC comes and goes as he so chooses to do and only spends time with RB when he feels like it. I don’t hold any weight on twitter ppl say what they want with really not much evidence to back up their stories. Only a few have photo’s and that is fine but again nothing of these two prove to the masses that they are some kind of couple. Even the press, paparazzi and reporters claim it is more or less a set up.

  • laura


    mm buy a dog ok? she is very amazing! and incredible actress&fashion icon ok? when removing more films and can express it as a good actress, that you can only shut it:)