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Shia LaBeouf & New Girlfriend Hold Hands

Shia LaBeouf & New Girlfriend Hold Hands

Shia LaBeouf and his new girlfriend, stylist Karolyn Pho, grab brunch together at Little Dom’s on Monday (December 27) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The new couple seemed quite intimate, holding hands during their meal and smoking cancer sticks together.

After breakfast, the couple walked over to Shia‘s pick-up truck, where he opened the door for her before letting himself in.

Earlier this month, the twosome was spotted lunching at Jinky’s Cafe.

It was announced in October that Shia split with girlfriend Carey Mulligan.

Bigger pics inside…

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shia labeouf asian girlfriend 01
shia labeouf asian girlfriend 02

Credit: Fern; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lisa

    She looks like a pretty and cute girl! Like :).

  • Clarissa

    Wow, I didn’t even know Shia and Carey broke up. Not that I’m happy they broke up, but it’s kind of interesting to see an actor or actress not date another famous person.

  • Channy

    wow… it doesn’t mention shes famous and if not then WOW. its seems like an endless circle as celebs date someone else famous and then move on to the next famous person (in this sense I guess its ok to say that all of Hollywood as slept together ;] )

  • Butter_Fly

    I like him and I don’t care what anyone says! Leave him alone and bother the stars that WANT to be bothered!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    He’s dating an average looking Asian…. Who’s not famous. How unlike him…

  • anna

    yes jared, we see she’s asian

  • Delphic

    I don’t see them holding hands? Eh?

  • Frightening

    how very TACKY of jj to say shia with asian girlfriend.
    we get it. geesh.

  • Alan

    She has a fat face and is not attractive. Then again, Carey Mulligan was straight up UGLY. He is not into good-looking women so this is not surprising. This is a borderline male looking asian woman.

  • Weronika

    ugly as hell, but you can tell that she has a great style!!! really, really ,,en vogue”

  • laurie

    shia’s an idiot, he treated carey very disrespectfully towards the end. He’s a miserable little hobbit.

  • sola

    well, doesn’t this speak volumes about shia. he went from dating a girl who is rising quickly in their profession, and has already secured her reputation as one of teh biggest talents of their age group. The same girl he would berate and fight with at one of HER film premieres, making a complete scene. And he turns around a picks a girl who probably is young and worships him instead. Got it shia, you need to be the star in the relationship.

  • Sarah

    I think she is very pretty and very goodlooking!!!! She looks really sophisticated.

  • Max

    Shia must’ve a thing for ugly women because Carey and this chick aren’t cute.

  • Dom

    sweet and natural girl i think

  • cc

    wh //ore

  • Coola

    Another score for Asian chicks. White women beware of Asian chicks, they love white dudes. Lol!

  • Gwin

    She looks a little like the girl who plays London on Suite Life…Sarah Poulsen? (Our kids LOVE Disney shows! :)

  • jojo

    She looks like Charlene Yi (did I spell her name right?)
    The actress from Knocked Up and Paper Hearts who was supposedly dating Michael Cera.
    Does anyone else see the resemblance?

  • jojo

    She looks like Charlene Yi (did I spell her name right?)
    The actress from Knocked Up and Paper Hearts who was supposedly dating Michael Cera.
    Does anyone else see the resemblance?

  • raggedyanni

    @sola Just an FYI, his new gf is a stylist with a successful business in L.A.

  • Hmmm

    these photos look staged….

  • Gab

    It’s good to see him moving on. Carey did, right out of the gate.

  • Afysel

    Who said shia was jealous of carey??he’s an international star,while carey has only been popular this year,and is only well known in the U.K and America..its well known he’s one of the most talented actors in H’wood as young as he is..and all those who feel he should date only pretty girls,and calling that poor girl ugly,shame on u..remb karma’s a bitch.

  • just sayin’

    another fugly chick …big deal this one just happens to be asian. But then if it is remotely true that Shia is arrogant it is only natural that an arrogant white dude goes after a passive asian chick that will hero worship. Because for some reason asian chicks really worship white men.

  • Dude

    she has a fat face! I cant stand women with fat structureless faces. Its very ugly. A woman’s head should never be bigger than her man’s LOL

  • jose


  • sayuri

    I love Shiaaa!!!

  • sayuri

    Marry meee

  • fau

    Shia look so HOTT!

  • fau

    SHia is mine ¬¬

  • kika

    =O He´s mine

  • hil

    So cutee!

  • carey

    Love him

  • nina

    is that his former gf? Wasn’t he dating an Asian girl for years back in the day?

  • hanni

    @Gwin: Are you retarded? she doesn’t look like Brenda Song AT ALL.

    This is Brenda Song recently:

    Every Asian girl doesn’t look the same.

    And the name is Brenda Song. Haven’t you seen The Social Network?

  • hanni

    @Coola: You’re racist, people don’t date each other based on race anymore. Fck the hell off, white women BEWARE? wtf? you’re mentally delusional.

  • raggedyanni

    @nina No, this girl isn’t China Brezner.

  • hanni

    @Gwin: Are you retarded? she doesn’t look like the Suite Life/The Social Network Brenda Song AT ALL:

    This is Brenda Song recently:

    Brenda isn’t a fat face like Shia’s girlfriend, Brenda has a perfectly defined jaw line and a thin face.

    Every Asian girl doesn’t look the same. A LOT of Asian girls look completely different like Brenda and this girl.

  • sia

    i bet the ones making the rude comments are pissed off asian guys who can’t catch a break with any woman.

  • MissAnthropica

    If they were holding hands then why arent there any pictures of them holding hands people or smoking outside??????????

    . Its logic if such a thing took place the paps would of taken a picture of it. T
    he money shot of them as a couple holding hands. But there arent any pictures of that. The papparazzi would get alot more money for those pictures than these.
    If they smoked they would of had to been outside in front of the paps because you cant smoke in door anymore in La.
    So basically JJ is making a story out of nothing. And Little Dom’s seriously? No one eats at little Dom’s unless they want there picture taken.
    Rachel Bilson eats there all the damn time to get her picture taken. Its like pressho central I swear.

  • hanni

    @sia: Totally true.

    There are comments all over the internet like ”ooh Asian women are sell outs because they’re dating White men”. The commenters behind sh!t like this are dominantly pathetic ugly Asian men who can’t catch a break with any women.

  • sia

    @hanni: agreed. i’m asian so i guess i’m a sellout because i think white guys are hot, i think black guys are hot, i think hispanic dudes are hot? sorry asian boys maybe i’ll start thinking you’re hot when you stop acting like little bitches.

  • Phoebe

    I think the prettiest girl Shia has ever dated is Rihanna. But Carey and this girl are both cute. They’re not ugly by any means.

  • Josie

    She looks like that social network actress, brenda something.
    I don’t see the appeal, i think most east asian girls look the same, it’s kinda boring, no offense.
    at least white, black and hispanics have different looks to them. asians all have the same small, slanted black eyes where you can almost not see the white in them and black straight hair and round face.
    don’t get me wrong, i know there are good looking asian girls out there but there isn’t a lot of variety among them.

  • Phoebe

    The prettiest girl that Shia has dated is Rihanna, but Carey and this girl are both cute. Not ugly by any means.

  • Phoebe

    Asian men can be very handsome. Rick Yune, Bruce Lee, Ken Watanabe, etc..One of the most beautiful male models was an Asian model. I only saw him in one print ad, but I would’ve loved to found out who he was.

  • Phoebe

    I meant to add *I’ve ever seen.* Asian women can be beautiful as well. It’s beauty in all races and ethnicities.

  • *~*+*~*

    I got laid finally so I don’t care anymore.

    go buy the Wall Street 2 DVD everyone. shia needs your 2 dollars

  • Hauoli Makahiki Hou

    No she is as non descript as most of them are. Sad Shia.
    Is this Brenda Song?