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Taylor Swift: Turks & Caicos Christmas Eve!

Taylor Swift: Turks & Caicos Christmas Eve!

Taylor Swift boards her private jet and catches a departing flight out of Turks and Caicos during Christmas Eve on Friday (December 24).

The 21-year-old country superstar spent two days on the islands, which are 575 miles southeast of Miami, Fla.

Taylor enjoyed the warm weather with her mom Andrea and younger brother Austin.

“I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas,” Taylor tweeted on Christmas Eve. “I also hope that Kevin Bacon commercial comes on again. Best. Commercial. Ever.

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  • M

    I am sick of her

  • M

    you can put a million thumbs down on the comment above but it still will be there :p

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute


  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Why she run?

  • eatyourheartout

    Classy/elegant/talented. My kind of girl.

  • yuck

    This dummy can’t sing.

  • Lenna

    No mention of her fake boyfriend?

  • Cammie

    Her album is going to be #1 on the charts next week.. according to HitsDaily…

    So obviously her fans don’t care with anyone think…

  • HoHoHo

    Who could spend only two days there?

  • Roxy

    @M: I find her annoying, and comes off as clingy… her teeth throws her face off…just saying.

  • emily


  • A Taylor Swift Fan Forever

    Taylor is so Beautiful and Gorgeous In these Pictures.

  • yaz

    where’s jake?

  • Letisha

    Nonsense. She and her mother were out shopping in Nashville the Sunday before Christmas, and she’s been in the Turks Caicos since the next day, Monday, dec. 19th. She spent a week there with her immediate family. Period. They’ve done it before. She’s getting ready for a huge tour.

  • Nan

    Jake’s birthday was the 19th-maybe she was there for his birthday.

  • agus

    her parents are divorced?

  • Digi

    @Nan: ya maybe:D

  • Gerald

    There has been zero pics of her and Jake since that cop calling fiasco in California 2 1/2 weeks ago. I’m wondering if they are even still dating?

  • RobbieGordon

    She’s going on the world tour soon and Jake will not like taking a back seat to that.

  • cam

    I was just going to ask where her dad was. I don’t think they are divorced, it just seems that the press hardly ever mentions him.

  • eatyourheartout

    Funny how some people are pissed,when they see her with Jake- so they must be famewhoring for PR. Now that she is without him, you are not pleased again. Make up your fcking minds. LOL

  • witch

    @eatyourheartout: ahhh shut it maybe we just don’t like HER ever think of that??

  • Ciera

    That’s a nice place. I bet they had a great time.

  • kls

    ugh, i am tired of her. i’m sorry but something about her is incredibly annoying to me!

  • yaz

    @ gerald…you’re right…no sightings of taylor and jake since then…also wondering if they’re still dating…

  • pickles

    Jake’s been in brooklyn and very happy to be, TYVM! LOLOLOLOL!

    #18, gerald is right. I think that was around the 11th or 12th. He wasn’t with her for her birthday and she wasn’t with him for his. Her friends are too young for him to hang with. She is way too high school for him anyway. She’s 21 going on 16. And probably is still a virgin.

  • Brianna

    @pickles: yeah I can’t reaaly see him hanging out with Selena and Justin he’s just too old. He seems lots better with people around late 20′s cause he looks kinda old for his age anyway.

  • Jason

    I wonder what her song about Jake will be like? Will it be obvious or a little vague?

  • Carrie

    @Brianna: Jake will look like their chaperone lol

  • Err

    I love everything about this girl! see you next year in march Taylor!

  • Mary

    God Bless Taylor

  • marianne

    We will probably see new photos with Taylor and Jake Gyllenhall for New Year’s. It is all so fake it is really stupid. I think before there was twitter or facebook or camera phones they could lie to us in the public and we wouldn’t know any better, but now it is more obvious when something is just a publicity stunt. Gwyneth Paltrow is just trying to get publicity from being around Taylor Swift to promote her new country western movie. So then she plays the “matchmaker” for Taylor.

  • Lilly

    I think they might of broke up. There hasn’t been any sighting of them since the police fiasco, just a lot of him out alone. They didn’t even spend their birthdays with each other, and it wasn’t like they were busy with their careers.

  • http://dnica Mann

    What happened to gay ass poser Jake… Oh well I guess we will have to wait for the next album.

  • Love Jake and Taylor but..

    Personally I love Taylor with Jake. I prefer her with older men than little teeny boppers. Jake and Taylor are my favorite Hollywood couple. I like many of you think they have split. However Jake and Taylor were seen together at a hotel the Saturday after the whole paps accident. There have been no signs of them anywhere since then. They could be in hiding or just decided to split it off. I am seriously beginning to think this girl has major issues with dating. My advise to Taylor is to not date for a while and not to write anymore songs about love until she gains some common sense of what it means. She has one of the hottest men in hollywood beating down her door wanting to date her and more than likely she did something stupid to make him breakup with her. If I was Taylor I would chain mysef to Jake and never let him go. He is a really nice guy and would treat her right. Her average dating span is about 3 months. Such a shame.

  • I’m a cutiepie

    Jake keep sayin he wants to settle down so if that true he need to find some body not real famous. If it was just some body out of college Taylors age that wouldnt be bad but a superstar like Taylor no way is goin to marry and have kids right now when her career is over the top. She more famous now then ever. Jake find a girl/guy who isn’t so famous okaaay?

  • marianne

    I think it’s an exaggeration to say, “they broke up” when they were really only getting started. People say, “OMG they were together on Thanksgiving.” But that was a time when they were both “off” so they had down time to hang out. It’s not like they had some BIG LOVE or they were together for a long time. Maybe they were just checking each other out.

    My guess is that they like each other as friends. They might even go out once in a while. It’s too soon for Taylor to be serious about one guy. I think the media started making it more than it was.

    I’m starting to think Taylor got a lot of good publicity for her album, and he got a lot for his movie. End of story. People who say she doesn’t need publicity are crazy. There is no such thing as enough publicity. Famous people are famous for a reason.

  • Red Hots

    I have a feeling we will hear a statement from either camp on their “breakup” after New Year’s. I really liked them as a couple. Now we will have to hear about their romance through one of Taylor’s songs. UGH!! I hope Taylor knows she will lose credability and respect as an artist in Hollywood if she puts down Jake Gyllenhaal. “Oh jake, how I loved you so. Oh how you broke my heart. I trusted you and then you went on a rampage at the photographer. Oh Jake!”

  • GingeroftheIsland

    @Red Hots: LMAO!! Taylor’s life is a soap opera!

  • Red Hots

    @GingeroftheIsland: I seriously believe Taylor enjoys making her life this way for the sake of a song. I am getting kind of sick of it. I am a fan but fans can only take so much.

  • Mommyof2

    She’s way too busy to get serious about anyone. Maybe when she’s mid-late 20′s she will be ready. Her career is her main thing right now.

  • Oh Boy!

    I like Taylor, I really do but if she writes a bad song about Jake Gyllenhaal I will never buy another song/album from her. I have had the privelage of meeting Jake Gyllenhaal once. He was the nicest, most gorgeous, and sweetest famous person I have ever met. I know people that have worked with him on sets before and they have also said what a great guy he is. If she puts him down in a song, I will seriously lose all my respect for this girl. I feel like a lot of big people in Hollywood will lose respect for her also if she doens’t start watching what she puts in her songs.

  • Oh Boy!

    I seriously have never loved a Hollywood couple until Jake and Taylor came along. I have been a fan of both of them and have noticed similarites between them in interviews. They are both funny and down to earth. I can see why they have dated. However with the lack of photos of them, they might have called it quits. I seriously hope it was a friendly split. I can totally see them being friends if they were not dating.

  • crisscross

    Last year she did the same thing with TLautner. This is kind of like a rewind only with a diff guy.

  • Mindy

    @crisscross: Exactly! This girl goes through boys like she changes clothes. She seriously needs to chill out and just not date for a while.

  • GingeroftheIsland

    @Oh Boy!: Yeah when you’re a famous as them it would be hard to go anywhere together and not get snapped by someone especially since they did that thing for US mag.



  • Sarah

    I think Jake and Taylor were a real couple. Jake said a couple of months ago in an interview that he thought Taylor was an awesome person. It would be really tacky if Taylor writes a bad beakup song over him after he took her to meet his family in which he is very close to. A columnist wrote a couple of weeks ago that the US Weekly photos were taken in order to keep the paps from getting paid for the first photos of them. A lot of big celeb couples do this. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were paid for their first public photos when they began dating. Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband sold their first photos of their babies to a major magazine publication. It would be a real shame after those photos were taken that Jake and Taylor didn’t make it to Christmas as a couple. Maybe they decided to take things slow ?? Who knows, if they have broken up I am sure we will hear soon about it. I am thinking sometime in January their reps will confirm it or we will have to wait until Taylor puts out a new album to hear about how Jake supposidly broke her heart.

  • jANzEN

    Lot of times whirlwind romances are just that.. begin fast over fast. Life is like that. People fall in and out of what they think is love a lot. Are they still together? Who knows? If not I hope they had fun.

  • crystalball

    Does anyone even know what Jake did for his 30th birthday? I didn’t see a thing about it anywhere.