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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Photo with Namibia Hosts!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Photo with Namibia Hosts!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hold on to their adorable daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, in a recent picture with their host family in Namibia.

The Jolie-Pitts spent the Christmas holiday in the African country where Shiloh was born four years ago.

The couple and their six kids reportedly stayed with Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, a well-known Namibian physician and conservationist, his wife Marlice, and their son Zacheo at the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary and Lodge, which their family runs.

Bigger pic inside

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427 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Photo with Namibia Hosts!”

  1. 1
    Shar Says:


  2. 2
    bdj Says:

    Too Sweet. BP and AJ are good people with six adorable children. I wish them all the best.

  3. 3
    busted Says:


    Friends that are making a difference. nothing wrong with lying on a beach or shopping til you drop.

    but what a great experience to give your children the World and know that people are unique all over. I bet they had a wonderful time. And I bet the gifts they purchased were for the other children there not their own..


  4. 4
    Lara Says:

    They look just great and very happy. The kids must have had a ball.

  5. 5
    elizabeth Says:


    I agree with you the toys they bought probably for the kids. What a wonderful family!!!!

  6. 6
    Halli Says:

    Its cute they stayed with a host family. They could easily afford the best accommodations but they chose a more social and friendly environment

  7. 7
    ding Says:

    All the best ! People with inner beauty and wonderful family !

  8. 8
    spongebob :) Says:

    Loving Couples. Family is their number one priority. They’re bound together and no one can take them apart. They have a strong relationship.

  9. 9
    Clairedelune Says:

    Great great great. Like them or not, they put their celebrity power to good use. Unlike R??se “always shopping” or J?n “always tanning in Cabos”…boring.

  10. 10
    REEVEN Says:


  11. 11
    kizbit Says:

    And this photo ended up on JJ how?????

  12. 12
    dark angel Says:

    Beautiful family!

  13. 13
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Shiloh so pretty and cute my faves baby and twins

  14. 14
    Frenchy Says:

    Helllllooo Allll!!!!!!!

    The JP’s look great in the golden sun as opposed to the NY version of Vail, Colorado that I’m in.

  15. 15
    busted Says:


    probably the same way all the photos do..Jared bought it..

    someone took a picture.. tweeted it and there you go. They have probably gone now. Where is your interest in all the other pictures on this site. Oh wait Only Brad/Angie are your concern..

  16. 16
    WBPfan Says:

    Love the pix!! Thanks for the post-Xmas present Jared!!!!

  17. 17
    Katy Says:

    I love just Brad pitt with babies

  18. 18
    Jin Says:

    The hosts look genuinely happy! Love them!

  19. 19
    ajp Says:

    Thanks a lot! Great photo!

  20. 20
    Rock Says:

    Best parent’s Brangelin

  21. 21
    woman spanish Says:

    Loving family. The two girls are beautiful but Z is more beautiful every day

  22. 22
    Zoe Says:

    I like that they go back to the countries that they adopted their children from. Like it or not we are a global community and they are definitely a global family.

  23. 23
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Shiloh ^_^

  24. 24
    London Says:

    They are most beautiful parent’s and kids

  25. 25
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Cute ^_^

  26. 26
    lelly Says:

    poor Shiloh. she’s uglier than Coco

  27. 27
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    But kids more

  28. 28
    WBPfan Says:

    Passing Through in case you missed it
    X related…skip if not interested. – Jezebel article of Rupert Everett talking Aniston in BBC interview “Everett went to to say that while Hollywood pretends to be liberal, it is in fact very conservative. He then explained that some people’s film careers are “sustained by the business.” He claimed he was not going to start naming names of people whose films have not succeeded at the box office, but noted that with certain folks, the “powers that be” have decided that they are “the right people for the business.” And then he said: Okay, something will go wrong. Like Jennifer Aniston will just have one too many total flops. But she’s still a member of that club. And she will still manage to — like a star forming in the universe — a whole lot of things swirling around and suddenly solidifying into yet another vital tasteless romcom: a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula.”

  29. 29
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Shiloh sweet

  30. 30
    Cristobal Says:


  31. 31
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    I love shiloh

  32. 32
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:


  33. 33
    luvangie4ever Says:

    Thank you, Jared!
    Love this picture! I also love how they always surround themselves with good people and people of substance, very much like themselves. I think they’re wonderful parents and their children will benefit greatly from these friendships, as opposed to just friendships with “Hollywood kids”. I’m sure the whole family had a terrific vacation filled with fun and love.
    Here’s wishing the Jolie-Pitts a fabulous 2011 with great health, wealth, happiness, and tons of love. Same goes to all of their fans!

  34. 34
    Yehey Says:

    They really had a happy Christmas! ^_^

  35. 35
    luvangie4ever Says:

    I have to add, Angie looks amazing, a total knockout. She doesn’t need stylists or gowns or makeup, she’s a true beauty. And heehee, I think Zahara has a little crush on someone, from the looks of this picture, anyway.

  36. 36
    Gwen Says:

    omgooooooooood! look at those arms of his! so sexy! what i wouldn’t give to have those arms wrapped around me! hot papa! and the family looks so happy!

  37. 37
    releka Says:


  38. 38
    Lily Says:

    why angelina never holds shiloh? she’s always with zahara and brad is always with shiloh, kind of strange. Beautiful family anyway.

  39. 39
    joanne Says:

    Such nice people.

  40. 40
    teri Says:


  41. 41
    Heyy Says:

    What do they mean by a host family? Zaharas real parents? Im slightly confused. But i love them anyways!

  42. 42
    Maria Says:

    @busted: GOOD POINT! all the toys they’ve been buying all over europe and USA could very be for the children in Namibia for Christmas. What a great family. Great role models. Great people. God Bless them…

  43. 43
    Some Bunny Says:

    What a great family Brad and Angelina make together. I’m going to see the Tourist once again tonight. Can’t get enough of the lovely Angelina. The Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary and Lodge sounds like a really cool place. I want to go there now:)

    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans.

  44. 44
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Lovely picture a happy group of people
    You are the company you keep!!

    Thanks to #28 for posting the article, more people need to call out this fraud.

  45. 45
    Family of 8??? Says:

    Thought these people had 6 kids not just 2 or 3. They NEVER move as a family unit. They act like an aunt and uncle that comes by and picks up a couple of kids now an again for an outing as in PR photo op. They are constantly separating and never do anything as a whole family. And please, put those children dow. They’re way to old to be carried like babies.

  46. 46
    Kim Says:

    @Heyy: The family they are staying with

  47. 47


  48. 48
    busted Says:


    YOU are silly. The host family is WHITE.. so see your dumb comment makes no sense. Do a bit of research before you try and make a point.

    The couple on the far left of the picture are Rudi Van Vuuren with his wife and young son.. I think she is expecting.. Zee is not a blond haired blue eyed child.

    YOU fools just get dumber and dumber.. but we would expect nothing less.. YOU read an African Country see some people of dark skin and make a stupid comment. Get off the computer and read a book. YOU are an embarrassment to even the dumbest of trolls.. and that is saying something.

    Photo assumptions without thinking.. Besides. Shiloh was born in Namibia.. not Zahara..

    lesson over.

  49. 49
    Passing Through Says:

    LMAO at Shiloh playing with the chain of Brad’s pendant necklace that ANGIE GAVE HIM. That kid’s such a little character. And then there’s my fave – Princess Zahara, who seems rather suspicious of the person taking the picture. I can’t think of any other near 6 year-old who’s perfected their biitch face as much as Z. Work it, girl!

  50. 50
    Maria Says:

    @Lily: Because Zahara loves Angelina which she calls mama and she constantly badger Angie for attention. that’s real love unconditionally and utterly genuine love. not even blood related but the child, Zahara, looks to Angelina as her one and only mother. A very strong bond. of course she loves all her children biologically and adopted but you can’t ignore a child’s wanting to be held by you or be at your side all the time. Just like when i was a toddler I love my father to hold me all the time. Same with Z towards Angie.

  51. 51
    woman spanish Says:

    santa skeletina and sant pig….amen …

  52. 52
    maripedo Says:

    no dejes escapar la ocasion ,cualquier momento es bueno para unas fotitos de publicidad …ay la miseria humana…

  53. 53
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    See, this is the best Christmas to give one’s child. An experience of a lifetime. If I have their money I will do the same for my family. It’s nice to teach your children other countries’ cultures, customs and traditions. It leds you to be more open, understanding, and accepting of other race.
    And the trolls and haters just want to see pictures of people lying and tanning on a beach somewhere in Mexico. The JPs rock and haters know it too, that’s why they are angry because they want their fave stars to do the same as the JPs but their fave stars has no desire to do or extend a helping hand unless there’s something in it for them.

  54. 54
    llñññlll...555%%% Says:


  55. 55
    maripedo Says:

    yeahhh..all the trols jp´s fans to slaver …..very ridiculous…

  56. 56





  57. 57
    Kim Says:

    @llñññlll…555%%%: Yet you can’t stay away

  58. 58
    Noelle Says:

    Zahara is TOO BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

  59. 59
    Lily Says:

    @Family of 8???: that’s true they’re big girls now.

  60. 60
    nata Says:

    Zahara is such a cutie!

  61. 61
    Bored Says:

    Zahara is obviously a mamas girls but Shiloh and Angie are wearing matching outfits haha

  62. 62
    jp fan Says:

    I love them.

  63. 63
    xb Says:

    Yay ! :) What an amazing gift taking little ones to see her homeland, the dunes, the sunsets, the air. You both have such beautiful children, and these little ones will bless you many many times thought their lives. Such amazing pictures when you are all together outdoors.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years

    May you all go from strength to strength, see the value of each other and grow. Love from Southern Africa :)

  64. 64
    Pretty? Says:

    Woww Shiloh looks very avarage for a kid born to Brad and Angelina. I mean some people act like she’s a precious beautiful god, that kid looks very avarage.

  65. 65
    Crazy p Says:

    @Sligo ^_^ cute: everone know you love Brangelina family this is crazy because you look like a crazy person and talkative like women

  66. 66
    anustin Says:

    and while Maniston is in caboz lol purpling her azz.with the cheshi.t po.nrdler.

  67. 67
    AWHODAT Says:

    “Naankuse is currently managed by a partnership of four: Dr Rudie and wife Marlice van Vuuren, Chris Heunis and Jan Verburg. Marlice’s parents are the owners of the famous Harnas Wildlife Foundation, patronised by Angelina Jolie.”

  68. 68
    vicky Says:

    Sooo NICE! thnks JJ
    Angie look beautiful without even trying! & Brad always HOT:)
    Shi looks so pretty love them! hope they’re having a nice time♥

  69. 69
    Claire Says:

    somebody’s birthday is coming up!

  70. 70
    Jinx Says:

    I agree Zahara is beautiful indeed :)

  71. 71
    Kim Says:

    @Pretty?: Well Shiloh looks just like Angie as a toddler so I guess she will grow up and look like her average GMAFB

  72. 72
    sarah Says:

    nice to see shilow looking a like a littke girl again

  73. 73
    gracie Says:

    I’m happy they’re having amazing time with their friends. They look relaxed and it’s nice to see they’re with friends who have children of similar ages. Trolls/haters were whining the kids will be all alone, they’re proven wrong again. Brad and Angie have friends in high places and all over the world, ordinary people who are not actors, their children are very lucky coz they are being brought up to experience all aspects of life and make friends with children whose parents live completely normal life. The JP kids are going to be so well grounded when they grow up. I’m sure the kids will love the wildlife Sanctuary.

  74. 74
    Heyy Says:

    @Maria: @Heyy: Ok…who ever gave me a low rating is an idiot. I was just asking because its what i read from the article and i didnt understand. Im a huge fan of these ppl, i would never say anything mean about them, so im not getting the low rating, im just asking because i dont get what they mean by host family.

  75. 75
    woman spanish Says:

    Beautiful family! envy corrodes the trolls to see this couple in love who is just 6 years ago.

    Please pay no attention to the troll that I copy the name. There are people so dumb that can not even find one for yourself

  76. 76
    Kim Says:

    @Family of 8???:Do you have a problem with the doctor holding his kid in the pic on the far left.?

  77. 77
    jojo Says:

    clearly, zahara has the same feeling of disgust for the witch holding her as the rest of america…

  78. 78
    gracie Says:

    # 41 Heyy , they thumbed you down coz you asked a dumb question. Don’t take it personal, just think next time before you ask and if you don’t know, google. No one adopts a child, 5yrs on take the child to go and spend holiday with the child’s real parents, certainly not people with Brad and Angie’s status. And besides Zee was not born in Namibia, Shi was. JJ also clearly stated the name and profession of their hosts.

  79. 79
    Georgina Says:

    @jojo: # 78

    You’re barking at the wrong tree! Your disgusting witch may be in Cabo, Mexico again getting high.

  80. 80
    xb Says:

    Hi again :) A gift to take back home :)


    The Brandberg mountain lies in Namibia in Southern Africa. It was home long ago to intense geo-thermal activity-hence it’s name “the firemountain”. The mountain is sacred to tribal people, with thousands of cave paintings found there. In more recent times Brandberg’s have been mined carefully by hand. Now mining is stopping due to local politics and more profitable ventures.

    The Brandberg’s have proved themselves to be collectable due to rare combinations of water bubbles-(hydro’s), amethyst and smokey quartz phantoms and various inclusions, sometimes all in the same crystal!

    Brandberg’s are very protective and in time can become like a wise old friend.


  81. 81
    Agatha Says:

    i love it

  82. 82
    dark angel Says:

    Dear Santa, Is it too much too ask for a troll-FREE thread?

  83. 83
    Passing Through Says:

    # 484 busted @ 12/28/2010 at 12:55 pm
    @Passing Through:
    Hey Busted -
    You’re preaching to the choir, reverend. LOL! Putrid knew damned good and well that X was a rebound and not threat to her status as the love of Brad’s life. In fact it’s one of the reason she’s friendly with X now – because she knows Angie has supplanted HER and X was never really part of the equation. Long before Kate Hudson called Katherine Heigl “that tv girl” Putrid called X that. It used to be Putrid would get defensive when asked about Brad in interviews. There was a period where she wouldn’t discuss him at all – 5 years in fact. Then she finally admitted to Diane Sawyer or Baba Wawa that she was the one who screwed up. Since then all Putrid does is name-check Brad and blab about a 13 year-old love affair that only lasted about 2 1/2 years to begin with. What’s really funny is that because of the way Brad dumped X and easily moved on with Angie, X doesn’t have the luxury of dropping Brad’s name without looking like a plain-Jane pathetic loser clinging to the man who left skidmarks on her face to go chase down the most beautiful woman alive. Putrid gets a free pass – X who was with Brad 2 1/2 times longer than Putrid is no doubt shredding the inside of her jaw with her teeth when she reads that Putrid is talking about Brad again – and knowing she can’t do the same and one-up Putrid by pointing out she was with Brad way longer and therefore their relationship was more important to Brad than his relationship with Putrid. One day those two are going to get into a biitch fight over that and hopefully someone will remember to tape that shite for me….
    BTW – Nobody finds Putrid sexy regardless of what she’s wearing. Most blogs just laugh at her for even bothering to attempt sexy. IIRC I was on WWTDD the day she had on that white dress baring most of her back and all of one hip. They were laughing at her and saying she needed to ask Beyonce for an ass loan, ie, B give Putrid 5 pounds of ass so Putrid would have one. I was LMAO….

  84. 84
    sav Says:

    Brad, Angie and the kids are in Springfield with Brad`s parents.

  85. 85
    sav is right Says:

    Brad and Angie were at B&N in Springfield earlier today. They were at Kmart yesterday. Lots of people have reported sightings of them. A very happy time for all the Pitts and Jolie-Pitts.

  86. 86
    woman spanish Says:

    Some spend their holidays showing the ass and drunk, others prefer to visit places and interesting people. I love his sense of family and the way they educate their children. Great couple!

  87. 87
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Thanks for your post.. LMAO.

    @sav.. I hope they are there. Would be great. They seem to be able to do a lot of normal things when they are in Springfield. people just let them alone.. like when they go to NOLA..

  88. 88
    AWHODAT Says:

    “……………..Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have made good on their word to have an adventure over the holidays………………. ”…icle/0,,20453436,00.html
    Ah yes, People magazine. The JPs have MADE GOOD ON THEIR WORD TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE over the Christmas hols. Remember when a certain Fattened Tick said she was gonna have an adventure over the 2009 Christmas holidays?
    Well, People magazine: you dutifully regurgitated that mess fed to you by the Fattened Tick and her lying puppet master BUT you failed to report back to us that the Lying Fattened Tick LIED about having an adventure.
    The closest the biitch came to having an adventure that time was her PAID APPEARANCE at some hotel opening, where she and the other ex of Brad who-cant-stop-calling-his-name-13-years-later, bonded in their mutual grief over losing Brad to the most beautiful woman in the world….
    …… whom Brad has said he has put down roots with and who he said was the only woman he wanted to be the mother of his kids and who he said he lie awake at nights worrying about her safety and that of his kids and who he said is his Soul Mate and with whom he said he has made a RULE that they cant be separated from each other for longer than three days in a row.

  89. 89
    angierocks Says:

    AWwwwww too cute for words!Adorably sweet!

  90. 90
    angierocks Says:

    Yikes the horid hens are just plain pathetic….anything that spew and smear the JP’s, oh well atleast they are a happy family unlike manny who spent hers with?????? thinking long and hard…..?????????????????……..????????I could’nt think of one.

  91. 91
    JOY Says:

    I’d like to thank the good Dr. Pinsky and Ms.Chelsea for their timely comments as TT tanked.

  92. 92
    xb Says:

    wow this is beautiful, how a family faced challenges and through everything brings Gods Light back into their hearts.

    thank you for inspiring me.

  93. 93
    ~ Z Thought Cloud ~ Says:

    You ain’t my moms, and woman, I’m tired of sittin’ on your boney pelvis

  94. 94
    angierocks Says:

    There’s a poll on E!where they ask who wore winter better and tada paltrow in that pucci white ensamble just bleh, did lamey see that she just try so hard can’t stand her uhg………Angie wore it best no contest!A beauty effortless!

  95. 95
    publicrelationsstunt Says:

    Can’t these people do anything without sending a pic to the media.

  96. 96
    busted Says:

    Wow.. Reese is reportedly engaged to Jim Toth..

    Man how wonderful is it that a mother of 2 can move on and build a new life. No pity parties. No need for the world to cry for her and her 2 children. Just got up and started dating. Now she is heading down marriage lane.

    funny how that works for strong women. I’m really neutral about Reese. but I always celebrate STRONG WOMEN. She is a mother and regardless of what happened in her marriage she moved forward.. not backwards.

    hmmm.. Lesson learned for some.

  97. 97
    s Says:

    a very cute family

  98. 98
    LL Says:


    Great response to Heyy, people who ask really dumb questions get on my nerves.

  99. 99
    Ho's can't live w/o PR Says:

    These famewhores can’t do anything that’s not publicized. It’s so desperate that they want the public to forget The Tourist debaucle. I wonder if they would even make it as a couple without the attention. I don’t think they could.

  100. 100
    Mich Says:

    There have been plenty of “sightings” in Springfield. Hope people are letting them be!

  101. 101
    JPs dont want to be left alone Says:

    @Mich: There would be nothing left for them if they didn’t have notoriety.

  102. 102
    sav is right Says:

    @JPs dont want to be left alone:

    There would nothing for you to hate on if there were no news of them right? Idiot. Move on and try to have a life of your own.

  103. 103
    cellar dwellers Says:

    9 – Black Swan $6,254,986 -25.4%
    10 – The Tourist Sony $5,400,000 -36.6%
    11- The King’s Speech $4,498,052 +310.0%

  104. 104
    groundcontrol Says:

    I love how Zee is eyeing that little boy with the bow and arrow. Like she doesn’t trust him. Only Shi can do the bow and arrow thing around her.
    These kids will feel so comfortable in the world. What a great gift they are getting from their parents. Angie sure looks beautiful in that picture.
    Saw The Tourist this afternoon and I can’t wait to own it on dvd. I enjoyed it very much but it will be nicer to see it at home without the jarring trailers that really take you out of the mood for a lovely romance.
    I thought Johnny was very sexy from the get go and he got sexier as the film progressed. I hope there are new Elise/Frank scenes or extended scenes in the extras. I thought there was just enough of the suspense and thriller parts but they made me want more of Frank and Elise. The critics relly did get this wrong. I’d give it at least a 3.5 out of 5 and maybe even a 4. It was delightful. Except for the St. Jude’s PSA that preceded it with that poseur and the Adam Sandler upcoming lame comedy with a clearly aging 2nd or 3rd banana.
    PT, why are people picking on you? Back off pishers. Facts are facts.

  105. 105
    angierocks Says:

    Oh my God the haters keep on hatin can’t stand them yet they are here posting nonsense it boggles my mind…anyways they are using their celebrity to bring out awareness and actually helping out.

  106. 106
    anustin Says:

    i dont know about u people. but im lovin THE TOURIST! anjie did a good job as elise.

  107. 107
    Ginger Says:

    Wow! I look at this picture and Angelina just looks so beautiful among everyone… I hope to come back in my next life and be beautiful and giving as her… kekekeke

    But it’s so wonderful they are spending Christmas around world!! *sigh* Wish I had that kind of money to go places. And it’s great they stayed with a host family instead of renting a house by themselves…. though that may be their agenda some day. I have a feeling, they may spend one of these Christmas up in the mountains with the snow. Montana, perhaps? Maine?

  108. 108
    Jones Says:

    Angie is luminous in the main picture without even trying! Brad looks so at ease and happy! Looks like they had a wonderful Christmas in Namibia. Now it’s off to MO for New Year’s with Brad’s family! Can’t wait for pics. Don’t let us down Jared!

  109. 109
    anustin Says:

    lol at the twins adoption!!! that must be Maniston and Chealshi.t.those two got no least anjie can make them brainy hikhikhikhikik.

  110. 110
    busted Says:

    well ladies our joy of not having Aniston around will end once 2010 goes out. She will be out promoting her film.

    Well it was great while it lasted.

    Anyway hope all those tweets are true and Brad/Angie are having fun in Springfield. Angie is due to start editing her film. I saw on jjb that she is supposed to be in the studio on January 3rd.. so they will be back in LA on Monday. Gosh..

    I don’t expect to see much of them. We don’t get many pics when they are in LA.. but boy we had some great pics in Hungary.. Lots of PDA and love.. awwww the memories..

    Well 2011 will be a great year for the couple. 6 years together..

    FU to all the haters.. see.. Ugly never wins..

  111. 111
    lolailo Says:

    Chilu look like a pig

  112. 112
    woman spanish Says:

    que han ido para comprar unos gemelos ???

  113. 113
    gracie Says:

    Passing Through @ 12/28/2010 at 3:55 pm

    BTW – Nobody finds Putrid sexy regardless of what she’s wearing

    So true. I thought she looked like a ho in that white gown, too obvious, you could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties.

  114. 114
    woman spanish Says:

    remember ,don´t go to see the tourist ,it´s a real rip-off

  115. 115
    ,,llrrttyyuuss---- Says:

    tourist flop,tourist flop…..

  116. 116
    ,,llrrttyyuuss---- Says:

    i am a c.u.n.t

    you are a c.u.n.t

  117. 117
    ,,llrrttyyuuss---- Says:

    i loved the film the is the best film in the world

    it should win oscars, i have seen it 10 times, the tourist is golden globe nominated

    go see the tourist, it will earn more money as weeks go bye

    i love the tourist film

  118. 118
    lylian Says:

    “Naankuse is currently managed by a partnership of four: Dr Rudie and wife Marlice van Vuuren, Chris Heunis and Jan Verburg. Marlice’s parents are the owners of the famous Harnas Wildlife Foundation, patronised by Angelina Jolie.”
    Harnas -that’s the place that Angelina and Brad went and met up with Marianne. I believe Angelina had donated a substantial amount to the wild life preserve.
    I thought they might have gone there for their christmas. Imagine Christmas on Safari. I’m picturing tents and campfires and BBQs. Kids running around barefoot playing games.
    And I notice that US weakly is boasting that they have all the details which it pulled out of its a r se.

  119. 119
    angierocks Says:

    Spending time with the love of your life soulmate and wonderful kids,rubbing elbows with diplomats,philanthropists,educated peeps(ie educators,doctors,scientist etc),world leaders,respected journalists,refugees,royals who actually acknowledge and respects you the list goes on…………..Vs vulgar,racist,drunken ho’s,Dbags and low lives D celebrities………lets see I think I would prefer admiring the first and for the haters who stalks the JP’s and their fans 24/7 365d Am/noon/Pm what a sad sad sad choice.

  120. 120
    an oldie Says:

    Credit Foxcroft on JJB.
    Read more:

    That performance earned her a place on the influential Young Hollywood list in Teen Vogue, but also a part opposite Brad Pitt in mob feature Cogan’s Trade, which will begin filming in New Orleans next month.

  121. 121
    an oldie Says:

    So the JPs may be back in New Orleans for a few months again while Brad films his movie. Can Angelina edit her movie in NO, or it can only be done in LA, anybody knows?

  122. 122
    sad Says:

    What a shame this family cannot EVER do anything as an entire unit. It’s pick and choose and then flaunt pics it those that had to stay home. they don’t do anything with all of their children ever NEVER. Why did they have so many if they don’t want to be a whole family unit. They act segregate those children like they don’t want them all at the same time.

    And they call themselves a “family”….they keep those children from grandparents, aunts uncles and spend time with strangers meanwhile, the other 4 stay home with babysitters.

  123. 123
    Everyone is engaged Says:

    EXCEPT BRAD AND ANGIE. LOL all the other dudes see fit to marry their significant others…..Natalie is engaged, Reese is engaged, William is marrying the love of his live…poor angie, brad won’t marry his baby mama.

  124. 124
    busted Says:

    There might be parts filmed in NOLA.. I can see how Brad would like to bring money to the city.. but Angie said that she was Editing in LA for a few months.

    Her words were that Brad was filming in LA so the family would have to be there so that was why she was editing in LA.. I will go on her words.

    she knows better then a site reporting on the film.. plus in an interview she gave she was asked about the film

    When is your debut feature coming out?

    Well, I have to edit. I’ve never edited before — it’s all so new to me. (Laughs) So apparently I go into the editing room in January. We have an assembly now and I go into the editing room on Jan 3. So we’ll see..

    So we will see when we see. Plus I doubt Brad is filming this soon. He has not been in the US. So there are pre- production things to do.. before a film starts. So we will see when we see..

  125. 125
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    @Everyone is engaged:
    Now how long will those people last???

  126. 126
    gracie Says:

    # 124 sad, Isn’t it sad you’re as barren as your idol Anuston and you have no family of your own, that’s why you focus your entire being on someone else’s children. Thank God, they have BG with them all the time before you plan to steal one of their children.

  127. 127
    busted Says:


    Get off the computer and go take care of your own kids.. @Everyone is engaged:

    I thought you freaks said they were over.. so why do you care if they get married.. According to you freaks the relationship will end…


    can’t have it both ways..

    Brad/Angie are just fine. Getting ready for that 6 year anniversaryof their love

    OH HOW SAD all those married couples that broke up this year.. Ryan/ Scarlett, Jesse/Sandra, Courteney/David, Kate/Sam, Tony/Eva, Christina/Jordan, and on and on and on.

    all those men married their baby mamas and got a D I V O R C E.. SO SAD.. SO SAD.. seems that getting engaged and married does not hold a couple together.. Not to mention all the non-married couples that broke up.. Charlize/Stewart, Rihanna/Matt, Blake/Penn, Vanessa/Zack, Rachel/Darren, Shia/Carey, and on and on and on

    I could actually name close to 100 couples..

    Brad and Angie are doing something very right..

  128. 128
    Trolls in Pain Says:

    it is sad (and VERY silly) that you make erroneous assumptions from a couple of pictures. Just because you don’t see a picture, it doesn’t exist in your mind- what poor critical thinking abilities you have. You probably think the earth is flat and the moon is made of green cheese. If you see a picture of Obama, do you ASSUME he is never with his kids because they aren’t in that picture you saw? FACT is that the JP kids see their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins quite often- they could have been in Namibia with them for all you know- they’ve been with them in Prague, Italy, France, CA, NOLA, CA, NYC- just to name a few locales…many people live in a different place than their extended families- both my husband & I do- so guess what we do? VISIT. Guess what our families do? VISIT. Guess what the JPs & their extended family does- VISIT. Most people do not stay in the town (or trailer park) they grew up in forever. They get their own lives and start their own families- just like Brad & Angie did. Sad is staying in the same spot, making up lies from pictures you see (or don’t see), and blogging about people you hate.


  129. 129
    trt Says:

    #124: You freakin’ sad troll. You’re not just sad, you’re a pathetic, lame t.w.a.t! You don’t even know what a family is like seeing as you were raised in a cave by wolves. Only you would pick at a picture where the others were not included. I bet your wolf clan always gathered everyone to take a picture. Raise your dead and haul the ones in the mental hospital to make the picture complete.

    You are so stupid and should be banned from using the computer. Your logic is non-existent and your common sense was never developed. That’s what happens when someone is deprived.

    Go home, nitwit. Back to your cave!

  130. 130
    gracie Says:

    Everyone is engaged

    You should know that a piece of paper does not gurantee a marriage will last. The rate of divorce and infidelity in Hw in 2010 is at all time high. While everyone is breaking up and cheating on their partners, Brad and Angie have remained solid and are still passionately in love. They have lasted longer than most married couples. Worry about the people rushing to get married. We shall see how long they stay married or remain passionately in love with their partners.

  131. 131
    trt Says:

    #125: yeah, and they’ll all be disengaged or divorced as Brad and Angelina go about their business and their lovelife! hahahahahaha!

  132. 132
    karl Says:

    Brad and Angie’s early summer wedding. Is this true?

  133. 133
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Everyone is engaged @ 12/28/2010 at 9:49 pm

    Angie is not alone. Poor Vanessa, Goldie, and other unmarried hollywood couples who are more happy than most married couples.

    Ryan & Scarlette got married and look at what happened. Brad married MANiston and look at what happened.

  134. 134
    karl Says:

    Brad and Angie are going to get married in the early summer. Is this true?

  135. 135
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    sad @ 12/28/2010 at 9:46 pm

    They don’t do all things together (not yet) because the twins are still young. When the twins are old enough about 4 or 5 I am sure Angie & Brad will take them all out.

    Just in case you don’t know this, Angie & Brad are not the only couple in the entire FCUCKING planet who has 6 kids.

  136. 136
    gracie Says:

    Everyone is engaged

    Yeah, everyone has a man except Anuston. She is the only woman in Hw and at 43 who can’t find a man. Everyone has found love except her. She is still alone. She has shagged more men in Hw than any other actress but still can’t get them to stick around. You should be concerned for her coz she is no spring chicken, when she hits 50 soon, it ain’t gonna be easy for her, the competition will be fierce with pretty young girls ready to sholve her aside.

  137. 137
    Passing Through Says:

    # 28 WBPfan @ 12/28/2010 at 1:40 pm
    Passing Through in case you missed it
    X related…skip if not interested. – Jezebel article of Rupert Everett talking Aniston in BBC interview
    WBPFan -
    I saw it. The comments are hilarious, too, because everyone is saying, “Well…it’s not like he’s wrong…” Rupert Everett has been going off on a number of things these last few years, so it figures that he’d eventually get around to the waste of human flesh that is Ticky.

  138. 138

    Love them

  139. 139
    LL Says:

    The look like they had a good time.

    I see someone has stolen my moniker, oh well. Even us JP fans have fans.

  140. 140
    sherry Says:

    love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. 141
    Observer2 Says:

    Oh,no, Brad, Angelina and their kids are in Springfield, MO with their family.

    Trolls. Heads. Are. Going. To. Explode.

    Tickles me.

  142. 142
    anon Says:

    I love this picture. Could almost be a family Christmas card. Everyone looks so cheerful and welcoming.

  143. 143
    family Chrismast card NOT!!! Says:

    To anon: Yeah to freaking bad it is NOT a “family pic”. Who are those strangers with them and why do they not even have half their kids with them. Family Christmas car FAIL!!!!!! You have no clue what family is if you think 2 of 6 kids and a bunch of strangers = family pic.

  144. 144
    weird. Says:

    Weird that these people never do anything as an entire family. Someone is always left behind. And to the “excuse maker” saying the twins are too young BULLSHITTTT!!!!!. How old are are Pax and Moddexx? 2 isn’t too young to be included in a family. You don’t just throw away 2 year olds till they become older, you do stuff THEY can do especailly at Christmas. You people don’t know crap about family and neither do the joLIEstuPitts.

  145. 145
    Observer2 Says:

    See, they’re heads are exploding!

    Good times.

  146. 146
    anon Says:

    I once visited West Africa and the experience was priceless. At night it was even more than that; otherworldly and almost surreal like how I remembered Halloween as a kid. These kids are going to have some powerful memories.

  147. 147
    Jacki thompson Says:


    i think angie would be great at this cleopatra role – she’d got that light/dark balance that will be perfect…nice call!

  148. 148
    hohoho Says:

    The videos of the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary are beautiful. I wish I could go stay there too, maybe if I win a huge lottery or something. Angelina and Brad worked hard for their money and they always give back across the globe including the U.S.–they always are teaching their kids wherever they go. I hope the little Jolie-Pitts are like sponges soaking it all up.
    Hopefully the family is in Springfield with the Pitt family, now I can say I’ve been there. I’d move there if I could, it is a neat area and has a lot of things to do, imho. Beautiful land around there, close to the Ozarks. Wonder if they still have that little place where you drive around the park and the deer come up to the car, it’s been years but my kids loved it. Brad and Angie has donated a lot to the Springfield hospital in honor of Jane Pitt. The Pitt family has grown from Brad meeting Angelina. God Bless the entire Jolie and Pitt families for the New Year.

  149. 149
    Jokergurl Says:

    Shiloh is Brad’s mini me, Zahara is just beautiful, Brad looks extremely relaxed and happy as does Angelina, hope they had a wonderful Christmas.

  150. 150
    hohoho Says:

    I want to thank the JP fans who comment and click up/down, I’ve got fibro and usually cannot sleep or have pain issues–reading late at night and/or just clicking green/red on every post relaxes me. I don’t get riled up (and more awake) cause you’ve all clicked down the nasty trolls. You all are the best! Thank you.

  151. 151
    Passing Through Says:

    # 105 groundcontrol @ 12/28/2010 at 6:22 pm
    PT, why are people picking on you? Back off pishers. Facts are facts.
    Eh…it comes with the territory. If I didn’t have stalkers, then this wouldn’t be Jared’s….

  152. 152
    Passing Through Says:

    # 122 an oldie @ 12/28/2010 at 9:38 pm
    Credit Foxcroft on JJB.
    Read more:

    That performance earned her a place on the influential Young Hollywood list in Teen Vogue, but also a part opposite Brad Pitt in mob feature Cogan’s Trade, which will begin filming in New Orleans next month.
    I’m pretty sure the movie is being shot in LA. Angie even said so. She said Brad’s movie was filming in LA and that she’d be editing her movie there at the same time.
    When are you going to release it?
    I don`t know. I have lots of people giving me lots of opinions. I just want to do it right. I have to go back and edit both versions at the same time in Los Angeles, because Brad`s working there, so we`ll be in LA. And if it hopefully turns out well and people respond to it…we`ll see. But of course I want to pay respect to the area and the cast and the people, so I am listening to them and where they want it released. I still just hope to put a good film together.

  153. 153
    Bored Says:

    Shiloh looks like Jon voight. It’s the eyes.

  154. 154
    Bored Says:

    Angie said she doesn’t plan on “settling down” I took that settle down as marriage. If she was married she would be more stable and in one place for longer than 1 week to 2 months lol she’s not married so she doesn’t have to settle in one place for long .

  155. 155
    Passing Through Says:

    # 143 Observer2 @ 12/28/2010 at 11:47 pm
    I’m LMAO because today Lamey went on another conspiracy-PR rant over that picture of them in Namibia (the one above) and was saying how convenient it was that the photo was released. Little did Lamey know that they were no longer in Namibia and already back in the US and apparently have been for 2 days – therefore rending her ridiculous PR conspiracy DOA. For all of Lamey’s Grassy Knoll theorizing – she’s ALWAYS a day late and a dollar short with her JP theories. The reason the photo was released is because they were already gone and if the ratzi went there looking for them they wouldn’t find them. You’d think after all this time Lamey would realize she needs to shitcan her ridiculous theories because she ALWAYS gets proven wrong by Brad or Angie.

  156. 156
    Passing Through Says:

    # 149 Anon @ 12/29/2010 at 12:17 am
    ROTFLMAO. Puh-leeze. That crazy psychic gossip site is beyond ridiculous. If the person was any kind of psychic at all she’d know that Angie is more likely to do a movie with X than Porgie. As in NEVER…

  157. 157
    Tulip Says:

    Can Shiloh walk? Why is she carried all the time?

  158. 158
    sh*t Says:

    me no pisher. You are. I said my openion, you paidmanhos enjoy never again post in here

  159. 159
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    They stay with renowed physician Rudie van Vuuren in their Wildlife conservation place while others stay at Joe francis’ place to gossip and booze with the likes of 50 Cents number one h0 : Chelsea ‘Pittbull’ Handjob.
    What a word apart in terms of quality : Trailer trash versus high quality educated people.
    I know with whom will want to be friend with.

  160. 160
    # Tulip Says:

    She walks better than Aniston is able to think thoughts properly.
    Hence you and your likes like to babysit that self proclaimed r*tarded teen of 42 years of age.

  161. 161
    chat noir Says:

    This is absolutely most marvelous stars christmas photos I’ve seen this year.

  162. 162
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    I love it when US Weekly has to refer to Ethiopian born Zahara while they don’t use the namibian born for Shiloh.
    Eiher they don’t need to agg that born place, either they should do it for the both of them because i remembered clearly that Shiloh has a dual citizenship and a namibian passeport too, like many namibians who have dual citizenship….
    Namibia has a population whose background are from the Netherlands and Germany. Van Den is typical dutch (belgian & the netherlands and means ‘from’)

  163. 163
    MooCow Says:


    Every time I see a photo of Angie like this I scream at my monitor “FIRE JEN RADE”. She looks so much more lovely tha she did on the RC for “The Tourist.”

  164. 164
    twofools Says:

    angie never holds S. crazy women hates her own daughter.

  165. 165
    TIFANY Says:

    TO twofools :

  166. 166
    boring.. Says:

    i like to read the low comment rating..
    far more interesting than the other fail ppl who keep on bragging bout Jolie-Brad!

  167. 167
    Love Happy Says:

    Such a gorgeous, happy family – so much love!!

  168. 168
    gracie Says:

    To Everyone is engaged, you see, another couple (Joe Francis & Christina McLarty) heading towards divorce just 2mths into their marriage. Must be something in the water. If it’s true this is a record for the Guinness Book. Brad and Angie still blissfully happy and going strong. Haha!!

  169. 169
    The family that plays together Says:

    Wow, the jolie stupes NEVER take all their children anywhere. Someone is always left out. So they’d rathe spend time with some elite family in Nambibia than their own blood relatives and deny those children time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They talk the family talk but they sure don’t walk the walk. They even leave some of their own children behind. Never ever do they move as a family unit. Wonder why they chose the white bio and the black adopted this time? There is always some covert reason for the ones out and the ones left behind.

  170. 170
    lylian Says:

    You know, the Harnas Wild life Foundation is a charitable organisation.
    These photos of Brad and Angelina and so many of the Harnas team and may be volunteers will be shown around the world and many more people will hear about Harnas and what it does.
    I just checked the website. To the JP fan who said she wish she can go, I think you can volunteer. You probalby have to pay the airfair and transport but it would appear that for volunteers, board and food are free.
    Here’s something about Angelina Jolie’s contributions:

    Angelina Jolie – without her financial contribution and support we would not have been able to realize our lifelong dream of animal re-introduction into the Life Line area. Through her generous donation we were able to finish the outside bonnox fencing for the Life Line area as well as help put up the solar power system for the Life Line project.
    This is some information on the Life Line Project:

  171. 171
    AWHODAT Says:

    Surprise surprise! NOT. LOL Jennipoop Anustain’s buddy, Joe Francis the Misogynist who made his fortune exploiting naked, drunk college and underage girls, and his wife of 2months have separated.
    “Less than two months after Joe Francis and long-term girlfriend Christina McLarty married in a civil ceremony at his luxurious Mexican retreat, the pair have split, has exclusively learned.”
    Guess he and jenny can hook up. Wasnt ithe who gave her the porn video which she gifted to Brad on his birthday one year? What a nasty s.l.u.t. anustain is and has always been.

  172. 172
    THINK Says:

    seriously- the kids aren’t there because they aren’t in that picture you are looking at? Wow- I bet you believe virtually everything you read, too!

  173. 173
    Jen the HAG Says:

    boring.. @ 12/29/2010 at 3:48 am

    yeah r e t a r d like you like to read their own kind!!

  174. 174
    Jen the HAG Says:

    THINK @ 12/29/2010 at 8:10 am

    well JENHAGS got low IQ that’s why

  175. 175
    gracie Says:

    Thanks to Dulcinea13 at JJB who edited and translated this making it possible for JP fans to read. It seems the JPs are back in US soil and maybe, the sightings of them in Missouri is true. They’re spending time with Brad’s family. What a fabulous holidays they’re all having.

    December 29, 2010
    Hollywood’s glamour couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their children describe their holiday in Namibia as fantastic. They have a soft spot for Namibia, not only because of their four year old daughter Shiloh was born here, but because their privacy and seclusion here to enjoy it and Namibians gun, according to me. Marlice van Vuuren van N/a’an ku say where the family a weeklong vacation over Christmas spent.

    In addition, the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Foundation, U.S. $ 2 million (A $ 13.3 million) to N / a’an ku gift for conserving Namibia’s cultures and wildlife, as well as the living standards of the San community through education, job creation and health care. “The foundation is specifically established under Shiloh’s name because we do want her growing up with the awareness and involvement in her native country,” said Jolie.

    “We know for many years and Marlice Rudie van Vuuren (co-founders and directors of A / a’an ku say) and are still impressed with their hard work and dedication to the Namibian people and the conservation of wildlife in the country.” The van Vuurens are overwhelmed with joy that the world famous movie stars N / a’an ku say if their partner in Namibia selected. “N / a’an ku said the mission to the country’s culture and wildlife preserve and species by the shrinking habitat threatened to deliver.” The famous family has two nights at Wolwedans spent before a week at a / ku a’an say, 45 km outside Windhoek, relaxed. The children watched dr. Van Vuuren, a wild dog stitches and give me. Van Vuuren and their five year old boy, Zacheo, helped the weesbobbejaantjies and foxes to feed and care.

    The children have school for San children visit and even the release of a leopard in the wild have been observed. In an exclusive media release to Republican, the Jolie-Pitts personally thanked Namibians for their hospitality. “The staff of the Hosea Kutako airport was fantastic.”

    “Thanks to Sgt. Joseph Norman Pule, Mtwetu Daisy, Veronica, Paul and Nehemiah Nghishekwa of Immigration, Monika Mayer and De Wet du Plessis, who handled the baggage and the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Mr. Elia Kaiyamo, who helped with our arrival, “said the statement.

    John and Nico Kotze of Cars and Guides in Swakopmund, the protection observed. Dr. Jannes Brand, a local oogchirurg, his house on N / a’an ku said the family made available.
    They praise the good service Wolwedans staff and Ole Friede Profile of African safaris they flew. Furthermore, like the Jolie-Pitts quad bikes and ride on short notice was no kwads Windhoek available. “Fortunately, Faan Horn, Max Kunnerd, Immo and Gunnar Jensen their bikes for the family borrowed,” said the statement.

    “The couple specifically asked that we thank them on behalf of Namibians.”

    Any hope that Namibians have had to the Jolie-Pitts in person to see, in vain, because they have Christmas Eve flew from Namibia. Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt on May 27, 2006 in Swakopmund was born. N / a’an ku said Lifeline’s clinic on 6 December in Rome, Italy, during the International Health Promotion Conference as the winner from 80 entries nominated in the category of projects through innovative and sustainable ideas make a difference in poor communities.
    Brangelina, as the couple known last Friday at Checkers in Maerua Mall by Republican’s Francois Poolman gekiek while shopping done. The photo on the cover of the South African Sunday paper Rapport.

  176. 176
    sav Says:

    Angie and the girls in Springfield

  177. 177
    busted Says:


    OK.. so the Jolie-Pitts are hanging and enjoying Missouri with the Rents.

    OH my oh my oh my.. the hags are yet again crawling back in their dark holes.. Why do you fools always do this to yourselves. Every time you see the family you rush to this site and all other and start spewing these stupid rants about how the kids don’t see the Grandparents, cousins and such. And the JP fans just shake our heads and laugh because you fools never ever learn YOU know nothing about this family. We however never try to guess their movements. Just enjoy the pictures when they pop up.

    so the JPsa re with the Pitts.. LOSERS>> LOSERS>>>LOSERS>>>

    Yep like everyday for 6 lose again… LMAO..

    ** I wonder if they actually spent Christmas there.. I guess we won’t know.

  178. 178
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Bahahahahaha…enjoy, from GAWKER:
    Great Feuds of 2010: Who Won, Who Lost, and Who Will Commit Harakiri
    The Beef: Aniston friend and comedian Chelsea Handler stepped into the Angelina-Jen proxy war again with an on-stage rant against “****” “homewrecker” Angelina Jolie. She proceeded to give interviews and milk the the 15 minutes like it was a Holstein cow. Aniston distanced herself from Chelsea, and Angelina continued not to give a **** about any of them.
    The Verdict: Angelina wins with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. Chelsea accepts her punishment: A romantic relationship with 50 Cent.

    P.s. If someone can post on jjb in the gen disc thread re rupert everett and maniston – would u mind telling the lone troll, that Angelina has nothing to do with what Rupert spouts off about, and that the main diff between Clooney, Matt, Angelina and anyone else that has an occasional lackluster perf at the b.o. is that they are all Oscar winning, Oscar nominated (multiple times) talented people, as opposed to no-talent TV sh*t-com hactresses who look like asss, milking the long dead marriage tand nasty divorce to a movie star.

  179. 179
    Sherry Says:

    Re: Passing Through take on Lamey… girl, you are so right about that hometrick… You might even believe that Brad and Angie are STILL together to SPITE those nasty trolls, like her and Terd & co. I guess they have been hanging out too long with that other hometrick ole Ticky. As in everything this couple and FAMILY does is to SPITE & HURT them and Tampon Jen, as we all know by now, that’s definitely Ticky’s mentality.

    Truth is, this family does not even know that these trolls even exist, much give two hoots about what they have to say concerning how they conduct their lives. Like that guy at What Would Tyler Durden Do website says, if you listen to what Brad had to say over the last six years, you might even belive that Brad never even know Ticky, much less was to married her. If Brad could ignore that Bi**ch, then we can certainly ignore ole Lamey. (But it’s SO much more fun to laugh AT her, isn’t it)…
    Anyways, I found this pyschic website had a pretty good writeup on Brad and Ange back in 2009, I guess she’s a fan. Isn’t it funny how they keep harping on Brad and Angie getting married. I can see the sense in not getting married, as I have had myself to bad marriages, and now, even though I am in a very good relationship with someone (5 years) , I have no desire to ever get hitched again.
    She also had a write up on ole Tikeroo saying Brad (cue the violins), was the love of Tick’s life. You gotta laugh…enjoy.

  180. 180
    NAN Says:

    @sav #180!

    Thank you very very much that you ‘d showed us the pic of Angie and the kids are in Springfield.

    Poor Jen huh? HuvsykatieBotoxNajimy.

    6+years Jen still be the third wheel with Courteney’s broken family.

    Jen have to spend The New Year 2011 with her BFF+Dogs …Ouch…Ouch !

  181. 181
    sav Says:

    You’re welcome girl!
    Not a good day for trolls, or should I say not a good year for trolls and hags hahahaha

  182. 182
    dark angel Says:

    Nothing makes me happier than slapping the trolls with proof to add to their misery.

  183. 183
    Not a Good SIX Years for Troll Says:

    savthanks very much for MO pic. Yup, bad times for trolls- more ahead-golden globes? Superbowl maybe? Redcarpets galore, perhaps Cannes again?? THINKlove the Spinaltap reference- so funny! Trolls have consistently proven that their critical thinking skills are extremely poor!

  184. 184
    from spain critics Says:

    ” Ella esta demasiado tisica para despertar la libido el respetable como antaño y no se molesta en poner nada de alma en su personaje.Todo esfuerzo se centra en lucir palmito.”
    “Depp y jolie no ayudan en nada a sobrellevar la mas de hora y media de metraje.”

  185. 185
    TT #10 & falling..3rd week? Says:

    ahhhhhh —–pure heaven

  186. 186
    CLINIQUA Says:

    From that same article on 2010 ‘Feuds,’ this (below) was in the comment section from a flaming jealous douche, screename of pop-fop, he got pwned….enjoy:
    Chelsea “Lately” Handler vs. Angelina
    Chelsea. She drinks and whores around and can barely put together a sentence but that’s far more entertaining than anything Jolie has ever done. Again, having a sense of humor wins over having your ass injected in to your lips.


    RESPONSE: @Pop-Fop: I work in a casino where I see Chelsea Handjob-like rancid worn-out cows boozing, vomiting and basically giving the death glare to any female younger than 65 who sidles up to the bar and encroaches on their perceived territory. They aren’t funny or humorous in the slightest, unless you find overall female debasement and self-humiliation ‘entertaining.’ Which, IF you are a painfully pedestrian yawn-inducing extremely jealous scary faux-**** exacting rage on a message board, that just might be the case. Perhaps you and Chelsea Horseler have quite a bit in common, in that you have all the seductiveness and allure of a James Gumb (“Put the lotion in the basket Angelina!!”). At the end of the day, this isn’t called being a ‘comedienne,’ it’s called being an ugly mean lame drunk and waste of space. I’ll watch SALT and Changeling on a fcking loop til I leave this mortal coil, rather than have to see Handler’s cryptkeeper mug, contorted and pinched in bizarro nonsensical rage as she spits on the losers unfortunate enough to be trapped in the front row of whatever venue she’s not being funny in. Oh, and the lips are real bish. Just because your idol Chelsea’s paper thin lips probably leave papercuts on ‘fiddy’ and Jennifer Aniston’s balls, doesn’t mean you need to slur La Jolie’s pillow-lipped DNA. Love to you grrrrl. ;)

  187. 187
    Londy noty Says:

    wow beautiful people!!!

  188. 188
    Singoi Says:

    what a beautiful people!!!

  189. 189
    from andalucia Says:

    por dios… la chilu parese que sacomio un cerdo …tiene cara de tragona …

  190. 190
    Ms. Marla Says:

    I guess skankalina and J.A. have something else in common ,besides B.P., their latest movies both tanked,Angie ,doing accents,priceless

  191. 191
    sav Says:

    @CLINIQUA: omg that is one “destroying hags” post !!!!!
    I have to say that we, Jolie-Pitt fans, are really eloquent and savvy. Sorry if I’m immodest but it is true. Read hags` posts and you will die of boredom.

  192. 192
    !!! sighting!!!! Says:

    -spotted Ang copping on a Springfied corner–tried to say hi but Ang had the shakes and ran back to the limo with her prize

  193. 193
    busted Says:

    @Singoi: @from andalucia: @Ms. Marla:


    see this is what they do. Can’t go the break up road, or the Brad is back with the HAG, or that the Pitts hate Angie.. so here we go. talking The Tourist.. Whatever. Angie’s film will do just fine, and if she had 20 flops she is still a better actress then the HAG.. see. nothing you say can ever change that.

    oh and SALT is killing in dvd sales.. LOL

    take your rant somewhere else. Angelina is still The Queen.. you freaks prove it day after day..

  194. 194
    Botoxjen sux w Norman ! Says:

    The Switch # 8 in 1st week(3days) Failed Flopped and Bombed.

  195. 195
    of course Says:

    @!!! sighting!!!!:
    She was scared to death when she saw you. You’re not a nice sight for the eyes. Of course…

  196. 196
    anustin Says:

    hehehehehe……anjie with the inlaws!!!! bahahahaha.zweet as honey and sugar cane.

    thanks sav. for the pix.u rocked baby.

  197. 197
    anustin Says:

    ur azz must have tanked to the 9th deg. moro.n!!! TT is doing fine.

  198. 198
    gingerBread Says:

    adorable!!!!!!!!! wish them all the best this 2011….

  199. 199
    never a family unit Says:

    Oh Wow, the jolie stupes NEVER take all their children anywhere. Someone is always left out. So they’d rathe spend time with some elite family in Nambibia than their own blood relatives and deny those children time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They talk the family talk but they sure don’t walk the walk. They even leave some of their own children behind. Never ever do they move as a family unit. Wonder why they chose the white bio and the black adopted this time? There is always some covert reason for the ones out and the ones left behind.

  200. 200
    NAN Says:


    Are Angelina and Jennifer have something else in common besides BP ?????

    Jennifer’d told to the whole world that she spread her legs on The Set Up blind date with BP (May98)

    BP have to chasing after Angelina to Africa with his Liberty’s papers after 1+year they knew each other and can get Angelina in bed .(Apr05)

    Don’t be Easy Easy Poosey huh? Ms.Marlajennypoo.

  201. 201
    floppidy flop flop Says:

    The Switch—–> $19,000,000 budget —20 million profit

    The Tourist—->$100,000,000 budget—-60 Million LOSS

  202. 202
    NAN Says:

    Wow,Norman’s friends have to tried to be clever huh?katieBotoxNajimy
    JJ even cannot shows more pics from Namibia,but the low IQ dog pretending to Not to understand huh?
    Just Bårks Bårks Bårks ,It’sThe Order from HuvsykatieBotoxNajimy !

  203. 203



  204. 204
    Observer2 Says:

    I see the troll’s heads are still exploding.

    Brad and Angelina and their kids are with their family in MO. But, they don’t have any clue what family means, dammit! Only the trolls do! That’s why they trolls seem so happy. Not.


  205. 205
    anustin Says:

    sorry,can’t get over of anjie’s spending time with her inlaws.heard they have a home in MO.ahhhhhhh…..unlike the has been Maniston.only in bh and caboz.

  206. 206
    Passing Through Says:

    # 179 gracie @ 12/29/2010 at 8:37 am
    BBBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can’t wait to hear how Lamey spins this one. Turns out they were there not just to vacay but to set up Shiloh’s foundation – just like they did with Z 2 years ago in Ethiopia. Once again the Jolie-Pitts are walking their talk while others are issuing half-assed press releases about how they spent the holidays. Ya gotta love it…
    BTW – I guess they haven’t set up a foundation for Pax yet because it’s much harder to do that kind of thing in Vietnam. The government wants to control everything, so any kind of humanitarian project they’d start would have to be in conjunction or under the auspices of the government and that would conflict with Angie’s neutrality stance necessary for her work with the UNHCR.

  207. 207
    maripedo Says:

    The tourist —-100 mill. budget + x millions promotion —– loss 60 and x millions…
    That is the history of the greet star from Hollywood.

  208. 208
    maripedo Says:

    The torist —-100 m.$ budget+ x m.$ promotion—-60 m.$ +x m.$ loss

  209. 209
    Andamentothat Says:

    Greetings fans! Thx lylian for the link to Harnas. Go under support/specials to see pics of three lions called Pax, Brad and Maddox!

  210. 210
    maripedo Says:


  211. 211
    Passing Through Says:

    # 180 sav @ 12/29/2010 at 8:37 am
    Angie and the girls in Springfield
    Thanks. Three things strike me –
    1. Shiloh is very tall for her age
    2. The kid wears clothes like her daddy. And by that I mean the way they fall on her body. Her pants are killing me…
    3. Her posture is an exact replica of Angie’s – tall and straight back, head held high. Z is the same way. No slouching for these kids. There are grown women who could take posture lessons from these girls.

  212. 212
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    # Never a family unit = jen’s life. = Legacy of a Loser
    No mother, no father, no brother, no sister, no kids AT HER SIDE . Never for over a decade !
    Instead, as a best female friend : a drunk trailer trash who sleeps with 50 Cents. As the best male friend : a notorious peadophile.
    At her funeral, there will be trailer trash like crowd of boohoo sisters followed by dogs to pay their tribute to the famililess queen of losers
    for an empty life spent at eating the same chiken salad every
    day of the week, at doing yoga, at being dumped left and right and at whining, her more productive activity.
    Legacy of a Loser

  213. 213
    Passing Through Says:

    # 182 CLINIQUA @ 12/29/2010 at 9:29 am
    Bahahahahaha…enjoy, from GAWKER:
    Great Feuds of 2010: Who Won, Who Lost, and Who Will Commit Harakiri
    The Beef: Aniston friend and comedian Chelsea Handler stepped into the Angelina-Jen proxy war again with an on-stage rant against “****” “homewrecker” Angelina Jolie. She proceeded to give interviews and milk the the 15 minutes like it was a Holstein cow. Aniston distanced herself from Chelsea, and Angelina continued not to give a **** about any of them.
    The Verdict: Angelina wins with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. Chelsea accepts her punishment: A romantic relationship with 50 Cent.
    ROTFLMBAO! Snap and double snap! Go Gawker! I guess X will think twice before she sics her friends on Angie again. X can deny it all she wants – everybody and their dog knows she’s the reason Handjob is still ragging about Angie but not her. Which is something nobody ever seems to bring up – that Handjob was much worse talking about X than Angie until she became Huvane’s client. Handjob didn’t sell her soul to the company store – she never had one to begin with.

  214. 214
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    LOL, Rupert Everett slams Maniston for being an undesreving actress with too many flops..Herte from the Huffington Post.
    “Still, Hollywood decides on its own who to support, even if its undeserved, Everett says. And to prove his point, he criticized the career of Jennifer Aniston: “Like Jennifer Aniston will just have one too many total flops. But she’s still a member of that club. And she will still manage to — like a star forming in the universe — a whole lot of things swirling around and suddenly solidifying into yet another vital tasteless romcom: a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula.”

  215. 215
    Kim Says:

    @maripedo: Angelina Jolie’s salary $20 Million a film Jennifer Anniston$ 8 million FYI Her salary for Marley and Me in 2007 was $8 Million and The Bounty Hunter in 2010 still $8 Million Stagnant. In 2007 single, no kids, 2010 single, no kids. Oh yeah Congrats to AJ for Golden Globe Nomination and being named #7 th most admired woman in America in Gallup Poll. And Jen Congrats on your tan

  216. 216
    Passing Through Says:

    # 183 Sherry @ 12/29/2010 at 9:30 am +8
    Speaking of faux JP weddings – the new OuttaTouch cover claims they got married…again. BUT…I’m gonna cut OuttaTouch a break because IIRC this is the first time they’ve made the claim this year. Yep, they almost made it a full year with a faux JP wedding cover. Although the date on the issue is Jan 10, 2011 I still count the issue as coming out this year. I was going to have a party for OuttaTouch if they made it a full year without a fake wedding, but now I’m giving the cake to Ticky so she’ll have something to cry in on Jan 7th other than Norman’s fur.

  217. 217
    Passing Through Says:

    Did you guys see that US has picked up the Rupert Everett story? I’m not going to post the link. If you really want to go to the US site the link is at the bottom of the page in the US section…
    Rupert Everett Bashes Jennifer Aniston’s “Tasteless” Career

    Credit: James Devaney/; BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

    Wednesday – December 29, 2010 – 12:08pm

    Rupert Everett isn’t a fan of The Bounty Hunter. Or The Switch. Or pretty much anything else Jennifer Aniston has starred in.

    During an interview with BBC Radio 4, the 51-year-old British actor claimed that no matter how poorly an actor performs at the box office, certain stars will always remain on Hollywood’s A-list.

    “If you look and analyze the careers of many, many stars, you’ll find that they’re mostly sustained by the business,” Everett argued. “You’ll find there’s lots of women and lots of men in the business that the powers that be decide are right for their business, and they’ll stand with them for quite a long time.”

    He then used the 41-year-old Just Go With It actress to further illustrate his point.

    “OK, something will go wrong, like Jennifer Aniston will have one too many total flops, but she’s still a member of that club,” Everett continued. “And she will still manage to…like a star forming in the universe, things will swirl around her and it will suddenly solidify into another vital tasteless rom-com, a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula.”

    But Aniston isn’t the only box office draw who Everett is frustrated with: He’s got an issue with Oscar-nominated actor Colin Firth too!

    “Colin Firth I don’t think was at all good in Mamma Mia! I would have thought it was almost a careericide,” Everett sniped. “On the other hand, I think his performance in A Single Man was the best performance of his life.”

  218. 218
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Zee, lol — this is priceless (a keeper):

  219. 219
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    MANiston is nowhere on the list…..again. Even Jessica & Scarlette are on the list.

  220. 220
    ??? Says:

    @anustin: whats the big deal? We’ve seen plenty of photos of brads parents visiting with brangelina and their family around the world. Why is it such big deal if they@re spending the new year with them? Or is it just a big deal to the people living in tabloid land where brads mom hates Angie and her brown children and really hates the blonde girl dressed as a boy? Lololol

  221. 221
    Observer2 Says:

    ~~~Angelina continued not to give a **** about any of them.~~~

    Aniston’s attempts at, I will not be ignored, fail again because, oh, yes you will. LOL.

  222. 222
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    # Media Wh@re Maniston
    Maniston is consistently dumped and is said to be un-napalm. She can’t be sexy with all those characteristics whatever the body she has. She makes them ran the other way as soon as they get to know her a little bit.
    What other testament of UNattractiveness than this ?

  223. 223
    anustin Says:

    its a huge deal ejit!!!!i mean …for the fanistonsssss!!!and dont run after my vaj.b/c i have my middle finger with u.moron!!!!

  224. 224
    huffington post Says:

  225. 225
    busted Says:

    Off to do some gift card shopping.. MY FAVORITE

    NOW wait we are going to get a response about Rupert. And it will be

    “Why is everyone picking on Jenniffer” Everyones favorite friend. and of course the hags will work to find a way to drag Angie into. hmm

    Well last time I check Angie does not pal around with Rupert and they have not been on a vacation together. PLUS Angie has been in Hungary and overseas for MONTHS.. but this will go down as Jenny poo being singled out..

    Huvane can’t have his money cow upset when she is about to promote her next film.. And with the Courteney thing, Handler thing now Rupert thing.. she will be shaking in her boots if anyone asks her any questions about any of these..

    1).. How do you feel about the break up of Courteney’s marriage. Did your friendship have anything to do with it. Were you a 3rd party in that marriage
    2) Jenn you and Handler are friends.. did you encourage her to attack Angie.. How do you feel about your friend calling another woman such a disgusting name.
    3) do you think that Hollywood gives you a free pass when you have had several movies that have not been BO success..

    Can you imagine her answering any of these questions. I can’t. Have you all noticed that there are really no real interviews (in person) or her. We have tons of interviews of Angie.. Talking so intelligently and so smart.. but I don’t recall seeing any interview of Aniston.. even during Photo calls.. or the press junket. Nothing..

    well she can’t string 2 sentences together that is probably why.

    Anyway wait for the defense of Aniston to come.. It may take some time because most of the celebs are out of town and the shows are trying to fill in space.

  226. 226
    ??? Says:

    @anustin: yuck LoL

  227. 227
    Rupert Everett Says:

  228. 228
    AWHODAT Says:

    @Passing Through:
    ROTFLMBAO! Snap and double snap! Go Gawker! I guess X will think twice before she sics her friends on Angie again. X can deny it all she wants – everybody and their dog knows she’s the reason Handjob is still ragging about Angie but not her. Which is something nobody ever seems to bring up – that Handjob was much worse talking about X than Angie until she became Huvane’s client. Handjob didn’t sell her soul to the company store – she never had one to begin with.

    You know what, some time after the nasty chelshiit handjob’s last rant about Angie (after jennypoop poured her bitterness out in a drunken weekend) i went searching youtube for any evidence of chelshiits’s past rants about jennuypoop on her show.
    Are u surprised to hear that i cant find one of them? I used o watch chelsea lately and i used to see her jennypoop rants,. But now, not a peep!
    Hmmmmm. I wonder why?

  229. 229
    Rupert Everett Says:

    Didn’t this Rupert Everett guy recently throw Madonna under the bus with his comments also????

  230. 230
    CLINIQUA Says:

    “I won’t be IGNOOOOORED Brad!!!” — Bahahaha, observer2.
    Sure you will.
    Re the Rupert piece, one thing I wish? That he had gone just a little bit farther, and actually told the REAL truth and named names. Otherwise, what’s the point of taking heat for what he said (and he probably will – though doubtful he gives a fck), when he didn’t go far enough. He should have slammed the PR flacks that keep churning out Aniston product, and enabling her sad no-talent azz. She’s supported because of her PR agency and agent, who take 10-15% of her very hefty gross, and in return they have to deliver SOME kind of career. As long as the money doesn’t run out, she will be forced down our collective throats on a bi and tri-annual basis…her pablum filled boring promotions, and vapid leery stuttering comatose stupid ‘interviews.’ Huvane standing by like a rabid flaming bird of prey to peck out the eyes of any reporter w/ the balls to ask her about her chum Chelsea Handjob. Hahahaha.
    Man, I hope David Arquette spills on the whole FAKE ball of wax one day soon.
    By the way – do you recall the FIRST Arquette/Stern interview, where Howard kept asking David, (who knows the truth behind the ‘Huvaniston’ fakery)…‘why Aniston was mad at Angelina Jolie – and why wasn’t she mad at Pitt since he’s the one who left? That Angie had nothing to do with anything.’ Do you recall David’s answer? He AGREED, and said Maniston was NOT ‘mad’ at Angelina.
    …and there you have it. As I’ve always said – this was a LATE 2008 strategy to sell her dog movie, and to gain career traction going forward (the Jen VS Angelina tact) – from 2005 to 2008, Angelina was never even part of her equation. In fact, in Vanity Fair 2005, Aniston said nothing disparaging re Angelina, she only attacked Brad, and tried to make him look like a sh*t. It failed. It didn’t help her career, and what’s WORSE, by employing this tact of ‘HE who shall remain nameless’ in various lame interviews – people were shaking their heads, saying she pathetic and wasn’t over Brad.
    The new strategy in 2008, was to apologize to Brad since the cold war w/ him was getting her nowhere careerwise, and yet strategize to KEEP the mini-van angry COW ‘support’ that made her relevant post split: the sad jealous hens who identified w/ her getting dumped had to be stirred up again and re-energized. Her ‘team’ had proven ambivalent about hating Brad, but the bishes were itching for ‘Jen’ who had been dumped 2-3 times by other guys, to lay blame at Angelina’s feet. She and Huvane gave them what they wanted. They created a FAKE fictional ‘incident,’ w/ Angelina that caused Maniston ‘upset.’ Remember what that FAKERY was? As Aniston describes it in Vogue, her pals kept telling her to go out and read Angelina’s 2007 Vogue cover piece (a tactful, classy, diplomatic and sincere interview that any decent person would have accepted gracefully, but this is scheming stupid Huvane and Aniston we’re talking about). SUPPOSEDLY, according to Maniston’s fake storytelling, Angelina’s comment that she had a blast filming MAMS and couldn’t wait to get to work was all Maniston needed to run to the public, whining and sniveling and asking her ’2005 team’ to regroup and THIS TIME, stone Angelina (not Brad) for a particular remark: thus, the ‘What Angelina said was UNCOOL’ remark was born, and Maniston got brand spanking new RELEVANCE in the public discourse. Seriously, that’s all she needed. If it wasn’t such a weak, lame and FRAUDULENT tactic to keep her cheap asss’d TV hactress career on life support, it would be funny. The ugly cows of the world lined up in formation to scream at La Jolie, and thus Manny got an extra 15 minutes, that feels like 15 years.
    But the lie was exposed the day Arquette went on STERN: Aniston is NOT mad at Jolie. Much like Maniston and her mother, she holds grudges, Brad ruined her life as she sees it, so Aniston, regardless of her feelings re Jolie initially, will gladly sling mud at the love of Brad’s life and try to ruin his. Ask her mother about Aniston and ‘grudges.’

  231. 231

    mira Rupert ,me parece que si te han hecho mal la cirugia no debes pagarlo con la jenny ,con lo mona que es …anda ven a comerte las empanadillas ,que se te enfrian ….

  232. 232
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    Aniston is a fraud, an undeserving actress with an excessively overblown status totally mismatched with her body of work in terms of quality and in a strictly financial point of view.
    She sells sh*t left and right and acts arrogantly, like her sh*t doesn’t stinks.
    More and more celebrities will call her out on that, as times go by, as her extended honeymoon with the press and the media is coming to an end.
    She belongs to a reality TV show and nothing more.

  233. 233
    anustin Says:


  234. 234
    anustin Says:

    no .taken out of context thing! eh rupert.

  235. 235
    Observer2 Says:

    Although, I agree with RE’s comments, Aniston does get more chances than she actually merits. And her comedy with Sandler, will afford her more time. I also think that her time window is closing more and more, as she is going to be 43. And since she says she refuses being a character actress, which she’s not even worthy of being called because she plays only one character, Jennifer Aniston.

    I wish they came from someone that had room to talk. LOL.

  236. 236
    ? Says:

    Who is Rupert Everett??

  237. 237
    Jennifer and Goldie Says:

    As she advances in age in Hollywood, Aniston is going to have to become a character actor, unless she follows in the footsteps of someone like Goldie Hawn whuois still known for her comedic roles at age 64.

  238. 238
    Observer2 Says:

    Goldie, had that certain something. Her daughter and Aniston are both lacking.

    And unfortunately, Goldie is no longer a working actress. Unlike, say, Susan Sarandon or Meryl Streep. Goldie aged out of romantic comedies and comedies in general. And no one is hiring her for dramatic work.

    Who knows if that was by choice or if she was forced into retirement, so to speak. At least, she’s not taking on crap movies, just for the sake of making movies.

  239. 239
    Last thought! Says:

    Hollywood needs to put Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt on a shelf and move on. JA was good on the sitcom and should go back to that. Jolie and Pitt cannot act and are tiresome already with their BS charity and paparazzi family photos to cover the fact that they stink and to keep their careers on life support. Period.

  240. 240
    WHO IS SALT ? Says:

    Aniston should never been mentioned in par with Goldie..
    She is not even in the same league as Melanie Griffith or Meg Ryan in the rom com genre.
    She is just a wanna be actress with an amateurish acting. Hence she will feature opposite other amateurish starlets half her age :Heidi Montag and Brooklyn Decker.

  241. 241
    anustin Says:

    man,goldie has talent man.not the famous fuggy.nah ah!

  242. 242
    anustin Says:

    fckin zhit!!!! wer is ur brain????????put down brad and anjie? HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD!!! ejit!the JPs are the hollywood!!!moron.heheheheh.true.

  243. 243
    Susan Says:

    @Passing Through: There was a picture of Angie and the older kids boarding a plane to leave Mexico, and the posture of Angie and the girls was a sight to see. It was funny they’re all racing to the plane, but I’m guessing Brad have been drilling Maddox, that his sisters have to go first because with all the running and fooling around that was how it ended up. If you notice when there are with the kids in a crowed place, they always hold the hands of Pax and Shiloh.

  244. 244
    hohoho Says:

    Rob Shuter is one of the biggest liars in HW…along with the rest of the hack publicists. Does the Huvane family have an accountant in the ranks that works for Jennifer too since she has Huvane family members for an agent and another for her publicist. Wonder how much of those ‘Friends’ millions have slowly drained into the Huvane family fortune? Ole Rob Shuter has his greasy, lying palms open for any coins and will spin lies to sell Jenny and bash whoever the Huvanes tells him to. Gawker got it right about Shuter.

    Since Angie never had an agent and publicist and Brad did fire his….how are they responsible for Huvane getting kicked out of his own company? Shuter lies.
    Does anyone know Stephen’s full client list…it would be neat to compare who Jenny’s ‘Friends’ are…you know like Demi and Chelsea.

  245. 245
    um Says:

    The look cool and at home in these pictures.

    Angelina is trending #4 on yahoo right now. Is it because of all those wedding stories floating around?

  246. 246
    sigh Says:


    Outta touch’s headline: Inside their secret wedding! Now if anyone knows about it, can’t be too secret huh? These tabs are crazy. Why don’t they report on the many true engagements and weddings in Hollywood the past few weeks?

  247. 247
    manny is desperate Says:

    Manny can’t get positive attention any more, even paying all that $$ to PR. Press releasing a dinner with Courtney-PLEASE!! People so don’t care any more that David’s name was dropped to get a crumb of attention..manny is such an extreme narcissist that she must have attention- even negative attention will suffice. So getting her name out there gives the MYTH that she is in someway “interesting” as well as new talking points to- wait for it- NOT TALK ABOUT! Because, you know, she’s sooo private…yeah, right

  248. 248

    So cannies is next year. She will always gets boyfriends when they do cannies , but next year she will go for more on purpose.
    May27 will be ruined for their moves. Sad.

  249. 249
    anustin Says:

    see that one a wedding news.told u….. even tabs gonna die w/o the JPs.”let me till u exactly……the JPs are the bread and butter..nyahahahahahaa.zuckit!

  250. 250
    anon Says:

    @Last thought!:

    Hater. Pure and simple. Nuff said.

  251. 251
    LOL Says:

    People are over the Angie vs Jennifer faux fight. It’s obvious by the many comments defending Angelina against chelsea and aniston. even the tabloids pretty much stopped Angie vs jenniffer cover because people pass those by for fresher stories. Time to move on. Reese Witherspoon was with Ryan Philippe for 7+years and they have two kids and she looks like she moved on with no pity party or fake tabloid war

  252. 252
    anon Says:

    @Passing Through:

    Why I am not surprised? Zee looks, well, perfect and there’s Shilo with one pant leg higher than the other. LOL, what a little goof-ball. What a little treasure.

  253. 253
    GossipNewsTv Says:

    I hope that Brangelina is spending so much time between the poors not only to promote themselves… :-/

  254. 254
    de Cosmos Says:

    Well, at least they gave $2 million to the van Vuurens’ charities via Shiloh’s foundation.

  255. 255
    Cabo Says:

    @GossipNewsTv: de Cosmos

    I hope you guys keep on posting because your stupidity makes me laugh.

  256. 256
    Observer2 Says:

    Between the poors? WTF? ROTFLMAO!

  257. 257
    plant & deny Says:

    Yes, manny is desperate, that whole getting manny’s name out there thing is very similar to the whole plant & deny strategy she’s used for years…oh, manny was seen cozy w/ Orlando bloom..oh, wait , they’re just “friends”. Nowadays, it is hard for anyone to buy she would be with a “hot” guy (not just her age, but her nasty attitude), so the plants are more like- she’s a diva on set & they can print a “lovely” photo-shopped pic with a denial- shes wondeful, not a diva! well, now she’s getting mentioned I’m the same articles as colin firth- better than loser stinkwatet or friend Chelsea.

  258. 258
    gracie Says:

    “Like Jennifer Aniston will just have one too many total flops. But she’s still a member of that club. And she will still manage to — like a star forming in the universe — a whole lot of things swirling around and suddenly solidifying into yet another vital tasteless romcom: a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula.”

    By Rupert Everett.

    I completely agree with the quote by Rupert Everett. I have said this before, how many flops is Anuston going to make before the movie makers pull the plug on her. Everyone knows she is a crapy actress, there’s no hiding it but the woman continues to make movie after movie, 4 consecutive flops in one year and she is still in the business. Her fans have the nerve to talk shite about Angie, she has more talent than Anuston could ever dream of. She should be ashamed of herself for the series of flops she makes, it is embarrassing. And who is financing all these flops, don’t they care that they’re not recouping their budget costs or making profits? There are better actresses out there who are denied the chance to show their talents while this No Talent Ho is allowed to continue making shite-coms no one is interested in paying money to watch. Rupert is spot on, on this one.

  259. 259
    Passing Gas Says:


  260. 260
    an oldie Says:

    Hey ladies, stop pissing off the troll. LOL.

  261. 261
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Rupert Everett has fired a shot at Team Aniston:

    He continued with: “…OK, something will go wrong, like Jennifer Aniston will have one too many total flops, but she’s still a member of that club,” Everett said.

    “And she will still manage to… like a star forming in the universe, things will swirl around her and it will suddenly solidify into another vital tasteless rom-com, a little glitter next to the Crab Nebula…”

  262. 262
    Sad prediction Says:

    Angie, Brad doesn’t love you. Yet, he doesn’t want to split yet as long as it is working for him. Look out for yourself. Truth.

  263. 263
    Sad prediction Says:

    Don’t let him get near to you when everytime she seems to have the upper hand. Cause that is the only time he wants to act a man in love., Otherwise you know how he is. Look out for yourself. Not even once it came out for him showing he actually loves you. Sad

  264. 264
    Last prediction Says:

    Angie,don’t let him get near to you when she seems to have the upper hand on him because that is the only time he acts a man in love next you.
    It is sad that not even one time not even one time it came out to show he loves you. He doesn’t. He doesn’t hate you but he doesn’t love you.Truth. Watch out for yourself. I am not hating him. I don’t but It doesn’t show it in him. I was actually shocked, angry and sad exactly in that older. Watch out for yourself. BYE

  265. 265
    lylian Says:

    Wow, good to know that the JPs have set up a charity in Namibia in Shiloh’s name. That’s really wonderful.

  266. 266
    lylian Says:

    I think it’s very interesting psychologically, how Dedn initial statements after her break up with Brad was that she didn’t want to handle her break up like her mother handled hers with her father and still be angry and bitter 10 years or 20 years later.
    Yet it’s obvious from Handjob’s rant that Dedn is still deeply bitter, deeply angry with Angelina. We are now counting 6 years. I think Dedn’s bitterness will seep out again, and again. She can’t help herself.

  267. 267
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    I hope she talks about the JPs again when promoting her movies next yr and make a fool of herself. We know she needs them to stay relevant.

  268. 268
    NAN Says:


    Brad choosing angie to be the mother for his children since they living together after 6 months,today is 5yrs9months that they’re still together and have 6 children .
    The Jolie- Pitts will celebrates The New Year Eve 2011 with Brad’s parents and all of their siblings !

    Angie had made Brad’s dream come true !

    Poor Baby Jane is still crying on Norman’s fur !

    No one wants to hear ” l did l do and l will ” from Baby Jane !

    6 years gone by Baby Jane still with Norman the Dog…Ouch…Ouch.


  269. 269
    to nan Says:

    eres muy pero que muy mala gente ,a ti dios te va a dar un castigo ,porque tu te lomereces..

  270. 270
    HOLDING KIDS???? Says:



  271. 271
    Let them WaLK! Says:

    Can’t SHILOH and Zahara walk? Gee, why must they be HELD?? Shi is 4, Z is 5!!!!! Put them down and let them walk!!!!!!

    Right ????????????????????????


  272. 272
    LYNN Says:

    Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and can not wait for the New Year to take off the excess poundage. What can I say about the J/P. I know they enjoyed the holiday and it shows on Brad and Angie face. I hope the new year will be just as awsome. These two are blessed because they mind their own business, they dont talk about other actors and they do not lie about theyselves. I just run out of adjectives and positive things to say about my favorite actors. I know the Tourist will be a hit also. I hear too many people saying they will go see it when the weather gets better. My friends back east are saying, they dont see how any movie is making money with the bad weather.

  273. 273
    Blah colors for kids! Says:

    In their usual cheery colors! Browns and blacks, SO festive!

    I agree, why are they holding the girls? Z is too big to be held! And shiloh is suri’s age, and if you all remember, Suri was put down on this board last week for being held in nyc!
    Waiting to see the nuts say this is “different” LMAOOOOOOO!

  274. 274
    Observer2 Says:

    And the same troll, posting three posts in a row, talking about the same thing. And we’re the nuts? LOL.

  275. 275
    Not bad prediction on work Says:

    Don’t worry JGWT won’t be a hit despite the expectation.
    KFP2 will underperform
    Brad will win cannies for supporting actor
    TOL will be modest hit.
    MB will be a hit
    The love story debut not so good.
    They will have hard year with strong afrair rumours and all. JA will have a better year will announce a new man by may-june.

  276. 276
    let em walk! Says:

    @Let them WaLK!:

    Listen, Suri CANT be picked up! Zahara and Shiloh and the boys CAN BE HELD! You have to be a JP fan to understand that.

    Meanwhile, any SANE parent would hold Suri in NY with 100 paps facing her, However, no reason here for the girls to be held!

    But the JPS on here won’t say a WORD! I guess it’s OK then for SURI huh? Crazy Nuts!!!

  277. 277
    5 and being held Says:

    This will get all ‘dumbs down” but I also want to know why Shiloh and Zahara are still being held! I mean Zahara is five going on six!!!
    Shiloh is four, time to put them down!!!


    watch, not a SINGLE poster in love with this family will say a WORD!

    Suri Cruise, at 4 gets bashed, go figure!

  278. 278
    JP FANS are..... Says:

    @5 and being held:

    yu betcha! not a single JP fan will say anything about this pic of two BIG GIRLS being ‘held’. LOL!
    But, wait, until little Suri is held, then they go nuts. They ARE nuts, nuts in love with the Pitts. Sickening, at thispoint too…when they put down ONE child for being held, but not these kids. I think personally its the parents business, but they on JJ make Suri being held, THEIR business. So then, these kids should also have the same comments about being held, but look and note, NOT A WORD! Heck, if Ange carried Zee at 7, they still won’t say BOO.
    JPS are really, really insane!

  279. 279
    hold me Says:

    these kids are a little big for being held, dont you think?
    cant they walk?????

  280. 280
    5 and being held Says:


    yes you are Nuts, because it’s GALLING to see another child like Suri, Violet, always being put down for being HELD! And this picture here? Speaks VOLUMES and not a word. WHY? ANS THAT!

  281. 281
    NAN Says:

    To a coward dog #273 12/29/2010 at 7:22 pm.
    Jennifer har sagt at hun elske sine Hunde end Mennesker !
    Jennifer har kun Norman tilbage !
    Jennifers Mund er dårlig ,kan ikke holde hendes kærester læng!

  282. 282
    gracie Says:

    Sad prediction

    My prediction: This is what Anuston is missing and will forever miss. She will forever be crying on fugly Chelsea Handler’s shoulders for this magic love from Brad Pitt. Angie has all of it and doesn’t it make you green with envy? ENJOY!!

  283. 283
    Trolls in Pain Says:

    I don’t care about suri or manny or a ton of other so-called “celebrities”. Only somebody very silly would be posting on sites of celebrities they don’t like- who would waste that time? I hope suri gets carried forever & manny tans everyday for the of her life- I pay no attention to either- why do you care what the JPs do if you dislike them so much- oh, that is a rhetorical question- everybody knows the answer already- YOU CAN’T STAY away from the JPs- they own you!

  284. 284
    Observer2 Says:

    Same knuckle dragging troll. LMAO!

    You’re nuttier than a Snicker’s bar. Plus, I’ve never made mention of anyone carrying or not carrying their own child. It’s their business. Not mine.

  285. 285
    Tazzy Says:

    @Let them WaLK!: @Last prediction:

    Why does it matter to you if they want to carry their kids? I swear you haters get more whacky everyday.

  286. 286
    Hypocrites JPS Says:


    yeah sure, this board goes bananas whenever Suri is picked up, like xmas week for instance?? Give me a break. your ALL a bunch of Hypocrites, the worst , sickening kind too. end of story.
    Until another pic of little Suri being held is on here, then watch.

    Zahara should be walking, give me a break! five yrs old!

  287. 287
    Merry Nambia! Says:

    boy but brad never thought he spend xmas in Nambia! lol
    (bet his family can’t believe it either) anything to please her. lol

    and i agree, why are the girls still being picked up & held? why?
    cant they walk????????

  288. 288
    hohoho Says:

    Sounds like some troll wants to be picked up and held like a little kid. Geez, give a rest….you sound insane.

  289. 289
    walk already Says:


    true but why are the girls being held at their ages? esp. zee, she’s five!
    time to put them down, dont u agree?

  290. 290
    Tazzy Says:

    @5 and being held:

    Violet and Suri who?

  291. 291
    z & shi Says:

    Gee look at Zahara, how big she is. why is angie carrying her like a toddler? Shi is 4, also kinda big for this. i thought carrying at these ages was over.

  292. 292
    good for 1..good for other Says:

    Now the JP Nuts on here know how it feels to see other kids put down for the mere fact of them being carried by their parents. They sure don;t like it now, do they? HA! this pic is proof of how you all bash everyone else, but them! Picked up at four/five, and it’s OK! Correct?
    Yep. Unless it’s Voilet or Suri! then loook outttttttttttt.

  293. 293
    Tazzy Says:

    @Merry Nambia!:

    This obsession you have with Brad and Angie carrying their kids is getting downright creepy.

  294. 294
    NAN Says:

    He he he,Norman’s friends have to changes the subjects huh? HuvsyBotoxNajimy !

    The Jolie-Pitts will celebrates The New Year Eve 2011 with The Seniors and Juniors Pitt in Springfiled,MO !

    Poor Jennifer have to celebrates her New Year Eve 2011 with Courteney’s broken family and Norman The Dog !

    No CG,JM,GB for Jennifer !

    Only Dogs and Mandy always be there for Jennifer “The Loser “.

  295. 295
    Observer2 Says:

    Troll, your I.Q doesn’t even hit the double digits.

    But, toil and troll away from under your bridges. It’s funnier than hell to me.

    Make sure to keep changing your name. It’s working for you. LOL.

    I know, we’re not supposed to notice.

  296. 296
    ,m,ffggg´´´ññññ Says:

    shilo looks face like JOHN VOIGTH…

  297. 297
    ,m,ffggg´´´ññññ Says:


  298. 298
    not so ba prediction on work Says:

    Don’t fight/angry with me. I didn’t made it I read it. Observer, you are Brad guy, it is expected of you. Grace, I will love it to be wrong chances are it may not. I wish them two best. Espeically Angie, she is the one I read not too good year a head and reading about brad love is a big qestion mark for her. I read a couple good job offers for her though.
    I couldn’t believe I did this I though I won’t do this again. I let myself down. Yeah i am sadly obsessed. hahahahahaHopefully I will stick to my new year resolution . JP is taking to much of my time. omg. Hold me accountable for it.hahahaha I said my last and this is for real- the last . seriously.

  299. 299
    maripedo Says:

    snobs ,snobs and the tourist flop,flop,,,,

  300. 300
    from andalucia Says:

    la angelita tiene muchos premios
    muchas nominaciones
    muchos hijos
    al brad
    gana mucho
    todas sus fans locas por ella…
    pero,y por que no habeis ido a ver su paseito por Venecia y Paris QUE HA COSTADO MAS DE 100 MILONES DE $???
    como os pasais el dia aqui insultando …

  301. 301
    from andalucia Says:

    la angelita tiene muchos premios
    muchas nominaciones
    muchos hijos
    al brad
    gana mucho
    todas sus fans locas por ella…
    pero,y por que no habeis ido a ver su paseito por Venecia y Paris QUE HA COSTADO MAS DE 100 MILONES DE $???
    como os pasais el dia aqui insultando …

  302. 302
    from andalucia Says:

    la angelita tiene muchos premios
    muchas nominaciones
    muchos hijos
    al brad
    gana mucho
    todas sus fans locas por ella…
    pero,y por que no habeis ido a ver su paseito por Venecia y Paris QUE HA COSTADO MAS DE 100 MILONES DE $???
    como os pasais el dia aqui insultando …

  303. 303
    LYNN Says:

    I understand that the trolls keep saying the Tourist is a flop. Of course It just happens that I disagree with you people. It is so cool that you haters keep talking that s*** and you know you will come up the loser again like you always do. . I just want one of those haters to tell me how is this movie a flop on Angie and not a flop movie for Johnny Depp which is one of my favorite’s also. Johnny Depp is a leading actor also as well as angie. Now wouldnt that make this movie a flop for him also. Is he being consider a costar in this movie. I’m just asking. I think I already know your answer.

  304. 304
    ,,,,,...... Says:

    what is the next projec for skeletina ???
    i think that sony will to pay her 40 mill.$…
    OH sorry is the pig-plan B who will to pay a movie for your fiance…

  305. 305
    ,,,,,...... Says:

    what is the next projec for skeletina ???
    i think that sony will to pay her 40 mill.$…
    OH sorry is the pig-plan B who will to pay a movie for your fiance…

  306. 306
    to lynn Says:

    because is a Flop on skeletina ,O.K????

  307. 307
    Not bad prediction on work Says:

    NO **** I forgot The toruist 80 forgein and 55-63 domestic. If angie and johnny go to japan to promote it, the out come could be higher

  308. 308
    gracie Says:

    277, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283 and 284, instead of worrying about Brad and Angie’s children, why don’t you losers go and worry about your own children. I feel for your children coz you all sound like the kind parents who will push their kids away when they come to you for a cuddle. Your lack of affection to your children will do more damage to them ask bitter vindictive Anuston, she is full of hate for her mother and her siblings and can’t keep a man coz she doesn’t know how to give love. Brad and Angie’s children will turn out alright coz they know they are loved.

  309. 309
    NAN Says:

    How Jennifer will do with her 41+ Ovaries were Shrinking by minute ?

    All men were ran away from Jennifer to choosing the other women to be the mother of their children !

    What wrong with Jennifer ?

    Why is Jennifer still in the market ?

    5+ Years No Buyer,No Keeper !

    Jennifer is still be The Barren Cow Bitter Biich Ex !

  310. 310
    funny as hell. Says:

    don’t worry Grace. Itis the same person who keep posting. Except the spanish post. hahahahahahaha The girl is a tommy girl. She thinks Brad and Angie are a threat for him or something, She is not very ok person seriously.

  311. 311
    funny as hell. Says:

    ^the man sorry277and up
    301, 308 upthe cucu girl

  312. 312
    PH Says:

    Such bitter envious b!tches, these Suri/Tommygirl fanatics are. None of the JP fans were posting in the threads about Tommygirl carrying Suri because honestly, why would we give a sheet? Tommy could be carrying Suri and wrapping her in a blanket until she’s 21 and none of us would care. Actually, it’s Tommygirl fanatics like star fox and infamously cool who keep on posting in the JP threads even though they know they are not welcome here.

  313. 313
    NAN Says:

    He he he,Someone will be banging her hade on the walls and screaming to HuvsyBotoxNajimy !

    ” l want only an A-List Hunk Not Norman The Dog ”

    ” Please Set Me Up with an A-List Hunk for The New Year Eve 11″

  314. 314
    funny as hell. Says:

    Suri looks spoiled and they threat her like she is 2 that is the difference. No JP fan post about she is held or not. The kid look spolied by the way they trophy-lized her. Back of jealous b*tches.

  315. 315
    Etta (new HO on board) Says:

    I’m not gonna waste my time responding to one name changing troll.
    Brad, Angie and kids are in MO with the Rents enjoying themselves and that makes me happy.So I’m not going let a hag spoil it with its nasty posts. Just thumb down and ignore.

  316. 316
    funny as hell. Says:

    And pls… we see the JP kids on the floor than suri or any other kid. Go find another competion. ok

  317. 317
    LYNN Says:

    If the Tourist is a flop I dont see Johnny and Angie trying to hide out somewhere. I see the two of them going on about their business as usual. I think you haters are more concerned about this than the actual stars that appeared in this movie. I remember sombody’s movie was a real flop and smelt up the whole place and she had to take a vacation or disappeared for a while. Of course the thread was very quiet for a while which was a good thing.

  318. 318
    busted Says:

    @Etta (new HO on board):

    YOU know that is the problem. They (IT) has been posting for days that Angie is keeping Brad/Kids away from the Pitts.. Well…well..well what has happened. The Jolie-Pitts are in MO with the Older Pitts and all the extended family.. Now they have nothing so they (IT) is here spamming about BO of The Tourist.

    Here is a lesson. The fans don’t give a *******.. WE DON’t We support Brad/Angie and that is the bottom line. We don’t care about the BO numbers and so what.. nothing

    the 2 hags post will NOT change the admiration we have for this family.. so sit back suck it because all the predictions are WRONG. and Brad/Angie are still together and that is the thing that will forever piss you off and will forever be the Rub..

    Hoping the Brad and Angelina have the strongest and long lasting relationship.. Loving each other more and more every single day.. That will be the nail in the heads of these fools.. A LONG AND LASTING LOVE.

  319. 319
    gracie Says:

    To all the trolls stalking the JP fans. Something to make you losers foam at the mouth and go scream at the ocean.

  320. 320
    sorry, bad information Says:

    The jolie pitts are NOT in Missouri. Someone is playing with the fans. That blury pic of Angie and girls could have been taken anywhere and someone just decided it was MO.

    Need further confirmation that they are in MO before getting excited.

  321. 321
    hag Says:

    yes, shiloh jolie-pitt looks like her father, brad pitt, and her mother, angelina jolie. family genetics will also bless her with some of her grandfathers, john voight and bill pitt’s characteristics, and her grandmothers marcheline bertrand and jane pitt. these same genetic connections are seen in knox jolie-pitt and vivienne jolie-pitt. it’s called FAMILY BLOODLINE and angelina will FOREVER BE CONNECTED TO BRAD AND HIS FAMILY THROUGH BLOOD! she is part of his FAMILY’S TREE AND LEGACY. manny will NEVER be that.

  322. 322
    anustin Says:

    lovin the agonizing of da faniston!!! bwahahahahahha. keep on pressing those thorns.

  323. 323
    gracie Says:

    Haters are losing it. Whenever their idol gets bad publicity, they run here to spam Brad and Angie’s thread like it will take away the bad publicity Anuston is getting or make a difference to Brad and Angie’s love. The JPs are having a wonderful time with grandparents, uncle, aunty and their cousins while Anuston is drinking vodka with CC and CH. Life is fabulous. It’s great to be a JP fan and to be on the winning side.

  324. 324
    NAN Says:

    Brad had moved on with his new life with his Babies’s MaMa !

    OMG ! How Jennifer will do with her life ?

    The Jolie-Pitts in Springfield in MO !

  325. 325
    funny as hell. Says:

    box office magazine TT 44m. great.

  326. 326
    hag Says:

    trying to update my last comment to say that the jenhags are drowning because chinman is OUT of Brad’s family no matter how her losers try to falsely keep her name mentioned with brad’s family/.

  327. 327
    LOL Says:

    @not so ba prediction on work: you are strange. Psychic or psycho? Maybe you need medication?

  328. 328
    sweet family Says:

    Lee’s Art Shop must secretly be a Chuck E. Cheese’s b/c the Jolie-Pitt kids r very happy to be there
    The Jolie-Pitt Kids are ridiculously happy
    Such a smiley group! Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie was spotted with four of her children – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4 – shopping at Lee’s Art Store in New York City on Tuesday (December 7). Dressed in a pirate outfit while carrying a sword, Shiloh had a serious case of the giggles as she left the arts and crafts store. The other kids couldn’t hep but smile at their charismatic sister. Such a sweet group! Last Saturday, Angie was seen at the same store with partner Brad Pitt and their 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

    After more than 25 years in front of the camera, you’d think nothing would surprise Johnny Depp at this point in his career. Ah, but that was before he worked with Angelina Jolie. The star of The Tourist spoke with E! News at the New York premiere for the film and revleaed that something about Angie did, in fact, leave him surpised… “I was surprised by how down-to-earth she is,” Depp dished. “After all the, sort of, madness that surrounds their lives, Brad [Pitt] and Angelina, just how beautifully they deal with all the attention [and] chaos.” Depp went even further as he stood up for the couple who can’t seem to avoid media criticism. “They’re very, very good parents. Great parents. Wonderful people. Down-to-earth. Sweet.

  329. 329
    hohoho Says:

    Glad to read that ‘Salt’ was selling #1 on DVDs. I can see why–a great movie and 3 different versions on the DVD–I hope they make Salt 2 soon… they could go in a few different directions.

    If anyone has ever visited Freaky Farm, you know some of them fools have very vivid imaginations and one would think the ‘Salt’ story lines would be right down their alleys. Trouble is, these old girls don’t know truth from fiction, too many years of reading tabloids and listening to Jenny talk to them through her movies/lined up through her life. Stephie could say, pull my finger– again and again…and they’d do it.

  330. 330
    dianad1968 Says:

    I saw TT today and was very entertained from beginning to end. And OMG, Angie is soooo beautiful it’s insane. I honestly don’t think there is another woman anywhere with her kind of beauty. I am not saying there aren’t other beautiful women, (so trolls calm down), but after God made Angie, he broke the mold. The chemistry between Angie and Johnny were not on par with the chemistry Brad and Angie had, (that kind of chemistry will only be seen again with Brad and Angie), but it was sweet and romantic. I also don’t understand why the likes of Lamey were criticizing JD’s look, he looked fine. Angie on the big screen is something to look at…there is just no one else like her. I also guessed who AP was.

    BTW, how many films does Matt Damon film a year? How come no one criticizes him for always working? He is like the male FT, just churning out movie after movie.

  331. 331
    LatestPRStunt Says:

    This is as close to an oscar as X is going to get — latest pr ploy of aniston is to link her to the most D-listed oscar winner, Adrian Brody. Of course, he wants the media attention since his career has gone straight to video since the Pianist. She, of course, can claim to be with an Oscar winner. Win-win for these poor slobs!.

  332. 332
    carry Says:

    True on matt . I saw his imdb page and then wow, He need to slow down a bit. Doesn’t he has 3or 4 kids?

  333. 333
    dd Says:

    The Tourist is NOT a flop. It is a success to any standards. The Tourist was made to be elegant like the generation of Grace Kelly, Carol Lombard, Sophia Loren, but with this “generation’s” standard its a little bit too slow. And people are not used to with AJ a sophisticated/elegant character (ie action and drama). So please, go watch it first before you say its a flop cause if you are judging it by reviews or because you don’t like AJ/JD then you are the FLOP.

  334. 334
    funny as hell. Says:

    @funny as hell.:
    Why this thumbed down? it is true check it for yourself.

  335. 335
    Prediction, can't help myself Says:


    Yep I read someone in her life she certainly seeing AB( It will all come out offcourse before GG or as usual in her movie time.) but I read it in may -june the announcement . It could be him or another.

  336. 336
    NHT(now hear this) Says:

    Observation: This is actually the 8th New Years Brad and Angelina will spend together since they began filming MMS on Jan 1, 2004.
    He spent 1999-2002 and maybe 2003 with Jennifer, maybe not.

  337. 337
    AB likes 'em young(er) Says:

    AB seems to date younger than manny…his ex just married that Thor Guy, so maybe he’s being more “open”….

  338. 338
    just saying Says:

    sshhh….A little birdie told me that the JP’s got married in Namibia.

  339. 339
    thelookoflove1365 Says:

    Ok, on vacay today until next year. Didn’t know that hubby bought the Salt video and watching it right now. It is the UNRATED AND UNCUT VERSION. there’s so much that they did not show in the beginning of the movie alone.

    TT is a good movie; enjoyed it so much. Trolls can’t accept the fact that angie can make a light and fun movie which is actually worth watching. compared that to X’s movies, which- umm, ahhh…what am I saying, I don’t watch X movies, so i don’t know and don’t have any ideas how bad it is.

  340. 340
    gracie Says:

    dianad1968, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Angie’s beauty alone is worth the money, the acting, scenery and costumes are all extra bonus. Haha. JD wasn’t bad either but no man can match up to the chemistry between Brad and Angie in M&MS. The chemistry was unique and so are the couple and I think that’s one of the reasons they blend so well together as life partners.

  341. 341
    Passing Through Says:

    # 335 LatestPRStunt @ 12/29/2010 at 11:11 pm
    Wait a sec – X has roped Adrian Brody into being her next PR date? I like Adrian…but…he DOES have really bad taste in women, so of course X would be right up his alley. First the Spanish golddigger, then allowing himself to be hit on by Paris Hilton but not actually tapping it…yeah…I X is a logical next choice. What’s really funny is if it’s true – then X will now have fvcked the sloppy seconds of BOTH Hohan AND Paris Hilton.
    The thought of X and Adrian Brody really has me LMAO. Can you just imagine the noses and chins of their potential offspring? BBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The only things he and X could possibly have in common is being from New York, big noses and long chins, slumping movie careers and being exercise buffs. Other than that Adrian shares quite a few hobbies with Brad – he’s motorcycle maniac and has a huge collection, he’s into photography and art collecting, loves to travel…and IIRC he likes architecture. RUN, ADRIAN, RUN!!! Or else you’ll be stuck vacaying in Los Cabos for the next 10 months (that’s about the average length of X’s fake relationships…)

  342. 342
    LYNN Says:

    #274 & #275

    You know what is so funny, you two people are the only ones that care whether they are being carried in their arms. you really are the same person pretending to be two voices. It is not you business what they do concerning their kids as long as they are not abusing them. You are these same persons that get on the J/P thread complaining about Tom Cruise kid also. Like you come over to this thread trying to pretend that Brad dont like Tom cruise and pretending to be a J/P fan talking bad about the Cruises. You sound like an inmate just been let out and angry with the world. I know you dont have kids because if you did that would not bother you. Mind you own business and leave others alone. I doubt if you have any business beside coming to this thread complaining about nothing. All you haters need to go and sit your tired a**** down somewhere beside on this computer all day.

  343. 343
    lsam Says:

    Brad and Angelina are so generous of their time to visit other countries who need attention and awareness. They have a wonderful family.

  344. 344
    Marta Says:

    Very cute!!
    What about rest of the kids etc??
    Angelina Jolie is wonderful, good hearted person, same with Brad Pitt too.

  345. 345
    NAN Says:

    Marta# 348

    Just go to get $1for the Stoopid Question from BotoxNajimy !

    ” What about rest of the kids etc? ”

    JJ can get only 1 pic dude-dude Norman !

    Who Norman’s friends will bÅrking for Baby Jane next year ?

    The time for Baby Jane have to move on !

    Brad’d moved on with Angie 6 yrs with his 6 Gorgeous Children!

    Baby Jane should do the same like the others (MOVED ON)before her 42 yrs OVARIES were SHRINKING by minute !!!!!!!




  346. 346
    lylian Says:

    I saw the tourist today and OMG!! Venice and Angelina, both looking stunning. Depp? OK OK, I’ve already said, not a big fan but he’s pretty OK in the movie.
    I’m so glad that Angelina did a movie with Florian which celebrates Venice’s AND Angelina’s beauty. Angelina has done many films where her beauty is just not a factor in the movie. SALT, CHANGELING, A MIGHTY HEART, Girl Interrupted. Even in GIA, where she plays a model and of course needs to be beautiful, she’s not playing a beauty – but a troubled human being.
    I enjoy looking at the few photos my mother and father have of themselves, looking young and beautiful – before they had us kids (heheheheh).
    In TT, Angelina’s beauty is a vital part of the story. And I’m sure, one day, her kids will look at this movie and enjoy seeing their mother looking so lovely.
    I plan to see TT again with a bunch of friends. I enjoyed the movie a lot.
    People should go see it. It’s so tastefully done.
    And if there was a steamy, sexy bathroom scene, I’m glad it taken out in this version. It just hit the right note without too much emphasis on s e x. The bathroom scene can be shown in the DVD which I will definitely be buying.
    The chemistry between Johnny and Angelina was pretty good I thought. I can see what actor who plays reginald shaw? means about how Angelina looks at Depp. That intensity.
    Given what other actors picked up about the on-screen chemistry between Johnny and Angelina, no wonder the rumours and gossip mongers were on over drive when Angelina and Brad were filming M&MS. The chemistry between Angelina and Brad were for real, and because Brad was married still, it had to be surpressed, only to leak out in the way they look at each other – especially brad looking at Angelina!

  347. 347
    paps with them Says:

    flop flop floping tourist 41,2 mlin AFTER 3 WEEKS
    snip snap cop so va lord end

  348. 348
    Lara Says:

    @dd: # 337
    Exactly, TT is one of those gems that brings back the glamour of old Hollywood, but with a strong European flavour. Sadly, they really don’t make them like this any more, and probably won’t again, so enjoy every moment of TT while you can.

  349. 349
    katie Says:

    Cnn Just said that Angie and Brad got married???

  350. 350
    an oldie Says:

    @dianad1968: @lylian:
    I am glad you enjoyed The Tourist. The acting is great, isn’t it? I can see why the GGs nominated Angelina and Johnny. Just because your acting is great, but because the movie isn’t a drama, doesn’t mean you won’t be recognized. But they had to nominate them in the Comedy/Musical because the movie is a lighthearted one, not a drama.

  351. 351
    an oldie Says:

    Guli on M4 just posted a link to the NY Times in which it says the location for Cogan’s Trade will be New Orleans. I am rooting for New Orleans. Angelina can edit her movie there too.

  352. 352
    Blind Item Time Says:

    BlindGossip – This multi-hyphenate and her actor boyfriend have been in a steady relationship for several years. They live together. They’ve had a child/ren together. So why aren’t they married? Well, it’s because it’s not his style to play the third wheel. She is continuing to see her ex-girlfriend, a major force in the demise of her last famous marriage. That’s right. She’s bisexual. And she used to be bicoastal. Oh, and there’s one more, but that would make it too easy.

    Most popular guess is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  353. 353
    Well Says:

    Not all the BI are about them,
    PT, what do you think?

  354. 354
    cee Says:

    Of course it is NOT Brad and Angie. So stop perpetuating this BS JP fans. We know what we see and hear from Brad and Angie. They are a family and Hollywood just does not know how to deal with that. So they try to creat drama in their relationship where there is none. They are a family people!!!!!!!!!

  355. 355
    Hmmmm Says:

    Angelina fits in this BI very well, just saying

  356. 356
    - Says:

    @Blind Item Time: always the same old story ………….when one is exposed …..the myth of secret meetings suddenly became news……. humm….soon the new year , but still the same fallen dreams…

  357. 357
    doris Says:

    Pitt and Jolie are not the type who would pretend for appearance’s sake. If that were so, he’d still be with Aniston. And Jolie would have agreed to be just a mistress.
    That’s the thing about blind items: they put certain people under a cloud of doubt and nobody even knows if it’s just something invented by an entertainment “writer” on a slow day (which is often the case). And the “writers” have no accountability because they mention no names. Blind items should be renamed “ball-less items.”

  358. 358
    - Says:

    @Hmmmm: how many times did you say : oh its look like Angelina ??

  359. 359
    cee Says:

    Hmmmmmmmm thinks that Angelina caused the collapse of Wall Street that is how dilusional this person is. So funny that in the past year Angelina has supposedly been the subject of more than a thrid of BI’s. So ridiculous. Rather talk about how TT is picking uo steam in Europe and $$$$$$. Oh and by the way SALT is #1 selling DVD. So Hmmmmmmmmm

  360. 360
    AJP Says:

    Happy New Year to Angie and Brad and their lovely children, have a fabulous 2011 and a lovely time in Springfield MO!!!

  361. 361
    busted Says:


    CNN has lost all it’s cred..just dumb if that was true. Brad/Angie don’t need to keep a marriage a secret. Seriously. The Media got their a@ses handed to them when they reported that NOTW crap and then looked like complete creditable idiots when OVER a YEAR they are still together.. So if Brad/Angie ever decide to marry it won’t be a rumor..
    @Blind Item Time:

    Angie is not bicoastal. and her LAST marriage to BBT ended because he was an idiot. Angie had ONE …. ONE relationship with a woman when she was 19 or 20.. it other female relationships. The media keeps bringing up that ONE because there are no others. Angie is 35 years old.. and if there had been others TRUST with people wanting fame they would have come forward.

    She and Brad are together and are about to celebrate 6 years. There is no drama and the HAGS have nothing to bit@h about, and are trying to talk about a relationship that ended 14+ years ago..

    Brad Pitt is all Angie wants and judging by the way he looks at her and can’t keep his hands off her.. She is all he wants too. PLUS they have been together almost every day this year.. Venice, LA, Hungary, and all the Promotion travel.

    YOU nuts need to find another tree to bark under..

  362. 362
    LatestPRStunt Says:

    LOL at your comments about this new faux coupling!!!! Here’s the story from Digital Spy (long known to be in Huvane’s pocketbook)so probably just a plant so no “lonely jen” stories over New year’s Eve:
    Jennifer Aniston has a crush on actor Adrien Brody. Aniston — who’s divorced from Brad Pitt – apparently got cozy with Brody at a recent Christmas bash.
    “Jen and Adrien were flirting with each other outrageously — you could totally tell that they’re an item,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.
    “At one point, Adrien was leading Jen away in hand. She was rubbing her hands down his back and gazing into his eyes like she was totally smitten.
    “Jen is definitely very taken by Adrien, who has been a close acquaintance of hers for a long time.
    “He’s a charming, intelligent guy who has no pretensions about him whatsoever, so Jen always feels at ease in his company.
    “And besides the fact he isn’t insecure about her success, she loves the dangerous, edgy side to him. He exudes this rugged sex appeal that Jen gravitates towards. But she needs to be careful”

  363. 363
    Get Real Says:

    @Blind Item Time:

    Angelina is NOT Gia. It’s only a TV/movie role. Get over it.

  364. 364
    Get Real Says:


    Looks like Anustain is more prolific than Dolly. Know what I mean?

  365. 365
    Not very clever Says:

    busted my dear, i guess you don’t know what bicoastal means, it’s traveling back and forth, get it? hahaha

  366. 366
    busted Says:

    @Not very clever:

    I know exactly what bicoastal means.. you need to read your stupid item to understand my meaning.. Angie does not and was not at the time of her Divorce Bi-coastal.. She was living in Europe. NOT in the states. YES she came back to the US for business.. but her home was not here.

    Hahahaa.. you are a fool and when you print crap know what it is implying.

  367. 367
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Not very clever:


    LOL, it’s hilarious that you are correcting someone and getting it so wrong, but what else do we expect from you hens? FYI FOOL, bicoastal means travelling back and forth between coasts within the SAME COUNTRY…not different countries as implied by your ignorant post.

    You idiots get more stupid by the day, if that’s even possible. LOL

  368. 368
    gracie Says:

    Another day, same miserable low lives who are disgruntled with their lives spamming and stalking the JP thread and their fans. What else is new? Spam away losers, it ain’t gonna stop our fun nor the JPs. More misery to you losers in the New Year and Happy and Prosperous New Year to JPs and all their fans around the world.

  369. 369
    Susan Says:

    @Not very clever: east coat/ west coat. Not very clever, after all.

  370. 370
    Not very clever Says:

    busted @
    Where is it written that she was bicoastal at the time of her divorce? You have to read better my dear.

    You guys are so funny when you try so much. Oh but you are the clever ones hahahah

  371. 371
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Not very clever:


    LOL, Just give it up and admit you look and sound like an idiot, and we gave you a cyber b*tch slap. When has Angie EVER been bi-coastal? And I am referring to the real meaning of bi-coastal, NOT your oh-so-wrong meaning that you pulled out of your a*s. LOL.

  372. 372
    to hag 325 Says:

    are you a nazi ???

  373. 373
    Observer2 Says:

    LMAO! Every BI is apparently Brad and Angelina.

    Angelina has never been bi-coastal. Her marriage to BBT came to an end because his music became more important to him and Angelina simply grew up and out of him. And the rumors back then were that BBT was ******** around on her while he was on the road. Not the other way around.

    And please, Brad’s allegedly OK being a third wheel, as long as they’re not married? That makes all sorts of sense. NOT. And Brad doesn’t share. LOL.

  374. 374

    just went to see THe Tourist again yesterday soooo gorgeous- I really misdeed some good stuff the 1st time around. My sister took her kids (8&11) & they liked it so much they want to go again- the 8 yr old really loved seeing captain jack in a tux- cute! My sis said that she has seen more violence on Nick cartoons & more racy stuff on Disney channel- you know, she may be right!

  375. 375
    gracie Says:

    Trolls are not talking shite right? Oh! they’re sooooo right, Brad doesn’t love Angie — This video shows how much he misses Anuston He is waiting for Anuston to fcuk all the men in Hw and come back to him ……. 6yrs DELUSION!!

  376. 376
    AJP Says:

    Saw The Tourist 4 times already, and I will be going again between my travels! Loved it!

  377. 377
    Cabo Is Sp for "please pap me" Says:

    Yes, The Tourist was fabulous- I rec it to lady in my office as a 1st date movie & she is going on a 2nd already….ok, I don’t know much Spanish, but Just Jared & other celebrity blogs have helped me discern what “Cabo” really means in Spanish: PLEASE PAP ME!! Alternative translations include, “going to Mr bones pumpkin patch”, “shopping on Robinson Blvd”, and “going to the Ivy”.

  378. 378
    NAN Says:

    Hi gracie # 379

    l cannot watch that video b/c they said this video has the music from sony something like that.

    We’re not allow to watching it ,just around Scandinevia or Europe ? Anyway thanks .

    Maybe HuvsyBotoxNajimy BLOCKED all of them ,ha ha ha ha ha !

  379. 379
    anustin Says:

    ahhh adrien brody.nice!!!! dear lord,please make it true.just love der nosez.

  380. 380
    Beep beep Says:

    I really hope the blind item is true about Angie having a lover on the side. Maybe the lOver will help Angie get her health together for her children. Since we know brad doesn’t care and he actually prefers angie at an underweight weight. Ugh! Anyhow, read something about Angie’s directorial debut today. It was an article about the music for the movie and at the end it said it’s possible it will be at Cannes film festival. Eeeek fingers crossed! Also read that Angie wants to perfect her French so she can do a French film someday. Sweet!

  381. 381
    Passing Through Says:

    # 356 Blind Item Time @ 12/30/2010 at 9:29 am
    ROTFLMAO. The Blind Gossip site trots this same BI out every few months when they need to generate some traffic to earn ad revenue. Since Angie’s NOT a “multi-hyphenate” and has never been “bicoastal”…it ain’t her and Brad. Shitzu admitted earlier this year that she hasn’t seen or spoken to Angie in donkey years.
    These BI idiots kill me. First of all, most of them can’t read for comprehension, possibly due to the lack of brain power. Secondly, the few that can read can’t see the forest for the trees. They think the answer to any bisexual BI is Angie. This comes up time and time again when one of these BI sites recycles this same BI. Exactly when would Angie have time to cheat on Brad with Shitzu? The woman has 6 kids, a hot career, is a major humanitarian campaigner, is practically glued to Brad’s hip, spends 60% of her life on foreign soil where Shitzu ISN’T – AND most importantly, ended her FRIENDSHIP, they hadn’t been lovers in a good 6 years, with Shitzu when Shitzu sold her out to the BBC and lied to her about it. If she didn’t speak to a man responsible for her existence on the planet for 7 years when he stabbed her in the back – just imagine how long a former friend and lover would be in deep freeze. Morons.

  382. 382
    lmao Says:

    I have already heard three crushes x had for in 2010. She is an embarrassment for women.

  383. 383
    Beep beep Says:

    @Passing Through: Don’t you have to sort through brad’s fan mail? Shoo! The blind item is obviously Angie , angie’s secret girlfriend, and brad. Look at Angie and you see Skinny skinny skinny and unhappiness. During salt promo you could tell she had a little more pip in her step I thought it was because the control freak brad wasn’t around to tell her what to do. She deserves to have a lover or two after what she’s been through in the media for beig with your him. LoL

  384. 384
    Beep beep Says:

    @Passing Through: also, I doubt the girlfriend is shitzu. I don’t believe we know about every relationship angie has had (with dudes and chicks) but it’s funny to see you pretend like you do.

  385. 385
    Passing Through Says:

    # 357 Well @ 12/30/2010 at 9:38 am -16
    Not all the BI are about them,
    PT, what do you think?
    I just posted my opinion on before I saw your post. Anyone guessing Brad and Angie is an idiot. I enumerated the reasons earlier, but one thing I forgot to point out is the BI says the lesbian relationship was a major factor in the woman’s last marriage ending. That’s DEFINITELY NOT ANGIE because her marriage to BBT ended due to his insecurities and unwillingness to be a father to Maddox, his dislike of Angie’s new interest in humanitarian issues and the fact that they wanted different things in life. BBT has a severe fear of flying and even said that the only reason he went to Cambodia when Angie wanted to adopt is because she asked him to and otherwise he didn’t fly unless it was for work and he hated traveling. Shitzu has been out of the picture for a few years when Angie married BBT and she didn’t Shitzu again until long after her marriage to BBT ended. This is why BIs are so dangerous – because people are stoopid, don’t read all the clues, jump to conclusions and just don’t know WTF they’re talking about.
    As for who it actually is? IDK and don’t GAFF. There are a ton of actresses who are bisexual and afraid of being found out – X included, but we know it ain’t her because – a) she doesn’t have any kids; and b) she sure as fvck all doesn’t have a man, let alone one who’s her baby daddy and long-time live-in.

  386. 386
    MIMI Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Angelina said years ago she had no desires for bi and S&M since met Brad.

  387. 387
    Observer2 Says:

    Beep beep @ 12/30/2010 at 12:42 pm

    Pot meet kettle, you’re black. LOL.

  388. 388
    busted Says:

    @Beep beep:

    Since you are here. why don’t you provide some proof..

    waiting… waiting… waiting.. waiting..

    YEAH thought not.. YOU and the other HAGS are ending the year on a high note.. or shall I say LOW NOTE.. Every Rag mag on the planet would pay a small fortune to anyone that would come forward and say they are involved with Angie or Brad.. I am not talking chump change. I’m talking LIFE CHANGING MONEY..

    Hell you see these women and men selling stories for $10,000.. now do you in you pea brain for a minute imagine that someone who had some dirt on the JP would have been silent for this long.. oh and don’t go the FF route of saying they pay people off.. heck that little fact would increase the money..

    See there are not loose mouths because there are none.. Morton and The Pig found that out when they tried to write those loser books.. CAME TO SQUAT..


    OH and stick to one name.. it gets hard to bit@h slap someone when they keep changing names.


  389. 389
    Cogan's Trade Says:

    Great cast ,Great movie

    Acting Credits

    * Brad Pitt – Jackie Cogan
    * Casey Affleck – Russell
    * Sam Rockwell – Frankie
    * Javier Bardem – John “Squirrel” Amato
    * Mark Ruffalo – Kenny Gill
    * Zoe Saldana
    * Bill Murray – Dillon
    * Josh Brolin – Mickey
    * Bella Heathcote

  390. 390
    Beep Beep Honk Says:

    @Beep beep: so Angie is a **** , an addict, and has no friends- good role model for her girls. Brad will get custody if they split.

  391. 391
    SALT Blu-ray Question Says:

    Anyone seen the alternate versions of the movie yet? Is there one that is better to watch first? Thanks!

  392. 392
    Passing Through Says:

    # 366 LatestPRStunt @ 12/30/2010 at 10:21 am
    ROTFLMAO. Thanks for the story. That’s definitely Huvsy’s handiwork – especially the leak to the National Enquirer because last week the NE had a story about how pathetic X was and how she’s dragging Courteney down with her. Now this week they’re reporting that X MAY be hooking up with an Oscar-winning actor? Puh-leeze. All together now – HUVANE!
    BTW – I’m LOL at that bit about X has know Adrien Brody for years. Yeah…she knows him…for the same reason she knew anyone 7 years ago – because of Brad. Duh. Otherwise, Oscar-winning Best Actors, even C-listers, don’t hang with the tv crowd.

  393. 393
    Observer2 Says:

    I love the trolls, they come here with their accusations with nothing to back them up with.

    They call us loons, but, it’s perfectly normal to be owned by people they hate. In what universe or world? LOL.

  394. 394
    Passing Through Says:

    Shoot…I forgot…speaking of C-list Oscar winners and the tv crowd – I saw a story on Jared’s homepage yesterday that Putrid might be doing a tv movie (HBO, but still tv) and play Marlene Dietrich. WHAT THE FVCK!!!! What idiot came up with this idea? No way does Putrid have sex appeal, charisma, screen presence and the undefinable THING that made Dietrich Dietrich. No way on God’s green earth. And she’s a shittty actress on top of it. How is she going to pull off Dietrich’s charisma when she’s got the personality of fossilized dog shite? She can barely act now, so I can’t imagine how wretched she’d be with a German accent. Not to mention the fact that she looks nothing at all like Dietrich. Whoever’s doing this movie just needs to stop effing around with Putrid and hire Diane Kruger. Kruger’s a little iffy on the acting chops, but the rest she could pull off with one hand tied behind her back…or…better still…she could pull it off with Putried tied up behind her back and stuffed in a dark, stanky closet, on an abandoned barge floating down the Danube…

  395. 395
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    We watched the extended unrated version first, it was good but I still like the theatrical version because of the fast pace!
    @393- Thanks for posting the cast of Cogan’s Trade
    sounds like another winner for BP

  396. 396
    Observer2 Says:

    Cogan’s Trade @ 12/30/2010 at 12:52 pm

    That’s quite an impressive roster of actors, if it’s true.

  397. 397
    Passing Through Says:

    # 374 Not very clever @ 12/30/2010 at 11:00 am
    Well, well, well…if it ain’t Miss Pot…

  398. 398
    groundcontrol Says:

    SALT Blu-ray Question @ 12/30/2010 at 1:08 pm 0
    Anyone seen the alternate versions of the movie yet? Is there one that is better to watch first? Thanks
    I think the extended cut is very interesting and probably IMO better than the theatrical cut. It has a lot more about Russia and the background story. It also has an alternate ending.
    I can’t decide if the alternate ending is better than the original ending but it is certainly very interesting and more satisfying on a number of levels. Because of the alternate ending some very good action scenes are missing in the extended version though so that may take away from the overall cut.
    I haven’t seen the director’s cut yet. I really love when dvds give you alternate versions like this. I think it was wise to price the Salt dvd the way they did. Though I got the Deluxe Extended Unrated version on regular dvd (not a blu-ray) it was listed at $19.99 and at Best Buy there was a discount/sale so I ended up paying about $15 for it. The blu-ray wasn’t much more.
    Let me second everyone’s positive comments on The Tourist. I loved the chemistry between Angie and Johnny. Johnny was very sexy and he got sexier as his confidence grew. If there really was a shower scene then for those who saw Salt you can probably figure where it fit in – I am guessing that first night after Frank starts out on the couch. ;)
    But Angie made it clear that because of the trouble of covering both hers and Johnny’s many tats for a nude scene they blew off even filming it. Too bad. I would have enjoyed that.
    Re: Cogan’s Trade. I hope that cast list is accurate. Bill Murray, Javier Bardem AND Mark Ruffalo. WOW! And, of course, Brad himself. What a set that will be.

  399. 399
    Very Good First Date Movie Says:

    That was an excellent recommendation you gave your colleague re: The Tourist for a first date movie. The Tourist is very fun & romantic without being gross or embarrassing. Plus, with all the twists, you’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards!

  400. 400
    SALT Blu-ray Question Says:

    Groundcontrol- thank you very much!!

  401. 401
    Passing Through Says:

    # 377 Observer2 @ 12/30/2010 at 11:49 am
    The troll apparently has nothing else to do today…as if that’s different from every other day…
    I mosied on over to Blind Gossip and read some of the comments and what the troll neglected to say is that quite a few people think it’s Kimmora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honsou. Which, if our daily troll would go back and read the BI fits perfectly. The BI doesn’t say that the woman is an actress. It says she’s a “multi-hyphenate”, which KLS is – designer-model-business woman. The clues say the BOYFRIEND IS AN ACTOR – which Djimon Honsou is, but he’s also a model. If they’d said the boyfriend was a hyphenate, too, then it obviously wouldn’t have been Brad and Angie and the site needs hits, so they left it as ambiguous as possible. KLS is bi-coastal, too, because of her kids with Russell Simmons and Baby Phat’s HQ is in NYC. And the fact that she’s bi-sexual isn’t exactly news. That’s the real problem here – if the clues had been any clearer there’d be no need for it to be a blind item at all because there’s someone at just about every gossip site on the internet who’s heard the stories about KLS and Russell when they were “married”. The folks at Media Takeout and Bossip have talked openly about Russell & Kimmora’s alleged agreement – that Russell could have his girlfriends on the side and Kimmora could have her’s as long as they didn’t parade them in front of their kids – and they’d stay married for the business, the kids and friendship. Supposedly the only reason they got a divorce was because Kimmora broke their agreement by inviting her then current lover to their daughter’s birthday party. when she hooked up with Djimon Honsou everybody was laughing like crazy. I remember saying to a friend of mine, “Didn’t Russell warn the brother about Kimmora? Why don’t guys look out for each other like women do?” LOL. Anyway…it ain’t Angie and Brad. It’s just the troll being a troll and getting her jollies for the day. I guess she can’t whack off because she just shaved her palms again.

  402. 402
    gracie Says:

    # 394 Beep Beep Honk

    Anuston, we know that is you. Coward, stop hiding under a fake name. Everytime you get trashed and exposed for the FRAUD and no talent shite-com C-list actress you are, you come here to spew shite about Angie. it’s not working. People know you’re a fraud hiding under the umbrella of your PR team and Huvane. You’re ain’t fooling people anymore. Time to pay for another escort and parade the FAKE bf ha? You’re so transparent. We’re waiting for denial once the promo is over. I’m betting $10 the guy will tell us he was only your butt fingering buddy after he dumps you.

  403. 403
    Passing Through Says:

    # 390 MIMI @ 12/30/2010 at 12:44 pm
    Angie never said that. That’s one of those quotes that some fans mistake as being real and it isn’t. It came from the same tab that claimed Angie said all she’d ever been to Brad during his marriage was a shoulder to cry on.

  404. 404
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    catching up for a second..

    PT the reason she is doing this is because Winslet did Mildred Pierce (I have a theory why she did HBO too).. remember who got there big start doing HBO.. YEAH..

    anyway. Gwenny rode that Iron Man movie as long as she could. Then the TV Glee thing.. she is still milking that.. now she wants to be a singer. OK..

    I think depending on how Country Strong does it will be telling. If it does well she won’t need to do all that TV she has been doing.. If it does poorly we are going to see that smug mug everywhere.

    I am torn.. But I won’t pay a penny to see her anywhere ever.

  405. 405
    o.k. kate Says:


  406. 406
    amamarlaparla Says:

  407. 407
    Observer2 Says:

    Passing Through @ 12/30/2010 at 1:40 pm

    I didn’t address the hyphenate part of the BI, which is the first clue, it’s not Angelina. She’s not Angelina Jolie-Pitt. Do they know what a hyphenate means? They’re kids are, but, not Angelina.

    Again, Angelina has never been bi-coastal. And like you said, just when would Angelina have time? LMAO!

    And Brad doesn’t share. When GP cheated on him, he left her. When his ex wife was willing to share him with Angelina, he said, hell to the no and left her.

    The final kicker, this person is OK with it, as long as they’re not married? But, having kids together, eh, no big thing. Please.

    Brad and/or Angelina would kick the other to the curb.

    But, these haters know more about Brad and Angelina than their fans do? Seriously, they are nuttier than a fruitcake at Christmas.

    And of course, they left out the other guesses. It doesn’t fit into their scheme of things.

  408. 408
    Passing Through Says:

    # 390 MIMI @ 12/30/2010 at 12:44 pm
    PS – If you think Brad and Angie aren’t getting their kink on occasionally you’re crazy. The story about Marilyn Manson and then wife Dita Von Teese giving them a set of S&M masks IS very true. Manson told the story himself. And the two of them have way too many scarves, ties and pashminas for them to only be used as clothing. Pffft…Oh yeah…those two get kinky alright…and like I’ve been saying for nearly 6 years…they need to record that shite and send me the DVD, dammit!

  409. 409
    Passing Through Says:

    # 393 Cogan’s Trade @ 12/30/2010 at 12:52 pm
    Great cast ,Great movie

    Acting Credits

    * Brad Pitt – Jackie Cogan
    * Casey Affleck – Russell
    * Sam Rockwell – Frankie
    * Javier Bardem – John “Squirrel” Amato
    * Mark Ruffalo – Kenny Gill
    * Zoe Saldana
    * Bill Murray – Dillon
    * Josh Brolin – Mickey
    * Bella Heathcote

    Wow. That IS a great cast. I guess Angie will have to be on set at all times to keep Javier away from Brad, huh? LMAO!

  410. 410
    gracie Says:

    Hi NAN, sorry you can’t watch the video. It’s a very nice video of Brad and Angie’s love over the years. I post it to make fun of the stupid trolls/haters living in denial and still dreaming of Brad and Deadend.

  411. 411
    Sherry Says:

    Re: Our fave not-know it all Lamey… she just did a year in rewiew on the “Brange”, in her own sh*tty style, which means she knows what we know, absolutely nothing on the inside. Brad keeps that sh*t locked down tight. But it goes back to the same ole, same ole, the JPs are her bread and butter, and when it suits her to get hits, she “plays” nice. Totally lame, as usual.
    P.S. for the first time she said “Salt” was hit, not that it means anything, like PT says, she’s always a day late and a dollar short.

  412. 412
    jaye Says:

    Beep Beep Honk @ 12/30/2010 at 1:03
    @Beep beep: so Angie is a **** , an addict, and has no friends- good role model for her girls. Brad will get custody if they split.
    As per usual for haters, you misquoted Jolie. She said that she doesn’t have a LOT of friends. She was specifically asked about talking to someone about what she’s seen on her Humanitarian tours; that involves opening up your emotions to people. I don’t think the interviewer was asking her about discussing these things in a general sense. She’s seen death, starvation, people maimed and displaced from their homes; the blood and guts of war. Seeing those things raise deep emotions in caring people; your feeling regarding those things are not something that just come up in everyday conversation and most people wouldn’t want to discuss their own emotions about these things except with their most intimate friends.
    Most of us don’t have a LOT of intimate friends; while we may have many people who we count as ‘friends’ or acquaintances. However, I don’t think Jolie is the type of person who overwhelms her friends with her personal feelings regarding what she has seen in her work. Most of us have a vulnerable side that we don’t want to be out there for public consumption; so we have a very small circle of intimate friends, which may, in some cases, be only 1 or 2 people. Those who have a wide range of people that they discuss their personal lives with, don’t have friends, they have sounding boards.
    There have been numerous pictures over the years showing Jolie and Pitt out with friends I think the ‘not may friends’ statement, refers to the intimacy that she shares with those friends, not that she doesn’t have friends at all; that’s YOUR statement. She is more comfortable with and trusting of Pitt, so it is natural that he would be her first source to share her feelings and experiences. That should be a great role model for her children; talk to your significant other instead of chatting up a bunch of hens.
    Jolie travels a lot and has a very busy lifestyle; it would be unlikely that when she got the chance to spend time with friends that she would jump into talk about her work. However, when she has alone time with her mate that would be the perfect time to share her experiences and her emotions regarding what she has seen and how it affected her.
    As for the name-calling, you really do need to grow up. If she’s an addict, she is the most functional addict in history. You tell me what addict has accomplished as much as she has while in their addiction. Frankly, you have no clue what it means to be a full-blown addict; else you wouldn’t have made such a stupid statement. Having tried drugs doesn’t make you an addict, in that case; 99 per cent of Hollywood would be addicts, including America’s Faux Sweetheart, yet you are here talking smack about a woman who does more positive things in ONE day than you’ve done in your entire lifetime.
    I don’t have to know you to know you’ve done nothing positive; people who have as much time to criticize others as you have don’t have time to do anything else. You’re too busy working the blogs like it’s a full time job.

  413. 413
    Passing Through Says:

    # 408 busted @ 12/30/2010 at 1:48 pm
    Do you know why Winslet did the Mildred Pierce remake for HBO? It made me laugh – supposedly it’s because she’d wanted Changeling, which was considered a modern day Mildred Pierce type role, and Ron Howard and Brian Grazer wanted Angie. I knew she was one of the actresses who was interested in Changeling, but a while back I was surfing movie sites and saw the story about Winslet doing Mildred Pierce. Someone in the comments section said that Winslet practically begged for the role (even though it was an HBO movie) because she was still pissed about not getting Changeling (and this was months AFTER she’d won the Oscar for The Reader!). Then the person theorized that that was the real reason why she pretended to forget Angie’s name at the GGs in 2009. I was LMAO because I hadn’t even considered that. There were a ton of A-list actresses who were dying to do Changeling – including Reese, Hillary Swank and Charlize Theron. The script was floating around the agencies even though Howard and Grazer had given it Angie and asked her to do it. All those other actresses were sitting around hoping Angie would turn it down. I don’t know if the story about Winslet being pissed at not getting the part is true or not, but it sure was funny!

  414. 414
    Passing Through Says:

    # 408 busted @ 12/30/2010 at 1:48 pm
    Oh yeah – About Putrid and Country Snore. She’s got to be hoping that country music fans to out in droves. The movie’s probably going to play in less than 2,000 theaters when it opens wide next week. If it does Turkey Baster numbers Putrid will probably do the Happy Dance. An $8-10MIL opening would be like a victory for someone who can’t open an envelope.
    As for Putrid wanting to be a singer? Puh-leeze. She’s 38. She’s flirted with that in the past, too, but not for long. That’s how she met Chris Martin. The funny thing is that Putrid’s singing is the least obnoxious thing about her so for that very reason she won’t do it full time instead of torturing the world with her acting.

  415. 415
    Passing Through Says:

    # 411 Observer2 @ 12/30/2010 at 1:50 pm
    Exactly – Brad Pitt don’t share. He ain’t Jordan Bratman, ‘kay? He’s not going to share his woman with another man so a woman is out of the question…unless he gets to participate and then it cheating, it’s mutually consenting adults.
    Seriously though – there are so many reasons why it’s not Angie, but the haters don’t care. All they want is something else to feel superior to Angie about. That’s all it is. They sniff and turn their noses up or they cackle and act like they know something important and they’re better than Angie because they’d never do such-and-such. Or they come here and post the crap and try to taunt us with it and all we do is laugh, explain why it isn’t Angie and then mock the troll for bringing it here in the first place. Talk about not being very clever. It’s been 6 years…you’d think the trolls would know that much by now…

  416. 416
    groundcontrol Says:

    Passing Through @ 12/30/2010 at 1:53 pm +6

    Re: Cogan’s Trade
    * Brad Pitt – Jackie Cogan . . .
    * Javier Bardem – John “Squirrel” Amato
    Wow. That IS a great cast. I guess Angie will have to be on set at all times to keep Javier away from Brad, huh? LMAO!
    I will be drooling throughout this shoot. As will Javier.

  417. 417
    WOW Says:

    Cogan’s Trade @ 12/30/2010 at 12:52 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    Great cast ,Great movie

    Acting Credits

    * Brad Pitt – Jackie Cogan
    * Casey Affleck – Russell
    * Sam Rockwell – Frankie
    * Javier Bardem – John “Squirrel” Amato
    * Mark Ruffalo – Kenny Gill
    * Zoe Saldana
    * Bill Murray – Dillon
    * Josh Brolin – Mickey
    * Bella Heathcote
    With a cast like this, I wanna buy tickets right now.

  418. 418
    Lara Says:

    ——————————-New Thread———————————–

  419. 419
    brange fan from greece Says:

    @Passing Through:

    thank you passing through for the laugh.i was laughing so hard when ur post.i didnt know this brody but i became curious with your post so i google him.and when i saw his face bwahhhhhhhhhhhahahaha.he’s so ugly oh no.i dont hate jen and i sometimes feel sorry for her because her life is so miserable because she cannot move on from brad..i wish she will marry someone and has a child .but i really cant help but laugh with what you said about their nose and chin.i think its better for jen to remain childless than reproduce with this one.i cant imagine the nose and the chin.sorry jen fans.

  420. 420
    brange fan from greece Says:

    happy new year to all JP fans.i havent been posting lately .so busy and may laptop always hang up.its hard even lurking.

    btw.because i was so excited to have my SALT dvd..i just grab 2 copies from a store.each cost 33.90euros.after i paid for it i notice it doesnt look like a normal dvd different package.and when i read it it says blue i went back to the salesman and ask if i can watch it in dvd and he said only in a blue ray disc or playstation 3 but we dont have that in the house so i told him i will buy the dvd and he told me its not being released.i was really so disappointed.i ask him when the dvd will be released and he said he doesn’t i have to buy a blue ray player but i only have this salt blue ray copy so i think i have to wait for the dvd.damn.but then i might also buy the player one day..cant for the dvd..guys is blue ray really nice because i havent seen a movie with that .its really new to me.forgive my ignorance.

  421. 421
    brange fan from greece Says:

    oh no theres a new thread already.i dont know how to bring my post there.i cant post there .my laptop hang up.try to post here tomorrow.night guys.its midnight here.

  422. 422
    Jasmine Says:

    They ARE are happy family now.. but I can get past the fact that shes a
    To me(and some others)she just has this evil horrible image.
    I cant shake it off. I know its been ages since it happend :/
    also I dont like Brad he seems like a ‘wannabe’
    hes lost that spark he had.

  423. 423
    Ariadne Says:

    Arnt they both like 50 now?
    and they seem like hippies.

  424. 424
    Loverly Says:

    Oh my god ZAHARA IS STUNNING. that girl could be a model, but she will be too intelligent for that. she looks like such a sweet funny little girl. So does shiloh. I like that she and zahara are different in the way they dress. but oh my god what a beautiful family.

  425. 425

    they were just doing a show T.T

  426. 426
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    Geile Amateure Says:

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