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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Photo with Namibia Hosts!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Photo with Namibia Hosts!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hold on to their adorable daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, in a recent picture with their host family in Namibia.

The Jolie-Pitts spent the Christmas holiday in the African country where Shiloh was born four years ago.

The couple and their six kids reportedly stayed with Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, a well-known Namibian physician and conservationist, his wife Marlice, and their son Zacheo at the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary and Lodge, which their family runs.

Bigger pic inside

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Photos: Barcroft/Fame Pictures
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  • Passing Through

    # 105 groundcontrol @ 12/28/2010 at 6:22 pm
    PT, why are people picking on you? Back off pishers. Facts are facts.
    Eh…it comes with the territory. If I didn’t have stalkers, then this wouldn’t be Jared’s….

  • Passing Through

    # 122 an oldie @ 12/28/2010 at 9:38 pm
    Credit Foxcroft on JJB.
    Read more:

    That performance earned her a place on the influential Young Hollywood list in Teen Vogue, but also a part opposite Brad Pitt in mob feature Cogan’s Trade, which will begin filming in New Orleans next month.
    I’m pretty sure the movie is being shot in LA. Angie even said so. She said Brad’s movie was filming in LA and that she’d be editing her movie there at the same time.
    When are you going to release it?
    I don`t know. I have lots of people giving me lots of opinions. I just want to do it right. I have to go back and edit both versions at the same time in Los Angeles, because Brad`s working there, so we`ll be in LA. And if it hopefully turns out well and people respond to it…we`ll see. But of course I want to pay respect to the area and the cast and the people, so I am listening to them and where they want it released. I still just hope to put a good film together.

  • Bored

    Shiloh looks like Jon voight. It’s the eyes.

  • Bored

    Angie said she doesn’t plan on “settling down” I took that settle down as marriage. If she was married she would be more stable and in one place for longer than 1 week to 2 months lol she’s not married so she doesn’t have to settle in one place for long .

  • Passing Through

    # 143 Observer2 @ 12/28/2010 at 11:47 pm
    I’m LMAO because today Lamey went on another conspiracy-PR rant over that picture of them in Namibia (the one above) and was saying how convenient it was that the photo was released. Little did Lamey know that they were no longer in Namibia and already back in the US and apparently have been for 2 days – therefore rending her ridiculous PR conspiracy DOA. For all of Lamey’s Grassy Knoll theorizing – she’s ALWAYS a day late and a dollar short with her JP theories. The reason the photo was released is because they were already gone and if the ratzi went there looking for them they wouldn’t find them. You’d think after all this time Lamey would realize she needs to shitcan her ridiculous theories because she ALWAYS gets proven wrong by Brad or Angie.

  • Passing Through

    # 149 Anon @ 12/29/2010 at 12:17 am
    ROTFLMAO. Puh-leeze. That crazy psychic gossip site is beyond ridiculous. If the person was any kind of psychic at all she’d know that Angie is more likely to do a movie with X than Porgie. As in NEVER…

  • Tulip

    Can Shiloh walk? Why is she carried all the time?

  • sh*t

    me no pisher. You are. I said my openion, you paidmanhos enjoy never again post in here


    They stay with renowed physician Rudie van Vuuren in their Wildlife conservation place while others stay at Joe francis’ place to gossip and booze with the likes of 50 Cents number one h0 : Chelsea ‘Pittbull’ Handjob.
    What a word apart in terms of quality : Trailer trash versus high quality educated people.
    I know with whom will want to be friend with.

  • # Tulip

    She walks better than Aniston is able to think thoughts properly.
    Hence you and your likes like to babysit that self proclaimed r*tarded teen of 42 years of age.

  • chat noir

    This is absolutely most marvelous stars christmas photos I’ve seen this year.


    I love it when US Weekly has to refer to Ethiopian born Zahara while they don’t use the namibian born for Shiloh.
    Eiher they don’t need to agg that born place, either they should do it for the both of them because i remembered clearly that Shiloh has a dual citizenship and a namibian passeport too, like many namibians who have dual citizenship….
    Namibia has a population whose background are from the Netherlands and Germany. Van Den is typical dutch (belgian & the netherlands and means ‘from’)

  • MooCow


    Every time I see a photo of Angie like this I scream at my monitor “FIRE JEN RADE”. She looks so much more lovely tha she did on the RC for “The Tourist.”

  • twofools

    angie never holds S. crazy women hates her own daughter.


    TO twofools :

  • boring..

    i like to read the low comment rating..
    far more interesting than the other fail ppl who keep on bragging bout Jolie-Brad!

  • Love Happy

    Such a gorgeous, happy family – so much love!!

  • gracie

    To Everyone is engaged, you see, another couple (Joe Francis & Christina McLarty) heading towards divorce just 2mths into their marriage. Must be something in the water. If it’s true this is a record for the Guinness Book. Brad and Angie still blissfully happy and going strong. Haha!!

  • The family that plays together

    Wow, the jolie stupes NEVER take all their children anywhere. Someone is always left out. So they’d rathe spend time with some elite family in Nambibia than their own blood relatives and deny those children time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They talk the family talk but they sure don’t walk the walk. They even leave some of their own children behind. Never ever do they move as a family unit. Wonder why they chose the white bio and the black adopted this time? There is always some covert reason for the ones out and the ones left behind.

  • lylian

    You know, the Harnas Wild life Foundation is a charitable organisation.
    These photos of Brad and Angelina and so many of the Harnas team and may be volunteers will be shown around the world and many more people will hear about Harnas and what it does.
    I just checked the website. To the JP fan who said she wish she can go, I think you can volunteer. You probalby have to pay the airfair and transport but it would appear that for volunteers, board and food are free.
    Here’s something about Angelina Jolie’s contributions:

    Angelina Jolie – without her financial contribution and support we would not have been able to realize our lifelong dream of animal re-introduction into the Life Line area. Through her generous donation we were able to finish the outside bonnox fencing for the Life Line area as well as help put up the solar power system for the Life Line project.
    This is some information on the Life Line Project:


    Surprise surprise! NOT. LOL Jennipoop Anustain’s buddy, Joe Francis the Misogynist who made his fortune exploiting naked, drunk college and underage girls, and his wife of 2months have separated.
    “Less than two months after Joe Francis and long-term girlfriend Christina McLarty married in a civil ceremony at his luxurious Mexican retreat, the pair have split, has exclusively learned.”
    Guess he and jenny can hook up. Wasnt ithe who gave her the porn video which she gifted to Brad on his birthday one year? What a nasty s.l.u.t. anustain is and has always been.


    seriously- the kids aren’t there because they aren’t in that picture you are looking at? Wow- I bet you believe virtually everything you read, too!

  • Jen the HAG

    boring.. @ 12/29/2010 at 3:48 am

    yeah r e t a r d like you like to read their own kind!!

  • Jen the HAG

    THINK @ 12/29/2010 at 8:10 am

    well JENHAGS got low IQ that’s why

  • gracie

    Thanks to Dulcinea13 at JJB who edited and translated this making it possible for JP fans to read. It seems the JPs are back in US soil and maybe, the sightings of them in Missouri is true. They’re spending time with Brad’s family. What a fabulous holidays they’re all having.

    December 29, 2010
    Hollywood’s glamour couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their children describe their holiday in Namibia as fantastic. They have a soft spot for Namibia, not only because of their four year old daughter Shiloh was born here, but because their privacy and seclusion here to enjoy it and Namibians gun, according to me. Marlice van Vuuren van N/a’an ku say where the family a weeklong vacation over Christmas spent.

    In addition, the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Foundation, U.S. $ 2 million (A $ 13.3 million) to N / a’an ku gift for conserving Namibia’s cultures and wildlife, as well as the living standards of the San community through education, job creation and health care. “The foundation is specifically established under Shiloh’s name because we do want her growing up with the awareness and involvement in her native country,” said Jolie.

    “We know for many years and Marlice Rudie van Vuuren (co-founders and directors of A / a’an ku say) and are still impressed with their hard work and dedication to the Namibian people and the conservation of wildlife in the country.” The van Vuurens are overwhelmed with joy that the world famous movie stars N / a’an ku say if their partner in Namibia selected. “N / a’an ku said the mission to the country’s culture and wildlife preserve and species by the shrinking habitat threatened to deliver.” The famous family has two nights at Wolwedans spent before a week at a / ku a’an say, 45 km outside Windhoek, relaxed. The children watched dr. Van Vuuren, a wild dog stitches and give me. Van Vuuren and their five year old boy, Zacheo, helped the weesbobbejaantjies and foxes to feed and care.

    The children have school for San children visit and even the release of a leopard in the wild have been observed. In an exclusive media release to Republican, the Jolie-Pitts personally thanked Namibians for their hospitality. “The staff of the Hosea Kutako airport was fantastic.”

    “Thanks to Sgt. Joseph Norman Pule, Mtwetu Daisy, Veronica, Paul and Nehemiah Nghishekwa of Immigration, Monika Mayer and De Wet du Plessis, who handled the baggage and the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Mr. Elia Kaiyamo, who helped with our arrival, “said the statement.

    John and Nico Kotze of Cars and Guides in Swakopmund, the protection observed. Dr. Jannes Brand, a local oogchirurg, his house on N / a’an ku said the family made available.
    They praise the good service Wolwedans staff and Ole Friede Profile of African safaris they flew. Furthermore, like the Jolie-Pitts quad bikes and ride on short notice was no kwads Windhoek available. “Fortunately, Faan Horn, Max Kunnerd, Immo and Gunnar Jensen their bikes for the family borrowed,” said the statement.

    “The couple specifically asked that we thank them on behalf of Namibians.”

    Any hope that Namibians have had to the Jolie-Pitts in person to see, in vain, because they have Christmas Eve flew from Namibia. Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt on May 27, 2006 in Swakopmund was born. N / a’an ku said Lifeline’s clinic on 6 December in Rome, Italy, during the International Health Promotion Conference as the winner from 80 entries nominated in the category of projects through innovative and sustainable ideas make a difference in poor communities.
    Brangelina, as the couple known last Friday at Checkers in Maerua Mall by Republican’s Francois Poolman gekiek while shopping done. The photo on the cover of the South African Sunday paper Rapport.

  • sav
  • busted


    OK.. so the Jolie-Pitts are hanging and enjoying Missouri with the Rents.

    OH my oh my oh my.. the hags are yet again crawling back in their dark holes.. Why do you fools always do this to yourselves. Every time you see the family you rush to this site and all other and start spewing these stupid rants about how the kids don’t see the Grandparents, cousins and such. And the JP fans just shake our heads and laugh because you fools never ever learn YOU know nothing about this family. We however never try to guess their movements. Just enjoy the pictures when they pop up.

    so the JPsa re with the Pitts.. LOSERS>> LOSERS>>>LOSERS>>>

    Yep like everyday for 6 lose again… LMAO..

    ** I wonder if they actually spent Christmas there.. I guess we won’t know.


    Bahahahahaha…enjoy, from GAWKER:
    Great Feuds of 2010: Who Won, Who Lost, and Who Will Commit Harakiri
    The Beef: Aniston friend and comedian Chelsea Handler stepped into the Angelina-Jen proxy war again with an on-stage rant against “cunt” “homewrecker” Angelina Jolie. She proceeded to give interviews and milk the the 15 minutes like it was a Holstein cow. Aniston distanced herself from Chelsea, and Angelina continued not to give a shit about any of them.
    The Verdict: Angelina wins with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. Chelsea accepts her punishment: A romantic relationship with 50 Cent.

    P.s. If someone can post on jjb in the gen disc thread re rupert everett and maniston – would u mind telling the lone troll, that Angelina has nothing to do with what Rupert spouts off about, and that the main diff between Clooney, Matt, Angelina and anyone else that has an occasional lackluster perf at the b.o. is that they are all Oscar winning, Oscar nominated (multiple times) talented people, as opposed to no-talent TV sh*t-com hactresses who look like asss, milking the long dead marriage tand nasty divorce to a movie star.

  • Sherry

    Re: Passing Through take on Lamey… girl, you are so right about that hometrick… You might even believe that Brad and Angie are STILL together to SPITE those nasty trolls, like her and Terd & co. I guess they have been hanging out too long with that other hometrick ole Ticky. As in everything this couple and FAMILY does is to SPITE & HURT them and Tampon Jen, as we all know by now, that’s definitely Ticky’s mentality.

    Truth is, this family does not even know that these trolls even exist, much give two hoots about what they have to say concerning how they conduct their lives. Like that guy at What Would Tyler Durden Do website says, if you listen to what Brad had to say over the last six years, you might even belive that Brad never even know Ticky, much less was to married her. If Brad could ignore that Bi**ch, then we can certainly ignore ole Lamey. (But it’s SO much more fun to laugh AT her, isn’t it)…
    Anyways, I found this pyschic website had a pretty good writeup on Brad and Ange back in 2009, I guess she’s a fan. Isn’t it funny how they keep harping on Brad and Angie getting married. I can see the sense in not getting married, as I have had myself to bad marriages, and now, even though I am in a very good relationship with someone (5 years) , I have no desire to ever get hitched again.
    She also had a write up on ole Tikeroo saying Brad (cue the violins), was the love of Tick’s life. You gotta laugh…enjoy.

  • NAN

    @sav #180!

    Thank you very very much that you ‘d showed us the pic of Angie and the kids are in Springfield.

    Poor Jen huh? HuvsykatieBotoxNajimy.

    6+years Jen still be the third wheel with Courteney’s broken family.

    Jen have to spend The New Year 2011 with her BFF+Dogs …Ouch…Ouch !

  • sav

    You’re welcome girl!
    Not a good day for trolls, or should I say not a good year for trolls and hags hahahaha

  • dark angel

    Nothing makes me happier than slapping the trolls with proof to add to their misery.

  • Not a Good SIX Years for Troll

    savthanks very much for MO pic. Yup, bad times for trolls- more ahead-golden globes? Superbowl maybe? Redcarpets galore, perhaps Cannes again?? THINKlove the Spinaltap reference- so funny! Trolls have consistently proven that their critical thinking skills are extremely poor!

  • from spain critics

    ” Ella esta demasiado tisica para despertar la libido el respetable como antaño y no se molesta en poner nada de alma en su personaje.Todo esfuerzo se centra en lucir palmito.”
    “Depp y jolie no ayudan en nada a sobrellevar la mas de hora y media de metraje.”

  • TT #10 & falling..3rd week?

    ahhhhhh —–pure heaven


    From that same article on 2010 ‘Feuds,’ this (below) was in the comment section from a flaming jealous douche, screename of pop-fop, he got pwned….enjoy:
    Chelsea “Lately” Handler vs. Angelina
    Chelsea. She drinks and whores around and can barely put together a sentence but that’s far more entertaining than anything Jolie has ever done. Again, having a sense of humor wins over having your ass injected in to your lips.


    RESPONSE: @Pop-Fop: I work in a casino where I see Chelsea Handjob-like rancid worn-out cows boozing, vomiting and basically giving the death glare to any female younger than 65 who sidles up to the bar and encroaches on their perceived territory. They aren’t funny or humorous in the slightest, unless you find overall female debasement and self-humiliation ‘entertaining.’ Which, IF you are a painfully pedestrian yawn-inducing extremely jealous scary faux-cunt exacting rage on a message board, that just might be the case. Perhaps you and Chelsea Horseler have quite a bit in common, in that you have all the seductiveness and allure of a James Gumb (“Put the lotion in the basket Angelina!!”). At the end of the day, this isn’t called being a ‘comedienne,’ it’s called being an ugly mean lame drunk and waste of space. I’ll watch SALT and Changeling on a fcking loop til I leave this mortal coil, rather than have to see Handler’s cryptkeeper mug, contorted and pinched in bizarro nonsensical rage as she spits on the losers unfortunate enough to be trapped in the front row of whatever venue she’s not being funny in. Oh, and the lips are real bish. Just because your idol Chelsea’s paper thin lips probably leave papercuts on ‘fiddy’ and Jennifer Aniston’s balls, doesn’t mean you need to slur La Jolie’s pillow-lipped DNA. Love to you grrrrl. ;)

  • Londy noty

    wow beautiful people!!!

  • Singoi

    what a beautiful people!!!

  • from andalucia

    por dios… la chilu parese que sacomio un cerdo …tiene cara de tragona …

  • Ms. Marla

    I guess skankalina and J.A. have something else in common ,besides B.P., their latest movies both tanked,Angie ,doing accents,priceless

  • sav

    @CLINIQUA: omg that is one “destroying hags” post !!!!!
    I have to say that we, Jolie-Pitt fans, are really eloquent and savvy. Sorry if I’m immodest but it is true. Read hags` posts and you will die of boredom.

  • !!! sighting!!!!

    -spotted Ang copping on a Springfied corner–tried to say hi but Ang had the shakes and ran back to the limo with her prize

  • busted

    @Singoi: @from andalucia: @Ms. Marla:


    see this is what they do. Can’t go the break up road, or the Brad is back with the HAG, or that the Pitts hate Angie.. so here we go. talking The Tourist.. Whatever. Angie’s film will do just fine, and if she had 20 flops she is still a better actress then the HAG.. see. nothing you say can ever change that.

    oh and SALT is killing in dvd sales.. LOL

    take your rant somewhere else. Angelina is still The Queen.. you freaks prove it day after day..

  • Botoxjen sux w Norman !

    The Switch # 8 in 1st week(3days) Failed Flopped and Bombed.

  • of course

    @!!! sighting!!!!:
    She was scared to death when she saw you. You’re not a nice sight for the eyes. Of course…

  • anustin

    hehehehehe……anjie with the inlaws!!!! bahahahaha.zweet as honey and sugar cane.

    thanks sav. for the pix.u rocked baby.

  • anustin

    ur azz must have tanked to the 9th deg. moro.n!!! TT is doing fine.

  • http://travelandliving gingerBread

    adorable!!!!!!!!! wish them all the best this 2011….

  • never a family unit

    Oh Wow, the jolie stupes NEVER take all their children anywhere. Someone is always left out. So they’d rathe spend time with some elite family in Nambibia than their own blood relatives and deny those children time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They talk the family talk but they sure don’t walk the walk. They even leave some of their own children behind. Never ever do they move as a family unit. Wonder why they chose the white bio and the black adopted this time? There is always some covert reason for the ones out and the ones left behind.

  • NAN


    Are Angelina and Jennifer have something else in common besides BP ?????

    Jennifer’d told to the whole world that she spread her legs on The Set Up blind date with BP (May98)

    BP have to chasing after Angelina to Africa with his Liberty’s papers after 1+year they knew each other and can get Angelina in bed .(Apr05)

    Don’t be Easy Easy Poosey huh? Ms.Marlajennypoo.