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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Photo with Namibia Hosts!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Photo with Namibia Hosts!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt hold on to their adorable daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, in a recent picture with their host family in Namibia.

The Jolie-Pitts spent the Christmas holiday in the African country where Shiloh was born four years ago.

The couple and their six kids reportedly stayed with Dr. Rudie van Vuuren, a well-known Namibian physician and conservationist, his wife Marlice, and their son Zacheo at the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary and Lodge, which their family runs.

Bigger pic inside

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Photos: Barcroft/Fame Pictures
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  • from andalucia

    la angelita tiene muchos premios
    muchas nominaciones
    muchos hijos
    al brad
    gana mucho
    todas sus fans locas por ella…
    pero,y por que no habeis ido a ver su paseito por Venecia y Paris QUE HA COSTADO MAS DE 100 MILONES DE $???
    como os pasais el dia aqui insultando …

  • from andalucia

    la angelita tiene muchos premios
    muchas nominaciones
    muchos hijos
    al brad
    gana mucho
    todas sus fans locas por ella…
    pero,y por que no habeis ido a ver su paseito por Venecia y Paris QUE HA COSTADO MAS DE 100 MILONES DE $???
    como os pasais el dia aqui insultando …

  • http://jj LYNN

    I understand that the trolls keep saying the Tourist is a flop. Of course It just happens that I disagree with you people. It is so cool that you haters keep talking that s*** and you know you will come up the loser again like you always do. . I just want one of those haters to tell me how is this movie a flop on Angie and not a flop movie for Johnny Depp which is one of my favorite’s also. Johnny Depp is a leading actor also as well as angie. Now wouldnt that make this movie a flop for him also. Is he being consider a costar in this movie. I’m just asking. I think I already know your answer.

  • ,,,,,……

    what is the next projec for skeletina ???
    i think that sony will to pay her 40 mill.$…
    OH sorry is the pig-plan B who will to pay a movie for your fiance…

  • ,,,,,……

    what is the next projec for skeletina ???
    i think that sony will to pay her 40 mill.$…
    OH sorry is the pig-plan B who will to pay a movie for your fiance…

  • to lynn

    because is a Flop on skeletina ,O.K????

  • Not bad prediction on work

    NO shit I forgot The toruist 80 forgein and 55-63 domestic. If angie and johnny go to japan to promote it, the out come could be higher

  • gracie

    277, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283 and 284, instead of worrying about Brad and Angie’s children, why don’t you losers go and worry about your own children. I feel for your children coz you all sound like the kind parents who will push their kids away when they come to you for a cuddle. Your lack of affection to your children will do more damage to them ask bitter vindictive Anuston, she is full of hate for her mother and her siblings and can’t keep a man coz she doesn’t know how to give love. Brad and Angie’s children will turn out alright coz they know they are loved.

  • NAN

    How Jennifer will do with her 41+ Ovaries were Shrinking by minute ?

    All men were ran away from Jennifer to choosing the other women to be the mother of their children !

    What wrong with Jennifer ?

    Why is Jennifer still in the market ?

    5+ Years No Buyer,No Keeper !

    Jennifer is still be The Barren Cow Bitter Biich Ex !

  • funny as hell.

    don’t worry Grace. Itis the same person who keep posting. Except the spanish post. hahahahahahaha The girl is a tommy girl. She thinks Brad and Angie are a threat for him or something, She is not very ok person seriously.

  • funny as hell.

    ^the man sorry277and up
    301, 308 upthe cucu girl

  • PH

    Such bitter envious b!tches, these Suri/Tommygirl fanatics are. None of the JP fans were posting in the threads about Tommygirl carrying Suri because honestly, why would we give a sheet? Tommy could be carrying Suri and wrapping her in a blanket until she’s 21 and none of us would care. Actually, it’s Tommygirl fanatics like star fox and infamously cool who keep on posting in the JP threads even though they know they are not welcome here.

  • NAN

    He he he,Someone will be banging her hade on the walls and screaming to HuvsyBotoxNajimy !

    ” l want only an A-List Hunk Not Norman The Dog ”

    ” Please Set Me Up with an A-List Hunk for The New Year Eve 11″

  • funny as hell.

    Suri looks spoiled and they threat her like she is 2 that is the difference. No JP fan post about she is held or not. The kid look spolied by the way they trophy-lized her. Back of jealous b*tches.

  • Etta (new HO on board)

    I’m not gonna waste my time responding to one name changing troll.
    Brad, Angie and kids are in MO with the Rents enjoying themselves and that makes me happy.So I’m not going let a hag spoil it with its nasty posts. Just thumb down and ignore.

  • funny as hell.

    And pls… we see the JP kids on the floor than suri or any other kid. Go find another competion. ok

  • http://jj LYNN

    If the Tourist is a flop I dont see Johnny and Angie trying to hide out somewhere. I see the two of them going on about their business as usual. I think you haters are more concerned about this than the actual stars that appeared in this movie. I remember sombody’s movie was a real flop and smelt up the whole place and she had to take a vacation or disappeared for a while. Of course the thread was very quiet for a while which was a good thing.

  • busted

    @Etta (new HO on board):

    YOU know that is the problem. They (IT) has been posting for days that Angie is keeping Brad/Kids away from the Pitts.. Well…well..well what has happened. The Jolie-Pitts are in MO with the Older Pitts and all the extended family.. Now they have nothing so they (IT) is here spamming about BO of The Tourist.

    Here is a lesson. The fans don’t give a F U C K.. WE DON’t We support Brad/Angie and that is the bottom line. We don’t care about the BO numbers and so what.. nothing

    the 2 hags post will NOT change the admiration we have for this family.. so sit back suck it because all the predictions are WRONG. and Brad/Angie are still together and that is the thing that will forever piss you off and will forever be the Rub..

    Hoping the Brad and Angelina have the strongest and long lasting relationship.. Loving each other more and more every single day.. That will be the nail in the heads of these fools.. A LONG AND LASTING LOVE.

  • gracie

    To all the trolls stalking the JP fans. Something to make you losers foam at the mouth and go scream at the ocean.

  • sorry, bad information

    The jolie pitts are NOT in Missouri. Someone is playing with the fans. That blury pic of Angie and girls could have been taken anywhere and someone just decided it was MO.

    Need further confirmation that they are in MO before getting excited.

  • hag

    yes, shiloh jolie-pitt looks like her father, brad pitt, and her mother, angelina jolie. family genetics will also bless her with some of her grandfathers, john voight and bill pitt’s characteristics, and her grandmothers marcheline bertrand and jane pitt. these same genetic connections are seen in knox jolie-pitt and vivienne jolie-pitt. it’s called FAMILY BLOODLINE and angelina will FOREVER BE CONNECTED TO BRAD AND HIS FAMILY THROUGH BLOOD! she is part of his FAMILY’S TREE AND LEGACY. manny will NEVER be that.

  • anustin

    lovin the agonizing of da faniston!!! bwahahahahahha. keep on pressing those thorns.

  • gracie

    Haters are losing it. Whenever their idol gets bad publicity, they run here to spam Brad and Angie’s thread like it will take away the bad publicity Anuston is getting or make a difference to Brad and Angie’s love. The JPs are having a wonderful time with grandparents, uncle, aunty and their cousins while Anuston is drinking vodka with CC and CH. Life is fabulous. It’s great to be a JP fan and to be on the winning side.

  • NAN

    Brad had moved on with his new life with his Babies’s MaMa !

    OMG ! How Jennifer will do with her life ?

    The Jolie-Pitts in Springfield in MO !

  • funny as hell.

    box office magazine TT 44m. great.

  • hag

    trying to update my last comment to say that the jenhags are drowning because chinman is OUT of Brad’s family no matter how her losers try to falsely keep her name mentioned with brad’s family/.

  • LOL

    @not so ba prediction on work: you are strange. Psychic or psycho? Maybe you need medication?

  • sweet family

    Lee’s Art Shop must secretly be a Chuck E. Cheese’s b/c the Jolie-Pitt kids r very happy to be there
    The Jolie-Pitt Kids are ridiculously happy
    Such a smiley group! Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie was spotted with four of her children – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4 – shopping at Lee’s Art Store in New York City on Tuesday (December 7). Dressed in a pirate outfit while carrying a sword, Shiloh had a serious case of the giggles as she left the arts and crafts store. The other kids couldn’t hep but smile at their charismatic sister. Such a sweet group! Last Saturday, Angie was seen at the same store with partner Brad Pitt and their 2-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

    After more than 25 years in front of the camera, you’d think nothing would surprise Johnny Depp at this point in his career. Ah, but that was before he worked with Angelina Jolie. The star of The Tourist spoke with E! News at the New York premiere for the film and revleaed that something about Angie did, in fact, leave him surpised… “I was surprised by how down-to-earth she is,” Depp dished. “After all the, sort of, madness that surrounds their lives, Brad [Pitt] and Angelina, just how beautifully they deal with all the attention [and] chaos.” Depp went even further as he stood up for the couple who can’t seem to avoid media criticism. “They’re very, very good parents. Great parents. Wonderful people. Down-to-earth. Sweet.

  • hohoho

    Glad to read that ‘Salt’ was selling #1 on DVDs. I can see why–a great movie and 3 different versions on the DVD–I hope they make Salt 2 soon… they could go in a few different directions.

    If anyone has ever visited Freaky Farm, you know some of them fools have very vivid imaginations and one would think the ‘Salt’ story lines would be right down their alleys. Trouble is, these old girls don’t know truth from fiction, too many years of reading tabloids and listening to Jenny talk to them through her movies/lined up through her life. Stephie could say, pull my finger– again and again…and they’d do it.

  • dianad1968

    I saw TT today and was very entertained from beginning to end. And OMG, Angie is soooo beautiful it’s insane. I honestly don’t think there is another woman anywhere with her kind of beauty. I am not saying there aren’t other beautiful women, (so trolls calm down), but after God made Angie, he broke the mold. The chemistry between Angie and Johnny were not on par with the chemistry Brad and Angie had, (that kind of chemistry will only be seen again with Brad and Angie), but it was sweet and romantic. I also don’t understand why the likes of Lamey were criticizing JD’s look, he looked fine. Angie on the big screen is something to look at…there is just no one else like her. I also guessed who AP was.

    BTW, how many films does Matt Damon film a year? How come no one criticizes him for always working? He is like the male FT, just churning out movie after movie.

  • LatestPRStunt

    This is as close to an oscar as X is going to get — latest pr ploy of aniston is to link her to the most D-listed oscar winner, Adrian Brody. Of course, he wants the media attention since his career has gone straight to video since the Pianist. She, of course, can claim to be with an Oscar winner. Win-win for these poor slobs!.

  • carry

    True on matt . I saw his imdb page and then wow, He need to slow down a bit. Doesn’t he has 3or 4 kids?

  • dd

    The Tourist is NOT a flop. It is a success to any standards. The Tourist was made to be elegant like the generation of Grace Kelly, Carol Lombard, Sophia Loren, but with this “generation’s” standard its a little bit too slow. And people are not used to with AJ a sophisticated/elegant character (ie action and drama). So please, go watch it first before you say its a flop cause if you are judging it by reviews or because you don’t like AJ/JD then you are the FLOP.

  • funny as hell.

    @funny as hell.:
    Why this thumbed down? it is true check it for yourself.

  • Prediction, can’t help myself


    Yep I read someone in her life she certainly seeing AB( It will all come out offcourse before GG or as usual in her movie time.) but I read it in may -june the announcement . It could be him or another.

  • NHT(now hear this)

    Observation: This is actually the 8th New Years Brad and Angelina will spend together since they began filming MMS on Jan 1, 2004.
    He spent 1999-2002 and maybe 2003 with Jennifer, maybe not.

  • AB likes ‘em young(er)

    AB seems to date younger than manny…his ex just married that Thor Guy, so maybe he’s being more “open”….

  • just saying

    sshhh….A little birdie told me that the JP’s got married in Namibia.

  • thelookoflove1365

    Ok, on vacay today until next year. Didn’t know that hubby bought the Salt video and watching it right now. It is the UNRATED AND UNCUT VERSION. there’s so much that they did not show in the beginning of the movie alone.

    TT is a good movie; enjoyed it so much. Trolls can’t accept the fact that angie can make a light and fun movie which is actually worth watching. compared that to X’s movies, which- umm, ahhh…what am I saying, I don’t watch X movies, so i don’t know and don’t have any ideas how bad it is.

  • gracie

    dianad1968, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Angie’s beauty alone is worth the money, the acting, scenery and costumes are all extra bonus. Haha. JD wasn’t bad either but no man can match up to the chemistry between Brad and Angie in M&MS. The chemistry was unique and so are the couple and I think that’s one of the reasons they blend so well together as life partners.

  • Passing Through

    # 335 LatestPRStunt @ 12/29/2010 at 11:11 pm
    Wait a sec – X has roped Adrian Brody into being her next PR date? I like Adrian…but…he DOES have really bad taste in women, so of course X would be right up his alley. First the Spanish golddigger, then allowing himself to be hit on by Paris Hilton but not actually tapping it…yeah…I X is a logical next choice. What’s really funny is if it’s true – then X will now have fvcked the sloppy seconds of BOTH Hohan AND Paris Hilton.
    The thought of X and Adrian Brody really has me LMAO. Can you just imagine the noses and chins of their potential offspring? BBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The only things he and X could possibly have in common is being from New York, big noses and long chins, slumping movie careers and being exercise buffs. Other than that Adrian shares quite a few hobbies with Brad – he’s motorcycle maniac and has a huge collection, he’s into photography and art collecting, loves to travel…and IIRC he likes architecture. RUN, ADRIAN, RUN!!! Or else you’ll be stuck vacaying in Los Cabos for the next 10 months (that’s about the average length of X’s fake relationships…)

  • http://jj LYNN

    #274 & #275

    You know what is so funny, you two people are the only ones that care whether they are being carried in their arms. you really are the same person pretending to be two voices. It is not you business what they do concerning their kids as long as they are not abusing them. You are these same persons that get on the J/P thread complaining about Tom Cruise kid also. Like you come over to this thread trying to pretend that Brad dont like Tom cruise and pretending to be a J/P fan talking bad about the Cruises. You sound like an inmate just been let out and angry with the world. I know you dont have kids because if you did that would not bother you. Mind you own business and leave others alone. I doubt if you have any business beside coming to this thread complaining about nothing. All you haters need to go and sit your tired a**** down somewhere beside on this computer all day.

  • lsam

    Brad and Angelina are so generous of their time to visit other countries who need attention and awareness. They have a wonderful family.

  • Marta

    Very cute!!
    What about rest of the kids etc??
    Angelina Jolie is wonderful, good hearted person, same with Brad Pitt too.

  • NAN

    Marta# 348

    Just go to get $1for the Stoopid Question from BotoxNajimy !

    ” What about rest of the kids etc? ”

    JJ can get only 1 pic dude-dude Norman !

    Who Norman’s friends will bĂ…rking for Baby Jane next year ?

    The time for Baby Jane have to move on !

    Brad’d moved on with Angie 6 yrs with his 6 Gorgeous Children!

    Baby Jane should do the same like the others (MOVED ON)before her 42 yrs OVARIES were SHRINKING by minute !!!!!!!




  • lylian

    I saw the tourist today and OMG!! Venice and Angelina, both looking stunning. Depp? OK OK, I’ve already said, not a big fan but he’s pretty OK in the movie.
    I’m so glad that Angelina did a movie with Florian which celebrates Venice’s AND Angelina’s beauty. Angelina has done many films where her beauty is just not a factor in the movie. SALT, CHANGELING, A MIGHTY HEART, Girl Interrupted. Even in GIA, where she plays a model and of course needs to be beautiful, she’s not playing a beauty – but a troubled human being.
    I enjoy looking at the few photos my mother and father have of themselves, looking young and beautiful – before they had us kids (heheheheh).
    In TT, Angelina’s beauty is a vital part of the story. And I’m sure, one day, her kids will look at this movie and enjoy seeing their mother looking so lovely.
    I plan to see TT again with a bunch of friends. I enjoyed the movie a lot.
    People should go see it. It’s so tastefully done.
    And if there was a steamy, sexy bathroom scene, I’m glad it taken out in this version. It just hit the right note without too much emphasis on s e x. The bathroom scene can be shown in the DVD which I will definitely be buying.
    The chemistry between Johnny and Angelina was pretty good I thought. I can see what actor who plays reginald shaw? means about how Angelina looks at Depp. That intensity.
    Given what other actors picked up about the on-screen chemistry between Johnny and Angelina, no wonder the rumours and gossip mongers were on over drive when Angelina and Brad were filming M&MS. The chemistry between Angelina and Brad were for real, and because Brad was married still, it had to be surpressed, only to leak out in the way they look at each other – especially brad looking at Angelina!

  • paps with them

    flop flop floping tourist 41,2 mlin AFTER 3 WEEKS
    snip snap cop so va lord end

  • Lara

    @dd: # 337
    Exactly, TT is one of those gems that brings back the glamour of old Hollywood, but with a strong European flavour. Sadly, they really don’t make them like this any more, and probably won’t again, so enjoy every moment of TT while you can.

  • http://justjared katie

    Cnn Just said that Angie and Brad got married???

  • an oldie

    @dianad1968: @lylian:
    I am glad you enjoyed The Tourist. The acting is great, isn’t it? I can see why the GGs nominated Angelina and Johnny. Just because your acting is great, but because the movie isn’t a drama, doesn’t mean you won’t be recognized. But they had to nominate them in the Comedy/Musical because the movie is a lighthearted one, not a drama.