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Courteney Cox: Christmas with Coco & Jennifer Aniston!

Courteney Cox: Christmas with Coco & Jennifer Aniston!

Courteney Cox takes her adorable daughter Coco Arquette, 6, to a private Christmas Eve holiday party in West Hollywood on Friday (December 24).

The 46-year-old actress also spent the holidays with BFF Jennifer Aniston.

“Both Jen and Courteney are tired after a long year,” a source told People. “They celebrated Christmas [with] each other and just focused on making things special for Coco.”

Courteney and her Cougar Town costar Brian Van Holt were reportedly inseparable last week at their show’s holiday party, which featured a snow cone machine and In N’ Out and Border Grill food trucks.

A source tells E!, “Courteney and Brian pretty much stuck together the majority of the evening. There definitely wasn’t any hand-holding or kissing but they did stay and stand together for most of the party.”

15+ pictures inside of Courteney Cox and Coco‘s Christmas Eve party…

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courteney cox christmas eve party 01
courteney cox christmas eve party 02
courteney cox christmas eve party 03
courteney cox christmas eve party 04
courteney cox christmas eve party 05
courteney cox christmas eve party 06
courteney cox christmas eve party 07
courteney cox christmas eve party 08
courteney cox christmas eve party 09
courteney cox christmas eve party 10
courteney cox christmas eve party 11
courteney cox christmas eve party 12
courteney cox christmas eve party 13
courteney cox christmas eve party 14
courteney cox christmas eve party 15

Credit: Green; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Fame Pictures
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  • Cheery

    Seems like Aniston is always spending holidays with other people’s families; doesn’t she have relatives of her own…

  • lexy hates bilson

    Who cares how Jen spends the holidays with?? She and CC have been friends forever – they ARE family!!
    JJ why are you paying for pics of this woman being stalked with her child??

  • phew

    Jennifer Aniston AGAIN with Courtney ! She is like a desperate leech !! Boring woman who knows nothing but to go on vacations,intrude in her friends family and play the same ” Rachel ” character in every boring movie she stars in over and over again.

  • 5

    Jennifer is so selfish and self centered,she can’t spend the holidays with her relatives let alone having a family,children on her own someday.

  • roe

    Courteney looks rough. Why is Aniston mentioned at all especially when there is NO PICTURE OF HER with Courteney.. Seriously why the need to let the WORLD know that she was with her BFF in her time of sorry.

    YEAH.. because we still have to play that Best Friend Angle every single time.

    Courteney is obviously with this Brian guy and has been for months..

    Wait..maybe Jenny told her she was UNCOOL…

  • http://Babs Babs

    the source of “people”?, bwahahaha !!!!, I do not think that Jen has spent Christmas in LA

  • Saragossa

    Hey jared where mama morrison?

  • LoveLeeR

    how tragic !

  • ?

    its the coolest to have such good friends in life! they are alays there for you :)

  • DR

    Haters to the left!

    Courteney and Jen have an amazing friendship, so what’s wrong with wanting to spend Christmas together? They have such a good relationship which I do believe will last.

  • nina

    agree with DR. What’s your problems haters? BFF can spent together Christmas. Plus Jen is the godmother of Coco!!! She’s family

    Even this Christmas, you do not give Jen, it’s unbelievable. Let live and do what she wants. I not even see what she has done wrong to receive as much hate!

    Love Courteney, great actress and mother! Coco is cute

  • Anon

    I love their friendship, and given that Jennifer is Coco’s godmother, then they are family!

  • Chipolata

    There’s nothing wrong with spending time with Friends but your mom is the most important even if you don’t get’s only one day how come JAniiston, who is supposed to be the girl next door and North America’s sweetheart, has not spent one Xmas with her mom or brothers? And yet she has been happy to spend with other people’s moms………very Scrooge like especially the ability not to forgive…defintely not in keeping with the Xmas spirit. Not being able to forgive is a sign of not seeing your own failings or taking responsibility for them.

  • sexxxy

    ok. coco is the ugliest celbrity kid in the world.

  • 5

    Not being able to forgive is a sign of not seeing your own failings or taking responsibility for them —- So true ! When people hold grudges for years towards someone they were close to I think it’s a sign of immaturity,jealousy and control issues.In their twisted minds others are to blame about everything.People who feel that holding bad feelings toward another are sadly mistaken. It is a direct reflection of who they are – it has nothing to do with the person they’ve chosen to be judgmental toward. When one chooses to embrace ill will toward someone, they are the ones carrying those dark feelings…not the other way around.
    A mature person would rise above it and seek to be forgiving and tolerant of others and see his/her own mistakes and not blame it all on the other involved.

  • GAA

    So why did Brad and Jennifer get divorced?
    Some keep bringing that up in the Leann Rimes thread.
    Pitt adn Anniston had no kids. Jolie was not married and had nokids.
    Pitt and Anniston were going over and out at that point.
    Jolie and Pitt were wrong. Pitt and Jolie were wrong.
    Still tacky.
    Pitt wanted a family andto do less Hollywood.
    Anniston lovesHollywood.
    Pitt must have been done with adoring littleCocoandspending holidays with Cox instead of a family of his own.
    Cox and Anniston have Christmas and NY together
    Anniston’s mother lives very meagerly and has no contact with Anniston., Saw this in Nat.Enquirer.

  • XYZ

    Is it just me or little Coco wears make-up? But its Hollyweird, so no wonder…

  • huH

    Oh,yeah..Coco wears make-up at 6 years old.Can you imagine later ?

  • alyssa

    I don’t see Coco wearing makeup and if so, every girl likes to make up for the holidays, to do as adults as wear heels. Not a big deal!

    and N°14 shame on you!!!

    Jennifer is not in good relationship with his mother for longtim! She’s the godmother, she’s part of Courteney’s family and she is her BFF
    I would not want to have friends like you, who can not count on for Christmas when you’re alone pfff

  • of course

    Now I am sure they are lesbians. Poor Coco.

  • trinilady

    JA is nowhere to be seen, if they did spend this time together,bet your bottom dollar,we would have seen a pic. Seems as though CC wants special time with Coco and her BF, which is understandable.

  • hohoho

    Does anyone believe these pics were taken at Jen’s or CC’s houses? Look at the pics, the ones in the past and think. I smell Stephen.

  • maya

    i really love courteney and jen since i saw them in friends i was in love with all the actors of friends but especialy courteney and jennifer, they are so close and a great actress if poeple want to talk badly about them so let gossip they even don’t care about your comments ok so just come down and leave them alone
    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu court and jen

  • trinilady

    fake press release

  • deke

    God what terrible haters!! Just because they mention JA’s name. May you all rot in hell!!!

  • to read
  • LoriLori

    JA would not miss this photo op if they were together, CC is tired of this witch ruining her relationships
    JA spent the holiday with people on her payroll, own up to the life you have created for your self Jen!

  • Bes

    Don’t believe it at all. The publicist is putting this out to cover up Cox’s affair. Why is it OK for Cox to have an affair.
    Jennifer Aniston is a nut job who’s career is over you can nail her coffin shut.

  • Christi

    Such a lie Courteney more than likely spent the holiday with her new man and this story is a cover up. Poor David.



  • genie

    coco looks like a dog

  • Hmmmm


    I hope youre not a JP fan. In fact, I am positive youre not. Youre a fan of no one. Just a sad, lonely, pathetic thing who seems like the type to take your own life, except that youre too much of a coward to do even that.

  • Jane

    ””’“Both Jen and Courteney are tired after a long year,” a source told People. “They celebrated Christmas [with] each other and just focused on making things special for Coco.”””’

    So, have they come out of the closet as a couple, now?

  • to of course

    zo—rr—a tienes algun problema con las lesbianas ? si tu ignorancia
    eres homofoba ??? claro
    debes de ser muy paleta y republicana ..
    pobres los que vivan cerca de ti ,esos si han de preocuparse ignorante…

  • maripedo

    pasa las navidades con quien le da la gana ,panda de remilgadas..babosas…

  • to chipolata

    cada uno pasa sus vacaciones con quien le da la gana ,paleta…
    tu madre sera lo mas importante para ti ,no para todos…cateta…

  • Gab

    I remember Coco being very cute from her past photos but something’s off in these ones. Does she have eye shadow and pearl earrings on? If you zoomed and cropped these differently she could pass for a 28 year old Holly Hunter!

  • Elton Sites

    Courteney looks haggard in her pictures while her daughter looks so pretty. That is so good to spent your Christmas holiday with your love ones. I am sure that her daughter is happy for what she did.

  • Ameena

    I love how Jen’s always spending holidays with Court, Jen’s always having fun and enjoying herself with her BFF. I think that’s great and i really would love it when my BFF is always coming holidays with me and my family.That would be awesome and beside me and my BFF live next door and i come to her house and she comes to mine all the time.
    Love you Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox and Coco!!! You girls are amazing!