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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis soak up the sun on Monday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 49-year-old actor chatted with Elisabetta‘s sister, Gabriella, before the bikini-clad Italian actress greeted her with a huge hug.

Looks like George has been spending a lot of time with her family recently. Two weeks ago, he had dinner with her parents!

Elisabetta, 32, also took a stroll on the beach with some friends.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis vacationing in Mexico…

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# 1

She doesn’t have a sister, only 1 brother.

# 4

@Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!: the same reason why you are here.

# 5

George, listen to Richard Chamberlain’s advice and stay in the closet! Keep playing the ladies’ man with ur horseface beard.

# 6

Big deal.He’s a commitment phobe and uses women for s*x ,lying and manipulating them while still together.These men will have very convincing stories to avoid committing to a future together with you.

# 7

@huH: is George Clooney jewish???

# 8

Has she gone to the gym?? She might be silly but she’s got the kind of curvy body men like.

# 9

she has a really pretty figure.. that tattoo on her arm is ugly…
sometimes I thinkg she is just gorgeous and other times she is so manly looking.. it’s weird.

wow wished i looked like that in a bikini!!

awesome body, not a pretty face.
but seriously her body is amazing.

the buffoon and the tramp.

I have not seen 1 shot of her and George in any affectionate way. She was all over him in a picture and he was just meh.. nothing.

She got more action from that girl in that last picture then George.

But who knows. maybe it is still love..

cocodibongo @ 12/28/2010 at 10:40 am

wow don “Arpeggio”
in photos
, drug, gurerre, mexico,

cocodibongo @ 12/28/2010 at 10:45 am

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. …news
Don Arpeggio Canalis
Her sex addiction
only fully emerged once she got her drug and alcohol use under control. …


cocodibongo @ 12/28/2010 at 11:07 am

It is not a house that George our Pharaoh
is built it is a pyramid for his Cleopatra …

I think Elisabetta is the best he will ever do. He is an actor, not a diplomat (as he would have you believe) and not a successful business man. His career restricts him from dating decent women.

she is stuning!what a face,body,legs!pretty woman!

she has a great body!

The more ugly comments of their love is growing

Hot for Brilli @ 12/28/2010 at 12:55 pm

Clearly, a woman’s worth, her only value, is directly correlated to the size of her boobs and the curve in her hips.

Elisabeta not doing anything in life, not working in a factory, not in hospital, not in marketing, no kids, no cooking, no cleaning does not work 12 hours a day. The only thing that works is to be nice to have a nice body, to go to the gym, have masseurs, coaches ……. hairdressers, beauticians. so who would not be pretty. It’s called life, and Eli was born under the lucky star. I’m jealous because I have quite a different life than she does, her life is like a fairy tale, as is my nightmare. Just to have someone suffering from cancer but ….. Eli enjoy because you are born under the lucky star. Good luck

cocodibongo @ 12/28/2010 at 1:13 pm

lof their love is growing …” but George always with the same shirt
not sur If he it washed one time !

Hot for Brilli @ 12/28/2010 at 1:13 pm



Anonymous @ 12/28/2010 at 1:15 pm

Gee, another staged photo op from the fug famewh*re. I guess cocaine is cheaper in Mexico.

Anonymous @ 12/28/2010 at 1:25 pm

You’d have to be a complete idiot not to realize by now that this is just a publicity relationship. George doesn’t even pretend to like her. I hope he gets out of the contract soon because I want to hurl every time this cokewh*re’s image appears on my computer.

Sarah Larson was way prettier than this nasty *****. She was also nicer.

haven’t seen Clooney spend so much quality time with a girlfriend in a long time
he might really like this one

Hot for Brilli @ 12/28/2010 at 1:52 pm

She is lucky to have George and lucky to have loyal friends to come to her defense and protect her.

the truth @ 12/28/2010 at 2:10 pm

She’s a hooker who works for mafia goons with terrorist connections.

she is lovely – gorgeous skin and body. i hope he is happy. he seems like a good guy. loved him in “The American”. Hope he does more serious work like that.

she is a man – has to be with that face. he has the WORST taste in “chicks”. paid for piece – i hope the rumors are true (that he’s gay) otherwise he just has sh*tty taste in women.

she's gross @ 12/28/2010 at 4:01 pm

i so prefer just jared cb censors their threads fascists…so i will post it here…why does someone of clooney’s stature have to exploit his gfs body for attention? is that his idea of love? as for her: if she really loves him why isn’t she keeping her body under wraps for his eyes only? what kind of man has to get off on other’s envying his gf? sounds like a loser to me and i don’t care how rich or famous he is or how many girls half his age he beds. have you seen the recent photos of hefner ? he looks like petrified rock. george clooney that is your future. grow up you are suc an ass!

and so is he @ 12/28/2010 at 4:15 pm

he’s not off the hook she is a dumb bimbette who speaks very little english with a sordid and lurid past…he is the one who should know better and he just keeps hiring those paps to “catch” them in private moments..does anyone beside me think that is gross? why would a gf let him do that? and wouldn’t the gf conclude (if she had half a brain to use) that maybe the reason she was picked was for her exploitabiltiy? does he really need someone who looks good in a bikini to feel relevant? isn’t that pathetic?

Elisabetta wants attention she is exploiting herself it is the whole reason she is with George. As for pretty and great skin, you haven’t seen many pictures of her have you? Her skin is really bad, drugs will do that to you. On a good day she looks like a woman but mostly like an ugly tranny. George is not happy not a single pic of him looking interested in her just her smug ugly face. It isn’t her sister in law her brother is gay. Just another one of her many hanger on friends who want their picture taken. All her friends are famewhores just like her trying to get a rich guy to pay their bills. Probably auditioning for the soon to be vacant role of Georges girlfriend. I doubt he will go for someone who can’t speak english next time or get’s confused with being a man.

La La La La Lola @ 12/28/2010 at 7:02 pm

I’m not dumb but I can’t understand why she walk like a woman and talk like a man.

she's a ho @ 12/28/2010 at 7:11 pm

At her forty thousand per month contract, she must be blowing everyone at Warner Brothers. I hope she is using kneepads, or she’ll wind up needing knee surgery.

cubanMissile @ 12/28/2010 at 7:55 pm

She’s borderline ugly. She knows it… They read these comments. Loves & craves media attention. The whole world can see she’s not beautiful. No one is being fooled here. A nobody with no potential bluffs the world for 15 minutes of fame. That’s her determination & ambition. From a Sardinian village to the big smoke…

Her body structure is bad. But she works out fervently because It’s her only hope to market a supposedly fit body because she doesn’t have a beautiful face nor hair.

If the media drums it into the reader’s mind that she’s sexy, will they concede? Not likely, so they promote a gym-junkie’s fitness toned body.

The saggy, flat, tiny, drag-queen bottom is still there though.. So are the crooked legs.. And no feminine waist… From behind she just looks like a gay Oriental young man.

Still depressed because you feel sad & lonely, Georgie? Is that why you wear the same outfit day in, day out? No endorphins released from being in love, huh?

the truth @ 12/28/2010 at 8:26 pm

She and her terrorist friends gave viral meningitis to some of Clooney’s female friends. She did it to get rid of the competition, because she thought it would give her a better chance of extending her contract.

cubanMissile @ 12/28/2010 at 8:47 pm

@the truth…lol…
They don’t have a contract. I know this for a fact. It’s just a confidentiality clause. It suits them to keep up the charade for PR reasons though.

the truth @ 12/28/2010 at 8:56 pm

Call it whatever you want. She did it to try to extend her time with him.

the truth @ 12/28/2010 at 9:28 pm

@cubanMissile “I know this for a fact.” LOL. Well, I happen to “know for a fact” that there is a contract, and you’re wrong.

cubanMissile @ 12/28/2010 at 9:52 pm

@the truth: perhaps we’re talking about the same supposed “contract.” I’m privy to know that it’s a disclaimer about the relationship. He’s just manipulated to drag it on longer, every so often. I also know that he’s NOT in love & it’s by far a typical romantic relationship, no matter how much she tries to convince the world. She’s so driven for fame & fortune.

what you say about sarah larson may be true. but the reality is that she could not keep quiet. the girl talked too much to the wrong people

She is so sexy but I don’t like the tattoo on her arms. In such a beautiful woman like her having a tatoo is not so cool or good.

The timing of this latest photo op coincides with the release of The American on dvd. George was coerced into doing it by The American’s financiers, which from what I understand are Italian and mafia.

So, this whole PR story won’t end before the final series of Leverage will be realized in Italy or what?

@the truth: On this photo it is clearly seen that George took her hand being under the pressure of the man from behind George’s got into very serious situation, we can only express a compassion for him and wish that Santa would bring him a gift which is Liberation.

JackJokey TamingHorse @ 12/29/2010 at 1:56 am

@cubanMissile: How every day??? Photo-shoot was only one day long. This T-shirt is very special for George. When he wears it he feels confident and romantic.

They have make a lot of noise…!
George does not have pain in the crane migraine … No Pain No gain …!

# 50 ohmyGod! : LOL
poor George , hanging through the beach with mafioso…

The Mexican police is sleep or what ?!
It’s evident the big Don Lingot walks on their nose …
mi madre of Guadalupe
,Debido a que, casi toda mi vida, he estado trabajando de cara al público, … Como no estaba -el café- como a mi me gusta, le dije a mi madre esto, ….Nuestra Señora of Guadalupe

not the mexican police, i’ll say the FBI or the white house, It would be wiser LOL

Oh it’s time to save George! hahaha

Ruegen a Dios por él…

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 4:28 am

@JackJokey TamingHorse: Almost everyday. Same shorts too.
Check the photos when Elisabetta Hermaphrodite Canalis wore the green & black bikini..Poor Georgie.. Made it to the top & still feels empty. Does benevolent work extend to being the patron of a cocaine-addicted, ugly, desperate trashy bimbo?

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 4:31 am

@OhMyGod!: it’s Ben Weiss, his buddy. There’s no coercion in this photo or are you being sarcastic?

WHO GIVES A SHIT @ 12/29/2010 at 4:39 am

you guys are funny..
Don’t believe any conspiracy theories about the mob forcing him.
He’s an opportunist cashing in on his fame.
But he always looks rather sad. The eyes don’t lie.

Don’t like the butch broad at all. Just another famewhore, albeit an unattractive one. No wonder Vieri constantly cheated & dumped her.

lady looks like a dude @ 12/29/2010 at 4:46 am

personal hygiene? Wonder if George has BO wearing the same threads all the time. Notice it with his jeans often. Same t-shirt. Boring old goat.

Hey, I notice Dr Feelgood Luigi is there too. Is Guido the Killer Pimp lurking nearby? LOL

Is there still a warrant out for Luigi Canalis’ arrest in Switzerland for drugs? Or did Clooney’s goons sort that out, now that he’s part of the familia.

hmmmm…. I bet GC likes it doggy style so he doesn’t have to look at her face. Or drinks himself blind & has lights off. Maybe he can’t see well at his age.

I read he likes it doggy style. I’d be worried to bone a masculine looking woman like that. It’s true, she’s got the flat butt of a gay twinkie. Nothing feminine about her. Maybe she uses stap-ons too.

*Mother Mary* @ 12/29/2010 at 4:59 am

Coffee? You just do not know how to cook it right. If you add all the ZooElements then whole animalism becomes evident
Lo principal a tener en cuenta que el café es el café, refresco… and advertising is only entertainment
Nuestra Señora of Guadalupe

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 5:10 am

@Question: #49
I believe he’s been advised (from those with his “interests” at heart, namely Elmer Fudd Rosenfield & his mgmnt) that the longer he appears to be in a relationship, the better for his public image. He’s lmost 50, rumors & speculation about his sexuality, etc. So the facade drags on…

Don’t forget that if he breaks up, there’s more pressure on him about a new gf, & even more counter-productive PR that fuels the sexuality rumors. So, this arrangement works well.

If Georgie doesn’t feel in-love, he won’t be in a real relationship. But how often does that happen in a person’s lifetime?

This of course, works well for Canalis as she loves the media attention. Without George, she’ll fade back into oblivion. Doesn’t have talent, looks or anything admirable really. Just determination to convert her average & flawed body to be very lean & toned, in the hope that she’s “admired.”

DannyElephant @ 12/29/2010 at 5:20 am

@cubanMissile: Yes of course, we would believe that he is george’s true friend, Elisabetta his true love, and she does not get 40 tsd $ per month from Warner Bro, and Stan and all this company receives percent. You are not going to say that George pays for it all, wouldn’t you?

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 5:28 am

@DannyElephant: I never wrote that she gets paid by Warners. I never mentioned Warners, nor anyone paying her. You’ve mixed my posts with others.
Endorsements, advertisements, acting roles in film & TV is where the income comes in.
He’s not in love with Elisabetta. Fact.

@cubanMissile: Still there is some logic… it will bangin till the Leverage’ finish or will last eternally?

JackJockey TamingHorse @ 12/29/2010 at 5:51 am

@lady looks like a dude: You know nothing! Its special clothes, impregnated all over with a special protective anti-skunk remedy. Anti-skunk ingredients: many sweat, cropped nails and dandruff missed up with a saliva. And please do not say that he is an goat, old etc. coz here all is about the smell! ;-)… plus he is smart

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 5:58 am

@Question: there’s no set date. Till it feels right to end it. The longer it’s stretched, the more credible it is. Think of it in future terms. When all his past relationships are quoted in the press, the length of time is always mentioned. So, if he breaks up sooner than later, it’s a counter-productive PR move. Or so he’s been advised by his “team.”
He likes the world to think he has a girlfriend. They get off his case about his choice of bachelor lifestyle.
He also wants to remain on friendly terms with her bc she’s often a time-bomb waiting to explode. Gets real vicious.
It may drag on past his next birthday. A nice big bluff…
He’s a good man, in any case.

@cubanMissile: Ahh I’ve understood the logic, he probably wants headlines like this “George Clooney’s romance with c*okewhore lasted the longest”

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 6:18 am

@Question: yeah, well, I hope he realizes that too. He wanted out when SL was exposed in photos having wild parties. He’s not too bright at all, as much as he seems fundamentally like a nice person.

@cubanMissile: Ok, now he is playing not on his field and it lowers his ratings, it’s fact. In a half year he will lose 80% of the asset and may be something else… Life is very short.

If we assume that someone wants to play on his field… it does not look so innocent-carefree. He loses not only the time, he lives in someone else’s life, but who is going to live in his? By the way, the team could be bribed or assify, it is easy to manipulate people who put commercial interests above moral.

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 8:37 am

@Question: who knows when they break up?! it may end even before his 50th..Next month even.
Baloney spin in press lately about Canalis wanting a kid. Well, unless they adopt or she finds a sperm donor, it ain’t gonna happen. But that’s setting groundwork & leads to friction & a potential scenario for a possible break-up: Clooney not wanting entrapment blah blah…
And just as they’ve broken up, lo & behold the unit publicist of Gravity releases photos of Sandra & George filming. Another PR spin. Is Sandra comforting George after his break-up? It’s just a hypothetical suggestion. But it sure generates publicity..

@cubanMissile: I think that Elisabetta made a good job, in the sense that next George’s gf on the contrast will be seen as very positive whoever it will be, even if it is Sandra Bullock.
Thank you interesting conversation, was interesting to know your opinion. Happy New year!! and I hope George will change his repertoire and will offer something new.

The daily mail ran a shot of her half naked refurbished butt. She paid good money for that butt, after all, and she wants to make sure people see it. For anyone who thinks these pics are candids and not from staged photo ops, I have some nice swampland to sell you. They were taken by her personal pap/photographer, the best ones were chosen and retouched, then gradually released to the press over a few days’ time to try to get more “exposure.” Because nothing says “I’m in love and not a famewh*re” like showing your *ss crack to the world.

Most people familiar with Canalis don’t like her, and that includes Italians. People don’t like her because she is rude and arrogant. She has no talent, but people could forgive that if she had any other redeeming qualities, but she doesn’t. People could also forgive her drug and prostitution scandal if she were otherwise a nice person, but she isn’t. She is a classic example of narcissist personality disorder. She lives in her own little fantasy world in which she’s all-important. There was one thread on JustJared recently on which she kept posting that she’s a v.i.p. and practically demanding that everyone agree with her. She and her publicity team post on blogs about how great she is and insult everyone else. Her publicist cut a deal with a Clooney-obsessed blogger, providing the blog with scoops in exchange for the blogger discouraging and deleting any comments other than glowing praise of Canalis. Ultimately, George is responsible for foisting this nasty piece of work upon the American consciousness. He is long overdue in owning up to his responsibility in this matter. It sets a terrible example for little girls in Italy, who are already made to feel as if their worth depends solely on their bodies and appearance due to the culture there and Berlusconi’s awful influence. Apparently, dvd sales are more important to George that the lives of little girls. Truth be told, George should resign from his U.N. post if he does not get rid of this piece of trash a.s.a.p., and if he doesn’t, he should be released from his U.N. post.

cubanMissile @ 12/29/2010 at 11:03 pm

@Question: & a Happy New Year to you too. I give my opinion based on info from sources directly linked to the subject matter. I leak a little anonymously only because I dislike this deception. And I feel slightly sad for George. People can achieve so much, be acclaimed A-listers, philanthropists and political activists, but fundamentally feel emptiness in their lives. It all comes down to one basic human need we all crave: love. And that comes naturally and instinctively. He settled on accepting the temporary “girlfriend” that his friend arranged for him to meet. And boy, is he sad…. He should’ve followed his heart.

@cubanMissile, if he’s that sad, why doesn’t he do something about it? He must realize by now that he’d be better off cutting his losses.

If her family and friends are spending time ther ewith them… I wonder if they got married secretly or it will be one pretty soon, just a guess…
I can’t believe they would stage all of it, but then again I can be very naive…Oh well…

men plan, god laughs @ 12/30/2010 at 12:49 am

It’s like the movie “The Man with Two Brains” when God gives Steve Martin’s character all these signs, but he pays them no mind, and later on when things go to hell he yells at God ” WHY DIDN’T YOU GIVE ME A SIGN?” God doesn’t want George to settle for less than a real life and is giving him all these signs, but I guess he’s afraid to do what he knows he needs to do. I will pray for him that he be given divine guidance and the courage to do something about this state of affairs. I hope everyone else does the same.

i would turn gay for this woman…her body is insanely gorgeous…!!! I’m so jealous :/


omg, you sound insanely jealous of her…what is your problem? she’s gorgeous just like a lot of Italian women… If i’m a man in my next life, please let me be born in Italy… the hottest women in the world are there.. :D

cubanMissile @ 12/30/2010 at 6:14 am

@hot lady: you sound like you’re her or one of her friends because beautiful & hot she definitely is NOT. Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried – they’re all beautiful women – their faces & figures.
Get a reality check! Elisabetta Canalis is not an attractive woman. I’m not in the least bit jealous to look like someone I deem ugly. Look at her crooked legs & flat, saggy bottom. She can’t get a modeling contract based on her physical appearance.
I dislike her from information I’m given directly by people linked to George. And how unhappy he really is.

cubanMissile @ 12/30/2010 at 6:23 am

@Anonymous: because it’s a complicated situation and not one he can easily get out of just yet, from what I was told. And I’ll leave it at as what I’ve already written is too much & may have roused the wrath of anyone potentially psychotic.


I’m sorry honey but I truly think your blind… I’ve seen many pics of her and not once have i ever seen any crooked legs.. LOL you need to get your eyes checked… the woman has a hard rock sexy body. I seriously think her body is one of the best celebrity bodies along with Jen Aniston and I agree Monica bellucci is gorgeous too, but many Italian women are, no doubt about it. She is toned and sexy as hell… so seriously if you think she’s so ugly than why are you up in her thread??
there is nothing ugly about this body

or this a$$

that little waist, those legs..girl please… get real. She is sexy as hell… yes I’m jealous and I admit it…but I’m not hating on the girl. I think you have a personal issue with her, which is fine by me. But I think you should take that up with her personally, not on a gossip blog. This is not the place for that. I just want to look at her body and take my butt to the gym to do some squats right about now LOL I don’t care about her love relationship with George Clooney at all, I just want her legs and her toned tummy :D

cubanMissile @ 12/30/2010 at 7:34 am

@hot lady:
yeah real small waist.. Saggy, flat bottom.
You need your eyes checked. Jennifer Aniston has average girl-next-door-looks but her body is sexy & feminine; granted.
Elisabetta is masculine. George calls her “homely-looking.”
It’s great that she works out & we all should emphasize fitness. But when her PR spins stories about her amazing body, I disagree because she’s just toned. Short limbs, yes bow-legged (it’s often written commented on), square torso with no waist, saggy, flat bottom.
Fitness obsession alone does not make a woman sexy. But of course you are promoting her interests by the looks of it.

cubanMissile @ 12/30/2010 at 7:48 am

@hot lady: btw, thanks for the saggy ass photos. Just regurgitated my dinner…
Is this part of your collection too?

How desperate for publicity does someone have to be that she pulls her bikini down to flash her flat butt to the paps, in the most recent photos in the press.. LOL.

Anonymous @ 12/30/2010 at 8:46 am

@observer: These pro-photographers are as much unprofessional as Elisabetta in sex!

Difference @ 12/30/2010 at 10:17 am

It is very obvious that George brought together two completely different worlds. Some have Mind and God, while others hellbody and rock. And this all has the highest sense. Clever little girls won’t go this way because Elisabetta’s story ends sadly. Elisabetta is not unique, many women build their careers this way. They get to a certain level, but since they do not really fit there they suffer even more. Let say if Elisabetta would have model appearance or some acting skills then at least would be any sense for her to strive for that what she wants. Other way what is the sense of all this, neither her nor public has any satisfaction from the work she does. For example, if Elisabetta would become a nurse and helped sick people, everybody would thanked her and nobody would’ve said that she is bow-legged, then she would not have to have sex with balding bouncers with square heads and round bellies, and use drugs for this. And so she has to endure all this due to an error and incorrectly chosen profession. She could have a good family, husband and children who would love her… and nobody would ever say to her that what she hear these days. And so what is waiting for her in the future?… dose of drugs with time must be increased, her skin and a distinctive drug thinness is already signaling a high content of harmful substances in her body. Negative comments are negative only at first sight, they actually show her the reality and exit from the dead-end, where she goes now, but her friends & supporters by praising her do the opposite. And maybe it is a right time for her to meditate, maybe her life is not lost yet. America will never accept her, it is clear her place in Italy.

Difference @ 12/30/2010 at 10:59 am

Yes, we definitely will be praying for George. I think he has no reason not to trust his destiny. Previous negative experiences can influence the present life, but it is a bad impact of negative. What awaits him is an entirely new and it is impossible to evaluate a new from the position of the old, such as a car cannot be evaluated from the position of the cart, because you will not find where to put the horse, all simple horse is not needed here. And it makes no sense to have any fears because it still will happen if it’s in God will. And it is the best solution for the human being. We cannot have all at the same time, the youth, beauty, success, fame… still there is some point of harmony in everything and this should be followed.
Also I would like to say that it is nice to see that George has some good friends and you can always find interesting people and comments on his forums.

@Difference: Yes, you’re right.I’ve also noticed that for example threads about Brad Pitt have more comments but these comments are less interesting to read than ones on George’s threads, where always come interesting people, it says us something about the scale of George’s personality. Even though there is a problem that he faces these days, an intelligent rating of his forum is not falling, and it’s not only here but also on many other forums. Also it is good to see that he is self-critical and do not relate to the situation as a blockhead. He should not be sad, because he is not alone in his sadness.

she's gross @ 12/30/2010 at 1:24 pm

i laughed so hard when i saw the recent “slippage” photos of her ass crack…can i see a show of hands for how many think this was a wardrobe malfunction? she is one step away from going back to porn, and i for one, say arrivederci.


omg, thank you for those dailymail pictures that was so hot :D

she's gross @ 12/30/2010 at 1:57 pm

who is Hot Lady? canalis herself? slimy pr team? lesbian fan? get off it whoever you are. you’re beating a dead horse! ha!

cubanMissile @ 12/30/2010 at 4:32 pm

the last bit of info I will give to all of you who obviously care is that George’s parents fell in love at a young age, married and have lived happily ever after. Nick fell in love with Nina at first sight.. They have a 5 year age difference, & I think she was 19 & he 24 at the time.

George went on to conquer the world, so to speak. Success, fame, fortune…. but no soulmate. No true love.
That is why he is sad, lonely & empty.
This relationship (as several past unions) is superficial. He may share occasional physical intimacy, companionship, conversation & laughter. But not the true love his parents felt for each other. How often does that happen in a lifetime?

@cubanMissile: Such things are not in our power. Probably if he would met his soul mate he’d gone other way, Love changes people… then you know that it is the most important and it is as in the face of Buddha is nothing to ask…

@she’s gross:

girl please, you’re the one who needs to get off it. :/ I’m just not a jealous person. If someone is hot I say it and I have no problem admitting that she’s got an amazing body. I don’t understand how you can sit here and say her body is busted… you guys need your eyes checked and an appointment at the looney bin asap lol !!

she's gross @ 12/30/2010 at 5:34 pm

please do not put words in my mouth and stop calling me girl. your posts smack of falsity and calling another woman hot connotes sexual interest. otherwise you would use more neutral language, unless you’re an ignoramus :) and I’d be willing to bet you are

Now or Never @ 12/30/2010 at 5:42 pm

“How often does that happen in a lifetime?” maybe you have noticed that often when you begin washing the car it starts raining? But you cannot trigger rain by starting a car wash. Love is a Rain. But still there is also a path of a person, destiny. And sometimes they meet. Sometimes we hide from the rain under an umbrella, because we’re in a hurry. We isolate ourselves but the space of rain surrounds us. We subjectively think that we moving, but the rain goes on and on and we stand still.

@she’s gross:

i just said i’d turn gay for her didn’t i?? LOL you’re the one who sounds like a jealous ignoramus. You should listen to yourself… jealous b*tch.

Anonymous @ 12/30/2010 at 7:57 pm

Don’t be upset “hot lady.” Here, we dedicate a song to you:

she's gross @ 12/30/2010 at 8:06 pm

you should read the posts more carefully you’re starting to rant ….and it’s not attractive…i guess you didn’t like being called an ignoramus. no woman rants and pants about anothre unless she is that woman’s pr pusher or gay …this has nothing to do with jealousy. all i said is that her ass crack wasn’t accidentally exposed. she’s posed nude in the past and has worn her bikini bottom wadded up there in every picture…if she could i;m sure she’d take her top off too…making a comment about a woman flaunting her body is not jealousy, but as you seem to be of limited intelligence i can see where you might think so. she’s a low life and you’re attracted to her, so imo that makes you a low life too. see how i said all that and never once resorted to profanity?

Anonymous @ 12/30/2010 at 8:24 pm

“no woman rants and pants about anothre unless she is that woman’s pr pusher or gay”
Or her pimp. LOL.

Someone needs to get fired! @ 12/30/2010 at 10:12 pm

i think these comments are real interesting to read on this site. someone forwarded this to me because apparently it has now become hidden. gee i wonder why? lol…

@cubanMissile. Thank you very much for this information that is exactly what I’ve missed.
I’d also like to give you some info what George’s doing at this time, though he might be not aware himself that he doing It but in still he does.

…you are not greedy, right? And there are very greedy people, not because they do not want to spend money on household servants. They do all by themselves: wash pans, clean pots… that’s why they have such a dirty hands. Why? Because it is some kind of tradition: a total wash each New Year’s Eve.

What does this mean? Everything in the house as well as clothes must be totally washed; she walks through the house in only kitchen apron. How in this situation how any service people could possibly come over?

In fact this guy on the photo following this tradition hides extra hats and shorts in the garage. Tattoos they are not real are also Christmas Tradition, he hides them too in garage and every year on Christmas holidays makes them again. Truly the situation in their house is critical, they do not fit in time… And actually what do they are up to in real?
And in general I think it is enough to be sad… New Year is on the nose! Everybody let’s better kiss each other!

Really Vénus of Botticelli
after a surgical treatment….
New VENUS is born name is CANABIS

Misunderstood @ 01/01/2011 at 5:58 am

Elisabetta why you are writing all the time about jealousy, probably you confused jealous and jews.

TIME FOR REAL TRUTH NOW!!!!!! @ 01/01/2011 at 3:42 pm

It is very simple why Elisabetta is accusing people of jealousy. She was assured that she & her mafioso thugs along with cooperation from key point people from Clooney’s entourage she would get her claws deep into Clooney & strip him till he was high & dry.

Cuban missile hit it so hard on the head about how he was manipulated into staying in this sewage trap. That is the bullshit of Hollywood. Next he will be coerced into a “relationship” with Bullock. Why? If he is not with the woman he loves then it is easier to control & manipulate.

That is the ***** of the situation & they drove him right into depression. That is utter bullshit & downright scummy! That is a core modus operandi right in Ol’ Hollywood. If people like myself talk out about it thenone way or another things are done to damage the whistle blower’s rep, career, and up to & including harm to loved ones even if they are animals.

Stars like George should AND WILL HAVE THE FREEDOM TO LOVE,LIVE, AND BE THEMSELVES FREE FROM PERSECUTION AND SAVAGERY. So I call out to all of you to come together and declare this as so.

It is time for a new vibe. Goodbye Canalis, Mafioso, & if necessary stan and few others too. Wish you all well but ya gotta go
George it is time to step foward & be with who you really love. Be brave & do it! Now is the perfect time both of you lost so much precious time due to these thugs & scum. God bless you!

Bless You! @ 01/01/2011 at 4:55 pm

@TIME FOR REAL TRUTH NOW!!!!!!: George GO!!!!! God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy NEW!!!

They bay people into such contracts, because it is profitable for someone; build a line of information and the person makes a decision that’s been imposed. Ahead of the contract this trash team themselves spread and still does these kinky rumors, their thought line is very clear by now. And today it is only the next step. As soon as George agrees to the fact that Canalis is his girlfriend he will automatically falls to her level, and consequently he is bisexual, gay and drug user, defamatory is over. No one ever believes that George fell in love with sk*unk, unless he’s gone completely mad. And in case if he did no one will be watching his movies. So anyway. It makes no sense to argue whether these relationships real or contract, it must immediately be finished otherwise the result will be frightening, it’s regressing reality. Besides if this is a contract would be logical to assume that George has a real girlfriend, so he does not need to build new relationships, he only had to return to his real life and his audience will understand and forgive him this public stunt because he used to make such escorts contracts with the exception that in this case he haven’t knew good with whom he is making it. If this company that promotes Elisabetta as well finances some of George’s movies, on his place I would decline from this movie. Distorted way of The American has already shown it. Otherwise George will be losing, losing and losing…

i bet they did it in NYE that’s why there is no photo for them after showing her back to the world ,clooney at the end is a guy and he must liked her .i don’t think there will be another good one coming to GC love life in future .he better stay with ely as he don’t deserve more.
she just a woman in bikini and NOT SEXY WOMAN AT ALL
repeat they really deserve each other. keep her clooney and be happy u so match and belong together . happy new year to every one

“stay with ely as he don’t deserve more” this is the Red Line of their idea exactly as I’ve said. Love prefers equal…]
and “Equality is possible only by the mind” Alexander of Macedon

What make here ALEXANDER III and
Si ce maudit canasson
Remportait cette course,
Ça renflouerait ma bourse
Et noierait le poisson.
Si ce maudit canasson
Remportait cette épreuve,
Peu importe qu’il pleuve:
Ça sauverait la saison.Si ce vieux Bucéphale
N’est pas le bon cheval,
Je mange mon journal.

Si ce maudit canasson
Gagne sur le papier,
Il reste à recopier
Tout ça sur le gazon.
Si un autre canasson
Vient mettre le désordre,
Il me reste la corde,
La balle ou le poison.

Si ce vieux Bucéphale
N’est pas le bon tuyau,
Je mange mon chapeau.

Si ce maudit canasson
Renaissait de ses cendres,
Je serais l’Alexandre
Du débit de boisson
Mais si un autre équidé
Sort du cornet à dés,
Je rend mon tablier
Et je me fais oublier.

Si ce vieux Bucéphale
Ne vaut pas un jeton,
Je mange mon melon.

Sur ce maudit canasson,
J’ai joué mon alliance
Pour sauver la finance,
Redorer mon blason.
J’ai le coeur qui galope
Et les poumons qui jonglent.
Je fume clope sur clope
Et je mange mes ongles.

Si ce vieux Bucéphale
Ne sauve pas la mise,
Je mange ma chemise.

Hélas, le vieux Bucéphale
Est coiffé d’un cheveu

Ce n’est que partie remise!
Si cette jument grise
N’est pas le bon filon,
J’avale mon pantalon.

Candy Shop @ 01/02/2011 at 11:29 am

@SHE: Oh, come on, what Bucéphale you are talking about?!? It’s just a doggie who had peed on other doggie so that little mongrel wouldn’t be become presumptuous coz she’s got pure jewish blood in her bra…And I’ll eat my pinky candies and slowly put candy wrappers in my apron pockets, you can hear them rustling. Only rustle in the pockets everything else has no sense….

THE REAL TRUTH IS HERE @ 01/02/2011 at 11:33 am

@Cloonist thank you for the comments. SHE it is over get use to it. These clowns use variable & nasty tactics to get their way. George can b stubborn yes, but these slugs will also threaten everything dear to you to get their way.

Mafia conduucts their business like that. Someonethisclose to George benefiting from all this nonsense. Nevertheless it is coming to a rapid end & these slugs are scared. Their hold is eroding & this will change Hollywood in many respects.

They do not have nearly the power they think they have. Soon it will become very apparent. Something like this would never made the light. Of day & yet it has. There is more to come. The back of this slug unit has been broken in pieces. They are moving in fear & Hollywood & parts of the world knows the truth.


Also keep in mind who close to Clooney was envious & jealous enough to convince him to take this? Why I ask this? This person(s) did it to destroy George is the talk I have been hearing.

Hmmmm…. They just might have a point.

Deceptive targets @ 01/02/2011 at 1:07 pm

Smoking cigarette after cigarette, a little gray frog suck the poison from the mad Arab and chases the princess. The frog will pretend of being a prince charming with his croaking, which can charm only the horse. When the hero hits the slug on holy ground, then you will hear the choirs of angels in the Hollywood Jerusalem. Seller of smoke at his Japanese custom offers undercooked Fugu fish and hero being stubborn enough might be eating it, thus he’ll be poisoned. Then the princess will be crying and screaming calling in all the winds rains and storms, she will rescue the hero but the smoke’s seller by her voice will hear where she is and shot an arrow at her back. The hero’s father (who is actually not his father but the father of a princess) will frame his chest and the arrow impregnated with snakes poison will pass directly into his heart. He saves the girl that keeps unspent treasure of his land. Although the scenario may change in the course. Point one – the father must wear Nipple Suit which was taken from his foster son. Point two – the princess will not gonna sit in the tower dangling her plait on the street, she arranged a funeral advertising only for one purpose – for the hero to know that he was hunting for the walking dead, which are not worth of spending so much psychic energy. Point three – hero should not be stubborn in the heroism and keep the skeletons in his closet.

Sceptic Stan @ 01/02/2011 at 2:31 pm


Anonymous @ 01/02/2011 at 3:21 pm

@Sceptic Stan: Don’t you think that if there has been made mistake it is better to find a way to cancel it rather than continue to insist on this concept?

WELL IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE @ 01/02/2011 at 3:59 pm

Well Sceptic Stan what needs to be done is somebody come forth & reveal more. A good aspect is what George’s pr & Canalis pr are getting out of it. As far as A-List doing what they are told needs & WILL CHANGE STARTING RIGHT NOW!

I know there is a lot floating out there & people need to continue to talk. More than likely Stan or someone close has threatened George. Elisabetta’s mafia goons probably put out threats as well.

Where does Elisabetta’s real boyfriend Davide the known drug dealer play into this?

Thanks Sceptic for confirming Stan’s actions. This just proves everyone of these thugs are running scare. If something happens to George or someone close to him human or animal we all will know where to look won’t we?

George will be okay. Whether he realizes or not he is protected. I cannot say the same for Stan & the rest of the goons.

Rumor has it that Stan is rolling out his arsenal of weapons. It is of no use all opf this is unraveling as it should.

Sceptic Stan @ 01/02/2011 at 7:01 pm

well I really couldn’t give a damn to get involved. Just chipped in my 2 cents when I read these comments.
Stan R isn’t the instigator, nor a villain. Just doing his PR work. It’s all part of a huge Hollywood process.
No one is forcing George. Coercing for sure. He’s using his star power to do benevolent work. If he has to play the PR game, so be it.
He’s often reminded that the livelihood of many colleagues/ associates, depends on his success, so he does what’s required.
For now, he’s going through the motions. When the time will be right, he’ll do what he wants.

?????????? @ 01/02/2011 at 7:48 pm

Can he stll “support” his “colleagues” being with the persdon he wants to be with. If he is being constantly reminded then in other words he is not being given much leadway. I understand what u say Stan is not a villian but believe me from what the talk is around he is.

Stan might be “doing his job” but does that include having mafia muscle to inflict force? That is the question of the day. Stan is one mean motor scooter and has sold people down the river especially if they are worth a lot of money.

Yeah he has to play I agree but I also know there are some actors that have told the powers to be to fluck. If George did that earlier in the game he would have been better.

Stan has good points like everyone else, but at the end of the day he is a cold blooded corrupt thug just like Canalis and her Mafia backed support team.

I think what we are all seeing is the end of the road for this lunacy. This would be great so that future and present A-listers can get a life.
Thanks Septic Stan for your points but deep down even George never signed up for hired goon muscle to keep his balls in a vice grip. Lol

Sceptic Stan @ 01/02/2011 at 9:31 pm

no, that’s why he drinks half a bottle of Scotch every night to drown his sorrows. It’s all in the “name of his career.” The huge production machine that is “George Clooney.”

These pics are old. Clooney had a mustache and beard today on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.” Canalis probably held onto these pics for months before releasing them.

WELL THIS IS A BIG SHOCK! @ 01/03/2011 at 12:04 am

Hmmmmm……let’s see a person is constantly reminded that he is solely responsible for the welfare & livelihood of many people. As he is being told onm a constant basis he is this and that as well as a major movie studio is willing to ply him with whatever substance or ****** he desires to reel him in and get him use to the “good life”.

Instead of putting in safety measures the man is pushed to the edge. He grew up in his own words putting on a image, and not being in touch with with what is truly authentic. A world where a blowjob is a form of money, and you have a extreme tightrope of a line to walk.

A world where until recently and still not fully accepted interracial relationships and people are seen as “exotic” or some boxed category. If theone you truly love do not meet up to some bigoted slight Archie Bunker mentality tyhen the studio WILL DICTATE WHOM YOU ARE SUPPOSEDLY DATING, AND BONING. A world that gets off dictating when you take a ****, eat or whatever because many in this industry should be locked up in a psychiatric ward. A world where if you are pretty normal in order to fit in you find yourself on a hard downward slide into. A form of mental illness or disturbance. A world you can immediately identify the sociopathic or mentally ill for if you step out of what is acceptable for them and there control issues then there is absolutely nothing in there power they will do to you to satisfy their sick appetites.

Now you as a major A-list actor you are ORDERED to only stick your ***** into certain accepted holes and perform like a circus monkey.

The same man has a management team that drills on the weaknesses and fears to “coerce” him into some of the craziest schemes and have the gall to lie that the bullshit plot with a coke loving dip is actually working and the management itself have a real questionable past themselves.

Cliff Burton @ 01/03/2011 at 1:40 am

When a man lies, he murders some part of the world. These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.

Trojan Diet @ 01/03/2011 at 3:46 am

No need to be that emotionally excited, there’s nothing sexual in whole this… but if to use a cold mind it is possible to find a few hot spots, on which even sceptic Stan will pay attention. The public does not accept such advertising and this is huge financial losses, as well as downgrade of George’s ratings. If the team is in their right mind, they need to understand this is not their benefit. If the team prefers to build routes for the Italian mafia to the US and earning along the way, certainly they are not interested in an effective marketing and it is already a dangerous symptom. This is already a threat to national security and an appropriate services will be engaged. Of course maybe Stan & Co. do not understand the whole seriousness of the situation and want to continue in the same spirit, in this case they should find another hostler for this Trojan horse. George comes to the White House, George goes to Sudan and on this background remains unnoticed what’s really going on, and skeptical Stan’s view should see that to continue this way is no longer possible, all becomes too obvious. George has not participated in this and never will, it must be understood. George is very upset and if he will drink a bottle of scotch every night the project will become even more unsuccessful and the whole team will bear damages, so here we also must take into consideration the human factor. George is at the limit. Maybe some trade-offs can be found here? Because if George feels bad so does everybody.

Little Red Riding Hood @ 01/03/2011 at 7:05 am

@WELL THIS IS A BIG SHOCK!: Wow, so much info for the poetry…..
But George if you got such a problem with a vice grip you know better not to twitch much. In whose hands are these pliers? Yeah, also I wanted to tell you why Red Riding Hood has been called a Red one… it’s because she made that hood out of the wolf and wears it meat outside.

Risky Business @ 01/03/2011 at 7:08 am

Awwwww, poor George!
I’d be guzzling down a bottle of bourbon too every night if I had to bone a lame-ass trashy broad like her. Probably put a pillow over her head & lights off too. Ha ha ha!
Man, Mathew McConnaghey’s girlfriend has a killer body. F..k, how sexy is her butt! Lucky dude.

Friend of mine works at a gym in Studio City for years. Trains A-listers. Told me recently that George was teamed up with that ugly broad Elisabeta through a friend. Brian & Stan approve his relationships. It sux! They control him totally. If he likes someone bad enough, they check her out through all kinds of surveillance & try to “buy” her for him.
If she’s unattainable, then they manipulate him with lies & deception. If that doesn’t work, it can get ugly. Like even threats.
Don’t wanna know.
Guido The Killer PImp

Little Red Riding Hood @ 01/03/2011 at 8:03 am

@Risky Business: I personally do not get it at all what for go to the gym. For example what the sense for the wolf to go to the gym when he makes some logical errors and as a result his belly’s been ripped up. For example Stan, who gets out of his skin, but he’s got increased cranio-hypertension and three days later bang! a stroke, and you’ll see how right away he will be interested in a completely different problems rather than control George.

the only eason she’s skinny is cocaine, she is into a ho0ker & drug investigation, see old photos people! she was more 10 kg!
good 88 CubanMissile, this is her real ugly flat flabby ass before plastic surgery! see Hawai photos:

WOW RISKY YOU HIT IT! @ 01/03/2011 at 10:42 am

@Risky Business that is exactly what I heard too. This is real scary if you ask me. Would they bring harm/death to get the woman to go away? I ask because I have heard some wild stories straight out of some movies too.

It also said years ago Stan had a bad gambling problem that really cost him. I am sure he would have it under control by now I would think.

George needs his freedom. Yeah this would make anyone drink. They will put him in an early grave. I think a huge shout for all the cool and n brave souls who are coming forward with this information.

George and any star in this position deserve a decent life with whom they really love. Shame on you Stan and Bryan, karma will bite you so hard. There is no escaping this one that’s for sure.

Let’s keep the truth coming out. This helps not only George but many other actors in the same dilemna and those who come along in the future.

You guys rock because you care and if George is reading all this then this gives him hope. So let’s keep it coming!

@WOW RISKY YOU HIT IT!: i think it should be told to Stan how much he can earn on this girl, in this case I am sure he will be interested. world survives through the crisis now and all these cheap w’hores which Stan buys or other used, only more lead to depression.I worked with her together for some time and must say she has very good&loyal character and bright mind,if the goals will be well-defined no way she will interfere.As for interracial thing..for example Schwarzenegger became California’s governor,so what.she is of the first Aryan blood,there are not many such people left in the world our days, infact she can take part at any beauty contest and immediately wins; another thing that she does not like publicity,but if George will ask her maybe she’ll agree,then the ratings are guaranteed.After all from the perspective of common sense the next PR romance will send George into knockout. In the state that George is now,I see this as the only reasonable solution.

@Margaret stop the red herrings dear! Stan and the rest of the hired goons will be of no consequence as they are now.

Margaret I did not know that men were given this name. How interesting. It is good to see how fear leads to desperate diversions.

This bs was over a long time ago, and the hiring of cheap whores as you call them will be interesting from this point on. I know the pr teams have regrouped to try to salvage all of this but its well….over.

I am sure that they threatened harm to his parents amongst other things but this is where it all ends.

If there was no fear and worry then we would not see posts from Margarets or Targets of Deception. Then again Stan does have a young blonde that works(ed) for him. In fact she could pass for his daughtert.

So the question is does Stan would hire his son or daughter for chores like this. Word has it that Lourd is gay so I don’t know how to ppsition that one.

Stan makes a boatload and I wonder how he would feel I the woman he is involved with was tampered with as he done to the relationships of meaning in Georges life?

As I read before some people need to tread carefully. Your time is up and ity is raw and open right now. Too many people’s lives have touched by this. It is time for all the truth to come out and George have some peace of mind.

Peace out fearful ones and good luck.

As for Arnold..... @ 01/03/2011 at 3:01 pm

@Margaret I do believe the great Aryan brother “The Governator” is now past memory. Lol… Didn’t Hitler kill himself? I wonder why don’t you???

Thanks for showing not only your fear but how deep the bigotry runs deep in Hollywood. It is gong to be a nice shift of energy when everything that you goons have done will continue to implode.

Just remember what you dish out will come back in spades. Funny how the Aryan is worshipped when all of its followers are Jews. What an interesting twist of fate is it not?

Risky Business @ 01/03/2011 at 3:34 pm

Stan R’s blood pressure will sky rocket if he reads these comments.
Yep, Brian L was married to Carrie Fischer (Princess Leia in Star Wars; who recently outed John Travolta). Brian & Carrie had a kid & then Brian left her for another man.
@#134 Layla – she didn’t have plastic surgery. I heard she was SO upset after the flabby ass photos in Hawaii that she demanded the Lake Como boat shots that came out in July. See, she was betting on her ass being her only asset, so that really bummed her. (LOL.. sorry guys)..
Apparently she started grueling workouts to tone the flat flabby ass & it’s still heavily photoshopped. Weird stuff. Like in July, she was leaning on the boat’s steering wheel to make it look perky. F***king famewhore freak was desperate.
There’s a photo on Just Jared supposedly taken last week, where George has his hand on her shoulder and she’s walking beside him. You can even see the dimples & flabbiness on her ass. No photoshop on that one since there were leaves from a plant in the way.
There’s nothing wrong with cellulite, ladies. But Elisabutta is trying to let the world know she’s better than everyone else & deserves fame & glory.
I don’t know yet if they spent Xmas together. I think he flew back to Kentucky to be with his family & she stayed with hers. Or so I heard.
But then she’ll freak even more if this leaks out. God forbid, the world knows that she’s not with the biggest bachelor in Hollywood. F***ing cokehead can’t even speak English.

Oh Risky! @ 01/03/2011 at 5:02 pm

Let Stan’s blood pressure rise he brought it upon himself God bless his wicked soul! There is a new article from “The Sun” which Elisabetta is called CRACKER CANALIS”. This is funny for cracker in slang terminology in America is far from flattering! Lol oh my!!!!!

It’s over and it has totally fallen apart. Kudos to George if was with his family. That is how it should be done. If it is true Stan and Bryan puts women under surveillance I wish somehow it would be exposed 100%.

Far as Bryan leaving Carrie Fisher than it all makes sense why she outed John Travlta. It was her own way of healing. God bless her! That had to be a huge punch in the gut for her.

This is what I am talking about in terms of karma people. It is said that Bryan and Stan keeping George under their thumbs 24-7 and telling him lies to scarehim away from women or people they do not want him around.

Wow! Is this going to bite them in the rear or

Risky Business @ 01/03/2011 at 5:30 pm

@Oh Risky!: pretty sure he spent the holidays with his parents & sister’s family, the good ol’ Irish Catholic way.
Don’t know about the extent of surveillance about anyone that may seem potentially interesting to them. Only that if they want to know about someone…anyone… the technology is so sophisticated that it’s instantly accessible. Satellite IT…whatever.
Someone told me think CSI, think Eagle Eye (film), think James Bond, & you still can’t imagine how advanced surveillance is these days.

Stan & Bryan alone aren’t calling the shots. They’re protecting the brand (George) who willingly entered this agreement when he wanted stardom.
There are big bucks behind filmmaking & advertising. All interlinked. These guys are tools in the process.
☮ Peace ✌

Risky Business @ 01/03/2011 at 5:43 pm
You’re right. This was filmed yesterday. His mustache & goatee would have taken 3-4 weeks to grow.
So no way are the recent photos in Cabo from 1 or 2 weeks ago. More PR baloney.

…… and the conspiracy theories roll on and on and on …… *eye roll*

Cora how can you roll your eyes and scratch your crotch the same time? Please do tell. Now that is a real good conspiracy in itself.

What I do find that would be fascinating is why male posters use names like Cora and Margaret. Not to mention generational……..

Anonymous @ 01/03/2011 at 8:57 pm

It’s obvious to me that Clooney uses these photo ops as a diversion, so that he can have privacy. The photos are often released to make people think he’s in one place when he’s somewhere entirely different. He wasn’t in Cabo over the holidays. These pics are old. He was probably in Kentucky with his family over the holidays, just as someone else posted.

I love you ! Stan, you are sexy as deuce!!!

This is interesting. If this is really Elisabetta. A deuce? Some people might think you mean something else. I did not watch the video but saw a caption that stated a man commits suicide over a woman’s rejection.
How interesting! That is a mind f if I ever saw one. This brings to mind some choice words someone stated about this entire situation. If George ended up dead, jail or “suicide” then it will be very easy to figure out where, whom, and why.

Now what dummies like you don’t get that there is a balance that will be met. You or something you hold dear will suffer some tragedy or its equivalent.

George is loved and protected as well as those he care about. Fear and playing with the mind is quite rampant and that has long played itself out. In fact people threatening Clooney right now is really not a brilliant idea in itself.

Canalis, Mafia Brigade, Stan and all those who used George’s own fears and insecurities shame on you!

Your evil and nastiness has become your own undoing. It can only go further downhill from here. God bless you for all of you are totally flucked and it is going to get worse the more garbage you do.

It is your funeral you can cry if you want to. Lol


Lol...Another thought. @ 01/04/2011 at 12:28 pm

Will someone kindly explain the need for a “diversion” while George go to Kentucky for Christmas? Forgive me but that is the BIGGEST load of cow manure I have ever heard.

Most people in his position just ummm….go. This is way over the top in my opinion and melodramatic in so many ways not to mention a deliberate draw of attention.

I have an idea! How about as “The Sun” called her “Cracker Canalis” wanted ummmm…..attention? Also perhaps someone is trying to incite some ummmm….jealousy? Lol! Can we say ooops?

Instead we all know many truths about this situation and it can die a very quick death. All the threats of harm/death, blackballing, surveillance can all die a. Quick death ummm….right now? Lol

No more the codependent need for a display of love needing to be proven? Ummmm….I thought so.

Elisabrutta released yet another set of pics to the Daily Mail today in which she’s still pretending to be on holiday with George in Cabo. George is not in Cabo; he appeared on ABC in the U.S. this past Sunday with a mustache and goatee. I guess the Daily Mail, or should we call it the Daily Fail, is the only publication outside Italy sleazy and desperate enough to carry most of Cagnalis’s press releases.

What are you sayin, who is going to make suicide!? If they infuriate George The End will come to all of them, it’s just he is not that angry yet. And he’s such a cool man! You know how he is cooking an omelette? He swallows the eggs, cheese, onions and lays down with his stomach on a frying pan

@”Lol…Another thought,” if what you’re saying about this stuff being to make someone jealous is true, it would only work if the someone isn’t very smart. Also, if the someone has intuitive abilities, it wouldn’t work. It would pretty presumptuous and egotistical of George to try to make an intelligent and intuitive person jealous by using obviously staged photo ops with a decidedly unattractive and unenviable girl for whom he obviously does not care. So are these games going to keep up until the someone plays stupid and pretends to buy into all this horsesh*t?

Okay, fine. I’m sooo jealous. Such a representation of European beauty is the Cagna, and George bought her an island.

I may need a few acting lessons myself to pull this off.

Anonymous @ 01/04/2011 at 1:16 pm

@Lol: Eli’s English is very bad and when she writes that you are all Jealous she means Jews. Maybe in this case she meant this too, how do you think? Or probably she confused 2 pence with 2 penises, who knows…

Oh coolest! @ 01/04/2011 at 1:43 pm

That is too funny! His tummy on the frying pan? Lol! I would pay to see that! He is not that angry yet? So the cloonster still got the big hairy gondolas that he is known for?

That is refreshing to know. Now tell him I will take one of those famous omelettes to go! Lol…lol…lol

A woman’s dream is a good looking man thaty knows how to cook. Lol

Oh my! I needed this laugh! Thanks!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/04/2011 at 2:01 pm

That is too funny! I guess that gives a whole new meaning to Iron Man?
I will take one of those omelets to go! Lol

So he is not mad yet? Hmmmm…sounds like someone is getting off on all the attention from all of this? Oh well! Lol!

Real women like a good looking man who can cook. So George maybe just maybe if you play your cards right instead of relying & listening to the bunker hill dildo squad you just get a better, classier model.

Enough of the pr games and bs. Wrap this all up and move away from it.

Quick question about the satellites though who is going to watch the terroists and who is going to watch the diamond mines?

Just curious. Wink….wink

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/04/2011 at 2:22 pm

Someone@ You hit it right on the head! I bet that smart, intuitive, intelligent female is laughing her **** off! I WOULD!

Now the suave thing to do is George just suck it up and make nice with woman. I am sure he got her attention but instead of treating her like the ****** he buys perhaps a one on one conversation plus realigning each other values usually does the trick.

In fact telling his entourage that orders him on who he dates to take a very long hike on a very short pier just might help too?

Face it if he is making someone jealous there might be feelings he is too scared to come to terms with yet.

That I okay-that is fear. Deal with it and move on I say!

If he plays it nice he might get a home cooked meal out of it. ROTFLMAO

George is quite cute in his inventions when you think about it….LOL

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 4:59 pm

seems butt-ugly Elisabrutta’s psychotic friends are trying to spin more baloney about the bogus relationship. If it’s not her. Bad English & all.

FACE IT ELISABRUTTA – you’re an unattractive woman with an even uglier soul. An obsessed megalomanic craving fame & fortune.
She’s obviously reading these posts because in the Crackwhore Canalis article in the UK Sun newspaper she’s squatting like she needs to do a #2 in the water, just so she can give the illusion of a perky feminine butt. And it’s photoshopped…sigh…

George is dealing with humanitarian relief for disasters, famine & war… & Elisabrutta Canalis – the Sardinian plain Jane with delusions of grandeur – is constantly promoting her floppy, flat posterior.

They did not spend Christmas nor New Year’s Eve together. Their paths crossed on one day in Cabo. Elisabrutta treated her family to a Mexican holiday and asked George for photo ops, as it was an “ideal opportunity.” Yeah, how convenient. He hadn’t seen her for months. Then she co-incidentally happened to be there.

Alas, Sandra is just around the corner… Piece of cake, Stan. The groundwork was laid in last year’s Academy Awards.

Well,well,well. Now it is all coming together. Now I now know who Sandra is linked to as well. Hmmmm….It really puts a different spin on why she and Jesse is now divorced. Could it be that George and Sandra have occassionally been boinking all this time?

Also it would be difficult if George is in love with someone else so I guess she would need to be bumped off like ummm….quick! Now what really sucks is that maybe just maybe you can’t get to this special woman because she is under protection and your wee wee”s will be chopped in a New York minute before you can get to her?

So perhaps just perhaps now you have to start the Sandra spin and allude to the fact that she has been horizontal already with George?

Man! Oh Man! It just keeps getting better and better! Hmmm….I always wondered why all the those horrible things happened to Sandra after winning the Oscar.

The money that has been spent already to get this “affair” up and running. Stan and the mafia is probably greasing their little chubby hands together.

Well you think the catastrophe with Elisabetta was bad. Sit back and let this one take off. It is guaranteed to be more exciting!

Hmmm….will their be surveillance on key individuals too? OH do please tell! George’s public are dying to know! Word has it they have a snap and cracking Latino team that is doing the dirty work.

Columbian perhaps????LOL….

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 8:09 pm

@lol: haven’t alluded about any current intimacy btwn G & S at all. Don’t know if they’ve even ever had a casual past… Just suggesting that it would work wonders in PR terms for their careers (& of course box office takings) if they were to hook up during the filming. I was being facetious. Either way, they’re box-office draw-cards.
I doubt if he is secretly in love with some unattainable woman. If for some reason he had feelings for someone & he was strongly advised that she wouldn’t be suitable for his image, I’m sure he could have a private discreet relationship with her. Then he’d always seem positively radiant & glowing. People in love exude blissful happiness. But no. He seems sad & sombre most of the time.

Anonymous @ 01/04/2011 at 8:16 pm

It’s interesting that an extremely contagious strain of bird flu is killing thousands if not millions of birds in North America so soon after a few of George’s female acquaintances suffered from viral meningitis, which is often contracted from mosquitoes that have bitten birds infected with west nile or other viruses. Perhaps a few mosquitoes carrying a new viral strain designed to cause meningitis escaped and starting spreading the new viral strain earlier in the fall. I guess we have Canalis and her terrorist associates to thank for this. She should be locked up or worse. George should be repulsed by her now if he wasn’t before.

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 8:20 pm

@lol: & re:surveillance, it’s only applied as required. Nothing extreme. All I know is that if any information for security reasons is required, it’s easily accessible through sophisticated technological means.
No conspiracy theories as some presumptuously remarked.
It’s just common sense.

Oops did I start something? @ 01/04/2011 at 8:25 pm

Word has it that it was not so much that the woman was suitable it was whether or not she would put with the bullshat and be ordered around like George. Since that is not going to happen then they make sure whomever or whatever she was that she will never see the light of day with George not now, not ever.

I say this because all of this crap is a well known fact in LA. Funny thing though more and more is going to come flowing out and very soon. I just would not be suprised. I await with eager anticipation.

So you were alluding? My bad. I also heard they are on the lookout for someone that poses as a obstacle to pull a liason for Sandra and George and it is all bets are off!

Wow! Are you sure? I have been hearing rumblings for quite some time that some of George’s female friends took a spin or two. Hmmm… Well you know how nasty things get started and nasty things are done to ruin people’s reps and lives and all.

Now I did hear for many years that that the Columbians do have a stake in the “turf” in Los Angeles amongst the other thugs. I also heard they are awfully good as well as used on following and surveillance on people and situations.

Nothing suprises me to what extent these fearful goons will go. A LOT OF MONEY IS AT STAKE HERE!

George like someone said agreed to all of this initially but had no fricking idea how bad it was going to get. Now if Sandra gets in the mix then it will just confirm many things. Don’t you agree?

Elisabetta is a vicious beast so I would like to see who gets the best of who between her and Sandra. Her mafioso goons would not even hesitate. Unless of course it is all agreed upon beforehand with George at the helm….you think? wink

Awwww…..Hollywood thuggery at its best! ROTFLMAO

Oops did I start something? @ 01/04/2011 at 8:27 pm

@Risky Business

I love how the word conspiracy theory is thrown around when the truth puts someone’s balls in the vice grip where they belong.

LOL…..yeah right conspiracy. giggle

Oops did I start something? @ 01/04/2011 at 8:27 pm

@Risky Business

I love how the word conspiracy theory is thrown around when the truth puts someone’s balls in the vice grip where they belong.

LOL…..yeah right conspiracy. giggle

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 8:29 pm

@Anonymous: well that’s your deranged theory bullsh*t. Nice way to diverge from reality. Work for Stan do you? Why would you even bother to comment if you weren’t.
No one has come up with the preposterous spinning but you. TRYING TO RIDICULE OTHER ALLEGATIONS TO DIVERGE FROM THE TRUTH OF THE SITUATION. Nice try!

Anonymous @ 01/04/2011 at 8:45 pm

I wouldn’t work for Stan if my life depended on it. I’m posting the truth because people ought to know what a lowlife Canalis and her associates truly are. When spring comes and the mosquitoes start spreading this new virus from birds to humans, what do you think is going to happen?

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 8:50 pm

@Oops did I start something?: I agree with you. He certainly didn’t know what he was up against when he got involved with Elisabutcha. He was only supposed to have a fling for PR reasons, but she won’t let go. Fighting tooth & nail for fame. Psychotic piece of work.

I also heard he fell for some woman a few years ago. The throes of love. It’s probably happened to him a few times & then fades away. In fact in several of his films he hints to these “love at first sight” scenarios. Up in the Air – “have you ever looked into someone’s eyes & for a moment seen their soul…etc”
Though he doesn’t trust people either.
So, I know that he was told that his then love interest was not suitable. Not emotionally strong to cope. Maybe they told him that she had issues or problems of her own. Whatever. He had to let it fade.

The Sandra alluding is more than just a hunch but I’ll call it that. You obviously know how premeditated a lot of publicity is in Hollywood.

Anonymous @ 01/04/2011 at 8:54 pm

“So, I know that he was told that his then love interest was not suitable. Not emotionally strong to cope. Maybe they told him that she had issues or problems of her own.”
So they lied to him.

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 8:56 pm

@Anonymous: yes well it’s nothing to do with Elisabutta Canalis, rest assured. She’s obnoxious but hardly capable of something so far fetched as bird flu meningitis virus strains…. sigh…..Stan would love such an imaginative suggestion. Right, Elmer Fudd?

Anonymous @ 01/04/2011 at 8:58 pm

She associates with mafia, who associate with terrorists. And yes, it all leads back to Canalis.

Anonymous @ 01/04/2011 at 9:00 pm

Well I hope Stan is quite satisfied with his “PR” work. Nice job. You’ve managed to endanger the entire North American population all because a mafia ***** offered you blowjobs in exchange for the job of George’s publicity girlfriend. Nice work, indeed. Perhaps you’ll get another trophy for your excellent publicity work.

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 9:03 pm

@Anonymous: #167 who knows? maybe…
If it’s true & there was a love interest.
Several sources close to him have leaked that he was in love with someone. Had to forget her though.

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 9:03 pm

@Anonymous: #167 who knows? maybe…
If it’s true & there was a love interest.
Several sources close to him have leaked that he was in love with someone. Had to forget her though.

Risky Business @ 01/04/2011 at 9:09 pm

@Anonymous: #169 #170 RIGHT… I’m not wasting my time ridiculous red herrings again.
Clearly someone is adding lunacy to diverge from the truth.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/04/2011 at 10:07 pm

@Risky Business. Hmmm…..that sounds right. Also Stan likes to bed some of them if he can. As for she was not suitable. Hmmm… More than likely they did some psychotic shat to her and had people tell her crazy things and vice versa.

More than likely she still loves him too but the goons around him will make sure they will never see the light of day. There is a lot of hating going on around him.

He should never give up on his love. She more than likely has done as much as she can. For if they were together do you really think half the bs would have happened? Ummmm….no!

He should reach out to her. She is more than likely reaching for him. Stan and those goons are history. Otherwise none of this truth would have come out. If people only knew the 1/2 of the malarckey!

He is a good man. He deserves his real love not the ones that they throw at him. Thank God he is watching and goty the control on this.

George needs to have hope. He really does. I have a feeling she is very much in love with him toom if that is so that is cool!

Agree with you “Lol… Oh Coolest!” George should be with whomever he truly wants to be with.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/04/2011 at 10:45 pm

@Someone, thank you. However let’s be realistic. George has to awake from his slumber and fear. That is hard to do. He more than feels like it is him against the world. He should not feel like that. He is not alone and he is protected.

These clowns look at him like he is the answer to their financial stability and riches. I don’t think so.

They tell him all kind of shat to keep him in fear and controlled. WTF?

I feel very confident and absolute certainty that the love he misses feels the same. He has to have hope for he more than likely has no idea what they did to her. I have heard some awful things that is done to people. All I can say is wow!

Those idiots should be horsewhipped and put through the exact same garbage they put out.

Disgusting sludge they are! Yuck!

It seems that Jake Gyllenhaal did some of his own reading of blog comments and realized that the fake relationship his publicist set up with Taylor Swift’s publicist was damaging his reputation rather than helping it. Jake only put up with the fake publicity crap for two months, and his fake girlfriend wasn’t even a cokewh*re. George has been letting this crap continue for over a year. Time to get real, George.

This is part of what one of the writers at Celebitchy had to say about the Jake/Taylor thing:
“The problem was that the relationship made Jake look like a skeezy jailbait-lover AT BEST, and at worst, even gayer than before, and in desperate need of a quality beard.”

Now if we just replace “jailbait-lover” with “cokewh*re-lover,” the same statement applies to Clooney:
“The problem was that the relationship made Clooney look like a skeezy cokewh*re-lover AT BEST, and at worst, even gayer than before, and in desperate need of a quality beard.”

you know i’ve always wondered why George can’t find a nice lady like Paul McCartney has. George doesn’t have to get married ever but there’s no reason why he can’t have a honest, loving relationship with an intelligent lady.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 1:23 am

@Mary read the postings. She would not have a fighting chance! She would be required to play the game and bend over so to speak. There is a reason why the man has white hair. Lol

The bs his entourage goons is horrendous. Read the postings you would not have made this statement.

he should have the relationship he wanted with the woman 4tan and company forced him to forget. Funny I bet neither one has forgotten about each other.

I hope they defy the odds and are able to be together. George is going to be fifty this year. Let him retire from this horsh*t aspect of the business, at least, so that he can live out the rest of his years with some freedom and real companionship. He’s earned that much.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 1:45 am

I would say they both have more than earned this right. However he is surrounded by some evil, mean, and downright despicable scum.

They have no interest in his welfare and especially hers. I would not be suprised this kind of scum murdered. The more they are exposed the better for him and her in my opinion.

Man! What a God awful mess! How does Stan, bryan, Warner and so forth look at themselves in the mirror? Sheesh!

He is a human being for Christ’s sake! This industry treat people like slaves. Maggots!

@Lol… Oh Coolest!

just wondering, who is the woman he should have a relationship with that his “friends” forced him to forget?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 1:54 am

Easier said than done. This industry treat people like slaves.

George and the woman both deserve their freedom. These maggots are just unbelievbable. They will run this man into the ground and move on.

They are a vicious lot and they work in teams to get the dirty work done. Thank God all of this crap is coming out.

I will be very happy to see not only George but all actors stuck in this mess.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 2:04 am

Who knows Mary. I am sure you have a much better idea than I would. Perhaps in time we just might find out. If it is up to his pr and management teams that will never happen.

Anonymous @ 01/05/2011 at 5:14 am

Understand Stan cannot make a reverse movement now. All the time he’s trying to explain you that he has no choice, he lost in poker-cocker and got that job. George’s welfare not in these tasks.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 6:23 am

If there was a secret love interest in his heart, then she would have given up & tried to forget about him by now. Of course there would be emptiness & bitterness in both their hearts. A kind of solitude.

I’ve heard two different accounts: One is that he fell in love with some woman with whom he connected the minute he saw her, but the goons manipulated him into thinking she wasn’t appropriate. (This info came from 2 people very close to him). So, then he half-heartedly entered this “affair” with the deluded plain Elisabutta to fill in the void bc Elisabutta had Bryan’s & Stan’s seal of approval. They do casually get intimate just to fulfill a physical need.
So, why would a woman who genuinely felt his soul, even want him anymore? Makes no sense & she would obviously move on.

The other account I heard from not so close sources, is that he’s notoriously flirtatious & charming by nature, so he gets infatuated with women quite regularly. He acts impulsively around them, but the “well-meaning” goon trio (Bryan, Stan & Gio) keep a firm grip & a close eye on their prized investment. He’s reminded to be levelheaded and concentrate on his humanitarian & film work. If, of course, the woman can be “bought,” well, that makes everyone’s life easier. Right, Stan?

Bottom line is, that George would be bitter & unhappy deep down bc he still harbors unrequited love. Or so he perceives it like that. And I assume the real love interest (if there is one) would have also been hurt & disillusioned.

George Clooney @ 01/05/2011 at 6:37 am

half a bottle of Scotch?! More like 3/4.
But it’s a fine malt & grain blended 18 year special reserve.

@Risky Business: “So, why would a woman who genuinely felt his soul, even want him anymore? Makes no sense & she would obviously move on.” there are women who react linear f.e. “How could you?? You are a pig! You’ve betrayed our love.. etc” and there are women that react some other way. And with the expansion of consciousness increases the options number.

What for so boring talking? If you enjoyed the thing with omelette I can tell you more precisely… the most important in this recipe are safety measures and the assistant. George Clooney can tell you in details. It is very special thing every man should try

@Risky, I don’t know where you allegedly get your info from, but Clooney’s never slept with Elisabrutta, not even once. It’s strictly a business arrangement. Elisabrutta has her real boyfriend Davide the drug dealer back in Italy.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 12:17 pm

@Slim I agree with you. The woman and George may just can’t get over each other. Yeah I am sure their is a lot of anger, feelings of betrayal, delusion you name it. However, if. Two people are truly meant to be together no man can put them asunder.

Things have a way of working out. Look how all this truth is now coming out. Perhaps it is time for these two to come together. Perhaps the aching and longing these two have they haven’t been able to satisfy it anywhere else.

Now hopefully he will go to her. I have a good feeling she wants him to. I heard that it tore up both of them and that Stan was a pure demon about it. I also heard they try to drive her out of town and frame George for it. I also heard they lied and threatened George to keep them apart. Wow! Scary to think Stan and crowd go to that great lengths but not suprising. George is Stan’s biggest coup to whom Warner’s handed over and to whom Stan’s true allegiance is to.

In entertainment industry they will do whatever it takes to hold onto their “investment” including murder. It in many ways a sick and addictive industry. There are many wonderful people and not so many great people. I am praying George go and reunite with this woman.

I feel she is in a better place now to love him and welcome him with open arms. Thank God Stan and company has been exposed. As far as Stan hands are tied that is bs. Why? He in the past had deep financial challenges and so forth. The income from George is healthy and he and the rest of those demons are not going to let true love interfere with that. Stan and company know EXACTLY what they have and continuing to do. They thought they would get away with it.
Yeah right, keep thinking that. If they all ************ I would not have to second guess why. At this point they probably have standing reservations.

I vote for George and this woman take a time out and get reacquainted. I use to think George was a big jerk all the time, now I have a better understanding of him. If I can do that then I know this woman can to and is willing to give him another chance.
Stan and company need to get lost. I think that they have done enough damage to this man and became very,very rich in the process. Enough is enough. I wonder how bad did they destroyed her life? Shouldn’t there be some restitution for all the damages? I should say so!

Now that I think about it, Davide may be the one with the terrorist connections.

this is her real body before remodelling her flabby ass and liposuction cellulite, this is a 2008 paparzzed photo:
yes Someone #193 she dated with Davide Rombolotti the drug dealer!
she claims her name in a drug & ho0ker investigation since 2008 in Italy!

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: “It in many ways a sick and addictive industry” and not only in US, It is criminal business, you subscribe to the entire package. What going on with George is not unique. I used to be attached a bit to such business so I know the gist of the matter. Good to know that George has support of his family and friends, because when a person is one on one with reality one can gets really depressed, but in fact should there must be made a global consciousness reorganization and found connect with this reality. He should make active steps to reorganize first of all his inner space, and then the outer. The sooner he does so the better for him. And of course I think he should hurry to his girl, because it is always easier to survive together. George is such a nice that I think she could not to be angry on him for a long time. All the more so there are such pairs where people are so inexplicably fit together and feel good being with each other that all other factors are of secondary importance. God created two of every sort and what God has joined man cannot separate. So be it!

She’ll forgive him. He’s her soulmate. She’s as lost without him as he is without her.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 3:24 pm

@antonio: Oh, her body is disgusting! Thanks for posting that. It’s photoshopped big time.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 3:34 pm

@Someone: #193 I wish it wasn’t true too because it made me lose respect for George. Not the discerning man I thought he was & his taste in women has really deteriorated. But my source told me for a fact that he has slept with the trash. Casually & not often, but it’s happened. I can’t elaborate obviously but he’d know for sure. And he doesn’t think highly of Elisabutcha either. Not many people do. In fact, George couldn’t stand her much either the first few months. Think back to the London Film Festival in 2009 where she wore a vile salmon pink flapper dress (& looked like she was in drag) at a premiere. They had just had an argument & she went psychotic. Poor George. He had to pacify the situation & let her think she had the upper hand.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 3:45 pm

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: If there is a special love interest, she’s been hurt NO DOUBT. It’s almost as if the weasels that tell George what choices he must make, had decided that she wasn’t appropriate.
But from what I was told is that it never got to first base. His feelings stirred for someone, but before it progressed, he was advised against pursuing her. And that’s what he divulged to someone when he poured his heart out to him after a few drinks. At the time he met this woman, he was still with SL.
Now, I don’t know if I believe it all because George is known to play games with people. I tend to believe that he flirts & gets infatuated with a lot of women, but nothing ever eventuates. Lack of trust, uncertainty & definitely advice from the 3 bald goons.

If you look closely at pictures of them together you will notice one simple thing – there is no connection between their bodies, everywhere. And their bodies do not feel good being near to each other.

@Risky, you and your source are incorrect. I have my own sources. George never slept with Canalis. There were even reports leaking out that they always stayed in separate hotel rooms. It’s a business arrangement only, and that’s all it’s ever been or ever will be.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 4:42 pm

@Risky Business- If George was crying about it then it was more than flirtatious. I say this because I heard Stan tried to get first base and she turned him down. When she did that it was war. I also heard that anything they could think of to do to her as well fill George’s head with silly nonsense they did it.

I heard he is flirtatious but I heard she hit him hard and refused to be bought. I also some crazy stuff went and she was visited by some actress bimbo (apparently someone Stan & gang thought of) to stir the pot and give her an ultimatum. I also heard she fought like hell but with the mafia connections and corruption it got real bad.

While she has anger and disillusion(rightfully so) she still loves him and feels he gave up on her. Apparently Stan did a number on George. I also heard George’s behaviour is really an extension of Stan and it serves as a way to keep George controlled. F

This is why I find those goons scummy. They influenced and purposely molded George to what he is and tried to destroy the woman.

That is real sick! That is how the game is played when money and mafia is involved. Wow!

@Risky, I think possibly the reason your source has incorrect information is that incorrect information was planted by either Canalis or one of her associates. She has been trying very hard to get people to believe that George is hot for her when he is actually repulsed by her. She probably pulled some stunt such as appearing to leave his room in the early morning hours or some such thing. Remember summer 2009 when she was “accidentally” photographed in George’s bedroom at Como? Canalis wanted whoever informed your source to believe she slept with George, but believe me, it never happened, and I know it for a fact.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 4:55 pm

@Someone-think about it for a minute. Wouldn’t it be like causing more emotional pain and discouraging if info slipped out they slept together. This is the kind of bs Stan would be on board with & he gave his okay for Canalis. I am just saying..

Yes, Lol… Oh Coolest!, that makes perfect sense. It could be another attempt to drive a wedge between George and his real love.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 5:19 pm

hmmm… I’m actually starting to see it possibly so. My sources (two separate males – both very close to him) cannot know for sure unless they see him in action, right? They both assume it’s the case. And they both can’t stand her.
I know G & E have separate rooms at hotels. Everywhere: Rome, London, Hawaii… wherever.
But it was particularly in Hawaii that one of my sources said they were behaving like they were intimate. Holding hands, cuddling, kissing. Prior to that, he was very aloof & cold towards her. And boy did she try to seduce him. And she was always sulking because he rejected her advances. But around his birthday, he seemed to have warmed to her. Till the end of summer. Then he wanted out.

As for the alleged “love interest,” maybe there’s a few, (being the Lothario that he is), but then that wouldn’t be true soulmate love at all. See, what I was told is that the one in his heart was someone he never got to even date. They checked up on her through data base & other security means. Found very little. Then advised him that it wouldn’t be right. If she could be bought, then that would have been more tangible. Go figure!

Yep, the goons control George like a puppet on a string..

Well Risky, you’re very misinformed, because George never warmed to her unless it was for a photo op. There was never any cuddling, kissing etc. At this point I think you’re either making things up or have some bogus source who is telling you are someone they are not.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 5:39 pm

Further to my last post #206:
more accurately, he ran into her at several events & liked her a lot.
The goons immediately checked up on her. Then, my source told me, that he was advised that she just wasn’t appropriate. Maybe they told him she’d be too overwhelmed or other crappola. My source wouldn’t elaborate much more.

One thing he did say, is that some of her ex-boyfriends like Vieri crack bad jokes about how George got sucked into a relationship with her. She’s like a bunny boiler: short fused, possessive & attention seeking.

In fact, I’d go so far as to venture that your source is actually Canalis’s publicist pretending to be a close friend of George’s. I’ll bet all of your communications with this source have taken place electronically and never in person.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 5:41 pm

@Someone: #209 you’re entirely wrong. And I won’t write further bc I don’t know who you are & maybe you’re trying to find out who my sources are. More than likely you’re with one of the publicists.

Um, no, I’m correct. There’s no reason to be embarrassed if you were tricked. It’s happened to lots of people.

Think about it. Do you really believe that two close friends of George would be discussing his sex life with anyone? It would never happen. You were tricked, but don’t feel bad. Like I said, it’s happened to lots of people.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 5:57 pm

well, I wasn’t just “anyone” to one of the men. So yes, he would discuss this matter in privacy with me. So you’re being presumptuous.
In the context of the conversation, I stated I heard it was a publicity relationship. He agreed, but also mentioned they do get physically intimate. He told me this in much cruder terminology.
I hope you’re right and my source was just guessing or misinformed.
It doesn’t matter.
I’ll leave it at that.

Hmm. I just remembered that one of the Hawaii photo ops showed Canalis looking very visibly upset. I’m thinking of the series of shots with them standing on a dock or pier. Canalis has her chin on top of a post, staring into the water, and looking like she is very upset. I guess George’s rejection of her in Hawaii pissed her off enough to start a rumor that they started sleeping together in Hawaii. She may have tried to seduce him, as you say, but she was rejected, just as she was every time before and every time since then. But she couldn’t stand not being able to seduce him and therefore she and her publicist started the rumor that they actually did sleep together in Hawaii.

Anonymous @ 01/05/2011 at 6:04 pm

Risky, your writing reveals you to be George’s Goat, also known as Socialan and Jane on other blogs. You are full of it and probably just another one of NK’s multiple personalities.

Here are a couple of the pics to which I referred:
If you go to Ramey Pix and search Clooney Hawaii you will see the whole series. Some of the other pics in the series show her hanging all over him as per usual.

Risky Business @ 01/05/2011 at 6:24 pm

@Anonymous: wrong. I know about NK & she’s like a dictator on a Milano Cookies blog that got shut down…
I only started posting just very recently because I got fed up with bullshit in this fiasco. What a mess!
Georgesgoat is someone I followed on another website. She kept posting that they’re breaking up any day now for like a year & then disappeared.
Nope. I’m none of them.
And this is too time consuming.
Their body language speaks volumes & it says that it’s just PR. No passion whatsoever. I hope Anonymous & Someone that you’re correct.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/05/2011 at 7:51 pm

@Risky Business/Someone- Now this is all making more sense now. This has to be the woman that Stan tried to seduce and they flucked over. They did this one major fluck up on her, and it took a while before she caught on. Stan, Bryan had MAJOR help on it. What i heard she saw George at an event. She went up to him, and he was practically hyperventilating and looking terrified. Supposedly he asked her to please tell him she was allright. She had no idea what groundwork had been laid and what was in store. She obviously got lonely and was pining for George. They pushed George into fooling around with Teri Hatcher, and spilled the beans about the pig gift.

This sent the girl into being quite upset. They set her up at her most vulnerable with men to seduce her. One even supposedly over dinner smirked about his connection to George. Then it was relayed that George was behind the whole mess. However, what is being spelled out now that Stan help set it up, along with Warner Bros whom George was with at the time. They threatened him till high heaven.

George was told on strict orders not to have anything to do with her, and yet his real friends tried to intervene. I also heard that he tried to have several people tell her that he was really a nice guy but at the time they had poisoned her mind so bad it was unreal. Then they would poison his mind in return. In fact Warner Bros. has done some real stinky stuff and people like George has paid dearly as a result.

I also believe that not only did they check on her they also spread lies and gossip about her to keep her from keeping a job etc..hoping that she would just leave “supposely”. However, if she tried to leave they would block that too. It was a real mind fluck if you ask me.

They did all kind of crazy things and found out where some of her relatives/friends and did bs their as well. That is flucking insane. Now when i heard all this I thought it was bs. However, I have talked to dozens of people and found out it does happen in this town.

I also heard that the mafia connected to Canalis tried to chase her down, and wanted to get her out of the way. I also heard that they have varied sources on different levels with government or so forth so that is why they are able to use and do surveillance on people like that.

You were right Risky they never got to get to first base yet for what I heard they did whatever they could to do that. I also heard one of their goals was to financially ruin her to “teach her a lesson”.

I also was shown papers on Stan that showed some interesting things about his past. That is why I know he is doing what he is doing for financial reasons. He cannot afford to lose a gold mine like George.

I also heard that if she understood there was bs in terms of George being an A-list star. I also heard George really loved her and she loves him. I also heard that a lot of the time Stan overhypes the romances to just take a swipe at her that he gets a true sadistic kick out of doing that.

I also heard that part of being “bought out” is that she was to have sex with Stan and she loved George far too much to do that. She felt that part of her was for George’s pleasure and his alone. Not willing to drop your panties and get to your knees is not a accepted by this crowd. I wonder what George would say if he knew about that.

I also heard they labeled her psychotic, dangerous, stalker and so forth. They apparently thought if they messed with her enough she would have a nervous breakdown and nobody would believe her and she at that point would be disposed of. All I can say is “WOW!”

This is all feels like a crazy movie plot but yet they do this crap. Man! How I wish George and whomever this woman is can pick up the pieces and start loving each other.

From what else is being talked about, they have George pictured as a raging crazy freak that will destroy you. What I am beginning to see it is actually Stan and company behind all this crap.

Whatta a mess! Whatta a mess! At least it is now out in the open and it can be healed. I wonder what is going to happen to the demons who have done all this damage? They deserve to be punished.

The problem with those pics, LOL Oh Coolest, is that George appeared on ABC this past weekend sporting a mustache and goatee. He wasn’t in Cabo any time recently. It looks to me like Canalis went there alone, again, and mixed in some older pics of George when he was there in the past to make it look like they were together.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/06/2011 at 2:51 am

@Someone- you are probably right about that. I would not be suprised. I got word earlier that Stan and company are up to their old tricks of terrorizing. They are trying to shut things down because too much truth is out there.

Something must have went down for them to be that stupid in my opinion. Perhaps George has gotten wind of everything.

He needs to know the truth that is for sure.

@George Clooney:

Sounds good. Save me some.

Risky Business @ 01/06/2011 at 6:10 am

well, now he’ll be filming in Italy again in the fall…
Maybe more mob money funding. Don’t see why they’d really care to coerce him to remain in a phony relationship with Elisabrutta other than to control him & his image.

hey Gang of mythomaniac, don’t be silly! and stop to rot the Web with your absurdity.

poor George,you hear all sorts of stories about him, and all are not true.

put another record on!

Risky Business @ 01/06/2011 at 7:44 am

@true: ignorant narrow-minded fools would only believe this story. Not all posts are written by mythomaniacs.

Don’t know if there is mob money behind film making, but more than likely it infiltrates all businesses where big profits are at stake. I don’t really give a hoot either way.

I also don’t know nor care if he is in love with some “mysterious” woman. Doubt that very much. He’d be a fool if he was & lived his life like this.

The truth is that he’s not in a real relationship with Elisabutta Canalis. And I despise her determination to convince the world so. The napkin rings, wearing wedding bands, continual scheming photo ops and the PR bullsh*t spin. He is coerced to keep the charade on & that’s annoying.

Believe what you want.

In Our Watch @ 01/06/2011 at 9:59 am

and I think the guys are good, they conducted a structural analysis. Earlier I had some doubts too, but now fully confident that Canalis is PR stunt and George has/had no relationship with her at all. George’s heart is warmed by a true love but he cannot be with the one he loves. Fact is that all his relatives are not safe because Stan knits the italiano-columbiano mafia cross-network and thinks up the next affair with Sandra Bullock, next Bullshit. So friends-analysts, how do you think what will happen next, what are your predictions?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/06/2011 at 12:08 pm

@In our watch- I don’t know who you are but previous poster that called this stuff myth just told on themselves. I know they are scared. The reason I stated Stan is up to his tricks is that I now through a few conversations yesterday that they are going after this woman again.

Coincidence? I think not. About two or three days ago she got some crazy call that they try to con her into giving her address where she lived. When she apparently started firingg questiions they got off the phone quick. Next they took down phone service and the day before that they appeared at her door. Her neighbors scared them away.

I heard she is okay and protection is getting tight. One of them called a mle friend’s phone. All it is known is that the name is Tommy and they believe the last name could be something like murphy. The number was like 818457. Yep they are panicking and in a big way.

That tells me one thing it is coming to a inplosion. If Sandra jumps into it then like it has been said before we know what she is about.

I personally see that the whole thing floundering. If this woman has dealing with this they more than likely are trying to find some way to dispose of her. Wow! These goons are ensuring a reservation in hades.

I say pray for them. Also the nmame Grimaldi came up as well. Hmmmmm

I would say George need not to worry. He will be with his love. I am confident about that. It will work out.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/06/2011 at 12:13 pm

@In our watch- I don’t know who you are but previous poster that called this stuff myth just told on themselves. I know they are scared. The reason I stated Stan is up to his tricks is that I now through a few conversations yesterday that they are going after this woman again.

Coincidence? I think not. About two or three days ago she got some crazy call that they try to con her into giving her address where she lived. When she apparently started firingg questiions they got off the phone quick. Next they took down phone service and the day before that they appeared at her door. Her neighbors scared them away.

I heard she is okay and protection is getting tight. One of them called a mle friend’s phone. All it is known is that the name is Tommy and they believe the last name could be something like murphy. The number was like 818457. Yep they are panicking and in a big way.

That tells me one thing it is coming to a inplosion. If Sandra jumps into it then like it has been said before we know what she is about.

I personally see that the whole thing floundering. If this woman has dealing with this they more than likely are trying to find some way to dispose of her. Wow! These goons are ensuring a reservation in hades.

I say pray for them. Also the nmame Grimaldi came up as well. Hmmmmm

I would say George need not to worry. He will be with his love. I am confident about that. It will work out.

They do have a penchant for electronics don’t they? it is good they are showing fear that is the key to the situation.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/06/2011 at 3:53 pm

In our watch I meant to say earlier thank you for the message. Rumor has it that maybe some kind backlash or attack was done against George but it failed. So Stan is taking the next step and pushing him and Sandra together possibly. Looks like more about revenge than anything else.

It apparently been spread around her neighborhood about possibly they are lurking and looking at ways to get rid of her. Hmmm..they sound desperate indeed.

Can someone explain who this so called mystery woman is? Exactly who is she? And I heard she’s invisible too.

palooza italian ya think? @ 01/06/2011 at 7:15 pm

@palozza-yeah she can stay invisible if i was her. wtf?

I think the wisest thing is that until all of this unravels she stay wherever she is.

Stan must be having a stroke and canalis too. lol!

That’s what happens when you do rotten things to people.

LOL…look like someone is looking for clues on how to bring all this to a grinding halt. Perhaps if some people actually did things that was not against the law then none of this would ever exist. wink

@palooza, in time, perhaps, everyone will know who she is. I understand that George’s fans are naturally curious about this. Just enjoy the mystery and suspense for now, like if you were watching a movie. The dénouement will come when it is time, and you will know when that time has arrived.

Anonymous @ 01/06/2011 at 9:12 pm

Here’s a link to the satellite sentinel website:

Anonymous @ 01/06/2011 at 9:15 pm

Click on UNOSAT Imagery and Enough Project Feed to see the images instead of the map.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/06/2011 at 9:38 pm

@Anonymous- Amen! Stay safe is right George. It is a good thing for him to do this kind of activism. Now it makes sense to the rumor of something being tried to do something to George.

Not the smartest thing to do for I know EXACTLY the first suspects that would be guilty. He will make it home safe.

Hey, man.
I’m reading all these comments coz I’m bored.
What a trip! I never thought this ho Eli is Clooney’s type. whatever. She’s just not smokin’ hot. Kinda lame lookin.
Gotta say that the Cloone would be right to be freakin’ out if some crazed fan came up to him thinking they are like destined to be together. What someone wrote up top. Man, that’s scary shitt. There’s all kinda locos out there. He’s in the public eye.
Respect man. Look what happened to Dimebag & Lennon.
Lay off the fantasy if you think he loves ya.

You say Bryan and Stan do pressure on George, it is something like Stan says: “You do not deserve a decent woman… Oh if only you knew how the glasses would be looking good on you, but alas you have no nose”

Considering predictions…. my Ouija and Magic Balls speak that George Clooney is scared to have a wife coz when he drinks he cannot stand when she appears to be double.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/07/2011 at 5:00 pm

@Winky and The Dude- Give it a rest dipshats. You are not fooling anyone. This shat comes from the same sewage hole. Why don’t you slimeballs lay off the fantasy that you can get unburied from all the bullshat and karma that you maggots so richly deserve.

I heard that you dingies was going to do this nonmsense. What happened? Didn’t like hanging upside down off the ledge by your ankles.
Get use to it. I heard they are called ankle chains in real life. That is what you get when you mix cocaine and your mojo in the wrong qualities.

Must suck when all your dirty laundry is exposed? So is this for all the electronic wizardry. Man I am going to enjoy the ending of you losers.

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: Okay, why you so aggressive, I’ve always been writing a bullsh’t here. if you don’t understand i can explain with other words. The thing is that George will only marry a woman who will be so good that he’d like when there will be two them. Personally I see nothing irritating in this fact, why it gets so much on your nerves?

Anonymous @ 01/07/2011 at 5:42 pm

No worries, The Dude. Clooney is getting better security to keep the crazy psycho Cagnalis away from him. She’s already worn fake wedding rings and had two hysterical pregnancies in the past year alone, despite never even having had intimate relations with Clooney. Maybe the cocaine is contributing to her delusions.

Like, whoa!!
Take a chill pill, man! Just said that George has to be careful cause he’s exposed in the public.
And I don’t like the lame ass ho he’s with. That’s one ugly ******.
But I don’t reckon he’s gonna hook up with Sandra Bullocks.
Man, that’s one bossy dame. Real feisty & short fused. She’ll put him in his place. Bet they’ll be fighting on set most of the time. Knock him out.
I think whoever wrote that above was being sarcastic.

Wild Angel @ 01/07/2011 at 5:47 pm

Winky’s here! Well, now it’s a party!

Hey, Winky, you big stealer – gimme back my Magic 8 Ball.

UAhhhhhh!!! Wild Angel, you lost your wildness or what??! where have ya been?!…. I am dreaming of a Wild Christmas

Anonymous @ 01/07/2011 at 6:20 pm

We all have two basic choices in life: love or fear. It’s interesting that public relations is about schemes and manipulations, but when love is chosen there is no need for such schemes and manipulations. Could it be this is why certain public relations people prefer that their clients choose fear and try to keep their clients in fear? Once their clients choose love, there is no need for the schemes and manipulations borne out of fear, and the public relations people are out of a job.

Be brave and choose love.

Anonymous @ 01/07/2011 at 6:45 pm

Love is a movement forward, Fear is a breakage. So why should we step on the brakes but not the gas?!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/07/2011 at 7:24 pm

@ Hey Winky the wanker. I’m not aggresive, but then again I am not a lame **** PR team trying to thrown diversions. Sounds like a confession of guilt and conscience. Sorry you are in the class all by yoursel. You are posting in hopes of causing attention to be diverted.

Stan must be desperate. How is the electronic surveillance goiing hommie? Dog? Mongrel?

Either that or it is the cloonster playing but he is in Africa. Fearful bunch of prickless wonders. Been to Kirpal lately? Wink

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/07/2011 at 7:24 pm

@ Hey Winky the wanker. I’m not aggresive, but then again I am not a lame **** PR team trying to thrown diversions. Sounds like a confession of guilt and conscience. Sorry you are in the class all by yoursel. You are posting in hopes of causing attention to be diverted.

Stan must be desperate. How is the electronic surveillance goiing hommie? Dog? Mongrel?

Either that or it is the cloonster playing but he is in Africa. Fearful bunch of prickless wonders. Been to Kirpal lately? Wink

Wild Angel @ 01/07/2011 at 7:46 pm


You got good pipes, Winky! Ho, ho, ho to you too. I said you could BORROW that Magic 8 Ball when you went to Cabo. I didn’t say you could keep it forever and ever! Say what?!

Risky Business @ 01/07/2011 at 7:52 pm

hmmmm…..over at imdB, Georgesgoat mysteriously reappeared after being away for ages, just to defend Waldo’s sexuality. Quite odd really because no one is stating anything concrete other than he’s not married & has no kids. I’m wondering if Georgesgoat might be working for Stan. The insane, manipulative world of PR.

@Lol…Oh Coolest! Since last I posted, I did some research on surveillance. Not wanting to make anyone feel paranoid (myself included). I learnt that if someone knows your cell phone number, your locations is easily trackable. And if your computer has a camera, you can be reverse watched through the webcam. But this is high level surveillance that only intelligence bureaus can really use.

I don’t hold George in high regard. Love his humanitarian efforts, sort of like his films, don’t care for his image, and dislike the riff raff in his life.

Risky Business @ 01/07/2011 at 8:13 pm

@ Lol…oh coolest. – oh & also an IP address on a computer can be checked instantly.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/07/2011 at 10:58 pm

@Risky-took a look at IMDb to see what you were talking about. Lol! Not suprised in the least. I saw today that Sandra Bullock has went public with a relationship with Ryan Reynolds. Smart move!

Now all the dirty laundry for the most part has been aired on the real truth about George and Canalis so probably the only thing stan/Canalis pr team along with mafia is play the gay card and other stupid attacks.

I am pretty sure that it was known for awhile that the Bullock/Reynolds story was coming. Now it is panic and crunch time indeed.

Now it explains the stupid attacks on this site, to the woman, whatever they try to do to George obviously failed. OH WELL!

AS IT SHOULD HAVE! I am rooting and praying George comes home and make a straight beeline to the real woman he loves. Who cares if he is SUPPOSEDDLY BI! She obviously still loves him. Sounds like some people need to kiss where the sun will never shine… Lol

I think God is working this all out. HA!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/07/2011 at 11:07 pm

Risky thanks for the info about IP addresses and etc..

All major movie studios have/use this technology along with assistance from their illegal partners if you know what I mean. Lol

I am far from paranoid. Like Rhett Butler I don’t give a DAAAAMMM! If someone wastes their time doing this then they are flaming losers. Winky winkyyyyy!

@Wild Angel: Coz you’ve disappeared and we lost our criteria of wildness. All Christmas passed in the tradition of home madness… light one. Big Foot has not been at home for a long time and he forgot what real madness is. Yessss, indeed I’ve used all your electric blue balls, well maybe I’m not very good at using them for people-skittles, you must tell whether I succeed and got any results in this sport. Yep, by the way Santa has brought you some lightening dye-shampoo on Christmas, so now your hair will be lighter, longer and silky… I know this for sure because I washed with it Big Foot’s socks and now they are long and silky.

@Lol… Oh Coolest!:
Okay okay, why are you turning on? I bear no relation to your imagination about Cloonsters. Here we are only communicating with friends, writin bullshit, nobody reads us anyway. Such subtle intellectual ideas in fact are interesting only for a narrow circle, are mental delicacies. You know many who like you come over here and I’ve already heard a lot of things about his girlfriend and other stuff so I’ve already made certain conclusions about that. And what for IP, I recommend you to use certain programs that switch your IP address, as well as you can also use any IP of any country you want so the scanner gets your info, guys must try if you want to work well, no problems with this at all, that’s an only in what I can be helpful. Also I recommend you to break off the rudeness, because I do not like when people talk to me this way. So henceforth I would ask you to stop using such expressions to my person, watch your speech.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/08/2011 at 11:56 am

@winky- watch or what? You opened that can of worms and no one else. Make your conclusions it is a free world indeed. Io also know that therte is a valid reasons that you are here so I bear my own conclusions too.

Oh well! I can only advise you to watch who you threaten as well for those things do come back and squarely bite you right in the ****. So you flung the first verbal attack so ummm….. I think you need to take yourt own advice and like watch YOUR speech.

Have a good day will ya?

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: What? I asked you to watch your speech, now see you wrote about helminth-gays out of the box…

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/08/2011 at 2:54 pm

@winky-you are not fooling anyone. Your balls are in vice grip hell and you are desperate. Not going there with you for you already lost. God bless you.

You try to twist things in avid desperation. Good luck.

I wish George the best. Grimaldi too!

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: Well, now you got upset. If God has blessed me why should I be in despair, if any loss is according to his will.
And please do not write any more about balls, these are not mine but Wild Angel’s. Thus we automatically affect him and his gal. Yes, they are his and he can confirm this.
So, Good luck!

Wild Angel @ 01/08/2011 at 4:30 pm

@Winky: When are they gonna learn they can’t put Winky in a corner?

And, yes, enough with the B-word….unless it’s “Bigfoot”. Because everyone knows this crazy parade isn’t over till Bigfoot marches by.

Paddy O'Reilly @ 01/08/2011 at 4:46 pm

why don’t you last two wankers knock it off & leave LOL…Oh Coolest! alone??? She’s all fired up & rightfully so because you both are trying to deflect from her argument by being idiots, the both of ya!

There are a lot of people reading here whether you like it or not.
I was on another blog where they started discussing the nonsense going on here.

I think she has a valid argument. There’s something brewing & George hasn’t been himself for a couple of years now.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/08/2011 at 5:35 pm

@paddy- thank you! These arsewipes came on here to deflect. Stan is in a pickle so the only thing they can think of is this horseshat! Mafia is losing money and canalis is more than likely cut off!

They are pissed off and swinging at anything they can. Perhaps the right people are putting two and two together.

My understanding is that they are ticked they cannot bump off the woman george is in love with and perhaps george is waking up.

Something is brewing and I have a feeling it is coming fast and furious. Yeah I said God bless you for we know the demons you are where you clowns are heading. Your gravy ttrains have dried up!

Thank you for confirming all your fear and by the attacks you village idiots all of your days are numbered….

Have a blessed day Paddy! Let’s keep. Watching the show. I am eagerly awaiting the end and I am sure george and his love is too!

Must be some truth in the comments the two clowns are trying to bury.

Risky Business @ 01/08/2011 at 7:19 pm

There’s a lot of truth. It’s a big sham the bogus Canalis: Clooney relationship. Dreamt up by his publicist & management. Of course, Clooney went along with it, albeit it half-heartedly.

What it’s served to do is actually be counterproductive. They’ve been running polls on various websites to establish the credibility of the public’s opinion if it’s a real relationship, and it’s failed miserably. No one really believes it unless they have the IQ of a dung beetle.

If anything, THERE’S MORE SPECULATION about Clooney’s sexuality because of his ASSOCIATION with Canalis. People generally can’t believe he’s dating someone so trashy like her. There’s no chemistry between them & he cannot act it because he DOESN’T feel it. For starters, he doesn’t like acting in love scenes.

Lol…Oh Coolest! – you may feel like your challenging those mothertruckers who are digressing from the point, but a lot of people are proud of you. I believe George randomly gets bored and reads comments, so hopefully he has already noticed. I’m sure Stan & co are already monitoring in full effect.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/08/2011 at 7:58 pm

@risky business and someone-Thank you so much. I can tell they are blocking even my posts now. I just typed up a reply and they did not allow it to print. So the fight is on eh?

It is virtually so disgusting how Stan and management along with Canalis has turned a wicked deed to try to force George into more of this horseshat. WTF?

George and his lady love deserve to be together once and for all. When I heard how Stan especially did all he could to create strife to strike pain at her and for money as well as fear I was sad real sad.

Also for them to try to attack her a few days ago thinking it was a quick fix to get him to back down and go back to Canalis or suck up to a “relationship” with Sandra Bullock I thought how disgusting!

Sandra Bullock took the bulls by the horns or her people did and made it public about her and Ryan Reynolds. Good for them!

Stan must be frothing at the mouth because this all is going further south than anyone ever saw coming. They are desperate and pissed off and believe me I see even more attacks and even more nasty stuff that is going to be hurled.

Nothing is beneath them on any level to do something. I would not be suprised if murder was in the cards if that got them what they want. There is no bottom to their greed and evil. BELIEVE IT!

I say keeping watching. I know that more and more will be revealed and it will be a good thing. I am sure that his ladylove now knows to disregard the crap about his sexuality and so forth. All she needs to be concerned with is that their love is real. That is what matters at the end of the day.

The more these monkeys attack the more it becomes obvious to me that something big is brewing and on the verge of exploding sky high.

George deserves to be with the woman he loves and wouldn’t be cool if they settled down and a child is born out of all this ugliness? That would be a nice and happy ending to this greed and mess don’t you agree?

I am sure Canalis has some nastiness up her sleeve. Is it true that she was like some prostitute that was a $1000 euros a night plus coke? Is it true that George’s arm was firmly twisted behind this back to take this deal and he chose her because she seemed the lesser of all the evils?

I truly don’t know but I am asking. I find it interesting how hard I am attacked for that tells me that there is something making these clowns very nervous.

So people keep talking, keep digging for the truth, and expose all their dark sins, actions and transgressions. This is long overdue and time.

I am praying for George to come back safely and straight to the arms of who he really loves. I now don’t even care if he puts her in the limelight. Perhaps keeping it low key would be best for some time to come. These creeps are dangerous characters and have no limit to what they would do to get what they want.

Someone stated that they threatened his family. I wonder if that is why his brother in law had the heart attack? Perhaps there is no connection but I do wonder you know….

Take care everyone and keep the truth coming!

I am proud of all of you for being smart enough to know that some of this stuff is horseshat!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/08/2011 at 8:00 pm

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: Well, now you got upset. If God has blessed me why should I be in despair, if any loss is according to his will.
And please do not write any more about balls, these are not mine but Wild Angel’s. Thus we automatically affect him and his gal. Yes, they are his and he can confirm this.
So, Good luck!

You are in despair because you are getting an a-whooping! tell your boss to cool his jets. why? karmically it just gets worse the more you attack. So good luck to you as well.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/08/2011 at 8:01 pm

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: Well, now you got upset. If God has blessed me why should I be in despair, if any loss is according to his will.
And please do not write any more about balls, these are not mine but Wild Angel’s. Thus we automatically affect him and his gal. Yes, they are his and he can confirm this.
So, Good luck!

You are in despair because you are getting an a-whooping! tell your boss to cool his jets. why? karmically it just gets worse the more you attack. So good luck to you as well.

Well well well, someone’s publicist is hard at work sending out “satire” press releases saying that Cagnalis would make a perfect first lady. Gee, where have I seen that comment before? And where is a barf bag when you really need one? Hopefully the Weekly World News is the only rag trashy and stupid enough to run the cokewh*re’s latest press release.

Anonymous @ 01/09/2011 at 3:36 am

Stan does what he was told to do.
This is multimove combination which exposes not only the young shoots of mafia but also has a task to get to the roots,so at this stage is impossible to stop it.And you do not suspect that Stan might play a dual role? At this operation stage Stan is not in any danger,dangerous will be when the guns lose their branches and then they start to suspect Stan.

Willy Wonka Italy @ 01/09/2011 at 4:33 am

I think GC is gay, I can not explain otherwise his relationship with the ugly tranny cokewo.hre so well known in Italy to move from one bed to another of rich men and her several b/f (a lot of soccers). she dated with D. Rombolotti a drug dealer, she claims her name in ho0ker & drug Hollywood’s night club since 2008, she’s a Berlusconi tv girl…
nobody can see her, in Italy celebrities would be ashamed dating with Elisacessa Cagnalis!!! this is benn a big wrost of Clooney, it will be hard to repair his pubblic immage! all thin obviously she’s only a bead!

Willy Wonka Italy @ 01/09/2011 at 4:35 am

this is been a big wrost of Clooney, it will be hard to repair his pubblic immage! all think obviously she’s only a beard Clooney’s!

Elisabrutta C @ 01/09/2011 at 8:39 am

$5 me love you long time….

Risky Business @ 01/09/2011 at 9:34 am

@Willy Wonka Italy: That’s my whole point.
General public opinion is that they CANNOT understand why Clooney would date an unattractive, masculine woman who is implicated in a drugs & prostitution racket in Milano and who cannot even communicate in Englsih with Clooney.
It’s damaged his profile so much that people are speculating more than ever that he’s GAY OR BI & she’s a beard.
So there you go, bald man duo PR & mgmnt! You’ve undermined his image. Careful he doesn’t lose the Omega & Nespresso endorsements too next…..

@Wild Angel: to put me into the corner only Bigfoot can… but it doesn’t mean that I am going to stand there idly……
Also I think that there is a mistake in football teams training, they train players when in fact they should train balls.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/09/2011 at 12:18 pm

@Anonymous-WTF?-STAN HAS ALWAYS PLAYED A DUAL ROLE ESPECIALLY WEN GEORGE WAS AT WARNER BROS! He got what was explained to me “dual checks”. He never had Clooney’s interest at heart it was only to appear that way. It was only with help of brute force in the last few years that Stan got George to go with this. Stan cares about Stan. He is scared now and he should be.

They call Stan Elmer Fudd because it is whispered in many circles that Stan of all things is envious of George. It makes sense about all the talk saying George is gay. STAN IS AT THE CORE OF THE TALK. No he can’t stop the action because his whole entire family will be taken out. It is also no small secret that Jerry Weintraub is also linked into mafia as well.

George trusted the wrong people and they got him in too deep. These mafia goons are more than likely the same ding dongs who tried to attack his woman. George from what has been said had his hands tied in terms of his contact with her and etc.

As far as the bisexual crap going around I met people who has family members that work with these mafia goons. The ones on the west coast the majority of them are bisexual and gay. For that reason they leave the east coast.

East coast mafia consider them a disgrace and if te word got around aout their sexual preferences they would get whacked. Now I would not be suprised if George was forced into a intimate situation with this scum. Boy that would be huge to hold over his head now wouldn’t it? Canalis it is said is bisexual so whose to say that some of the mafia in Italy swung both ways?

For me it is all coming together. It shouldf becoming together for all of you too! Lapdance comments is just for deflection and like who cares?

Just look at lapdance comments as comic relief. I do! Lol

HipChick99 @ 01/09/2011 at 2:53 pm

or maybe they call Stan, Elmer Fudd because he looks like him. D’oh!!

is all the talk that Clooney’s secret boyfriend is Waldo Sanchez?
How come there’s so many remarks about that everywhere?
Clooney’s bi.

Clooney cannot have biological kids so maybe he’ll be able to live his life happily with whomever he pleases.

Anonymous @ 01/09/2011 at 3:01 pm

There is no woman that George loves. No fairly tale ending.
It’s insane to think so.
And he’s not gay.

Stan is just doing his job. If it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. All part of the process.

@HipChick “How come there’s so many remarks about that everywhere?”
It’s an effort to keep Clooney fearful enough to keep buying and going along with the publicity snake oil being sold to him, when in reality the publicity snake oil is hurting his reputation. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that certain people would like to see continue for their own benefit. I see that you are here to plant yet another rumor, one that he can’t have biological kids. Even if that were true, it’s no one’s business, and you are pure scum for posting personal medical information. It’s not important or relevant to Clooney’s love or his fans, and your only purpose in stating this is yet another attempt to instill fear in Clooney.

@Anonymous “There is no woman that George loves. It’s insane to think so.”
And how would you know there is no woman George loves? You don’t know there is no woman, and to state that it’s “insane” to think there is makes about as much sense as saying it’s insane to think anything else about which you’re ignorant, which undoubtedly encompasses a vast amount of information.

Wild Angel @ 01/09/2011 at 3:57 pm

Message for Winky and Lap Dance: Stan is impressed with our posts. He says our checks are in the mail and we’re all getting promotions! Woohoo, I say!

HipChick99 @ 01/09/2011 at 4:27 pm

@Someone – Hey psycho whackjob!
He said so himself that he’ll never have children. Doesn’t want ‘em.
The Waldo rumor can’t be by Stan because his staff is suppressing it. So I’m guessing that it’s leaking in the press somehow. But George never has come out to deny it.
And it’s crew also that hear these rumors while working on film sets. Always about Waldo.
Then there was this mysterious brunette we saw on last few film sets. Not Angel but no one knew who she was. Kept avoiding everyone but with him a lot privately. Very discreet.
If he’s straight then he should be with a woman he loves not that phony.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/09/2011 at 4:42 pm

Don’t worry someone hipchick is making her rounds courtesy of elmer fudd. I told ebveryone the insults and attacks were going to get worse. So let’s tell some truth. Let’s see stan’s ex-wife is married the last it was told to me that has a business in beverly hills.

She divorced stan due to his lack of responsibility anmd even had to get the court to stand on his neck about taking care of his kids. He at one point fell behind about 5-6 months on house payments and his kids were hoing on the streets. Stan’s money was tied up in gambing and so forth. He took out multiple loans to pay off the debts.

I believe this is the start of being indebted to mafia. He also got in good with Warner Bros. So they entrusted George to his care. They are also deep into the mafia way so big deal. Stan eventually healed his relationship with his kids but still have some of his nasty habits. George was a guaranteed payday! Stan helps fill his mind with crap and make surte the only women who get close to him is the ones that cannot be comtrolled.

Now what cracks me up is that hipchick if u saw her is frm hip. She wears the most nerdiest glasses and one of the uigliest honkers known to man.

Enough digressing there back to stan. Stan signed a five year lease on his office in century city. He actually gets more than one check in fact. Mafia cuts him a chunk of change to plus take it easy on his extra debts. Stan given thecjance sleeps around on his girlfriend if given someone who is willing to do it.

George is in love with someone and these clowns are poissed off right now. I bet they would try witchcraft if they think it would give them the edge.
Guys they are being pressured and I am sure the mafia did not like their secrets about homosexuality being exposed. Ooops!
Just keep laughing. I am.

@HipChick lying idiot whackjob, everyone knows George has said he doesn’t want children. What YOU said was that he cannot have children biologically, which is an entirely different statement. I see that you were trying to plant even more rumors, now. First you said that George doesn’t have a woman he loves, and now you’re saying she may be some brunette woman. Since you can’t seem to make up your mind which rumors/lies you want to plant and keep contradicting yourself, you should stopping posting and go back to drinking your bong water.

Interesting info about Stan, Lol… Oh Coolest!. I wonder if Stan cheats on his girlfriend with the bisexual mafia boys. I’m willing to bet that Cagnalis gave Stan bj’s in exchange for the job of publicity wh*re. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

@Wild Angel: Hmm so now we can consider that he is our boss, coz couple posts ago they asked to tell him that he’s got very hot jet, but at that time he wasn’t our boss yet. And you and I by the way are village idiots…

Wild Angel @ 01/09/2011 at 6:33 pm

Don’t mind “them”, Winky. They’re just jealous haters.

HipChick99 @ 01/09/2011 at 6:42 pm

@Someone: hey dumbass, I don’t hang out in front of my computer on a Sunday like an loser who is obsessed with Clooney.
I’ll repeat he cannot have biological kids coz he doesn’t want em. Maybe he’d be willing to adopt, dickwad, if his partner wanted em. But he cannot have biological kids because he doesn’t want them. Figure it out.
We hear he’s bi. Chinese whispers.. No one knows for sure. Most think so because it’s all phony about that Eli woman & the goss on Waldo.
NEXT: LOLcool, don’t get what you mean. The brunette lady we saw was 30ish, smokin’ hot, no big schnoz but big dark shades. Even in Detroit & St Louis, when it was winter during filming. But, hey, who knows what she was doing there. Just spent a lotta time with him alone.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/09/2011 at 7:24 pm

Hipchick you will figure out what I mean so enough. George dates more than one at a time no big shock. Also woman could of been there for reasons unknown. Stan did sell him off like property to the mafia. Who knows! That will be revealed in time too.

As for not wanting kids well that is his secret and his alone. All will be revealed sooner than later. That is for sure.

All of this will be sorted soon enough. Financial restitution will have to be made for damages done. It is game over and has been for some time. Peace ya’ll

@HipChick99 you make no sense whatsoever and are dumber than a rock. So you’re not posting from YOUR computer, huh? Wow, we’re all impressed. Bet you’re posting from your mom’s basement on her computer. You need to get a dictionary and learn some English. “Cannot” and “does not want to” have completely different meanings. Maybe you’d better lay off the bong water for a while as you can’t afford to lose any more i.q. points.

Lol… Oh Coolest!, keep the truth coming. You’re a brave soul. George deserves happiness and freedom. Interesting that the more truth that comes out, the more the shills post lies and deflection.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/10/2011 at 12:17 am

@Someone- lol. I am doing what many felt should have been done a long time. It is so ridiculous what is going on. George and his ladylove. Will get through all of this with faith and prayer along with a big dose of strength.
These clowns are something else. With all this garbage I now know why Stan has his office in such a highly guarded high rise in Century City. He needs the protection after all it is a extremely dirty job to purposely railroad everyone and everybody for a daammm dollar.

Now to have nincompoops to post anything and everything to deflect from the truth now that is something isn’t it?

I wonder what his ex-father in law Zeke the cartoonist would say if he knew what his ex-son in law has evolved into?

What does he tells his son and daughter? It is obvious he and his crew don’t look at themselves in the mirror in the morning?

I wonder what Stan’s girlfriend think of all of this? I heard that they met having surgery in the hospital. Hmmmm….I wonder if that is when Stan had his conscience, ethics, and pride removed?
Does make me wonder. Someone stated anonmyously that if Stan didn’t do George in, it would have been someone else. Forgive me but that is a crock of pure shat just like all the defecting and diversions going on. Get real Stan & people! Is that what you tell yourselves so you can keep collecting the cash? Pathetic!

@Wild Angel: You see Wildy, not everyone could make their way in the world with the help of their brains… In fact you should warn Bigfoot that soon it will be written about me that I am gay, bisexual, I cannot have children… all because of the popularity… I was with some mysterious brunette, I’m dating with Waldo… Ann Curry… all coz of popularity… also I have bad taste in women, very unstable and Lothario.. and in fact have no **** at all. All just for that he would left me and was very afraid of mafia. More on this can be added the incurable diseases, hereditary madness, debts, foster children… got psychically intimate with ho… Yet Tony and other Italian musicians will call him, offering him money…
All of this info they can use as well for George, because exactly now when he is in Sudan it distracts a little from real problems and it will be good for his psyche.
By the way you and I have now 100 % alibi that we work with Stan not because we sleep with him ))))

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/10/2011 at 2:01 am

@winky and wild angel- stop telling us about personal issues. It is bad enough we have people like the idiots that continually set up these pr games. What you do is piss poor deflections. Funny enough I know that you are trying your hardest to spin everything.

So feel free to take your perch on the ledge anytime you want to.

So what kind of software do you use to find out everyone’s IP addresses? You guys are not nearly as ignorant as you would like us to believe. This is your way of getting us to lower our guard. Ummmm..yeah

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: As if you write about George Clooney’s issues, I don’t see that he has/had any of these problems; they all are your personal problems. Or you think all this has happened to him in Sudan?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/10/2011 at 3:51 am

@winky-well we agree on a certain perspective. You see if you really read what is out there nothing is said that he has problems except those created by his pr and management.


George is a okay guy who has greedy slimeballs around him, however he will soon be okay. So twisting this crap and try to put it on me is really reaching.

Daammm is that the best stan & company can think of? You dildos are really trying hard here. Not going to work. I am not the one whose gravy train is coming to a hard and fast stop.

You are getting a little ticked. Hmmm…ya boss man is getting nervous. Well he should be.

like a horse! @ 01/10/2011 at 8:19 am

Elisacessa Cagnalis = slu.t!!!

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: Good that you agree but you do not understand the basic line… Wild Angel and I have just recently agreed to work in a Stan’s team with a certain purpose… First we read all your posts and straight after we commit suicide, so in result we get this Stan PR = 2 persons less. Got the idea? ;-) But you as well continue to do your thing and write all these things, as Wow! This is Stan’s PR, they did do much evil etc. And don’t worry about George, we will calm him down by telling he shouldn’t pay attention… So now you can write all you want, because it is still Stan PR and you are part of our project.

HipChick99 @ 01/10/2011 at 10:19 am

yeah, uh-huh, sure!
@deranged Someone. You can’t see my IP address bubblebrain bc my computer is at a studio.
There are some totally insane whack-jobs out there that claim some psychic informed them that George is their destiny. Or others crossed his path & think he’s secretly in love with them. Take your meds asap!
There’s medical terms for anyone so deluded.

If there is some woman in his life that he loves, it may be someone well concealed that no one sees. Away from the public eye. Not a lonely, aging battleaxe that spends all her time fantasizing about their destiny. Sad…really!

Fact is, I wondered if the brunette we saw with him was a masseuse. But then we saw her again at the Kahala resort bar in Honolulu in late April. Again with George. No one I recognized. Petite & attractive. Not that sushi broad & not Krista, according to colleagues. He looked smitten. 2 weeks later, Canalis arrived & his demeanor changed altogether. No further comments.

I’ll keep my eyes open in Cincinatti next month for my own curiosity, but not commenting.

The Waldo perspective comes from within the industry for some reason. Probably to hurt George & his parents. Or just people wanting gossip & scandal.

As for the kids scoop, I was told he can’t have kids coz he doesn’t want them. That can be interpreted in many ways, including he takes/ took measures not to have any.

I’m outta here, fools!

Wild Angel @ 01/10/2011 at 11:18 am

@Winky: Stan said I can have the corner office with the window because I’m his favorite. Don’t hate on me. Sorry.
PS you can keep the Magic 8 ball. Let’s do lunch.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/10/2011 at 11:25 am

@Winky-part of your project? Oh you ding dongs crack me up! Whatever gets you through the day. I could care less!

Hipchick yeah I do agree there is some prime whack jobs out there. I read that thing you talked about. There are people who work in Hollywood who are just as bonkers.

In fact,some of them work for George in certain capacities.
As far as that brunette well that is no big shock George likes opposite sex and he does have needs. After Stan has trained him that he is only allowed certain women around you know the kind that can be ummmm..bought? He more than likely gets lonely then again isn’t you or someone on this board is pushing the gay deal? I cannot remember know.

So Winky you and the goons are hired guns with me as a special project? George is hysterical? Well heck who wouldn’t be? He signed a deal with the devil and it is biting him in the ummm…..arrssseeee!

Stan is not enjoying being exposed then who would when you developed the perfect gravy train eh?

@Wild Angel: OHoooooO! Magic 8 Ball!! Now I will be the winner at all Sexbowling championships!!
Stan will give you everything he has because only with us he can feel himself safe. The fact that he gave you his is criteria of his necessity.
Lunch? Okay, the most important that it’d be not the conservatory. Bigfoot and I were already going there as usual village idiots. But we didn’t get anything… orchestra on the stage, the music began, I ask him whether it is Beethoven or Bach and he tells me: I cannot recognize him since I see him from behind.

@HipChick99, you must be the whackjob you keep writing about in the third person and are projecting your insanity onto others. You’re probably the same person posting as Winky and Wild Angel. It’s nice of your mom to let you live in her basement. You’re either some obsessed whackjob or else you’re here to deflect from the truth and to try to discredit anyone who exposes the truth about what has been done to George. It’s far too late for you or Stan or any of your other sleazy associates to suppress the truth. I hope you realize that someone who is a knowing and willing accomplice to criminal activity can be charged with the same crimes as those they assist.

horse-face is really ugly!!! her square face is so masculine and emaciated like a anorexic toxic!

hey, like, Clooney boned a hooker in The American.
He’s cool…

Heh heh henh hmm heh… he kicks ass!
He should sing a song with Kid Rock. Like a cover or something of What Do You Do For Money Honey? ..Heh heh henh hmm heh

no way, ass munch! AC/DC can only sing that!
Clooney can’t sing.

yeah, but he did ride a Harley in ZZTop’s She’s Just Killing Me video.
He’s a badass.

horse-face is really ugly!!! her square face is so masculine and emaciated like a anorexic toxic!

Heyyy, now i am going to tear apart all my white stockings!!! Whewwww!… lower and slower

Wild Angel @ 01/10/2011 at 4:20 pm

HipChick, send Stan your resume. I’ll see that he gets it.

Winky, I’m glad you don’t hate me ’cause I’m popular. It’s good we can be friends since we have to work together.

@Wild Angel: and it is good that you don’t mind my kinks, Beavis & Butthead brought me a little off balance. But basically I’m always in working condition, so we continue pushing the gay deal. In general, the concept I have is almost ready. It could be on Oprah Show… George walks in, from his ear sticking a banana, carrot in the nose and a beet let’s say in the butt.
George: Something wrong with me going on…
Oprah: I think that your diet is not right.

horse-face is really ugly!!! her square face is so masculine and emaciated like a anorexic toxic

Wild Angel @ 01/10/2011 at 4:50 pm

Haha, I say! The Goat especially will like the carrot in the nose. You have much to offer the team!

Hey, man! This isn’t cool.
Who said something about bong water?
I don’t know where I left my Buddha bong, man.
Do any of you live near Hermosa beach?


the real KIKI @ 01/10/2011 at 5:20 pm

Leave Stan alone, you bullies!
He’s still grieving the loss of his dear friend Ronni Chasen.
How can you all think he’s a villain when he’s such a cutie-pie.
I’d do him in a New York minute. So cuddly & sexy.

@Wild Angel: The Goat will see in George himself and stop to afraid of him. You already can start hating me, soon I will move in to your office with big windows!! AH ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa We are careerist and bustards!!

REAL REAL KIKI @ 01/10/2011 at 5:36 pm

FAKE KIKI #315….shaddup! Get your own fake name. :D

@The Dude: Bong water sound… Buddha bong sound.. Man silent, eyes reflecting…

the real KIKI @ 01/10/2011 at 5:52 pm

@Hermosa: @Hermosa: hey, man… I hear you.
I found a spliff in my sombrero so I’m high.

the real KIKI @ 01/10/2011 at 5:53 pm

@REAL REAL KIKI: with the REAL KIKI please stand up!

REAL KIKI @ 01/10/2011 at 5:56 pm

I’m right here, Darlin’!

Wild Angel @ 01/10/2011 at 6:05 pm

Little Winky, I could never hate on you. Our bond can never be broken. We are in this together. Beet or no beet.

@Wild Angel: Can never be broken… Yeah!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/10/2011 at 6:31 pm

Well what happened to Ms. Chasen is very eye opening indeed. It was and still a wakeup call! Making bad deals are deadly from what I hear.

So why haven’t the truth come out why and how she really died?

Have sympathy for Stan? Hmmm…. He maliciously destroyed people in morer ways than one with help from Mafioso etc…

Perhaps making restitution for damages done might be the key for redemption. Things have not got bad yet….it is just getting started from what I hear…Wow!

Prefer to be called Pam Grier @ 01/11/2011 at 10:33 am

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: And how do we know that you’re not part of Stan’s team & making all this up as deliberate negative publicity to deflect from the real truth, huh?
I read on another blog that the person who writes under Prefertoremainanonymous on imdB is actually employed by Stan Rosenfield’s company to create negative leads.
If you look at that person’s history, all she ever writes about is GEORGE CLOONEY. That sounds like full time staff correspondent employment to me. There’s a bunch of them on imdB who masquerade as independent users flooding Clooney’s board with their ulterior motives.

Prefer to be called Pam Grier @ 01/11/2011 at 10:43 am

west coast / east coast mafia… gay: straight. CRAPOLA if ever I read any!
You sure it’s not East Coast: West Coast gangsta rap, homie??

What are you really deflecting from?
What are you really concealing?

Compulsive, manipulative liars!

Kiss my asss!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/11/2011 at 11:21 am

@prefer to be called pam-lol I knew all I had to do is mention stan and ronni chasen to get you guys to do something real stupid like this.
No I do not work for stan BUT YOU DO!

I am not the one who got my pal involve with a land deal with mafia and it went south. That is the word onwhat got ronni killed.

I work for someone else far from ol’ stanster. The dead tells no tales and the fact that your dumbarrse was desperate enough to try this lame game is futile.

Not only will ronni will be able to rest in peace soon so will many others. Your weak game piece just is not working. Better have a talk with stan and be nice. Karma misses no one EVEN YOU!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/11/2011 at 11:40 am

@prefer to be called pam- I am not the one deflecting and you know it! Your stupidity shows me that stan and company are running scared. They should be. How was stan to know that his friend would end up like this?

Well,well,well I do think time is running short for you lovely village idiots. Trying to say I work for stan was real lame and desperate.

Who I work for are solely interested in keeping George Clooney alive and breathing amongst others thank you much.

Thanks to your stupidity more things woill be revealed sooner than later I would imagine.
Lol! Thanks for the laugh numbnuts all of you are going down due to your own stupid thoughts, words and actions.

So how much is stan paying you clowns?

Prefer to be called Pam Grier @ 01/11/2011 at 2:51 pm

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: Ooooo, sounds threatening. George is doing fine fine by the looks of things.
Ronni’s murder was a random act of violence, a robbery gone bad. Nothing to do with Stan. You should know that!!
Stop trying to make it out something it’s not meant to be.
You keep talking about conspiracy theories, about George’s secret love interest (that he hasn’t even dated yet; we doubt she even exists & you made it up or think you’re the one…lol…), and about Stan’s supposed corruption…Give it a rest. It’s all a fantasy!
No one buys it! You’re flooding the blogs with confusion.
Why don’t you pick up another hobby like knitting or something?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/11/2011 at 3:00 pm

I am not talking conspiracy and you know it dude,! You are desperate and this is youir hail mary. Good try…

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/11/2011 at 3:17 pm

Lol.. Did I screw up the Golden Globes for Canalis? You know daammm well chasen was not random, however that is what the public is needing to believe.

Thank you for your grief. It just helps others to read between the lines.

God bless you. You mst be under a lot of stress right now. I have been waiting for you and this attack. You did not disappoint me.

I now know it is very close to being all over. Wink

Everyone knows that Chasen’s murder was not random. It just doesn’t add up. A petty thief with no history of violence suddenly takes hollow points to commit a random robbery and suddenly becomes an expert marksman? Please. No one is buying that. I’m sure the truth will come out in time.

Lol… Oh Coolest!, can you tell us anything about Las Ramblas? Clooney and Brad Pitt invested with Rande Gerber in the Las Vegas hotel and casino development in 2005, but the project was cancelled and the property sold the next year. The whole thing seems rather odd. I wonder if Clooney and Pitt found out some things about which they were not initially told, and that’s why they wanted out.

The mafia is still very active in the USA. Here are just a few snippets from a Department of Justice press release dated yesterday:

Sex Trafficking and Sex Trafficking of a Minor
The defendants also made the women available for sex to gamblers at a weekly, high-stakes poker game.

Narcotics Trafficking
DIFIORE and BORGIA trafficked in narcotics—including cocaine and oxycodone—for and on behalf of the Gambino Family.

OREFICE, MODICA, DIFIORE, MANZELLA, MICHAEL SCARPACI, THOMAS SCARPACI, EISLER, BORGIA, and DELLITALIA ran various illegal gambling operations for the Gambino Family.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/11/2011 at 11:50 pm

@Someone- yes I heard things about that indeed. I cannot go in much detail but George was hit hard on it. There was talk going around about it and up to this point nothing involving Gerber. However in terms of Gerber’s clubs in Vegas as you know Sarah Larson worked for Rande.

Well Sarah in lesser form is a Elisabetta. I will leave it at that. I will be very happy for George once all this garbage is over. He deserves to be happy and with whom he truly love.

Someone told me today about mafia in vegas and unions in vegas. It is pretty despicable indeed. The bright side is that as much as I have been attacked the end of this crap is quickly arriving.

I only went into detail as much as I had because it was needed. More and more will unveil itself and freeing many in the process. It is just time for all this to happen.

That is a wonderful thing.

Rickie Ricardo @ 01/11/2011 at 11:52 pm

No doubt mafia money is funding a lot of films, enterprises, etc.
Question I have is why do they dictate how George leads his life?
Why him? How come Matt Damon could marry whoever he wanted. A single-mum barmaid in a strip club. And Brad is with Angie.
Why can’t George be with a woman he wants?
Why does he have to pretend to be with an unattractive woman who is implicated in drugs & prostitution scandals. Whose only claim to fame was flashing her tittties as a nun in a sacrilegious film?
That bit I cannot understand?
Why do they have him by the balls in his private life?

Thanks Lol… Oh Coolest!. I’m happy to know that this nonsense is quickly coming to an end.

Rickie Ricardo @ 01/12/2011 at 12:02 am

Hey, if a billionaire like Allen Stanford could get arrested, then I’m sure other criminal forces will be eradicated too.

It seems that George was in a complicated situation. He was probably pressured into the publicity relationship with Canalis, and he also may have felt that he was protecting whoever he really cares about by not bringing her into his life at that time. I hope and pray that he has freedom and happiness very soon.

well said Rikie Riccardo!!!!
prbably there are unknow things in Clooney’s private life!
Horse-face is really ugly , anorexic and old, there are a lot of nicer cokewo.hre in italian night clubs!!!

Anonymous @ 01/12/2011 at 7:39 pm

I think a certain publicist is calling in favors, if a blog on jewishjournal is any indication. He must have gotten wind of George’s three-way tie for sixth place as favorite actor in a new Harris poll. Wow, Johnny Depp is number one, and he lives a very private life with no famewh*re in sight and no sleazy weird publicity stunts.

Anonymous @ 01/13/2011 at 1:46 am

Whoever Cant_Standya is on IMDB, you are spot on. I’d say so there but I’m not registered there and don’t want to do so. You are not being “far too harsh” at all. You are telling it EXACTLY like it is, which is refreshing.

“So how much is stan paying you clowns?”
When were selected candidates for Gravity movie George asked for his work 6 million – two for him, two for Winky, and two for Wild Angel. Second candidate was Brad, he said it’d be 12 million – 4 for him, 4 for Winky and 4 for Wild Angel. Stan came third and straight from the point said that he wants 18 million, the committee was shocked: you’re not even an actor, you cannot aviate, do not know how to behave yourself in the hot spots, you do not have a safari suit as George Clooney has or Brad Pitt’s sly screwed-up eyes, how do you imagine yourself in erotic scenes with Sandra Ballock…you ask 18 million, for what???? And Stan answers: 6 million for me, 6 million for you, and for the other 6 million let George Clooney go to space.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 2:31 am

@winky-you appeared! I knew to expect you. Now I have all the players lined up it is easy to pick apart who is who.

Word has it that george like his bed warmers to be writers. Word has it that you guys are naughty, naughty. So your hobbies are satellites. To gather info?

Man you motherfluckers are lazy! Using american citizens tax dollars to do your dirty work. Well I know some people who would love to have a chaty with you.

Tell stan to make a nice donation in chasen’s memory. That is the least he can do.

Keep slipping up. The time is winding down and the real entertainment shall begin. Stan must actually think he is free and clear. I think anonymous perhaps is right about harshness.

Harshness is what is coming for your clowns. Tsk…tsk

Still trying to smooth the path for a canalis/clooney ouying at the globes? Why not? Everyone knows the truth and will have plenty to talk about won’t they?

Goobers! Lol

And so that you see the whole idea, this committee includes Winky, Wild Angel and Bigfoot. And Bigfoot is my guy, just so you know ;-)

George isn’t nominated for anything, and voting in Sudan continues until January 15. He’s very committed to the cause in Sudan and will likely stay there until the voting is over. He may even stay until all or most of the votes are counted, which could take weeks longer. I seriously doubt he’d try to make it to the globes when he’s not even nominated.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 2:52 am

@so are you guys in charge of all the escorts that live in housing paid by movie studios and their associates? I have always been curious since they for the most part located in south end of studio city how much do they cost?

At least they are close and on hand for quick servicing.

So why did Stan have George go to Italy for a escort when the ready stable is on hand right near Vineland Ave?

Mistress row is on Aqua Vista. Are you guys beefing up due to Charlie Sheen ******** up with alcohol, and porn actresses?

Please do tell!

Yes I can really understand you, you do not earn that much and a lot of things annoy you, but you must understand we are without pathos… I have many cars but I went fishing yesterday on the bike. Though I was dressed very glamorous – in a short pink skirt, white lace stockings and high heels. Bike broke, imagine I had to repair it being in a short skirt, I ripped my stockings so I had to take them off, all my fishing rods got entangled and when I threw the bait Oh My! the hook caught on my thong. If I was not told in advance that fishing calms down, I’d probably kill someone.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 3:04 am

Also what about the columbian mafia members thay work the area as well, do tell me how do you work out the paycuts so that no one ends up with Columbian neck ties?

You goons should each get one after stupidly trying to frame George?

Can you imagine what the cloonster ended up with physical evidence that would make him want to hang you no neck, stupid, backwards motherfluckers?

I cannot wait till he gets wond of ALL the stupid bullshat!

Can we say pink slips anyone? If I was him I WOULD!

Whaddya going to do? Rame him so he end up in prison? Ummmm….don’ think. So.
Man not only are you guys desperate but daaammm stupid! Lol

The cokewh*re and her trashy publicist will likely pull one of their standard publicity stunts out of the file: ten-year-old airbrushed semi-nude pics or highly photoshopped recent semi-nude pics accompanied by fictional press release, fictional press release detailing yet another hysterical pregnancy, fictional press release detailing yet another delusion of being engaged, pics taken by her personal photographer/pap of her wearing a fake wedding or fake engagement ring which may or may not include images of George photoshopped into the pics, fictional press release demanding that Clooney get rid of a boat/house/car/blender/toaster/lamp. All of which to be followed up by the usual Gossip Cop reports calling b.s.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 3:04 am

Also what about the columbian mafia members thay work the area as well, do tell me how do you work out the paycuts so that no one ends up with Columbian neck ties?

You goons should each get one after stupidly trying to frame George?

Can you imagine what the cloonster ended up with physical evidence that would make him want to hang you no neck, stupid, backwards motherfluckers?

I cannot wait till he gets wond of ALL the stupid bullshat!

Can we say pink slips anyone? If I was him I WOULD!

Whaddya going to do? Rame him so he end up in prison? Ummmm….don’ think. So.
Man not only are you guys desperate but daaammm stupid! Lol

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 3:06 am

Also what about the columbian mafia members thay work the area as well, do tell me how do you work out the paycuts so that no one ends up with Columbian neck ties?

You goons should each get one after stupidly trying to frame George?

Can you imagine what the cloonster ended up with physical evidence that would make him want to hang you no neck, stupid, backwards motherfluckers?

I cannot wait till he gets wond of ALL the stupid bullshat!

Can we say pink slips anyone? If I was him I WOULD!

Whaddya going to do? Rame him so he end up in prison? Ummmm….don’ think. So.
Man not only are you guys desperate but daaammm stupid! Lol

Trying to block posts is a guaranteed a-whooping! Keep pressing your stupid luck! Your funeral not mine ding dongs.

This is your can of worms-NOT MINE!

@LOL… Oh Coolest, I think there’s a glitch with JustJared. Sometimes it will say I’ve already said something when I’m posting it for the first time, but if I click the back arrow, it will show that it took the post anyway.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 3:19 am

thank you. I just notice I get glitches in the most convenient times.

So come on ding dongs answer the questions or go fishing.

I didn’t know that human bait is used in fishing. Then again if one is trying to catch sharks that is a different story……

Elisabetta is our marketing in Europe, she earns nothing actually, only gets the roles and advertising, must say it is profitable.
After fishing I felt totally frustrated and now listenin this trying to calm myself down
@Somenone I hope you’ll like this, there are a lot of cutie asses

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: How smart you are, how have you guessed, of course everything is allegory. Stan works with mafia and I work with alligators. That’s why I and Stan earn the most, coz our risks are the biggest ones.

NOT SINGLE WHITE FEMALE KIKI @ 01/13/2011 at 7:44 am

you guys! you guys! Stan looks out for Georgie’s interests like a big brother. They’re all one big happy family.

Canalis happened to be available and so she was selected. It’s just a casual thang. Incommunicado with Georgie most of the time.
But hey, you scratch my back, I scratch yours.
They’re both doin’ their separate thang & are just in it for show.

No more hysterical pregnancies. Not unless Davide forgot to use a rubber… LOL…winky winky poo!!! woo-hoo! woo-hoo!

poo!!! woo-hoo! woo-hoo!!! I’ve already bought pink shorts and sneakers, pink croco-net stockings… Only one thing I need is a pink bicycle. Wild Angel develops pink glasses for me and Bigfoot bought a pink nacre to paint my bicycle. How about another glass of that poo? I wonder what will be Stan’s gift….. whoaaa!!!!

Wild Angel @ 01/13/2011 at 11:13 am

@Winky: Bigfoot is not happy you borrowed his short pink skirt and you’d better replace those white lace stockings ASAP.
PS I do like that necktie you’re wearing today. You’re the talk of the office!

@Wild Angel: :-) Really? I chose necktie to the colour of your socks
And… Shhhh… tell you on a secret that I did not buy these pink shorts, I took Bigfoot’s boxers

@NOT SINGLE WHITE FEMALE KIKI, Stan looks out for his own interests and no one else’s and has damaged George’s reputation and career.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 1:02 pm

Someone thank you!! It is about lining the pockets indeed! Yeah everyone knew Stan was up the yin yang with mafia. That is what happened from understanding with Chasen. It was a deal that went south. She was a liability and had to be dealt with. Wow!

So this is what is in store for George if he doesn’t do what he is ordered to? Hmmmm….the end is in sight quicker than I thought.

Canalis marketing? Is that what you call european hookers these days? She was available because maybe George was given an offer he BETTER NOT REFUSE!

So how do you guys keep the escort ring going on arch drive? The police had to clean up a russian mob hit a few years back on the street. Isn’t that bad for the actors who use your escorts services?

La Estancia is right there so how can the celebrities feel safe? Oh that is right the justice dept and fbi came in from dc to crack down lapd for looking the other way on these activities.

Hmmm….aren’t you guys under the radar or what? Lol

Canalis could stay in La Estancia and hooked a big fish. Ooops! That is right he has a debt to mafia to pay back….. Nuts! Lol

George agreeing to mafia bimbos is better payment right??

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: Look who rules in Italy and in many other parts of Europe then it will be clear for you what is dish and what is the sauce, and that without certain table setting you won’t be invited to the European fourchette, in other words will not be released to the market. Any war is a battle for markets.
Wildy, you know I cannot take off my white lace stockings yet… These little white pleated skirt, white stockings and white shoes are all in honor of Nick’s birthday. We’re not going to wish him all the traditional stuff, but there is one wish and let it come true…

WHEEZY JOE @ 01/13/2011 at 4:30 pm


Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 4:35 pm

So Winky you are saying George ios noty going to be invited out to play if he didn’t take elisabetta? I guess a john is a john is a john.

Nick will get his wish I am sure of it. After he did not get this far without most of them being granted. Tell him to have a very happy birthday.

His son will be freed from this nonsense soon enough.

So how did you take care of the escort ring on arch? How is the former playboy bunny turned paralegal who is in scientology doing?

I am sure she thriving well down on arch drive.

The police was ticked that they got cracked down. Well that will teach them to take payoffs huh?

Is archstone off of bluffside still mafia owned as well?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/13/2011 at 5:32 pm

Or what wheezy joe?????

Stan has done many a crude things that near killed or almost killed people, animals etc..

It is time for all of this to stop! Stan will no longer ruin peoples lives not on my watch! He should not sell his clients down the river to the mafioso.

All of this is already throughly exposed and it is about time! What you do in the dark always come out in the light! George deserves better!

It is time for some people go to prison where they belong.

The only pigeons in this horseshat is the ones who has did all the damage. God bless Stan! It is time he is reaping what he sowed amongst a few others.

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: We speak about movies, only movies…
And please do not mention the name of Holy Prendergast!
To my mind there are people which cannot be treated from the point of casual categories and it is inappropriate to discuss the acute and hot corners because these people are not physiological, they are of another kind. And I think George belongs to such people, even if sometimes he behaves himself as if he is one of the lads.

Rickie Ricardo @ 01/13/2011 at 5:56 pm

@Winky: what a load of horse manure!
Is that what you’ve brainwashed George (the dumbass) to believe??
That he’s an untouchable and his life must be controlled by a bunch of evil men with ulterior motives?
Does becoming an A-list celebrity mean signing your life away at the expense of one’s sobriety? (This applies to Tom Cruise too. The guy has been brainwashed into thinking that he’s an Alien invading a human form. There’s quite a few other whack job A-listers out there. Media thinks it’s creative eccentricity.) George’s life is so controlled. Like a puppet-on-a-string!

@Rickie Ricardo: No, i’ve only wanted brainwash those who discuss questions below the belt…
Also you should know that Tom Cruise has been signed up to another programm, its because his brain turned out differently.

The very private Johnny Depp has been voted America’s favorite actor! Wow, it must be true because it’s based on a scientific poll taken of a random sample of more than a thousand Americans rather than on some Time Warner / People magazine / Warner Brothers shills telling us what to think.

@Lol… Oh Coolest!, I hope Nick gets his birthday wish, too.

@Wild Angel: You have a very low rating, all because of my white lace stockings, no one wants me to take them off. When I wear them and Bigfoot comes, the conversation goes immediately into the right direction… so he took them off with his teeth

I agree with you Rickie Riccardo!
there are strange things in Clooney private life, his public behaviours and woh.res are fake of GC!!! he can’t break the horse-face contract of course!

Wild Angel @ 01/14/2011 at 9:43 am

@Winky: That’s because I have friends in low places.

I believe George has a sadistic streak and wishes to inflict pain by flaunting this androgynous, 2-digit IQ bimbo as his girlfriend. There’s a mismatch, if ever I saw one.
Poor game of role playing.

I’d say George lost his virility by now. Not that he needs it around the Sardinian Equine Neurosis. He spends many nights polishing off his golden amber true love. And what a fine drop that whisky blend is.

Btw, John Prendergrast is SEXY with great hair. I’d love to lure him into my dungeon. I bet they were confused about who the actual A-lister actor was in Sudan…Right, winky??

Ad Nauseum @ 01/14/2011 at 10:13 am

he definitely is torturing by subjecting us to such an aesthetically unappealing & obnoxious wannabe.
I bet he thought, “if I’ve got to hook up with Cagnalis & suffer, no one’s going to enjoy this!”

yeah, George, baby, whip it! Whip it hard!
I know you’re a kinky fetishist.
Winky wink!

Same tricks, different day. You liars can’t seem to make up your minds which lie to go with, which is problematic because some of them contradict each other. Better have a chat with Stan and tell him he needs to pick one lie or the other.

This all just another attempt to divert from the truth and to try to make Clooney fearful. Same sleazy freaks wanting to stay on the Clooney gravy train, right, Stan?

Stan involved in sexually organized crime, George is an agent Sex007, he is extra sexually trained agent, now he is training Prendergast in Sudan. So your assassination attempts on John look ridiculous along with your ridiculous sex.
Wildy, they are trying to parody us if you haven’t noticed yet ;-) they are sexually perverted parodists, they want to be our friends and be popular like we are.

Peckerhead @ 01/14/2011 at 12:05 pm

Howdy, y’all

I knew George when he was a shoe salesman. We used to shoot hoop on Sundays. No way is he gay. At least not back then. They didn’t come more macho than George.

He just didn’t like fat chicks at all. That’s his pet hate: FAT women.

And he was a sore loser because he was hopeless at basketball.
Short ass that he is. All women he dates are about his height or taller. That’s short man syndrome.
I may still be a shoe salesmen but hey, I’m tall.

@Peckerhead: In fact Sex 007 it’s not about the length and also is not the number of goals scored.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 12:25 pm

He caano break the ummm”horse face” contract more than likely because the last maia contract with mafia bimbo sarah larson from whatk4 been told to me had an unexpected shock indeed!

Sarah became a blip on the federal radar on more than one level. Due to perhaps george’s federal connections he got alerted to the situation and was able to break away?

That of course ticked the mafia dips so this time around mafia pigeons bryan lourd and stan was told in no uncertain terms this had to be ummm…AIRTIGHT AND ESCAPE PROOF?

So they find one of the biggest fame hungry, coke sniffing, “horse_face” italian woman they could find. Of course she had to be totally mentally unstable because she supposedly easier to manipulate and control. Ummm guys, lesson of a lifetime- ANYONE WHO INHALES THAT MUCH COKE LIKE DRINKING WATER IS THAT UMMM…CONTROLLABLE? Lol! Berlusconi peeps lied to you!!! They wanted to unload her for awhile. She was eating davide rombeletti her drug dealer boyfriend out of house and cocaine. Ouch?

So they pawned off on poor unsuspecting george and stan was told especially he earned major mafia brownie points indeed!

Now at 40 grand a month she can afford davide’s cocaine and she is one happy coke ridden happy hooker.

The coke gives her grandiose illusions that she actually has talent but alas l really be said is that her main talent is bj’s to which she has been giving with reckless abandon. A good bj sure can give a druggie true staying power huh?

She might go ape after reading this but who really gives a daaammm!

Go away and make drug addicted babies with your druggie boyfriend and someone please take a 2 by 4 and smack some sense into stan and bryan for being stupid, greedy and self centered enough to force yourt “compadre” into this shat!
George kick yourself for losing your backbone instead of fighting for who you love.
Mafia people you by proven history are disposable. Any day now all you gus will ever do is whack each other so it is a non issue.

Awww! I hate when people try to take real life and make it into a really bad reality based soap opera! George get your rocks off with your lady love instead of drama like this. She can give u the attention you need. Goons and henchmen- back off! Your gig is up! Face it and move on. Even your fed honchos won’t be able to dig you out of this one. It is called- SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY! DEAL WITH IT NUMBNUTS !

Lol lol lol

Alessandro Mangia @ 01/14/2011 at 12:27 pm

Ma è certo che George è impotente. Tutti sanno che!!!


Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 12:33 pm

So peckerhead he hates fat women? So he hated his aunt rosemary and his sister? Hmmmm….no wonder he got kicked out of his aunt’s home and no wonder he doesn’t go home often.


@383, but it is certain you are Cagnalis’s sleazy publicity here to slander George and try to scare him into another contract with the coke wh*re.

Alessandro Mangia @ 01/14/2011 at 12:40 pm

No NO scusa. Aspeta!!
Elisabrutta lo ha reso impotente. Prima che egli era virili.

is no problemo before Cagnalis.. No impotente before. Is problema after Elisabrutta con George.

Yes, LOL… Oh Coolest! and he’s also “short” at 5’11″ and the tallest guy on his high school basketball team. These idiotic liars have the same repertoire. They’ve already covered the lies about his sexuality and his height. Any minute now they’ll be making disparaging comments about his physical features. The idiot liars are trying their darndest to make George afraid in the hopes that he will keep buying Stan’s harmful snake oil and continue the coke wh*re’s contract.

Stan and his ilk live in fear. Fear is all they will ever know, because they are cowards. They will never know what it’s like to live life with freedom in their hearts.

George will choose love instead of fear. As for Stan and his lot, may the good Lord have mercy on their pathetic souls.

@Alessandro Mangia: Wow Eli, like everybody missed ya!
You know there is such category of girls who firstly imagine that George felt in love with them, then that they were having a hot night, and after that he is impotent. It’s all a Pure Imagination!

@386, that makes more sense. Elisbrutta would make any hetero man impotent.

Alessandro Mangia @ 01/14/2011 at 1:00 pm

@Rosmary: che??
si certo! capisco!
Is delusion if the women think George fall in love with them. Fantasia.
Too much movies.
But some of them play games with his head too, no???
Like the minnows taking on the giants?

peckerhead @ 01/14/2011 at 1:06 pm

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: that’s right, darlin’
He doesn’t like to date FAT women.
Likes em slim with Tits & Ass.
That’s why I don’t buy that he’s with that Italian lady. Cause lady she ain’t .

With all due respect to his aunt Rosemary & his sister, I mean the doesn’t like to date fat women. I’m sure he loves his family.

Turned you down for a date, did he, peckerhead?

peckerhead @ 01/14/2011 at 1:11 pm

now the Italian female she ain’t FAT but has no ass.
So while George doesn’t like em FAT, she ain’t hot enough.
Slimy looking.. Ain’t his thing.

peckerhead @ 01/14/2011 at 1:14 pm

@ Nobody 392 – he ain’t gay. Neither am I.
I used to beat him at basketball. All the time.
Lousy shoesalesman too he was.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 1:14 pm

Alessandro you are the minnow who was swallowed by the shark or did you get that memo. There is a word for your kind-ROAD KILL

All of you are bullies who got what you deserved-YOU HAVE BEEN EXPOSED. How did berlusconi like getting clocked with a statue?

Karma do happen you know!

I’m not sure what your point is, peckerhead. Are you trying to get under someone’s skin? If you’re trying to upset his love interest by implying that she’s fat, I guess you heard wrong, because from what I’ve heard, she’s in great shape, and she doesn’t even snort coke to get that way. At any rate, George likes who he really likes, and that’s all that matters.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 1:19 pm

Lol! Peckerhead and winky=george clooney or someone close to him pranking! You are too funny! Silly boy!

@Alessandro Mangia: All these desperate statements only prove that George’s head is so good that no one can really play with it…in basketball

@Lol… Oh Coolest!, I don’t think that’s George. Whoever it is just wants people to think he or she knows George in an attempt to give credibility to worthless statements.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 1:33 pm

You got a point. I said that because it is obvious clooney like humor. Maybe it is stan doing a bad imitation.

So stan is into fat chicks now? Meow!

Hmm. I think peckerhead is either Cagnalis or her publicist, since they have a history of calling all American women fat. Keep snorting that white powder, Cagna.

“I said that because it is obvious clooney like humor.” It’s not Clooney like humor at all.

FuneralAdvertising @ 01/14/2011 at 1:42 pm

George, make the most of this position!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 2:19 pm

You got a point someone. I do have a question though, “Why on earth does canalis have a publicist?” I thought that was for true talented people unless you consider her oral skills. Do you think davide can give us the insider scoop?

Also stan should be whipped with a whip and metal studs (even though in some circles it is reported that he finds it a turn on) for actually thinking he could actually continue to promote this faux pas relationship by saying canalis has a sexy and toned body.
She got it snorting coke for crying out loud!

Yeah I said it you psychotic italian shrews. Truth is truth.

Stan I could almost forgive you for about almost anything except being such a flucking dumb arrse with this line of thinking? Did your stroke cut the oxygen supply off to your head? Inquiring minds want to know!

As for the fat thing george like him some meat on his woman’s bones. Something to hold onto and get cuddly with. Cocaine users are like oil slicks- slippery and to gross to hold onto! Yuckmmyuckmmmyuckmmyuck

Lose weight the old fashion way canalis! You dipshat!

Good question about the publicist, Lol… Oh Coolest!. It seems like there are good publicists and bad publicists. Bad publicists are highly into deception and dirty tricks such as cutting deals with bloggers *cough*lainey*cough*. Cagnalis, having no real talent to offer, has a publicist who is as rude and trashy as Cagnalis herself. Stan is also a bad publicist with some sleazy clients such as Charlie Sheen. Stan keeps using the strategy of scaring George into going along with the crap he peddles. Every single accolade George has gotten has been completely due to his own merit, and he’d have even more accolades if people weren’t so turned off by the trashy weird publicity stunts ala Stan and company.
“She got it snorting coke for crying out loud!” Yes, cocaine and photoshop! LOL!
I’ve also heard that George likes girls to look like girls and not like tweaked cokeheads with bodies like boys.

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: we’d love it if Stan visits the dungeon anytime he wants. We’ll blindfold, tie, clamp & cuff him and then whip him with cat-o-nine-tails. He can even try the iron maiden if he’s game enough.
Will that do the trick???
His smutwriting staff will have some real stories to tell for a change.

HENRIETTA @ 01/14/2011 at 4:19 pm




HENRIETTA @ 01/14/2011 at 4:23 pm

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: 404, SAY WHAT??!!!



Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 4:26 pm

@S&M and Henrietta- Lol…lol…lol

Oh this is priceless! Oh my jaws and sides are aching!

Stan you are such a naughty, naughty boy! Is Stan into leather chaps and thongs as well? Oh dooooo tell!

Wink wink

HENRIETTA @ 01/14/2011 at 4:55 pm





Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 4:56 pm

@someone-thank you for your comments. I have to agree!

So Stan is game enough for the iron maiden? Rumor has it that it is actually his favorite piece. MMMHHHHMMMMM indeed! Lol

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 6:17 pm

guys i am still laughing. every time I look at henrietta’s , someone’s and S&M it just kills me!

the visual with stan in s&m clothing scares me a bit though. sorry stan ya aint the cloonster! lol…lol…lol

elisabetta and mafia goons we are over your tyranny! it has been declared mutiny on all of ya!

Madam Lash @ 01/14/2011 at 6:28 pm

Stan in a gimp suit you’re welcoming any time.
Bring Bryan down too.

Powerful men like you love receiving orders & being disciplined once in a while, don’t you? For the novelty of it all.


ma che cosa??!!
va fa*nculo ca*zzo di merda!!!!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 9:44 pm

Hey EliC speak english! Can you do that? You are only angry because it is spelled out very throughly. You should be ashamed of yourself but that requires dignity.

You going to have your mafioso threatened George into extending the contract? Your run was supposed to be six months TOPS!

Instead you decided to make george’s life a living hell and “persuade” sytan to support your greedy desires! What a despicable goose you are!

One day you are going to have one of your violent rages on the wrong person and it will ber your last. Snorting that much cocaine is a time bomb indeed.

If you are angry at anyone it better be yourself. You are one miserable piece of work. Go to school and make something of yourself!

What do your parents tell people what your occupation is? I sure would like to be the fly on the wall for that conversation.

You are being humiliated because of what you are. For a “horse face” you sure do not have any decent horse sense!

et real kid! You are actually worse than sarah larson, not much but you are!

Go to vegas! Maybe there is a job for you at the palm or one of the other nightclub joints.

Go with God child! Go with God!

Apparently it’s not even coherent Italian. Neither google translate nor babelfish can figure out what she’s trying to say. LOL.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 10:56 pm

Thank you someone. What is so interesting is that a story going around that she majored in ummmm……languages?

Something else besides the zipper on that red dress is malfunctioning.



Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 11:03 pm

Oh oh the canalis team is blocking! Can’t take truth I see.

Oh well 3rd time is the charm!

I made the comment in reference to someone’s quote that for someone like canalis who “supposedly” majored in languages is a bit ummmm…..interesting.

I also stated that something else os malfunctioning beside a red zipper on a red dress.

Stan are you upset that someone’s foibles are being pointed out? You and bryan are the ones who demanded this mess to happen did you not?

Own your shat people! It is yours and no one else. Touche’


Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/14/2011 at 11:26 pm

Well henrietta from what I see she is talking about the two things that have gotten her to her lowly post in life- shatting and flucking.

What do you expect out of a low life like her?

She is ticked that her threats and goons did not get her a spot on the red carpet for golden globes and her money is cut off?

So what she and the idiots do all day? Post garbage attacking george’s sexuality and what he is as a person.

So her nastiness just further illustrates what a low life b she really is. Stan and bryan should be ashamed but that takes scruples and ethics.

Pretty hard to major in anything if you’ve never attended college. Her bio is a nice work of fiction.

Kentucky Rain @ 01/15/2011 at 12:17 am

This is one of the most interesting posts I’ve read. Not the story, but the actual comments. I clicked on it because it’s popular and I’m shocked by what really is revealed.
George is a living legend. The last real movie star! You’d think he’d be able to live his life as he pleases and not to be controlled my those he trusts, to whom he only means financial profit.
If this is true and his relationship isn’t genuine, then I feel betrayed & deceived to be subjected to lies in the press.

I always admired Jeff Bridges for being so happily married and in love.
Just like George’s parents have each other.

Love makes the world so much more beautiful and we just can’t buy it nor force it upon ourselves. It just happens……

Kentucky Rain @ 01/15/2011 at 12:17 am

This is one of the most interesting posts I’ve read. Not the story, but the actual comments. I clicked on it because it’s popular and I’m shocked by what really is revealed.
George is a living legend. The last real movie star! You’d think he’d be able to live his life as he pleases and not to be controlled my those he trusts, to whom he only means financial profit.
If this is true and his relationship isn’t genuine, then I feel betrayed & deceived to be subjected to lies in the press.

I always admired Jeff Bridges for being so happily married and in love.
Just like George’s parents have each other.

Love makes the world so much more beautiful and we just can’t buy it nor force it upon ourselves. It just happens……

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 12:34 am

Yeah someone you right about that. I believe krista allen went from aattending community college for education to a degree in communications in ohio I believe. Sarah larson stretched it too. That is a sign of low. Self esteem

Appartently they are inflating their credentials and do not have the real foundation for it. Phony pr reationships, phony credentials will the real person stand up?

These kind of women are fame and ummmm gold diggers. This is why stan and bryan is thrilled to have them around. Easy to get them on point to dictate to george.

George is so daaammm stubborn. He will stay with these clowns till someone find him in a bathroom like elvis presley.

I wonder how many bricks have to be thrown at george’s head before he gets it? Loving all the attention of this melodrama?

It is not hard to get out of any deal. Dave chappelle walked away from 50 million dollar deal and went through heeeellll becauise of it.

That is the real courage. Why does george need so much money? Believe me if his wortjh went down the tubes tomorrow those people whose jobs he is “helping” will climb onto someone else.
Protecting canalis because sher unfairly piocked on? Gimme a break! Does he hold the container so that she can do lines of coke?

Hiding in sudan till this all blow over? Well that is a shocker.

How about george gettinga backbone and ummm saying like no?

I respect his work in sudan but when I read about tramps like canalis, CBS finally stepping up about sheen’s behaviour, and let’s not forget about kelsey and soon to be ex wife who had a porn past.

Hmmmm…..something is up. George break the cycle babe. Break the ccle.

No more bullshat excuses. Don’t get drunk to avoid the issues. That is a loser way out and clooney4 ain’t losers?

Your aunt rosemary faced hert demons. Face yours! We are pulling for you! Wink wink

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 12:43 am

Yeah someone you right about that. I believe krista allen went from aattending community college for education to a degree in communications in ohio I believe. Sarah larson stretched it too. That is a sign of low. Self esteem

Appartently they are inflating their credentials and do not have the real foundation for it. Phony pr reationships, phony credentials will the real person stand up?

These kind of women are fame and ummmm gold diggers. This is why stan and bryan is thrilled to have them around. Easy to get them on point to dictate to george.

George is so daaammm stubborn. He will stay with these clowns till someone find him in a bathroom like elvis presley.

I wonder how many bricks have to be thrown at george’s head before he gets it? Loving all the attention of this melodrama?

It is not hard to get out of any deal. Dave chappelle walked away from 50 million dollar deal and went through heeeellll becauise of it.

That is the real courage. Why does george need so much money? Believe me if his wortjh went down the tubes tomorrow those people whose jobs he is “helping” will climb onto someone else.
Protecting canalis because sher unfairly piocked on? Gimme a break! Does he hold the container so that she can do lines of coke?

Hiding in sudan till this all blow over? Well that is a shocker.

How about george gettinga backbone and ummm saying like no?

I respect his work in sudan but when I read about tramps like canalis, CBS finally stepping up about sheen’s behaviour, and let’s not forget about kelsey and soon to be ex wife who had a porn past.

Hmmmm…..something is up. George break the cycle babe. Break the ccle.

No more bullshat excuses. Don’t get drunk to avoid the issues. That is a loser way out and clooney4 ain’t losers?

Your aunt rosemary faced hert demons. Face yours! We are pulling for you! Wink wink

@Lol… Oh Coolest!, George may be stubborn, but that has nothing to do with his being stuck in this contract. He’s clearly been miserable from the start of it. I just hope the entire truth of the matter is blown wide open. Stan and everyone who coerced George into this mess and kept him in it despite the damage it did to him and those he cares about should have their deeds revealed to the public and should be brought to justice. They caused George to lose over a year of his personal life and time with his real girl that he will never get back.

@Kentucky Rain “If this is true and his relationship isn’t genuine, then I feel betrayed & deceived to be subjected to lies in the press.
I always admired Jeff Bridges for being so happily married and in love.
Just like George’s parents have each other.
Love makes the world so much more beautiful and we just can’t buy it nor force it upon ourselves. It just happens……”

Very well said.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 1:16 am

Kentucky rain do not turn your back on george! He needs your support. Start a letter and phone calling campaign to his management team. RAISE HOLY HEELLLL!

Why? His management are the pits and they need to be called on it.

Another thing the level of corruption in italy is a major component of this garbage. Canalis and her snarly remarks because she is angry for being a paid hooker.

Truth is truth. Gee! Wear is winky ru? He is supposed to show his pink tutu for the fourchette in europe. So how many tutus does berlusconi owns?

Lol! Seriously though kentucky rain keep reading. There is more to tell! Yes sirreeeeeee!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 1:58 am

Yes someone I agree with you but george has been warned repeatedly that this was going to eventually happen. He do not like to listen.

He lost a year becaise he allowed it. He chosed money and power over love. He also more than likely did it due to committment issues.

Well the universe has wayus of biting one in the arrrse when you ignore warning signs. He should never did this but he has to get clobbered by the proverbial brick to the head. Forgive me that is sheer stupidity in itself.

We all read what trashy remarks canalis posted to me. How in the world can anyone not see toxic crap like that coming? Someone thought they could work around it.

Sarah was having sex standiing up at a party and word has it george was forced to stick it out. He does the same daaammmm thing with canalis?

Okay did the boy get a lobotomy at birth? George is continually getting played over and over again. WTF is the problem.

Like I said before it isd really not complicated. He could have gotten cheaper pussssssy right here in the US of A and it would have been better smelling!

George I like you but man! you can be such a dipshat!
Maybe if he is thoroughly embarassed along with his family he might something in that thick bovine skull of his.

Sometimes being a leader requires solid good common sense and the brains in your head and not the ones in your family jewels! Sheesh!

Lol… Oh Coolest!, you are getting way off track. George never wanted to do this contract. He was pressured and manipulated into doing it. He wanted it out of it as soon as possible, but again he was pressured to continue it. He’s aged five years in one and had to drink his way through the Oscars last year just to stand having Canalis around him. He’s had a tough time of it, but he’s not the only one. Serious damage has been done to innocent people because of this arrangement. It’s fun to make fun of the cokewh*re, but we have to remember this is a serious matter and some people have suffered and lost very much because of the evil actions of a few people.

I do agree with you that he needs to gather his courage and put his foot down, but that may not be so easy to do when it’s his family and friends who are being threatened. If any of the mafia boyz are dumb enough to think they can actually hurt any of those people and make it out of Kentucky alive, then they’re as delusional as Canalis. Even if they somehow managed to make it out of the state alive, they’d eventually be found and well justice is justice, however it is come by. So the question they need to ask themselves is what they value more, continuing to control George for cash or staying alive, because they won’t get to continue doing both.

they found whips in the soup and handcuffs in a cutlet… Stanley, they decided to save you from being raped by trying to persuade you. That is noble.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 3:40 am

I say what I did because hgeorge was warned not to sign his last contract with warner and to do like will smith and bolt from stan.

Why? This was coming down the pike for him. He decided to play politics because he wanted power like eastwood at warner.

People beg him to reconsider but he got stubborn and did not like to be told what to do. He was asked to consider his family and the ones he loved. He was hooked on power and greed! They played him like a musical instrument and kept reeling him in.

He still is stubbornly listening because they not only threatened his loved ones but prison too!

So tell me would it not have been better to listen?

He equated their corrupted ways and power with knowledge. Well I guess he is now getting it. I respect his parents but this is a strong lesson in it for them as well. IMAGE IS NOT EVERYTHINGB

You would think his aunt rosemary trying to get this knowledge in his skull and what she been through would have been enough.

Yes it is awful but the man always have to learn the hardest way. Now this sheer stupoid bullshat has cost his entire family and perhaps his brother in laws life.

It was bad with sarah. The man sometimes has a brain of dense brick. The lesson kept getting more and more harsh. Well someone do you think he is going to get it now?

I would over 5 years ago. God blesses all fools and this time he was the fool.

Hopefully he will get out of this mess. The question is will he be smart enough to steer clear or is he going to use arrogance and idiocracyas the basis to make his decisions.

The man need to get it in his thick skull- all he is to some of these sharks is a dollar sign/meal ticket.

If he devoted his loyalty to people of meaning instead of scum his life would be different.

The ball is in his cort. He is no longer doug ross ya know?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 3:45 am

Winky are u drinking too much sherry again? STOP IT!
I think the pink tutu has gotten to u.

- Mommy I have birthday soon, can I dye my hair, have my ears pierced, wear thongs and don’t listen to Uncle Stan?
- George honey you can, but I’m not recommending

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 8:52 am

Mafia deep down are cowards. Why I say that? They live in paranoia and fear. They get into the life because they need to prove something. All they prove is that they keep the healthcare and funeral industry in business.

If stan was all knowing then why is he up to the yin yang indebted to mafia. Word has it that they tried to railroad the woman he loves as well. WTF? They are also superstitious and fear there own shadows too.

Someone you right they will not make it out of ky alive because more than likely they will now won’t even be allowed in with at least suspicion.

Canalis is on a downward spiral and they are too
. How do I know that? Look how bad they were hammering me. That is a sin of fear and desperation.

What angers me is how they actually murder animals/pets. Canalis claims to be such an animal lover and yet she is in a network of clowns that torture and kill pets. WTF?

Karma does rear its head and it is due time for these clowns.

George will get out of this but is the igit going to stay away from these clowns?

Well george are you?

Lexington @ 01/15/2011 at 9:35 am

You’re a stubborn man, George.
And even more arrogant. Probably why you like to associate with bimbos because you feel that you have the monopoly on the conversation & if they just look at you bewildered and giggly, then wow, you’re the man. If Sarah & Krista were ditzy, this current one usually can’t even communicate in English to understand you nor your humor.
God forbid you date a woman that can stand up to you, challenge you, beat you at your own mind games.. You never even like to be wrong or corrected. Has the power & the glory really gone to your head?

You’re not a deity nor immortal. We all pass away one day & you’ll be pushing up daisies like the rest of us in the grand scheme of things. Did your uncle George scare the living daylights out of you when he asked “what’s it all for?”

Hitting the sauce most nights only indicates that something’s bothering you. Deep down, you’re a good person with values instilled in you by your folks. Listen to your heart instead of reasoning what’s right & wrong. Your internal conflict is obvious.

When they tell you that the livelihood of so many depends on your box office success or the lucrative endorsements, and the fact that everyone from the producer to the gaffer relies on you to put food on their table, well, take a step back and ask yourself a simple question, “what about me? Am I genuinely happy & at peace with myself?” And don’t lie to yourself or make excuses. You know how many nights you spend soul searching. Stan & Bryan have put you in a situation where they do control you, in the interests of others. But you’re in denial.

You signed up for stardom like many have before you. You believe that you can use your celebrity to help others, so that makes it all more worthwhile. But are you happy?

Everything in your life seems great, but find yourself a real soulmate & don’t be cynical about them wanting you just because you’re the great George Clooney. If you haven’t found one yet, keep an open mind and when you least expect it, you’ll meet somebody & you’ll know it deep down in your heart. There’s bound to be a woman in this world that combines all the attributes you like (physical appearance, intellect, compatibility, wit, and above all humor). It’s chemistry, George. Remember that line in Up In The Air where you say, “you know that feeling when you look into someone’s eyes and for a moment you can see their soul?” Well, Grant said Ryan Bingham is as close to you in real life, as any character could be. Sad, isn’t it?! An admittance of your own loneliness.

You’re getting so much negative feedback about your current relationship because most people do not believe it. It’s just so obvious.
No one is telling you to cut the chord with Bryan & Stan. Just don’t let them manipulate your private life like a puppet-on a string in the interests of the George Clooney brand.

Stan & Bryan didn’t find Elisabetta for you. You asked a friend for a recommendation when it was time “for a PR relationship,” after you were advised to do so. Bryan & Stan gave their seal of approval & briefed her. Wow, that’s so romantic, isn’t it? Great way to live your life, George. No wonder you’re fundamentally unhappy.

Candy JellyCuffs @ 01/15/2011 at 10:13 am

George is Elisabeta’s golden-egg-laying goose so she ain’t letting go!
Not without a fight.
Fighting tooth & nail to keep the fantasy going. Even if that means getting her butt photoshopped & morphed into someone else’s. She’ll market everything she can & if she doesn’t have it, she’ll pretend. Let any suckers think otherwise…LOL

Wild Angel @ 01/15/2011 at 11:31 am

Winky! Your Smutwriting Team has been waiting for you in the conference room for over a half hour! Where in the world is Winky??? And bring the whip! And that Italian translator too!

@Wild Angel: That’s all! I won’t go anywhere, I have nothing to wear!

Wild Angel @ 01/15/2011 at 2:01 pm

Stan will lend you a necktie! Just get your tutu over here! It’s a Planning/Smutwriting session and we’re all waiting for your latest pitch!

Moral & Fiscal Liberal @ 01/15/2011 at 2:28 pm

Word from Sudan is that George spent the last few days trying to get a TseTse fly to bite John Prendergrast (preferably on the buttocks) in the hope that it infects him with Sleeping Sickness. This disease would ultimately ravage Prendergrast’s physical features.

The motive behind this of course is the overwhelming popularity Mr Prendergrast experienced amongst the female population. It was reported, that Clooney found this most disturbing, given the fact that not only is he an accomplished A-list Hollywood movie star, but also twice the recipient of the “sexiest man of the Year award.”

@Wild Angel: What is the colour of his tie? I wanna match with the colour of my bra ;-) While I am not there you must say that you chose Canalis because all the roles in Shakespeare’s theater can be played only by men, so put all the blame on me.
If Stan would act according to plan A, I have already enough material to make this situation a neutral one. The girls have already gone to stroke his back Complimenti a tutti!! sicuro come il fatto che sto respirando, sicuro come il mio essere triste Without translator.

SexualDemocrat @ 01/15/2011 at 3:11 pm

@Moral & Fiscal Liberal: but of course George was running for a fly at the time when Mr. Prendergast handed out a satellite dish to each family that lost home.

Wild Angel @ 01/15/2011 at 3:24 pm

Winky, see #442. That’s the kind of stuff we need. Sensational AND believable.

@Moral & Fiscal: I can get you an interview. Let me know. I don’t sit in that corner office for nothing, you know.

Wild Angel @ 01/15/2011 at 3:29 pm

@Moral & Fiscal Liberal: Oh, and if you speak Italian, that’s a plus. Capice?

@Wild Angel: Innovation in the world of shampoos from Stanster&Gamble. NEW!two in one shampoo George&John: anti-dandruff, anti-racial discrimination and anti-war in Sudan.

Moral & Fiscal Liberal @ 01/15/2011 at 3:50 pm

@Wild Angel: well as a matter of fact I do speak Cosa Nostra Italian. Do you capisce that dialect? ;-) ;-)
Where do I apply?

Wild Angel, you were asking why George has been called Sex007. Coz medical experts established that his DNA is longer than normal at 7 cm, Prendergast’s DNA hasn’t been measured yet, they cannot catch him

I haven’t seen a frisky mare like Eli in a long time. Is she available?

I reckon I wouldn’t need a whole trough of moonshine to find her appealing. Maybe just three quarters would do the trick.


@Mr Ed: Long time? Prostitution is not the oldest profession. Long before there were dinosaursbitches and amoebabitches.

In the eve of Gold Member Awards… movies presented in the following categories: “Best actor of 2nd Act”, “Best view from behind”, the prize “For the longest movie” and a special prize “For the longest”
Wildy, ask Stan whether we participating, and in what category we have something to present?

Rambling Rose @ 01/15/2011 at 5:24 pm

@ Winky – Sex007 has been nominated in the category of “Best original asphyxiation score.” Bravo!!

@Rambling Rose: Grazie! We are friends only with those countries that can afford it.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/15/2011 at 6:23 pm

Lexington- I don’t know if george can keep stan and bryan from steam rolling him. It is like he is scared of enforcing his rights and boundaries.

Candy jelly cuffs- what fight? She is a non issue tops. She knows it why else would she leave such a nasty rebuttal?

Her golden egg is now bedlam of rocks. It is a well known fact of who and what she is. If george stays on with her then he will earn the ridicule that comes with it.

If he drinks a lot at night it is because he knows deep in his heart he has bad judgement.

George has let a lot of people down including himself. He knows it and henceforth he drinks- A LOT.


Anonymous @ 01/15/2011 at 7:33 pm

They don’t come any shallower than Cagnalis. George has played his part in this deception to be sure, but at least he hasn’t actually lied about it except through deceptive images and actions. Cagnalis on the other hand has lied through her horseteeth in interviews and press releases, as well as having photographs falsified by having George photoshopped into some images with her. George refused to participate in the lies, so Cagnalis’s publicist took it upon herself to falsely quote George in at least one press release. Fortunately the word got out about that and the more credible and responsible publications have since verified quotes attributed to Clooney and have taken the false/photoshopped images off of their websites. Still and all, though, a deception is a deception, George took part in it, and people have been hurt because of it. George told himself that this was just a publicity activity on his part and would not hurt anyone, but as he now realizes this was incorrect. He can now change things, even reverse things, and to do so, he just needs to listen to his heart. All of us have access to divine guidance if we are willing to accept it. Anyone can listen to shallow people saying what they see as the path of least resistance to fortune and fame, but only the brave follow the divine guidance that comes through their hearts and souls. If George had listened to his heart in the first place, his reputation and career would be better off now. Follow your heart, and the rest falls into place.

Lol...Oh Coolest!!! @ 01/15/2011 at 8:20 pm

If George had listened to his heart in the first place, his reputation and career would be better off now. Follow your heart, and the rest falls into place.

oh georgie porgie pudding and pie kissed the escort and it made him cry. georgie porgie went out to play but the his real love got ticked and told him to go away. lol

gee george you should apologize and do it nicely dude!

so are we playing other games with the satellites other than hunting bad guys? hmmm…how are those gold mines in sudan eh?


canalis is a way nasty prostitute than sarah. that is for sure. sarah was bad but canalis had her beat that is for sure.

Rambling Rose @ 01/15/2011 at 11:26 pm

Well I admire George for being a non-conformist. He lives his life with his own set of values and doesn’t succumb to social mores.

This can be complicated because mainstream society start to criticize anyone who leads an unconventional life.

Rumors ensue about his sexuality or alleged promiscuity. The press seek sensationalist stories about who “the most eligible bachelor in the world” is dating. There’s more of an intrusion into his privacy. More speculation.

So in that respect, he may need to take measures to defuse the media frenzy into his privacy. If there was a woman he was genuinely in love with and willing to share his life, I believe she would have already been on the scene. But perhaps he hasn’t found one yet. Some people never do & simply settle for anyone. Others prefer to be alone rather than compromise. Many are fortunate enough to find a soulmate.
Whatever the situation, he’s a great philanthropist & actor.

Seems to me that this arrangement with the current relationship is a manoeuvre by his PR for his public profile.

I hope one day soon he does meet a person to fulfill his needs and share his life so he can genuinely be happy. Then his publicist Stan will no longer need to spin a yarn.

Wild Angel @ 01/15/2011 at 11:39 pm

Shampoo???That’s all you got, Winky? Shampoo??? You spent all day shut up in that fancy office of yours and all you can spin is shampoo? Stan, of all people, is not going to be interested in shampoo!

Moral & Fiscal, I’ll send you an email with the day and time of your appointment. I think you might fit in nicely in the Chakra department. If you have any Ouija experience be sure to mention that also.

Raul Escobar de Norriega @ 01/15/2011 at 11:41 pm

Jou people are mean.

Canalis is not so bad looking. Just plain chica.. If no her with Clooney, then jou hate any other one.

For sure Canalis want to be rich & famous.
But I no think she busting George’s cojones to keep him in this mierda.
When George wants to go, then it’s Hasta La Vista Baby.

Moral & Fiscal, Oh really its good idea! Dynamic and active! My ideas certainly inferior since they are little sluggish, they include commodity group where you can earn, that is interest of the consumer. But I like the way you think, we need such a good active brains!

She is a non issue tops. She knows it why else would she leave such a nasty rebuttal?
Her golden egg is now bedlam of rocks. It is a well known fact of who and what she is.
So true, Lol…Oh Coolest!!!

@Wild Angel: Of course, why would Stan be interested in shampoo, from the position of his skull it is absurd, but if you look from the perspective of the consumer… What consumer gets from a TseTse fly? So, George ran after her… Ah Ha Ha! Great action!! And actually this TseTse fly stuck to him herself, everybody saw his interview from Sudan where a fly was hangin around his finger. So again you will come up with a lies. I have already stated one hundred times that lie it is not good. The consumer has become smarter, people feel insincerity. Plan A devoid of all these problems and I am almost ready to implement it. And I am ready to sit in that office not coming out for a week, eventually you’ll still come to me and tell me that I was right.
There are only two financial lines:
1. Make money on cokes and whores.
2. Make money on common sense and goods.

Wildy, please think some more… The consumer does not use BetaCalis in everyday life. However today or tomorrow I will certainly finish her presentation project and Bigfoot will bring it to you. He is actually not coming out of my fancy office, so you know the work goes very slowly… you warned me not to wear these white lace stockings… Oh my! We were so in hurry… Hm, well what I was talking about? So the consumer does not want BetaCalis neither for breakfast, nor for lunch, not even for a dinner. But they will definitely pay attention to George’s dirty hands and will be very happy. Where in the world you will find any other detergent for removing fat that gives so much pleasure, huh? It’s called indirect advertising, is the most effective way. Villaribo and Villabagio are excited!

me encanta esta cancion…. muy padre

@SHE: Wow! Thanks for the song!
I’m STANding up all night hoping hitting my head against the wall

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 5:45 am

No we are not mean, we are truthful. We still like george, but this charade with yet albeit ANOTHER hooker is a bit much.
He is not going to be with whom he loves because it does not fit his managements HIGHER LIST OF PRIORITIES.

She gets nasty because this whole story is unraveling. Canalis is trying to hold onto any way she can, after all her goons more than likely financed the movie being shot in italy in the fall.

Mafia and their creative financing has “generous” ideas and I am sure canalis is pleading her case to stay on. So attacks ensue and I bet you a cookie that technological hijinks aboind.

Then again since word is out about the gold mines in sudan it is a great incentive for canalis to try to hang her claws in deep. That is true a “golden egg” is it not.

All I can say is some people should lay off on their terrorist actions in terms of finding innovative ways of trying to shut down those who speak up about yhis situation.

Elisabetta is whacked out to the high usage of cocaine. George enabling a druggie. Isn’t charlie sheen enogh.

Team canalis with sheen they compliment each other. Lol
Got to be smart stan……lol

Instead of playing tag football on the internet eh?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 5:46 am

No we are not mean, we are truthful. We still like george, but this charade with yet albeit ANOTHER hooker is a bit much.
He is not going to be with whom he loves because it does not fit his managements HIGHER LIST OF PRIORITIES.

She gets nasty because this whole story is unraveling. Canalis is trying to hold onto any way she can, after all her goons more than likely financed the movie being shot in italy in the fall.

Mafia and their creative financing has “generous” ideas and I am sure canalis is pleading her case to stay on. So attacks ensue and I bet you a cookie that technological hijinks aboind.

Then again since word is out about the gold mines in sudan it is a great incentive for canalis to try to hang her claws in deep. That is true a “golden egg” is it not.

All I can say is some people should lay off on their terrorist actions in terms of finding innovative ways of trying to shut down those who speak up about his situation.

Elisabetta is whacked out to the high usage of cocaine. George enabling a druggie. Isn’t charlie sheen enough?

Team canalis with sheen they compliment each other. Lol
Got to be smart stan……lol

Instead of playing tag football on the internet eh?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 6:17 am

Let’s play on words here. There is no kind of detergent that can clean up the stank of elisabetta so sta, bryan and george your playing musical scearios is a bit long in tooth.

It is pity that you guys are grooving on all the publicity that this pr relationship has generated.

I do have a question though. Many africans that are in america is wondering why their motherland is being pillaged but disguised as goodwill trips. I do think they have a point. Care to elaborate on that one?

So how many “bad guys”been uncovered? Six months time of surveillance is a flucking good return don’t you think? Wink wink

So is canalis been upped from her 40 grand a month?

Did she successfully managed to extend her contract till the end of year?

Awwww…..the world of bullshat and deception is indeed a treacherous one is it not? Wink wink

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 6:19 am

Let’s play on words here. There is no kind of detergent that can clean up the stank of elisabetta so stan, bryan and george your playing musical scenarios is a bit long in tooth.

It is pity that you guys are grooving on all the publicity that this pr relationship has generated.

I do have a question though. Many africans that are in america is wondering why their motherland is being pillaged but disguised as goodwill trips. I do think they have a point. Care to elaborate on that one?

So how many “bad guys”been uncovered? Six months time of surveillance is a flucking good return don’t you think? Wink wink

So is canalis been upped from her 40 grand a month?

Did she successfully managed to extend her contract till the end of year?

Awwww…..the world of bullshat and deception is indeed a treacherous one is it not? Wink wink

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 6:33 am

So let’s play on words here and let’s see how closely just jared and pr team are working together shall we?

There is not enough detergent in the world to clean the stank off of this deal george made with this particular devil. Stan you can block comments all you want and management team but the gig is up.

You can revamp elisabetta to what you think is going to fly but that shows how daaamm desperate and stupid the whole sceanario.

She may beg to stay on with an argument that keeping the happy hooker is good business. Grant it did more than likely financed production this fall.

Africans now living in america just want to know when is the pillaging going to stop? These goodwill trips are draining the motherland dry.

One thing you mothertruckers cannot control is karma.

That is heir apparent. Enjoy your dwindling time. I do hope that you can cash that “check” when the time comes.

In the meantime it is fun watching to see how far you goons go to regroup and restrategize.

Be careful tsetse flies bites on the ****** can be

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 7:01 am

Always remember THE QUEEN always rules with a mighty sword. The very sword she knights one with can also be the very thing she uses to ehead.

….Another thing:


cocked horse @ 01/16/2011 at 8:24 am

maybe, does GC make movies with mafia or Rombolotti’s money?

Anonymous @ 01/16/2011 at 9:00 am

Who is that dude with mustache???

Alessandro Mangia @ 01/16/2011 at 9:09 am

@ Anonymous – Freddie Mercury

HENRIETTA @ 01/16/2011 at 9:15 am

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: #473 RIGHT ON, SISTA! RIGHT ON!

Bigger Fish To Fry @ 01/16/2011 at 9:32 am

since we’re all O/T here:
George is a distant relative of Abraham Lincoln on Nina’ side.
That explains his philanthropic actions.

There are weird similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

* Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. * Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

* Both were shot in the back of the head in the presence of their wives. * Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre. Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln, made by Ford * Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.

*Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. * Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy. * Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. * Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908. * Lincoln was shot at the theater named ‘Ford.’ Kennedy was shot in a car called ‘Lincoln’ made by ‘Ford.’

* Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and hid in a theater. * Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

Candy JellyCuffs @ 01/16/2011 at 9:59 am

@Anonymous: #476 Was it taken in the early 90s? I think it’s Frank Zappa with his hair up.
Gee, George hasn’t aged a bit!

Good fishing @ 01/16/2011 at 1:12 pm

@Bigger Fish To Fry: Oh, this is truly academic work! Kennedy and Lincoln wives both were brunettes that in fact haven’t loved their husbands. Mary even tried to kill Lincoln with firewood on the head. Erotically and psychically unstable, women after their husbands’ deaths for some reason appeared to live in Europe. Jacqueline returned to the roots that fed her and married Onassis; Mary gone mad and talked all the time about “wandering Jew”. George is in the same scheme. He has already got mad Italian brunette. But one thing and the whole scheme is broken. Lincoln and Kennedy repudiated their white angels that died and lived with the The Queens of Spades. But George didn’t marry Canalis and does not recognize her as his woman, also he didn’t repudiate the white angel, he already lives in completely different scheme. So the story repeats twice, and for the blunt ones thrice. But no one is stupid anymore. White and black power are always fighting for the soul of man, and it is the will of the person to take one side or another, so is the end and here is no place for fear.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 1:45 pm

Good opinions guys but that is not the reason it was
I am sure george knows the BIGGER PICTURE of what was spelled out.

I will say one thing it has nothing to do with george’s “hookup” with canalis. The dip is not queen material and never will be.

She is not even on the royal court. She never got the invitation and never will. Bryan and Stan is hired hands at best who overstepped their position.

So THE QUEEN just might have to behead them for their insolence.
Georgie porgie must save THE QUEEN or invoke the wrath of her many subjects. ….. AND IT IS NOT THE HOOKER CANALIS EITHER!


So I see riddles and mystery is the fave thing indeed….
THE QUEEN does not have time for idoltray. Respect her time as such.

She earned her Queenship the right way and is the only one who shall wear the crown of jewels. No peasant maiden who lays on her back deserves the jewels of the kingdom. Sdhe is despicable concubine at best.


@Lol… Oh Coolest!
“He is not going to be with whom he loves because it does not fit his managements HIGHER LIST OF PRIORITIES.”
If that is true, then he is truly a lost soul.
“It is pity that you guys are grooving on all the publicity that this pr relationship has generated.”
If they are doing that, then they’re even bigger idiots than I thought. Bad publicity is good only when it’s the ONLY type of publicity a person has hopes of getting. D-listers and lower lifeforms such as Cagnalis are glad to receive bad publicity because that’s the best they can do. For A-listers and classier people, bad publicity is harmful and drags them down to D-list status, and this effect is being seen with George. Not even the Hollywood foreign press thought him worthy of an award for his performance in “The American,” when one would think a Golden Globes nomination would be a sure thing for such a performance in a foreign film. Even with the Haiti telethon, the Hope award, and several films released in recent months, he still only managed a three-way tie for sixth place in the Harris poll for favorite American actor. At this rate the only films he will be able to do will be mafia-financed, but that may actually be the point since that again perpetuates that vicious cycle that keeps him under their thumb.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 3:04 pm

Hallejuhah someone you figured out what the end goal!

I think it is over. This kind of garbage they are doing has an expiration date. I think they are dragging him into mafia films as revenge.

Who cares if hollywood forign press ignores. They just got sued for payola I think.

George will be okay. Them not so much.

Canalis can always go back to being a hooker. Davide still likes it. He has her under the thumb.

George should keep his head and stay full of courage.

Mafia has their end. John Gotti was a beast but in the end he died like a dog and suffered greatly. That is how it is.

Those who are pushing George into this garbage will get theirs.

@Good fishing:
So many words, a lot of deceptive targets and mirages… But in the end all comes down to a simple choice, you choose the truth or a lie, you choose a path that’s in your heart or you worry about the trivial problems lose the most important and betray yourself. Even the devil does not like the weak ones and eventually to cuts you adrift. In other words, there is no choice.

I wonder Debbi H is taking all this?

I wonder how Debbi H is taking all this?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 4:11 pm

Who is Debbie H? What is her part in all this?

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: some schmo on IMDb called PreferToRemainAFool has been claiming that Debbi H was George’s true love. So there ya go! If George has the chutzpah to go to her, then he should. Mazel Tov!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 4:22 pm

Who is Debbie H.? What her part is this?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 4:22 pm

Who is Debbie H.? What her part is this?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 4:25 pm

Who is Debbie H? WHat is her part in this?

@Lol… Oh Coolest!:Oy veh! I answered already: some schmo on IMDb called PreferToRemainAFool has been claiming that Debbi H was George’s true love. So there ya go! If George has the chutzpah to go to her, then he should. Mazel Tov!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 4:35 pm

Oh I heard about her! The word was going around that she was an old broad clamped onto george thru stan. Lol

She was someone from stan’s world apparently. Lol

She apparently was looking for a retirement plan ad george was her meal ticket.

Where do stan and company find these dildo women? Yikes!

Fecundity @ 01/16/2011 at 5:20 pm

Hey, Winky! You want a great example of consumerism & marketing?
Take the 1956 Italian hit “Tu vuò fà l’americano.” It was a huge mob favorite back then. Play less than a minute of it in the 2010 film The American.

It gets noticed. Then sampled by Pitbull as Bon Bon, re-recorded by Yolanda B Cool & ends up as the biggest dance hit of 2010, making millions worldwide. Proceeds going to the famiglia of Renato Carosone, amongst others.

It was also featured in The Talented Mr Ripley in ’99 but made zero impact. But link it to a cool dude like George and that’s another story.

See, what clever marketing can do? Who said Stan isn’t doing his job right?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 5:26 pm

Yeah stan is paying down his debt to the mafia that is for sure. How many mafia families are tied in? Now they pillaging the gold mines in africa. Where does it end?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 5:32 pm

Yeah stan is doing his job alright paying down his debt to mafia. I wonder how many mafia families are involved? Now they are pillaging gold mines in africa.

This has big repercussions. Where does this end?

Just think Warner Bros. got this ball rolling. Shame on all you wankers!

@Fecundity: Yes the song is playin, even now! And this is the right direction, but there is a problem with combining of polytypic. In this case would be good to change the style of the movie and to edit the whole story. I would even rewrite completely the script.

500th comment. Do I win anything?

WHEEZY JOE @ 01/16/2011 at 6:52 pm


Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 6:55 pm

LOL Someone! How about a coke and a smile?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 7:00 pm

Yeah wheezy joe we all know what your fate was/is. That will teach you about intolerable cruelty……hardy har har

Sounds lovely, Lol… Oh Coolest! That is if you’re referring to the kind of coke that pours over ice and not the other kind LOL

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 7:07 pm

Oh wheezy joe go suck on your asthmatic inhaler. You’re the only pigeon who is being plucked for intolerable cruelty! Lol

You dip!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 7:12 pm

@Someone definitely the soft drink. We have enough of the other kind for sure! Lol…..wink wink

Sounds good! I’ll share it with you.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 8:26 pm

You got a deal! I’ll bring the burgers!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 8:36 pm

Great! I’ll bring the burgers!

Burgers too??? You’re on! LOL

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 10:40 pm

Lol. With everything? Cheese or plain? Make mine a cherry coke. Lol

Don't Mess With Stan @ 01/16/2011 at 10:51 pm

#510 & 511 _ this is a George Clooney post, in case you haven’t noticed. Take your tupperware party elsewhere!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/16/2011 at 11:06 pm

Oh blow it out your ear or is it up your nose? -don’t mess with stan. Tell stan stop making illegal deals with mafia and having stars like george coerced and threatened to stick with such a shoddy deal.

Stan cooked his own goose and from what I hear it is well done!

I could go on and on with a bit more. Wink wink

Cheese and dressed, no pickle or mustard, cherry coke for me as well, please! I’m getting hungry now, LOL!

Stan, Shman. Stan is so 1985. According to my cycles of fashion and politics handbook, he won’t be in style until… well, actually he will never be in style. Like the polyester leisure suit, which was never really stylish, people just politely ignored the elephant in the room. He can always go back to Oklahoma and take up ranching. Do old Jewish publicists take up ranching much? Hey, he could be the very first one, then he’d finally be a trendsetter!

Don't Mess With Stan @ 01/17/2011 at 12:06 am

@Someone: Hey, you two clowns! Why don’t you click on the Reuters link above and notice how dapper & snazzy I look, huh?
Almost stole George’s limelight!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 12:19 am

@don’t mess with stan-you are stealing light alright. Your chrome dome puts mr. Clean to shame. Yep one bright shiny bulb head you are! Yuck yuck yuck

I don’t think georgie has anything to worry about when it comes to elmer fudd.

@Sartorial Eloquence, of course George is well-dressed, he gets free Armani suits.

Cagnalis is not of sufficient class for Armani and must go to a “fabbro per i cavalli,” a blacksmith for horses, to get re-shoed. She is said to chew through her harnesses quite often and so must get those often as well from the fabbro per i cavalli. The fabbro per i cavalli has also kindly designed a special leather bunbag manure catcher for Cagnalis, and she likes it so much that she only removes it for one of her pre-photoshop galoppi at the beach.

Here the bunbag is not yet full: The fabbro per i cavalli is working on a fleshtone bunbag to be worn at the beach in the hopes that when Cagnalis fills it up, it may reduce the need for photoshop work on her flat cellulite butt. A dozen photoshoppers have already quit from overwork and stress, so of course Cagnalis and her publicist are hoping the flesh-tone bunbag will work.

I think I killed the thread. I should win something again.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 1:04 am


You didn’t kill the thread. It is on temporary reprieve.

Give it a moment. Want your cheeseburger? Lol

Yes, please, and thank you Lol… Oh Coolest!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 4:23 am

You are welcome. I think we should start baking cakes with steel nail files in them so george can escape the prison he has been capsized in. Lol

Word has it that Elisabetta is the most sneaky and conniviing son of gun. The very nerve of this gloworm playing sulking games to get her way, and then elmer fudd stan making deals with her publicist to extend her time.

The real truth of it is that her backers the mafia is working furiously to make inroads into funneling money. They can make a fortune in the gold in africa.

As I stated before there is some africans that are seething mad over this atrocity. Haven’t that country been pillaged enough.

They already get a hefty chunk from drug sales in the entertainment industry. Wtf?

Elisabetta apparently does not have a clue george is not a bank or her private welfare system. Trying to win a man’s affection to ensure her lazy arrsse will not have to work another day as a hooker or whatever.

That is a sad state affairs. Stan and bryan should be smacked with a cream pie or tomato for this hairbrain ideas.

No one need to mess with stan, he has sent hisself up the river.


@Don’t Mess With Stan: Yeah , I think ya all got really crazy! Maybe you want to tell that you even more beautiful than I am??! please do not forget that I am the most beautiful girl on bith sides of the Atlantic!

Dominatrix @ 01/17/2011 at 7:51 am

@Don’t Mess With Stan: Up for some spanking, baby? I’ll shower you with gold…
You won’t be wanting the African gold mines after that.

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 10:26 am

@Jess: is that George lusting after Giselle Bundchen? Just look at that lascivious glare in his eyes & the lustful smirk!! How many women have been in that situation with him, I wonder?? Don Juan…

I wonder if he takes Horny Goat Weed?

Dominatrix @ 01/17/2011 at 10:30 am

@Jess: #495

is that George lusting after Giselle Bundchen? Just look at that lascivious glare in his eyes!! How many women have been in that situation with him? Don Juan…
I wonder if he takes Horny Goat Weed?

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 10:30 am

@Jess: #495

is that George lusting after Giselle Bundchen? Just look at that lascivious glare in his eyes!! How many women have been in that situation with him? Don Juan…
I wonder if he takes Horny Goat Weed?

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 10:34 am

this thread is playing up…. Glitches. Can’t post & my comments are stolen. Who’s blocking??

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 11:06 am

@Jess: looks happy! Having a lot of fun! Good on him! He doesn’t need Horny Goat Weed :-)

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 11:15 am

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: #524 you seem like you really care & are looking out for George’s wellbeing. Don’t know the guy, but I hear he’s astute. Not a buffoon at all. Adapts to situations. Plays mind games with people. LIke in art of war. (Although I’m sure there are those who play games back & he’s oblivious to the fact.)

Oh, well. It’ll all resolve itself soon hopefully. Have faith.

“When you know yourself then you are empowered but when you accept yourself you become invincible!!!”
Happy Martin Luther King Day Everyone!!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 11:22 am

Yeah I am sure giselle’s husband tom brady will pretend george is a football and punt him! Lol

Yep comments are being blocked and diverted. I guess spilling the beans about the pillaging of gold mines is giving stan and company a coronary.

Leave the treasures of the african people alone and you will have long life.

George fooling aroun with a married woman ensures skillet to head from his queen. Would the king try to invoke fury of his queen? Lol

Already some key royal subjects have been beheaded over their insolence.

No one messes with or on the queen. Wink wink

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 11:25 am

Leave the treasures of the african people alone and you will have long life.

George fooling aroun with a married woman ensures skillet to head from his queen. Would the king try to invoke fury of his queen? Lol

Already some key royal subjects have been beheaded over their insolence.

No one messes with or on the queen. Wink wink Players. And he likes German women, yes?

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 11:36 am

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: these are old photos, though. He looks much younger. Giselle was single then.
@Jess – I’m sure he likes all women, regardless of race.

@Sartorial Eloquence: I think now he is more interesting.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 12:32 pm

@Satorial Eloquence thank you. I do care because of the garbage is ridiculous. This kind of dealing has been going on for years.

Canalis like Larson is a woman who sleeps within the mafia link. Her boyfriend Davide now has a bigger opportunity to spread his drug trade.

The mafia and Davide really don’t care for someone like Elisabetta and vice versa. Elisabetta will destroy anything and everything to hold onto George. Word has it that she destroyed some of his friendships he had for years. Elisabetta is a hard core mafia bed warmer.

Stan is afraid of his own shadow and he is a buffoon for this scheme. She isa whole different ball of wax. The main imperative is to drain George of absolutely everything. When you see all the postins making gay slurs it is to keep him under the thumb.

It is sad how much mafia money has infiltrated every corporation. People tend to glamourizes mafia but in all reality they are dirt bags.

Canalis is a major part of this equation and I woild not be suprised if she would kill to keep what she thinks is hers. Cocaine tend to give one grandiose ideas.

George is a very smart man when he wants to be but he has his work cut out for him. He will soon find out that a lot of people around him is not the trusted souls he thought. He has some but a small number.

Stan and company is more than likely trying o block oosts especially minem why? I think all of you have figured it out.

Besides we have to hit the one thousand mark and make it a record! Lol

I would love to be the fly on the wall to see a confrontation with the jinjaweed and these mafia goons. Gee! Who would win?

Like I said before- ALWAYS BET ON BLACK! Lol

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 12:39 pm

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: So is George going to stay in Sudan for a while then?
I bet he’s relieved to be away from the rat race.
I wonder if he enjoyed Ricky Gervais’ below the belt twisted sense of humor? Talk about outing gay Scientology actors….LOL…

Sartorial Eloquence @ 01/17/2011 at 12:45 pm

ooops, I mean Ricky’s hitting below-the-belt twisted sense of humor.

btw I’ll never forget Cagnalis’ behavior on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last year. Interrupting George mid-interview to complain that a few droplets of rain had hit her because he wasn’t holding the umbrella properly! Might have ruined her stringy hair extensions..
Silly broad.

@ Don’t Mess With Stan:
Stan you did rain on George’s parade in #516. Sexy & dapper. ♥ ♥ ♥

AND HE’LL HAVE A CORONARY TOO if you continue the fairytales.
No one believes you anyway!

AND I’m directing the bottom half of my last comment to you LOL…OH! Coolest!
Get a life!

Pastrami & Mayo on Rye @ 01/17/2011 at 1:06 pm

@Sartorial Eloquence: yeah, I can’t understand how some actresses wear red dresses on the red carpet. They just blend in with the floor. Awful.

@KIKI, don’t know whether you’re the real Kiki who posts elsewhere. We are not the ones spinning fairytales, as that would be Stan and company. The problem is all the characters were miscast in this publicity nightmare fairytale turned cautionary tale. You don’t cast the evil stepsister as Cinderella. There is no suspension of disbelief, and the audience wants their tickets refunded.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 1:09 pm

If I was george I would stay awhile. He is in good hands with the sudanese people. The african people have great love for him. They see his heart. They also can give him much good wisdom for his life.

Canalis would not last two seconds over there if you ask me. They can see through her like clear running water. Lol

George if he listen to his heart the sudaneses/african will help him find himself. They love life and nature. Unlike what he deals with in Los Angeles. Africa is the motherland to which birthed the entire world.

Those mafia and greedy war mongers THINK they are getting over. I got news for them-AIN’T GOING TO FLUCKING HAPPEN!

Canalis thinks she got it covered-THINK AGAIN!

These a-holes think that they have firm control and will ride this out till they have drained George high and dry? I KNOW YTHEY DON’T!

I am so going to ejoy the ending of this satiric joke.

I do not wish bad on anyone but these clowns truly deserve every little morsel that is coming their way. Yep…yep…yep

I have a severe disdain for liars, thieves, bullies, and downright scumbags. Makes me want to kick them to the moon! Lol

Achilles' Heel @ 01/17/2011 at 1:10 pm

There’s an Ancient Greek Proverb that translates into English roughly like this:

“From children & lunatics the truth can always be derived.”

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 1:18 pm

Kiki I have a life and I have a purpose unlike you and the rest of your henchman.

If I was george I would stay awhile. He is in good hands with the sudanese people. The african people have great love for him. They see his heart. They also can give him much good wisdom for his life.

Canalis would not last two seconds over there if you ask me. They can see through her like clear running water. Lol

George if he listen to his heart the sudaneses/african will help him find himself. They love life and nature. Unlike what he deals with in Los Angeles. Africa is the motherland to which birthed the entire world.

Those mafia and greedy war mongers THINK they are getting over. I got news for them-AIN’T GOING TO FLUCKING HAPPEN!

Canalis thinks she got it covered-THINK AGAIN!

These a-holes think that they have firm control and will ride this out till they have drained George high and dry? I KNOW YTHEY DON’T!

I am so going to ejoy the ending of this satiric joke.

I do not wish bad on anyone but these clowns truly deserve every little morsel that is coming their way. Yep…yep…yep

I have a severe disdain for liars, thieves, bullies, and downright scumbags. Makes me want to kick them to the moon! Lol

Real Kiki @ 01/17/2011 at 1:24 pm

I see that Fake Kiki is back. Bless her heart! Fake on, darlin’. :D

@Achilles’ Heel, what a wise and true saying that is. We have a similar old saying in America. When we say someone is “touched” or “touched in the head,” it means they have been touched by the hand of God and are a little bit crazy. There is often God’s truth in that craziness.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 2:08 pm

Yep that is a good word to describe a lot of these fools-”touched”M nicely put.

I also think that people who spend their time in engaging in and setting up these pr mind games have to be a little if not insane.

It is no secret that drugs take people out of rational thinking as well.
Yes I do believe we are on the tail end of this bs. Thank God.

It is also the different forms of tack and schemes used to spin situations to their benefit. Oh well it will be entertaining I am sure of that.

Urgent message for Wild Angel! Oho, I see your wildness is very cool smoothed-out! Take your gal to McDorks and buy her one BigDong and two BigDicks, at my expense it is a gift!
This time Stan truly did his work well, for this he will be included in the video novella thus his name will be immortalized for eternity.

Wild Angel @ 01/17/2011 at 2:29 pm

It’s a slow day, Winky. Come with us to McDorks. We’ll put it on the tab. As usual!

@Wild Angel: Only if you find BigFoot and your gal will take along some green green green peas.

Wild Angel @ 01/17/2011 at 2:53 pm

BigFoot??? I thought YOU were in charge of BigFoot. Don’t tell me he’s on the loose again?! Well, don’t that turn my chakra blue!

@Winky: Shalom to you both! Are the BigDongs kosher? Do they come with a pickle?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 3:05 pm

Hey clowns go to trader joe’s instead. It s just a short walk from mc donald’s limp cowshat for brains. After all your offices are only on the second floor. While ya at it make a deposit at City National in my bank accountM

While you are at it pick up a new pair of running shoes for bryanN stan and george. They will need them to run from the mob that is going to beat their arrssses for inlicting this bullshat on us.

After you done with that go pick up a first aid kit and aspirin at long’s . It just might come in handy. Also don’t forget that long’s have a blue light special on body condoms . George is out and will need them for his paid session with Elisabetta later.

Also pick up some of that 1.99 a bottle wine from Trader’s to drown his sorrows from yet again making his session with Canalis.

There are a few more things but that is enough for now.
Of I almost forgot! Keep george off te 2nd story ledge at the office. One slip and it is all over. Wink wink wink

Ew, McDonald’s burgers are not the best, that is for sure. Stan should give the dingdongs a raise if that’s all they can afford.

George does not have “sessions” with Cagnalis. Never has and never will. He has better options.

Wild Angel @ 01/17/2011 at 3:16 pm

@Winky: Copy down that shopping list, will ya! If you’re too busy to run those errands, send out one of the new hires.

@Wonky: kosher are only peas ;-)

Ad Nauseum @ 01/17/2011 at 3:25 pm

well if he eats McDorks, I’m sure he’s not too discerning where he dips.

*when you can’t have filet Mignon, spam’ll do.*
Besides it’s paid for.
Might as well get ya money’s worth. Although I’m sure you’re seriously short changed…

George isn’t paying Cagnalis. Are you kidding? She’d pay him if she had to in order to keep up the famewh*ring. The arrangement is for publicity. Cagnalis makes money due to the arrangement because it results in a few advertising contracts in Italy, Lithuania, and the Flores Islands.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 3:33 pm

@Someone- Lol I know he has options. He has a beautiful queen. Elisabetta is the slave concubine. The body condoms are for his protection if she tries to take him by force. Lol

Oh guys do add a lovely bouquet of roses, calla lilies and tulips for george’s beautiful queen. Must keep her very, very, very happy indeed.

She also has a whole list for her king to do and she expects it to be done.

Do not buy cheap shoes at the big 5 after all you guys will be doing a lot of running. Lol

Also the queen has a separate sleeping quarters do send elisabetta right away to do her work. This time she better clean spic and span. No excuses! Lol

Carry on my good lads! Carry on!

LOL Lol… Oh Coolest! You are a sweetie.

Identity Crisis @ 01/17/2011 at 3:42 pm

OMG! So, like, George isn’t really dating that Sardinian Stallion after all? Fancy that, huh? It’s all for PR. Well I’ll be dog-gone.
Who woulda thought….

These days I am working on the idea of combining diverse, controversial, new and old. You want a great example? First car parked on the streets of London, passers-by walk around “Wow” they understand since the thing has wheels it must be some kind vehicle, but where put the horse to? If Stan does his job well, the same story looks different. Horse hitched to the car walks, then horse being untied but the car continues to move and the public is excited, but at the same time doesn’t hurt. I stand for soft and smooth overflow of ideas. The problem is that new ideas as well as new product difficult to sell, but with good marketing it becomes much more efficient rather than to do traditional way. But no one will buy a new car if it is hitched to a lifeless horse, she attracts all the attention, and this is kinda funeral marketing. I think you are agree with me that we must get rid of this negative, gain positive dynamics and George has got enough positive.

@Wild Angel: Bigfoot today was on fire, he is in creative tension. He juggles his chakras and makes such a wind, that I had to hold with hands all my skirties… Wheeeeeyyyyyy….

Please stop to talk about burgers
I’m a star too distressed to lose pounds …
And tell me this man what is in just coach Star,
Former champion boxer?
JAKC’S is a very trendy club in LA;…?
Ohhh i dont know
Why he solicited so comments …
That is beacause he works miracles,!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 4:05 pm

@Someone I do what I can. Don’ t they put down horses after they have worn out their use? Like a injection or the glue factory?

Momma mia I do believe we have a large shipment to go do we not? Lol

London Calling @ 01/17/2011 at 4:08 pm

So who is George’s Queen then? Where is she?
This is all so intriguing.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 4:24 pm

@London Calling- his queen is tucked away because the royal court is in uproar. Deception and manipulation abound! Right hand cannot trust the left hand. Even the queen is unsure of whether her king is true.

He choosed to consort with concubine chambermaid instead of his queen. This decision was decided by the royal secretary.

Lowly concubine cambermaid pitches tantrums not fit for man or beast to keep the king at her disposal. King must climb his trusty steed and ru like hades to higher ground to find his queen once again.

Meanwhile the lowly concubinechambermaid went to evil sorceress to obtain a poison apple in hopes of ridding her competition once and for all.

However lowly concubine chambermaid has brain cells of a micro amoeba and mistakenly ate the poison apple. She was toxic enough so now she is one big and ugly toad.

That’ll teach her! Lol lol lol

The dingdongs may as well add fresh bagels cream cheese for Stan to their shopping list. He’s going to need something to knaw on when he reads all of this.

@Identity Crisis, that’s correct.

All images are genuine as laughter happiness on the faces
To indicate the present sea breeze and the horse parody
You never thought that in boxing one wear gloves on hands
But to play has to with a head…
Murder by peas and flying piece of grass, all of which can still be useful
And she can this… even though the snake burst out with a poison into her face
The story was told and we Take Over Control if history will repeat itself…
With my sister today angel with brilliantine haircut and she safe
When removed from the snake’s skin, then sewed a dress to the winner, he deserves this award and all…
But a really cooking is waiting for someone

When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds of despair, and when our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, let us remember that there is a creative force in this universe, working to pull down the gigantic mountains of evil, a power that is able to make a way out of no way and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows. Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.

~Martin Luther King

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 6:19 pm

So the toad has a date with a pressure cooker! But alas the king seems to fall victim to the lowly concubine chambermaid toad and spare her wretched existence time and time again.

It is up to the queen to dispatch the guards and whisk away the worthless toad to her end. She has eaten the king out of lilypad and home as well as spew her toxic and poisonous rhetoric to fill the. King’s head till it inplodes.

The queen demands her kingdom intact and orders have been placed and now underway.

Beheadings begin at once! As it is so it shall be.

King has lost his mighty marbles and must temporarily rescind the throne until he gains his senses. Lol

Wild Angel @ 01/17/2011 at 6:52 pm

Everybody here sounds a little nutty. :)

Duplicity @ 01/17/2011 at 7:01 pm

@Wild Angel: starting from Winky all the way past Good Fishing & through to HE…

Mischief is what I call it :-)
Catch me if you can…..

Arrested Development @ 01/17/2011 at 7:18 pm

All that you’ve managed to achieve collectively is make this post titled: Canalis & Clooney- Cabo Couple, very popular indeed.

I’m sure Canalis is very pleased at these high ratings.
More comments here than on his philanthropic efforts news stories.

Well done, the lotta ya!
Grow Up!

The truth is now out there for all to know. A few dingdongs including “Wild Angel” keep trying to bury the truth under their nonsensical comments, but the truth will continue to be posted. Cagnalis is a fake, a fraud, an ill-mannered narcissistic cokewh*re and mafia pawn of no importance. George can’t stand her and has wanted out of this publicity arrangement for a long time. Stan is a liar and manipulator with the pr skills of a sideshow carny.

George is at a crossroads and must choose a path to his future. The path of fear and deception leads only to more fear and deception in a never-ending cycle of misery. The path of courage and truth leads to authenticity and happiness. We’ve seen some of George’s authenticity recently, as in his interview with Bill Maher. George spoke from his heart rather than saying rehearsed lines, and the people responded to this positively. I hope he continues on the path of courage and truth and that it leads him to much happiness.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 8:04 pm

Well said someone. George falls prey to her fake crocodile tears that she will be in poverty and without career. Stan and the wannabe village people tells him the lamest bullshat known to man.

If he kicked her to the moon it just eans she will have to actually work to find a new pimp to foot her cocaine supply.

So yes george’s charity work has been cast to the side a long time ago.
Why? He has shown he can be manipulated by a toxic ****** with elmer fudd at the helm.

Yes it did get silly for awhile but daammm if you cannot make a joke about a unhappy hooker and a very unreluctant john you just might want hairs literally.

Canalis has no pride that is obvious and george temporarily lost his common sense. She survived quite well before hert and now his ego has clouded his good judgement.

Stan, bryan and mafia cannot keep him from happiness if he really wanted it.

He is attached to the codependency and victimhood quite well.

We all noticed it and it is a shame he has not.

Wild Angel @ 01/17/2011 at 8:10 pm

Hey! Who took my shovel??? You know anything about that, Winky — you dingdong!

WHEEZY JOE @ 01/17/2011 at 8:21 pm


@Lol… Oh Coolest! “George falls prey to her fake crocodile tears”
If this is true, then he has placed more importance on the fake crocodile tears of a narcissistic cokewh*re incapable of real human emotion than on the real tears of his soulmate with whom he has lost time that cannot be recovered. One cries with a broken heart, while the other cries for more cocaine money.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 8:37 pm

Yeah and take that shovel whack each other. In the head. Maybe that will knock some sense into you stooges!

Wheezy joe has your asthma. Still trying to inhale your gun? Ding dong! Lol

Belle de Jour @ 01/17/2011 at 8:38 pm

@Someone: you have to be beautiful to be narcissistic. It’s wrong…but understandable.
When you’re conceited despite severe limitations & shortcomings, it’s called delusional. You need a reality check. Pronto!

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 8:39 pm

Yeah and take that shovel whack each other. In the head. Maybe that will knock some sense into you stooges!

Wheezy joe how is your asthma. Still trying to inhale your gun? Ding dong! Lol

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 9:16 pm

Someone you win the golden prize my dear!

To make ity worse then he is loaded with bullshat excuses that he cannot break up with her because it will look bad, he will look like a is valentine’s day and how UNROMANTIC IS THAT?

Meantime his true love he never send flowers, cards etc. Because he is threatened he better not. Now what is really sick the woman tried to forget him only to find out that stan and company sent unbeknowest to her some of their henchman to date her. From time to time she gives in(understandable) only to find out it was a cruel set up.

So for george to fall for this bullshat and she won’t have a career to fall back on is totally utterly pure bullshat! WTF?????

So can you please explain the logic on that one. Like someone said
The quote someone posred earlier about justice from martin luther king is spot on.

Justice has arrived and will flucking prevail.

I a not trying to bash george but wtf! Canalis is wanting a two year run and wants to make sure this woman is out if the way even if it means her lie.
Again I say, WTF????

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 9:18 pm

Someone you win the golden prize my dear!

To make it worse then he is loaded with bullshat excuses that he cannot break up with her because it will look bad, he will look like a is valentine’s day and how UNROMANTIC IS THAT?

Meantime his true love he never send flowers, cards etc. Because he is threatened he better not. Now what is really sick the woman tried to forget him only to find out that stan and company sent unbeknowest to her some of their henchman to date her. From time to time she gives in(understandable) only to find out it was a cruel set up.

So for george to fall for this bullshat and she won’t have a career to fall back on is totally utterly pure bullshat! WTF?????

So can you please explain the logic on that one. Like someone said
The quote someone posred earlier about justice from martin luther king is spot on.

Justice has arrived and will flucking prevail.

I a not trying to bash george but wtf! Canalis is wanting a two year run and wants to make sure this woman is out if the way even if it means her lie.
Again I say, WTF????

@Belle de Jour, I understand what you’re saying, and I agree that Cagnalis is not beautiful and has nothing to be arrogant about. When I say narcissistic, I’m referring to narcissitic personality disorder, which people of all appearances can have.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: a person with narcissistic personality disorder will never, ever be happy or satisfied. Nothing is ever enough for them. They are bottomless pits of wants and needs. NPDs have a constant, never-ending need for attention and approval. Nothing Clooney could have done would have satisfied her, and she will never happily let this contract go. If he let her talk him into extending her contract at any time, then he is a fool.

Cagnalis can spend Valentine’s day with her real boyfriend Davide the drug dealer. They can spend a romantic evening doing lines together.
As for George, who gives a crap what looks bad. He is helping a nasty ungrateful piece of trash and hurting someone who truly cares for him because he’s afraid of how it will look? Again, this is an example of choosing fear instead of love and how this choice never pays off. George needs to stop listening to those who want him to remain fearful and doing the same vicious cycle of harmful publicity. He needs to choose courage and love.

Anonymous @ 01/17/2011 at 9:52 pm

In the end, it’s George’s life and choice. It’s just difficult to watch someone throw his life away like this. I wonder what people will say about George’s life years from now, and whether it will be the same as now: no courage, no love, no soulmate, no authentic life. He waited too long to have children with his soulmate, so neither of them will ever have that experience. What was she supposed to do, have children with someone else? Why would she want children with anyone except her soulmate. He made that choice for both of them. Sure he got a few awards by playing politics, which renders them meaningless. He does things out of fear, letting himself be persuaded by selfish people who don’t have his best interests at heart. His drinking reveals that he is not truly happy. Oh the media would lie, of course, as they always do, but people know the truth. I just hope he finds some real happiness in his life and these descriptions will no longer fit.

Belle de Jour @ 01/17/2011 at 10:28 pm

We can have platonic love for another person. It can be omipotent and eternal. Even if it doesn’t transcend into a physical realm in this world, it may linger on forever spiritually. If people are bound to be soulmates, they’ll unite eventually…somewhere… Have faith. Leave it to karma…

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 10:52 pm

Well yeah it is his life but these idiots from my understanding just messed with her because it was a sick thrill. Now that is just plain WRONG! Forgive me but how one can be deaf, dumb and mute all the same time over and over again.

The mere thought just makes my blood boil. He has given his power to a coke addicted cheap prostitute and just went with it. This is why the focus has been on this bs and not the wonderful work in africa.

What is really flucked is THIS IS THE SAME BULLSHAT STAN CONDUCTS IN HIS OWN LIFE. George thinks the man walks on water and therefore when stan says jump he says how high. WTF????

This is not george’s life it is everyone else’s but his own. I do not think if he got his shat together that it is too late to have kids. The issue is-HE DON’T WANT ANY IF YOU GO BY WHAT HE SAYS IN HIS INTERVIEWS.

Forgive ne but that is shiiitty! It biols down to one thing besides fear-selfishness. So if his true love wants kids then she has to suck it up and if she wants to one of these days be ‘with’ him then there can’t be any kids.

Guys have it occurred to any of you that perhaps this is why he is not with his soulmate. Perhaps he is stalling till she gets to the age she gives up due to not being a wise decision based on health and or age.

Now guys not saying it is true but daammm that is shiiitty don’t you think?

I could be wrong but that is a possibilty and it is just wrong!

Makes me wonder…

@Lol… Oh Coolest! “I do not think if he got his shat together that it is too late to have kids.”
Of course it’s not too late for him to have kids. What I said was that it’s too late for his soulmate to have kids with him. It’s not too late for them to be together and have some happiness in the last half of life, though. Also they could help children who need it, maybe the way Will Rogers and Dale Evans did, not that it’s necessary that they have children in their lives, not that it’s necessary to have children in their lives. Just saying that some options have run out of time.

Why would anyone want to bring more children into this world, anyway. At least they could have a couple of years together before the world ends at the end of 2012.

Speaking of Roy Rogers, here is something he said that might apply to George’s past and future.
“If there were no valleys of sadness and death, we could never really appreciate the sunshine of happiness on the mountain top.”
Here is hoping sadness is in the past and happiness is next for him.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/17/2011 at 11:48 pm

Maybe because as a woman it is her god given right. I do not believe the world will be over in 2012.

Why not have kids? Perhaps the child she has will be a wortld leader who will make a major contribution.

Let’s put it this way his parents could have the same thoughts and he would never been born. Then there would be no need to have these posts or talk about his penchant for coke addicted hookers.

Obama’s. Parents had the same option. She deserves that if that is what she wants. Apparently and maybe not the real reason he trolls for hookers is a stall tactic.

Maybe just maybe there is a lot of parents should have reconsider.

The most beautiful in the world is the gift of life. There is no amount of money, material possessions that can come close not even an oscar.

A child carries on a new generation and is truly a true wrk of art.

So if they go on and be dale evans and will rogers maybe they should go get a horse a name it trigger.

Maybe the woman has values he hoped to force her to change.

I have a solution! They get together and he allows another man to father a child with her. Then it is a win win for both. Wink wink

LOL. What’s he going to do, ask her if she wants to get pregnant on their first date? He has a mighty high opinion of himself. She’s just supposed to get pregnant right away with no time for just the two of them. It’s too late, and he needs to accept that. If he wants to be with her, it has to be just for her. He can lie to himself all he wants, but the baby isn’t going to happen because he waited too long.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 12:08 am

Maybe she would be willing. We don’t know all the particulars unless there is something you know that the rest of us do not know.

Michael douglas had kids with catherine zeta pretty quickly.
So what gives? Can’t be because he is 49.

Well he could always do a business contract type of marriage with a much younger woman like Douglas did and have children that way, if having children matters more to him than being with his soulmate. My point is that it’s too late to have children with his soulmate. Besides, his actions have made it clear that he doesn’t want children. Why else would he have taken a fake girlfriend with him to receive the Bob Hope award? That’s not the kind of thing a man does when he plans on having children. What would he say to them? LOL. “Well, you see, daddy was concerned about publicity, so he took a hooker with him to receive a prestigious award, you know, for appearances sake. Unlike your mother, the hooker was ugly and rude, but what else was I going to do? My publicist said if I didn’t take the hooker, it might hurt my popularity. The idiot publicist was wrong, of course, as the hooker only hurt my popularity. And besides, love matters more than popularity. But at that time I was afraid, and that fear was manipulated by people I thought I could trust. So you see, your father was a coward at that time in his life, and that’s why I took the hooker with me and did all those other things with the hooker. I did things such as the Sudan thing to make it look like I was brave, but people saw through all of it. They saw that I was a coward about my own life.” Well now that I’ve written that out, I guess it helps me understand it better. Growing up poor can make a person fearful of ever returning to that state, which I’m sure has made it easier for Stan to manipulate that fear.

“if having children matters more to him than being with his soulmate”
I just realized what a dumb thing that was to say, as it’s painfully obvious that EVERYTHING is more important to him than being with his soulmate.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 12:44 am

Lol I see your point. Parents make mistakes all the time and if the kids have great relationships with the parents or strong support can get past many things.

My mom made COLOSSAL mistakes. I did not judge but it taught me lessons and helped me to grow. Also my mom was glad I learned from thosre mistakes.

George has quoted that it was important to keep up appearances in his family. Not uncommon from where he is from, however did he ever learn to love and not be on?

He transferred that ideology from his childhood and found it again in stan and goons. The cycle has to breakl somewhere.

There is no need for a contract with a younger woman. That is ridiculous. He needs to live and cut out this phony bullshat.

Besides what has been told to me is that douglas has a black mistress and it is an unacceptable thing in the douglas household. I don’t know if it is true but I found it interesting he developed cancer where he did.

Not speaking his truth…hmmm
Maybe douglas’ illness was a wake up call. I do wish him the best.

Back to george he is good in wasting time on insignificant bullshiit. I mean larson, canalis eyc

When is he going to say enough is enough. That is going to be interesting. Wink

Anonymous @ 01/18/2011 at 1:00 am

“He needs to live and cut out this phony bullshat.”
I couldn’t agree with you more.
He does need to be realistic in that the wasted time has had some consequences in terms of some opportunities being closed to him now. When windows of opportunity open, God expects us to recognize and appreciate them and not waste them. If they are taken for granted and not appreciated, the opportunity is taken away. But there is also this: when a door closes, a window opens, and there will be new and unexpected opportunities for him if he does cut out the phony b.s.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 1:41 am

Anonymous what I stated earlier it was told to me she wants kids but he does not. The village idiots like stan purposely made her life hell and yeah they get together; however she deserves the right to have a child.

So how is the door of opportunity be closed? Unless she is a geriatric.

So I am not following you please elaborate.

We definitely agree george wins the guinness book of world records for wasting time on bullshat people, things and situations.

He is more focused on keeping leeches around him who lie their arrsses off to keep him in a relationship with a well known hooker who is streetwise enough to know how to extend time that she never flucking entitled to and george waffled instead of standing up for hisself.

He trusts a man with a history of financial problems linked to gambling, women and maybe substance abuse. Who knows! He is touted as a pr professional but has the absolutely shiiittiest ethics on so many levels.

An agent who did not really have the courage deep down to realize that he really is gay, but cop a excuse his wife led him to do it.
He would have done it anyways, he just needed the courage. He finally did and hip hip hooray!

Now to the italian hooker who snorts more coke than humanly allowed who makes fat remmarks about women of color who is not as good as the oiece of dog shat I scraped off muy shoe a few weeks ago.

Now george wants peace and not war from whati hear. Hmmm….so he cannot get it that his lack of follow through and tyaking up for these leeching turds. Now that is war and it shows me the only war that is going on is within himself.

So when is the man going to make peace with himself and accept he needs to love george and he has made these fools rich enough.

Tell canalis to take her fake arrse, fake hair, and fake toned coke induced lazy arrse and kiss where the sun don’t shine?

You tell me…lol

Anonymous @ 01/18/2011 at 2:12 am

From what I’ve been told, there was a time when she would have wanted a child with him, however at this point she knows it’s just not realistic for many reasons. She just wants to be with him. If having a child were the most important thing to her, she would have had already had one with someone else. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that he’s been in denial about the consequences of his actions, telling himself everything will be great the moment he gives the green light. Life just doesn’t work like that, though. She’s already grieved this lost opportunity, and he needs to do the same. More denial isn’t going to help.

Anonymous @ 01/18/2011 at 2:19 am

Maybe I’m wrong, though. Miracles have been known to happen, especially where these two are concerned. So maybe there are some surprises in store for us yet.

Anonymous @ 01/18/2011 at 2:21 am

I’ll put in a word with Saint Jude. Couldn’t hurt.

@Pastrami & Mayo on Rye: Why some of them wear red dressed? To blend in with the Red Carpet because this is part of the whole plan, they shouldn’t do much background noise coz they have nothing to show, they should be dissolved. In contrast for example Angelina, no one could wear that green dress the way as she did it, because the whole image included not only a dress but as well her exquisite refinement. Angie&Brad were definitely the King and Queen of the Ball! Good seen that these are our guys, Sex Organized Crime. Though our opponents put a few green models, but their dresses were made of the curtains. Angelina is fine, minimalist, can hit it by minimum means and internal content, but I personally would also add some light red glow into the hair color, contrast lips and added a sophisticated jewelry, bronze with red rubies perhaps, but I am not sure.
Phrase of the day: “If you do not love your hubby, you just cannot cook him”

Les étoiles impérissables @ 01/18/2011 at 2:59 am

Love is a part of soul, and soul is immortal and for forever, it can not be shattered, even when everything ends.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 3:49 am

Yes love is immortal but a relationship takes two to make it work. Perhaps allowing a hooker like canalis to stay gives. One the excuse to slack.

I think she loves “her husband” and has no intention of cooking him but then again keeping a coke addicted hooker higher priority and listening to some bullshiitters who are just trying to keep their pockets lined with cash just may put a “husband’s” arrse on a hot griddle for a measure.

Could someone explain how he has more concern for someone who he whitewashes her reputation to put on a “show”. WTF is going on?

Forgive me I really have no respect for the stan rosenfields, bryan lourds, mafia funded outfits. I know styan is probably in hysterics about right now.

GOOD! He has done some despicable and conniving things and it is time or the truth. Question is georgie going to do what he usually do is to continue to emotionally check out, allow stan, bryan and gio talk him into yet another pr relationship with another disgusting hooker, keep allowing canalis and her people keep floating along, or is he going to take a stand?

Knowing how stan and those idiots operate they will spin their bullshat and tell him all that he needs to con him into continuing the charade.

This bs totally negates absolutely all the good he does in africa, new orleans etc.

How can he not see this? It is beyond me.

Very few people believe he does those good things because he truly believes in them. Because he so obviously uses publicity stunts and manipulation, most people believe his work in Sudan is just part of that. Taking the cokewh*re with him to the Emmys really drove home the impression that it’s all just for publicity. Maybe if he gave back the Hope award and stated that he should never have accepted it under those circumstances, people would actually start to respect him. As it is now, however, he’ll never be respected by the general public. The people in his little circle may respect him as long as they think they can get something out of it, or they may pretend to respect him, but outside of that sheltered world it’s a different story.

It’s probably time I withdraw from this commentary on a sad excuse for a human existence. I guess it’s sort of like watching a train wreck in slow motion. One hopes to stop the tragedy somehow, yet it’s beyond our control.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 4:56 am

this take a moment, no several moments and put yourself in the shoes of the one you love. Dismiss the bullshiit that stan and group are saying and really think about all of this.

Use your head. It is not about anger, or trying to humiliate you publicly, it is about you having a lack of regard for her feelings, support and etc.

How can you go into a dangerous country like sudan courageously and be scared of some men use guns and false bravado to intimidate?

Magia people are the most neurotic and paranoid creatures that ever walked this earth. Sheesh!

Now so much has been exposed on you and for good reason. You might of lost contact wth her because maybe one of those mafia goons threatened her, or the harassment was unbearable.

These turds are going to threaten and mind fluck you but know it is nothing but bs. They cannot afford any more damages even though there is far more in store for them.

We are as a collective have aired all. This to smack some. Sense into you.

If you bring canalis back out then that will spell out some things about you. I hope that is not the case.

Time to fix this mess with your love and take responsibility for your share of the problems. No more bullshiit! I think we all had enough including you. Okay?

Let’s wish them both the best of luck instead of knocking them down time after time.

Arrows of Universe @ 01/18/2011 at 5:08 am

How do you think why George had a bet with Pfeiffer&Kidman that he will have no kids until he is 50? Because there is a prediction that he meets his soul mate at age 50 and she will not be 54 years old, In fact a lot of geniuses were born when the father is old and mother is young. So they will bring up three kids of white race. The same also stated at the Mayan Calendar, which indicates that 2012 is just the end of the calendar and the beginning of a new era. You can read about this everywhere in internet scientists made the researches.
And George doesn’t like nonnative children, but his own when God grants he will love. And God grants only In Pure Love!

@Jess: #571 that’s a gelding, the one on the left, Jesse. Alexander the Great would never ride it! That’s no Bucephalus! Not sure who the nag on the right is. Either way, I don’t get out of my stallion for less than $10000 per day.

@Jess: correction: out of my stable for less than $10000 per day


@LazyEye: Here are prevailing three directions: one group wants bring to depression and diseases George, the other – his girlfriend, and a third – Stan. I think these three should unite and to rebuff them all!

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest @ 01/18/2011 at 5:17 am

So this is where the party is, these day?

Looney Tunes @ 01/18/2011 at 5:21 am

@One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest: yep, feel right at home.. In a nonsensical way…

Rally Paris-Darfur @ 01/18/2011 at 5:39 am

@Mr Ed: But agree, that to walk with the horse along the Red Carpet somehow not right. The horses always left in the barn. Stan made it right this time, Golden Globe atmosphere didn’t presuppose any horsing, it would be not adequate.

Ohh PARTY! All coz I am here. Everybody know it!!! HUrrayy!!
And please do not offend Elisabetta as a cheap horse, George already for a year ride it and is Ok, she does well her work for a year, just she gone little mad and decided that she is bride&soul mate, but it is usual thing, many who has such problems.
Sandra Bullock is on the right, she can replace Eli in case if she won’t recover. Just they’ve got cute hats and seven-league boots.
Ohh Wildy I hid your shovel, because you can dig in one hemisphere and burrowed it can be in another. You have a very dangerous abilities!

Machiavelli @ 01/18/2011 at 6:23 am

@ Lol…Oh, Coolest – I’m so touched by reading all this. I had no idea that Clooney was in so deep. Tut..tut.. I feel for him.
I wondered often is he suffered from Eliza Doolittle syndrome. A term coined up by psychologists from George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (not to be confused with Pygmalion effect disorder).
Seems to me his last few partners are women of questionable morals, not particulary talented, intelligent nor beautiful. George takes them out of the sewer and gives them a taste of refinement, ie, becoming a fair lady. When mission is accomplished, then they make their debut into society..
The last few girlfriends fit that profile. Elisabetta is just more of a challenge to tame.
Makes sense to me because I recall he’s often expressed interest that he’d like to play the role of Professor Higgins in a remake of My Fair Lady.

Lol…Oh Coolest! you seem to know about his true love. I get that vibe. If he’s suffering because the forces of evil are keeping them apart, well the book of life is brief and he should actively pursue his heart’s desire now.

*Did he tell her how in love with her he was, when they were together?
*Why did they break up? He sure cleverly kept it out of the public eye.
*When they were intimate, they probably discussed having children. There are many men and women who choose not to procreate.
*Did there relationship last a long time?
*Were they living together?
*Did he propose to her & then break up?
*Did his friends & family like her?

How did he fool the public for so long?? I never recall any photos of some unidentified love interest. But then you never know. It could all be so carefully disguised and she just blends in the background.

Dangerous Liaisons @ 01/18/2011 at 6:52 am

you see, George may be a man of simple needs.
No room for love and sentimentality in his life. Cynics are like that.
Sexual gratification is easily accommodated.
After half a bottle of 100% proof Vodka, even a gammy-legged horse like Elisabetta is tolerable….with the lights off. So ride on, George!

Ultimately he’s the one that is fundamentally unhappy & lonely…Must be jealous of Brad Pitt, though.

I agree with you Lol…Oh Coolest! George is simply fulfilling his PR obligations. Still, I’ve got to pity him. It’s tough when you don’t feel love or allow yourself to be in love. Theirs is a fake relationship no doubt.

Ahh….the invincible George Clooney..
Perhaps encylopaedias & history books in centuries to come will write in his biography, “a notorious womanizer with a penchant for women of ill repute, Clooney enjoyed bachelorhood till the ripe old age of 83, habitually replacing his partners every 20 months on average…”

Dangerous Liaisons @ 01/18/2011 at 7:00 am

@HE: #575 hmmm… sentimental poetry.. Warnings conveyed in dulcet sugary tones.
But to whom, alas?
Who gets a cooking? Relevant to phrase of the day? Pray tell…..

Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré @ 01/18/2011 at 9:20 am

@Machiavelli: what’s with all the questions?! From what I read earlier in the thread, they never really dated. Or did I misunderstand? But it’s real touching & spiritual.
Some people are egomaniacs & have no desire to share their lives with a partner. Still, I agree George must be jealous that Brad scored the hottest woman on the planet, & he’s filling the void with an ugly, haggard, leftover reject on the Milanese club circuit. Hence the Heathcliff-like cheerful cynicism.

Brad and Matt have perfect wives, and I am sure that George’s fiancé will also be damn smoking hot,and not the dried roach or an old wheelbarrow.

NeverGuess @ 01/18/2011 at 10:02 am

A riddle! Who’s got pants for the biggest p.enis?
Eli wears shorts and tank top of her f.ucker.
George doesn’t have such shirts.

WHO GIVES A SH*T @ 01/18/2011 at 10:19 am

@WYG: well, he hasn’t got a fiance for starters. The Sardinian part-time girlfriend is an ugly piece of trash with thin stringy hair, greasy face & 1 inch forehead, crooked legs & flat drag-queen ass. She served her purpose.
Desperate as she is to marry him, she holding on by the skin of her fangs to keep George entrapped. Why, she can’t communicate in English. Just a really psychotic time bomb.
Sandra Bullock & Cindy Crawford are over 10 years older than Elisabrutta Cagnalis, but they’re actually attractive. Beautiful women.
I wonder if Cagnalis was born an ugly hermaphrodite…

Candy JellyCuffs @ 01/18/2011 at 10:32 am

@WYG: If George wants to marry he will. But he loves being single.

He doesn’t need some illicit-substance abusing psychopath to bust his marbles about it…. No bunny boilers…
What do they really talk about?? Let’s see…. fashion labels, gym workouts, Italian linguistic skills (he never did have a knack for foreign languages), fashion labels, gym ……

Oh, but, mama-mia! Another one professing love, destiny & soulmate baloney!

Fire Starter @ 01/18/2011 at 10:37 am

But Elisabetta Canalis is old too. She’s what, 33??
That’s no spring chicken.
No Megan Fox or Amanda Seyfried.

And Canalis sure as HELL isn’t beautiful like Monica Bellucci who is 46.
Yep, Canalis is old & used up.. (emphasis on the latter…) LOL

With all the Photoshop in the world & she’s still butt ugly!!

@Jess: aha ha i thought that was Ann Curry, who is in fact 54

Amish Rake Fight @ 01/18/2011 at 10:50 am

There’s no way in the world that George would succumb to that pressure. A life of complacency is not for him.
Just because someone is 50 years old doesn’t mean that he has to be tied down & conform to mendacity.
Least of all with a megalomaniac…

It was fun while it lasted, honey! Practical arrangement. Ya had fun. Got experiences & went to places that you never would have imagined in your wildest dreams…
Now go latch onto another sucker…

Please, where it ‘s
JACK’S FITNESS club so trendy?and
this man is a very expensive coach?
Targeted program for shapely buttocks…I need

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 11:19 am

Well he is full of pure unadulterated cowshiit. It really does not matter about this woman far as he is concern.

He in my opinion played her pure and simple. I would not be suprised if he tried to jump into a pr relationship with bullock after this. Word has it he made some phony promises lately to appease her buyt had absolutely no intention of follow through.

Now bullock is supposedly hooked up with ryan reynolds but if the rumor is true they ae going to make a go of it.

This I feel why clooney never got with this woman. Apparently if she did not follow exactly to the t what he wants then he is off shoring up with another woman.

So the saga will continue. George is probably ticked that so much has been revealed so to. Spite this woman he will stay with elisabetta continue to fork out 40000 a month which is not direct but through these jobs she get. Bide his time bullock and him do te pr deal and since I beieve they have slept together on more than one occasion it works out.

George, george you get hit with what is true and you opt to be a motherflucker instead? I wonder if he really did love whomever she is?

Apparently too busy being the money machine.
Karma does bite one on the arrse.

He respect his hooker and wonmders why he got outed on this site? Not to hard to figure out for me.
Is it hard for anyone else to figure out?

OooK Debby
Don’t worry we work for you bAbe !
Shapely buttocks with Doc TV
Newest JACK’S Objective, “Beautiful Goal Fesses3
The butt of dreams are no longer the preserve of the beautifulaBrazilian … Italian
With our fitness program, you will quickly sculpt buttocks toning and well drawn!
With our series of reports devoted to the gluteal muscles, you will see that having the top of the buttocks, is a goal within reach. With a little effort, you’re ready to become the Queen of the Bikini!
Oooo yeah!

Elisabetta indeed does have a flat as-an-ironing board ass similar to Oriental drag-queens. Theirs are perkier though.

Now that might just be why the gay rumors are fueled. People can’t understand why George would be with such an ugly woman like Elisabetta unless he has gay tendencies or more that likely, she’s a beard.

In reality George is a red-blooded hetero male.
The problem is his vision is failing him fast.


@Lol… Oh Coolest!, I know I said I would withdraw from this commentary, and I probably should, but your last comment is troubling. Are you saying that after everything he and his love have been through, he’s going to deny them the happiness they could have together?

When In Rome.... @ 01/18/2011 at 2:06 pm

Elisabetta Canalis è molto brutto. Lei non ha culo a tutti.
Suo viso è come un cavallo. E suoi capelli è così sottile. Ha bisogno di una parrucca.
Piccoli occhi troppo brutto.

Ogni uomo che ha rapporti sessuali con lei avrebbe vomito o la necessità di essere molto ubriaco!!

Well O! Coolest you see you are confused and got upset again. I asked you do not touch George below the belt and especially Prendergast hair. Here is consolation prize for you

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 2:50 pm

Oh no you didn’t!!!! I am pissed over beyond all levels of reasonable control! it is commendable that it has been revealed that george has been sleeping with canalis all this time. however you got the daaamm nerve to be one sarcastic motherfuucker about it!
canalis you piece of shiit! i would love to take a piece of my shoe and shine your flat oriental arrse you stupid ******!

george what in the heell did you think that sticking your waldo in that toxic ****** all this time was not going to have her pressure you for marriage? think again casanova!

you played your “true love” so you can continue to poke the sausage and eat the rotten tuna that has been shared by so many greaseballs galore?

what in the FUUCK are you thinking? your true love has every right to be madder than heell right now! boy you fuucked up! getting arrogant and sarcastic right now and goons threatening to cook someone is downright stupid ya think?

canalis once again i would love to kick your sorry arrse myself for all the decent women in the world. george your arrse got outed on a repeated basis because of the mind fuuck games.

so what are you going to do? continue to fuuck up this woman’s life? spread crazy gossip? break in her house again? kill more animals? hunt her down? falsified court documents to cause more illegal evictions? pay off federal agents and attorneys so that cases do not see the light of day?

george are you going to hide out wherever you are till you and stan deemed the coast is clear and then start some major pr campaign to cover all this shiit?

MOTHERFUUCKER HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVER LASTING MIND!!! WTF??????????? stan is clasping his hands in glee. he has loved fuucking with this woman and playing mind fuuck games to twist george’s head so that it is so clear up his arrse even if he opened his shirt he still cannot eat a fuucking hamburger!
canalis you talk a whole lot of shiit and we know that you spread your legs to get what you want. that is your idea of a vocational education.

****** shut your mouth. you are the bunny boiler of the century. george you have been brave to be open and honest but still you are dissing a classy lady because your arrogance and fuucked up judgement has clearly cut ALL oxygen off to your brain.

stan, bryan and mafioso you scheming mother fuuckers! you have all taken of the eating of rotten tuna(well maybe not bryan lol). this is just so fuucked up and george the mere fact that you sent yet again another fuuck you to your “honey” really is just messed up.

so you love being single? if you love being single then why you are always running to continually to eat rotten tuna? you are lonley? well that is caused all by you and only you. you played with your love’s head about children? that is between you and god my dear.

also stan and clowns so you are trying to find ways to bring harm and danger to the woman he loves? may you go to hell and be blessed by it. this shiit should have been over a long time ago.

george’s woman is not older than him. she is younger. more classier, and definitely not hooking and spreading her legs for her next meal.

i think george did not go to the globes because 1) not nominated, 2) he did not want to be outed by gervais on this trifling situation. george everyone knows it and you cannot hide forever.

your arrogance and sarcasm is disguising embarassment and humiliation. who would ever thought that the ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS THAT GEORGE LIKES TO DRESS UP HOOKERS AND WHITEWASH THEIR PAST. that alone tells me that you are ashamed at what you are doing, and try to clean it the best way you can.

george you disappoint not only me, but your love and so many others. what you have engaged in is despicable and if your goons come after to me they should be extending a thanks instead of a 357 eh?

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: i am busy now, but i will come back to you, most important you keep yourself in the hands and think of King Arthur, this is a major bug in your text.

Rambling Rose @ 01/18/2011 at 3:14 pm

well, this is intense.
@Lol…Oh, Coolest!
Think of that beautiful Martin Luther King proverb someone posted yesterday at around #576….”let us remember that there is a creative force in this universe, working to pull down the gigantic mountains of evil”…..
And where there’s a will, there’s a way.

@Lol… Oh Coolest! why do you keep posting that George has been sleeping with Canalis? You know that’s not true. He may have slept with her years ago as one of the escorts at the club she worked, but never on a regular basis and certainly not since this publicity contract began.

@Lol… Oh Coolest!, you sure contradict yourself a lot. Maybe you’re Stan, and you want to keep the post count up as if that’s a good thing, which it’s not in this case. As I said before, bad publicity is only helpful to D-listers as that’s the best they can do, whereas A-listers are dragged down to D-list level by this kind of trashiness. Maybe you actually get paid more by Canalis, though, who will take any kind of publicity she can get.

Fire Starter @ 01/18/2011 at 3:46 pm

@Someone: well in comment #623 Winky states it too. She says that George (the studhorse) has been riding Elisabetta (the gelding) for about a year & she’s not too bad…
Thing is, I don’t believe Elisabetta loves George for his heart & soul. If he were still a shoe salesman, she probably wouldn’t give him the time of day. No, she loves the fame & fortune attached to him. Just another glorified cheap bimbo, albeit a lame looking one.

It doesn’t matter who says it. The fact remains it’s not true.

Wild Angel @ 01/18/2011 at 4:01 pm

Winky, Someone called you a “she”! Who knew, sweetheart! And you and I have both been working on the second floor together all this time! Well…cool. Hmmm…maybe someone has you confused with Wonky. That could be.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 4:06 pm

Guys I ask for forgiveness. I obviously lost my cool. I have issues with ignorant and racist biaatches like canalis. George really has truly fuucked up all over the place this time.

I and some of my pals will keep an eye out for canalis when she is in los angeles. This uneducated. Coke addict drag wqueen need to examine her history. Her dark skin amongst other things came straight up from the motherland. I hate stupiod biaatches like her and george just seems to groove them. Now all you now know just has racist and despicable it gets. Iit is not jusy elisabetta but it goes way back. Stan. From what I see he should be toting kkk himself but he can’t because lol HE IS JEWISH!

This amongst many reasons george is not with his love. Judging from the racist remarks she must be a woman of color. More power to her. Hollywood I such a bigoted and racist place and george just seems to love to keep his lips adherted to its arrse
. I am severely disappointed in george. This is just downright despicable. I am glad that I exposed as much as I have. It came at a very stiff price and believe me I have been heavily threatened. I was not being sarcastic about the 357. That is truth and reality. These are the kind of people stan got george mixed up in and this is what he will continue to be involved with if he wants a career. Should we hate him? No. Should we continue to expose these monsters? YES YES DAAMMIT YES!

Fire Starter @ 01/18/2011 at 4:23 pm

@Wild Angel: or maybe we’re all role playing but she is really a he & I’m going along with that :-)

O!Coolest good that you have read some about King Arthur and calmed down a bit. You should have asked me and I would tell you everything you want to know. You should not repeat the mistake of Hillary Clinton. Kings must do kinglike, was his sperm in her mouth or not, all what is below the king’s belt should not be discussed otherwise it damages the whole kingdom. There is one person who plays with your feelings for their own selfish interests, they throw you information through different people from different sources, in general it might be correct and only slightly distorted in order to get its way. It hurts the interests of other people who you do not care about, but also George’s. If you love him then you should act like a real queen, not as Hillary. If you will be experiencing any problems, don’t hesitate please ask me, but right away I want to warn you that I do not discuss the intimate life and things like that.
Wild Angel, here is already enough madness I think, don’t drive everyone crazier or… I will not return you your shovel. Understood?

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 7:22 pm

Oh I am far from calm. I apologized to the intelligent and decent people on this site. However george has been one lying motherfuucker and that is not cool! George is embarassed by disclosure about intimate details?

Well george should have been a bit morer considerate to this woman. I find it interesting that if the queen really loves george she should shut up. How about if the king really loved her and is as honest and honorable then why did he have to get outed in this manner.

Let’s see court cases and workers comp cases rigged through paying off of atty’s and judges. Illegal evictions, animals given injections to stop their heart, damaging career and personal repuation through lies,slander, threats and etc

So if the king really loves his queen why is he taking care of a hooker and intimate needs? Why would he listen to fabrications from a man with a known financial wreckord? Why now that he is fully exposed he now steps up to the plate.

Canalis is one scheming and lying biaatch and george only going to dump her due to her wanting marriage? What do you expect? You are intimate with her and made promises. You told her lies. You are giving hetmoney through various sources. You only give a daamm because you are exposed.

I think the king has a lot of explaining to do and you never been available ever. George is embarassed because people know the truth. So how I see it george’s team has. Lot of FINANCIAL RESTITUTION to clean up. They have a lot of clean up in terms of their blackballing.

Canalis and her hooker arrse is history like now!

George you want your queen to be a queen? START ACTING LIKE A KING INSTEAD OF A HORNY SELFISH DICTATOR. All of you got one helluva of a arrse whooping! There is more to come. You threaten my life or anyone close to me it will be very,very obvious where to look first.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 8:40 pm

oh i am not finished with what i have to say either! the funny thing is that the queen interests have never been cared about either.

george needs to take a long look at the long term picture. the damaged was done way long ago when he first signed up for this bullshat. hmmmm….one person why don’t we call the name out? the name that has been passed around behind this is stan. stan rosenfield. there are plenty of people enraged over this nonsense and george this queen has been taking hits for a very long time but like i said before it did not matter till now. perhaps a multi million dollar arrangement based on this fake relationship with a very well known hooker from italy is falling apart>

george hurt george. george never been there for the queen. george guarded george’s interests. if queen acts like hillary then maybe the king acts like bill clinton with unzipped pants.

so what are you going to do clooney? yes your parents are hurt but that happened when you signed your name on the dotted line in blood. yes you sold your soul clooney for some daammm pocket change and as long as you could play on it was okay.

elisabetta and her team talks major bullshiit and of course she is such a victim and yes you are going to be the knight in shining armor. george face it babes you are busted, disgusted and cannot be trusted.

if you really was honorable do you think things would have happened this way. stan and creeps tapping computers, emails, following people, getting them fired just to hold onto their take. i am thoroughly disgusted. so if you have the balls to sit face to face and like ummm….actually come clean on all the bullshiit then that just might be a real good idea clooney.

however, your word is not the most trustworthy. you live in fear and how to make more money. that breaks my heart and so many others but it is true. what in the heell happened to you? you use to actually have a conscience. you actually think a career in hollywood is the end all beat all.

you get the absolute most disgusting trampiest women known to man. the more skankier they are the more they are liked by your goons. your queen could not be bought and that posed a problem.

you got busted because of you and nothing else. i know you do not like to discuss intimate details but let’s face it you never had a problem being seen as a womanizer and bed jumper to enhance your image and now you do?

so if you have balls lay it on the line. as for stan, if him or any of the other basstards start up with their fuucking bullshat again, you can rest assured it is on.

how many people in ky read this site? a lot i bet. they should. you have disappointed not only a lot of people but yourself as well. your depression and anxiety is because you insist on phony instead of what is real.

what you should think about is how you contributed to this explosion that has occurred in your life. own up to your part. everybody else does. as for your business partnership with mafia when did i or anyone else ever really gave a fuucking daaamn?

your clowns get off in destroying people’s lives and now theirs been destroyed. hmmm…i think it is even steven. apparently someone is scared about being investigated. i say it is time. too many people lives have been damaged and what injuries you guys are getting are cosmetic scars in any. suck it up! you get what you put out people.

i am so pisssed off you have no fricking idea. i have had it with this bullshiit. so bullock is your next pr du jour? you clowns are frickin priceless!

george you have a lot of soul searching and clean up in your own backyard. be wise about it. every step counts.


Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 9:04 pm


Anonymous @ 01/18/2011 at 9:08 pm

LOL. Canalis is not staying at George’s house. They don’t and have never lived together. She has her own place to stay in L.A.

Anonymous @ 01/18/2011 at 9:12 pm

Although I’m sure Davide would pimp her out to any John he could as long as he gets a cut. Maybe that’s how it works. Davide’s mafia people set Canalis up with Johns who pay the mafia people, the mafia people pay Davide a cut, and Davide pays Canalis in cocaine. I wonder how many other cokewh*res Davide is with when Canalis is away LOL.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/18/2011 at 10:41 pm

Elisabetta seems not to mind being pimped out. Oh winky where are you? Are we pouting? George put you in detention center? How is the pink tutu winky woo poo??? Lol

Winky be sure to add pledge to that list of errands. I heard that stan is in the running for the mr. Clean look a like contest.

@Lol… Oh Coolest!: So Stan’s reputation you’ve already stained, as well as poured George with mud, pick on already to his parents, so now the only thing that has left for you is to switch directly to his girl? She is the only one yet on whom you have not imposed your poo poo. Probably coz you got very little info about her or your imagination fails.
However you have very small amount of questions to me so this conversation is not interesting. Of course, for my part it would be naive to expect that the person whose ideas you are promoting, would come here and tell us what his specific claims are and against whom he has a grudge, why was he discrediting George? And this is not Stan, every time when there have been any negative info from Canalis camp George’s rep immediately published a disclaimer. After reading carefully your posts everything becomes very clear. I am very sorry that the mystery man who initiates you does not want to tell us more, he’s very clever man, we are interested in his thoughts, not in your conclusions. We have not seen each other for a long time, even missed him, always nice to talk to a clever man. I hope that he will give me that opportunity and take away his yapping mongrels.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/19/2011 at 3:56 am

Oh really winky? Well trust me stan did his fair share of damage as well as many others. If you actually opened your skull the sole purpose of airing ths garbage is to put a solid stop to it all once and for all.

George was given warnings on a routine basis that this shiit was happening. If he actually showed a bit of intuition/common sense all of this would have been stopped a real long time ago.

It was real insipid on his part to play games around his sexuality. In all actuality mr. Clooney has been given the gift of truth. Stan is not totally innocent as well as a few others around him. In due time he will find out many things that will blow his hair back.

I did not pick on his parents now you are acting like a petty little girl. George has more than one occasion has set himself up on phony pr deals. In terms of what I said about gold in sudan I know many africans living here and on the continent so I get my facts straight from the horses mouth.

I did not soil or stain george and stan they did that through their thoughts and actions. I have yet to meet one person that dealt with stan that does not put asssholle and his name in the same sentence.

The road goes both ways dear heart. There is a classy woman that was mowed down and smeared eay worse than george has dealty with.

George whitewashed more than one f these idiot women that alone is damaging for years.

So tell george stop crying in his milk and look at reality for a second.

So is some backyards going to be cleaned up or the namby pamby games will still be played.

My concern is for someone to get their name, career and life cleared. I hit hard and harshly to get it done.

There are far too many psycho bullies in the industry that make people’s lives a living hell.

I do not poo poo decent people. Canalis is far from decent and she has a nasty bent indeed.

George is throwing a tantrum tell me something else that is new. So who is this clever man? There has been so many les told that I am over it. Liars have short lives. I refuise to accept the blame of ruining what you claim. Buck up! All of you got beat at your own game deal with it.

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/19/2011 at 4:01 am

I forgot winky for your information my understanding is that his real girlfriend is classy. So take your snide and sarcasm and stick it where the sun don’t shine okay? Can you do that itsy bitsy favor for me? Kiss kiss

Lol... Oh Coolest! @ 01/19/