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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis soak up the sun on Monday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 49-year-old actor chatted with Elisabetta‘s sister, Gabriella, before the bikini-clad Italian actress greeted her with a huge hug.

Looks like George has been spending a lot of time with her family recently. Two weeks ago, he had dinner with her parents!

Elisabetta, 32, also took a stroll on the beach with some friends.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis vacationing in Mexico…

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947 Responses to “George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple”

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  1. 51
    COQ Says:

    They have make a lot of noise…!
    George does not have pain in the crane migraine … No Pain No gain …!

  2. 52
    missile Says:

    # 50 ohmyGod! : LOL
    poor George , hanging through the beach with mafioso…

  3. 53
    COQ Says:

    The Mexican police is sleep or what ?!
    It’s evident the big Don Lingot walks on their nose …
    mi madre of Guadalupe
    ,Debido a que, casi toda mi vida, he estado trabajando de cara al público, … Como no estaba -el café- como a mi me gusta, le dije a mi madre esto, ….Nuestra Señora of Guadalupe

  4. 54
    missile Says:

    not the mexican police, i’ll say the FBI or the white house, It would be wiser LOL

    Oh it’s time to save George! hahaha

  5. 55
    COQ Says:

    Ruegen a Dios por él…

  6. 56
    cubanMissile Says:

    @JackJokey TamingHorse: Almost everyday. Same shorts too.
    Check the photos when Elisabetta Hermaphrodite Canalis wore the green & black bikini..Poor Georgie.. Made it to the top & still feels empty. Does benevolent work extend to being the patron of a cocaine-addicted, ugly, desperate trashy bimbo?

  7. 57
    cubanMissile Says:

    @OhMyGod!: it’s Ben Weiss, his buddy. There’s no coercion in this photo or are you being sarcastic?

  8. 58

    you guys are funny..
    Don’t believe any conspiracy theories about the mob forcing him.
    He’s an opportunist cashing in on his fame.
    But he always looks rather sad. The eyes don’t lie.

    Don’t like the butch broad at all. Just another famewhore, albeit an unattractive one. No wonder Vieri constantly cheated & dumped her.

  9. 59
    lady looks like a dude Says:

    personal hygiene? Wonder if George has BO wearing the same threads all the time. Notice it with his jeans often. Same t-shirt. Boring old goat.

    Hey, I notice Dr Feelgood Luigi is there too. Is Guido the Killer Pimp lurking nearby? LOL

    Is there still a warrant out for Luigi Canalis’ arrest in Switzerland for drugs? Or did Clooney’s goons sort that out, now that he’s part of the familia.

  10. 60
    Kinky Says:

    hmmmm…. I bet GC likes it doggy style so he doesn’t have to look at her face. Or drinks himself blind & has lights off. Maybe he can’t see well at his age.

    I read he likes it doggy style. I’d be worried to bone a masculine looking woman like that. It’s true, she’s got the flat butt of a gay twinkie. Nothing feminine about her. Maybe she uses stap-ons too.

  11. 61
    *Mother Mary* Says:

    Coffee? You just do not know how to cook it right. If you add all the ZooElements then whole animalism becomes evident
    Lo principal a tener en cuenta que el café es el café, refresco… and advertising is only entertainment
    Nuestra Señora of Guadalupe

  12. 62
    cubanMissile Says:

    @Question: #49
    I believe he’s been advised (from those with his “interests” at heart, namely Elmer Fudd Rosenfield & his mgmnt) that the longer he appears to be in a relationship, the better for his public image. He’s lmost 50, rumors & speculation about his sexuality, etc. So the facade drags on…

    Don’t forget that if he breaks up, there’s more pressure on him about a new gf, & even more counter-productive PR that fuels the sexuality rumors. So, this arrangement works well.

    If Georgie doesn’t feel in-love, he won’t be in a real relationship. But how often does that happen in a person’s lifetime?

    This of course, works well for Canalis as she loves the media attention. Without George, she’ll fade back into oblivion. Doesn’t have talent, looks or anything admirable really. Just determination to convert her average & flawed body to be very lean & toned, in the hope that she’s “admired.”

  13. 63
    DannyElephant Says:

    @cubanMissile: Yes of course, we would believe that he is george’s true friend, Elisabetta his true love, and she does not get 40 tsd $ per month from Warner Bro, and Stan and all this company receives percent. You are not going to say that George pays for it all, wouldn’t you?

  14. 64
    cubanMissile Says:

    @DannyElephant: I never wrote that she gets paid by Warners. I never mentioned Warners, nor anyone paying her. You’ve mixed my posts with others.
    Endorsements, advertisements, acting roles in film & TV is where the income comes in.
    He’s not in love with Elisabetta. Fact.

  15. 65
    Question Says:

    @cubanMissile: Still there is some logic… it will bangin till the Leverage’ finish or will last eternally?

  16. 66
    JackJockey TamingHorse Says:

    @lady looks like a dude: You know nothing! Its special clothes, impregnated all over with a special protective anti-skunk remedy. Anti-skunk ingredients: many sweat, cropped nails and dandruff missed up with a saliva. And please do not say that he is an goat, old etc. coz here all is about the smell! ;-)… plus he is smart

  17. 67
    cubanMissile Says:

    @Question: there’s no set date. Till it feels right to end it. The longer it’s stretched, the more credible it is. Think of it in future terms. When all his past relationships are quoted in the press, the length of time is always mentioned. So, if he breaks up sooner than later, it’s a counter-productive PR move. Or so he’s been advised by his “team.”
    He likes the world to think he has a girlfriend. They get off his case about his choice of bachelor lifestyle.
    He also wants to remain on friendly terms with her bc she’s often a time-bomb waiting to explode. Gets real vicious.
    It may drag on past his next birthday. A nice big bluff…
    He’s a good man, in any case.

  18. 68
    Question Says:

    @cubanMissile: Ahh I’ve understood the logic, he probably wants headlines like this “George Clooney’s romance with c*okewhore lasted the longest”

  19. 69
    cubanMissile Says:

    @Question: yeah, well, I hope he realizes that too. He wanted out when SL was exposed in photos having wild parties. He’s not too bright at all, as much as he seems fundamentally like a nice person.

  20. 70
    Question Says:

    @cubanMissile: Ok, now he is playing not on his field and it lowers his ratings, it’s fact. In a half year he will lose 80% of the asset and may be something else… Life is very short.

  21. 71
    Question Says:

    If we assume that someone wants to play on his field… it does not look so innocent-carefree. He loses not only the time, he lives in someone else’s life, but who is going to live in his? By the way, the team could be bribed or assify, it is easy to manipulate people who put commercial interests above moral.

  22. 72
    cubanMissile Says:

    @Question: who knows when they break up?! it may end even before his 50th..Next month even.
    Baloney spin in press lately about Canalis wanting a kid. Well, unless they adopt or she finds a sperm donor, it ain’t gonna happen. But that’s setting groundwork & leads to friction & a potential scenario for a possible break-up: Clooney not wanting entrapment blah blah…
    And just as they’ve broken up, lo & behold the unit publicist of Gravity releases photos of Sandra & George filming. Another PR spin. Is Sandra comforting George after his break-up? It’s just a hypothetical suggestion. But it sure generates publicity..

  23. 73
    Question Says:

    @cubanMissile: I think that Elisabetta made a good job, in the sense that next George’s gf on the contrast will be seen as very positive whoever it will be, even if it is Sandra Bullock.
    Thank you interesting conversation, was interesting to know your opinion. Happy New year!! and I hope George will change his repertoire and will offer something new.

  24. 74
    observer Says:

    The daily mail ran a shot of her half naked refurbished butt. She paid good money for that butt, after all, and she wants to make sure people see it. For anyone who thinks these pics are candids and not from staged photo ops, I have some nice swampland to sell you. They were taken by her personal pap/photographer, the best ones were chosen and retouched, then gradually released to the press over a few days’ time to try to get more “exposure.” Because nothing says “I’m in love and not a famewh*re” like showing your *ss crack to the world.

  25. 75
    Anonymous Says:

    Most people familiar with Canalis don’t like her, and that includes Italians. People don’t like her because she is rude and arrogant. She has no talent, but people could forgive that if she had any other redeeming qualities, but she doesn’t. People could also forgive her drug and prostitution scandal if she were otherwise a nice person, but she isn’t. She is a classic example of narcissist personality disorder. She lives in her own little fantasy world in which she’s all-important. There was one thread on JustJared recently on which she kept posting that she’s a v.i.p. and practically demanding that everyone agree with her. She and her publicity team post on blogs about how great she is and insult everyone else. Her publicist cut a deal with a Clooney-obsessed blogger, providing the blog with scoops in exchange for the blogger discouraging and deleting any comments other than glowing praise of Canalis. Ultimately, George is responsible for foisting this nasty piece of work upon the American consciousness. He is long overdue in owning up to his responsibility in this matter. It sets a terrible example for little girls in Italy, who are already made to feel as if their worth depends solely on their bodies and appearance due to the culture there and Berlusconi’s awful influence. Apparently, dvd sales are more important to George that the lives of little girls. Truth be told, George should resign from his U.N. post if he does not get rid of this piece of trash a.s.a.p., and if he doesn’t, he should be released from his U.N. post.

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