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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis soak up the sun on Monday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 49-year-old actor chatted with Elisabetta‘s sister, Gabriella, before the bikini-clad Italian actress greeted her with a huge hug.

Looks like George has been spending a lot of time with her family recently. Two weeks ago, he had dinner with her parents!

Elisabetta, 32, also took a stroll on the beach with some friends.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis vacationing in Mexico…

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947 Responses to “George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple”

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  1. 76
    cubanMissile Says:

    @Question: & a Happy New Year to you too. I give my opinion based on info from sources directly linked to the subject matter. I leak a little anonymously only because I dislike this deception. And I feel slightly sad for George. People can achieve so much, be acclaimed A-listers, philanthropists and political activists, but fundamentally feel emptiness in their lives. It all comes down to one basic human need we all crave: love. And that comes naturally and instinctively. He settled on accepting the temporary “girlfriend” that his friend arranged for him to meet. And boy, is he sad…. He should’ve followed his heart.

  2. 77
    Anonymous Says:

    @cubanMissile, if he’s that sad, why doesn’t he do something about it? He must realize by now that he’d be better off cutting his losses.

  3. 78
    Lucy Says:

    If her family and friends are spending time ther ewith them… I wonder if they got married secretly or it will be one pretty soon, just a guess…
    I can’t believe they would stage all of it, but then again I can be very naive…Oh well…

  4. 79
    men plan, god laughs Says:

    It’s like the movie “The Man with Two Brains” when God gives Steve Martin’s character all these signs, but he pays them no mind, and later on when things go to hell he yells at God ” WHY DIDN’T YOU GIVE ME A SIGN?” God doesn’t want George to settle for less than a real life and is giving him all these signs, but I guess he’s afraid to do what he knows he needs to do. I will pray for him that he be given divine guidance and the courage to do something about this state of affairs. I hope everyone else does the same.

  5. 80
    hot lady Says:

    i would turn gay for this woman…her body is insanely gorgeous…!!! I’m so jealous :/

  6. 81
    hot lady Says:


    omg, you sound insanely jealous of her…what is your problem? she’s gorgeous just like a lot of Italian women… If i’m a man in my next life, please let me be born in Italy… the hottest women in the world are there.. :D

  7. 82
    cubanMissile Says:

    @hot lady: you sound like you’re her or one of her friends because beautiful & hot she definitely is NOT. Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci, Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried – they’re all beautiful women – their faces & figures.
    Get a reality check! Elisabetta Canalis is not an attractive woman. I’m not in the least bit jealous to look like someone I deem ugly. Look at her crooked legs & flat, saggy bottom. She can’t get a modeling contract based on her physical appearance.
    I dislike her from information I’m given directly by people linked to George. And how unhappy he really is.

  8. 83
    cubanMissile Says:

    @Anonymous: because it’s a complicated situation and not one he can easily get out of just yet, from what I was told. And I’ll leave it at as what I’ve already written is too much & may have roused the wrath of anyone potentially psychotic.

  9. 84
    hot lady Says:


    I’m sorry honey but I truly think your blind… I’ve seen many pics of her and not once have i ever seen any crooked legs.. LOL you need to get your eyes checked… the woman has a hard rock sexy body. I seriously think her body is one of the best celebrity bodies along with Jen Aniston and I agree Monica bellucci is gorgeous too, but many Italian women are, no doubt about it. She is toned and sexy as hell… so seriously if you think she’s so ugly than why are you up in her thread??
    there is nothing ugly about this body

    or this a$$

  10. 85
    hot lady Says:

    that little waist, those legs..girl please… get real. She is sexy as hell… yes I’m jealous and I admit it…but I’m not hating on the girl. I think you have a personal issue with her, which is fine by me. But I think you should take that up with her personally, not on a gossip blog. This is not the place for that. I just want to look at her body and take my butt to the gym to do some squats right about now LOL I don’t care about her love relationship with George Clooney at all, I just want her legs and her toned tummy :D

  11. 86
    cubanMissile Says:

    @hot lady:
    yeah real small waist.. Saggy, flat bottom.
    You need your eyes checked. Jennifer Aniston has average girl-next-door-looks but her body is sexy & feminine; granted.
    Elisabetta is masculine. George calls her “homely-looking.”
    It’s great that she works out & we all should emphasize fitness. But when her PR spins stories about her amazing body, I disagree because she’s just toned. Short limbs, yes bow-legged (it’s often written commented on), square torso with no waist, saggy, flat bottom.
    Fitness obsession alone does not make a woman sexy. But of course you are promoting her interests by the looks of it.

  12. 87
    cubanMissile Says:

    @hot lady: btw, thanks for the saggy ass photos. Just regurgitated my dinner…
    Is this part of your collection too?

    How desperate for publicity does someone have to be that she pulls her bikini down to flash her flat butt to the paps, in the most recent photos in the press.. LOL.

  13. 88
    Anonymous Says:

    @observer: These pro-photographers are as much unprofessional as Elisabetta in sex!

  14. 89
    Difference Says:

    It is very obvious that George brought together two completely different worlds. Some have Mind and God, while others hellbody and rock. And this all has the highest sense. Clever little girls won’t go this way because Elisabetta’s story ends sadly. Elisabetta is not unique, many women build their careers this way. They get to a certain level, but since they do not really fit there they suffer even more. Let say if Elisabetta would have model appearance or some acting skills then at least would be any sense for her to strive for that what she wants. Other way what is the sense of all this, neither her nor public has any satisfaction from the work she does. For example, if Elisabetta would become a nurse and helped sick people, everybody would thanked her and nobody would’ve said that she is bow-legged, then she would not have to have sex with balding bouncers with square heads and round bellies, and use drugs for this. And so she has to endure all this due to an error and incorrectly chosen profession. She could have a good family, husband and children who would love her… and nobody would ever say to her that what she hear these days. And so what is waiting for her in the future?… dose of drugs with time must be increased, her skin and a distinctive drug thinness is already signaling a high content of harmful substances in her body. Negative comments are negative only at first sight, they actually show her the reality and exit from the dead-end, where she goes now, but her friends & supporters by praising her do the opposite. And maybe it is a right time for her to meditate, maybe her life is not lost yet. America will never accept her, it is clear her place in Italy.

  15. 90
    Difference Says:

    Yes, we definitely will be praying for George. I think he has no reason not to trust his destiny. Previous negative experiences can influence the present life, but it is a bad impact of negative. What awaits him is an entirely new and it is impossible to evaluate a new from the position of the old, such as a car cannot be evaluated from the position of the cart, because you will not find where to put the horse, all simple horse is not needed here. And it makes no sense to have any fears because it still will happen if it’s in God will. And it is the best solution for the human being. We cannot have all at the same time, the youth, beauty, success, fame… still there is some point of harmony in everything and this should be followed.
    Also I would like to say that it is nice to see that George has some good friends and you can always find interesting people and comments on his forums.

  16. 91
    MBe Says:

    @Difference: Yes, you’re right.I’ve also noticed that for example threads about Brad Pitt have more comments but these comments are less interesting to read than ones on George’s threads, where always come interesting people, it says us something about the scale of George’s personality. Even though there is a problem that he faces these days, an intelligent rating of his forum is not falling, and it’s not only here but also on many other forums. Also it is good to see that he is self-critical and do not relate to the situation as a blockhead. He should not be sad, because he is not alone in his sadness.

  17. 92
    she's gross Says:

    i laughed so hard when i saw the recent “slippage” photos of her ass crack…can i see a show of hands for how many think this was a wardrobe malfunction? she is one step away from going back to porn, and i for one, say arrivederci.

  18. 93
    hot lady Says:


    omg, thank you for those dailymail pictures that was so hot :D

  19. 94
    she's gross Says:

    who is Hot Lady? canalis herself? slimy pr team? lesbian fan? get off it whoever you are. you’re beating a dead horse! ha!

  20. 95
    cubanMissile Says:

    the last bit of info I will give to all of you who obviously care is that George’s parents fell in love at a young age, married and have lived happily ever after. Nick fell in love with Nina at first sight.. They have a 5 year age difference, & I think she was 19 & he 24 at the time.

    George went on to conquer the world, so to speak. Success, fame, fortune…. but no soulmate. No true love.
    That is why he is sad, lonely & empty.
    This relationship (as several past unions) is superficial. He may share occasional physical intimacy, companionship, conversation & laughter. But not the true love his parents felt for each other. How often does that happen in a lifetime?

  21. 96
    Lifetime Says:

    @cubanMissile: Such things are not in our power. Probably if he would met his soul mate he’d gone other way, Love changes people… then you know that it is the most important and it is as in the face of Buddha is nothing to ask…

  22. 97
    hot lady Says:

    @she’s gross:

    girl please, you’re the one who needs to get off it. :/ I’m just not a jealous person. If someone is hot I say it and I have no problem admitting that she’s got an amazing body. I don’t understand how you can sit here and say her body is busted… you guys need your eyes checked and an appointment at the looney bin asap lol !!

  23. 98
    she's gross Says:

    please do not put words in my mouth and stop calling me girl. your posts smack of falsity and calling another woman hot connotes sexual interest. otherwise you would use more neutral language, unless you’re an ignoramus :) and I’d be willing to bet you are

  24. 99
    Now or Never Says:

    “How often does that happen in a lifetime?” maybe you have noticed that often when you begin washing the car it starts raining? But you cannot trigger rain by starting a car wash. Love is a Rain. But still there is also a path of a person, destiny. And sometimes they meet. Sometimes we hide from the rain under an umbrella, because we’re in a hurry. We isolate ourselves but the space of rain surrounds us. We subjectively think that we moving, but the rain goes on and on and we stand still.

  25. 100
    hot lady Says:

    @she’s gross:

    i just said i’d turn gay for her didn’t i?? LOL you’re the one who sounds like a jealous ignoramus. You should listen to yourself… jealous b*tch.

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