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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis soak up the sun on Monday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 49-year-old actor chatted with Elisabetta‘s sister, Gabriella, before the bikini-clad Italian actress greeted her with a huge hug.

Looks like George has been spending a lot of time with her family recently. Two weeks ago, he had dinner with her parents!

Elisabetta, 32, also took a stroll on the beach with some friends.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis vacationing in Mexico…

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  • Risky Business

    @ Lol…oh coolest. – oh & also an IP address on a computer can be checked instantly.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @Risky-took a look at IMDb to see what you were talking about. Lol! Not suprised in the least. I saw today that Sandra Bullock has went public with a relationship with Ryan Reynolds. Smart move!

    Now all the dirty laundry for the most part has been aired on the real truth about George and Canalis so probably the only thing stan/Canalis pr team along with mafia is play the gay card and other stupid attacks.

    I am pretty sure that it was known for awhile that the Bullock/Reynolds story was coming. Now it is panic and crunch time indeed.

    Now it explains the stupid attacks on this site, to the woman, whatever they try to do to George obviously failed. OH WELL!

    AS IT SHOULD HAVE! I am rooting and praying George comes home and make a straight beeline to the real woman he loves. Who cares if he is SUPPOSEDDLY BI! She obviously still loves him. Sounds like some people need to kiss where the sun will never shine… Lol

    I think God is working this all out. HA!

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    Risky thanks for the info about IP addresses and etc..

    All major movie studios have/use this technology along with assistance from their illegal partners if you know what I mean. Lol

    I am far from paranoid. Like Rhett Butler I don’t give a DAAAAMMM! If someone wastes their time doing this then they are flaming losers. Winky winkyyyyy!

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: Coz you’ve disappeared and we lost our criteria of wildness. All Christmas passed in the tradition of home madness… light one. Big Foot has not been at home for a long time and he forgot what real madness is. Yessss, indeed I’ve used all your electric blue balls, well maybe I’m not very good at using them for people-skittles, you must tell whether I succeed and got any results in this sport. Yep, by the way Santa has brought you some lightening dye-shampoo on Christmas, so now your hair will be lighter, longer and silky… I know this for sure because I washed with it Big Foot’s socks and now they are long and silky.

  • Winky

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!:
    Okay okay, why are you turning on? I bear no relation to your imagination about Cloonsters. Here we are only communicating with friends, writin bullshit, nobody reads us anyway. Such subtle intellectual ideas in fact are interesting only for a narrow circle, are mental delicacies. You know many who like you come over here and I’ve already heard a lot of things about his girlfriend and other stuff so I’ve already made certain conclusions about that. And what for IP, I recommend you to use certain programs that switch your IP address, as well as you can also use any IP of any country you want so the scanner gets your info, guys must try if you want to work well, no problems with this at all, that’s an only in what I can be helpful. Also I recommend you to break off the rudeness, because I do not like when people talk to me this way. So henceforth I would ask you to stop using such expressions to my person, watch your speech.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @winky- watch or what? You opened that can of worms and no one else. Make your conclusions it is a free world indeed. Io also know that therte is a valid reasons that you are here so I bear my own conclusions too.

    Oh well! I can only advise you to watch who you threaten as well for those things do come back and squarely bite you right in the arse. So you flung the first verbal attack so ummm….. I think you need to take yourt own advice and like watch YOUR speech.

    Have a good day will ya?

  • Winky

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: What? I asked you to watch your speech, now see you wrote about helminth-gays out of the box…

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @winky-you are not fooling anyone. Your balls are in vice grip hell and you are desperate. Not going there with you for you already lost. God bless you.

    You try to twist things in avid desperation. Good luck.

    I wish George the best. Grimaldi too!

  • Winky

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: Well, now you got upset. If God has blessed me why should I be in despair, if any loss is according to his will.
    And please do not write any more about balls, these are not mine but Wild Angel’s. Thus we automatically affect him and his gal. Yes, they are his and he can confirm this.
    So, Good luck!

  • Wild Angel

    @Winky: When are they gonna learn they can’t put Winky in a corner?

    And, yes, enough with the B-word….unless it’s “Bigfoot”. Because everyone knows this crazy parade isn’t over till Bigfoot marches by.

  • Paddy O’Reilly

    why don’t you last two wankers knock it off & leave LOL…Oh Coolest! alone??? She’s all fired up & rightfully so because you both are trying to deflect from her argument by being idiots, the both of ya!

    There are a lot of people reading here whether you like it or not.
    I was on another blog where they started discussing the nonsense going on here.

    I think she has a valid argument. There’s something brewing & George hasn’t been himself for a couple of years now.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @paddy- thank you! These arsewipes came on here to deflect. Stan is in a pickle so the only thing they can think of is this horseshat! Mafia is losing money and canalis is more than likely cut off!

    They are pissed off and swinging at anything they can. Perhaps the right people are putting two and two together.

    My understanding is that they are ticked they cannot bump off the woman george is in love with and perhaps george is waking up.

    Something is brewing and I have a feeling it is coming fast and furious. Yeah I said God bless you for we know the demons you are where you clowns are heading. Your gravy ttrains have dried up!

    Thank you for confirming all your fear and by the attacks you village idiots all of your days are numbered….

    Have a blessed day Paddy! Let’s keep. Watching the show. I am eagerly awaiting the end and I am sure george and his love is too!

  • Someone

    Must be some truth in the comments the two clowns are trying to bury.

  • Risky Business

    There’s a lot of truth. It’s a big sham the bogus Canalis: Clooney relationship. Dreamt up by his publicist & management. Of course, Clooney went along with it, albeit it half-heartedly.

    What it’s served to do is actually be counterproductive. They’ve been running polls on various websites to establish the credibility of the public’s opinion if it’s a real relationship, and it’s failed miserably. No one really believes it unless they have the IQ of a dung beetle.

    If anything, THERE’S MORE SPECULATION about Clooney’s sexuality because of his ASSOCIATION with Canalis. People generally can’t believe he’s dating someone so trashy like her. There’s no chemistry between them & he cannot act it because he DOESN’T feel it. For starters, he doesn’t like acting in love scenes.

    Lol…Oh Coolest! – you may feel like your challenging those mothertruckers who are digressing from the point, but a lot of people are proud of you. I believe George randomly gets bored and reads comments, so hopefully he has already noticed. I’m sure Stan & co are already monitoring in full effect.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @risky business and someone-Thank you so much. I can tell they are blocking even my posts now. I just typed up a reply and they did not allow it to print. So the fight is on eh?

    It is virtually so disgusting how Stan and management along with Canalis has turned a wicked deed to try to force George into more of this horseshat. WTF?

    George and his lady love deserve to be together once and for all. When I heard how Stan especially did all he could to create strife to strike pain at her and for money as well as fear I was sad real sad.

    Also for them to try to attack her a few days ago thinking it was a quick fix to get him to back down and go back to Canalis or suck up to a “relationship” with Sandra Bullock I thought how disgusting!

    Sandra Bullock took the bulls by the horns or her people did and made it public about her and Ryan Reynolds. Good for them!

    Stan must be frothing at the mouth because this all is going further south than anyone ever saw coming. They are desperate and pissed off and believe me I see even more attacks and even more nasty stuff that is going to be hurled.

    Nothing is beneath them on any level to do something. I would not be suprised if murder was in the cards if that got them what they want. There is no bottom to their greed and evil. BELIEVE IT!

    I say keeping watching. I know that more and more will be revealed and it will be a good thing. I am sure that his ladylove now knows to disregard the crap about his sexuality and so forth. All she needs to be concerned with is that their love is real. That is what matters at the end of the day.

    The more these monkeys attack the more it becomes obvious to me that something big is brewing and on the verge of exploding sky high.

    George deserves to be with the woman he loves and wouldn’t be cool if they settled down and a child is born out of all this ugliness? That would be a nice and happy ending to this greed and mess don’t you agree?

    I am sure Canalis has some nastiness up her sleeve. Is it true that she was like some prostitute that was a $1000 euros a night plus coke? Is it true that George’s arm was firmly twisted behind this back to take this deal and he chose her because she seemed the lesser of all the evils?

    I truly don’t know but I am asking. I find it interesting how hard I am attacked for that tells me that there is something making these clowns very nervous.

    So people keep talking, keep digging for the truth, and expose all their dark sins, actions and transgressions. This is long overdue and time.

    I am praying for George to come back safely and straight to the arms of who he really loves. I now don’t even care if he puts her in the limelight. Perhaps keeping it low key would be best for some time to come. These creeps are dangerous characters and have no limit to what they would do to get what they want.

    Someone stated that they threatened his family. I wonder if that is why his brother in law had the heart attack? Perhaps there is no connection but I do wonder you know….

    Take care everyone and keep the truth coming!

    I am proud of all of you for being smart enough to know that some of this stuff is horseshat!

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: Well, now you got upset. If God has blessed me why should I be in despair, if any loss is according to his will.
    And please do not write any more about balls, these are not mine but Wild Angel’s. Thus we automatically affect him and his gal. Yes, they are his and he can confirm this.
    So, Good luck!

    You are in despair because you are getting an a-whooping! tell your boss to cool his jets. why? karmically it just gets worse the more you attack. So good luck to you as well.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: Well, now you got upset. If God has blessed me why should I be in despair, if any loss is according to his will.
    And please do not write any more about balls, these are not mine but Wild Angel’s. Thus we automatically affect him and his gal. Yes, they are his and he can confirm this.
    So, Good luck!

    You are in despair because you are getting an a-whooping! tell your boss to cool his jets. why? karmically it just gets worse the more you attack. So good luck to you as well.

  • Someone

    Well well well, someone’s publicist is hard at work sending out “satire” press releases saying that Cagnalis would make a perfect first lady. Gee, where have I seen that comment before? And where is a barf bag when you really need one? Hopefully the Weekly World News is the only rag trashy and stupid enough to run the cokewh*re’s latest press release.

  • Anonymous

    Stan does what he was told to do.
    This is multimove combination which exposes not only the young shoots of mafia but also has a task to get to the roots,so at this stage is impossible to stop it.And you do not suspect that Stan might play a dual role? At this operation stage Stan is not in any danger,dangerous will be when the guns lose their branches and then they start to suspect Stan.

  • Willy Wonka Italy

    I think GC is gay, I can not explain otherwise his relationship with the ugly tranny cokewo.hre so well known in Italy to move from one bed to another of rich men and her several b/f (a lot of soccers). she dated with D. Rombolotti a drug dealer, she claims her name in ho0ker & drug Hollywood’s night club since 2008, she’s a Berlusconi tv girl…
    nobody can see her, in Italy celebrities would be ashamed dating with Elisacessa Cagnalis!!! this is benn a big wrost of Clooney, it will be hard to repair his pubblic immage! all thin obviously she’s only a bead!

  • Willy Wonka Italy

    this is been a big wrost of Clooney, it will be hard to repair his pubblic immage! all think obviously she’s only a beard Clooney’s!

  • Elisabrutta C

    $5 me love you long time….

  • Risky Business

    @Willy Wonka Italy: That’s my whole point.
    General public opinion is that they CANNOT understand why Clooney would date an unattractive, masculine woman who is implicated in a drugs & prostitution racket in Milano and who cannot even communicate in Englsih with Clooney.
    It’s damaged his profile so much that people are speculating more than ever that he’s GAY OR BI & she’s a beard.
    So there you go, bald man duo PR & mgmnt! You’ve undermined his image. Careful he doesn’t lose the Omega & Nespresso endorsements too next…..

  • LapDance

    @Wild Angel: to put me into the corner only Bigfoot can… but it doesn’t mean that I am going to stand there idly……
    Also I think that there is a mistake in football teams training, they train players when in fact they should train balls.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @Anonymous-WTF?-STAN HAS ALWAYS PLAYED A DUAL ROLE ESPECIALLY WEN GEORGE WAS AT WARNER BROS! He got what was explained to me “dual checks”. He never had Clooney’s interest at heart it was only to appear that way. It was only with help of brute force in the last few years that Stan got George to go with this. Stan cares about Stan. He is scared now and he should be.

    They call Stan Elmer Fudd because it is whispered in many circles that Stan of all things is envious of George. It makes sense about all the talk saying George is gay. STAN IS AT THE CORE OF THE TALK. No he can’t stop the action because his whole entire family will be taken out. It is also no small secret that Jerry Weintraub is also linked into mafia as well.

    George trusted the wrong people and they got him in too deep. These mafia goons are more than likely the same ding dongs who tried to attack his woman. George from what has been said had his hands tied in terms of his contact with her and etc.

    As far as the bisexual crap going around I met people who has family members that work with these mafia goons. The ones on the west coast the majority of them are bisexual and gay. For that reason they leave the east coast.

    East coast mafia consider them a disgrace and if te word got around aout their sexual preferences they would get whacked. Now I would not be suprised if George was forced into a intimate situation with this scum. Boy that would be huge to hold over his head now wouldn’t it? Canalis it is said is bisexual so whose to say that some of the mafia in Italy swung both ways?

    For me it is all coming together. It shouldf becoming together for all of you too! Lapdance comments is just for deflection and like who cares?

    Just look at lapdance comments as comic relief. I do! Lol

  • HipChick99

    or maybe they call Stan, Elmer Fudd because he looks like him. D’oh!!

    is all the talk that Clooney’s secret boyfriend is Waldo Sanchez?
    How come there’s so many remarks about that everywhere?
    Clooney’s bi.

    Clooney cannot have biological kids so maybe he’ll be able to live his life happily with whomever he pleases.

  • Anonymous

    There is no woman that George loves. No fairly tale ending.
    It’s insane to think so.
    And he’s not gay.

    Stan is just doing his job. If it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. All part of the process.

  • Someone

    @HipChick “How come there’s so many remarks about that everywhere?”
    It’s an effort to keep Clooney fearful enough to keep buying and going along with the publicity snake oil being sold to him, when in reality the publicity snake oil is hurting his reputation. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that certain people would like to see continue for their own benefit. I see that you are here to plant yet another rumor, one that he can’t have biological kids. Even if that were true, it’s no one’s business, and you are pure scum for posting personal medical information. It’s not important or relevant to Clooney’s love or his fans, and your only purpose in stating this is yet another attempt to instill fear in Clooney.

    @Anonymous “There is no woman that George loves. It’s insane to think so.”
    And how would you know there is no woman George loves? You don’t know there is no woman, and to state that it’s “insane” to think there is makes about as much sense as saying it’s insane to think anything else about which you’re ignorant, which undoubtedly encompasses a vast amount of information.

  • Wild Angel

    Message for Winky and Lap Dance: Stan is impressed with our posts. He says our checks are in the mail and we’re all getting promotions! Woohoo, I say!

  • HipChick99

    @Someone – Hey psycho whackjob!
    He said so himself that he’ll never have children. Doesn’t want ‘em.
    The Waldo rumor can’t be by Stan because his staff is suppressing it. So I’m guessing that it’s leaking in the press somehow. But George never has come out to deny it.
    And it’s crew also that hear these rumors while working on film sets. Always about Waldo.
    Then there was this mysterious brunette we saw on last few film sets. Not Angel but no one knew who she was. Kept avoiding everyone but with him a lot privately. Very discreet.
    If he’s straight then he should be with a woman he loves not that phony.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    Don’t worry someone hipchick is making her rounds courtesy of elmer fudd. I told ebveryone the insults and attacks were going to get worse. So let’s tell some truth. Let’s see stan’s ex-wife is married the last it was told to me that has a business in beverly hills.

    She divorced stan due to his lack of responsibility anmd even had to get the court to stand on his neck about taking care of his kids. He at one point fell behind about 5-6 months on house payments and his kids were hoing on the streets. Stan’s money was tied up in gambing and so forth. He took out multiple loans to pay off the debts.

    I believe this is the start of being indebted to mafia. He also got in good with Warner Bros. So they entrusted George to his care. They are also deep into the mafia way so big deal. Stan eventually healed his relationship with his kids but still have some of his nasty habits. George was a guaranteed payday! Stan helps fill his mind with crap and make surte the only women who get close to him is the ones that cannot be comtrolled.

    Now what cracks me up is that hipchick if u saw her is frm hip. She wears the most nerdiest glasses and one of the uigliest honkers known to man.

    Enough digressing there back to stan. Stan signed a five year lease on his office in century city. He actually gets more than one check in fact. Mafia cuts him a chunk of change to plus take it easy on his extra debts. Stan given thecjance sleeps around on his girlfriend if given someone who is willing to do it.

    George is in love with someone and these clowns are poissed off right now. I bet they would try witchcraft if they think it would give them the edge.
    Guys they are being pressured and I am sure the mafia did not like their secrets about homosexuality being exposed. Ooops!
    Just keep laughing. I am.

  • Someone

    @HipChick lying idiot whackjob, everyone knows George has said he doesn’t want children. What YOU said was that he cannot have children biologically, which is an entirely different statement. I see that you were trying to plant even more rumors, now. First you said that George doesn’t have a woman he loves, and now you’re saying she may be some brunette woman. Since you can’t seem to make up your mind which rumors/lies you want to plant and keep contradicting yourself, you should stopping posting and go back to drinking your bong water.

  • Someone

    Interesting info about Stan, Lol… Oh Coolest!. I wonder if Stan cheats on his girlfriend with the bisexual mafia boys. I’m willing to bet that Cagnalis gave Stan bj’s in exchange for the job of publicity wh*re. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: Hmm so now we can consider that he is our boss, coz couple posts ago they asked to tell him that he’s got very hot jet, but at that time he wasn’t our boss yet. And you and I by the way are village idiots…

  • Wild Angel

    Don’t mind “them”, Winky. They’re just jealous haters.

  • HipChick99

    @Someone: hey dumbass, I don’t hang out in front of my computer on a Sunday like an loser who is obsessed with Clooney.
    I’ll repeat he cannot have biological kids coz he doesn’t want em. Maybe he’d be willing to adopt, dickwad, if his partner wanted em. But he cannot have biological kids because he doesn’t want them. Figure it out.
    We hear he’s bi. Chinese whispers.. No one knows for sure. Most think so because it’s all phony about that Eli woman & the goss on Waldo.
    NEXT: LOLcool, don’t get what you mean. The brunette lady we saw was 30ish, smokin’ hot, no big schnoz but big dark shades. Even in Detroit & St Louis, when it was winter during filming. But, hey, who knows what she was doing there. Just spent a lotta time with him alone.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    Hipchick you will figure out what I mean so enough. George dates more than one at a time no big shock. Also woman could of been there for reasons unknown. Stan did sell him off like property to the mafia. Who knows! That will be revealed in time too.

    As for not wanting kids well that is his secret and his alone. All will be revealed sooner than later. That is for sure.

    All of this will be sorted soon enough. Financial restitution will have to be made for damages done. It is game over and has been for some time. Peace ya’ll

  • Someone

    @HipChick99 you make no sense whatsoever and are dumber than a rock. So you’re not posting from YOUR computer, huh? Wow, we’re all impressed. Bet you’re posting from your mom’s basement on her computer. You need to get a dictionary and learn some English. “Cannot” and “does not want to” have completely different meanings. Maybe you’d better lay off the bong water for a while as you can’t afford to lose any more i.q. points.

  • Someone

    Lol… Oh Coolest!, keep the truth coming. You’re a brave soul. George deserves happiness and freedom. Interesting that the more truth that comes out, the more the shills post lies and deflection.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @Someone- lol. I am doing what many felt should have been done a long time. It is so ridiculous what is going on. George and his ladylove. Will get through all of this with faith and prayer along with a big dose of strength.
    These clowns are something else. With all this garbage I now know why Stan has his office in such a highly guarded high rise in Century City. He needs the protection after all it is a extremely dirty job to purposely railroad everyone and everybody for a daammm dollar.

    Now to have nincompoops to post anything and everything to deflect from the truth now that is something isn’t it?

    I wonder what his ex-father in law Zeke the cartoonist would say if he knew what his ex-son in law has evolved into?

    What does he tells his son and daughter? It is obvious he and his crew don’t look at themselves in the mirror in the morning?

    I wonder what Stan’s girlfriend think of all of this? I heard that they met having surgery in the hospital. Hmmmm….I wonder if that is when Stan had his conscience, ethics, and pride removed?
    Does make me wonder. Someone stated anonmyously that if Stan didn’t do George in, it would have been someone else. Forgive me but that is a crock of pure shat just like all the defecting and diversions going on. Get real Stan & people! Is that what you tell yourselves so you can keep collecting the cash? Pathetic!

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: You see Wildy, not everyone could make their way in the world with the help of their brains… In fact you should warn Bigfoot that soon it will be written about me that I am gay, bisexual, I cannot have children… all because of the popularity… I was with some mysterious brunette, I’m dating with Waldo… Ann Curry… all coz of popularity… also I have bad taste in women, very unstable and Lothario.. and in fact have no dick at all. All just for that he would left me and was very afraid of mafia. More on this can be added the incurable diseases, hereditary madness, debts, foster children… got psychically intimate with ho… Yet Tony and other Italian musicians will call him, offering him money…
    All of this info they can use as well for George, because exactly now when he is in Sudan it distracts a little from real problems and it will be good for his psyche.
    By the way you and I have now 100 % alibi that we work with Stan not because we sleep with him ))))

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @winky and wild angel- stop telling us about personal issues. It is bad enough we have people like the idiots that continually set up these pr games. What you do is piss poor deflections. Funny enough I know that you are trying your hardest to spin everything.

    So feel free to take your perch on the ledge anytime you want to.

    So what kind of software do you use to find out everyone’s IP addresses? You guys are not nearly as ignorant as you would like us to believe. This is your way of getting us to lower our guard. Ummmm..yeah

  • Winky

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: As if you write about George Clooney’s issues, I don’t see that he has/had any of these problems; they all are your personal problems. Or you think all this has happened to him in Sudan?

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @winky-well we agree on a certain perspective. You see if you really read what is out there nothing is said that he has problems except those created by his pr and management.


    George is a okay guy who has greedy slimeballs around him, however he will soon be okay. So twisting this crap and try to put it on me is really reaching.

    Daammm is that the best stan & company can think of? You dildos are really trying hard here. Not going to work. I am not the one whose gravy train is coming to a hard and fast stop.

    You are getting a little ticked. Hmmm…ya boss man is getting nervous. Well he should be.

  • like a horse!

    Elisacessa Cagnalis = slu.t!!!

  • Winky

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: Good that you agree but you do not understand the basic line… Wild Angel and I have just recently agreed to work in a Stan’s team with a certain purpose… First we read all your posts and straight after we commit suicide, so in result we get this Stan PR = 2 persons less. Got the idea? ;-) But you as well continue to do your thing and write all these things, as Wow! This is Stan’s PR, they did do much evil etc. And don’t worry about George, we will calm him down by telling he shouldn’t pay attention… So now you can write all you want, because it is still Stan PR and you are part of our project.

  • HipChick99

    yeah, uh-huh, sure!
    @deranged Someone. You can’t see my IP address bubblebrain bc my computer is at a studio.
    There are some totally insane whack-jobs out there that claim some psychic informed them that George is their destiny. Or others crossed his path & think he’s secretly in love with them. Take your meds asap!
    There’s medical terms for anyone so deluded.

    If there is some woman in his life that he loves, it may be someone well concealed that no one sees. Away from the public eye. Not a lonely, aging battleaxe that spends all her time fantasizing about their destiny. Sad…really!

    Fact is, I wondered if the brunette we saw with him was a masseuse. But then we saw her again at the Kahala resort bar in Honolulu in late April. Again with George. No one I recognized. Petite & attractive. Not that sushi broad & not Krista, according to colleagues. He looked smitten. 2 weeks later, Canalis arrived & his demeanor changed altogether. No further comments.

    I’ll keep my eyes open in Cincinatti next month for my own curiosity, but not commenting.

    The Waldo perspective comes from within the industry for some reason. Probably to hurt George & his parents. Or just people wanting gossip & scandal.

    As for the kids scoop, I was told he can’t have kids coz he doesn’t want them. That can be interpreted in many ways, including he takes/ took measures not to have any.

    I’m outta here, fools!

  • Wild Angel

    @Winky: Stan said I can have the corner office with the window because I’m his favorite. Don’t hate on me. Sorry.
    PS you can keep the Magic 8 ball. Let’s do lunch.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @Winky-part of your project? Oh you ding dongs crack me up! Whatever gets you through the day. I could care less!

    Hipchick yeah I do agree there is some prime whack jobs out there. I read that thing you talked about. There are people who work in Hollywood who are just as bonkers.

    In fact,some of them work for George in certain capacities.
    As far as that brunette well that is no big shock George likes opposite sex and he does have needs. After Stan has trained him that he is only allowed certain women around you know the kind that can be ummmm..bought? He more than likely gets lonely then again isn’t you or someone on this board is pushing the gay deal? I cannot remember know.

    So Winky you and the goons are hired guns with me as a special project? George is hysterical? Well heck who wouldn’t be? He signed a deal with the devil and it is biting him in the ummm…..arrssseeee!

    Stan is not enjoying being exposed then who would when you developed the perfect gravy train eh?

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: OHoooooO! Magic 8 Ball!! Now I will be the winner at all Sexbowling championships!!
    Stan will give you everything he has because only with us he can feel himself safe. The fact that he gave you his is criteria of his necessity.
    Lunch? Okay, the most important that it’d be not the conservatory. Bigfoot and I were already going there as usual village idiots. But we didn’t get anything… orchestra on the stage, the music began, I ask him whether it is Beethoven or Bach and he tells me: I cannot recognize him since I see him from behind.