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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis soak up the sun on Monday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 49-year-old actor chatted with Elisabetta‘s sister, Gabriella, before the bikini-clad Italian actress greeted her with a huge hug.

Looks like George has been spending a lot of time with her family recently. Two weeks ago, he had dinner with her parents!

Elisabetta, 32, also took a stroll on the beach with some friends.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis vacationing in Mexico…

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947 Responses to “George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple”

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  1. 126
    Anonymous Says:

    These pics are old. Clooney had a mustache and beard today on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.” Canalis probably held onto these pics for months before releasing them.

  2. 127

    Hmmmmm……let’s see a person is constantly reminded that he is solely responsible for the welfare & livelihood of many people. As he is being told onm a constant basis he is this and that as well as a major movie studio is willing to ply him with whatever substance or ****** he desires to reel him in and get him use to the “good life”.

    Instead of putting in safety measures the man is pushed to the edge. He grew up in his own words putting on a image, and not being in touch with with what is truly authentic. A world where a blowjob is a form of money, and you have a extreme tightrope of a line to walk.

    A world where until recently and still not fully accepted interracial relationships and people are seen as “exotic” or some boxed category. If theone you truly love do not meet up to some bigoted slight Archie Bunker mentality tyhen the studio WILL DICTATE WHOM YOU ARE SUPPOSEDLY DATING, AND BONING. A world that gets off dictating when you take a ****, eat or whatever because many in this industry should be locked up in a psychiatric ward. A world where if you are pretty normal in order to fit in you find yourself on a hard downward slide into. A form of mental illness or disturbance. A world you can immediately identify the sociopathic or mentally ill for if you step out of what is acceptable for them and there control issues then there is absolutely nothing in there power they will do to you to satisfy their sick appetites.

    Now you as a major A-list actor you are ORDERED to only stick your ***** into certain accepted holes and perform like a circus monkey.

    The same man has a management team that drills on the weaknesses and fears to “coerce” him into some of the craziest schemes and have the gall to lie that the bullshit plot with a coke loving dip is actually working and the management itself have a real questionable past themselves.

  3. 128
    Cliff Burton Says:

    When a man lies, he murders some part of the world. These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.

  4. 129
    Trojan Diet Says:

    No need to be that emotionally excited, there’s nothing sexual in whole this… but if to use a cold mind it is possible to find a few hot spots, on which even sceptic Stan will pay attention. The public does not accept such advertising and this is huge financial losses, as well as downgrade of George’s ratings. If the team is in their right mind, they need to understand this is not their benefit. If the team prefers to build routes for the Italian mafia to the US and earning along the way, certainly they are not interested in an effective marketing and it is already a dangerous symptom. This is already a threat to national security and an appropriate services will be engaged. Of course maybe Stan & Co. do not understand the whole seriousness of the situation and want to continue in the same spirit, in this case they should find another hostler for this Trojan horse. George comes to the White House, George goes to Sudan and on this background remains unnoticed what’s really going on, and skeptical Stan’s view should see that to continue this way is no longer possible, all becomes too obvious. George has not participated in this and never will, it must be understood. George is very upset and if he will drink a bottle of scotch every night the project will become even more unsuccessful and the whole team will bear damages, so here we also must take into consideration the human factor. George is at the limit. Maybe some trade-offs can be found here? Because if George feels bad so does everybody.

  5. 130
    Little Red Riding Hood Says:

    @WELL THIS IS A BIG SHOCK!: Wow, so much info for the poetry…..
    But George if you got such a problem with a vice grip you know better not to twitch much. In whose hands are these pliers? Yeah, also I wanted to tell you why Red Riding Hood has been called a Red one… it’s because she made that hood out of the wolf and wears it meat outside.

  6. 131
    Risky Business Says:

    Awwwww, poor George!
    I’d be guzzling down a bottle of bourbon too every night if I had to bone a lame-ass trashy broad like her. Probably put a pillow over her head & lights off too. Ha ha ha!
    Man, Mathew McConnaghey’s girlfriend has a killer body. F..k, how sexy is her butt! Lucky dude.

    Friend of mine works at a gym in Studio City for years. Trains A-listers. Told me recently that George was teamed up with that ugly broad Elisabeta through a friend. Brian & Stan approve his relationships. It sux! They control him totally. If he likes someone bad enough, they check her out through all kinds of surveillance & try to “buy” her for him.
    If she’s unattainable, then they manipulate him with lies & deception. If that doesn’t work, it can get ugly. Like even threats.
    Don’t wanna know.
    Guido The Killer PImp

  7. 132
    Little Red Riding Hood Says:

    @Risky Business: I personally do not get it at all what for go to the gym. For example what the sense for the wolf to go to the gym when he makes some logical errors and as a result his belly’s been ripped up. For example Stan, who gets out of his skin, but he’s got increased cranio-hypertension and three days later bang! a stroke, and you’ll see how right away he will be interested in a completely different problems rather than control George.

  8. 133
    layla Says:

    the only eason she’s skinny is cocaine, she is into a ho0ker & drug investigation, see old photos people! she was more 10 kg!
    good 88 CubanMissile, this is her real ugly flat flabby ass before plastic surgery! see Hawai photos:

  9. 134

    @Risky Business that is exactly what I heard too. This is real scary if you ask me. Would they bring harm/death to get the woman to go away? I ask because I have heard some wild stories straight out of some movies too.

    It also said years ago Stan had a bad gambling problem that really cost him. I am sure he would have it under control by now I would think.

    George needs his freedom. Yeah this would make anyone drink. They will put him in an early grave. I think a huge shout for all the cool and n brave souls who are coming forward with this information.

    George and any star in this position deserve a decent life with whom they really love. Shame on you Stan and Bryan, karma will bite you so hard. There is no escaping this one that’s for sure.

    Let’s keep the truth coming out. This helps not only George but many other actors in the same dilemna and those who come along in the future.

    You guys rock because you care and if George is reading all this then this gives him hope. So let’s keep it coming!

  10. 135
    Margaret Says:

    @WOW RISKY YOU HIT IT!: i think it should be told to Stan how much he can earn on this girl, in this case I am sure he will be interested. world survives through the crisis now and all these cheap w’hores which Stan buys or other used, only more lead to depression.I worked with her together for some time and must say she has very good&loyal character and bright mind,if the goals will be well-defined no way she will interfere.As for interracial thing..for example Schwarzenegger became California’s governor,so what.she is of the first Aryan blood,there are not many such people left in the world our days, infact she can take part at any beauty contest and immediately wins; another thing that she does not like publicity,but if George will ask her maybe she’ll agree,then the ratings are guaranteed.After all from the perspective of common sense the next PR romance will send George into knockout. In the state that George is now,I see this as the only reasonable solution.

  11. 136
    WTF? Says:

    @Margaret stop the red herrings dear! Stan and the rest of the hired goons will be of no consequence as they are now.

    Margaret I did not know that men were given this name. How interesting. It is good to see how fear leads to desperate diversions.

    This bs was over a long time ago, and the hiring of cheap whores as you call them will be interesting from this point on. I know the pr teams have regrouped to try to salvage all of this but its well….over.

    I am sure that they threatened harm to his parents amongst other things but this is where it all ends.

    If there was no fear and worry then we would not see posts from Margarets or Targets of Deception. Then again Stan does have a young blonde that works(ed) for him. In fact she could pass for his daughtert.

    So the question is does Stan would hire his son or daughter for chores like this. Word has it that Lourd is gay so I don’t know how to ppsition that one.

    Stan makes a boatload and I wonder how he would feel I the woman he is involved with was tampered with as he done to the relationships of meaning in Georges life?

    As I read before some people need to tread carefully. Your time is up and ity is raw and open right now. Too many people’s lives have touched by this. It is time for all the truth to come out and George have some peace of mind.

    Peace out fearful ones and good luck.

  12. 137
    As for Arnold..... Says:

    @Margaret I do believe the great Aryan brother “The Governator” is now past memory. Lol… Didn’t Hitler kill himself? I wonder why don’t you???

    Thanks for showing not only your fear but how deep the bigotry runs deep in Hollywood. It is gong to be a nice shift of energy when everything that you goons have done will continue to implode.

    Just remember what you dish out will come back in spades. Funny how the Aryan is worshipped when all of its followers are Jews. What an interesting twist of fate is it not?

  13. 138
    Risky Business Says:

    Stan R’s blood pressure will sky rocket if he reads these comments.
    Yep, Brian L was married to Carrie Fischer (Princess Leia in Star Wars; who recently outed John Travolta). Brian & Carrie had a kid & then Brian left her for another man.
    @#134 Layla – she didn’t have plastic surgery. I heard she was SO upset after the flabby ass photos in Hawaii that she demanded the Lake Como boat shots that came out in July. See, she was betting on her ass being her only asset, so that really bummed her. (LOL.. sorry guys)..
    Apparently she started grueling workouts to tone the flat flabby ass & it’s still heavily photoshopped. Weird stuff. Like in July, she was leaning on the boat’s steering wheel to make it look perky. F***king famewhore freak was desperate.
    There’s a photo on Just Jared supposedly taken last week, where George has his hand on her shoulder and she’s walking beside him. You can even see the dimples & flabbiness on her ass. No photoshop on that one since there were leaves from a plant in the way.
    There’s nothing wrong with cellulite, ladies. But Elisabutta is trying to let the world know she’s better than everyone else & deserves fame & glory.
    I don’t know yet if they spent Xmas together. I think he flew back to Kentucky to be with his family & she stayed with hers. Or so I heard.
    But then she’ll freak even more if this leaks out. God forbid, the world knows that she’s not with the biggest bachelor in Hollywood. F***ing cokehead can’t even speak English.

  14. 139
    Oh Risky! Says:

    Let Stan’s blood pressure rise he brought it upon himself God bless his wicked soul! There is a new article from “The Sun” which Elisabetta is called CRACKER CANALIS”. This is funny for cracker in slang terminology in America is far from flattering! Lol oh my!!!!!

    It’s over and it has totally fallen apart. Kudos to George if was with his family. That is how it should be done. If it is true Stan and Bryan puts women under surveillance I wish somehow it would be exposed 100%.

    Far as Bryan leaving Carrie Fisher than it all makes sense why she outed John Travlta. It was her own way of healing. God bless her! That had to be a huge punch in the gut for her.

    This is what I am talking about in terms of karma people. It is said that Bryan and Stan keeping George under their thumbs 24-7 and telling him lies to scarehim away from women or people they do not want him around.

    Wow! Is this going to bite them in the rear or

  15. 140
    Risky Business Says:

    @Oh Risky!: pretty sure he spent the holidays with his parents & sister’s family, the good ol’ Irish Catholic way.
    Don’t know about the extent of surveillance about anyone that may seem potentially interesting to them. Only that if they want to know about someone…anyone… the technology is so sophisticated that it’s instantly accessible. Satellite IT…whatever.
    Someone told me think CSI, think Eagle Eye (film), think James Bond, & you still can’t imagine how advanced surveillance is these days.

    Stan & Bryan alone aren’t calling the shots. They’re protecting the brand (George) who willingly entered this agreement when he wanted stardom.
    There are big bucks behind filmmaking & advertising. All interlinked. These guys are tools in the process.
    ☮ Peace ✌

  16. 141
    Risky Business Says:
    You’re right. This was filmed yesterday. His mustache & goatee would have taken 3-4 weeks to grow.
    So no way are the recent photos in Cabo from 1 or 2 weeks ago. More PR baloney.

  17. 142
    Cora Says:

    …… and the conspiracy theories roll on and on and on …… *eye roll*

  18. 143
    Lol Says:

    Cora how can you roll your eyes and scratch your crotch the same time? Please do tell. Now that is a real good conspiracy in itself.

    What I do find that would be fascinating is why male posters use names like Cora and Margaret. Not to mention generational……..

  19. 144
    Anonymous Says:

    It’s obvious to me that Clooney uses these photo ops as a diversion, so that he can have privacy. The photos are often released to make people think he’s in one place when he’s somewhere entirely different. He wasn’t in Cabo over the holidays. These pics are old. He was probably in Kentucky with his family over the holidays, just as someone else posted.

  20. 145
    Eminem Says:

    I love you ! Stan, you are sexy as deuce!!!

  21. 146
    Lol Says:

    This is interesting. If this is really Elisabetta. A deuce? Some people might think you mean something else. I did not watch the video but saw a caption that stated a man commits suicide over a woman’s rejection.
    How interesting! That is a mind f if I ever saw one. This brings to mind some choice words someone stated about this entire situation. If George ended up dead, jail or “suicide” then it will be very easy to figure out where, whom, and why.

    Now what dummies like you don’t get that there is a balance that will be met. You or something you hold dear will suffer some tragedy or its equivalent.

    George is loved and protected as well as those he care about. Fear and playing with the mind is quite rampant and that has long played itself out. In fact people threatening Clooney right now is really not a brilliant idea in itself.

    Canalis, Mafia Brigade, Stan and all those who used George’s own fears and insecurities shame on you!

    Your evil and nastiness has become your own undoing. It can only go further downhill from here. God bless you for all of you are totally flucked and it is going to get worse the more garbage you do.

    It is your funeral you can cry if you want to. Lol


  22. 147
    Lol...Another thought. Says:

    Will someone kindly explain the need for a “diversion” while George go to Kentucky for Christmas? Forgive me but that is the BIGGEST load of cow manure I have ever heard.

    Most people in his position just ummm….go. This is way over the top in my opinion and melodramatic in so many ways not to mention a deliberate draw of attention.

    I have an idea! How about as “The Sun” called her “Cracker Canalis” wanted ummmm…..attention? Also perhaps someone is trying to incite some ummmm….jealousy? Lol! Can we say ooops?

    Instead we all know many truths about this situation and it can die a very quick death. All the threats of harm/death, blackballing, surveillance can all die a. Quick death ummm….right now? Lol

    No more the codependent need for a display of love needing to be proven? Ummmm….I thought so.

  23. 148
    LOL Says:

    Elisabrutta released yet another set of pics to the Daily Mail today in which she’s still pretending to be on holiday with George in Cabo. George is not in Cabo; he appeared on ABC in the U.S. this past Sunday with a mustache and goatee. I guess the Daily Mail, or should we call it the Daily Fail, is the only publication outside Italy sleazy and desperate enough to carry most of Cagnalis’s press releases.

  24. 149
    COOLEST Says:

    What are you sayin, who is going to make suicide!? If they infuriate George The End will come to all of them, it’s just he is not that angry yet. And he’s such a cool man! You know how he is cooking an omelette? He swallows the eggs, cheese, onions and lays down with his stomach on a frying pan

  25. 150
    Someone Says:

    @”Lol…Another thought,” if what you’re saying about this stuff being to make someone jealous is true, it would only work if the someone isn’t very smart. Also, if the someone has intuitive abilities, it wouldn’t work. It would pretty presumptuous and egotistical of George to try to make an intelligent and intuitive person jealous by using obviously staged photo ops with a decidedly unattractive and unenviable girl for whom he obviously does not care. So are these games going to keep up until the someone plays stupid and pretends to buy into all this horsesh*t?

    Okay, fine. I’m sooo jealous. Such a representation of European beauty is the Cagna, and George bought her an island.

    I may need a few acting lessons myself to pull this off.

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