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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis soak up the sun on Monday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 49-year-old actor chatted with Elisabetta‘s sister, Gabriella, before the bikini-clad Italian actress greeted her with a huge hug.

Looks like George has been spending a lot of time with her family recently. Two weeks ago, he had dinner with her parents!

Elisabetta, 32, also took a stroll on the beach with some friends.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis vacationing in Mexico…

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947 Responses to “George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple”

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  1. 151
    Anonymous Says:

    @Lol: Eli’s English is very bad and when she writes that you are all Jealous she means Jews. Maybe in this case she meant this too, how do you think? Or probably she confused 2 pence with 2 penises, who knows…

  2. 152
    Oh coolest! Says:

    That is too funny! His tummy on the frying pan? Lol! I would pay to see that! He is not that angry yet? So the cloonster still got the big hairy gondolas that he is known for?

    That is refreshing to know. Now tell him I will take one of those famous omelettes to go! Lol…lol…lol

    A woman’s dream is a good looking man thaty knows how to cook. Lol

    Oh my! I needed this laugh! Thanks!

  3. 153
    Lol... Oh Coolest! Says:

    That is too funny! I guess that gives a whole new meaning to Iron Man?
    I will take one of those omelets to go! Lol

    So he is not mad yet? Hmmmm…sounds like someone is getting off on all the attention from all of this? Oh well! Lol!

    Real women like a good looking man who can cook. So George maybe just maybe if you play your cards right instead of relying & listening to the bunker hill dildo squad you just get a better, classier model.

    Enough of the pr games and bs. Wrap this all up and move away from it.

    Quick question about the satellites though who is going to watch the terroists and who is going to watch the diamond mines?

    Just curious. Wink….wink

  4. 154
    Lol... Oh Coolest! Says:

    Someone@ You hit it right on the head! I bet that smart, intuitive, intelligent female is laughing her **** off! I WOULD!

    Now the suave thing to do is George just suck it up and make nice with woman. I am sure he got her attention but instead of treating her like the ****** he buys perhaps a one on one conversation plus realigning each other values usually does the trick.

    In fact telling his entourage that orders him on who he dates to take a very long hike on a very short pier just might help too?

    Face it if he is making someone jealous there might be feelings he is too scared to come to terms with yet.

    That I okay-that is fear. Deal with it and move on I say!

    If he plays it nice he might get a home cooked meal out of it. ROTFLMAO

    George is quite cute in his inventions when you think about it….LOL

  5. 155
    Risky Business Says:

    seems butt-ugly Elisabrutta’s psychotic friends are trying to spin more baloney about the bogus relationship. If it’s not her. Bad English & all.

    FACE IT ELISABRUTTA – you’re an unattractive woman with an even uglier soul. An obsessed megalomanic craving fame & fortune.
    She’s obviously reading these posts because in the Crackwhore Canalis article in the UK Sun newspaper she’s squatting like she needs to do a #2 in the water, just so she can give the illusion of a perky feminine butt. And it’s photoshopped…sigh…

    George is dealing with humanitarian relief for disasters, famine & war… & Elisabrutta Canalis – the Sardinian plain Jane with delusions of grandeur – is constantly promoting her floppy, flat posterior.

    They did not spend Christmas nor New Year’s Eve together. Their paths crossed on one day in Cabo. Elisabrutta treated her family to a Mexican holiday and asked George for photo ops, as it was an “ideal opportunity.” Yeah, how convenient. He hadn’t seen her for months. Then she co-incidentally happened to be there.

    Alas, Sandra is just around the corner… Piece of cake, Stan. The groundwork was laid in last year’s Academy Awards.

  6. 156
    lol Says:

    Well,well,well. Now it is all coming together. Now I now know who Sandra is linked to as well. Hmmmm….It really puts a different spin on why she and Jesse is now divorced. Could it be that George and Sandra have occassionally been boinking all this time?

    Also it would be difficult if George is in love with someone else so I guess she would need to be bumped off like ummm….quick! Now what really sucks is that maybe just maybe you can’t get to this special woman because she is under protection and your wee wee”s will be chopped in a New York minute before you can get to her?

    So perhaps just perhaps now you have to start the Sandra spin and allude to the fact that she has been horizontal already with George?

    Man! Oh Man! It just keeps getting better and better! Hmmm….I always wondered why all the those horrible things happened to Sandra after winning the Oscar.

    The money that has been spent already to get this “affair” up and running. Stan and the mafia is probably greasing their little chubby hands together.

    Well you think the catastrophe with Elisabetta was bad. Sit back and let this one take off. It is guaranteed to be more exciting!

    Hmmm….will their be surveillance on key individuals too? OH do please tell! George’s public are dying to know! Word has it they have a snap and cracking Latino team that is doing the dirty work.

    Columbian perhaps????LOL….

  7. 157
    Risky Business Says:

    @lol: haven’t alluded about any current intimacy btwn G & S at all. Don’t know if they’ve even ever had a casual past… Just suggesting that it would work wonders in PR terms for their careers (& of course box office takings) if they were to hook up during the filming. I was being facetious. Either way, they’re box-office draw-cards.
    I doubt if he is secretly in love with some unattainable woman. If for some reason he had feelings for someone & he was strongly advised that she wouldn’t be suitable for his image, I’m sure he could have a private discreet relationship with her. Then he’d always seem positively radiant & glowing. People in love exude blissful happiness. But no. He seems sad & sombre most of the time.

  8. 158
    Anonymous Says:

    It’s interesting that an extremely contagious strain of bird flu is killing thousands if not millions of birds in North America so soon after a few of George’s female acquaintances suffered from viral meningitis, which is often contracted from mosquitoes that have bitten birds infected with west nile or other viruses. Perhaps a few mosquitoes carrying a new viral strain designed to cause meningitis escaped and starting spreading the new viral strain earlier in the fall. I guess we have Canalis and her terrorist associates to thank for this. She should be locked up or worse. George should be repulsed by her now if he wasn’t before.

  9. 159
    Risky Business Says:

    @lol: & re:surveillance, it’s only applied as required. Nothing extreme. All I know is that if any information for security reasons is required, it’s easily accessible through sophisticated technological means.
    No conspiracy theories as some presumptuously remarked.
    It’s just common sense.

  10. 160
    Oops did I start something? Says:

    Word has it that it was not so much that the woman was suitable it was whether or not she would put with the bullshat and be ordered around like George. Since that is not going to happen then they make sure whomever or whatever she was that she will never see the light of day with George not now, not ever.

    I say this because all of this crap is a well known fact in LA. Funny thing though more and more is going to come flowing out and very soon. I just would not be suprised. I await with eager anticipation.

    So you were alluding? My bad. I also heard they are on the lookout for someone that poses as a obstacle to pull a liason for Sandra and George and it is all bets are off!

    Wow! Are you sure? I have been hearing rumblings for quite some time that some of George’s female friends took a spin or two. Hmmm… Well you know how nasty things get started and nasty things are done to ruin people’s reps and lives and all.

    Now I did hear for many years that that the Columbians do have a stake in the “turf” in Los Angeles amongst the other thugs. I also heard they are awfully good as well as used on following and surveillance on people and situations.

    Nothing suprises me to what extent these fearful goons will go. A LOT OF MONEY IS AT STAKE HERE!

    George like someone said agreed to all of this initially but had no fricking idea how bad it was going to get. Now if Sandra gets in the mix then it will just confirm many things. Don’t you agree?

    Elisabetta is a vicious beast so I would like to see who gets the best of who between her and Sandra. Her mafioso goons would not even hesitate. Unless of course it is all agreed upon beforehand with George at the helm….you think? wink

    Awwww…..Hollywood thuggery at its best! ROTFLMAO

  11. 161
    Oops did I start something? Says:

    @Risky Business

    I love how the word conspiracy theory is thrown around when the truth puts someone’s balls in the vice grip where they belong.

    LOL…..yeah right conspiracy. giggle

  12. 162
    Oops did I start something? Says:

    @Risky Business

    I love how the word conspiracy theory is thrown around when the truth puts someone’s balls in the vice grip where they belong.

    LOL…..yeah right conspiracy. giggle

  13. 163
    Risky Business Says:

    @Anonymous: well that’s your deranged theory bullsh*t. Nice way to diverge from reality. Work for Stan do you? Why would you even bother to comment if you weren’t.
    No one has come up with the preposterous spinning but you. TRYING TO RIDICULE OTHER ALLEGATIONS TO DIVERGE FROM THE TRUTH OF THE SITUATION. Nice try!

  14. 164
    Anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t work for Stan if my life depended on it. I’m posting the truth because people ought to know what a lowlife Canalis and her associates truly are. When spring comes and the mosquitoes start spreading this new virus from birds to humans, what do you think is going to happen?

  15. 165
    Risky Business Says:

    @Oops did I start something?: I agree with you. He certainly didn’t know what he was up against when he got involved with Elisabutcha. He was only supposed to have a fling for PR reasons, but she won’t let go. Fighting tooth & nail for fame. Psychotic piece of work.

    I also heard he fell for some woman a few years ago. The throes of love. It’s probably happened to him a few times & then fades away. In fact in several of his films he hints to these “love at first sight” scenarios. Up in the Air – “have you ever looked into someone’s eyes & for a moment seen their soul…etc”
    Though he doesn’t trust people either.
    So, I know that he was told that his then love interest was not suitable. Not emotionally strong to cope. Maybe they told him that she had issues or problems of her own. Whatever. He had to let it fade.

    The Sandra alluding is more than just a hunch but I’ll call it that. You obviously know how premeditated a lot of publicity is in Hollywood.

  16. 166
    Anonymous Says:

    “So, I know that he was told that his then love interest was not suitable. Not emotionally strong to cope. Maybe they told him that she had issues or problems of her own.”
    So they lied to him.

  17. 167
    Risky Business Says:

    @Anonymous: yes well it’s nothing to do with Elisabutta Canalis, rest assured. She’s obnoxious but hardly capable of something so far fetched as bird flu meningitis virus strains…. sigh…..Stan would love such an imaginative suggestion. Right, Elmer Fudd?

  18. 168
    Anonymous Says:

    She associates with mafia, who associate with terrorists. And yes, it all leads back to Canalis.

  19. 169
    Anonymous Says:

    Well I hope Stan is quite satisfied with his “PR” work. Nice job. You’ve managed to endanger the entire North American population all because a mafia ***** offered you blowjobs in exchange for the job of George’s publicity girlfriend. Nice work, indeed. Perhaps you’ll get another trophy for your excellent publicity work.

  20. 170
    Risky Business Says:

    @Anonymous: #167 who knows? maybe…
    If it’s true & there was a love interest.
    Several sources close to him have leaked that he was in love with someone. Had to forget her though.

  21. 171
    Risky Business Says:

    @Anonymous: #167 who knows? maybe…
    If it’s true & there was a love interest.
    Several sources close to him have leaked that he was in love with someone. Had to forget her though.

  22. 172
    Risky Business Says:

    @Anonymous: #169 #170 RIGHT… I’m not wasting my time ridiculous red herrings again.
    Clearly someone is adding lunacy to diverge from the truth.

  23. 173
    Lol... Oh Coolest! Says:

    @Risky Business. Hmmm…..that sounds right. Also Stan likes to bed some of them if he can. As for she was not suitable. Hmmm… More than likely they did some psychotic shat to her and had people tell her crazy things and vice versa.

    More than likely she still loves him too but the goons around him will make sure they will never see the light of day. There is a lot of hating going on around him.

    He should never give up on his love. She more than likely has done as much as she can. For if they were together do you really think half the bs would have happened? Ummmm….no!

    He should reach out to her. She is more than likely reaching for him. Stan and those goons are history. Otherwise none of this truth would have come out. If people only knew the 1/2 of the malarckey!

    He is a good man. He deserves his real love not the ones that they throw at him. Thank God he is watching and goty the control on this.

    George needs to have hope. He really does. I have a feeling she is very much in love with him toom if that is so that is cool!

  24. 174
    Someone Says:

    Agree with you “Lol… Oh Coolest!” George should be with whomever he truly wants to be with.

  25. 175
    Lol... Oh Coolest! Says:

    @Someone, thank you. However let’s be realistic. George has to awake from his slumber and fear. That is hard to do. He more than feels like it is him against the world. He should not feel like that. He is not alone and he is protected.

    These clowns look at him like he is the answer to their financial stability and riches. I don’t think so.

    They tell him all kind of shat to keep him in fear and controlled. WTF?

    I feel very confident and absolute certainty that the love he misses feels the same. He has to have hope for he more than likely has no idea what they did to her. I have heard some awful things that is done to people. All I can say is wow!

    Those idiots should be horsewhipped and put through the exact same garbage they put out.

    Disgusting sludge they are! Yuck!

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