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George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis soak up the sun on Monday (December 27) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 49-year-old actor chatted with Elisabetta‘s sister, Gabriella, before the bikini-clad Italian actress greeted her with a huge hug.

Looks like George has been spending a lot of time with her family recently. Two weeks ago, he had dinner with her parents!

Elisabetta, 32, also took a stroll on the beach with some friends.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis vacationing in Mexico…

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  • marco

    horse-face is really ugly!!! her square face is so masculine and emaciated like a anorexic toxic!

  • Butthead

    hey, like, Clooney boned a hooker in The American.
    He’s cool…

  • Beavis

    Heh heh henh hmm heh… he kicks ass!
    He should sing a song with Kid Rock. Like a cover or something of What Do You Do For Money Honey? ..Heh heh henh hmm heh

  • Beavis

    no way, ass munch! AC/DC can only sing that!
    Clooney can’t sing.

  • Butthead

    yeah, but he did ride a Harley in ZZTop’s She’s Just Killing Me video.
    He’s a badass.

  • marco

    horse-face is really ugly!!! her square face is so masculine and emaciated like a anorexic toxic!

  • Winky

    Heyyy, now i am going to tear apart all my white stockings!!! Whewwww!… lower and slower

  • Wild Angel

    HipChick, send Stan your resume. I’ll see that he gets it.

    Winky, I’m glad you don’t hate me ’cause I’m popular. It’s good we can be friends since we have to work together.

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: and it is good that you don’t mind my kinks, Beavis & Butthead brought me a little off balance. But basically I’m always in working condition, so we continue pushing the gay deal. In general, the concept I have is almost ready. It could be on Oprah Show… George walks in, from his ear sticking a banana, carrot in the nose and a beet let’s say in the butt.
    George: Something wrong with me going on…
    Oprah: I think that your diet is not right.

  • marco

    horse-face is really ugly!!! her square face is so masculine and emaciated like a anorexic toxic

  • Wild Angel

    Haha, I say! The Goat especially will like the carrot in the nose. You have much to offer the team!

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  • the real KIKI

    Leave Stan alone, you bullies!
    He’s still grieving the loss of his dear friend Ronni Chasen.
    How can you all think he’s a villain when he’s such a cutie-pie.
    I’d do him in a New York minute. So cuddly & sexy.

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: The Goat will see in George himself and stop to afraid of him. You already can start hating me, soon I will move in to your office with big windows!! AH ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa We are careerist and bustards!!


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    Little Winky, I could never hate on you. Our bond can never be broken. We are in this together. Beet or no beet.

  • Winky

    @Wild Angel: Can never be broken… Yeah!

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    Well what happened to Ms. Chasen is very eye opening indeed. It was and still a wakeup call! Making bad deals are deadly from what I hear.

    So why haven’t the truth come out why and how she really died?

    Have sympathy for Stan? Hmmm…. He maliciously destroyed people in morer ways than one with help from Mafioso etc…

    Perhaps making restitution for damages done might be the key for redemption. Things have not got bad yet….it is just getting started from what I hear…Wow!

  • Prefer to be called Pam Grier

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: And how do we know that you’re not part of Stan’s team & making all this up as deliberate negative publicity to deflect from the real truth, huh?
    I read on another blog that the person who writes under Prefertoremainanonymous on imdB is actually employed by Stan Rosenfield’s company to create negative leads.
    If you look at that person’s history, all she ever writes about is GEORGE CLOONEY. That sounds like full time staff correspondent employment to me. There’s a bunch of them on imdB who masquerade as independent users flooding Clooney’s board with their ulterior motives.

  • Prefer to be called Pam Grier

    west coast / east coast mafia… gay: straight. CRAPOLA if ever I read any!
    You sure it’s not East Coast: West Coast gangsta rap, homie??

    What are you really deflecting from?
    What are you really concealing?

    Compulsive, manipulative liars!

    Kiss my asss!

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @prefer to be called pam-lol I knew all I had to do is mention stan and ronni chasen to get you guys to do something real stupid like this.
    No I do not work for stan BUT YOU DO!

    I am not the one who got my pal involve with a land deal with mafia and it went south. That is the word onwhat got ronni killed.

    I work for someone else far from ol’ stanster. The dead tells no tales and the fact that your dumbarrse was desperate enough to try this lame game is futile.

    Not only will ronni will be able to rest in peace soon so will many others. Your weak game piece just is not working. Better have a talk with stan and be nice. Karma misses no one EVEN YOU!

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @prefer to be called pam- I am not the one deflecting and you know it! Your stupidity shows me that stan and company are running scared. They should be. How was stan to know that his friend would end up like this?

    Well,well,well I do think time is running short for you lovely village idiots. Trying to say I work for stan was real lame and desperate.

    Who I work for are solely interested in keeping George Clooney alive and breathing amongst others thank you much.

    Thanks to your stupidity more things woill be revealed sooner than later I would imagine.
    Lol! Thanks for the laugh numbnuts all of you are going down due to your own stupid thoughts, words and actions.

    So how much is stan paying you clowns?

  • Prefer to be called Pam Grier

    @Lol… Oh Coolest!: Ooooo, sounds threatening. George is doing fine fine by the looks of things.
    Ronni’s murder was a random act of violence, a robbery gone bad. Nothing to do with Stan. You should know that!!
    Stop trying to make it out something it’s not meant to be.
    You keep talking about conspiracy theories, about George’s secret love interest (that he hasn’t even dated yet; we doubt she even exists & you made it up or think you’re the one…lol…), and about Stan’s supposed corruption…Give it a rest. It’s all a fantasy!
    No one buys it! You’re flooding the blogs with confusion.
    Why don’t you pick up another hobby like knitting or something?

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    I am not talking conspiracy and you know it dude,! You are desperate and this is youir hail mary. Good try…

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    Lol.. Did I screw up the Golden Globes for Canalis? You know daammm well chasen was not random, however that is what the public is needing to believe.

    Thank you for your grief. It just helps others to read between the lines.

    God bless you. You mst be under a lot of stress right now. I have been waiting for you and this attack. You did not disappoint me.

    I now know it is very close to being all over. Wink

  • Someone

    Everyone knows that Chasen’s murder was not random. It just doesn’t add up. A petty thief with no history of violence suddenly takes hollow points to commit a random robbery and suddenly becomes an expert marksman? Please. No one is buying that. I’m sure the truth will come out in time.

  • Someone

    Lol… Oh Coolest!, can you tell us anything about Las Ramblas? Clooney and Brad Pitt invested with Rande Gerber in the Las Vegas hotel and casino development in 2005, but the project was cancelled and the property sold the next year. The whole thing seems rather odd. I wonder if Clooney and Pitt found out some things about which they were not initially told, and that’s why they wanted out.

  • Someone

    The mafia is still very active in the USA. Here are just a few snippets from a Department of Justice press release dated yesterday:

    Sex Trafficking and Sex Trafficking of a Minor
    The defendants also made the women available for sex to gamblers at a weekly, high-stakes poker game.

    Narcotics Trafficking
    DIFIORE and BORGIA trafficked in narcotics—including cocaine and oxycodone—for and on behalf of the Gambino Family.

    OREFICE, MODICA, DIFIORE, MANZELLA, MICHAEL SCARPACI, THOMAS SCARPACI, EISLER, BORGIA, and DELLITALIA ran various illegal gambling operations for the Gambino Family.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @Someone- yes I heard things about that indeed. I cannot go in much detail but George was hit hard on it. There was talk going around about it and up to this point nothing involving Gerber. However in terms of Gerber’s clubs in Vegas as you know Sarah Larson worked for Rande.

    Well Sarah in lesser form is a Elisabetta. I will leave it at that. I will be very happy for George once all this garbage is over. He deserves to be happy and with whom he truly love.

    Someone told me today about mafia in vegas and unions in vegas. It is pretty despicable indeed. The bright side is that as much as I have been attacked the end of this crap is quickly arriving.

    I only went into detail as much as I had because it was needed. More and more will unveil itself and freeing many in the process. It is just time for all this to happen.

    That is a wonderful thing.

  • Rickie Ricardo

    No doubt mafia money is funding a lot of films, enterprises, etc.
    Question I have is why do they dictate how George leads his life?
    Why him? How come Matt Damon could marry whoever he wanted. A single-mum barmaid in a strip club. And Brad is with Angie.
    Why can’t George be with a woman he wants?
    Why does he have to pretend to be with an unattractive woman who is implicated in drugs & prostitution scandals. Whose only claim to fame was flashing her tittties as a nun in a sacrilegious film?
    That bit I cannot understand?
    Why do they have him by the balls in his private life?

  • Someone

    Thanks Lol… Oh Coolest!. I’m happy to know that this nonsense is quickly coming to an end.

  • Rickie Ricardo

    Hey, if a billionaire like Allen Stanford could get arrested, then I’m sure other criminal forces will be eradicated too.

  • Someone

    It seems that George was in a complicated situation. He was probably pressured into the publicity relationship with Canalis, and he also may have felt that he was protecting whoever he really cares about by not bringing her into his life at that time. I hope and pray that he has freedom and happiness very soon.

  • skank

    well said Rikie Riccardo!!!!
    prbably there are unknow things in Clooney’s private life!
    Horse-face is really ugly , anorexic and old, there are a lot of nicer cokewo.hre in italian night clubs!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I think a certain publicist is calling in favors, if a blog on jewishjournal is any indication. He must have gotten wind of George’s three-way tie for sixth place as favorite actor in a new Harris poll. Wow, Johnny Depp is number one, and he lives a very private life with no famewh*re in sight and no sleazy weird publicity stunts.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever Cant_Standya is on IMDB, you are spot on. I’d say so there but I’m not registered there and don’t want to do so. You are not being “far too harsh” at all. You are telling it EXACTLY like it is, which is refreshing.

  • Winky

    “So how much is stan paying you clowns?”
    When were selected candidates for Gravity movie George asked for his work 6 million – two for him, two for Winky, and two for Wild Angel. Second candidate was Brad, he said it’d be 12 million – 4 for him, 4 for Winky and 4 for Wild Angel. Stan came third and straight from the point said that he wants 18 million, the committee was shocked: you’re not even an actor, you cannot aviate, do not know how to behave yourself in the hot spots, you do not have a safari suit as George Clooney has or Brad Pitt’s sly screwed-up eyes, how do you imagine yourself in erotic scenes with Sandra Ballock…you ask 18 million, for what???? And Stan answers: 6 million for me, 6 million for you, and for the other 6 million let George Clooney go to space.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @winky-you appeared! I knew to expect you. Now I have all the players lined up it is easy to pick apart who is who.

    Word has it that george like his bed warmers to be writers. Word has it that you guys are naughty, naughty. So your hobbies are satellites. To gather info?

    Man you motherfluckers are lazy! Using american citizens tax dollars to do your dirty work. Well I know some people who would love to have a chaty with you.

    Tell stan to make a nice donation in chasen’s memory. That is the least he can do.

    Keep slipping up. The time is winding down and the real entertainment shall begin. Stan must actually think he is free and clear. I think anonymous perhaps is right about harshness.

    Harshness is what is coming for your clowns. Tsk…tsk

    Still trying to smooth the path for a canalis/clooney ouying at the globes? Why not? Everyone knows the truth and will have plenty to talk about won’t they?

    Goobers! Lol

  • Winky

    And so that you see the whole idea, this committee includes Winky, Wild Angel and Bigfoot. And Bigfoot is my guy, just so you know ;-)

  • Someone

    George isn’t nominated for anything, and voting in Sudan continues until January 15. He’s very committed to the cause in Sudan and will likely stay there until the voting is over. He may even stay until all or most of the votes are counted, which could take weeks longer. I seriously doubt he’d try to make it to the globes when he’s not even nominated.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    @so are you guys in charge of all the escorts that live in housing paid by movie studios and their associates? I have always been curious since they for the most part located in south end of studio city how much do they cost?

    At least they are close and on hand for quick servicing.

    So why did Stan have George go to Italy for a escort when the ready stable is on hand right near Vineland Ave?

    Mistress row is on Aqua Vista. Are you guys beefing up due to Charlie Sheen screwing up with alcohol, and porn actresses?

    Please do tell!

  • Winky

    Yes I can really understand you, you do not earn that much and a lot of things annoy you, but you must understand we are without pathos… I have many cars but I went fishing yesterday on the bike. Though I was dressed very glamorous – in a short pink skirt, white lace stockings and high heels. Bike broke, imagine I had to repair it being in a short skirt, I ripped my stockings so I had to take them off, all my fishing rods got entangled and when I threw the bait Oh My! the hook caught on my thong. If I was not told in advance that fishing calms down, I’d probably kill someone.

  • Lol… Oh Coolest!

    Also what about the columbian mafia members thay work the area as well, do tell me how do you work out the paycuts so that no one ends up with Columbian neck ties?

    You goons should each get one after stupidly trying to frame George?

    Can you imagine what the cloonster ended up with physical evidence that would make him want to hang you no neck, stupid, backwards motherfluckers?

    I cannot wait till he gets wond of ALL the stupid bullshat!

    Can we say pink slips anyone? If I was him I WOULD!

    Whaddya going to do? Rame him so he end up in prison? Ummmm….don’ think. So.
    Man not only are you guys desperate but daaammm stupid! Lol

  • Someone

    The cokewh*re and her trashy publicist will likely pull one of their standard publicity stunts out of the file: ten-year-old airbrushed semi-nude pics or highly photoshopped recent semi-nude pics accompanied by fictional press release, fictional press release detailing yet another hysterical pregnancy, fictional press release detailing yet another delusion of being engaged, pics taken by her personal photographer/pap of her wearing a fake wedding or fake engagement ring which may or may not include images of George photoshopped into the pics, fictional press release demanding that Clooney get rid of a boat/house/car/blender/toaster/lamp. All of which to be followed up by the usual Gossip Cop reports calling b.s.

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