Top Stories's Most Popular Actresses 2010's Most Popular Actresses 2010

Two newlyweds and moms with kids as famous as they are top our list for this year’s most popular actresses!

Did your favorites make‘s cut?

Also, don’t forget to check back soon to see which celebs – all across the board, from movies to modeling – will be unveiled as our top 25 celebs of the year!

10. Hilary Duff
9. Jennifer Garner
8. Megan Fox
7. Blake Lively
6. Katie Holmes

Check inside to see who were our top five most popular actresses of 2010!


5. Kristen Stewart
4. Rachel Bilson
3. Jennifer Aniston
2. Vanessa Hudgens
1. Angelina Jolie

WHO WAS YOUR favorite actress in 2010?

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  • Avery


  • alison

    Vanessa Hudgens at #2 ?? Jared you must be a stan. Hilary duff too. what did these girls do this year?

  • JC

    That’s funny how the list of “top 10 actresses” consists of two, maybe three that are actually talented.

  • roro

    hilary duff got married and wrote a ny times best selling book in case yyou didnt know

  • rhonda

    they are just the ones JJ buys pictures of really cheap!

  • Delphic

    Hilary Duff is a bore. Who actually cares about her? I only really care about Kristen Stewart from this list.

  • yuri


  • ME

    I LOVE Hilary Duff, but she unfortunately doesn’t deserve to be on this list.

  • caro

    who is the idiot doing this list?

  • Marc

    Shocked to see Crackhead Lohan absent from this list.

  • vfan

    Wow Vanessa! She deserves it, she’s amazing.
    She’s gonna be even more amazing next year in Sucker Punch, Beastly and Journey 2. :)

  • Marc

    @Delphic Explain what makes K StEW so damn exciting, I’ll wait.

  • tark


  • Manuxgonzalez

    Hilary Duff shoulds be on the Top Five!! she had an amazing year!! she gets married and plays many characters on tv and indie movies that released in films festivals!! and also she can wrote a book!! sooo definitely she did more thing than Vanessa Hudgens this year for sure!!

  • Delphic

    @Marc: She gave very interesting performances in Speak, Adventureland and Into the Wild?

  • Ali

    Rachel Bilson? KAtie Holmes? Hillary Duff? Megan Fox? are you on something? I can’t imagine anyone going out of their way to see this foursome.

  • JC

    Jolie, Lively , and Stewart are okay. Garner is okay too but I haven’t seen her “act” in anything in a while. Duff is an idiot, Fox is all looks, Holmes is a weirdo, Bilson is pathetic, Anniston tries to defy her age and is failing, and Hudgens……I don’t know about her. Pretty stupid list.

  • sav


  • kaitlyn

    leighton ?

  • hanni

    rachel bilson? vanessa hudgens?

    SERIOUSLY? no SERIOUSLY? jared, you barely posted about VANESSA HUDGENS this year.

    RACHEL BILSON? most comments=yes, page views=no.

  • Malia


  • hanni

    how on earth is vanessa hudgens POPULAR? she’s not even one of the most googled people this year

  • hanni

    HOW ON EARTH IS RACHEL BILSON MORE POPULAR THAN KRISTEN STEWART THIS YEAR ON THE INTERNET??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • kami


    can you not read? it’s for the “most popular” actresses.

  • hanni


  • hanni

    I’m so sick of these BULL SHIIIT popularity lists Jared keeps on making on both of his site.

  • Michele

    Carey Mulligan

  • megan

    i think the only reason rachel bilson made #4 is cuz you keep posting random posts about her doing nothing everyday ha does she like have a deal with you or do you just reallllly love her?

  • JC


    Yes I can read, thank you. I see three actresses on the list., one actress who hasn’t been acting, and six very undeserving “actresses”. If it was a list for actresses perhaps you’d see Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson over non talent celebrities who can’t act.

  • st

    Jolie, Garner, Lively, Stewart and Aniston.
    The rest of the list is just stupid, actresses?? really?

  • birdie

    Again, these are women who had the most comments on their posts.
    So if your favorite didn’t get picked comment on their post next year. In the meantime yeah Vanessa, Angelina, Megan love you gals.

  • Ginger

    7 brunettes and three blondes… They are all beautiful women!! Wish I look like them and well off like them. kekekeke

  • overated.

    Isn’t the list based on the certain amount of comments on each post for each actress.. ? But cool, Vanessa is #2. :) But where’s Anne Hathaway.. ? and Emma Stone should be on here too.

  • lw

    other than Angelina and Megan, i don’t get all of you. Hillary Duff?! LMAO. Dumbo Garner?! The Twilight gal – all right, i know a lot of you are young romantics, and Stewart was good in the Joan Jett movie. Vanessa Hudgens!? Fug and talentless. Blake Liveless will hump on *any* d*ck for a film role – she’s only half a step above Crystal Harris. Rachel Bilson bores me to tears (and isn’t she a h**ker a la Heidi Fleiss’ old business?) and Katie Holmes sold her soul to CO$. at least now i know why mediocrity is destroying the U.S. – it’s the fault of people like all of you who are willing to settle for sh*t. i weep for our future.

  • Laura

    Hilary duff is so underrated. This year she made different independent films, she made appearances on different tv series and put out a new York times best selling book. Plus she’s been working all her life. Give the girl a break she’s a newlywed.

  • Kevin


    Just like the list for the most popular singers of last week.

  • MissAnthropica

    Bilson has a ton of comments but from the same people over and over but not the most page views lol
    Really a lame list just the top actresses JJ posts about wayyyy too much,

  • Kellis

    This list is such an odd mixture of celebrity. Angie is above and beyond EVERYONE ELSE on this list. She’s the global A-lister and $20M per film superstar. Maniston is the tabloid star who makes headlines for who she’s sleeping with as opposed to the rom-coms she makes, Holmes and Garner are papped for who they married, and the rest are bubble-gum, pop-tarts. Bizarre.

  • Lucas

    HILARY DUFF! *-*

  • Lucas

    HILARY DUFF! *-*

  • JC


    Didn’t see it. Let me guess, ugly lemon face Leann Rimes was #1 followed by Rhianna.

  • Trust

    Everyones slamming the list but it’s all depending on who had the most articles on this site this year!!

  • Trust

    Everyones slamming the list but it’s all depending on who had the most articles on this site this year!!

  • Giovanny


  • Live

    Yeah Kristen! The Runaways had such a good role for her!

  • peggy


    Maybe you should know what you are tallking about.

    HSM between, TV, marketing, advertising and the movie grossed between 1 and 2 billion with B – that leaves Twilight in the dust

  • Mari

    Rachel Bilson?????? really???????

  • terry

    The one and only, Angelina…

  • Penelope

    Rachel Bilson isn’t even an actress anymore. Getting jobs once in a blue moon doesn’t make you an actress. And Hilary Duff? Actually she has a best seller so she deserves it. But not as an actress. i mean, come on.

  • terry