Top Stories's Most Popular Actresses 2010's Most Popular Actresses 2010

Two newlyweds and moms with kids as famous as they are top our list for this year’s most popular actresses!

Did your favorites make‘s cut?

Also, don’t forget to check back soon to see which celebs – all across the board, from movies to modeling – will be unveiled as our top 25 celebs of the year!

10. Hilary Duff
9. Jennifer Garner
8. Megan Fox
7. Blake Lively
6. Katie Holmes

Check inside to see who were our top five most popular actresses of 2010!


5. Kristen Stewart
4. Rachel Bilson
3. Jennifer Aniston
2. Vanessa Hudgens
1. Angelina Jolie

WHO WAS YOUR favorite actress in 2010?

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197 Responses to “'s Most Popular Actresses 2010”

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  1. 76
    hanni Says:

    @obobobobo: LOL!

  2. 77
    Nawh Says:

    Erm. Why is Vanessa on there? I like her but what was she in recently? Sucker Punch is out next year.

  3. 78
    Vitor Porto Says:

    Hilary duff is the best! She has progressed a lot as an actress, just needs a great role. Why Emma Watson is not on the list? This is wrong.

  4. 79
    hanni Says:

    @Nawh: And she doesn’t even star in Sucker Punch, she has a small supporting role, she’s barely in the trailers and doesn’t even say anything in the trailers. She was featured once for less than a second in the movie’s official trailer standing near two other girls and didn’t say anything, the movie’s people couldn’t even get Vanessa a clip of herself in the trailer where she’s the only face, like if she has a prominent role there would be a clip in the trailer with her highlighted conspicuously.

  5. 80
    padme Says:

    The only reason Bilson is #4 on JJ’s Top 25 Most Popular Actresses (although she is a hacktress and not an actress) is b/c she pays Jared to post pics of her at least two times a day doing senseless stuff like shopping, eating, shopping, walking her dog, shopping, pumping gas, shopping, catching a flight, shopping, etc. She is really PATHETIC and the ultimate FAME WH%RE!!!! I’m actually surprised that she wasn’t #1. But I’m sure that she is aiming for the #1 spot next year and will pay Jared even more in 2011 to guarantee her as the most popular hacktress in ’11.

  6. 81
    Zanessa/Vanessa Freak Says:

    @hanni: ok whatever you say do your research please why this mentioning of Just Jared Jr on Brenda Song and you haven’t proved your point on Brenda Song either ,and if comments that celebs get on this threads were not a case where exactly is Brenda Song? It does have to do somewhat with their posts here because if they did this on a different site it would be completely different the last post of Brenda Song on Just Jared Jr was last dated in October she hardly has any post at all, Can you at least tell me what’s up for Brenda because evidently your the only one who knows, no new movie, no nothing has been going on with Brenda so if that is your example it doesn’t intrigues me in the slightest, Your comment is in-beneficial and all you do is prolong your argument as if you have the predominant force here, whether you like it or not Vanessa is POPULAR, whether you tell me how much Brenda Song post there and here and how much Twlight sells over the last two years it does not change the fact that Vanessa is very popular you can keep on ranting about it, It’s not gonna change anything. And there is nothing wrong with my English it is simply called a typing error.

  7. 82
    Avery Says:

    People are taking this list so seriously, it’s hilarious.

  8. 83
    Manuxgonzalez Says:

    I LOVE Hilary Duff no matter what people says!! She rules and she deserves to be in this list!! <3

  9. 84
    ivanka Says:

    vanessa hudgens, i wish you posted more about her

  10. 85
    sally18 Says:

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  11. 86
    hanni Says:

    @Zanessa/Vanessa Freak: Are you delusional? I never said there is something up with Brenda (there are a lot of things up with Brenda but I’m not bringing it up now), I just said Brenda gets more comments than everyone on Just Jared Jr except for Vanessa, and that proves that Jared isn’t basing his popularity lists on the number of comments in each post.

    Just Jared Jr and Just Jared are run by the same person, so the same rules apply for both of the popularity lists. The indicators to the popularity of celebs is the same on both of the sites.

    ”It does have to do somewhat with their posts here because if they did this on a different site it would be completely different the last post of Brenda Song on Just Jared Jr was last dated in October she hardly has any post at all, Can you at least tell me what’s up for Brenda because evidently your the only one who knows, no new movie, no nothing has been going on with Brenda so if that is your example it doesn’t intrigues me in the slightest,”

    THE LAST POST OF Brenda Song on Just Jared Jr IS NOT dated in October, the last post was in DECEMBER (this month is DECEMBER)! In october there were a billion posts about Brenda on Just Jared Jr like about her movie, paparazzi candids of her in Vancouver, Canada and so on, Brenda’s movie is the most critically acclaimed film of 2010, Brenda is winning lots of awards and so if her movie that is predicted to win several Oscars.

    Why do you lie? Every time there is a Brenda Song post on Just Jared Jr it’s on top of the site in the ‘top stories section’ banner, so it’s obvious there’s been Brenda posts this MONTH! There were also several Brenda posts in November, all of her posts become on top in the middle black section that has the top articles, there have been A LOT of Brenda posts since September (

    Brenda has a new film too, Boogie Town, it will come out next year.

    In addition, Brenda is predicted to get nods for major awards this year at award season and is expected to attend the SAG Awards where she’s nominated for an award.

    Do you know what the SAG Award is? it’s the most prestigious award show before the Oscars.

    Brenda’s movie is also nominated for MANY Golden Globe Awards, which means she’ll be attended the Golden Globe Awards and she’s up for ‘Best Picture’ which is like an ensemble award.

    I am DEFINITELY not the only person who knows what’s up with Brenda Song, go on oceanup, go on google news, go on millions of sites that aren’t obsessed with HSM and Vanessa.

    Everyone knows Brenda’s movie is the most critically acclaimed blockbuster of the century, THE Aaron Sorkin just praised her performance in the movie. Do you know who Aaron Sorkin is? Nylon magazine named Brenda the It Girl. Glamour magazine named her the new big thing, pick up an issue she’s featured in there.

    So yeah, I’m guessing a LOT of people know what’s up with her.

  12. 87
    hanni Says:

    Why are you lying? I don’t get it.

  13. 88
    sharyllee Says:

    What about Sienna Miller?

  14. 89
    333 Says:

    because she is the number 2’s Most Popular Actresses 2010

  15. 90
    333 Says:

    Who is brenda song?

  16. 91
    hanni Says:

    Vanessa/Zanessa Freak: Why are you lying? I don’t get it. There is now way you’re not lying about not seeing Brenda Song posts on JJ Jr and checking to see when was the last post about her and seeing it was in October because you’re on JJJ site a lot, I’ve seen you post on Vanessa posts often and every Brenda post this month and since October usually ends up at the top of the site in the ‘top stories’ list (which means you could see the article’s title and picture no matter where you were on the site), you know the top FIVE stories on the site that everyone can see (Vanessa Hudgens: Lunch with Matt Prokop & Sarah Hyland! POST is currently in the middle).

    So everyone on the site wherever you are, on whatever article, can see the site’s picked 5 stories.

    There is no way in hell you didn’t see the 3 Brenda posts in the past few weeks that made the middle of the site, or the November Brenda post that made the middle of the site on top in the place Vanessa’s post is.

  17. 92
    hanni Says:

    @333: Who is vanessa hudgens?

  18. 93
    333 Says:

    look the date of the comments.. LMAAAAAAAAOOOO

  19. 94
    anne Says:

    she is a young actress and singer she has a couple of movies comming out next year + other projects and is one of the Most Popular Actresses 2010 in this site… IN THIS POST

  20. 95
    hanni Says:

    @anne: Aww a vanessa stan in denial! how sweet, don’t you watch Disney Channel? lol how can you know vanessa without disney?

  21. 96
    anne Says:

    I like brenda song but… BRENDA´S MOVIE??lol she is barely in the movie she’s cute, but she needs GTFO from disney
    why are you complaining about vanessa? lol
    she is in the top because she gets more comments and more attention FROM THE PEOPLE… it´s NOT because she get more post (actually this year she was working or hiding from the press) it´s because she gets more comments.. the girl is gorgeous, she is getting attention from directors and other actors GET OVER IT!

    and i think vanessa is always one of the most “popular” from so many others sites too

  22. 97
    hanni Says:

    @anne: YES BRENDA’S MOVIE! lol you.

  23. 98
    anne Says:

    lol what?
    what about disney channel?

  24. 99
    hanni Says:

    @anne: I’m not complaining about Vanessa, I’m laughing at this list because she’s not popular on this site BECAUSE THERE have barely been posts about vanessa on this site! lol.. like seriously and she’s not even more popular than a lot of people on this list, the PEOPLE give more attention to jennifer aniston (and comments) than vanessa hudgens

    when was the last known relevant thing vanessa did? in 2008 TWO years ago! lol.

  25. 100
    hanni Says:

    @anne: YES BRENDA’S MOVIE!!!!!!! and brenda did GTFO from Disney! so you sound beyond delusional right there.

    Ashley Tisdale is the one who needs to GTFO from Disney, she’ll be 30 soon! lol

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