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Kate Gosselin: Fake Winter Bake

Kate Gosselin: Fake Winter Bake

Kate Gosselin is all smiles while leaving a tanning salon on Monday (December 27) in Reading, Penn.

Last week, the 35-year-old mom of eight took her little ones to visit the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Kate‘s ex Jon Gosselin has reportedly landed a job outside reality TV.

Jon is very close with Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of New York,” a source told PopEater. “It was Jill who told Jon to stay out of the spotlight and get himself a real job. Fame is fun but doesn’t pay the bills.”

Jon is now working for a real estate developer and is “in a great place,” says a friend.

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27 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: Fake Winter Bake”

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  1. 1
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Hopes that true about Jon. One parent needs to be there for those 8 little souls.
    Their mom is working them and working them for her fame.

  2. 2
    lilly Says:

    octomom is prettier :)

  3. 3
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Good news about the fake tanning. Maybe she’ll get skin Cancer!

  4. 4
    bubbaness Says:

    Fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake tan…

    I guess it’s true that whatever is inside is reflected on the outside.

  5. 5
    JessLover. Says:

    why is this even news? WHO HONESTLY CARES!?!?!?!

  6. 6
    Anon Says:

    kate just loves herself. She only smiles when she is pampering herself.

  7. 7
    teri Says:

    Don’t care about the negative comments about Kate. Just don’t understand the ignorance at how hard it would be for this mother of eight to hold a REGULAR job to make the money she does now. Nobody in their right mind would hire her knowing her full schedule being a single parent of eight. I’d do these little TV apparences also. We bash Octo mom with eight being high on welfare playing the poor little ol me card while collecting over 8,000 a month for those kids living in a lavish home. At least I don’t hear of Kate getting free hand outs complaining, she does something and supports her family.

  8. 8
    momof5inpa Says:

    You people are something.
    So you all are all sitting around in the winter getting hairy, not taking care of yourselves?
    Do you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for every little second you can run to do it all for your little ones?
    A Good mother, since none of you know, makes sure (especially if single and has no father in the home) that she has a few minutes to recharge, get a clear head and feels good. She is ready to go forward with all of the hard work alone.
    Put down the stone.
    Judgemental ….lay your life bare and let us judge you in snapshots.

  9. 9
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    I know she is fake

  10. 10
    Happy joy Says:

    35 riiiiiiiiiiiiigt. More like 45. Why is this stupid **** even in the news?

  11. 11
    jon Says:

    she’s a pig

  12. 12
    laverdadduele Says:

    Will there ever come a day when we don’t have to see this worthless POS? She should just dig a hole and bury herself in.

  13. 13
    KC Says:

    These photos look like they are staged. She looks like she is faking the cell phone call. If she couldn’t afford to have children than she shouldn’t have tempted the hand of fate with fertility treatments. That was irresponsible!

  14. 14
    emily Says:

    Good for Jon. Bravo. Love it. Hope he gets custody of the kids and saves them from their selfish, crazy, abusive mother. Oh and Kate still has the same fat legs she always had when she takes off her 5 inch heels. The only thing that’s changed is her face: the smoking and drinking and plastic surgery make her look old, old, old.

  15. 15
    look at Says:

    We here in Pa …dont give a ding …. we are all just regulars……

  16. 16
    rhonda Says:

    she really made an ass of herself on Sarah Palins show.

  17. 17
    shan Says:

    If Kate has time to go tanning, she has time to get herself a job

  18. 18
    P.J. Says:

    @momof5inpa: What are you smoking? She’s doing it all alone? I guess the kids are left home alone too. Oh, no, wait. The nannies are doing the childcare.
    Kate spends most of her time “recharging” and pampering herself.

  19. 19
    P.J. Says:

    @teri: You don’t hear of Kate getting free handouts? What planet have you been living on for the past 4 years. Just google “Kate Gosselin Freebies” and see what pops up.

  20. 20
    P.J. Says:

    Boycott TLC!!!! Free the Gosselin 8!!!!

  21. 21
    Sickening Says:

    I would like to see what some of you posting ugly comments look like, so that you can be criticized.

    Beings you like to criticize Kate so much, show your photo, let us all judge you.

  22. 22
    puuke Says:

    - Hope Khate gets disfigured in a freak tanning accident

  23. 23
    anon Says:

    @Sickening: HELLO is anyone home? First of all YOU judge because everyone does. Secondly, Queen Kate loves the negative publicity. It keeps her in the spotlight. All for fame and money, pretty sickening uhh? Who cares, she can drown in her millions but she will never find peace, love and happiness. Too bad she is so selfish that she is robbing her kids of that too.

  24. 24
    bill Says:

    ur a hater!!!!!!!! get a life

  25. 25
    smyhe Says:

    @bill: Just because someone doesn’t like the fact that Kate exploits her kids for money does not mean they are haters but of course that is the famous immature response. You are probably materialistic and shallow. ….maybe you should learn how to spell and while your at it get a life.

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