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Orlando Bloom: Biking in Brentwood

Orlando Bloom: Biking in Brentwood

Orlando Bloom goes mountain biking with some pals on Tuesday (December 28) in Brentwood, Calif.

Earlier in the day, an ad campaign for Hugo Boss‘ new fragrance featuring Orlando was revealed.

Orly, 33, was announced as the new face of Boss Orange earlier this year.

Last week, Orlando braved the rain in Los Angeles as he got out of his car to chat with another driver.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom biking in Brentwood…

Just Jared on Facebook
orlando bloom biker boy 01
orlando bloom biker boy 02
orlando bloom biker boy 03
orlando bloom biker boy 04
orlando bloom biker boy 05
orlando bloom biker boy 06
orlando bloom biker boy 07
orlando bloom biker boy 08
orlando bloom biker boy 09
orlando bloom biker boy 10
orlando bloom biker boy 11
orlando bloom biker boy 12
orlando bloom biker boy 13

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Dani


  • biglips

    I heard he attacked a pap today

    and jared why you never post a picture of heath ledger and joaquin phoenix chatting in NYC back in 2007????

  • cathy

    He actually didn’t attack a pap today he tried to stop him from taking pics in front of his house the guy is stalking Orlando and Miranda and Orlando was just protecting his family-wife and child-the guy should have gotten the crap beat out of him. Who knows how upset this is for Miranda who is nine months pregnant and ready to deliver at any minute. I would hate for something like this to get her too upset not good for mom or baby.

  • Yes!

    So gorgeous!
    And @2….
    Why would JJ post a three year old pic?
    That’s just silly.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    average person only

  • Chelsea Horseler

    Kaz, you’re a douche. Go stand in traffic.

  • Rob

    Were new baby???

  • joann


    The paparazzi were stalking him in front of his house. I guess any man would be protective of their home and pregnant wife, and would want weird stalkers away from their home with their cameras.

    Take the pictures when they are out and about in public places, don’t go to invade their privacy to their homes.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    It’s hard to believe in a couple of weeks he will be 34 DAMN he looks incredible can’t wait for baby Bloom any day now….

  • w

    OB + MK loooooooooooooove paps! This reaction is just for show as always!

  • ta

    Love him!!

  • Happy camper

    @w: For sure. He’s trying to amp up a butch image since he’s such a little puss.

  • @Kathy

    As long as they aren’t moved to a new house in Brentwood they weren’t at his home.
    And the mom-to-be were nowere insight. So much for protecting his ‘wife’ and the baby…

  • @13

    So you’re one of those who think they’re not married, then? A bit of a conspiracy theorist perhaps?

    The whole thing is a bit strange. If they wanted to stage a confrontation and say it was in front of his house, why wouldn’t they do it at his house? Why would they think it was a good idea to stage a confrontation anyway?

    Why are there so many pix of him coming out now? It’s not as if he needs the exposure, because when the birth is announced it’s going to get plenty of coverage. If he wanted exposure, they could be papped taking the baby out, her family could be papped coming and going, etc. Meanwhile, all these pictures risk boring people. Maybe that’s the idea?

    I just tend to think I don’t really know how PR works and it’s quite likely that a lot of their decisons make no sense. On the other hand, the pap pix that have come out over the years do seem to have some similarity to his actual life.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    Awwwwwwww The Delphi loons have arrived never doubted they would LOL .

  • sash

    This looks like the same area as when he stopped his car to talk the the other driver in the SUV the other day. Guess that was a pap, too.
    Orlando tries to be polite, but there is no reasoning with these types of paps.
    Paps are following him/them a lot now, because they know that the birth is imminent.
    They want to get the first shot of Miranda arriving at the hospital.
    They don’t need planned PR involving paps. They are a successful, popular, beautiful couple about to have their first child. People want to see them together, so their pics sell. And certain pics (arriving at the hospital, first shot of the baby, etc) will be very valuable to the paps.
    They sold these pics to E!, they could sell others, too.

  • @14

    You think that they have to call the paps to get photographed?
    One of the most popular actors around, married to a highly succcessful model, getting ready to have their first child, and you think that they have to call the paps?
    Uhmmmm, OK.

  • Happy camper

    @@14: Scale that back about 10 degrees. He’s becoming obscure. That’s why they call the paps to keep attention alive. It’s not like it’s the second coming, loser.

  • @18

    So bitter.
    That’s why Hugo Boss has him fronting their new campaign?
    That’s why he is the one being interviewed on the set of a movie when he is not the star?
    That’s why he is still on all of the ‘most popular’ lists even after being off of the big screen for three years?
    That’s why you’re here commenting?
    And you call someone ELSE a “loser”

  • .

    Nobody said it’s the second coming, but I don’t think paps have plenty of juicier scoops than popular actor + popular model about to be parents. It’s ridiculous to say they have to stage anything.
    And there’s nothing “butch” about telling some strangers to leave him alone without using violence, so I doubt this has anything to do with his image.

  • @18

    What do you mean, scale that back 10 degrees? Ten degrees of what? Temperature? Angle? Separation?

    There was plenty of coverage of his honorary degree and his engagement and marriage, not to mention him hugging Miranda on the 3 Musketeers set and Miranda’s pregnancy shots. So I would expect media interest in the baby to be commensurate.

    If everyone’s lost interest in him as you say, how is being photographed every other day riding around on a variety of bikes going to help?

  • @19-20-21

    Please stop trying to use logic when responding to a hater.
    It just confuses them.
    PS: I love you guys!

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    @22 You are right they are the same people who say Miranda “trapped” him with a pillow baby while saying she got pregnant on her birthday so he can’t be the father of the “pillow baby” ahahaha and that Orlando robbed himself for publicity I mean what do you expect ?

  • @stupid haters

    That’s why they call the paps to keep attention alive.

    you think he called the paps come to see him pee, stupid people

  • tem

    Love this guy! Best wishes to him and his loved ones!

  • Nuts

    Really? She “trapped him with a pillow baby?” That’s about the craziest theory yet from those crazy Kerr-Bloom haters. Where do they come up with this crap?

  • Jayne

    Hi every one hope you had a good xmas and happy new year. Orlando your the best .

  • Sasa

    The haters latest conspiracy theory had Miranda and her family living in Orlando’s house, while he was renting a place in Brentwood. Their *cough* theory *cough* was based upon all of the pics and sightings that have taken place in Brentwood lately. According to the idiot haters, he couldn’t stand to be around Miranda and/or her family, so he moved out.
    Don’tcha love how they make up random garbage, then post it as fact?
    Fans, on the other hand, had hypothesized that they had purchased a new, larger home in either Santa Monica or Brentwood. You see, that’s what expectant families do in real life. They sell the smaller, ‘bachelor’ digs, to get a house with plenty of room for a growing family.
    THAT is logical.
    Not the idiocy posted by the haters.
    And now, it seems that the haters have been proved wrong ONCE AGAIN.
    Orlando has listed his old house as being for lease. Which means that we have PROOF that Miranda is NOT staying there, nor is her family. Guess that means that like any other married couple, they are living TOGETHER. What a concept, huh?
    BTW:, it’s a really beautiful house.
    Wish that I had $18,000.00 a month to spend on rent.

  • @28

    It’s beautiful, but the decoration is weird (what we can see of it) and it looks a bit neglected. I wonder why he didn’t bother to get someone to “stage” the house before putting it on the market for lease. The pictures are quite off-putting to a potential occupant, because we only see one of the rooms and you would naturally wonder what was wrong with the others. But I guess he might have done it for privacy reasons.

    I wish the picture of the kitchen could be enlarged because I’m nosy. The table in the kitchen has a vice on it (I’m speculating that he’s fascinated by old machinery, given that there’s some sort of tripod thing in the entrance hall and he owns vintage bikes) and there’s a strange twisty wood thing over the fireplace. There are trainers on the floor and apparently plastic bags on the chair. And I’m sure there would be a lot more insights if I could see more detail.

  • @29

    What? Neglected?
    Where do you see anything that looks “neglected”? There is a difference between something being rustic, or rough on purpose, and neglect.
    It’s a beautiful home.
    And I guess that you have never looked at homes online. They (very) rarely show every room. They usually show features of the home that show off its unique qualities, and give the potential buyer/renter an idea of the decor. We see gorgeous woodwork in the kitchen, a beautiful pool, and lush, well tended, landscaping. That’s enough to get a potential tenant to be interested. That’s all that matters.
    “And I’m sure there would be a lot more insights if I could see more detail”.
    Being that the owner is famous, that is just one more reason why nothing more is shown.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @ 28 LOL The Delphi psychos are ALWAYS proven wrong bless their heart .

  • @30

    Well, we got all of Miranda’s apartment.

    I’m interested in his life in general. For example, I’ve now identified what looks like an empty canvas propped up against the kitchen wall, which suggests he is into painting. Are you really not as nosy as me? This stuff is like gold dust! If he wanted to be more anonymous he could have cleared everything away.

    I did say a BIT neglected (not as much as my house, though). For example, there’s a wire hanging down from the light fitting which appears in the last picture. And the big table outside has pools of water on it which could have been wiped up before the picture was taken. That sort of thing.

    I believe he has said he’s not a very well-organised person.

  • @32

    Well, Miranda’s apartment was basically had three rooms. One bedroom, one great room, and a bathroom. We didn’t see her kitchen, or her closet.
    And of course, we would all like some insight into his home life, but once again, that’s exactly why no more is shown. They KNOW that people would want to see intimate details of his life.
    The potential tenants will see some of these things, but if they can afford the asking price, they are also in a position to appreciate privacy. Random people will not be allowed to see the inside of the home. I’m sure that you will have to have an appoitment to view the property.

  • Concerning Any Home Sale

    It says that he is leasing it out instead of selling it. He might be better off if he just sold it. Not many homes up in that area, people generally lease.

    Does he not know how to hire a housekeeper to clean it up properly so it looks appealing to others who may want to purchase or lease it.

    Also has anyone heard the news about Miranda’s Grandmother’s home….It was burned down after being struck by lightning…no one was injured….Thank Goodness…..

    I just wish people on her face book would stop posting articles about it…..she does not need to be hearing news like that in her condition…I certainly hope that her family goes on and reads what others post before they let her see it.

    Not long now and we should all know at least if they have a boy or a girl.

  • @34

    This is not a great time to be selling a house.
    Since he doesn’t need the cash right now, he can wait until the market improves.
    “Peopel generally lease” is exactly the reason that putting it up for rental is a smart move.
    And I’m going to go out on a limb here, but something tells me that she would have heard from her nan directly about the fire. It’s not like she will be shocked or surprised by reading about it on her Facebook pages. People want to express their concerns for her family. It’s only natural to contact her via Facebook.
    I’m sure that she is sad, but she knows that her nan and pa are safe. That’s all that really matters.

  • squee

    Twitter posts are saying that Miranda is in labour!
    Hope that it’s true!!!!
    can’t wait!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    It’s a girl it’s a girl it’s her girl LOL so exited come on Jared .

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Jared please LOL I thought you would be on top of this LOL .

  • YAY!

    I’m so happy for them!
    And I’m sure that as soon as there is an official announcement, Jared will make a thread for the happy news.
    (You know, we have to give the haters someplace to vent their spleens.)
    Here’s hoping that both the baby and her(?) mum are healthy, and resting up from their long night.
    I’m sure that Orlando is a basket case.
    An ESTATIC basket case.
    But a basket case no less.

  • sara

    Some reports are saying that it’s a girl, others are saying that it’s a boy.
    Some say that the baby was born today (Friday), other say that the baby was born yesterday.
    One thing, though…
    The reports from x17 are the ones being quoted all over the net that it is a boy, born yesterday. A ‘photographer’, *cough*pap*cough*, said that he overheard Orlando “bragging about his son”. Well, if that is true, why is there just a report and no pics? If the pap was close enough to overhear Orlando, he was certainly close enough to snap a pic.
    Guess that we will have to wait for the official statement to sort it all out.
    Either way, I’m extremely happy for Orlando and Miranda.
    May their baby be healthy and happy.
    =) =) =) =) =)

  • Jayne

    It’s a boy well that’s what there saying.

  • Nobody of consequence

    I predicted it would be a boy ages back. I am psychic about those things so I already knew.

  • Baby Bloom

    There may be an announcement….or statement from their reps….but I highly doubt there will be a pic of the little one…..unless Miranda posts them on her Kora face book without Orlando knowing.

    Just have to wait and see…..I’m curious as to what they decided to name the little bundle of joy.

    Best Wishes for the New Parents….this is always the most exciting time…..wonder if she is still in the hospital?

  • YES!

    According to Russel James, Miranda delivered a 10 POUND boy!
    Holy cow! That’s a big baby!
    I think that they will HAVE to release a picture.
    That way the valuable ‘first pic’ is already out there, and the paps will be a little calmer. The paps only care about money, and when there is THAT much money hanging over their heads, they can be very dangerous.
    Whether it is released casually on facebook, or more formally through People magazine, we will have to wait and see. But a picture needs to be released, just to det rid of the pap rush.
    I can’t wait to see the handsome little man!
    And I’m so curious about his name.
    Traditional? Or Hollywood wierd?
    Congratulations to the happy family!

  • Nobody of consequence

    His name is Orlando.

  • @45

    Uhmmm, sure thing.
    And you know this how?

  • Nobody of consequence


  • @47


  • Baby Bloom

    Just saw the Malaria No More Commercial that Orlando did along with a bunch of other celebrities….He said when he was a kid and asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said he wanted to be a stunt man.

    He already is a stunt man….he just doesn’t get paid for it.

    The channel I saw it on was CNN….I have been devastated watching for news about the shooting that took place here in Tucson, AZ yesterday…..Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords was shot but is alive and fighting for her life…..20 people were shot at a meeting she planned called, “Congress on your Corner”, 6 died and 14 were seriously injured…..among the 6 that died was a 9 year old girl who was wanting to learn more about politics…..she was born on 9/11 and she died on another day of tragedy…..

    if anyone would like to learn more about what is happening in the story, please click on the link below…..or tune into CNN on your cable satellite channel…..

    I have never been more terrified to walk out my front door…..most of my friends tell me that I should not watch the news….but whether you watch the news or not the pain is still there.

    My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost a great deal this weekend.

  • Melody

    First, Happy Birthday, Orlando and I wish you many more! Secondly, congrats to he and Miranda, I just read last night on Orlandolove about her giving birth to a ten pound boy. It was apparently born on Saturday, although I have no idea why JJ or any of the magazines have not picked up on it yet. But congrats on the little boy (?) and a wonderful birthday to a wonderful guy!