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Vanessa Hudgens Heads to Studio Cafe

Vanessa Hudgens Heads to Studio Cafe

Vanessa Hudgens steps out in Black Orchid jeans as she grabs lunch at Studio Cafe on Monday (December 27) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress met up with her friends, Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland and her High School Musical 3 castmate Matt Prokop.

Last week, Vanessa went to the gym with her younger sister Stella, not once but twice!

Vanessa also spent time with good pal Ashley Tisdale.

“Went to dinner for girls night with nessa ;) I cant believe it’s Christmas eve tomorrow yay!!!!!” Ashley tweeted on Thursday.

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  • uknow

    I’d like to give a shoutout to the creators of make-up.

  • Júnior Alves

    vanessa beautiful <3

  • kate

    shes is ugly

  • yuri


  • http://lalajonasick lala

    she’s so beautiful! haha I still can’t get how Zanessa is over! seriously!

    follow me on twitter @lalajonasick (1 “s”) in case of confusion!

  • JC

    Kiss called and they want their fifth member back.

  • laverdadduele

    Wow, Yoko Ono looks so young!

  • kami

    ♥ she looks beautiful. love they way she’s dressed. ♥

  • petrova.

    @lala: “Zanessa” is over because Vanessa couldn’t handle the fact that her boyfriend is prettier than her.

  • mils

    she looks gorgeous

  • Wanefull


  • mils

    zac is really ugly…

  • http://AOL Pat

    She looks sad.

  • hillary

    whoa whats with the hair

  • kgg

    Merry Christmas to all the haters and I hope you got a sack of coal as a present.

  • Nancy

    well i tried not to say it but now i really hate Vanessa if she wanted to date around as by doing so she will hurt Zac so much. Does she even realise how lucky she was to have him as her bf. He loved her so much and cared and also supported her so much. And still if she did it then she is really horrible. She really doesn’t deserve someone like Zac or his love. It will really kill me to see Zac getting hurt when all throughout he has proved to be such a perfect bf and if he gets this in result.Hate you Vanessa from now.

  • Abby

    ha…..ha….hah!!!!!!you haters back off nessa has the most beautiful face w/make-up or w/out make -up…..I love you nessa!!!!!!!!!!!’

  • 333


  • Abby

    @nancy,what ??????you are 12years old ,ha…….you sound stupid……… hate her!!!!!!!!!!whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Haters Suck!

    that story was complete BS. There was also another report that zac broke up with her cause she wanted him to propose. So which is it, she wants to get married or she wants to date other people? They’re both BS if you ask me. Nobody knows what the real truth is, i mean they were just spotted at the mall together and according to one person on twitter they were even holding hands so heck they may still be together and this whole thing is BS. We’ll just have to continue to wait and see.

  • Zanessa/Vanessa Freak

    @Nancy: How do you it’s Zac that ended it, further more the relationship has not even ended, have you heard Zac say, she broke my heart? or have you heard Vanessa saying anything either stop being so oblivious to this it takes two person to start a relationship it takes two to agree to end it, whether they have ended the relationship what does the breaking of Zac’s heart has to do with you if they agreed to remain friends it doesn’t have to do with any breaking of hearts, this can merely mean they are bound to unite together again. @petrova.: Zac being prettier than Vanessa? where did you even get the sense to write that? now that has to be the stupidest interpretation of their break up, first thing that is wrong with that he is a guy and she is a girl something that should never be compared according to looks and secondly when was Zac ever pretty, flowers are and gay men are but not a man like Zac, Zac is very much Handsome than I would say “pretty”.

  • petrova.

    @Zanessa/Vanessa Freak: Lighten up it was a joke. I don’t know these people therefore I’m not gonna pretend I know why they broke up. But uh yes Zac Efron is indeed pretty. Almost too pretty. Lol at you saying gay men are pretty, as if all gay men look alike.

  • 41

    Without the contouring on her nose and the plumping lip gloss she is not attractive.

  • Gab

    She doesn’t look happy. I hope her career starts taking off soon.

  • Gab

    @Nancy: Look at her. Does she look like she’s running around dating new guys? Please.

  • ivanka


  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Haa haa she like india girl

  • ladysdsandiego

    one of the few young women in hollywood who actually has class.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Yea No one has

  • عدلات

    She looks sad

  • florence

    @عدلات: No doubt she knows that Zac will already have somebody else.

    Also it was reported that she was seen taking boxes out of his house, so obvioulsy removing your belongings from a former bf house is going to make her sad. But it’s better that she has done it while he is away and not there.

    As for Zac being prettier that’s just hiliarious. He has lovely blue eyes that’s as far as the pretty part goes.

    I’m sure that 2011 will be a great year for her, after all 3 very different movies coming out to show just how versitile she is as a actress. Hopefully he won’t go to the premiers and just let her have the spotlight for a change instead of it all being about him at premiers. She deserves it.

  • nathalia

    Vanessa looked beautiful love your style

  • Abby

    @Florence,from were you are cuz I saw your comment you wright Arabic ,I’m from Dubai u.a.e…..I love vanessa hudgens I like her style , her hair and her skin,she have beautiful face.

  • Abby

    Opsss….sorry I wrote it ,wrong spelling ha….ha…ha…!!!!

  • kristin

    …and she’s suddenly significantly less interesting. Zac Efron was definitely the star of that duo. If her career takes off, I’ll be very surprised.

  • magda tenšek

    Hey she looks beautiful gosh
    i love the hair and the clothing happy 2011
    oh and hope zanessa isnt over…<3

  • Abby

    @kristin,are you sure?????????ha…!!!!!!she the most atractive than zac!!!maybe you should know that!!!!!!!!!

  • s

    you’re right, she looks very sad

  • Vanessa Fan

    Okay you guys are some hateful people you act like you have a chance to date Zac Efron umm keep dreaming. He loved her whether they are together or not for FIVE YEARS she liked him when he was not even handsome looking in the beginning Zac was not that cute he grew up to be very handsome as she grew up to be very beautiful. Zac is not Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. He cannot make or break her career every part she got in a movie she got on her own by her own words at her Pure party she took time off. She has 3 films coming out that she auditioned for not Zac he even wanted on Sucker Punch but he was not right for the part.
    This guy here stated he saw her come out of Zacs house he works for and said it as a hey whats up Vanessa and Zac fans he had seen her come out of his house no boxes were mentioned and if it were darn right they would have had pictures blasted everywhere that that could be evidence of a break up but he only stated she came out of his house and if the timing is correct he was at his parents house then and that means she still has keys to his house. Ah ha… so too many rumors going around with no confirmation of anything no visual proof only words lots of words. I can write to E online and say I saw Zac kissing some random girl in his parents home town take the pic of the back side of some shaved head looking dude and they would claim sources etc. So lay off Vanessa she is a very strong woman I would dump Zac just to get rid of some of you crazy fans who bash on her. She is a very lovely person the 4 times I have met her out and about she was very sweet and gracious even to people who would bother her. After the 2nd time she saw me she even said hi to me herself and she had liked my shoes so much for her being a snob and the girl is gorgeous. She won me over with her kindness not who she was dating. Shia Labeaouf however you spell his name is a better actor then Zac and has out done him Charlie St. Cloud epic failure at movie theaters oh no his career is over he better date Halle Berry that is so lame to judge people by who they are dating. Zac and Vanessa are both good people who deserve a chance to live their dream. Who is to say she can’t get better then Zac. And how is someone better then anyone last I checked we are all humans and we make mistakes.

  • Vanessa Fan

    This was the guy on who saw her come out of Zacs house not with any boxes her come out the house no boxes included which means she still has keys to his house.

    ALISON_HTV Alison Silva

    VANESSA estava na casa do ZAC a dois dias atraz…foi vistra entrando e saindo…sera que os dois voltaram ?
    16 hours ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply

    ALISON_HTV Alison Silva

    segunda feira…o dia in LA esta lindo…e pra cocomecar esse dia bombando uma notcia quente aos fans da VANESSA & ZAC

  • suzy

    looking good V.

  • hanni

    Ugh not this hasbeen again. What has she accomplished exactly? I wouldn’t call her a celebrity.

    A small role in a Zack Synder film and Just Jared goes crazy for her. Lol..


    Scary. Make-up is definitely God’s gift to some women.

  • lily

    She’s ugly and lol she does look like the 30 year old Yoko Ono. Not the current old one.

    Lol, is this Vanessa Japanese? If John Lennon was alive he’d be alive over this Asian girl or some other Asian girl.

  • hales

    @florence: Yeah but she doesn’t star in two of those movies. She’s a supporting role and doesn’t even appear in the trailers.

    So sorry Vanessa fan stop being in denial, you won’t know how versatile she is when she plays the teen crush of the lead in Journey to the center of the earth or when she barely has lines in Sucker Punch. She isn’t even conspicuously in Sucker Punch’s trailers. She was an extra for a semi-second in the trailer and then was never there.

    The media exaggerates claiming she stars because she’s the only person known to the media in the cast of Sucker Punch. All thanks to her nude pics.

    How can someone star in a movie and show off their talents when they’re not featured conspicuously in the film’s trailers?

    The media and her fans are in serious denial.

  • yets

    i love this girl!!!

  • ZanessaDreamer

    Seriously these rumors have to STOP!

    I can’t belive some people belive EVERYTHING they read online!
    They are falling into the Media’s trap. If everybody belive them, they’ll control all infos about celeb world.
    But it’s pretty obvious they usually write fake things!


    It sucks so much because people (maybe even fans) belive some things which are FALSE and always BAD things about them.
    Zanessa are two special people. They are really mature, smart, sensible and very talented actor/actress.
    I’m not saying that because i’m blind and i just love the idea of them being together so i want to see them almost perfect. I KNOW THEY AREN’T because they are humans.
    BUT I see they are different. Time proves this, their interviews are always full of great considerations about life, love and career.
    Their personality and the way they handle everything in their life.
    They stand out because of their seriousness, sweetness, discretion and cleverness.
    They ARE proud of what they have as a couple and as an actor/actress and their fans are VERY PROUD of them too!

    Media can’t ruin their image like this.
    Just because they can’t write bad things about their behaviour, BECAUSE IS VERY GOOD considering they are very young, they have to CREATE scoop about their special and magic relationship.


    Everybody should belive what they SEE and HEAR from T-H-E-M!


    sorry for my english i come from Italy…

  • Anibal

    Gorgeous <3

  • Just Sayin

    @lala: Actually her and Zac are still together. They were seen holding hands at the mall together :)

  • Karen

    OK, some of you are ridiculous. LOOK, stop blaming one or the other person here. Just because someone says something unflattering about Vanessa does not make it ZAC’S fault, got that? Attack the person making such a stupid comment and stay on point and don’t go over making it Zac’s fault in some way.

    When it comes to CSC it was not a failure—not in the studio eyes—since it made it’s money back and even gained a profit once it was released in Europe and Australia and the DVD sold and rented very well which made it’s money back. SO, even though it didn’t do like 17 Again it did not lose money for the studio and that’s what they are interested in.

    Once again we have that person on here who out and out LIES. As was stated this guy from Hollywoodtv saw Vanessa leave Zac’s house on TWO occasions I believe it was and neither time was she carrying out boxes.

    There are twitters of them sighted together at the mall and as of last night a tweet of them having a romantic dinner in a quiet restaurant where there was candlelight and dancing. And before anyone tries the “but there are no pictures” debate here’s the facts about that: When Vanessa was in NO the week before she started filming J2 and Zac’s birthday there were only tweets of people seeing them together, NO PICS. When they traveled from their movie sets in NO and Hawaii and met in Vegas in October there were lots of tweets about them being there but NO PICS. Then at Thanksgiving time we had tweets they were there together but no pics until the last night Zac was there and we got the sweet video of them kissing, etc.

    As a matter of fact we have gotten NO pics of them except that last night of the Thanksgiving holiday since they returned home from their Maui getaway at the last of August. And for that matter when they wre in Maui we got very few pic then too. They have gotten very good at figuring out ways to avoid paps and people who have met them in these places and tweet about it have said they have asked for pics but were turned down by the two—but that they were very nice about it.

    Lastly, Vanessa IS very much a part of Sucker Punch. She plays the best friend to the lead character and she IS in the trailers. Don’t be stupid people. The SP trailers are so quick it is very hard to see anyone all that much except Emily. She is also costaring with Alex Pettyfer in Beastly—a movie she won a Showest award for. Everyone stop pitting these two against each other. That is so asinine. They are both wildly popular and both have a different way in pursuing their careers—and both seem to be doing very well BTW. They are both very attractive and according to people who KNOW them and people who have actually met them they are BOTH lovely and caring people.