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Vanessa Hudgens: Ricki Criswell Skin Care Client

Vanessa Hudgens: Ricki Criswell Skin Care Client

Vanessa Hudgens attempts to hide her face while walking back to her car after some pampering on Tuesday (December 28) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress visited Ricki Criswell Skin Care and Waxing Studio and covered her mouth while waiting at the valet stand.

The day before, Vanessa grabbed lunch at Studio Cafe with her High School Musical 3 castmate Matt Prokop and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland.

FYI: Vanessa is one of the five actors nominated for Favorite Star Under 25 at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards. Tune in next Wednesday (January 5) to see if she wins!

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76 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Ricki Criswell Skin Care Client”

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  1. 26
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:


  2. 27
    Gab Says:

    Each time I see these photos I just want to give her a hug (whoa there, stalker). While Zac is running around looking pretty adjusted to their situation, she looks like she’s struggling quite a bit. I hope she finds something to be happy about soon.

  3. 28
    ivanka Says:

    i love her hair

  4. 29
    kkkk Says:

    She prob got her vaj waxed ;)

  5. 30
    333 Says:

    FYI she dumped zac

  6. 31
    anne Says:

    cute <3

  7. 32
    Dee Says:

    @Vanessa Fan: lol Good one! You made me giggle.

  8. 33
    mils Says:

    she looks so adorable

  9. 34
    mils Says:

    aweee <3

  10. 35
    florence Says:

    @lauren: He has been confirmed as going but Vanessa is’nt.

    Can’t wait to see who he brings as a date.

    I hope she wins and can’t wait to see all her films in 2011.

    Why should she always show her face to the pap’s if she does’nt want to. Once again she was not promoting anything just having a bit of a pamper like most people do, she will have them in her face soon enough when she goes back to filming and then when promo’s start, so like anyone else she deserves some down time to treat herself, she did’nt ask anybody else to pay for it so what’s the big deal.

  11. 36
    florence Says:

    @Gab: Of course he’s adjusted to the situation, when asked in one of his interviews when doing CSC about how long he saw the realctionship going even back then he said ‘ I’m ( not we) not looking to far ahead’

    So I think it’s safe to say that while filming and then promoting CSC he was starting to have doubts about it, then TLO and three months away just sealed it for him.

    Can’t wait to see promo picturs with Vanessa and Alex they look really good together.

  12. 37
    Karen Says:

    What are you talking about? We haven’t even got pics of Zac to “judge” if he seems to be taking anything well or not. And we have had many of Vanessa like here where she seems like she is doing well—even a hint of a laugh. Probably because the paps are asking really asinine questions. And right after the supposed “break” she told those reporter asking about Zac at her birthday party in Vegas that they were good with a thumbs up. So, I don’t think she is having any kind of a hard time no matter what is going on.

    Do you never tire of LYING? Zac is on the guest list to attend the awards but he is not CONFIRMED. There have been other times when he was on the guest list of something and was not there too. Plus, as far as Vanessa goes, she has to be in NC to finish filming J2 not long after the first of the year so we are not sure just how soon she will be getting settled there. SO, once again you are trying to shovel manure that isn’t there.

  13. 38
    A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever Says:

    She just keeps getting More and More Lovely.

  14. 39
    A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever Says:


    Karen I agree all the way with you comment.

  15. 40
    A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever Says:

    You know I’m so Sick and Tired of people hating on Vanessa this Girl has done nothing to anyone and she is being hated for what because she Dated Zac Efron, or because she made a mistake with some pictures Vanessa is Just following her dreams of being a movie star and she is getting people basing her for no reason that is just Pissing me off to see how some People bash this Young Woman for no reason.

    Vanessa will show you haters in 2011 because 2011 will be Vanessa Hudgens’s Years with 3 movies coming out this girl is going Far People Just wait and see.

  16. 41
    say what! Says:

    on 2 the next…..

  17. 42
    siennagold Says:

    Why does she keep covering herself??? Until when does she plan to do this when she’s outdoors??? LOL

  18. 43
    Athenais Says:

    I hope Vanessa will attend PCA , she nomines in the same category of Zac and she has the same chance to win

  19. 44
    HannahKay Says:

    love her
    although i don’t wanna be a stalker, i really want to know about what going on between her and zac

  20. 45
    toty Says:


    I respect u soooo much and I always agree with your comments and look for them to read what relieves me..and I love zac and v so much but what I wanna say is; not because she smiles that means that she’s fine and doing well,I mean look at her at her bd party,she looked so sad and the tears filled her eyes but she smiled..I don’t believe all the rumeres about them cause every year web sites say that they broke up& then we find out that it’s just a my point is;
    we shouldn’t talk about their feelings and who caused the pain and these big things as that increases our confusion and doesn’t help at all..let’s just hope they get back together soon or they are happy apart(If they broke up)the thing that I don’t wanna believe..

  21. 46
    fiona Says:

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  22. 47
    mils Says:

    Vanessa Hudgens is seen going to a dental office in Studio City

  23. 48
    Silvana Says:


  24. 49
    kris Says:

    Love you Baby V.

  25. 50
    Vanessa Fan Says:

    @Athenais: The only reason she would not go in my humble opinion not based on fact would be she doesn’t want to deal with the media, and I don’t think Zac would bring a date that was not her unless it was a family or friend because if he did bring a date many fans would be very angry, and feel he dumped Vanessa for fame and to look ‘cool’ to his peers, and his management. Also the media would have a field day on his behalf. Vanessa has been the only one the paps and media have centered on since she is in town whereas he has pretty much gone under the radar, but I read he is presenting so he has to be there. Who knows maybe they are coming up with something from their publicists to say on the break up. I always thought Zac was his own man, but I kind of waver on him due to some of the articles, and words that has come out of his mouth, and Kellan Lutz is not the best man to hang around with how he treated Annalyne is a shame. Zac was always very very good to Vanessa and she was very good to him also and I cannot believe they are done because of the Hawaii thing no one would fly to any woman on Thanksgiving and miss out on their family to break up. I doubt highly Vanessa would dump him because she seemed very in love with him and content in their love never once did she say she wanted to marry now but way down the road. I think Vanessa has been bashed a lot since the picture incident by media, comedians, and some fans who lust Zac but he stood by her side. I see she has been hanging around a lot of High School Musical friends which is good. She does seem sad but that could be because of paps bothering her I would be sad. I thought when they moved Beastly up to accommodate Zacs movie they would not make it and struggle and the media seems determined that these two need to break up which is sad. Vanessa and Zac deserve happiness like you or me. When people say Vanessas career will not last if she is not with Zac that makes me very angry because in 2011 3 totally different movies will showcase her talent. Remember she still has to audition these parts are not hand delivered to her she has to compete for them against other actresses and they saw in her what we fans see in her. I will say I support them both right now but if Zac did bring a date I would probably never see any more of his movies not that my $10 matter. I would feel bad for Vanessa and crushed for her. No matter what people think 5 year s with one person is a long time and means a lot. I think they are too classy to be that rude and disrespectful to each others feelings. I do have a feeling that January 5th will be a all important night for Zanessa fans. Zac wil either ignore the all important million dollar break up question, or he will answer it, and hopefully he handles it with care. I would never trade in fame for love and I don’t think Vanessa or Zac would either. They both dated before they met its not like they have not had dates before. I wish them both happiness and love and think they both have great talent. And if the small chance their management and management in the past has made or break relationships said to end it I would tell them to shove it. Zac and Vanessa have enough talent to get any agent but I think they both are very mature and smarter then the press gives them credit for.

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