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Vanessa Hudgens: Ricki Criswell Skin Care Client

Vanessa Hudgens: Ricki Criswell Skin Care Client

Vanessa Hudgens attempts to hide her face while walking back to her car after some pampering on Tuesday (December 28) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress visited Ricki Criswell Skin Care and Waxing Studio and covered her mouth while waiting at the valet stand.

The day before, Vanessa grabbed lunch at Studio Cafe with her High School Musical 3 castmate Matt Prokop and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland.

FYI: Vanessa is one of the five actors nominated for Favorite Star Under 25 at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards. Tune in next Wednesday (January 5) to see if she wins!

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  • Karen


    I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was placing blame in anyway. I was meaning that Vanessa is looking a certain way which I take that she KNOWS more than we do and what she knows is that things are not as bad as the media is trying to make it out to be. Z&V KNOW what is going on and what they are doing and I truly believe that. They are way too close to each other with a ton of respect to hurt each other. I’m sure they fight but fights get worked out or I would not have been married for nearly 27 years.

  • Karen


    That article shows just how much the media is “reaching” and how much they are enjoying hyping this for all it’s worth. So, they want us to believe they have some kind of huge magic ball???

    Also, I don’t think people should pend their hopes that all will be revealed someway come next Wednesday for the PCA’s. There are too many scenarios that may play out there and none of them revealing anything more than we already know. And I have a feeling no matter what may or may not be said someone will find a way to twist it into something it isn’t. Vanessa having to be in NC may be gone by then. Or she and Zac may very well plan on doing this separately and have nothing wrong between them. What people will forget is that they have done things like this separately before but now it will take on a whole new meaning for everyone.

    People thought they would learn something at Vanessa’s party and even though she said “we’re good” and gave the thumbs up people believed what they wanted. And when it comes to the reps, PR people always tend to answer questions or make statements with open-ended meanings—and to me that is done because they really don’t know themselves EXACTLY what may be going on privately with someone. I don’t think either Zac or Vanessa is too ready to let anyone know what intimately goes on in their thinking. It just seems that what they want people to grasp is there is no DRAMA in WHATEVER is going on and that it has nothing to do with OTHER PEOPLE male or female. SO, if there is some kind of glitch then they most likely are working on it. Plus too many media people are allowing that they seem them getting back together which tells me some of this stupidity that is being written and reported is definitely made up just to grab people’s attention—while they can.

  • Nancy

    well according to all media reports it was Vanessa who wanted to end the relationship and wanted to date others and I believe its true. Can you guys even imagine how much Zac was in love with her? He was all over her in all CSC interviews . I seriously dont think he imagined any breakup. I am really pissed at Vanessa for hurting Zac She really doen’t deserve him .

  • Vanessa Fan

    @Nancy: Sorry I do not believe Vanessa dumped Zac at all she has been hanging around her friends and looking quite sad so I think it’s all lies. If she wanted out so bad she would not have been kissing up on him in Hawaii and we would have seen her date someone. They both loved each other and they both deserve happiness.

  • Vanessa Fan

    Every day there is a new rumor, they broke up, he’s dating Taylor, she wanted to date others before marrying, they took a break, they never broke up, she’s texting him etc etc no one knows but who ever these sources are are definitely working over time to break these two up. I sincerely hope they are both doing well and she’s been the only one paps have been taking pictures of she is always with family or friends and last we heard he is at his parents. January 5th may or may not answer questions. I feel very sorry for them both to be judged on and dragged through the mud through the media. As fans I say we ignore all the gossip and support them both they are both great people with great futures ahead. I feel very sorry that every day paps are taking pictures of Vanessa making assumptions on their relationship I would be upset to and hiding my face if I was constantly followed. I am surprised they don’t follow her to the bathroom to. love her looks and her new car and I really hope 2011 is a very good year for Vanessa.

  • kate

    you know i said this before but we always ignored the rumours about ZV because that’s exactly what they are RUMOURS.

    who is the person that said that they are ON A BREAK – Jill and were is she from JJJr so does that not tell you something. i think Jill wants attention for her site and that is exactly what she is getting.

    There has never been any other confirmation from ZV or their PR’s so i think the split is a load of BULL.

    Every year for the past few years Zac and Vanessa always spend xmas seperately with their own families, we usually see them together after the new year.

    so we will need to wait and see

    Stop with the blaming Zac or Vanessa.

  • Haters Suck!

    Why are none of my comments showing up?

  • Haters Suck!

    Ok I’ll try again a little differently
    all reports say that, really?
    what about the one that zac wanted to be single so he could party with his new friends
    or the one that he wanted to be single so he could be more like lenardo dicaprio.
    Or the one that zac split because he didn’t want to get married.
    Why don’t you believe those? Maybe zac doesn’t deseve Vanessa? I think whole thing is BS personally, I’m just trying to make a point.

  • Karen

    There are just as many lies published about one as their is the other. By now we should all be able to see that. Each rumor/lie is more far fetched than the last one. I think the media is having a great time throwing any kind of stuff out there they can right now.

    But the fact that there have been so many diverse “stories” coming out every couple days about each of them just goes to show how silly it all has gotten. If we hear something about Vanessa then that means within a couple days there will be a new tale about Zac and then back to Vanessa. Every rumor can’t be true and it is becoming increasingly evident that they all much be lies.

  • Abby

    To all zanessa fan pls sign for truthisstronger plssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Karen I love want you said and it is so true, thank you! GOD BLESS Vanessa and Zac always, and i hope they will have a good year.

  • Soni

    Karen & toty:

    I agree with both of your comments.
    Karen you always seem to know the right things to say. I wish people who claim to be fans of Zac and Vanessa would not believe everything that they read. They need to realize that, unless it comes from Zac and Vanessa themselve, it is not true.

    I agree in the sense that someone can be sad and happy at the same time. I think in some of the pictures of Vanessa’s birthday, at least to me, she looked a bit sad. But overall she looked like she was having a good time,
    Couples, whether married or dating, realife or hollywood, go through disagreements all the time. I do not know for sure, and I am not going to speculate, but Zac and Vanessa might have had a disagreement.
    My husband and i had alot of disagreement before we married and have had alot since we been married. We have been together for 27 years an d married for 25, so we must be doing something right. Zac and Vanessa will be fine. As long as people let them alone.
    By the way Karen congratulations on being married almost 27 years.

    That site is a site that no one should believe, Just like I said earlier in this post, do not believe anything unless it comes from Zac and Vanessa themselves.

    I beleive you in I do not believe that Vanessa dumped Zac anymore than i believe that Zac dumped Vanessa. ONe of the reasons is becausse neither of them have comfirmed it, plus why would Zac fly to Hawaii to spend thankgiving with her and then they break up. Just a rumor. They love each other and have for 5 years. They both have said on different interviews that they do not see themselves getting married yet or for awhile. .

    So I think the best thing as fans of this wonderful couple is we wish them much happiness, and continue to support them in their adventures whether together or seperate. Stop believeing the rumors and wait and see what happens in the new year. Hope that they have an amazing year in 2011 and for many years to come.

  • florence

    @Soni: The thing is though even Vanessa has stopped wearing her ring and that is very unusual for her, she also has got rid of the car that she used to have the same as Zac’s, supposedl;y he brought it for her, so maybe the memories are to much even though it is onyl a car, look at the amount of times Zac drove it, so just like the ring it was another reminder of what she used to have with him, so she did the sensible thing and gor rid of both, and this way her new car has no connection to him what so ever.

    I hope she wins the award she is up for and has a great year with her films and whatever else she does.

    But Zanessa days are now a thing definetly in the past. As this time last year Zac came back early from his parents to spend new year with Vanessa, but uit’s good that they don’t spend it together this time other wise they will never move on from one another.

    Although TMZ have a video and one of the pap’s virtually said that Zac had already spent his new year celebrating it with someone else. Which is no suprise.

  • florence

    @Abby: Zac is aspprently in NY filming his new film, the yet another romantic one, and then he’ll stop there to do ‘ Die In A Gunfight’ so it’s a safe bet to say that he spent new year’s far from missing Vanessa and no doubt partying it up, after all he’s in the right place for strip clubs and two of his booty calls Nikki and Taylor.

    At least Vanessa spent it with her family and remained dignifyed instead of running around town partying.

    He is now confirmed for the Choice Awards so no doubt he’ll show up all smiles and grinning from ear to ear, can’t wait to see who he brings as a date, boy has no compassion what so ever towards Vanessa and her feelings.

  • go sox

    Florence, you are a classic case of someone believing everything they read and hear. Please remember, you are reading GOSSIP sites……including THIS one. These sites want you to believe THEIR gossip, buy from their advertisers, and come back for more of their trash. It is NOT factual information. US, People, TMZ, JJ, ALL of them…….You may see a pic of two celebs, say having dinner, and that’s all it may be. But any of those TABLOIDS, may say they were “cozy”, “intimate”, etc, because that’s what they want YOU to believe, when in fact it could have been a business dinner, in a loud restaurant, and needed to sit close to HEAR each other. They will make something out of absolutely NOTHING. It’s the way they operate. And FYI, I did not see any video at TMZ. Like the gossips, you just like to get something going.

    I also think we need to stop expecting to “hear” from Vanessa or Zac, about the status of their relationship. Did we EVER hear they were dating from them? Nope. We just saw them together frequently, and knew the world would figure it out. I think we need to use the brains that God gave us, and know that they will eventually show us, by their actions, what the situation is between them. If they are seen together, then they are still friendly on whatever level THEY choose. If they are seen dating others, then they have moved on. It’s that simple. They are NOT going to make announcements.

  • Abby

    @florence ,don’t believe what you are reading in any gossip site cuz they are using this break up rummor to be hits there site!cuz zac and nessa they didn’t say anything about this ,that’s why we will wait this coming ,jan 05,2011 in pca,” @go sox ,ty!!!!!!!cuz even me I don’t believe this ,that’s why I’m telling you to support the truthisstronger!!!!!!! To stop the gossip site that they are not telling the truth,that they are made up only ,not only for zanessa but for all!!!!!!!!!!TRUTHISSTRONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby


  • Karen

    Let’s see, where should I start? First about the rings…How long did we see Vanessa wearing her FIRST ring after Zac had stopped wearing his—for whatever reason? And were they still together???? Then after her 21st birthday SHE stopped wearing her ring and everyone got all upset BUT were they obviously STILL together? So for months and months these two were like glue BUT NO RINGS. Then they came back from Hawaii obviously with new rings for whatever reason. But by now I think they knew the problems these rings cause as Vanessa was NOT wearing hers when they were kissing and hugging at Thanksgiving time. They are not going to let the rings become a focal point for some crazy people that shall go nameless.

    And the rumors…let’s just go with what we have recently read of Zac being on T&C with random people like Bruce Willis and family. Bruce happens to be in Idaho when this was written. And when you read that you just know it is a matter of time before someone says Zac is being cozy with Rumer. BUT lo and behold Zac has now been spotted in NYC where he is going to be part of a movie that was going to be filmed in Time Square on NYE. So, do people now understand who were wanting to tear Zac a new one that they were unjustified? Are they going to say they are sorry they believed a LIE which came out of Page 6? The boy is really amazing if he can be in two places at once.. He has also changed a lot if he’d rather be with people he may or may not know rather than trusted friends and family at holiday time.

    WHY should Zac or Vanessa have to confirm anything? Do Brad and Angie say anything or have their reps say anything every time someone says they are splitting up or getting married or anything else? No, we just see them together with their kids doing all of life’s things. If Zac and/or Vanessa try to field all questions or put right every rumor then the only thing that will happen is when the media and fans want to know something private about their lives then they will simply start putting out a bunch of rumors/lies to make them feel like they must come forward and give out all the information people want to know about. That would not be right to make these two just like it would not be right to make any of us have to discuss our private lives to the world.

    They will be very busy in the first half of the year. They know how they want to handle it and they must have people understand that what they see or hear may not be what the media paint it to be. They will be apart a lot but it doesn’t mean they won’t be seeing each other—maybe just not as much since circumstances dictate it to be that way. Soldiers and sailors are often away from their loved ones due to job circumstances but they are still loving those loved ones.
    There have been sightings—reliable ones of Z&V together so the gossip sites and “gossip” people need to shut up.

    Lastly, you people who are constantly wanting to keep something negative going particularly about Zac, is HATRED and MALICE so important to you that you cannot resist continually LYING or telling half-truths to make people believe a lie? What did one young person ever do to you to cause such contempt and would eat you up so much?

  • Soni

    I will say something to the fact about the new car. If you remember, but I doubt you do, she got in alot of fender benders with her Audi, the car Zac gave her. The car repair place probably told her it woul be cheaper to buy a new one than to try to repair the Audi. Also, Zac gave her the car and so it was her’s to do whatever she wanted. It does not mean in anyway she is trying to get rid of the memories of him.
    Like Karen said above and I will repeat for for your benefit:

    Go Sox and Karen:
    YOu both are right on again.
    People need to stop telling lies and stop believing lies.

  • fan

    Regarding Vanessa’s Audi, Zac did not give her that car. Vanessa said that on Disney Radio right before leaving for her filming HSM3. The car was given to her by Audi car dealership as a promotion for papps to take pictures of her driving it as low cost advertisement instead of paying millions for TV advertisement with celebrities. Therefore, the Audi car was an exchange of payment.

  • Karen

    I believe her first car was given to her by the Audi people—the one with the white interior. But I think she bought her second car with the black interior that kept getting the dent in the front bumper. But NEITHER car was given to her by Zac. That’s just another lie someone wants to pass off. Pathological lying seems to be a problem for some on this board.

  • Soni

    Karen, I messed up and believed something, a lie, that said Zac gave her the car.I am sorry.

  • florence

    @Abby: The 5th won’t make any difference becuase even if they both go it won’t be together, and if asked anything they will have answers already prepared, so the loving things they used to say and do at awards shows are a thing of the past and will remain that way.

  • Abby

    @florence ,I don’t know from now ,but I believe is this is only a lie the break up thing,now even the TMZ!!!!!!they didn’t believe,how come it happened this,@Karen everytime you wrote a comment it make as more love them both ,PLS HELP US TO SPREAD TO THE WHOLE WORLD THAT THE TRUTHISSTRONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL ZAC and VANESSA FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS. SIgn,you can watch also in you tube type truthistronger they start now campain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This movement is good for us fan cuz they will not give us wrong information about celebreties that they will use for making a hit!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    A lot of people at the time wanted to believe Zac gave her the car. I guess they thought it was something romantic but she was more than capable of buying her own car—either of them. They have never seem to be the type that “show off” at giving those kinds of gifts. I think they are more the type people to give something special but meaningful. Their gestures towards each other are meant to mean something and are not for show.

  • go sox

    @Karen: I agree with Karen. I also think that way back when she got that car, it would have been too extravagant a gift for a teen couple just dating. It just would not have made sense to me at that time.