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Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli takes a dip in the pool while she vacations in a bikini on Tuesday (December 28) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The day before, the 25-year-old supermodel soaked up the sun while laying on chaise lounges with some gal pals.

Last week, Bar did some last minute Christmas shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Bar‘s on-and-off-again boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio stayed behind in L.A. for the holidays and visited a museum with some friends.

20+ pictures inside of Cabo bikini babe Bar Refaeli

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bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 01
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 02
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 03
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 04
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 05
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 06
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 07
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 08
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 09
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 10
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 11
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 12
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 13
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 14
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 15
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 16
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 17
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 18
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 19
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 20

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  • http://yahoo Rita

    Stop posting this ugly girl on here. Knowone likes her except Leo and knowone likes him!

  • Rita

    Stop posting this nasty looking woman on here. Knowone likes her but Leo, and he’s a has-been.

  • Dani




  • KKC

    she is a terrible “model” aka whore

  • LastWord

    @Rita: I’m just speechless by your stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful.

  • No

    another post? why?

  • LastWord

    1-4 you are clueless. A terrible model, really??? Bar Refaeli’s job is to look gorgeous in next to nothing. Whether you like her or not you’d have to be stupid to even think Bar is anything less than gorgeous. Modeling might look easy but ask yourself if you could stay in perfect shape everyday of the year. When was the last time you saw Candice Swanepoel or Bar Refaeli in bad shape. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Where’s Leo?

    Leo’s in LA, I’m sure with his pops. Glad he had family time the other day.

  • huh

    @LastWord: I think her cellulite says otherwise. Why bring another model into it?

  • Poser

    She poses better for the paps than the professional camera. These pictures just smack of self-promotion.

  • The midnight hour

    Why is this being posted so late in the evening?

  • KKC

    @LastWord She IS a terrible model. I don’t care that she’s dating Dicaprio, it’s just a fact. She has horrible facial expressions and does not have a model’s figure. Her legs are too short and her torso is too long. She is dead in the eyes in any “modeling” photo I’ve ever seen her in. Yes, she does stay in great shape, but her body is not a model’s body she has only gotten as far as she has because of her famous boyfriend. And no one ever said modeling was easy, but Bar wouldn’t know because no high end designer would ever put her in their campaign.

  • Leo the fun loving guy

    I wonder where our fella is? Hope he’s having a good time hanging out with the guys.

  • Agree

    I don’t think she’s awful looking. For a regular girl, I think she looks nice – just not model like to me. I think models should be glamourous and have all the attributes that make them amazing – great skin, tall, thin, toned, great public speakers (when needed). Modelling is a demanding job and I never get the impression that Bar is passionate about her “craft.”

  • LastWord

    @huh: Cellulite?? Stop making things up.

  • The Old Guard

    I saw pictures of Stephanie Seymour and she’s amazing. She’s the VS pioneer and even after a few kids she still looks great. She a model that I admired as she had elegant beauty. Even Cindy, who’s in her 40s, looks amazing and gets work still.

  • .

    The dimples don’t lie. You can’t hide dimples and ripples (of which she doesn’t have yet) in the extreme sunlight, unfortunately. Not overly tragic, a lot of women have it.

  • i hate bar

    She’s JEWISH jared.. aka she doesn’t celebrate christmas.

  • LastWord

    @KKC: Not every model has to be 5′ 10″ and 100 lbs. If Bar Refaeli was a bad model she wouldn’t of been on the SI cover. You know, the cover that has been graced by Elle Macpherson, Petra Nemcova, Tyra Banks, Marissa Miller, Heidi Klum, and the list goes on. How can you find flaw in blue eyes, light freckles, nice nose, full lips, perfect natural boobs, flat stomach, tight legs, and a firm booty.

  • LastWord

    @KKC: And don’t forget the dimples you can sip soup out of.

  • jim

    She looks disgusting.

  • @LastWord

    No they don’t have to be all those things, but it does help. But all those women you mentioned are extremely tall and at their peak were very fit. Elle is crazy hot STILL and she’s almost 50. All the women you mentioned are top models. Sorry to say, Bar isn’t. She has no spark or verve for creating indelible images. Modelling can be art too, but it requires passion.
    Elle –
    Simply… WOW.

  • Anya

    Nice body on Bar, face is kind of plain jane-ish, but then anything is better than that tranny horse Giselle Budchen. lol this one actually resembles a woman in body and face.

  • @Anya

    Is this Giselle’s thread – nope. Why do the Bar fans always bring her up? Leo and GB broke up years ago. They’ve moved on. perhaps you should do the same.

  • Elle

    @@LastWord: Elle’s legs are to die for.

  • tal



    Ok, we got it- Bar was on the cover of SI… 2 years ago!!! If she really is sooo good looking, why did she drop out of SI in 2010?
    I wonder how could they not see how “gorgeous” she is.
    You know Rampage- the only company besides Fox, for which she modelled clothes? Well Rampage sold so bad during that period, they really are on the edge right now, making basically a sell out.

  • Queen renssi

    Oh really amazing figure and sexy body I am very impress to here..

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    She really bar


    Oh, and not that anyone cares, but here are the reasons why she dropped out of SI:
    - she was the only model whose pictures from the photoshoot leaked out on the net the minute they were made in summer of 2010. SI are very very discrete and keep it a last minute surprise. But since Bar and Leonardo were separate during that time she tried everything possible to show him what body he looses (like the naked video, the naked cover for the Enquirer etc)
    - she didn’t show up for the party in Las Vegas the first big party, and then she showed but didn’t make any interviews and didn’t sign autographes for the fans. This is a no-no. So despite last minute campaign before the closing party I am sure that made difference.
    - she lost shape and got thicker. maybe SI say they want their models to be curvy, but that is not true. They want their models to have big boobs, but to be slim otherwise. That is what they call curvy. This maybe not fair, but its the business.
    It were just sooo many reasons put together causing her drop off.

  • boobs

    is it just me or did Bar’s boobs get a lot smaller?

  • hahaha

    Gosh, how many versions are there? barbie is by the pool in a bikini, barbie is in the pool in a bikini what`s next? barbie is on the beach in a bikini? Groundbreaking!
    That close up of her face is tragic! Plus it`s even more obvious on this set of photos that she is posing than it was on the first set.

  • Tara

    Pretty like so young

  • Katy

    Super model

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s such a natural beauty!

  • @36

    Yeah, just look at the close up of her face! It screams inner and outer beauty! LOL!
    @anya: What`s your issue bringing up and trashing Gisele on her barbie`s threads? How pathetic are you? Grow up and move on already!

  • Ella

    Is it really necessary to post 2 threads of her in which of both completely has no solid meaning, just an actor’s “plaything” in bikini ?

    And btw, that bikini top is too small. Can she just put appropriate top like that English model Kelly Brook ? Kelly is a DD but she looks way better than Bar

  • french

    She looks like a fat pig with a swimsuit too small for her

  • Nicki

    THANKS JJ! How refreshing and how great to see a real woman with a feminine figure.

    … so the same idiot jealous losers (coming under different names) can help but suffer by looking at these pictures of a happy and healthy and in love Bar…. n’est-ce-pas? LOL, LOL!

  • Leo Fan

    Isn’t it cool to rub these pictures of the most beautiful woman in the world on the face of the fat envious losers. Love it, simply love it.

    And wait till Leo joins her in Cabo and there’ll be more photos.


  • i just don’t get it

    what’s your problem with bar?
    if you like her or not, she’s gorgeous, a natural beauty.
    those are paparazzi pics and she still looks stunning.
    her face and body are way more beautiful to me than for instance gisele bündchen’s.
    why women themselves want to see starving anorexic women as role-models??? masochistic much?

    if you want to put her in a barbie-category or not, i don’t care, but she’s definitely not a plane-jane. every plane-jane d’love to look like her, perfect natural symetrics are not common. don’t be jealous only ’cause she’s leos gf!


    @Leo Fan:
    You should be happy, because if it weren’t for the paps chasing Leo you wouldn’t get a single picture of her for months.
    Just wait until he starts filming his next two movies next year – it will be a looot of time WITHOUT Bar posts. Cause if she is not with him, nobody cares. Oh, how would you survive then?


    @i just don’t get it:
    You are right- you just don’t get it. Go check up on Laeticia Kasta after 3 children and THEN maybe you will get how natural beauty (and boobs!) looks like.
    Though I consider Naomie Campbell a very tr’shy person, she is, with her 40 years, levels above Bar regarding beauty (not to mention career – I give her big credit for that!).

  • Jasmine

    one word: HAG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fan of Beauty

    For many here, these pictures are way to much to handle…. it hurts to see such a beauty as Bar and think that she’s been with Leo for the last five years. But you have to accept it. EVERY ONE thinks that Bar in a bikini is awesome.


    @Fan of Beauty:
    You have to accept my kick in your a”s’s. Everyone who??? Like, the male who said ” let me make some room for Bar to sit. *whiping his face*” .
    Or on youtube when she talked about charity – a male commented: “I will let you do some charity for my d’ck’.
    Or her fellows Izraelis – who no doubt adore her? Do you actually read the comments?

  • Fan of Beauty

    @Leo Dicaprio fan:

    Get yourself a life, because you sound very pathetic. Or, look around and see what every male says about Bar Refaeli. I know it must hurt… but you have to accept it. And do yourself a favor, stop spending so much time and energy on someone you do not like. Not very good for your self esteem and your mental health.

    PLEASE JUST JARED, bring us some more pictures of Bar, sane people love her in here!!!!

  • guest girl

    Here we go the Looney Tunes is back on with vomit-inducing Nicky and Fan of Beauty! LOL! Fan of Beuty is a joke if someone uses that in regards to bar! LOL! And of course the usual cr*p is here: you don’t like her so clearly you don’t have a life and you are jealous … blah blah blah. How many times have we heard that? You don’t share their taste so you are a loser. Give me a break. And yes it was said before. It hurts to see that this useless ‘model’ gets so much attention, it hurts to see a great guy wasting himself with her and it hurts to imagine what kind of people admire someone like her.


    And to Fan of Beauty:
    Every male says ONE thing only: he wants to f’ck her.
    Boy, she surely is special then!