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Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli takes a dip in the pool while she vacations in a bikini on Tuesday (December 28) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The day before, the 25-year-old supermodel soaked up the sun while laying on chaise lounges with some gal pals.

Last week, Bar did some last minute Christmas shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Bar‘s on-and-off-again boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio stayed behind in L.A. for the holidays and visited a museum with some friends.

20+ pictures inside of Cabo bikini babe Bar Refaeli

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284 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!”

  1. 1
    Rita Says:

    Stop posting this ugly girl on here. Knowone likes her except Leo and knowone likes him!

  2. 2
    Rita Says:

    Stop posting this nasty looking woman on here. Knowone likes her but Leo, and he’s a has-been.

  3. 3
    Dani Says:




  4. 4
    KKC Says:

    she is a terrible “model” aka *****

  5. 5
    LastWord Says:

    @Rita: I’m just speechless by your stupidity.

  6. 6
    Anonymous Says:

    She’s beautiful.

  7. 7
    No Says:

    another post? why?

  8. 8
    LastWord Says:

    1-4 you are clueless. A terrible model, really??? Bar Refaeli’s job is to look gorgeous in next to nothing. Whether you like her or not you’d have to be stupid to even think Bar is anything less than gorgeous. Modeling might look easy but ask yourself if you could stay in perfect shape everyday of the year. When was the last time you saw Candice Swanepoel or Bar Refaeli in bad shape. Give credit where credit is due.

  9. 9
    Where's Leo? Says:

    Leo’s in LA, I’m sure with his pops. Glad he had family time the other day.

  10. 10
    huh Says:

    @LastWord: I think her cellulite says otherwise. Why bring another model into it?

  11. 11
    Poser Says:

    She poses better for the paps than the professional camera. These pictures just smack of self-promotion.

  12. 12
    The midnight hour Says:

    Why is this being posted so late in the evening?

  13. 13
    KKC Says:

    @LastWord She IS a terrible model. I don’t care that she’s dating Dicaprio, it’s just a fact. She has horrible facial expressions and does not have a model’s figure. Her legs are too short and her torso is too long. She is dead in the eyes in any “modeling” photo I’ve ever seen her in. Yes, she does stay in great shape, but her body is not a model’s body she has only gotten as far as she has because of her famous boyfriend. And no one ever said modeling was easy, but Bar wouldn’t know because no high end designer would ever put her in their campaign.

  14. 14
    Leo the fun loving guy Says:

    I wonder where our fella is? Hope he’s having a good time hanging out with the guys.

  15. 15
    Agree Says:

    I don’t think she’s awful looking. For a regular girl, I think she looks nice – just not model like to me. I think models should be glamourous and have all the attributes that make them amazing – great skin, tall, thin, toned, great public speakers (when needed). Modelling is a demanding job and I never get the impression that Bar is passionate about her “craft.”

  16. 16
    LastWord Says:

    @huh: Cellulite?? Stop making things up.

  17. 17
    The Old Guard Says:

    I saw pictures of Stephanie Seymour and she’s amazing. She’s the VS pioneer and even after a few kids she still looks great. She a model that I admired as she had elegant beauty. Even Cindy, who’s in her 40s, looks amazing and gets work still.

  18. 18
    . Says:

    The dimples don’t lie. You can’t hide dimples and ripples (of which she doesn’t have yet) in the extreme sunlight, unfortunately. Not overly tragic, a lot of women have it.

  19. 19
    i hate bar Says:

    She’s JEWISH jared.. aka she doesn’t celebrate christmas.

  20. 20
    LastWord Says:

    @KKC: Not every model has to be 5′ 10″ and 100 lbs. If Bar Refaeli was a bad model she wouldn’t of been on the SI cover. You know, the cover that has been graced by Elle Macpherson, Petra Nemcova, Tyra Banks, Marissa Miller, Heidi Klum, and the list goes on. How can you find flaw in blue eyes, light freckles, nice nose, full lips, perfect natural boobs, flat stomach, tight legs, and a firm booty.

  21. 21
    LastWord Says:

    @KKC: And don’t forget the dimples you can sip soup out of.

  22. 22
    jim Says:

    She looks disgusting.

  23. 23
    @LastWord Says:

    No they don’t have to be all those things, but it does help. But all those women you mentioned are extremely tall and at their peak were very fit. Elle is crazy hot STILL and she’s almost 50. All the women you mentioned are top models. Sorry to say, Bar isn’t. She has no spark or verve for creating indelible images. Modelling can be art too, but it requires passion.
    Elle –
    Simply… WOW.

  24. 24
    Anya Says:

    Nice body on Bar, face is kind of plain jane-ish, but then anything is better than that tranny horse Giselle Budchen. lol this one actually resembles a woman in body and face.

  25. 25
    @Anya Says:

    Is this Giselle’s thread – nope. Why do the Bar fans always bring her up? Leo and GB broke up years ago. They’ve moved on. perhaps you should do the same.

  26. 26
    Elle Says:

    @@LastWord: Elle’s legs are to die for.

  27. 27
    tal Says:


  28. 28

    Ok, we got it- Bar was on the cover of SI… 2 years ago!!! If she really is sooo good looking, why did she drop out of SI in 2010?
    I wonder how could they not see how “gorgeous” she is.
    You know Rampage- the only company besides Fox, for which she modelled clothes? Well Rampage sold so bad during that period, they really are on the edge right now, making basically a sell out.

  29. 29
    Queen renssi Says:

    Oh really amazing figure and sexy body I am very impress to here..

  30. 30
    Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!! Says:

    She really bar

  31. 31

    Oh, and not that anyone cares, but here are the reasons why she dropped out of SI:
    - she was the only model whose pictures from the photoshoot leaked out on the net the minute they were made in summer of 2010. SI are very very discrete and keep it a last minute surprise. But since Bar and Leonardo were separate during that time she tried everything possible to show him what body he looses (like the naked video, the naked cover for the Enquirer etc)
    - she didn’t show up for the party in Las Vegas the first big party, and then she showed but didn’t make any interviews and didn’t sign autographes for the fans. This is a no-no. So despite last minute campaign before the closing party I am sure that made difference.
    - she lost shape and got thicker. maybe SI say they want their models to be curvy, but that is not true. They want their models to have big boobs, but to be slim otherwise. That is what they call curvy. This maybe not fair, but its the business.
    It were just sooo many reasons put together causing her drop off.

  32. 32
    boobs Says:

    is it just me or did Bar’s boobs get a lot smaller?

  33. 33
    hahaha Says:

    Gosh, how many versions are there? barbie is by the pool in a bikini, barbie is in the pool in a bikini what`s next? barbie is on the beach in a bikini? Groundbreaking!
    That close up of her face is tragic! Plus it`s even more obvious on this set of photos that she is posing than it was on the first set.

  34. 34
    Tara Says:

    Pretty like so young

  35. 35
    Katy Says:

    Super model

  36. 36
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    She’s such a natural beauty!

  37. 37
    @36 Says:

    Yeah, just look at the close up of her face! It screams inner and outer beauty! LOL!
    @anya: What`s your issue bringing up and trashing Gisele on her barbie`s threads? How pathetic are you? Grow up and move on already!

  38. 38
    Ella Says:

    Is it really necessary to post 2 threads of her in which of both completely has no solid meaning, just an actor’s “plaything” in bikini ?

    And btw, that bikini top is too small. Can she just put appropriate top like that English model Kelly Brook ? Kelly is a DD but she looks way better than Bar

  39. 39
    french Says:

    She looks like a fat pig with a swimsuit too small for her

  40. 40
    Nicki Says:

    THANKS JJ! How refreshing and how great to see a real woman with a feminine figure.

    … so the same idiot jealous losers (coming under different names) can help but suffer by looking at these pictures of a happy and healthy and in love Bar…. n’est-ce-pas? LOL, LOL!

  41. 41
    Leo Fan Says:

    Isn’t it cool to rub these pictures of the most beautiful woman in the world on the face of the fat envious losers. Love it, simply love it.

    And wait till Leo joins her in Cabo and there’ll be more photos.


  42. 42
    i just don't get it Says:

    what’s your problem with bar?
    if you like her or not, she’s gorgeous, a natural beauty.
    those are paparazzi pics and she still looks stunning.
    her face and body are way more beautiful to me than for instance gisele bündchen’s.
    why women themselves want to see starving anorexic women as role-models??? masochistic much?

    if you want to put her in a barbie-category or not, i don’t care, but she’s definitely not a plane-jane. every plane-jane d’love to look like her, perfect natural symetrics are not common. don’t be jealous only ’cause she’s leos gf!

  43. 43

    @Leo Fan:
    You should be happy, because if it weren’t for the paps chasing Leo you wouldn’t get a single picture of her for months.
    Just wait until he starts filming his next two movies next year – it will be a looot of time WITHOUT Bar posts. Cause if she is not with him, nobody cares. Oh, how would you survive then?

  44. 44

    @i just don’t get it:
    You are right- you just don’t get it. Go check up on Laeticia Kasta after 3 children and THEN maybe you will get how natural beauty (and boobs!) looks like.
    Though I consider Naomie Campbell a very tr’shy person, she is, with her 40 years, levels above Bar regarding beauty (not to mention career – I give her big credit for that!).

  45. 45
    Jasmine Says:

    one word: HAG!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 46
    Fan of Beauty Says:

    For many here, these pictures are way to much to handle…. it hurts to see such a beauty as Bar and think that she’s been with Leo for the last five years. But you have to accept it. EVERY ONE thinks that Bar in a bikini is awesome.

  47. 47

    @Fan of Beauty:
    You have to accept my kick in your a”s’s. Everyone who??? Like, the male who said ” let me make some room for Bar to sit. *whiping his face*” .
    Or on youtube when she talked about charity – a male commented: “I will let you do some charity for my d’ck’.
    Or her fellows Izraelis – who no doubt adore her? Do you actually read the comments?

  48. 48
    Fan of Beauty Says:

    @Leo Dicaprio fan:

    Get yourself a life, because you sound very pathetic. Or, look around and see what every male says about Bar Refaeli. I know it must hurt… but you have to accept it. And do yourself a favor, stop spending so much time and energy on someone you do not like. Not very good for your self esteem and your mental health.

    PLEASE JUST JARED, bring us some more pictures of Bar, sane people love her in here!!!!

  49. 49
    guest girl Says:

    Here we go the Looney Tunes is back on with vomit-inducing Nicky and Fan of Beauty! LOL! Fan of Beuty is a joke if someone uses that in regards to bar! LOL! And of course the usual cr*p is here: you don’t like her so clearly you don’t have a life and you are jealous … blah blah blah. How many times have we heard that? You don’t share their taste so you are a loser. Give me a break. And yes it was said before. It hurts to see that this useless ‘model’ gets so much attention, it hurts to see a great guy wasting himself with her and it hurts to imagine what kind of people admire someone like her.

  50. 50

    And to Fan of Beauty:
    Every male says ONE thing only: he wants to f’ck her.
    Boy, she surely is special then!

  51. 51
    tanem Says:

    @LastWord: you stop making things up and calling her a model! lol

  52. 52
    floozy Says:

    God she’s an oinker! If Bar were so special as some of you freaks claim, you wouldn’t have to constantly bring in other more successful models to state your claim. She could stand on her own just fine. BUT; she can’t. You have to compare and cut others down to bring her up. how sad. It shows that she is nothing if she can’t even be talked about in a sentence without the mentioning of others names each time……lmao.

    You guys must be really below average to think she is anything special, lol. look here: not one person male or female even mentions her! she is that un-special:

  53. 53
    Hector Says:

    hanging with cindy,naomi,leo,armani….haha and she still can’t get jobs?????? wow she really is nobodies fashiondream. fashiondreamer is more like it.

  54. 54
    JK Says:

    @LastWord: In what universe is she considered a good model? 12 yr old tween girls/boys who only read US weekly and Teen mags opinions don’t count. Take a look at Christy Turlington’s portfolio or Linda Evangelista’s or Naomi Campbell’s or Kate Moss’s or yes even Bar’s “so called” rival Gisele Bundchen’s….its laughable to even mention a comparison. The only one Bar can be compared to is Brooklyn Decker,Esti Ginzburg, models like that, LMAO…
    So STOP!

  55. 55
    poorleo Says:

    she is fat! she cant even button her jean shorts haahhaah. second one, omg what a butterface. her face is so saggy and structureless, it looks like its melting off and connecting to her neck. she has no structure. simply ugly and very un model like. Poor Leo I really hope he doesnt have to see that when he wakes up in the mornings, lol. He deserves SO MUCH better in beauty and someone with equal talent in their profession.

  56. 56
    Eagle Says:

    @JK: compare to them? HA! I don’t even know why some like to compare her to Elle MacPherson! Elle did runway,had Vogue covers….was mega famous and not to mention was 5’11, not 5’4.

  57. 57
    fanofbeauty4real Says:

    you want a true beauty: Edita Vilkeviciute. She makes Bar look like dog poop.

  58. 58
    Frida Says:

    Bar is NOT a supermodel, Jared… that’s a disgrace to Heidi, Kate, Naomi, Claudia and the others.

  59. 59
    The 411 Says:

    YThose Barf. Losers are idiots…her boobs look smaller cuz their not being squeezed in some too small push up they in their natural saggy form in these pics..She look awful her face.. is sagging with the double chin.Barfflies are so bitter that their so called model is a stop comparin her to Gisele cuz Barf’s trash..and nothing more…Gisele has class and respect..she doest need Leo to make her relevant…Barf is pathetic,same BS every year her traveling by herself looking like the miserable b*tch she is…funny how she’s not hiding. From the paps in any of these pics? Exactly..who the. H*ll goes to Mexico this time of year?Only a deadbeat model…that wants to be seen..Yawn!

  60. 60
    YAWN Says:

    haha check out her boring a** model portfoilio and the majority of it will be a bunch of Leo pics and paparazzi beach candids. YAWN, next please………

  61. 61
    delusionalfangirls Says:

    Wow I swear she looks more and more like Britney Spears everyday! (not the old britney, the current one, lol) same stubby body. Brit is 5’4 though and not a so called model. A model should never resemble an aging crazy popstar.

  62. 62
    On-and-off-again Says:

    What a surprise, Bar in bikini in Los Cabos as every year. If Leo comes, he can’t say that it is surprised being photographed while his girlfriend poses for paparazi with a too small bikini.

  63. 63
    Leo Says:

    First Leo and WOW now hanging with REAL Supermodels? she really does have a motive. Sorry Bar you are 8 years too late. You should have networked yourself when you were 18 and wanted..lmao. Serve them divas some drinks you Bar girl.

  64. 64
    Fantomas Says:

    Why when I search LDC, I find this thing? I don’t care of what she can indeed make of her days.

  65. 65
    wtf Says:

    Her bod is more out of shape then 40+ yr old Supermodels! God at 25 they were in their primes, not lackluster,aging,saggy and without JOBS. pathetic girl!

  66. 66
    From Paris with Love Says:

    Her body is gorgeous, her face is a bit plain for a model but still beautiful. I don’t know about her personality and I don’t care about Leonardo Dicaprio.
    I agree that she doesn’t have nowadays supermodels’ figure like Gisele Bundchen or Miranda Kerr (I love them both) and all the VS models but I think that is great that there is some variety in the modeling industry. Those VS models are very very skinny and flat. It’s just the way they dress them (micro-bras and micro-thongs) and photograph them make their body look much sexier than what they really are. When Kate Moss first came out people were shocked and public debates about anorexia started, now looking like her has become the rule for models.
    Women keep complaining about anorexic models and when there is one who is curvier they call her fat. She is not fat at all!!! she is actually slim. If you saw her in real life i’m sure you’de be stunned, it’s the other models who are not very attractive in real life, extremely tall and skinny. Someone mentionned Laetitia Casta, when she first came out she said people kept pressuring her to loose weight and fix her teeth, she refused. Designers just believe clothes hang better on reaaaally slender figures…
    I find Bar’s body better than Alessandra Ambrosio’s for example. She has short legs/long torso and is way too skinny since she gave birth. In real life, put Bar and Ale in front of a group of men and women, I’m sure 9 out of 10 would choose Bar.

  67. 67
    On-and-off-again Says:

    She works little it is sure, somebody can say to me where she finds the money to pay all these vacations? She has to give me her recipe because it has been now five years since that works.

  68. 68
    trusty Says:

    @From Paris with Love: I agree with what you said. I just dont like when already thick/curvy models let it go to their head to have curves and then they end up looking too average or out of shape. Tyra Banks is prime example. She had a killer curvy bod her whole career and then in her later days as a model she looked awful and out of shape and the younger in shape thin models put her to shame. I don’t agree with your last sentence. Alessandra is every year higher voted than Bar on all popular man sites. ALessandra is a major sex symbol. I think since she is short and stubby legged, she better never gain weight or she would look more average like Bar. For now she is getting plenty of jobs and looks healthy. She just has ugly short legs, lol.

  69. 69
    trusty Says:

    oh not to mention men go gaga for dark sultry brunettes. Some like plain janes, but I say more prefer girls like Alessandra anyday. Alessandra is taller,thinner and more striking and exotic. In my opinion, I feel like if she and Bar were in a room together, Bar would disappear so fast! She still looks like a Supermodel. Bar not so much.,..

  70. 70
    XYZ Says:


    True. But still dont forget she is Leo’s beard. Giselle was another.

  71. 71
    On-and-off-again Says:

    Why do you say that ? It’s not the first time i read that he’s gay but give me some proofs.

  72. 72
    hahaha Says:

    @71: Now that they don`t have. Some people are so sure he is gay and his girlfriends are beards but nobody has proof. Leo is a major Hollywood figure for long long years. If he was gay I doubt he could keep it a secret for such a long time. I don`t buy it!!!!

  73. 73
    lea Says:

    again this miss racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74
    fat GAY queenie Says:

    Hey everyone! This on again off again relationship is going nowhere! Not happening.

  75. 75
    Cat Says:

    @On-and-off-again: She works in Israel and makes a lot of money there.
    She has recently bought a 5 million dollar condo in Tel Aviv, so I guess money is not an issue for her.

  76. 76
    jewnose Says:

    down syndrome face

  77. 77
    still together ? Says:

    Are they still together ? I read in gossip that there’s some rumours of break-up. Intox ?

  78. 78
    hahaha Says:

    @77: Let`s keep our fingers crossed!!!

  79. 79
    whitney Says:

    Ya’ll should stop hating! Your right she doesn’t have the body of a typical high fashion model! She has a BETTER body! Finally a model with curves and breats, representing a REAL woman! I never understood the desire to have a thin thin body, it doesnt represent real women all it does is make women insecure about their fine bodies! You know these thin ass women are starving themselves and being really unhealthy in order to be that thin! come on, you know this man!! I wish bar all the best, and I hope she’s able to achieve a higher status in the modeling world despite a REAL body! SOmetimes I cannot believe what you women/men say on here about people image! where does all this hate stem from?!?

  80. 80
    CS Says:

    @whitney: Its simple; fat cows love to hate. Bar fans do it all the time.

  81. 81
    guest girl Says:

    And how many more times do we have to say that it’s not her looks that most people don’t like about her? I’m tired of the ‘finally someone with real curves’ monologue. I cannot stand her for so many reasons other than her looks. She looks OK I don’t thin there’s anything exceptional about her looks. She looks out of shape here but still OK. Can we move on and finally understand that’s not the main reason she is not liked?

  82. 82
    guest girl Says:

    Besides the curvy woman monologue my other favorite is the ‘ you don’t like her so you don’t have a life, you’re miserable, you’re fat ‘ one. That’s the only explanation why she is not liked! Give me a break! I wonder what comes next…

  83. 83
    stirrer Says: just thought id post this pic of leo and anne, awwwww look how cute they ar….this pic SCREAMS sexual tension!!

  84. 84
    raspberry Says:

    oh god. she has the same GAP shorts as me. tsk tsk, Bar. tsk tsk.

  85. 85
    blaaaaaah Says: this is that alex guy right??

  86. 86
    AdrianaL Says:

    Her crazed fangirls now hit an all time low. Now implying she is more famous than Naomi Campbell!!!!???? mahahhahahaha. omg give me a break! Naomi (love her or hate her, that is not my point) is a Legend/Icon. Please if you’re gonna do the comparison thing continuously, please lower your standards and get real!

  87. 87
    the worst has happend Says:

    uhoh guys…dont hate on me for saying this but i have a horrible gut feeling this girl is preggers….in some of the pics (not so much these ones) she looks a lot like it to me and i had thought so before thses pics also as the last thng i saw her wearing was big and showd nothing and then she practicaly went into hiding for a month and these lager mid section pics appear and she certainly didnt have that during the summer….lets just hope im wrong put thats the feeling i get!

  88. 88
    lol Says:

    I’m sick of the curvy woman monologue too! There are many beautiful curvy models, but they are in shape,toned,tall and lean at the same time. Bar is out of shape,thick waisted,stubby legged (and arms) and short looking. Not a very good combo. You do the math #1 or #2 (in model speaking terms? (not porn actress here)…

  89. 89
    paul Says:

    @the worst has happend: nah just too many nachos and ice cream while Leo plays.

  90. 90
    wow Says:

    lol you guys are silly. Naomi was pictured with Bar in Mexico. Vlad was pictured with Leo in LA on the 26th umm its obvious that Vlad and LEO will join them. A billionaire like vlad obviously more than likely has a private jet and so leo can get back and forth between LA and Mexico very easy! Plus emily, Alex, Jason, and Danny A is there as well. Please even the haters know leo will be there lol. He’s with Vlad and Naomi is in Mexico it is extremely obvious. Man you guys just like to turn a blind eye to these things lol.

    P;us the gossip sites don’t know thier situation it’s their job to come up with wild speculations just like all those marriage rumours…. they say leo and Bar are engaged do you believe that too??

  91. 91
    Biebs Says:

    I saw the pics of Naomi with Bar. Vlad is dating/possibly engaged to Naomi. You saw pics of Vlad with Leo? I agree its pretty obvious leo will be there lol. I bet Leo just had to go back for something to do with one of his movies and then he and Vlad will go to Mexico. Seeing Naomi with Bar makes it painfully obvious i agree lol and its not like i;m a big fan or anything lol.

  92. 92
    cool Says:

    Oh so Naomi and Vlad were not pictured together does that mean they broke up to? You guys are hilarious. We all know Leo and Bar and those friends go to Mexico like every year. I agree with the others the haters are just so delusional lol.

  93. 93
    cool Says:

    Oh so Naomi and Vlad were not pictured together does that mean they broke up to? You guys are hilarious. We all know Leo and Bar and those friends go to Mexico like every year. I agree with the others the haters are just so delusional lol..

  94. 94
    wow Says:


    lol exactly!! Leo is pictured with VLadimir AND Bar is pictured with Naomi…… uhh only people who don’t pay close attention to Leo and Bar aka those gossip sites ( the fans and even the haters know more about Bar and Leo then the gossip sites… the gossip sites follow too many other celebrities to really pay super close attention to leo and Bar and its not like Leo and Bar are an exciting couple they are too low key for that)

    Vlad is engaged to Naomi by the way Vogue got an invitation to the wedding and they ran an article about it :)

    Vlad more than likely has a private jet. I bet Leo was also in Mexico before but flew back to MEXICO with Vlad and then they are going back again. Even the Israeli media reported leo will be spending New Years in Mexico.

    Leo and Bar sure do seem to spend alot of time together Bar left for Los Angeles on December 2nd (Bar lives with Leo in LA by the way)

  95. 95 Says:

    Bar OBVIOUSLY called the paps. She’s there with Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, who are far more famous and succesful than she is! Why would there only be photos of her and hardly any of Cindy and Naomi???

    I raise my eyebrow at you Bar…

  96. 96
    raspberry Says:

    Lol, I agree with you completely. Curvy& plus sized models like Kate Dillon and Crystal Renn are tall and have the ideal body type for their category of models. Bar is trying to sell herself as a supermodel, but she doesn’t have a supermodel body. She doesn’t even have curves either. Just boobs and flabby legs.
    Eva Mendes is more of a “curvy” model than she is

  97. 97
    here Says:

    one word! – GROSE!

  98. 98
    thanks Says:

    Thanks for news about Naomi being in Mexico! Extremely obvious now that Vlad and Leo will join them soon if not already. Leo has a production comapny in Los Angeles so if he;s busy who cares.. clearly Vlad and Leo will be going to Mexico to be with their girlfriends. Earlier this year Bar was picured in Mexico without Leo but then of course later we saw pics of Leonardo. I think even the haters knows its obvious that Leo is going or is already there. Even the haters are not that dumb because they follow leo and Bar’s relationship very closely and we all see the very obvious signs. Thankfully theres lots of fans here who can pick out the obvious for the rest who don’t know lol.

    Thanks everyone!!!

  99. 99
    here Says:

    wht’s with her and her bikini? and her ways are not woman-like.. legs spreadin YUCK!,0,14#15

  100. 100
    Leoluver Says:

    hahahah Naomi is in the pics!! Vlad was seen with Leo uhhh it does not take a genius to put the pieces together.

    Sorry haters but it looks like you guys are wrong as usual lol. Even Emily and Alex AND LEO’S BODYGUARD JASON! Plus Danny A.. tthe guy who introduced leo and bar to eachother. Plus it was even reported before the pics came out that Leo will be there as well as Danny A. lol

    Anyways I know leo and Bar will have an amazing time in Cabo like they always do!!!

  101. 101
    annoying weirdos Says:

    people that come to these threads are either mentally ill or extremely miserable in their own lives… I swear the psycho-ness never ends on these Leo/Bar threads LOL

  102. 102
    nono Says:

    No no Bar that drink has tons of calories that you DON”T need!! put it down miss piggy.

  103. 103
    inbarfsdreams Says:

    shes the cheaper,shorter,less unique, expensive, commercial /version of Gisele/ cindy and naomi have many pics, they just dont get published on jj. Both are in their 40s and in better shape/more wanted than Bar! haha. Icons.

  104. 104
    guest girl Says:

    Let the new episode of Looney Tunes / self-talking begin. The usual character(s) is here aka cute/thanks/wow. I wonder where Genna is? It seems Leo and barf are going to be seen together with their classless friends so obviously they are here blabbing already. Nothing new!

  105. 105
    Barf Fateli Says:

    ugly jew nose

  106. 106
    here Says:

    ok this is DISGUSTING! clearly she has no shame! but man! Leo should be ashamed of himself for being with a woman who is talked about like TRASH!.. i bet she’s proud of herself for this one!.. read for yourselves..

  107. 107
    here Says:

    OK this is disgusting! clearly she has no shame! but man! LEO should be.. read for your own selves.. i bet she’s proud of herself.. btw, all the pics here look SHTUPID! and POSED!.. her posin never seems to stop for one second..

  108. 108
    here Says:

    posin posin always posin.. i bet VLAD was sent to LA to get LEO.. coz otherwise he wouldn’t come.. to VLAD he won’t say NO!.. let’s wait and see.. for some reason i think L&B weren’t together this Xmas either..

  109. 109
    hahaha Says:

    @107: Have you read the story? How stupid is that? Give me a break! It`s so OBVIOUS that she is aware of the paparazzi and she is posing for them. Pathetic! Just like Leo for dating this piece of trash.

  110. 110
    sourpatch575 Says:


  111. 111
    cool Says:

    Of course we ( me ) are here talking about her now. What else is there to say or post about her? Nothing. Not a decent job or any other things like charity or stuff like that. The only thing about her is Leo. I couldn`t care less about him as an actor I just care about him because he is dating Bar. Obviously that means so much attention for her. And after her stupid comment on Egypt all these staged bikini photos are great PR for her. I`m so proud of her because even though she is dumb she still gets attention as soon as he gets rid of her clothes. Cool!

  112. 112
    Jarrod Says:

    It’s funny because I think she looks alot like Gisele sometimes. A more commercial boring kind, but they could be sisters/cousins!!! Only Bar can’t model or has stand out looks.

  113. 113
    Tink Says:


    She lost Hurley, Reebook, and wont be in SI this year, Rampage is going under after using her, she sued Samsung and Victoria is not interested or they would have used her after Gisele left. Who’s left? And oh, Fox that contract is over. She needs some business, bad. This is all a big advertisement for her “services”.

    Yeah, we know Leo is coming, but after Ted Casablanca basically called him out as “wandering eyes” would you want him too??? I guess yeah, if you are looking for work you do. That is what people dont like about the couple- the mutual exploitation rather than being together for real reasons. Both characters need to grow up.

    Ya’ll should stop hating! Your right she doesn’t have the body of a typical high fashion model! She has a BETTER body! Finally a model with curves and breats, representing a REAL woman! I never understood the desire to have a thin thin body, it doesnt represent real women all it does is make women insecure about their fine bodies! You know these thin ass women are starving themselves and being really unhealthy in order to be that thin! come on, you know this man!! I wish bar all the best, and I hope she’s able to achieve a higher status in the modeling world despite a REAL body! SOmetimes I cannot believe what you women/men say on here about people image! where does all this hate stem from?!?

    Read more:

  114. 114
    Tink Says:

    Note, she is looking right at the camera and posing quite obviously in a few.

  115. 115
    Cindy Crawford Says:

    Now here’s a model. In her 40s, had two kids, and she can still rock it. I love how she looks tasteful and classy on the beach. Cindy’s coverup is fashionable and demonstrates decorum. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you walk everywhere in a small suit.
    True beauty –,0,14#24

  116. 116
    Tink Says:



  117. 117
    MiamiDiva Says:

    I bet the haters were disapointed to see Naomi in Mexico with Bar lol. In the pics of Leo in Los Angeles he was pictured with Naomi’s boyfriend Vlad soooo that is hilarious. So based on your reasoning Vlad is not with Naomi so of course they broke up lol. Umm no obvious there’s a reason they were there and obviously Vlad will be joining Naomi as usual lol. There was a sighting of Leo in Mexico before so i just think Vlad and Leo went back to LA for something but are coming back. Vlad’s got connections… they can be back in Mexico in no time at all lol.

    The gossip sites never recognized Vlad in the pics with leo. Yet no one is saying Vlad and Naomi broke up.

    i THINK YOU GUYS ARE FORGETTING THAT BAR IS IN MEXICO WITH LEO’S CLOSE FRIENDS LOL. I agree with some of the others that it is extremely obvious that Leo will be there or is either there right now or on his way. In addition, anyone who pays attention to leo and Bar know that Cabo is where tthey usually are during New Years/ Christmas time.

  118. 118
    @Cindy Crawford Says:

    It`s was said before that `like minds hang together`. Sorry but it`s also disappointing to see her associating with them. I know Naomi is a former supermodel ( a real one ) but I have no respect for her at all and I won`t start with barbie…
    All I know is that these bikini photos worked again and horny man all over the internet are drooling all over her. I have to point out that several comment pointed out that she used to looked better. Apparently that`s what matters and apparently Leo is shallow enough to be satisfied with that.

  119. 119
    funny Says:

    You know whats funny is that thanks to the haters Bar is one of the most popular celebs of Just Jared of 2010. The more you post the more popular you make Bar which is sooooo funny! Bar is even more popular than Leonardo DiCaprio on here and its all thanks to the haters who keep posting under different names lol.

    Bar is a superstar!!!!!! She gets sooo much media attention just from her vacation in Mexico. She’s even more popular than Naomi Campbell… no one is really mentioning Naomi’s trip to Mexico like they are doing about Bar!

    Bar hasa great life she’s rich, beautiful, succesful, popular, and is dating the hottie Leonardo DiCaprio. WAY TO GO BAR!!!

  120. 120
    Tink Says:

    @Cat: It will be when she cant meet the mortgage–like maybe 2011… or did Teddy Sagi buy it for her?

  121. 121
    hahaha Says:

    The barf-freaks are back again and they are saying the exact same thing over and over again. How fascinating! She is dumb enough just like barf to read previous comments where it was pointed out that nobody thinks they broke up and Leo is going to be in Mexico soon. Never mind, dummy! Keep pushing how disappointed the Leo fans with taste ( you call them haters ) are because Miss Cell-Phone-Diva showed up in Mexico. And it`s just beyond stupid that they write Leo`s name without capital letters. barf haters do it because of lack of respect. She drools over Leo but writes his name as `leo`. Priceless!

  122. 122
    Tink Says:

    Yeah, we know he is coming. But interesting its Wednesday and there is no sign of him. Maybe he an Barbie had a tiff over the Ted Casablancas post? Where is he? hmmm? Maybe just coming for the New Years to say he did it??? Also the company here would send me running elsewhere but that’s me. How do you make conversation with Miss Filthy Pebbles? About what? her pick-a-peppa sauce??

  123. 123
    hahaha Says:

    … and the nauseating comments just keep coming!
    Has anyone noticed that these barflies are never around when there are posts about them separately? Only when they are together! OBVIOUSLY they know that all `successful ( not succesful, dummy = funny )` barbie has is Leo.

  124. 124
    hahaha Says:

    #121: * just like barf NOT to read….

  125. 125
    Tink Says:


    I bet the haters were disapointed to see Naomi in Mexico with Bar lol. In the pics of Leo in Los Angeles he was pictured with Naomi’s boyfriend Vlad soooo that is hilarious.


    So based on your reasoning Vlad is not with Naomi so of course they broke up lol. Umm no obvious there’s a reason they were there and obviously Vlad will be joining Naomi as usual lol. There was a sighting of Leo in Mexico before so i just think Vlad and Leo went back to LA for something


    but are coming back. Vlad’s got connections… they can be back in Mexico in no time at all lol.


    The gossip sites never recognized Vlad in the pics with leo. Yet no one is saying Vlad and Naomi broke up.




    Luke, Kevin, Tobe, and Ethan? Where???

    I agree with some of the others that it is extremely obvious that Leo will be there or is either there right now or on his way. In addition, anyone who pays attention to leo and Bar know that Cabo is where tthey usually are during New Years/ Christmas time.

    NOT USUALLY. TRY LAST YEAR. And then one year like 2007 or so when his real friends came. As far as them hanging with Alex and Emily- that was the ONE TIME they went to Mexico together and then they went to the wedding.


    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    You know whats funny is that thanks to the haters Bar is one of the most popular celebs of Just Jared of 2010. The more you post the more popular you make Bar which is sooooo funny! Bar is even more popular than Leonardo DiCaprio on here and its all thanks to the haters who keep posting under different names lol.

    Bar is a superstar!!!!!! She gets sooo much media attention just from her vacation in Mexico. She’s even more popular than Naomi Campbell… no one is really mentioning Naomi’s trip to Mexico like they are doing about Bar!

    Bar hasa great life she’s rich, beautiful, succesful, popular, and is dating the hottie Leonardo DiCaprio. WAY TO GO BAR!!!

    Read more:

    Read more:

  126. 126
    elsa Says:


    SORRY but there is no sign of him in that boring pool, he can be perfectly in Mexico. and naomis boyfriend? or cindys husband?

  127. 127
    Nothing special Says:

    She has very muscular, masculine-looking legs. I don’t think she has a pretty face either. Really don’t see why all the fuss – she’s not that special looking.and there are MUCH prettier models.

  128. 128
    Tink Says:

    Bar is a superstar!!!!!!


    She gets sooo much media attention just from her vacation in Mexico.


    She’s even more popular than Naomi Campbell…


    no one is really mentioning Naomi’s trip to Mexico like they are doing about Bar!


    Bar hasa great life she’s rich,








    and is dating the hottie Leonardo DiCaprio. \


    WAY TO GO BAR!!!



    Read more:

  129. 129
    hahaha Says:

    Really! Where is Tobey, Kevin, Lukas or Ethan – the old ones? Only the low class friends like Emily, Alex, Naomi are there… Probably the guys cannot handle cheap anymore…

  130. 130
    Bar Says:

    I agree its true Bar is quite popular. When there’s a pic of BAR it gets reported about on almost all the popular gossip sites such as TMZ, Popsugar, of just jared, Daily mail and more. It is funny how Bar is getting more coverage than supermodels Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell! And of course she is superr famous in Israel. She has got to be the most famous Israeli celebrity. Plus she is worth millions… she makes way more money now after the Sports Illustrated cover soo she gets to work less and spend more time with her family and friends and her boyfriend leo DiCaprio. Bar has been spotted in Los Angeles for the past month after she was finished with her work commitments in Israel and of course once she got that bureaucratic problem solved!

    Is it just me or does it seem like leo and Bar have gotten even stronger as a couple? It really looks so as a person who follows leo and Bar.

  131. 131
    @funny Says:

    Yes it is soo true. Bar is really popular! And omg she’s more popular than Gisele…. Gisele did not make the list in case you guys noticed lol. That’s not a big deal at all but i know people love to compare the two. I think most people will agree that Bar is more feminine and more beautiful than Gisele. Gisele has very harsh features and she is shaped like a teenage boy. I’m not saying this to be rude or anything but it is the truth. Lots of people agree with me just google it lol.

  132. 132
    freaks Says:

    Here we go again! The freak is talking to herself yet again! How unexpected! LOL! A lot of comments doesn`t mean someone is popular especially when the majority of those comments are negative. But why am I even trying to explain this to someone who is so delusional that she likes barf?
    And of course the other broken record: Gisele. Gisele who moved on from Leo and is married with a gorgeous baby. She has nothing to do with barf and why people hate barf but it`s easier for the bar-freak to bring her up. Harsh features? Harsh features or not she is working, she is successful and has campaigns, mag covers, runway shows. It must be killing you and your curvy model theory! LOL!

  133. 133
    freaks Says:

    People loved Leo with Gisele and it was pointed out why. You just can`t handle it that the same people cannot stand your precious girl. Is it all you`ve got? Attacking Gisele in her profession? I mean she is `the model` and you sound so childish and pathetic comparing BR to her. Like comparing a sour lemon to a delicious apple! Are you for real? Don`t make a fool out of yourself, please.
    @130: `she is super famous in Israel` Famous and infamous?

  134. 134
    FYI Says:

    Naomi was pictured with Bar in Mexico just so you guys know. Vlad was spotted with Leo as you guys probably know.

    Also Stacey Keibler who is a friend of Kevin Connolly and i think leo was also spotted in a pic with Bar. I’m not sure if it was mentioned but leo’s bodyguard was also pictured with Bar and also that couple that leo and Bar like to hang out with were all spotted in Mexico.

    So you can put those silly break up rumours to rest lol.

  135. 135
    FYI Says:

    Naomi was pictured with Bar in Mexico just so you guys know. Vlad was spotted with Leo as you guys probably know.

    Also Stacey Keibler who is a friend of Kevin Connolly and i think leo was also spotted in a pic with Bar. I’m not sure if it was mentioned but leo’s bodyguard was also pictured with Bar and also that couple that leo and Bar like to hang out with were all spotted in Mexico.

    So you can put those silly break up rumours to rest lol..

  136. 136
    wow Says:

    lol that is why i think the haters were annoyed to see pics of Naomi with Bar because all their hopes went down the drain with that one because Vlad was spotted with Leo lol. Because now their logic about Leo and Bar does not make sense.

  137. 137
    urfunny Says:

    @@funny: Gisele fans are usually 25+ they don’t live for tween gossip sites like jj. Im sure they spend more time visiting Vogue and Balenciaga websites for pictures. Her career is not candids, LOL. Same with Cindy and Naomi. They are real models; their fans are visiting fashion oriented sites, not living for sites that the same type of people who think Heidi and Spencer are celebs frequent…

  138. 138
    Jennifer Says:

    i thinke Vlademir has private jet

  139. 139
    stephanie Says:

    We all know that barfie was seen with Naomi in Mexico. Why do you keep saying that over and over again? You keep posting about who is in Mexico in every single post. What`s you issue? There was one comment about break-up rumor but clearly nobody took it seriously so again: WHAT`S YOUR ISSUE?

  140. 140
    stephanie Says:

    It`s insane how much time the barf-freaks spend on guessing what`s going on and what the `haters` think. The dummy keeps ignoring the fact that everyone expected Leo to be in Mexico and she just keeps pushing the same dumb thing over and over again. As it was said before no wonder they are barf fans… LOL! There`s nothing else they can focus on since her career is non-existent and it`s easier to focus on her and on her meal-ticket than on her dumb comments she made…

  141. 141
    theyRfreaks Says:

    OMG will you stop it? LOL SI models are her biggest competition, not Supermodels, GIVE IT THE FUC* UP ALREADY! If you think making a Just Jared top list is some accomplishment, lol well then that’s fine lol….do you want me to list some of the REAL accomplishments the REAL models you keep mentioning have made? It will yet again put barfie to shame…

  142. 142
    Leoluver Says:

    If you guys notice Judie Dench was just casted for Hoover. We all know Leo is actively involved in this movie Clint even said leo was the one who brought the script to him. Of course leo will want to be involved in casting. He usually is with any movie even going back 15 years he was. I think Leo and Vlad flew back to LA for that or something related to that. obviuosly they will fly back to be with their lady loves. As was already mentioned Naomi is in Mexico from the pics that just surfaced.

    Thank God the real fans have brought sense to this thread lol. Thanks to the fans and i hope the fans have a great New Years!!!

  143. 143
    yawn Says:

    wake me up when Bar breaks some modeling records, gets 3 vogue covers in a row, walks 100 fashion shows in one season….etc.. until then Have fun thinking this is some “accomplishment” LOL. It will probably be the only one she will ever have.

  144. 144
    done Says:

    I am glad Leo did not make it at JJ list because if he did, then, it will be a shame to be in the category of gerrard, brad, angelina and what her name _aniston. This is for tweeny teeny girl Web site like for the grown up is the view. Both are worthless.

  145. 145
    stephanie Says:

    Yet another guess. Isn`t it just pathetic how they come up with these stories? The idi*t keeps pushing the fact that Leo was in Mexico even though she has absolutely no proof and comes up with these ideas why he went back to LA. I mean seriously, are you one of the Brother`s Grimm? And what a surprised she pointed out yet again that Naomi is in Mexico. Maybe someone should count how many times the tastless / classless barf fans mentioned that Naomi is in Mexico. And she calls herself a real fan and thinks she makes sense with all her fantasies! Hilarious!!! And now of course Leo was allegedly spotted on one of the photos and only the barf freaks spotted him.

  146. 146
    Palmina Says:

    Even before the pics of Naomi showed up i knew Leo will be in Mexico. lol you guys are silly so if Leo and Bar broke up do you really think she’d go to Cabo with all of LEO’S close friends. lol ummmm obviously no and especially to a place where they always go as a couple lol. The silly person that keeps posting needs to stop and think before they start writing nonsense it only makes all the others not take anything you say seriously lol. At least the gossip sites have a reason because they don’t follow leo and Bar as closely as we do because they are more focused on the other attention craving celebs who appear all the time on tabloid covers.

  147. 147
    Green with envy Says:

    Again with the Gisele comments. Bar and Gisele aren’t in the same league. Gisele is classed as the last of the supermodels. Even Naomi thinks so and has stated this to the media. Bar was once very attractive, but the girl has let herself go. There is too much Gisele envy by the Bar fans… if they are just fans. Just let it go already.

  148. 148
    stephanie Says:

    I mean it`s getting freaky. This self-talking barf-freak is getting scary. `The silly person that keeps posting needs to stop` Look who`s talking! LOL! It`s all over your stupid comment that you are a barf-freak. I think you would freak even barfie out with your comments! `attention craving celebs` like barfie who is so OBVIOUSLY posing for the photographers?

  149. 149
    Green with envy Says:

    Leo and Gisele have gotten over it. Maybe you should do the same thing.

  150. 150
    stephanie Says:

    @149: You are talking to a barf fan. Don`t expect sense or intelligence so she will just keep pushing it of course. I wonder when comes the next comment letting us know that Naomi is in Mexico and she believes Leo was there but had to go back to LA. 5 or 10 minutes?

  151. 151
    Kate Says:

    @@funny: ummm it you dont like her why are you googling her? weirdo!!!

  152. 152
    poorleo Says:

    I’ve never once seen other model fans talk bad about Bar, yet all they do is bring up others in all their posts. Can’t Bar stand alone in her “greatness”? oops wait a minute, she has none! Her biggest claim to fame is Leo and his ex. Is that all you Bar fans have to talk about? really? sounds like a lame celeb to follow! HAHA At least Leo fans have his career and movies to discuss and model fans can look at modeling pictures. I kinda feel bad for the Barflies! they seem BORED. Leo,Leo,Leo,Leo,Leo,Gisele,Leo,Leo,Leo,Leo blah blah blah. BORINGGGGGGG. Does Dancing with the stars want her?

  153. 153
    AAAA Says:

    @poorleo: umm you see, that’s just the thing; There would be nothing to post or discuss without Leo or others being mentioned, lol. She has done nothing on her own worth mentioning. Talking about others keeps them from falling asleep at their computers.

  154. 154
    Barf + Her 7 Dwarves Says:

    are in Cabo: Saggy (boobs), Chunky (thighs), Puffy (face), Stringy (hair), Snotty (attitude), Frumpy (clothes), Lazy (work ethic), and Dummy (I.Q.). Oops, that’s 8. What can I say, the woman is blessed.

    Prince Chumpy (Leo) has yet to show. It would be funny if he stood her up for New Year’s Eve (“Sorry, babe, I’ve got business that can’t wait” as he bangs the hot secretary), but i wouldn’t bank on it. If guy friends, booze, sun, music, and other women to oogle and flirt with are there, chances he will be there too.

    Here’s hoping his work saves him and puts him on the right track again. He’s turning into Jack Nicholson and he’s not even forty yet.

  155. 155
    Kate Says:

    @Kate: Please read funny’s comment before minusing me. lol I don’t support Bar, I was calling her fans who google models they hate, weird. that is all.

  156. 156
    done Says:

    @Barf + Her 7 Dwarves

    What is the matter honey? Did Leo rejected you or something? There is time for you to recover from your deluded state of mind. It is time for you to join Lindsay in rehab. I am sure you will be able to get a better understanding about your secret crush on Leo. lol

  157. 157
    Gis Says:

    Gisele just got slammed by a science group about her comments on breast feeding. Even Gisele says stupid things and even Naomi too lol. However, Gisele was pretty dumb when she made those comments yikes…

  158. 158
    Here we go again Says:

    Is this a Gisele thread? Nope. Why do the Flies always bring her up? Threatened?

  159. 159
    Elliptical Says:

    She really needs to get out of the pool and get into the gym. The thigh and that butt cheek are…. not good.

  160. 160
    found this Says:

    Naomi was spotted in Los Angeles a few days ago as well. Cool!!

  161. 161
    bye bar Says:


    What’s a matter baby, honey, sweetie, dumbarffreak, you can’t handle a little fun at your primitive friend’s expense? She certainly has it coming. Maybe she should try using her pea brain next time she opens her mouth.

  162. 162
    Lauren Says:

    thanks for that link of Naomi. If you guys noticed the pic of Bar was from December 27. Naomi was spotted in LA on the 26th and Now she’s in Mexico. I think its obvious that they are all in Mexico now… i think they all left Los Angeles on December 26th. Even leo’s bodyguard is there lol. Leo has not even been spotted in Los Angeles since the 26th if you guys noticed. The thing has happened before when Bar is not spotted with leo yet leo was still there.

  163. 163
    bye bar Says:

    She should do something really revolutionary and try exercising her brain for a change. I know it’s small and inadequate, but she should at least try if she aspires to be a public figure. If she’s too lazy to bother, she should at least apologise for past stupidy and keep her mouth shut from here on out.

  164. 164
    bye bar Says:

    Only you would notice such trivia, obsessive barffreak. Who cares, Leo is not going to magically turn her into a decent person or give her talent. She will continue to drag him down, however. Too bad for him.

  165. 165
    ouch Says:

    Wow People will not let Gisele’s breast feeding comment slide. She angered quite a few people with those comments she made. Oh well i guess everyone says silly things once in awhile lol.

  166. 166
    Shekel Says:

    Damn Bar is looking so unbelievably amazing in that bikini. Lucky Leo lol.

  167. 167
    Nice try Says:

    No matter how many times you bring up the breast feeding comment it won’t be the same as calling a country “primitive.” Being an enthusiastic first time mom is not the same as discriminating against a whole country. As always, Barfly, you fail – epically.

  168. 168
    bye bar Says:

    Giselle was half right — breast feeding is generally better for baby, and if you can do it, you should. But not everyone can, or not for a year. But I’m no Giselle fan. If you want to take her to task, so be it. Just don’t try to compare it to Barf’s “primitive” remarks about Egypt.

    There was nothing right about saying that, AND it was further confirmation of her arrogant, ignorant, racist attitude. If that’s how she talks in public, on tv, I bet it’s a lot worse in private.

  169. 169
    Anya Says:

    hey idiots I couldn’t care less about plain jane Bar or horsefaced Bundchen, all I simply said was at least Bar resembles a woman and not a farm animal.

  170. 170
    emilie Says:

    i will not support Leo until he will break up with her zionist racist girlfriend and all his rich friends and miss blood diamond. i prefered the modest Leo, he was better than now, i’am really deceived by him. he is really changed.

  171. 171
    seal Says:

    TOTALLY RIGHT WITH EMILIE, i’am not suprised why he doesn’t have any nominations for his work. even if he is a great actor , in real life he is really strange and moron because he is still dating a moron and a racist . i just find her comment about the egyptians, this is ridiculous to say that and she didn’t appologies yet for her comments.
    she is in mexico to think that everbody will forgive her or forget her comments about egypt but she is totally wrong. i think many people on the street if they meet her would call her racist.

  172. 172
    wowsa Says:

    wow theres some sick jealous b–ch on this thread get a life i can only imagine what you look like if you can say all these things about this gorgeous girl!

  173. 173
    Donnie Says:

    Wtf this sl*t is what JJ calls a model,..she looks like a 45 year old tripper from Texas..named Dallas ..she ‘s gained a lot of weight and mushed out..I’m sure Leo fu*ks her with the lights off! ..and that ugly personality to match the face…lol. Barf go back to your trailer park.. YOU AIN’T GISELE B*TCH!

  174. 174
    Donnie Says:

    @wowsa…we know your some nutzo Barf fan trying to defend your poor excuse for a model…I’m a dude and the facts are in…Barf looks tragic…let it go…losers! She’s lookin more like Zipi….everyday..

  175. 175
    The 411 Says:

    Uggghhh…Ironing board in a

  176. 176

    Two things come up:
    - Bar is the only one who looks at the cameras constantly. Everyone else are talking or ignoring the cameras. Even Naomie Campbell. Why look at the cameras and why posing with your hands on your waste like that? Nobody else does it.
    - Cindy Crowford is better looking with 40-something AND more fashionable. I honestly didn’t recognize her back, I thought that was 20-something girl. She has such a shiny hair, and a great robe matching her (dare I say it) sexy but still elegant bikini. Plus the hat is great…

  177. 177

    Oh well and one more thing:
    Some people over there actually READ books. This is also a way to hide from the paps you know. If you hate them so much you even hit them and hide your face while with Leo, why not just sit down and read a book? They will not have enough material to make decent photos then. But no, she has to walk around parading, so that they can get pictures of her in any possible position.
    Its just sooo staged

  178. 178
    melinda Says:

    Isn`t it just lovely that the barf freaks keep bringing up Gisele`s comment and how it angered people but she conveniently forgets about barf`s comment on Egypt that showed how shallow and ignorant she is. If you keep slamming Gisele for what she said it`s fair if you discuss barfie`s `Egypt is primitive` comment. So, come on! What`s your take on it, dummies #157 & 165!
    Has anyone else noticed the pattern? The self talker posts something new and within minutes someone with a different name reacts in the same manner, same writing style and `they` start a conversation. Then we have the guessing based on that what info and we have to suffer through what the self-talker barf freak thinks and assumes about it. It`s always the same. It doesn`t take a rocket scientist to figure out it`s the exact same person who always posts about them as a couple. Obviously she knows that`s the only interesting thing about barf…
    The 8 dwarfs? LOL! That was funny and so true! LOL!

  179. 179
    Always the same tune Says:

    Now, the wedding rumours as usual after the rumours of break

  180. 180
    Where are you LDC ? Says:

    For french gossip, he was not with them.

  181. 181
    melinda Says:

    That`s the latest engagement rumor that was denied but apparently the denial didn`t make it to the UK. LOL!
    Where are you, LDC? Aren`t you paying attention to the barfie freak on this thread? She knows everything based on photos and sightings. Haven`t you read her theory on Leo being in Mexico but he had to go back to LA possible on Vlad`s private jet? She has it all figured out! LOL! You can read it on his freaky yuku site and I assume on bellazon as well. Isn`t that reliable enough for you? On yuku it was said she looks `immensely happy`. She sure looks immense but immensely happy? As usual she looks more relaxed since Leo is not around so I can just imagine how Leo looks wherever he is. LOL!
    Just look at this photo. I would say immensely b*tchy, left out, sour lemon, disaster… etc.

  182. 182
    elsa Says:

    @Where are you LDC ?:

    old old news and pictures. Leo in Inception set, and Bar in St. Tropez.

  183. 183
    hot lady Says:

    Leo will be in his late 40′s some day and people will still be having these same never ending arguments about his love life… The same thing with George Clooney is happening and he’s an old a$$ man already, almost 50 and there’s some looney theories going on about him and Elisabetta too, which is insane to me. These men can never catch a break from the crazy fans… you guys should worry about your own lives, and stop caring so much about what famous people are doing in their private life. It’s fun to discuss, but the negativity has got to go… time for some positive outlooks.. Judging people only gets you nowhere but to misery ville ladies.. Bar is not my favorite person either, but I don’t feel like the hatred/jealousy or whatever this is should keep going on after so many years of Leo being with her. I don’t understand how y’all don’t get tired of it…

  184. 184
    me Says:

    @the worst has happend: Yikes, I thoght the same thing, please, please let us be wrong

  185. 185
    LOL Says:

    Im not a Gisele fan , nor Bar’s (I like Candice and Miranda) but seriously I don’t see the need to compare them 24/7. I don’t see Gisele fans doing it (I dont think they even like catalog models) so Bar fans seem angered and jealous over something….wishful thinking she had half the career of her so called “rival”? get over it. aint happening. I am sick of her name being mentioned when she herself isn’t even in the pictures/article….lol Now I know who bashes her on here…the barflies. you gave yourselves away. aww too bad. If you were smarter you could have stayed inconspicuous. Why the barflies look her pictures and articles up is beyond me. I once liked Bar but her obsessive crazy fans KILLED it. (as did her lack of caring for her OWN career) So next time I come here please lets see more Brooklyn Decker or Esti or Tori Praver, Irina Sheik being mentioned….AKA Bar’s REAL rivals.

  186. 186
    LOL Says:

    @ouch: good or bad her media attention put her #1 Forbes list AGAIN. haters make celebs more relevant with the click of a mouse. Bar’s comments won’t even make it past the internet, that’s how insignificant and unfamous she is. lol

  187. 187
    KK Says:

    @Anya: yes she does resemble a farm animal. a Pig! or a street rodent such as a chipmunk. Her fat saggy cheeks look stuffed all the time. Everyone has an animal equivalent. Pigs/chipmunks arent exactly beautiful animals either….maybe cute, but not beautiful or majestic, just like Bar.

  188. 188
    LOL Says:


    I hope the Barflies don’t have audacity to begin comparing her to Cindy or Naomi! oh lawdy, that’ll be the day. You are so right though, these REAL Supermodels are in their 40s and look more in shape and toned than Bar does. I can’t imgaine how much she will let herself go by that age. When they were 25 they were perfection. Well they also had careers so maybe that’s why. They didn’t have time to sit around and gain weight and follow their celeb bf’s all around. They worked! (still do more than Bar does actually) LOL
    Oh look Barflies got me making non-existent comparisons. oops

  189. 189
    french Says:


    It’s maybe old pictures but it’s a recent news (they even put the news pics). In the article they say that Barf has denied the rumor of break up and she said it’s normal and healthy for a couple to have some separated moments

  190. 190
    IloveLeo Says:

    @melinda: . Even on bz forum they constantly make insinuating posts about her in Bar’s topic. LOL Its sickening and a little scary.

  191. 191
    IloveLeo Says:

    @@funny: google Bar. everyone thinks she is an average butterface unworthy of the title model, let alone Supermodel!

  192. 192
    guest girl Says:

    @french: Her comment on being separated is not new. She said that after they got back together after their 6 months break up. The comment and the photos might be old but it’s about a current situation.
    @190: yuku and bellazon are creepy places. It’s easy to figure out who is the one who posts there and here as well. Almost exactly same comment and the same guessing game.

  193. 193
    IloveLeo Says:

    @french: Hi french. what do u think of Barf’s new pictures? Isn’t it funny the barf fans get excited over pap pics, like they are actually modeling photos? I find that hilarious.

  194. 194
    xx Says:


    no recent news. they are talking about an old Bar inteview to a Israel magazine. You can read her words in People magazine (march 2.010),,20354544,00.html

  195. 195
    french Says:


    I think she is so ugly on those pics and as usual she poses for the paps ( it’s probably her who called them). Her fans are excited about the pics because she has no jobs anymore.

  196. 196
    bb Says:

    lt does seem like works dried up

  197. 197
    CandiceAdriana Says:

    you fans want to keep playing compare games? ok you asked for it, LMAO:

  198. 198
    Where are you LDC ? Says:

    Perhaps he saw these photos and he is alone bored in his Hollywood villa

  199. 199
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @CandiceAdriana: What that graphing shows is that GB has consistently been a news draw. Bar has had a peak moment during the SI cover time-period, but GB trumps her almost across the board in all countries and languages, with two exceptions. Thanks for taking the time to do that for us.

  200. 200
    CandiceAdriana Says:

    @CanadaGirl: No problem, I did one for Adriana,Alessandra,Cindy,Naomi,Miranda and they all trump her as well LOL. We will let the 4 Barflies continue thinking Barfie is the most loved,beautiful,famous,popular model on the planet.,lmao.

  201. 201
    CandiceAdriana Says:

    Bar peaked in early 2007/early 2009. (was that the began dating leo? and SI hoopla?)

  202. 202
    CanadaGirl Says:

    *nods* Exactly.

  203. 203
    bb Says:

    2007 was when they went to israel, remember?

  204. 204
    here Says:

    so this near-nudity paid off for ms. rafaeli i guess..


  205. 205
    fred Says:

    oh no wth happened to her!!!???? Bar now has Mariah Carey and Britney Spears syndrome. Only hot when thin.

  206. 206
    melinda Says:

    @CandiceArdiana: Thanks for the graphs but trust me they ( she ) already know(s) that. The reason why Gisele is brought up all the time is because it was pointed out before how much the `haters` loved seeing Leo with her and how different ( in a good way ) he was with her. But he let her go and now sticks with barfie. That`s why she is mentioned all the time to rub it into our faces that now barfie is his girlfriend. `curvy figure` is the only thing that`s mentioned in her favor since obviously there`s nothing else on barfie`s side. It`s so OBVIOUS that Gisele is the uber-model and barfie… she has FOX. So what?
    Any info about Leo? I guess he must be there by now so probably barfie will order some paps by tomorrow to get some photos…

  207. 207
    here Says:

    As Leo was recently named the biggest grossing actor of 2010 by Forbes magazine NOW BAR would do ANYTHIN to get PREGGERS.. now is the right time to BANK him.. this girl is nothin more than a gold-digger.. livin on his money.. Man!.. this is cheap and low..

  208. 208
    Lauren Says:

    Guess what?? Vlad has been spotted with his love Naomi in …… yes you guessed it Mexico!!

    Vlad was with leo in Los Angeles on December 26th. Naomi was also in LA on the 26th she just was not pictured with Vlad. Obviously the same thing with Bar she just wasn’t pictured at the museuem Naomi didn’t go either lol. So people were right that they would go to Mexico i mean it was very obvious lol.

    Its soooo sweet that Bar and Leo are spending New Years in Cabo to ring in 2011! They seem to always go to Cabo for New Years. awww that is so sweet! It’s also cute how they went with those other lovebird couples. Naomi and Vladislav and Emily and Alex!!

  209. 209
    Mystique Says:

    Leo has obviously been there the whole time! Leo was just smart in not getting photographed. I saw a pic of his bodyguard there sooo duh obviously leo is there. Plus we have not heard about him elsewhere since the 26th. However also on the 26th VLAD and Naomi were spotted in Los Angheles yet they are both in Mexico now. The pics of Bar were from the 27th soooo obviously they all left Los Angeles on the 26th!

  210. 210
    Obvious freaks Says:

    hahaha I have just seen the post on yuku that the russian was seen in Mexico and what do you know? All of a sudden it`s posted here and within 5 minutes another freak responded! Who would have seen it coming? It was so obvious! LOL!
    And of course the guessing game has begun… Don`t we just love it how they can draw conclusions about Leo`s whereabouts based on photos of other people? It`s amazing! So many people spotted already in Cabo, Leo`s friends and other celebs except for Leo. He is the only one managed to escape from the paparazzi nobody else could. Not his friends and not his dreadful girlfriend not Jessica Alba or Molly Sims. I`m impressed!
    If I had to read one more time when was Naomi or Vlad or Barf spotted on which day I swear I`m gonna poke my eyes out. Seriously how many more times are you going to post the exact same thing again? Do you really think it`s going to convince anyone? You, dummy!

  211. 211
    Glamourous Says:

    @here: One million for three years. That’s a welfare rate for models. If that’s her only income? She better hustle some work. After taxes $333,333 a year isn’t much.
    Explain this to me. A Barfly @Cat: said that she just bought a condo in Tel Aviv for $5 mil. How can she afford this with a small, little Fox contract?

  212. 212
    Obvious freaks Says:

    Don`t get me wrong I assume he is going to show up sooner or later. But this stupid guessing game is just ridiculous. This is obvious and that is obvious and we can see this and we can see that so it obviously means this and that obviously means that. I mean is this person for real? Isn`t it enough that you are beyond shallow and stupid that you like barfie now you have to make an even bigger fool out of yourself? Sorry to say but we have Leo already for that role we don`t need more…

  213. 213
    sea Says:

    BOYCOTT FOX!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. 214
    maria Says:

    Leo should hook up Madeleine, the princess of Sweden

  215. 215
    giveitup Says:

    Barfies = fashiondreamers and wannabes. 1 mill/ 3 yrs? (for a model that’s LMAO. )

  216. 216
    bolivion Says:

    Leonardo was seen in La today- In the theater district- not saying what— maybe buying tickets for NYE? No, Bar wasnt at the museum, and he wasnt in Cabo either. That’s bar desperately trying to save face, especially since its obvious the Fox contract was being negotiated. That’s what this little dog and pony show was probably about- get my best side with Naomi and Cindy. Leo probably couldnt be bothered, or he wants a break from her. Maybe he will show up tonight or tomorrow…but nothing puts him in Mexico, quite the contrary, all the gossip rags said he sat this one out..These are HER buddies anyway…Alex has to go because his wife wanted him to. Its also probably Leo’s nickle, to get her away for a while. And it is literally a nickel to him, he made 75 million last year.
    To us this would b e something special… but for him its subway fare.

    What’s funny is watching her up there trying to cover up he;s been AWOL for a couple of days. She should tie that c o c k down with a bungee cord. If she was at the museum they would have gotten her—and no one goes to Cabo to stay inside all day. And its not five minutes away- ive been there, its all away down at the end of Baja California.

    I believe he’s coming, hope he isnt, but know these two too well.
    I think he gave the bodyguard a bonus. Maybe to guard Bar’s mouth from opening and making things worse.

  217. 217
    bolivion Says:

    Of course my little fantasy is that they had a tiff over the casablanca post and he kicked her to the curb. But she has a way of whining him back…ugh…… its not them breaking up that is a big deal, its getting them to stay that way-because really they fit each others shortcomings so well.

    I bet she’s on the phone whining right now.

    BTW, Fox is Israeli Target. Its her bread and butter, so she does need it. But it is totally non fashion and the Hasidim protested her photo. I think they are as stupid as Leo personally, but Id take the 300 K ! Shes gonna need it to pay her mortgage provided Tedy Sagi didnt buy it for her.

    And who buys a 5 million dollar CONDO? Does that make sense? In Tel Aviv??? She’s gonna need that dough in the future. But good, maybe she’ll go back and be a big fish in a small pond like she should have been in the first place.

    I bet he is coming…..yawn….but I find it encouraging he sent her down by her lonesome.

  218. 218
    elsa Says:


    sorry but nothing about Dicaprio today in La in justspotted:

  219. 219
    @bolivion Says:

    I checked that site but I haven`t seen the sighting of Leo today. Can you post the link, please? Thanks.

  220. 220
    what Says:


  221. 221
    bolivion Says:

    It was there before, I swear it, but I guess they went back and edited it out. It was Leonardo Di Caprio seen in the Historic Core – that’s the theater district in LA. Some of those sites allow the poster to change your mind and edit. World Crossing does. Anyway, I saw it but now cant find it either. I looked up what the historic core was- its a neighborhood iN LA with all the theaters. You can look it up. It was posted around noon EST.

    OK, since I cant fork it up discount the post. But it was there. Check the site later, it might reappear. I used to work on some of the higher end sites…sometimes one server gets update and another doesnt.

    You dont have to believe me…but I did see it.

  222. 222
    what Says:


    hahahahaha sure they edited!! HAHAHAHA.


  223. 223
    bolivion Says:

    Yah know, when you get so mean, it just makes me more determined.

    OK, show me one legitimate source, any one, that shows hes in Mexico. Because I looked for that several ways, and at twitter quite a lot and got nothing.
    So, I come to the conclusion he’s taking it easy in LA, but not in Mexico with barfy.

    Guess they broke up again!!! Like they do every five minutes anyway. That relationship is as strong as stale Melba Toast.

  224. 224
    bolivion Says:

    I guess we’ll find out tomorrow- if he’s not in Cabo they broke up definitely. Why so upset barfie girl???

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if I dont see a picture tomorrow Ima guess he blew you off for New Years. You know what that means! If he didnt yet so be it.


  225. 225
    bolivion Says:




  226. 226
    bolivion Says:



  227. 227
    bolivion Says:

    other lovebird couples. Naomi and Vladislav

    who do you think you are fooling????

  228. 228
    bzfrks Says:

    Let me point out something. It was the barf freak who said that allegedly Leo was in Mexico but then he had to return to LA on business. She has NO PROOF whatsoever but if she is right a Leo sighting in LA can mean that he is still there. But obviously it’s a lie because it doesn’t fit into her theory that is based on … her ideas. I’m skeptical about this alleged Leo sighting but I guess we’ll see it soon enough!

  229. 229
    bea Says:


    OK, show me one legitimate source, any one, that shows hes in Mexico. Because I looked for that several ways, and at twitter quite a lot and got nothing.

    you’re really obsessed!!!! you are talking about proof, legitimate sources.. are you a cop or detective?! please relax girl. You need medical help with this crazy obsession.

  230. 230
    @bea Says:

    But I guess it`s fine if the barfie fans do the same thing, right? Give me a break!
    @bolivion: Here is a tweet for you from someone whose location is Cabo. Nothing specific but this person is a chef in a restaurant

  231. 231
    ??? Says:

    This is going to give a field-day to the barflies. According to this article they were there for Christmas…. But the funny part is that she is called `ex model`.

  232. 232
    Lisa Rose Says:

    @bolivion: OH! I just WISH I could see your face when you’ll see new pics of Leo and Bar together in Mexico/America!!! LOL I am more then sure that they didn’t broke up and I just can’t wait to see your disappointment….. lol :D

  233. 233
    ??? Says:

    @Dummy Rose: I just WISH you would get lost forever already and I just WISH you would take your primitive idol with you! I`m sure the two of you would be great friends. Both shallow, annoying and useless.

  234. 234
    Lisa Rose Says:

    @???: I am just not sure that Leo would let me take her forever…. lol

  235. 235
    ;;; Says:

    Perhaps he read the article and he ran away

  236. 236
    Lisa Rose Says:

    I just can’t wait to see you posts after you’ll see that Leo is still with Bar… that would be the best way to opening the new year!! :D

  237. 237
    On-and-off-again Says:

    I think that he probably comes, he often spends time in Cabo, but I don’t think that the relation is going to be able to last seen the way they work. I don’t see them with a child even less with three: they are going to take them at clum while they get drunk and smoke with their wonderful friend Naomi and Vlad?

  238. 238
    bzfrks Says:

    Lisa Rose, honestly how stupid are you? Haven’t you read the comments about him possibly going or already being there? The way barf fans create ideas and blab about is annoying but nobody really believed they broke up! Idi*t! It’s easier for you to ignore that, right! Clearly you are a dumb barf fan you couldn’t even deny it! lol

  239. 239
    bzfrks Says:

    What’s with all the stupid comments today ( Lisa rose & #237 )? At least Lisa rose has an excuse since she is a dummy barfie fan…

  240. 240
    Fantomas Says:

    I read this article and it’s not the first one, is it true or intox ?

  241. 241
    ??? Says:

    @Fantomas: I guess only time will tell. There are always rumors around his projects so who knows? But I personally have the feeling that I`m not gonna watch many more Dicaprio movies if he sticks to that joke of a girlfriend much longer…

  242. 242
    alely Says:


    good for you! leonardo ,the most bankable actor right now must be devastated with your decision. and will you continue obsessively writing about him and her girl ?

  243. 243
    ??? Says:

    @alely: I would be beyond surprised if he was devastated by my decision. He can be the most bankable actor ( clearly you are a barf fan if that`s all that matters to you ) but he is a dumba** who sticks with the last pick of the litter. I just think he is just too shallow to be bothered by anything like that. He doesn`t seem to be bothered by dating someone like bar, he doesn`t seem to be bothered by her marriage and her ignorant comments or that all she does / did for a living is getting rid of her clothes. Class and intellect scares him so why would I think that my decision would make him devastated? The guy is all about cheap and shallow…
    And yes, I`m gonna continue posting just to annoy you. I assume if I was a barf fan posting a lot and trying to track down everything they do would be just fine but since I cannot stand her it qualifies as `obsessively writing`.

  244. 244
    french Says:

    I’m sure they will be together for the new year eve but i don’t care and it doesn’t mean that they are a couple.

  245. 245
    @234 Says:

    I’m not so sure you are sane for thinking that! LMAO!

  246. 246
    fame4nothing Says:

    bzfreaks: they keep repeating themselves because that is ALL they have to chit chat about. No work for Bar, no bar ONLY articles/stories/talk. Its all Leo Leo Leo. Bar is nothing without him as the Barflies keep proving time and time again. When there are pages and pages of Bar only pictures,talk and videos (pap pics do not count as modeling photos, snooki,heidi and spencer also have pap pics, LOL)…then we can talk.

  247. 247
    Leo Says:

    ugh Leo is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 2 good for this average in looks and talent peon.

  248. 248
    alely Says:

    beckycohenz: Dustin Hoffman, Leo di Caprio, Edward Norton, Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Steven Spielberg, Jessica Alba….@ El Dorado woooooow!
    about 10 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Q I feel I’m in my dream! Bar Rafaeli to seeing Leonardo DiCaprio and accompanied by adriana lima jessica alba, woooww # priceless
    about 9 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry ®

    Retweeted by mhelfon and 1 other

  249. 249
    ??? Says:

    Wow, thanks for the tweets alely ( or whatever the name of the day is for the barfly ). Sad to see that Leo still prefers to be seen and associated with that tr*shy girlfriend of his all around Mexico. Woooww! But what else can we expect from him? Like minds hang together so he is not any better than her!

  250. 250
    guest girl Says:

    I guess there are enough celebs in Mexico for her highness so we won’t see any ‘Mexico is primitive’ comments. I agree Leo is just as lame as his dreadful girlfriend. Dumb and Dumber or Shallow and Shallower.

  251. 251
    guest girl Says:

    It’s really sad that a successful guy like him has no desire for decency and quality in his private life. That says a lot about his character or rather the lack of it. We can bash bar as much as we wish it doesn’t really matter. The problem is Leo and the low standards he has when it comes to his girlfriend and some of his friends.

  252. 252
    karma Says:

    @ guest girl

    Listen guest girl, if he wanted to date a high profile person like angelina jolie and kate winslet he could , but his career will be doomed like other male celebrities orlando bloom or even brad pitt who no one can take him seriously. He dates less known people usually hot girls with decent job. And models are the perfect match for him, cause they will not be associated with his career and he will not be associated with there jobs as well. This gives him want he want. His career that is not flesh with gossip, and his personal occassion needs that he can hook up with while he is not working. That is why Bar or even Gissel before she was famous 1999-2000 then (sport illustraded girl) is very convenient for him to date. He just doesn’t want like to be talked about like branjelinas. I don’t know why so many of you do not understand why he is who he is. You don’t see Bar on the cover of US weekly, People magazine, life & style etc do you? She is not well known, less interesting for gossips perfect match for him. If you think she is cheaping him that means he did exactly what he you want to think of him, which is he is down to earth person and he not interested building false hollywood empire. Ya, you can say that i don’t think of him that way anymore because i know Bar who really she is and i can make my own judgement… then again only people like you and the rest of us in the gossips site can say about that cause we are only the one follow him every days of his life. At least i can tell you me as a fan of him, this is good deal rather than seeing him aniston, reese witherspoon… cause he is his own man and he doesn’t need US weekly publicity engagement and on …self promotion you know. That is why he is respected actor regardless your diferences, and that is why he is one of the highest paid actor for so long and he doesn’t even do without publicity like other fail stars do. He is not going to marry bar nor he will have a baby with her. He will not even going to ever get married at all. The least thing he will have is one or two children and that is going to happen may be 7-8 years from now. So people in these site need to stop about their crazy theories and follow his career or you can continue second guessing about his life like you did for the past 8 years.

  253. 253
    guest girl Says:

    No, I doubt he wants what I honestly think of her. Actually you made a lot of good points in your comment about lesser known and less interesting girlfriend. But he went way too low with barfie. I don’t think he is down to earth. I think he is cheap and shallow because of barfie. I don’t wanna see him as part of a brangelina kind of couple but I also don’t wanna see him with someone dumb, cheap and useless as barfie. She is not on the cover of gosspi mags? I doubt it’s because she doesn’t want to be there rather it’s her interest not to be there and play the obedient puppy girlfriend role. I definitely don’t wanna see him with someone high profile like Kate Winslet I don’t think I ever said that. A low-key decent girl as you pointed out but barfie is just simply not good enough for him. Probably he wanted someone lesser known after Gisele but he went overboard lowiring his standards and I think ot backfired. As I said you made several good points in your comment pointing out what kind of woman he wants/needs but barfie doesn’t fit that description! For me he turned out to be a huge letdown because he is dating that low-class woman.

  254. 254
    guest girl Says:

    @karma: First of all a little correction: * I doubt he wants what I think of HIM and her.
    I read your comment one more time and I do like it. Good points but I still disagree. The woman you describe there is not bar. I think she is worse than that. Plus she might not be on the cover of gossip mags but when she gets into the spotlight it’s often for the wrong reason. As I read comments about her and these new bikini photos she is seen only as a piece of meat but no substance. I don’t say he should date someone unattractive but this girl doesn’t seem to have more than her looks.
    And what you suggest is that he picks his girlfriend to fit into his career and not to fit to his own personality.
    Well, his strategy doesn’t work for me as a long time fan.
    I’m off to celebrate NYE and Happy New Year to everyone!

  255. 255
    karma Says:

    Your point of view is the same of my point of view about his personal life. I don’t think he downgraded lookwise, but i think downgraded his level of knowledge. No doubt she is a bimbo, no doubt she is classless, but it did not affect his career. As far his career, his is career is continuing to blossom. You say he way went overboard and you don’t think of him as down earth, I agree, but that is exactly what i was saying. Only You and the rest of us know about that we do not like his personal life choice. The rest of the public doesn’t even know he is dating at all or who is his girlfriend is and what so not.. That is exactly what he want. Cheaping him is bonus factory in public eye cause it considered down to earth. That how he gets his respect and him being shallow is also bonus for his career. For him, being in a gossip site is career cheaping, but for us of course is great to talk about. For example, Aniston isa gossip popular actress, but career wise, she is in the down turn infact she never has been. I still like her though. I am simply stating the facts is if he dates high profile actress, it will be career slash burn cause his private life will flood gated in a gossip column and his movie option will be limited. He will either do romantic com or action hero to stay relevant. That is why most oscar winners after they win, their career go south because they become high profile to gossip fanatics. Actors Like Leo ang Johny Depp will last their career longer. Take example Tom Cruise, once he was kings of box office and now he is making summer flop movies while still cutting his salary. His fall out not because due to his age, Johny Depp is the same age of him, but rather he became gossip magnet instead making movies. Every since he went to public and to impress everyone by having profile wedding, he is now in the down turn like fallen star. As much i try to explain to you why he cheaping himself, I can only hope that there is much grader chance of lossing him if he acted out in public like he own them. The street alway win if you do not reserve your self back and enjoy your life. That is exactly what he is doing right now. He is making 20 mill per movie, Lot of big diretors want to work with him and he is making the his own shot. You can’t have it all together like trying to be the most famous person and get respect on the same time. Marilynn monroe learn the hard way.

  256. 256
    guest girl Says:

    One more thought for this year: he cannot play this game forever. He is not getting any younger and cheap and shallow won’t work for him on the long run. If he does this intentionally I mean cheapening himself with bar and friends like Campbell I think he is even more pathetic than I thought no matter how successful he is. It’s like selling your soul to the devil. But I simply think he is just very shallow and puts out the intelligent and mature actor stuff but he is not any better than her.

  257. 257
    karma Says:

    Happy new year.

  258. 258
    karma Says:

    happy new year guest girl.

  259. 259
    karma Says:

    I do respectfully disagree that he is not better than her intelligent wise. It takes a lot of brain to stay successful and make wise decision in his movie choice after big boat titanic. Lot of actors at that age of 23, they would not have made it till now. It was his decision to opt out making easy high paid salay movies, but instead chose low profile film and that allow him to be versatile actor to where he is now. That is why, he has been able to make the shot on what he want to do instead of the studios want him to be. Lot of big actors will die to have his leverage just ask everyone who know about this industry, and he doesn’t even has an agent for almost 11 years now. Listen, I know you are disappointed on his choices of his personal life, but you can’t tell me that it doesn’t work for him that anymore. If that the case, then you can make that argument 16 years ago when start dating kristen Zang after his oscar nomination 1995 and 1996 romeo and juliet box office success. You can say the same thing then, that he shouldn’t date her rather date respected high profile pesron. However, if his life was high profile back then, he wouldn’t gotten Titanic job and he might not have the comanding ability that he has now. Same thing you can say about gissel. We can debate about her rather next time but she is too a bimbo and don’t tell me she did’t ride the ssuccess of him along the way. Remember, they start dating 1999-2000 area which was post titanic. He was the most search pesron and she was just taken part of sport illustrated. As soon as she was attached to him, her career began to blossom on victoria secret run way as well with other compaigns. Soon after that, it was all about her and only her. He did not mind of course of her success because is a shallow man. But i don’t think he spent hours trying to figure how he can kill there career and it should be all about him too. He is too busy for that. And if you say that gissel was better interms of class act, well as a women(girl), i don’t think i will hook up with a person who just dumped his pregnant girlfriend for me. Only Bar and few other classless women can do that and Gissel is no differ. Back to his career, as much as you would think that he will no longer can play this game or what not, well this year he just became the highest grossing actor not that he cares but is just that my point to prove that it will not affect trust me, it will no affect his career at all. If it does, lets cross finger_ if it does, then i guarantee you, he will be the first one to shoot bar and the rest of them and run his way.

  260. 260
    who Says:

    i saw pix, and realized they are not pretty nor gorgeous as much as they’re on fashion photos, pretty much they get old just like everyone,

  261. 261
    who Says:

    @annoying weirdos: thats how they make money dont they? they live off from paparazzi and crazy fans

  262. 262
    who Says:

    @nono: give her break to be that piggy

  263. 263
    who Says:

    @sourpatch575: because she’s a manipulator, thats why

  264. 264
    who Says:

    @elsa: Naomi has mustasche, U see it?

  265. 265
    who Says:

    @Bar: sounds like Bar is the most hated model ever per reading this jared thing, and others, Naomi had so many issues before in her life but less haters.. I dont think Giselle ever hated for being Leo’s gf before.. has anyone recon that?

  266. 266
    who Says:

    @wow: hey when a man serious about her gf, he would’ve pop her a question after long years of relationship dont they?

  267. 267
    who Says:

    @Barf + Her 7 Dwarves: i love your sense of humor!!;
    are in Cabo: Saggy (boobs), Chunky (thighs), Puffy (face), Stringy (hair), Snotty (attitude), Frumpy (clothes), Lazy (work ethic), and Dummy (I.Q.). Oops, that’s 8. What can I say, the woman is blessed.

    Prince Chumpy (Leo) has yet to show. It would be funny if he stood her up for New Year’s Eve (”Sorry, babe, I’ve got business that can’t wait” as he bangs the hot secretary), but i wouldn’t bank on it. If guy friends, booze, sun, music, and other women to oogle and flirt with are there, chances he will be there too.

    Here’s hoping his work saves him and puts him on the right track again. He’s turning into Jack Nicholson and he’s not even forty yet.

    Read more:

  268. 268
    who Says:

    @done: U must be Bar’s mom Zipi.. lol

  269. 269
    bea Says:


    A man only is serious about her gf, if he pop her a question?? so ridiculous! johnny depp-vanessa, kurt-goldie, brangelina… the relations are not about a stupid ring… hello ryan reynolds and scarjo…

    And sorry but this cheap psychoanalysis is so pathetic.

    Scouting the life and motivations of a person whom you do not know… crazy!!!


    … For your pleasure:

    -Leo’s sunny adios to 2010-

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli celebrated the night before New Year’s Eve by throwing a party at the actor’s private villa in Cabo San Lucas.
    DiCaprio jetted down to the Mexican resort to join his swimwear-supermodel girlfriend a day after pictures of her looking stunning in a bikini sunning herself with girlfriends were taken.
    Guests at the party included Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend, Russian billionaire and property mogul Vladimir Doronin, Kid Rock, Nicky Hilton and fiancé David Katzenberg, Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits, top art dealer Tony Shafrazi, Jessica Alba, Dori Cooperman and Jennifer Worthington. A source told us, “Guests danced the night away — it was a great party.”


    *USA Today names Leonardo as Movie Star of the Year *

    -Movie star of the year-
    winner=Leonardo DiCaprio
    t’s hard to believe that a guy who called himself King of the World in 1997′s Titanic could get much higher.

    But he outdid himself this year with two surprise hits: Inception ($293 million) and Shutter Island ($128 million).

    And he had to have been relieved when Avatar passed Titanic to become the highest-grossing film ever. Privately, DiCaprio had tired of being the poster boy for the epic romance. For now, he’s just fine being the king of Hollywood.

  270. 270
    ??? Says:

    @bea: I think Depp wants/ed to marry her but she doesn`t want to and they had kids after just a few years together, brandgelina has 6 kids together that shows again pitt wasn`t afraid to commit. I don`t know much about Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn but Leo talks about marriage but acts otherwise.
    @karma: I see your point but you are trying to convince people that Leo is with the `perfect woman`. He is with the one who is perfect for him and for his career. In which universe BR qualifies for that?
    LOL indeed there were plenty of famous guests and a private villa for her so I`m sure Mexico is not primitive. It`s her who is primitive.

  271. 271
    french Says:

    Bonne année/ Happy new year

  272. 272
    ??? Says:

    @bea: It`s easy to throw in these couples who are not married but they have families and those guys are not commitment phobes like Leo ( Pitt was married ) and they are not on / off couples either. It`s not the same.
    About that party: again some fancy guests like Hilton, Campbell, Doronin… no Kevin or Lukas or Tobey? His career seems to be going up but his taste in his private life is definitely going down.

  273. 273
    new year Says:

    brad pitt is not a good example, cheating his wife with jolie, and their crazy parade around the magazines with his kids. sorry but not my taste, tabloid whores.

  274. 274
    yoyo Says:

    @french: Happy New Year to you. Did anyone check the bzfreaks out again? lmao. They said Bar was the only model to make the top 25 jj list, then proceeded to say, “besides Miranda and Rosie” LOL!!!! did you see how dumb that statement was? well you can’t expect much from 12 year old fan girls of this worthless model anyways, but it still had me LOLing.(there goes the insinuation tone in their posts of a certain person, yet again) *rolls eyes*

  275. 275
    HNY Says:

    I don’t have my contacts in, can anyone tell me if Barf is mentioned here?

  276. 276
    karma Says:

    @guest girl: The funniest part about her primitive comment, is it won’t even get 1 mention past the fan blogs. lmao. She is so insignificant and irrelevant its not even funny! lmfao.

  277. 277
    guest girl Says:

    It was mentioned on some pages not only in blogs but nothing major. And do you know why this might be? Because of Leo’s PR team. With all the award nominations and promos he didn’t need the publicity from her dumb comment. You said Leo is more intelligent than I assume he is because he has an amazing career. I disagree because he has the best PR team and I guess top-notch management that helped him to have a career like this. So I stick to my previous comment that he is not any better than her. He acts professional as an actor who never fails to impress you but his flaws as a private person come out with his questionable pick for a girlfriend and friends.
    About the bz freaks: they never liked JJ except for the photos he has because this is the site for the ‘haters’ but when she makes his list of popular celebs ( based on the amount of comments from the ‘haters’ ) they drool all over it? Isn’t that ironic?

  278. 278
    Assanine Says:

    @guest girl: yes ironic and funny. I think I figured out which bar fly keeps bringin gissy into the mix all over the place: LOL (probs MissJolieGaga psycho)

  279. 279
    Jen Says:

    Hi Leo fans! Happy new year!!

    You were asking for a legitimate source that he was in Cabo, with photos… now, how convenient that there we have the link talking about his villa party! There are still no photos, and there won´t be any. So, Bar´s PR, published that story to assure the public that she is still her girlfriend. Pathetic effort Bar!!!!
    Until there is no photographic proof of them together, all of this is still wishfull thinking from your side!
    The public in not stupid, we can see right through you!

  280. 280
    ??? Says:

    @Jen: Happy New Year! I just posted on the new thread pointing out that how interesting that potographers could take photos of bar in Leo`s `private villa` two days in a row in her uniform ( she was definitely posing for them ) while Leo was still in LA. Apparently he went to Cabo to the same private villa but no more photos. No more photos of bar in her bikini, no photos of Leo…

  281. 281
    Megan Says:

    why does everyone hate her?
    she is beautiful!

  282. 282
    @Megan Says:

    People hate her because and it’s true than she married (and divorced after) a man older than her not to be in the armed forces in Israel, according to her, the models, people in advantageous physical appearance do not have to serve their country because they are more better, she refuses to pay her taxes, she said that Egypt was primitive, its career amounts to photos in bikini or half-naked, and she gets contracts only when she is with LDC.

  283. 283
    dickhead Says:

    @@Anya: u think bar sucks good balls ? I was told from a friend in israel that banged her that she gives AMAMAMAMZING head !

  284. 284
    zero bar Says:

    @dhead: Now we know what keeps her in Leo`s bed for such a long time. Like we didn`t know already that it wasn`t her brain or intellect! LOL!

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