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Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli takes a dip in the pool while she vacations in a bikini on Tuesday (December 28) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The day before, the 25-year-old supermodel soaked up the sun while laying on chaise lounges with some gal pals.

Last week, Bar did some last minute Christmas shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Bar‘s on-and-off-again boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio stayed behind in L.A. for the holidays and visited a museum with some friends.

20+ pictures inside of Cabo bikini babe Bar Refaeli

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bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 01
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 02
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 03
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 04
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 05
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 06
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 07
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 08
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 09
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 10
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 11
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 12
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 13
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 14
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 15
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 16
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 17
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 18
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 19
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 20

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  • tanem

    @LastWord: you stop making things up and calling her a model! lol

  • floozy

    God she’s an oinker! If Bar were so special as some of you freaks claim, you wouldn’t have to constantly bring in other more successful models to state your claim. She could stand on her own just fine. BUT; she can’t. You have to compare and cut others down to bring her up. how sad. It shows that she is nothing if she can’t even be talked about in a sentence without the mentioning of others names each time……lmao.

    You guys must be really below average to think she is anything special, lol. look here: not one person male or female even mentions her! she is that un-special:

  • Hector

    hanging with cindy,naomi,leo,armani….haha and she still can’t get jobs?????? wow she really is nobodies fashiondream. fashiondreamer is more like it.

  • JK

    @LastWord: In what universe is she considered a good model? 12 yr old tween girls/boys who only read US weekly and Teen mags opinions don’t count. Take a look at Christy Turlington’s portfolio or Linda Evangelista’s or Naomi Campbell’s or Kate Moss’s or yes even Bar’s “so called” rival Gisele Bundchen’s….its laughable to even mention a comparison. The only one Bar can be compared to is Brooklyn Decker,Esti Ginzburg, models like that, LMAO…
    So STOP!

  • poorleo

    she is fat! she cant even button her jean shorts haahhaah. second one, omg what a butterface. her face is so saggy and structureless, it looks like its melting off and connecting to her neck. she has no structure. simply ugly and very un model like. Poor Leo I really hope he doesnt have to see that when he wakes up in the mornings, lol. He deserves SO MUCH better in beauty and someone with equal talent in their profession.

  • Eagle

    @JK: compare to them? HA! I don’t even know why some like to compare her to Elle MacPherson! Elle did runway,had Vogue covers….was mega famous and not to mention was 5’11, not 5’4.

  • fanofbeauty4real

    you want a true beauty: Edita Vilkeviciute. She makes Bar look like dog poop.

  • Frida

    Bar is NOT a supermodel, Jared… that’s a disgrace to Heidi, Kate, Naomi, Claudia and the others.

  • The 411

    YThose Barf. Losers are idiots…her boobs look smaller cuz their not being squeezed in some too small push up they in their natural saggy form in these pics..She look awful her face.. is sagging with the double chin.Barfflies are so bitter that their so called model is a stop comparin her to Gisele cuz Barf’s trash..and nothing more…Gisele has class and respect..she doest need Leo to make her relevant…Barf is pathetic,same BS every year her traveling by herself looking like the miserable b*tch she is…funny how she’s not hiding. From the paps in any of these pics? Exactly..who the. H*ll goes to Mexico this time of year?Only a deadbeat model…that wants to be seen..Yawn!

  • YAWN

    haha check out her boring a** model portfoilio and the majority of it will be a bunch of Leo pics and paparazzi beach candids. YAWN, next please………

  • delusionalfangirls

    Wow I swear she looks more and more like Britney Spears everyday! (not the old britney, the current one, lol) same stubby body. Brit is 5’4 though and not a so called model. A model should never resemble an aging crazy popstar.

  • On-and-off-again

    What a surprise, Bar in bikini in Los Cabos as every year. If Leo comes, he can’t say that it is surprised being photographed while his girlfriend poses for paparazi with a too small bikini.

  • Leo

    First Leo and WOW now hanging with REAL Supermodels? she really does have a motive. Sorry Bar you are 8 years too late. You should have networked yourself when you were 18 and wanted..lmao. Serve them divas some drinks you Bar girl.

  • Fantomas

    Why when I search LDC, I find this thing? I don’t care of what she can indeed make of her days.

  • wtf

    Her bod is more out of shape then 40+ yr old Supermodels! God at 25 they were in their primes, not lackluster,aging,saggy and without JOBS. pathetic girl!

  • From Paris with Love

    Her body is gorgeous, her face is a bit plain for a model but still beautiful. I don’t know about her personality and I don’t care about Leonardo Dicaprio.
    I agree that she doesn’t have nowadays supermodels’ figure like Gisele Bundchen or Miranda Kerr (I love them both) and all the VS models but I think that is great that there is some variety in the modeling industry. Those VS models are very very skinny and flat. It’s just the way they dress them (micro-bras and micro-thongs) and photograph them make their body look much sexier than what they really are. When Kate Moss first came out people were shocked and public debates about anorexia started, now looking like her has become the rule for models.
    Women keep complaining about anorexic models and when there is one who is curvier they call her fat. She is not fat at all!!! she is actually slim. If you saw her in real life i’m sure you’de be stunned, it’s the other models who are not very attractive in real life, extremely tall and skinny. Someone mentionned Laetitia Casta, when she first came out she said people kept pressuring her to loose weight and fix her teeth, she refused. Designers just believe clothes hang better on reaaaally slender figures…
    I find Bar’s body better than Alessandra Ambrosio’s for example. She has short legs/long torso and is way too skinny since she gave birth. In real life, put Bar and Ale in front of a group of men and women, I’m sure 9 out of 10 would choose Bar.

  • On-and-off-again

    She works little it is sure, somebody can say to me where she finds the money to pay all these vacations? She has to give me her recipe because it has been now five years since that works.

  • trusty

    @From Paris with Love: I agree with what you said. I just dont like when already thick/curvy models let it go to their head to have curves and then they end up looking too average or out of shape. Tyra Banks is prime example. She had a killer curvy bod her whole career and then in her later days as a model she looked awful and out of shape and the younger in shape thin models put her to shame. I don’t agree with your last sentence. Alessandra is every year higher voted than Bar on all popular man sites. ALessandra is a major sex symbol. I think since she is short and stubby legged, she better never gain weight or she would look more average like Bar. For now she is getting plenty of jobs and looks healthy. She just has ugly short legs, lol.

  • trusty

    oh not to mention men go gaga for dark sultry brunettes. Some like plain janes, but I say more prefer girls like Alessandra anyday. Alessandra is taller,thinner and more striking and exotic. In my opinion, I feel like if she and Bar were in a room together, Bar would disappear so fast! She still looks like a Supermodel. Bar not so much.,..

  • XYZ


    True. But still dont forget she is Leo’s beard. Giselle was another.

  • On-and-off-again

    Why do you say that ? It’s not the first time i read that he’s gay but give me some proofs.

  • hahaha

    @71: Now that they don`t have. Some people are so sure he is gay and his girlfriends are beards but nobody has proof. Leo is a major Hollywood figure for long long years. If he was gay I doubt he could keep it a secret for such a long time. I don`t buy it!!!!

  • lea

    again this miss racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fat GAY queenie

    Hey everyone! This on again off again relationship is going nowhere! Not happening.

  • Cat

    @On-and-off-again: She works in Israel and makes a lot of money there.
    She has recently bought a 5 million dollar condo in Tel Aviv, so I guess money is not an issue for her.

  • jewnose

    down syndrome face

  • still together ?

    Are they still together ? I read in gossip that there’s some rumours of break-up. Intox ?

  • hahaha

    @77: Let`s keep our fingers crossed!!!

  • whitney

    Ya’ll should stop hating! Your right she doesn’t have the body of a typical high fashion model! She has a BETTER body! Finally a model with curves and breats, representing a REAL woman! I never understood the desire to have a thin thin body, it doesnt represent real women all it does is make women insecure about their fine bodies! You know these thin ass women are starving themselves and being really unhealthy in order to be that thin! come on, you know this man!! I wish bar all the best, and I hope she’s able to achieve a higher status in the modeling world despite a REAL body! SOmetimes I cannot believe what you women/men say on here about people image! where does all this hate stem from?!?

  • CS

    @whitney: Its simple; fat cows love to hate. Bar fans do it all the time.

  • guest girl

    And how many more times do we have to say that it’s not her looks that most people don’t like about her? I’m tired of the ‘finally someone with real curves’ monologue. I cannot stand her for so many reasons other than her looks. She looks OK I don’t thin there’s anything exceptional about her looks. She looks out of shape here but still OK. Can we move on and finally understand that’s not the main reason she is not liked?

  • guest girl

    Besides the curvy woman monologue my other favorite is the ‘ you don’t like her so you don’t have a life, you’re miserable, you’re fat ‘ one. That’s the only explanation why she is not liked! Give me a break! I wonder what comes next…

  • stirrer just thought id post this pic of leo and anne, awwwww look how cute they ar….this pic SCREAMS sexual tension!!

  • raspberry

    oh god. she has the same GAP shorts as me. tsk tsk, Bar. tsk tsk.

  • blaaaaaah
  • AdrianaL

    Her crazed fangirls now hit an all time low. Now implying she is more famous than Naomi Campbell!!!!???? mahahhahahaha. omg give me a break! Naomi (love her or hate her, that is not my point) is a Legend/Icon. Please if you’re gonna do the comparison thing continuously, please lower your standards and get real!

  • the worst has happend

    uhoh guys…dont hate on me for saying this but i have a horrible gut feeling this girl is preggers….in some of the pics (not so much these ones) she looks a lot like it to me and i had thought so before thses pics also as the last thng i saw her wearing was big and showd nothing and then she practicaly went into hiding for a month and these lager mid section pics appear and she certainly didnt have that during the summer….lets just hope im wrong put thats the feeling i get!

  • lol

    I’m sick of the curvy woman monologue too! There are many beautiful curvy models, but they are in shape,toned,tall and lean at the same time. Bar is out of shape,thick waisted,stubby legged (and arms) and short looking. Not a very good combo. You do the math #1 or #2 (in model speaking terms? (not porn actress here)…

  • paul

    @the worst has happend: nah just too many nachos and ice cream while Leo plays.

  • wow

    lol you guys are silly. Naomi was pictured with Bar in Mexico. Vlad was pictured with Leo in LA on the 26th umm its obvious that Vlad and LEO will join them. A billionaire like vlad obviously more than likely has a private jet and so leo can get back and forth between LA and Mexico very easy! Plus emily, Alex, Jason, and Danny A is there as well. Please even the haters know leo will be there lol. He’s with Vlad and Naomi is in Mexico it is extremely obvious. Man you guys just like to turn a blind eye to these things lol.

    P;us the gossip sites don’t know thier situation it’s their job to come up with wild speculations just like all those marriage rumours…. they say leo and Bar are engaged do you believe that too??

  • Biebs

    I saw the pics of Naomi with Bar. Vlad is dating/possibly engaged to Naomi. You saw pics of Vlad with Leo? I agree its pretty obvious leo will be there lol. I bet Leo just had to go back for something to do with one of his movies and then he and Vlad will go to Mexico. Seeing Naomi with Bar makes it painfully obvious i agree lol and its not like i;m a big fan or anything lol.

  • cool

    Oh so Naomi and Vlad were not pictured together does that mean they broke up to? You guys are hilarious. We all know Leo and Bar and those friends go to Mexico like every year. I agree with the others the haters are just so delusional lol.

  • cool

    Oh so Naomi and Vlad were not pictured together does that mean they broke up to? You guys are hilarious. We all know Leo and Bar and those friends go to Mexico like every year. I agree with the others the haters are just so delusional lol..

  • wow


    lol exactly!! Leo is pictured with VLadimir AND Bar is pictured with Naomi…… uhh only people who don’t pay close attention to Leo and Bar aka those gossip sites ( the fans and even the haters know more about Bar and Leo then the gossip sites… the gossip sites follow too many other celebrities to really pay super close attention to leo and Bar and its not like Leo and Bar are an exciting couple they are too low key for that)

    Vlad is engaged to Naomi by the way Vogue got an invitation to the wedding and they ran an article about it :)

    Vlad more than likely has a private jet. I bet Leo was also in Mexico before but flew back to MEXICO with Vlad and then they are going back again. Even the Israeli media reported leo will be spending New Years in Mexico.

    Leo and Bar sure do seem to spend alot of time together Bar left for Los Angeles on December 2nd (Bar lives with Leo in LA by the way)


    Bar OBVIOUSLY called the paps. She’s there with Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, who are far more famous and succesful than she is! Why would there only be photos of her and hardly any of Cindy and Naomi???

    I raise my eyebrow at you Bar…

  • raspberry

    Lol, I agree with you completely. Curvy& plus sized models like Kate Dillon and Crystal Renn are tall and have the ideal body type for their category of models. Bar is trying to sell herself as a supermodel, but she doesn’t have a supermodel body. She doesn’t even have curves either. Just boobs and flabby legs.
    Eva Mendes is more of a “curvy” model than she is

  • here

    one word! – GROSE!

  • thanks

    Thanks for news about Naomi being in Mexico! Extremely obvious now that Vlad and Leo will join them soon if not already. Leo has a production comapny in Los Angeles so if he;s busy who cares.. clearly Vlad and Leo will be going to Mexico to be with their girlfriends. Earlier this year Bar was picured in Mexico without Leo but then of course later we saw pics of Leonardo. I think even the haters knows its obvious that Leo is going or is already there. Even the haters are not that dumb because they follow leo and Bar’s relationship very closely and we all see the very obvious signs. Thankfully theres lots of fans here who can pick out the obvious for the rest who don’t know lol.

    Thanks everyone!!!

  • here

    wht’s with her and her bikini? and her ways are not woman-like.. legs spreadin YUCK!,0,14#15

  • Leoluver

    hahahah Naomi is in the pics!! Vlad was seen with Leo uhhh it does not take a genius to put the pieces together.

    Sorry haters but it looks like you guys are wrong as usual lol. Even Emily and Alex AND LEO’S BODYGUARD JASON! Plus Danny A.. tthe guy who introduced leo and bar to eachother. Plus it was even reported before the pics came out that Leo will be there as well as Danny A. lol

    Anyways I know leo and Bar will have an amazing time in Cabo like they always do!!!