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Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli takes a dip in the pool while she vacations in a bikini on Tuesday (December 28) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The day before, the 25-year-old supermodel soaked up the sun while laying on chaise lounges with some gal pals.

Last week, Bar did some last minute Christmas shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Bar‘s on-and-off-again boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio stayed behind in L.A. for the holidays and visited a museum with some friends.

20+ pictures inside of Cabo bikini babe Bar Refaeli

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  • guest girl

    It’s really sad that a successful guy like him has no desire for decency and quality in his private life. That says a lot about his character or rather the lack of it. We can bash bar as much as we wish it doesn’t really matter. The problem is Leo and the low standards he has when it comes to his girlfriend and some of his friends.

  • karma

    @ guest girl

    Listen guest girl, if he wanted to date a high profile person like angelina jolie and kate winslet he could , but his career will be doomed like other male celebrities orlando bloom or even brad pitt who no one can take him seriously. He dates less known people usually hot girls with decent job. And models are the perfect match for him, cause they will not be associated with his career and he will not be associated with there jobs as well. This gives him want he want. His career that is not flesh with gossip, and his personal occassion needs that he can hook up with while he is not working. That is why Bar or even Gissel before she was famous 1999-2000 then (sport illustraded girl) is very convenient for him to date. He just doesn’t want like to be talked about like branjelinas. I don’t know why so many of you do not understand why he is who he is. You don’t see Bar on the cover of US weekly, People magazine, life & style etc do you? She is not well known, less interesting for gossips perfect match for him. If you think she is cheaping him that means he did exactly what he you want to think of him, which is he is down to earth person and he not interested building false hollywood empire. Ya, you can say that i don’t think of him that way anymore because i know Bar who really she is and i can make my own judgement… then again only people like you and the rest of us in the gossips site can say about that cause we are only the one follow him every days of his life. At least i can tell you me as a fan of him, this is good deal rather than seeing him aniston, reese witherspoon… cause he is his own man and he doesn’t need US weekly publicity engagement and on …self promotion you know. That is why he is respected actor regardless your diferences, and that is why he is one of the highest paid actor for so long and he doesn’t even do without publicity like other fail stars do. He is not going to marry bar nor he will have a baby with her. He will not even going to ever get married at all. The least thing he will have is one or two children and that is going to happen may be 7-8 years from now. So people in these site need to stop about their crazy theories and follow his career or you can continue second guessing about his life like you did for the past 8 years.

  • guest girl

    No, I doubt he wants what I honestly think of her. Actually you made a lot of good points in your comment about lesser known and less interesting girlfriend. But he went way too low with barfie. I don’t think he is down to earth. I think he is cheap and shallow because of barfie. I don’t wanna see him as part of a brangelina kind of couple but I also don’t wanna see him with someone dumb, cheap and useless as barfie. She is not on the cover of gosspi mags? I doubt it’s because she doesn’t want to be there rather it’s her interest not to be there and play the obedient puppy girlfriend role. I definitely don’t wanna see him with someone high profile like Kate Winslet I don’t think I ever said that. A low-key decent girl as you pointed out but barfie is just simply not good enough for him. Probably he wanted someone lesser known after Gisele but he went overboard lowiring his standards and I think ot backfired. As I said you made several good points in your comment pointing out what kind of woman he wants/needs but barfie doesn’t fit that description! For me he turned out to be a huge letdown because he is dating that low-class woman.

  • guest girl

    @karma: First of all a little correction: * I doubt he wants what I think of HIM and her.
    I read your comment one more time and I do like it. Good points but I still disagree. The woman you describe there is not bar. I think she is worse than that. Plus she might not be on the cover of gossip mags but when she gets into the spotlight it’s often for the wrong reason. As I read comments about her and these new bikini photos she is seen only as a piece of meat but no substance. I don’t say he should date someone unattractive but this girl doesn’t seem to have more than her looks.
    And what you suggest is that he picks his girlfriend to fit into his career and not to fit to his own personality.
    Well, his strategy doesn’t work for me as a long time fan.
    I’m off to celebrate NYE and Happy New Year to everyone!

  • karma

    Your point of view is the same of my point of view about his personal life. I don’t think he downgraded lookwise, but i think downgraded his level of knowledge. No doubt she is a bimbo, no doubt she is classless, but it did not affect his career. As far his career, his is career is continuing to blossom. You say he way went overboard and you don’t think of him as down earth, I agree, but that is exactly what i was saying. Only You and the rest of us know about that we do not like his personal life choice. The rest of the public doesn’t even know he is dating at all or who is his girlfriend is and what so not.. That is exactly what he want. Cheaping him is bonus factory in public eye cause it considered down to earth. That how he gets his respect and him being shallow is also bonus for his career. For him, being in a gossip site is career cheaping, but for us of course is great to talk about. For example, Aniston isa gossip popular actress, but career wise, she is in the down turn infact she never has been. I still like her though. I am simply stating the facts is if he dates high profile actress, it will be career slash burn cause his private life will flood gated in a gossip column and his movie option will be limited. He will either do romantic com or action hero to stay relevant. That is why most oscar winners after they win, their career go south because they become high profile to gossip fanatics. Actors Like Leo ang Johny Depp will last their career longer. Take example Tom Cruise, once he was kings of box office and now he is making summer flop movies while still cutting his salary. His fall out not because due to his age, Johny Depp is the same age of him, but rather he became gossip magnet instead making movies. Every since he went to public and to impress everyone by having profile wedding, he is now in the down turn like fallen star. As much i try to explain to you why he cheaping himself, I can only hope that there is much grader chance of lossing him if he acted out in public like he own them. The street alway win if you do not reserve your self back and enjoy your life. That is exactly what he is doing right now. He is making 20 mill per movie, Lot of big diretors want to work with him and he is making the his own shot. You can’t have it all together like trying to be the most famous person and get respect on the same time. Marilynn monroe learn the hard way.

  • guest girl

    One more thought for this year: he cannot play this game forever. He is not getting any younger and cheap and shallow won’t work for him on the long run. If he does this intentionally I mean cheapening himself with bar and friends like Campbell I think he is even more pathetic than I thought no matter how successful he is. It’s like selling your soul to the devil. But I simply think he is just very shallow and puts out the intelligent and mature actor stuff but he is not any better than her.

  • karma

    Happy new year.

  • karma

    happy new year guest girl.

  • karma

    I do respectfully disagree that he is not better than her intelligent wise. It takes a lot of brain to stay successful and make wise decision in his movie choice after big boat titanic. Lot of actors at that age of 23, they would not have made it till now. It was his decision to opt out making easy high paid salay movies, but instead chose low profile film and that allow him to be versatile actor to where he is now. That is why, he has been able to make the shot on what he want to do instead of the studios want him to be. Lot of big actors will die to have his leverage just ask everyone who know about this industry, and he doesn’t even has an agent for almost 11 years now. Listen, I know you are disappointed on his choices of his personal life, but you can’t tell me that it doesn’t work for him that anymore. If that the case, then you can make that argument 16 years ago when start dating kristen Zang after his oscar nomination 1995 and 1996 romeo and juliet box office success. You can say the same thing then, that he shouldn’t date her rather date respected high profile pesron. However, if his life was high profile back then, he wouldn’t gotten Titanic job and he might not have the comanding ability that he has now. Same thing you can say about gissel. We can debate about her rather next time but she is too a bimbo and don’t tell me she did’t ride the ssuccess of him along the way. Remember, they start dating 1999-2000 area which was post titanic. He was the most search pesron and she was just taken part of sport illustrated. As soon as she was attached to him, her career began to blossom on victoria secret run way as well with other compaigns. Soon after that, it was all about her and only her. He did not mind of course of her success because is a shallow man. But i don’t think he spent hours trying to figure how he can kill there career and it should be all about him too. He is too busy for that. And if you say that gissel was better interms of class act, well as a women(girl), i don’t think i will hook up with a person who just dumped his pregnant girlfriend for me. Only Bar and few other classless women can do that and Gissel is no differ. Back to his career, as much as you would think that he will no longer can play this game or what not, well this year he just became the highest grossing actor not that he cares but is just that my point to prove that it will not affect trust me, it will no affect his career at all. If it does, lets cross finger_ if it does, then i guarantee you, he will be the first one to shoot bar and the rest of them and run his way.

  • who

    i saw pix, and realized they are not pretty nor gorgeous as much as they’re on fashion photos, pretty much they get old just like everyone,

  • http://deleted who

    @annoying weirdos: thats how they make money dont they? they live off from paparazzi and crazy fans

  • http://deleted who

    @nono: give her break to be that piggy

  • http://deleted who

    @sourpatch575: because she’s a manipulator, thats why

  • http://deleted who

    @elsa: Naomi has mustasche, U see it?

  • http://deleted who

    @Bar: sounds like Bar is the most hated model ever per reading this jared thing, and others, Naomi had so many issues before in her life but less haters.. I dont think Giselle ever hated for being Leo’s gf before.. has anyone recon that?

  • http://deleted who

    @wow: hey when a man serious about her gf, he would’ve pop her a question after long years of relationship dont they?

  • http://deleted who

    @Barf + Her 7 Dwarves: i love your sense of humor!!;
    are in Cabo: Saggy (boobs), Chunky (thighs), Puffy (face), Stringy (hair), Snotty (attitude), Frumpy (clothes), Lazy (work ethic), and Dummy (I.Q.). Oops, that’s 8. What can I say, the woman is blessed.

    Prince Chumpy (Leo) has yet to show. It would be funny if he stood her up for New Year’s Eve (”Sorry, babe, I’ve got business that can’t wait” as he bangs the hot secretary), but i wouldn’t bank on it. If guy friends, booze, sun, music, and other women to oogle and flirt with are there, chances he will be there too.

    Here’s hoping his work saves him and puts him on the right track again. He’s turning into Jack Nicholson and he’s not even forty yet.

    Read more:

  • http://deleted who

    @done: U must be Bar’s mom Zipi.. lol

  • bea


    A man only is serious about her gf, if he pop her a question?? so ridiculous! johnny depp-vanessa, kurt-goldie, brangelina… the relations are not about a stupid ring… hello ryan reynolds and scarjo…

    And sorry but this cheap psychoanalysis is so pathetic.

    Scouting the life and motivations of a person whom you do not know… crazy!!!


    … For your pleasure:

    -Leo’s sunny adios to 2010-

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli celebrated the night before New Year’s Eve by throwing a party at the actor’s private villa in Cabo San Lucas.
    DiCaprio jetted down to the Mexican resort to join his swimwear-supermodel girlfriend a day after pictures of her looking stunning in a bikini sunning herself with girlfriends were taken.
    Guests at the party included Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend, Russian billionaire and property mogul Vladimir Doronin, Kid Rock, Nicky Hilton and fiancé David Katzenberg, Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits, top art dealer Tony Shafrazi, Jessica Alba, Dori Cooperman and Jennifer Worthington. A source told us, “Guests danced the night away — it was a great party.”


    *USA Today names Leonardo as Movie Star of the Year *

    -Movie star of the year-
    winner=Leonardo DiCaprio
    t’s hard to believe that a guy who called himself King of the World in 1997′s Titanic could get much higher.

    But he outdid himself this year with two surprise hits: Inception ($293 million) and Shutter Island ($128 million).

    And he had to have been relieved when Avatar passed Titanic to become the highest-grossing film ever. Privately, DiCaprio had tired of being the poster boy for the epic romance. For now, he’s just fine being the king of Hollywood.

  • ???

    @bea: I think Depp wants/ed to marry her but she doesn`t want to and they had kids after just a few years together, brandgelina has 6 kids together that shows again pitt wasn`t afraid to commit. I don`t know much about Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn but Leo talks about marriage but acts otherwise.
    @karma: I see your point but you are trying to convince people that Leo is with the `perfect woman`. He is with the one who is perfect for him and for his career. In which universe BR qualifies for that?
    LOL indeed there were plenty of famous guests and a private villa for her so I`m sure Mexico is not primitive. It`s her who is primitive.

  • french

    Bonne année/ Happy new year

  • ???

    @bea: It`s easy to throw in these couples who are not married but they have families and those guys are not commitment phobes like Leo ( Pitt was married ) and they are not on / off couples either. It`s not the same.
    About that party: again some fancy guests like Hilton, Campbell, Doronin… no Kevin or Lukas or Tobey? His career seems to be going up but his taste in his private life is definitely going down.

  • new year

    brad pitt is not a good example, cheating his wife with jolie, and their crazy parade around the magazines with his kids. sorry but not my taste, tabloid whores.

  • yoyo

    @french: Happy New Year to you. Did anyone check the bzfreaks out again? lmao. They said Bar was the only model to make the top 25 jj list, then proceeded to say, “besides Miranda and Rosie” LOL!!!! did you see how dumb that statement was? well you can’t expect much from 12 year old fan girls of this worthless model anyways, but it still had me LOLing.(there goes the insinuation tone in their posts of a certain person, yet again) *rolls eyes*

  • HNY

    I don’t have my contacts in, can anyone tell me if Barf is mentioned here?

  • karma

    @guest girl: The funniest part about her primitive comment, is it won’t even get 1 mention past the fan blogs. lmao. She is so insignificant and irrelevant its not even funny! lmfao.

  • guest girl

    It was mentioned on some pages not only in blogs but nothing major. And do you know why this might be? Because of Leo’s PR team. With all the award nominations and promos he didn’t need the publicity from her dumb comment. You said Leo is more intelligent than I assume he is because he has an amazing career. I disagree because he has the best PR team and I guess top-notch management that helped him to have a career like this. So I stick to my previous comment that he is not any better than her. He acts professional as an actor who never fails to impress you but his flaws as a private person come out with his questionable pick for a girlfriend and friends.
    About the bz freaks: they never liked JJ except for the photos he has because this is the site for the ‘haters’ but when she makes his list of popular celebs ( based on the amount of comments from the ‘haters’ ) they drool all over it? Isn’t that ironic?

  • Assanine

    @guest girl: yes ironic and funny. I think I figured out which bar fly keeps bringin gissy into the mix all over the place: LOL (probs MissJolieGaga psycho)

  • Jen

    Hi Leo fans! Happy new year!!

    You were asking for a legitimate source that he was in Cabo, with photos… now, how convenient that there we have the link talking about his villa party! There are still no photos, and there won´t be any. So, Bar´s PR, published that story to assure the public that she is still her girlfriend. Pathetic effort Bar!!!!
    Until there is no photographic proof of them together, all of this is still wishfull thinking from your side!
    The public in not stupid, we can see right through you!

  • ???

    @Jen: Happy New Year! I just posted on the new thread pointing out that how interesting that potographers could take photos of bar in Leo`s `private villa` two days in a row in her uniform ( she was definitely posing for them ) while Leo was still in LA. Apparently he went to Cabo to the same private villa but no more photos. No more photos of bar in her bikini, no photos of Leo…

  • Megan

    why does everyone hate her?
    she is beautiful!

  • @Megan

    People hate her because and it’s true than she married (and divorced after) a man older than her not to be in the armed forces in Israel, according to her, the models, people in advantageous physical appearance do not have to serve their country because they are more better, she refuses to pay her taxes, she said that Egypt was primitive, its career amounts to photos in bikini or half-naked, and she gets contracts only when she is with LDC.

  • dickhead

    @@Anya: u think bar sucks good balls ? I was told from a friend in israel that banged her that she gives AMAMAMAMZING head !

  • zero bar

    @dhead: Now we know what keeps her in Leo`s bed for such a long time. Like we didn`t know already that it wasn`t her brain or intellect! LOL!