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Hugh Jackman: Workout with Wife and Mother-in-Law

Hugh Jackman: Workout with Wife and Mother-in-Law

Hugh Jackman gets in a workout with his wife Deborra Lee Furness and his mother-in-law on Wednesday (December 29) in Melbourne, Australia.

While taping a segment for Channel 9′s Australian broadcast of The Ashes Test cricket series, Hugh was hit in the groin by a pitch from pro cricket player Shane Warne.

Last week, Hugh got in a morning workout before heading out to a hardware store with his kids Oscar and Ava, who were in a festive mood.

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  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    Enjoy 1 2 3go go go go go go

  • XYZ

    Closeted gay. Otherwise a great actor.

  • Mrs.Jackman

    I’m confused as to which one is his mother-in-law.

  • Donald

    @XYZ: Stop with this shit, as.shole, live with it: Hugh Jackman Dismisses Gay Rumors

  • to 3


  • Sheila

    The man is not gay, he has a great marriage, but who cares if he were gay? Why does every post have to have gay comments and ugly wife comments.? Can we ever read something about this man without these nasty comments? He is a good actor and terrific role model, nice to all, and a pleasure to meet. I met him and he was so gracious and professional. I am glad he has a normal family and real wife instead of some Hollywood marriage that lasts for a month

  • Happy camper

    @XYZ: I believe it 100%, she’s his beard. But it’s his business and that’s okay. It’s just too bad that these guys feel they have to have beards at all just because of their career. I can even believe he’s bisexual, but I just don’t think he’s hot for her. I never get that vibe.

  • Frida

    @Sheila: It’s because the trolls have such bad self esteem they have to talk sh*t/make up lies about everyone they don’t like/are jealous off. Unfortunately the assholes seem to have taken over JJ recently which is a shame. These days you get 20 thumbs down for saying something nice.

  • Happy camper

    @Frida: Why is talking about him being gay considered trollish and “sh*t-talking”? Are you a phobe? It’s people like you that cause people like him to have to live closeted so he can have the career he wants. Troll.

  • Hugh is NOT Gay….

    People who think he’s Gay just because he played Peter Allen on Broadway are either very ignorant or just plain dumb…….It’s called acting.

    He worked for years in Australia before he became world famous and not once was his sexuality questioned. He married Debra-lee when he was 26, she was the star of the show they both worked on, everyone thought they were a perfectly normal couple.

    He has said he’s not Gay and that if he was he would have no need to hide the fact, end of story.

    Wanting him to be Gay will not make him Gay, get over it.

  • gingergrant

    Wow. The wife is looking all kinds of old and matronly.

  • HJ

    I wish his wife would wear a BRA, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her wearing one, she would look so much better and not so frumpy.

  • Tom

    She is gross.

  • fat GAY queenie

    God forbid someone gets married for love and not looks. Right? Asshol&es!!!!!!

  • “”"

    he is way 2 hot for is wife. i thought he would go for someone in theirs late 30s or early 40s.darn it not trying to make fun of her but she is gross , use have a famous hubby in hollywood, i will definitely try my hard best to hot for him.she look like his mom and her mom look like his grandma.

  • JeAnn

    You guys worry about him being gay and his wife, I’ll worry about looking at that fine ass of his

  • Emma

    How many Hollywood marriages last? Beautiful people get married to beautiful people and get divorced in less than two years. Maybe his wife is not our definition of beautiful, but maybe she’s what he wants. They seem like a lovely couple and they seem devoted to each other, which is a lot more than I can say for the beautiful couples in Hollywood.

  • Sheigh

    God this picture is scaring me!
    His wife is only 8 years older than him but seems a prehistoric woman! God my eyes are so socked! Please Hugh send you wife to a surgery botox spa.
    After all, God bless their love and kids!

  • Jbo

    Maybe Hugh ACTUALLY fell in love with Deb and she has an amazing mind. Not all men are superficial a-holes. Makes me think you (who bash) should look in the mirror and at your own spouses.

    Hugh’s a real man who loves his wife and children!!

  • Butter_Fly


    Haha! Exactly! That’s a great butt pic!

  • luu.mos

    Who is the wife and the mother-in-law?

  • vesper

    Well said Emma and Jbo, just because he doesn’t marry the most beautiful woman on the planet doesn’t make him gay. I give him credit for staying married to one woman rather then 3/4 of hollywood.

  • hotspot

    They just don’t look happy at all. I just don’t see Deb is happy in that relationship, nor is Hugh. Look at how much she aged. She didn’t take care of her hair, her body or her clothes. Her mom looked better than her, IMH.

  • hotspot

    They just don’t look happy at all. I just don’t see Deb is happy in that relationship, nor is Hugh. Look at how much she aged. She didn’t take care of her hair, her body or her clothes. Her mom looked better than her, IMH.

  • Warped Hollywood

    I find the fact that Hugh has stayed married to his wife nearly 15 years refreshing. She is what a normal, healthy woman pushing 50 looks like & kudos to Hugh for not being the typical shallow Hollywood douche who “falls in love” with every starlet he costars with. These two have their priorities strait. For those calling her frumpy, she just finished working out. What did you expect, an evening gown & Jimmy Choos?

  • hotspot

    Hey, she is not pushing 50. She is 55, born in 1955.

  • Sunee


    hahaha! You rock!!

  • Frida

    @Happy camper: No, I’m not a homophobe, quite the opposite (I was one of the only ones writing something nice about Elton John having a kid for example). I also wrote that people tend to MAKE UP LIES which was referring to the gay thing. How convenient you left that part out! Anyway, I don’t even know why I’m bothering to answer a troll but whatever.

  • criss

    I love him so much!! he should be mine!!!!!

  • ICE



  • ICE


    PEA SOUP!!!!! HAHA

  • jeniffer

    she is ugly! hugh is SO sexy and could do 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than that thing.

  • fleur

    This isn’t exactly journalism, is it? Writing a comment doesn’t mean you are an expert journalist!

  • Jamie

    Deborra-Lee is 13 years older than Hugh. For some reason photographers always shoot from the side to make her look as bad as possible. Look at her legs, she is tiny, full busted with slender legs. Wearing baggy work out clothes makes her look dumpy but she is lovely for her age just look at the last picture. All the bad mouthing is nothing but jealousy. If he’s happy with a woman who keeps him balanced with all the noise and fame, he’s the one whose lucky to have her.



  • The odd couple

    HE takes care of his body, why can’t SHE?

  • Happy camper

    @Frida: What a moron you are!!! You are calling me a troll because I think he’s gay, or at the very least, bi? YOU ARE A HOMOPHOBE!!!! You bragging about posting congratulations on Elton John’s thread nails it. Meanwhile, I call troll on you, dipshit. Just because somebody has a different opinion than you doesn’t make them a troll. Unless, of course, you find their opinion detestable, which again, SCREAMS HOMOPHOBE! YOU ARE A LOSER, SO DEAL WITH IT!!! YOU ARE A TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Happy camper

    How many times does it have to be said? It’s because he’s gay. It doesn’t matter, they are probably great friends, she’s his beard, and he is attracted to men. End of story.

  • Happy camper

    Um, you can see her belly below the baggy sweatshirt. The woman is big around the middle.

  • Star

    even if he didn’t marry her for her looks, she she should care about herself enough to look better than that!. i mean, damn…ladies take care of yourself for YOU! she looks horrible. period.

  • Rac

    This is true love at its finest. Even though Jackman’s wife’s looks are fading fast and she looks horrible these days, Jackman is still with her and is not trading for some bimbo.

  • Felicia

    I was going to make some comment about Hugh being gay, but it seems like pretty much everyone here is on the same page.

  • Sheila

    Felicia, No we are not on the same page. the man is not gay. End of story. Because people keep saying the same lies in the tabloids does not make it true.

  • marymargaret

    Look at them — these are genuine people. they are a family. they look like other families, not some pasteboard fantasy on a magazine cover.
    People who make these bad remarks about other people are usually showing off their own lack of grace.

  • arrows

    LOL shes soo fat
    his wife looks like his mom too

  • Well …..

    You have to admit there is something strange there.

  • Phannie with Phart

    more skeltons in that closet with him.
    come out, hughie!!!

  • Debra Furness=BEARDED LADY


  • Debra Furness=BEARDED LADY


  • Debra Furness=BEARDED LADY