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James Lafferty Dating Eve Hewson -- Bono's Daughter!

James Lafferty Dating Eve Hewson -- Bono's Daughter!

One Tree Hill hunk James Lafferty is dating Eve Hewson, the daughter of U2 rock legend Bono (she was born Memphis Eve Hewson).

James, 25, and Eve, 19, looked like quite the couple on Tuesday (December 28) while watching the Leopardstown Horse Races with her dad and mom Ali from their private box in Dublin, Ireland. “They looked adorable together,” an onlooker tells “Eve kept whispering in James’ ear and they exchanged a few kisses.”

Cute couple!

Eve stars in the upcoming crime thriller, This Must Be The Place, alongside Sean Penn and Frances McDormand. New episodes of One Tree Hill‘s 8th season returns on Tuesday, January 25th on The CW!

UPDATE: A JJ reader writes in, “James and Eve were making out at a recent concert for Brooklyn-based alternative/rock band Wakey Wakey held at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, on November 20. They hung out at the with friends after the concert and looked adorable together!” (James is good friends with lead singer Mike Grubbs and also stars in Wakey Wakey’s “Car Crash” video.)

20+ pictures inside of new couple James Lafferty and Eve Hewson

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james lafferty eve hewson bono 01
james lafferty eve hewson bono 02
james lafferty eve hewson bono 03
james lafferty eve hewson bono 04
james lafferty eve hewson bono 05
james lafferty eve hewson bono 06
james lafferty eve hewson bono 07
james lafferty eve hewson bono 08
james lafferty eve hewson bono 09
james lafferty eve hewson bono 10
james lafferty eve hewson bono 11
james lafferty eve hewson bono 12
james lafferty eve hewson bono 13
james lafferty eve hewson bono 14
james lafferty eve hewson bono 15
james lafferty eve hewson bono 16
james lafferty eve hewson bono 17
james lafferty eve hewson bono 18
james lafferty eve hewson bono 19
james lafferty eve hewson bono 20
james lafferty eve hewson bono 21

Credit: Mark Doyle; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • Coeur

    OGM!!! I love him <3

  • huh

    James is actually 25- according to wiki!
    huh interesting couple.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    O _o

  • Vanessa

    I didn’t even know bono had a daughter, much less one who is an actress as well. She’s very pretty

  • British Latin American

    Nice couple, but I thought he was coming out soon.

  • germaine

    But…. I though he was dating Shantel from OTH :s

  • brookies

    aww….. they are cute…I wish them all the best :)

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    They normal

  • Tru

    Piggy looking daughter of Bono.

  • Beth

    James is so hot! Lucky, lucky girl!

  • ccghccghm

    What, no outrage over underage drinking?

  • martha

    This is really old news JustJared!!

  • andreanne

    SO HOT !! they lookk cute

  • bouba

    @ccghccghm: In europe she is not underage to drink alcohol. At 18 you’re able to drink legally.

    The last rumour about them was that they breaking up, so it’s clearly false.

  • Jenna

    James moved on pretty fast from Shantel, I dont blame him though. I give them few months before he cheats on Evie with some other girl.

  • Sarah

    Ugly piggy daughter of the rich singer daddy.

  • hjsjisjis


    Jenna Shantel was cheating on James but word is that he’s cheated before so I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • bouba

    JAmes had had only one serious relationship with Rachel Wilson all the other was never serious and James and Shantel always brohen up and get back together. It sais that James don’t whant to settle down and i don’t think just because she is bono’s daughter that make change think.

  • alex

    That won’t last…James won’t commit to anyone right now and he’ll move to a next girl quickly.Eve loves him more than he loves her…Shantel also has moved on, she’s been dating Rob Buckley for some time.

  • huh

    Shantall is with Rob together (who plays some role in OTH too)
    She always said how best friends they are..etc. So of course it was meant to be that shantal and james was over.

  • Rachael

    She’s a whore, he’s a player, it’ll all be over before you know it.

  • Sdj

    @ccghccghm: Fyi they’re in Ireland where it is legal to drink from 18.

  • Jenna


    Yes, they were both cheating on each other but when James found out about Shantel cheating on him, they broke up. That relationship was very unhealthy.

    James loves his strip clubs way too much to settle down.

  • Lauren

    Why does everyone assume all CW stars are dating. He wasn’t dating Quinn from OTH. They were just friends! People shouldn’t assume all the time!

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    How’s they

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute


  • lol

    Shantel isn’t dating Rob, she’s dating Brittany Snow’s ex. lol

    The regular JustJared crazies have reached this post.

  • alex

    @Lauren Shantel and Rob are dating…They were just friends but it turn into something more recently…They were spotted ahnd in hand beofre christmas break in NC and are spending the holidays together…

    As for James and Eve…won’t last at all…She’s young and James likes to play the field…Definetely not the relationship type of guy for now.

  • alex

    Shantel was dating Micheal-Brittany Snow’s-before joining OTH and they’ve been over for a while but believe what you want! ;)

  • hjsjisjis

    Shantel is a witch. Robert Buckley should run fast.

  • bouba

    Just after her break up with James she was with BS’s ex! But know everyone in Wilmi say that there indeed together and they don’t really hide, just like James and Eve at Wakey! Wakey concert a month ago, report says they definitely not hide!!!!!!

  • Shannon

    @Jenna: Well know one seemed to care when Miley was drinking legally in Spain.

  • alex

    I live in Wilmington and yes…James and Eve don’t hide like Shantel and Rob just like Sophia and Austin! They are all happy…

    Rob adores Shantel and it has been that way for a while.
    James and Eve well…I don’t think they are end game
    Sophia and Austin well they are super happy together and will last…

    But I guess what matter the most is that they are all happy in the type of relationship they are in!

  • Coeur

    You people talk to much ,it’s nobody business who he’s dating!!

  • max

    James lafferty and eve hewson were going to the laker’s match ( lakers vs milwaukee) in 12/21/2010. They’ re courtside behind the lake cheerleaders …

    Some of those are kind of nauseating

  • mare

    drinking in public???

  • stephzann

    this is old news. i saw them together at the Edun fashion show in NY in september. that’s bono and his wife’s clothing line.

  • zara

    aww they are cute :D
    ok ugly really? i thought she was pretty and natural james looks yummy as always
    good luck to them x :D

  • Jay

    So it seems like some people on here know a lot about James antics. I’ve heard a lot about him not being able to stay in a steady relationship for too long. Which I get since he is still in his mid-twenties and seeing as how he didn’t do something completely unforgivable like cheating on a spouse or something, his inabilitey to stay with someone for too long, doesn’t make him some horrible guy.
    However, I’ve heard of a lot of not so pleasant things about Shantel. I know some people like to put the blame on James for that relationship not working out, but truth be told, Shantel behaved very immature throughout the relationship. She would flirt with other guys and used the fact that she is pretty to her advantage. She’s a tramp, so I’m glad things didn’t work out between them. It was a toxic relationship that had NO substance or meaning.

  • laur

    Let’s get something straight…James never dated Shantal, Sophia, anyone else from the show. So you people who keep making up cheating stories about his false relationships need to stop and get a life. Not everyone who star together on a show date each other and fyi, guys and girls can be just friends too. So get a life and stop making up false shit. Honestly, when I saw how old he and Eve was, I immediately thought he was taking notes from Chad with his relationship with Kenzie. But I like Eve more than Kenzie as well as I like James more than Chad and wish them the best. It’s hard to keep a relationship private when your famous so just let them be with no picture taking or false stories. When their ready to come out to the public with their relationship, they will.

  • ana

    Cute couple!! Hot James!!!

  • alex

    @Laur You can believe what you want and it’s okay but for someone who grew up in Wilmington and still lives there…James dated Sophia and Shantel…and both time he wasn’t afraid to show it. There’s even plenty of coupley pictures of Sophia and James and Shantel/James on Internet…But if you don’t want to believe that’s fine!

  • Rachael

    @laur: James did date Shantel and Sophia and there’s picture proof, too smart one.

  • nata

    @ccghccghm: Well, in Ireland the drinking age is 19. So she wasn’t doing anything illegal.

  • caro

    it’s clear it’s more a family holiday for Bono’s family! cute couple

  • laur

    Oh, you mean there’s a picture of them holding hands? Just because their holding hands doesn’t mean their together. But hey, I hugged my guy friend the other day, does that mean I’m dating him? NO. And you can take pictures close with one another and NOT be together. And fyi, James and Shantal barely even talk when their not filming or anything. So you people need to stop living in a fantasy world and starting false rumors and face the reality. GET OVER IT BITCHES.

  • laur

    btw, James/Eve pictures are more “couply” like, there I use your word. There are NO pictures of him in mid-kiss with Shantal or Sophia.

  • alex

    @Laur Shantel and James barely talk because their relationship didn’t end well…And the pics are not holding hands or huggin’ in one of them James is kissing Shantel and on another one James has his hand on Sophia’s butt and everything but if you want to live in denial that’s your choice! But come to Wilmington and talk to people around and you’ll realise this isn’t b*llsh*t

  • Jenni

    This post is the perfect example of how crazy delusional some people are in the OTH fanbase. It’s hilarious.

    I think James and Eve make a cute couple. They look happy, so good for them!

  • kelsi

    The crazy delusional people are the one who are to stubborn to admit that two person date in the past when they did infact date…I’ve seen those pics on facebook, myspace and other blog but if you prefer thinkin’ that it nevers happen well no problem but don’t come here sayin’ that those who say that James dated Shantel and Sophia are crazy and living in a fantasy world cause we could say the same thing for you!