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James Lafferty Dating Eve Hewson -- Bono's Daughter!

James Lafferty Dating Eve Hewson -- Bono's Daughter!

One Tree Hill hunk James Lafferty is dating Eve Hewson, the daughter of U2 rock legend Bono (she was born Memphis Eve Hewson).

James, 25, and Eve, 19, looked like quite the couple on Tuesday (December 28) while watching the Leopardstown Horse Races with her dad and mom Ali from their private box in Dublin, Ireland. “They looked adorable together,” an onlooker tells “Eve kept whispering in James’ ear and they exchanged a few kisses.”

Cute couple!

Eve stars in the upcoming crime thriller, This Must Be The Place, alongside Sean Penn and Frances McDormand. New episodes of One Tree Hill‘s 8th season returns on Tuesday, January 25th on The CW!

UPDATE: A JJ reader writes in, “James and Eve were making out at a recent concert for Brooklyn-based alternative/rock band Wakey Wakey held at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, on November 20. They hung out at the with friends after the concert and looked adorable together!” (James is good friends with lead singer Mike Grubbs and also stars in Wakey Wakey’s “Car Crash” video.)

20+ pictures inside of new couple James Lafferty and Eve Hewson

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Credit: Mark Doyle; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • ginny

    are you saying that joy and james aren’t really friends anymore? what sophia did to james sounds pretty douchey.

  • Woah

    It wasn’t douchy especially since they had both broken up way before Sophia and Austin started dating. And they were never very serious to begin with. James is over it and Sophia is over it. So I can’t understand why the fans can’t get over it.LMAO
    And Joy and James aren’t close. They care for one another but like someone said, they aren’t as close as they used to be. Don’t really know what happened between them.

  • ginny

    it sounds douchey in that she was stringing him along while she sorted out her feelings for austin. if she wanted austin all along then what was the point other than having a warm body to get her laid?

  • Zaz

    Can someone really tell us about James and Joy’s situation? They talk a little or not at all?????

  • ginny

    it was said that joy and james dont really have much to do with each other anymore.

  • Zulm

    Yeah what is/was up with Joy and James….?

  • Zulm

    And why would James hate Michael? I thought he was a good guy and made Joy super duper happy…

  • Emilia

    Joy and James dated at the very beginning of the show, broke up, got back together, and during season four or five I think Joy and Michael were “separated” and Joy and James started spending time together again. Then Joy and Michael got back together, and now she’s pregnant and James hates Michael because James loved Joy very much but since he wasn’t ready to commit/settle down Joy had to move on and Michael was ready you know?
    Joy and James are friendly towards each other on set but they don’t spend time together off-set anymore. Things are really awkward now that Joy is pregnant and James has turned into quite the player.

  • Woah

    LOL. Calm down girl.
    She was never stringing him along. Sophia and James were dating way before Austin ever came to town and joined OTH. For all Sophia knew, nothing was going to ever happen between her and Austin and was fine with it. She considered him a friend at the time. Nothing more, nothing less because of many factors standing in their way. She barely saw him or anything because they lived completely separate lives before he joined OTH. And once he did, there friendship got stronger. But she didn’t date him until after she and James were done and until Austin told her how much he wanted to be with her. And like others have said, she actually spent some time just being single until later on in the summer when she and Austin decided to give it a go.
    So do yourself a favor, and DON’T jump to conclusions. Take it from the people who know the truth and actually live in Wilmy and know the cast and crew. Because bottom line is- more than half of the crap circulating about the cast on line is nothing but rumors and pure/mindless BS.

  • ginny

    lolololol james and joy NEVER dated. wtf people

  • Hahahahah

    I’m sorry but all of the sh*tt about James and Joy sounds like LIES.
    James and Joy NEVER dated and they NEVER will. You Naley fans really need to get over it and stop hating on Michael or whoever James dates because nothing will ever make Joy and James want to date in real life.
    This is some hilarious sh*tt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emilia

    Um, yeah they did actually I know for a fact so don’t try and tell me I don’t know things that I witnessed. Wtf people.

  • ginny

    @Woah I am calm lollol.

    Isophia has done tons of other things that make me question what kind of person she is and its been made clear by other people who have ins with the show that she was still dealing with her feelings for him when austin came in 2008 on the show and she was sitll dating james.

    plus she was really tacky with that interview she did where she was blabbing about how austin joined the show to be with her considering she was still with james lafferty then.

  • Hahahahah

    Did you take your meds today?????????????
    You do realize that if what you said was true, this would have been all over online ages ago and knowing the OTH fans, it would’ve turned into some sort of a hilarious f*cked up mess. Especially since this fanbase is so crazy and effed up.
    Talk to anyone in the cast or related to them, and they too will laugh at this James and Joy story.
    Thank you for providing us will a laugh though!! Haha

  • ginny

    omg seriously emilia james and joy NEVER dated. who the hell is starting this sh*t???? have some respect ok. shes been with her husband for almost the whole show and shes like 8 months pregnant

  • bee

    So is it true that James is such a player???

  • Emilia

    Wow, okay, whatever do you want to see pictures of Joy, James and I from all the times we were hanging out and times they were together because I can show them to you guys. Really, I’d love to.

  • ginny

    omg you psychos. shipping naley is something but for fcks sake END this james and joy bullllsh*t. its so disgusting.

  • Emilia

    I don’t evens hip Naley, rarely watch the show to be honest, I catch it occasionally to support/see my friend but that’s all.

  • ginny

    yes please post them. i want to see. you know why? cause im sure they dont even exist. im a oth and naley fan but the james and joy bs is so sick.

  • minni

    Do you think James is serious with Eve or is he really the player some people say he is?

  • Woah

    Yeah. I’m sure I’ve heard about those “tons of things” as well. And if my uncle and father weren’t a part of the crew, I’d believe that BS too, especially since several OTH fans come across as very “reliable” or “truthful” when they’re far from it.
    Sophia and Austin are among the nicest cast members on the show and everyone from the cast to the crew will tell you that. The crew love them and Jana, Daphen, Sharon etc. are always raving about them. And if thats still not enough for you, then oh well. Go on believing what u want to believe.

  • ginny

    sorry but before people like you showed up who claim to have family members working on the show there were two spoiler sources from season 1 to season 5 who no longer watch the show and who had extreme reliability and neither of them were singing sophia’s praises especially in the season 2-4 era. sorry.

    not saying youre not who you claim to be but ive seen of the crazies in the fandom and i know who i trust.

  • Hahahahah

    I’d really like to see these pictures too. So feel free to post them as soon as you can because right now, you just sound like a pyscho.

  • wooo

    James looks great. It seems to be serious between these two

  • postwatcher

    She is the spitting image of her father.

  • ginny


    there are NO pictures. i remember when these psychos started all sorts of bs about how james and joy got together after season 4 and she was pregnant with his baby ROFL.

  • Woah

    Oh I know which two sources you’re talking about and if I remember correctly, one of them had a hidden agenda because she was close to another person on the show and there was jealousy involved which is why I recall her saying some of the things she did. I’m not going to get into who and exactly why, but some of the crew were well aware of what was going on. And I’ve seen plenty of “reliable” people trash Joy and others as well and they weren’t singing praises about Joy either. Lets all believe that too, now shall we?
    You listen to your “sources” and feel free to do so. I know what I know and its good to see judging by some other peoples posts that they seem to have their head on straight as well.

  • q

    Wow, in some pictures she really looks like Shantel. I always read he is a player but if he flies to Dublin for her must be more

  • Laura

    Thank you for reply my questions!
    I really wanna know if there are any pic or proof of Shantel and Rob relationship, so if anyone have… feel free to post or comment about it xD

  • bee

    I reeeaaallyyy wanna know if james is the player some say he is or not

  • An

    James loves to travel. So just because he flew to Dublin where her family happens to live doesn’t mean all that much.
    I’m with the crowd-
    Funny, how the person seems to have dissapeared now!!

  • lol


    At least three of the sock puppets on this thread are the same psycho who made up that bs story.

    This whole thread is mostly bs.

  • ginny


    for what it’s worth, people who dish out spoilers right now have said all nice things about joy, sophia and austin and im sure there’s merit to that.

    lets stop this. there are enough crazies on the loose now claiming that joy and james had a love affair.

  • ginny

    people who dislike joy and how claim to be “reliable” say all sorts of nasty things about her, many of which are falsified because its their agenda to promote hatred for her. same thing with sophia. i can see why you respond that way.

    lets it call it a truce.

  • Kay

    The comments were actually sane and normal right up until the James and Joy crap started.
    The Naley fans are HILARIOUS.
    I still find it funny how the fans that desperately want Joy and James to get together and have such a strong hatred for Michael, want for him to dissapear so James can make his “move.” If James really felt that way about Joy, even a little, he would’ve done something about it years ago. Deal with it!
    But as for their friendship now, I have nooo idea why they don’t really talk all that much anymore. But if someone know, feel free to share. Maybe it has something to do with James and Shantel. Although I heard they were both in the wrong in that relationship. So maybe thats not it.

  • Woah

    I agree. :)

  • forgodssake

    Mhhh, James doesn’t look like a player to me….

  • Zaz

    Don’t put al the crap on Naley Fan. I know i’m and i really don’t think about them dating. I mean it’s pretty hilarious because Joy seems happily married ( and for 5 years now!!!!!!!) and had her baby on the way so it’s pretty clear that the only one relationship that James and joy can have is purely friendship. as naley fan i really wish they can be friends but it’s not because they’re acting a couple that they have to be a couple, and most of the Naley fans are aware of that. they’re not all the crazy who claims that thy used to be dating.

  • Zulm

    Pictures please.

  • Jessica

    I’m a Naley fan and I never thought James and Joy dated, I actually never wanted them to date, I like that they just stayed friends. Plus Joy and Michael are too adorable and they seem so in love, its stupid that people hate Michael just because he was the one Joy fallen in love with instead of James. It is kind of sad though that Joy and James aren’t close like they were in the earlier seasons, they seemed like such adorable friends.

  • sarah

    You seem to know a lot of think people, thank you to share : )
    i must say it’s really scary and hallucinating to see how you know about their personal life and the details. i dont know why have the need to know about their personal life, we are interested . For me i was really concerned how the cast in general get along with others. Bc i want them all friends, i want no drama like for all series i watch.
    But yes my question is now about a tense subject, it’s about Chad and Sophia i would love to know what happend really and how it was on the set after i just rewatch the last episod od the season 3 and it was so sad, hurtful, emotional and i know that sophia was really crying and i heard alot things about them,especially on the Sophia and Chad Fanforum, i heard a lot of anecdotes during the filming of episode.
    Thank you to answer me

  • Mel

    That subject is best left untouched seeing as how it always stirs up a lot of drama and arguments. Don’t even bother going down that road.
    And this post is about JAMES and EVE. We’re almost at 150 comments and most of them have been about other cast members. Let’s drop this people before any fighting ensues and just talk about James AND Eve—no one else. Move on!

  • james

    haha i love reading this oth storys cause all the people who post here are nut cases of there meds no one ones what happened with any of the relationships there just stupid rumors people make up to make themselves feel hell at least i had a good laugh you people are nuts

  • Shegoesherownway

    It’s nice to have some news of James !
    They are cute and they seem in love , right?

    All the best.

  • kkkatsky22

    i agree :D


  • Jamie

    It’s about time this came out. LOL They’ve been dating since July, so everyone in Wilmington and on the OTH set has known about this for a while now.

  • Jamie

    Jenna, James and Shantel weren’t really serious to begin with. it was FWB, just like it was with James and Sophia. He started dating Eve 2 months after breaking up with Shantel for good and Shantel has been with Rob Buckley for a while now.

    hjsjisjis, it’s not cheating if it’s an FWB relationship which most of his relationships since he’s been on OTH have been.

    bouba, James wasn’t actually serious with Rachael at all. LOL By all outward appearances, it would seem that way. But, that was actually also an FWB relationship. It was just on and off for a year and a half, so it seemed longer.

    alex, you are right about Eve loving James more than he loves her. That’s definitely true.

  • hjsjisjis

    Jamie you’re notorious for instigating the BS about James and Joie but at least you are correct in your claim that most of them were non-serious relationships.

  • Jokergurl

    Cute couple, I didn’t know Bono had children, shows how much I pay attention.