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James Lafferty Dating Eve Hewson -- Bono's Daughter!

James Lafferty Dating Eve Hewson -- Bono's Daughter!

One Tree Hill hunk James Lafferty is dating Eve Hewson, the daughter of U2 rock legend Bono (she was born Memphis Eve Hewson).

James, 25, and Eve, 19, looked like quite the couple on Tuesday (December 28) while watching the Leopardstown Horse Races with her dad and mom Ali from their private box in Dublin, Ireland. “They looked adorable together,” an onlooker tells “Eve kept whispering in James’ ear and they exchanged a few kisses.”

Cute couple!

Eve stars in the upcoming crime thriller, This Must Be The Place, alongside Sean Penn and Frances McDormand. New episodes of One Tree Hill‘s 8th season returns on Tuesday, January 25th on The CW!

UPDATE: A JJ reader writes in, “James and Eve were making out at a recent concert for Brooklyn-based alternative/rock band Wakey Wakey held at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, on November 20. They hung out at the with friends after the concert and looked adorable together!” (James is good friends with lead singer Mike Grubbs and also stars in Wakey Wakey’s “Car Crash” video.)

20+ pictures inside of new couple James Lafferty and Eve Hewson

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186 Responses to “James Lafferty Dating Eve Hewson -- Bono's Daughter!”

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  1. 51
    Jenni Says:


    Woahhh I wasn’t talking about you guys. I know James dated Sophia and Shantel. There’s more than enough proof out there about that! lol. I’m talking about the people who you can tell are mad that James is dating someone other than them.

  2. 52
    kelsi Says:

    @Jenni Sorry! :( But yeah soem people still think that they have a chance with James…fantasy thinkin’ big time!

  3. 53
    Brooklyn Says:

    Piggy girl. She only has his dad money.

  4. 54
    Brooklyn Says:

    A pig like girl…

  5. 55
    Brooklyn Says:

    a pig lilke girl

  6. 56
    Irishteen Says:

    Ah now lads quit trashing Eve, she is genuinely lovely!
    She was in my year at school and I had a few classes with her- didn’t know her well, but she was always down to earth and friendly- she’s no Geldof girl! She doesn’t use her daddy for fame/attention and actually has talent, she can’t help it if she’s stuck in her dad’s shadow whilst early in her career.

  7. 57
    Sam Says:

    Was he really dating Shantel? Well, i don’t know if they were just rumours, i’m always behind on OTH dating details, last thing i heard was he was sort of dating Sophia Bush, and that’s old. This girl is pretty, they look cute together :)

  8. 58
    bex312 Says:

    @ccghccghm: Shes 19, they were in ireland…you can drink at 18 there, 16 with a meal.

  9. 59
    sarah Says:

    Hey guys you seem to know a lot of thing
    i wonder if you know how are the relationship with Sophia and James nowadays, are they still friends, did they still hang out together ? I just want to know if their breakup have some influence (bad) between them
    i didnt know that Shantel was with James, i hope that the rumors about the both cheat on one other arent true, bc of the climate on the set and bc i always heard that James was a gentleman
    And if its true it would be weird for the relationship between Rob and James if Rob really date Shantel bc they are friends(Rob and James)
    If someone have some answer it would be great, but the most important it’s that they are all happy and there is a good ambiance on the set and they are still friends which each other

  10. 60
    kelsi Says:

    @sarah Well Shantel didn’t cheat on James and neither was he…Their relationship was pretty weird they kept broking up and getting back together and finally broke up for good. Sophia and James still talk but doesn’t have the friendship they once have and they don’t hang out anymore which is understandable because Sophia is now always with Austin but there are no hard feelings between Sophia and James…James and Rob used to be besties but since Shantel and James broke up, they don’t really spend time together and Rob is now always hangin out with Shantel and they’ve started dating just recently. But the ambiance is still good on the set as far as I know but it’s like a family. They are days better than the others…But I heard that James doesn’t really hang out with the cast outside except Stephen Colletti and apparently he wasn’t even at the Xmas party even though he was still in NC and if he was there, he didn’t took any pics with Rob or Shantel…

  11. 61
    Jenni Says:


    Oh it’s okay! I had only read the first page when I made my comment. I hadn’t read the James/Sophia/Shantel comments on the second page at the time, but it’s easy to see how my comment could’ve been misinterpreted.

    You seem to be in “the know” with this stuff. I’ve always wondered if James and Austin get along with each other. I heard there was some drama with the James/Sophia break up, which I don’t know is true because there’s so many rumors regarding this cast, but I didn’t know if that would’ve put any type of strain between the two of them or if they were ever even friends to begin with.

  12. 62
    Kris Says:

    @ Alex
    Shantel and Rob aren’t dating and never have. People want them to because they are so close in real life but they’re just best friends and nothing more.

    The fact of the matter is, James isn’t prepared to settle down right now. He’s been dating around for quite some time moving from Sophia to Shantel to Eve. I doubt him and Eve will last long given his track record.

  13. 63
    alex Says:

    Well some people around here have seen Shantel and Rob holding hand and Rob is spending the holiday break with Shantel and her family…but oh well…I don’t think Eve and James will last either but for now they are together and look great but yeah certainly won’t last…He’s not ready to settle down yet!

  14. 64
    kelsi Says:

    @Jenni Well, from what I heard James and Austin were never “friends” to begin with but I think people assume they hated each other because Sophia and James broke up and then she got back with Austin but no…they are cool with one another but not friends…you’ll never heard about them hangin’ out outside filming. And James was hurt by the break up with Sophia even though people think their relationship was more about sex but what I heard is that James really had feeling for her back then and the fact that she never admit she was dating him and eventually got with Austin hurt him but they are still cordial with one another but not “friends” anymore at least not how they used to be before…

  15. 65
    Samantha Says:

    WTF?!? He is supposed to be my future husband or a f##k buddy….lol! In all seriousness, he could have found someone better looking! SEXY JAMES!!

  16. 66
    Nancy Says:

    Wow can’t believe that is the same girl from the For the first time video by the script. She looks so different

  17. 67
    babou Says:

    @kelsi: Apparently James was not in oth chrismas party because Michael Galeotti was there and the 2 of them don’t get along at all

  18. 68
    JustAGirl Says:

    Just wanted to chime in. I live in WIlmington and have a lot of friends in and around cast members. James and Sophia dated for a while. He liked her more than she liked him, she was always just waiting for Austin, and he got burned. He and Shantel were never officially dating as I understood it, more of a FWB thing. But people are right, it was toxic, especially when Shantel would up and leave for weekends at a time with other guys. I don’t know much about Eve but she seems nice enough. James is young, he’s gotten hurt in the past, so it’s pretty natural at his age to play the field. At least he isn’t anywhere near as bad as Chad.

  19. 69
    JustAGirl Says:

    As for the Christmas party, there were a bunch of reasons he wasn’t there. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cast with as much drama as this group has had.

  20. 70
    shaz Says:

    How exactly Joy and James relationship is? Are they close friends or just People who work together? I don’t care if they dated or not it’s not the point it’s just if they get along or not?

  21. 71
    JustAGirl Says:

    It’s not what is used to be even on a friendship level. They still support each other and care about each other, it’s just done from a distance now.

  22. 72
    Jessica Says:

    Are any of the cast members from the show really close friends? I mean by reading interviews and seeing pictures, I can tell that Shantel is close with both Joy and Rob, and Sophia is close with Austin and Jana, and by twitter it seems that Joy and Sophia are good friends. But, whenever I hear things about the cast sometimes it seems like they really aren’t that close with each other at all. I also heard that Hilarie isn’t friends with no one from the cast anymore, not sure about Chad though.

  23. 73
    shaz Says:

    @JustAGirl: Thanks it’s weird because they were so close during the firsts seasons.
    But afterwall it’s not because they’re actors that they have to love each other to death, i mean in real life we don’t stay friends with everyone ever!!!

  24. 74
    Sandy Says:

    @babou: Why don’t James and Michael get along?

  25. 75
    Sandy Says:

    @JustAGirl: Why didn’t James go to the Christmas party?

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