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We’ve revealed this year’s top 50 posts and the most popular music acts, actors, and actresses.

Now it’s time to unveil our top 25 celebs of 2010!

See‘s most popular models, musicians, and movie stars of the year and let us know who were your favorites!

25. Bar Refaeli
24. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
23. Taylor Swift
22. Leighton Meester
21. Hilary Duff
20. Jennifer Garner
19. Megan Fox
18. Miranda Kerr
17. Blake Lively
16. Jake Gyllenhaal
15. Kate Middleton
14. Katie Holmes
13. Kristen Stewart
12. Miley Cyrus
11. Rachel Bilson
10. Wentworth Miller
9. Rihanna
8. Alexander Skarsgard
7. Gerard Butler
6. Robert Pattinson

Click inside to find out who were our top five celebs of 2010!


5. Brad Pitt
4. Jennifer Aniston
3. Zac Efron
2. Vanessa Hudgens
1. Angelina Jolie

WHO WAS YOUR favorite celeb in 2010?

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  • Caprie

    And where is Lady Gaga?…

  • paisely please

    Gerard Butler should be #1. Way-more interesting than any other. And. he’s. HOT!

  • Fairbanks

    I don’t believe it: talentless people like Zack Efron or Wentworth Miller when so many good actors are not even mentioned here!

  • burnt bacon

    Given the way you shoved her down our throats, Jared, I’m shocked that Kate Bosworth isn’t on this list. Did the check from her publicist not clear on time?

  • Ashley lover


  • burnt bacon

    What, no Kate Bosworth after you relentlessly shoved her down our throats all year? Did her publicist’s check not clear in time or something?

  • :-)


  • neo

    ROSIE HUNTINGTON!!! She is one of the most beautiful vs angels and soon an actress, a good one. She’ s amazing, great personality!

  • Aline

    Number 10, Wentworth Miller! always so mysterious, sooo intelligent, sooooo sexy!

  • ANA


  • sdfgdjgk

    Better than taylor swift but not as good as Miley Cyrus?

    now i know the list be fake

  • The Other Woman

    where is Shitney Spears??

  • Raul

    Wentworth Miller is mighty fine. His fangirls still think he’s straight?

  • Mike

    Miranda Kerr?? How much does she spend a year paying gossip blogs to talk about her? After her contract with Bloom is up and they get a fake divorce for their fake marriage can we please stop talking about her and let her drift back into the nothing she was before the bearding started?

  • Nina

    I do think Wentworth is straight. You guys keep saying he’s gay because of your male ego lol. Just because he was seen with 1 or 2 guys you think he’s gay? those could be friends. Or you guys have only female friends? now THAT would be gay.

    Anyway, no huge deal if Wentworth is a gay…he’d still be as good as he is.

  • hahhys

    zac efron is above brad pitt? pfft
    and vanessa hudgens is 2nd?! wow… even jennifer aniston is a better actress than her … haha :L

  • hahhys

    zac efron is above brad pitt? pfft
    and vanessa hudgens is 2nd?! wow… even jennifer aniston is a better actress than her … haha :L

  • Nicole

    Gerard Butler <3333

  • lauren

    where is LADY GAGA?

  • powerpuffgirl

    gerard butler <3 ! x

  • Nanda

    Leonardo DiCaprio. Bar is just your girlfriend, not more!

  • maria

    yes she is :-)@MlleF:
    YES!!!! Where are Kings of Leon????@tracey:
    Mine too.@Kari:
    F-bleep- uck no she isnt.

    Kings of Leon R royalty!

  • !!!

    Butler is my favorite celebrity/actor. He is just beautiful. If you ever see him in person, he’ll blow you away. He’s nice looking in photos etc., but in person……

  • Warren

    Miley is my sexy dream girl!

  • ago

    Angelina Jolie #1, I can understand… but Vanessa freakin’ Hudgens #2?! WTH??!! Zac Efron #3? What is all this?? This is seriously messed up…
    And for crying out loud!!! Where the hell is Lady Gaga?! A list of most popular celebs of the year can’t NOT have Lady Gaga on it… oh but it includes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, not Lady Gaga but this Rosie whatever person is in it!!! I repeat… WHAT IS UP WITH THIS LIST??!
    (Oh but now I remember that Just Jared BARELY post stuff about Lady Gaga… it’s like the site hates her or something. The people that work on this site must not like her)

  • Pyroli

    Why there is Hudgens and not Britney Spears ?????

  • http://fanofhilaryemma Kylie

    love hilary ,leighton and blake but some of these people i dont get why they on the list and there’s some people who deserve to be there more

  • vicky


  • sdhsw

    Isn’t Rosie Huntington ALREADY an actress? I mean, she was shooting Transformers 3 a few weeks ago?

    Didn’t she appear in the Thomas Crown Affair as the painter’s daughter?

  • Julio

    Seriouly???? Vanessa Hudgens??? I havent heard about her throughout the year and she got 2#??? the only thing i heard about her was the split with Zac Efron nd thats it!!!! Justjared talked alottt this year about Halle Berry and she is not here on top 5. Thats soo unfair.

  • @’Mike’

    If Miranda Kerr is the 18th celebrity with more hits on this gossip blog, I don’t think she needs to spend anything in bribing them. The best part is that most of those hits probably come from her haters.
    Her ‘fake’ relationship is lasting more than 4 years, so when will their contract be up exactly? In 10 years? 20? 10 years after their death?

  • ASAP

    More Wentworth Miller, please…
    I need more Wentworth ASAP!!!
    More… more… more…

  • Rena

    Wentworth is hot. He should be on more projects. Fans miss him!

  • dawn

    This is the Who makes Jared the most money list.

  • Jordan

    Where’s Kim ? She’s been post EVERY single day of the years and she’s not on ? WTF ! + Rosie & Bar are really off topic to me !
    And Wentworth Miller ? He is irrelevant since the end of Prison break he’s been post like 20 times this year one the website !
    What about Kanye , Nicki , Beyoncé , The Kardashians , Katy & Russell ?
    And Jennifer Aniston is just on because of Angelina ( and Brad ) it’s time to move on , leave the girls alone , Aniston is pathetic enough with her D movies , poor ( rich ) thing .

  • Adriana

    Angelina is the best :D So beautiful so talented…!

  • StarJacker

    Megan Fox & Jennifer Garner? What is this 2007

  • Anonymous

    @StarJacker: Angelina no.1 what is this 2005? I’m sick and tired of her.I need new people. Maybe she’s up there because of The Tourist and because of how weird she is.

  • Seth

    The same Wentworth fans posting under different names. Pathetic. He’s handsome but a limited actor and no one hired him this year.

  • minhminh

    wentworth miller:)

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Sexy Bar Refaeli !

  • Katy

    Brad pitt

  • She Nathing

    Nathing voted Angelina jolie slut

  • Topic

    #18 Miranda kerr

  • Rihanna

    #9 the best Rosie and Bar like sister

  • Liz

    @Rihanna: also megan fox & Angelina they Both look like

  • Lol

    Rosie so pretty and bar face is manly!lol

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Robert battinson best than any in list guy

  • Tippi

    Where is Jonathan Rhys Meyers ???
    Looove him !

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Where leonardo ??