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Kate Winslet: Say No to Foie Gras!

Kate Winslet: Say No to Foie Gras!

Kate Winslet leaves Scotts Restaurant after having a meal with a pal on Wednesday (December 29) in London, England.

The 35-year-old actress recently spoke out about foie gras farms and urged consumers to think twice before eating the delicacy.

“To produce foie gras, ducks and geese are force-fed enormous amounts of grain and fat, which causes their livers to swell to many times the normal size,” Kate says in a video she narrated for PETA.

In other news, Kate reportedly split with her model boyfriend Louis Dowler in November.

Kate needs space to be on her own. She is very grateful to Louis for helping her pick her life back up after her marriage ended and they had a lot of fun together, but she felt it had come to an end and wants to concentrate on her career and children,” a source told U.K.’s Daily Mail.

FYI: Kate is toting around the Kate Moss for Longchamp “Rock N’ Casual Gloucester” bag.

Kate Winslet Exposes Foie Gras Cruelty
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  • Jo

    This turned my stomach!

  • Finanas

    ahaha like we don’t know that… Wake up Kate, everyone in France knows how Foie Gras is made ! It’s just a traditionnal dish, we can’t remove it. And before saying that is gross… you should tast it.

  • Happy camper

    What’s she doing to her face? Is she having a mid-life crisis? Dumps her husband, gets her a model boyfriend for kicks, then dumps him. If this were a man, he’d be shipped down the river.
    But let’s all worry about the foie gras.

  • Laura

    i freaking love Kate Winslet. my favorite actress :)

  • Anne

    A very very sad reality.
    … … …
    “It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind” – Albert Einstein

  • Jaxx

    Way to go Kate! I didn’t have to see that horrible video to know I’m never eating diseased, bloated duck liver. Never have, never will. I don’t eat baby lambs either. Or veal. The way they treat baby animals to produce those delicasies turns my stomach.

  • Marisa

    Beautiful and healthy as always. She looks fine @happy camper. What insinuates she’s having a mid-life crisis?

  • v

    This is why we say beef instead of cow, pork instead of pig and so on. Everybody loves animals, until it’s time to eat, go to the circus, or wear leather/fur.

  • Rae

    What they do to any animal in the food industry is cruel, at least in the slaughter houses that most people purchase from.
    Kate Winslet looks very naturally gorgeous and young here, I wonder if she is getting any work done…or whatever she’s eating I want to!

  • Star

    wow, she looks great. her skin looks freakin AMAZING!

  • KHo

    @Anne: what?

  • panorama


  • Frosty

    yeah, she’s definitely had work done. I’m disappointed in her. I always admired her naturalness, but she’s just another Hollywood face now. She had no business leaving the father of her children and gallivanting with a young model. What an example to set for her daughter.

  • Anne

    @KHo: what?
    … … …
    Now I’m sad because of animal cruelty AND because I’m wasting time “commenting and sharing” with people who can’t understand a short quote.

  • Brasil

    I love the lovely Kate!

  • Marisa

    @Frosty How is she just another Hollywood face? She doesn’t look like every other actress. She has a very distinct look and didn’t get any work done. It looks like she’s wearing make up in these pictures. Her skin is fresh without looking tight. She has bags and wrinkles. Keep in mind she’s only 35.

  • Adams Family Christmas Card!

    Frois Grios sounds disgusting, so I have no problem not eating it! LOL

  • jevi

    Kate winslet is one classy broad!! – It’s sad not more people get behind animal cruelty.

    It’s even worse when its dismissed or pushed aside for a new ‘disease’ or cause.

  • Frosty

    So everybody should drop all “causes” and focus on animal cruelty? It’s bad, but so are other issues that people involve themselves in. Getting behind a cause doesn’t make you classy. Not going from man to man does add class, though.

  • Erza

    Foie gras is a dish like many others, if she cares so much about cruelty against animals then she shouldn’t eat meat, lamb, fish or eggs, be vegetarian… even veggies have pesticide that kills lil bugs (cruelty ?).

    I’m fed up with people/celebrity giving lessons to others – if she really cares, she should do like Natalie Portman and I don’t think she is because of the fancy pair of leather boots she’s wearing.

    Every culture has its traditions.

  • kitkat

    I really like this woman…
    I agree…it’s cruel and disgusting. I don’t eat foie gras beause of the same reason.

  • katefan

    kate winslet is wonderful,me too i don’t like foie gras

  • Ana

    Love Kate but whatever on PETA.

    PETA is a farce and it’s very well known. If we’re going to spare every type of cruelty, we just might as well die from starvation. Plants have feelings too, you know?

  • laverdadduele

    Way to go Kate! We have to protect our animals from all this unnecessary cruelty.

  • CanadaGirl

    Gorgeous Kate. It’s nice that we’re seeing some talented people getting threads on the site.

  • nathalie

    Fois gras is cruel and nasty, and so are the people who indulge in it.

    There’s absolutely no reason to eat something that causes so much suffering for the animals entire life.

    There’s a million other things to eat that don’t involve cramped cages and force feeding to make a liver so swollen that the animal can’t even stand up.

    I hope you folks who insist on eating something that is a product of so much suffering don’t suffer the same fate some day.

  • zzzz

    Right on, natalie! Good for Kate, lending her voice to this issue. I think it’s great when celebs get involved in a cause, because more people will pay attention if there’s a familiar face attached to the message.

  • zzzz

    Oops.. I mean nathalie.

  • Marie

    mmmm foie.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    My mom lookalike her

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    She’s good

  • Brightside

    Better yet, why bother eating meat at all! It’s simply not necessary to put another animal’s dead, decaying flesh into your mouth. Humans can thrive on a strictly vegetarian diet and be healthier for it. The world would be healthier too as it’s greener to grow cereal crops than it is to run a methane-producing beef herd.

  • french

    Foie gras is a traditional dish in France

  • Eva

    Wow, that’s fantastic that Kate is standing up against foie gras! I like her even more now.

  • Sean Hourigan

    Ms. Winslet is a longtime smoker. It would be much more effective if she spoke out against cigarettes.

    This is just silly.

  • Brightside

    Really, I always thought it was snails and frogs legs! Which is why we Brits call them the froggy Franks!

  • o.k. kate

    i adore the foie -gras byt i donĀ“t eat for that reason ,is a tortura for animals.

  • VanderMonde

    I’ve seen how California produces Milk. ANd it’s worst. Say NO TO MILK.

  • so silly

    Foie gras = bad
    botox = good




  • iluvsiennamiller

    @Finanas typical French, yeah wake up, world. it’s all about me, i can eat everything. disgusting

  • Izzy

    I’ve been aware of this incredibly cruel practice for many years and its diabolical that people should consider it a “delicacy” and advocate its “production”. The actual farming practice is banned here in the UK but by a ridiculous loophole in the law its import is permitted to allow restaurants and shops to sell it. Kate Winslet (and PETA) are wonderful for using their respective celebrity and reputation to draw attention to this horrific practice. I salut them and urge everyone with a conscience to make a stance by refusing to eat in restaurants that put in on their menus and refuse to buy and eat it full stop. And to those who consider it OK because of historic tradition as a “delicacy” or simply because they like the taste then you ought to feel thoroughly ashamed of yourselves! I’d like to see you suffer in the same way for even a day and still advocate it!

  • hanni

    @so silly: She didn’t get botox, she’s only 35 and it’s obvious she didn’t. You’re delusional.

    What a jealous c*nt.

  • jeeez


    yeah and you know that for sure because you’ve read it in some bullshit magazine…
    get a life and stop judging!

  • ppl


    some traditions can be changed by the people who maintain it and thats what this is about

  • Dear hanni

    It’s obvious she’s had work done. Compare these two photos. In the first one she has creases on the outside corners of her mouth and wrinkles about her eyes. With the second photo she is completely smooth.

    You explain the difference.

  • jeeez


    how dumb are you?
    pigs, ducks, cows etc are mammals like humans …how can you compare animals to plants?
    Can’t you think of a better excuse for eating meat, for your egoism and indifference?

  • def botox
  • jeeez

    @Sean Hourigan:
    your comment is just silly.

  • willow

    i cried seeing those poor animals in that video. . . It was HORRIBLE! . and i love kate, she is just and amazing actress and a beautiful woman, with so much class.