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Kate Gosselin: New Year in Australia?

Kate Gosselin: New Year in Australia?

Kate Gosselin checks her phone while on her way to Planet Nails & Tan on Wednesday (December 29) in Wyomissing, Penn.

The 35-year-old mom of eight is reportedly flying to Australia with her kids to ring in 2011 while filming their reality show, Kate Plus Eight.

The family will jet Down Under and also visit New Zealand, Radar Online reports.

“Obviously, Jon was informed of the excursion and the kids will not see their father again until mid-January when they return to America with their mom,” said a source.

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  • raena

    please no! i really don’t want such a shameless fame seeker and her bunch in my land for new years :)

  • ncfitch

    i guess the show really pays her well. Australia with 8 kids? you’ve got to be joking. pretty sure that in the years ahead…she will become even more arrogant and decide that she has enough to make herself a fashion line. #justsaying

  • pippa

    Making this woman a celebrity was the 2nd stupidest thing America did after allowing George Bush Jr to be President. Smarten up you dolts!

  • birdwatcher

    Great trip for the kids!! They will see and learn lots. For 15 minutes over 2 years ago, Kate is going strong.

  • Sam

    Did her gigalo .. umm I mean bodyguard .. also get to fly first class?

  • emily

    when does she have time to get her nails done? she has eight kids.

  • curious

    stay away from our shores, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    Kate takes excellent care of maintaing Kate per TLC’s accts.

    They ,the kids, are off to Australiafor WORK!!

    Lights, camera,action. Perform children.
    Whine, Cry. Bully each other. Be tired.
    Oh how cute.
    Her reality show used to be filmed on the kids’ housesite.Atleast that was a little comfortable

    Now,TLC takes them on location which has to be harder for them to perform with jet lag, airplane naps,etc.

    For you all who supported Kate over the years working these kids, you will love the reality show coming on in 10 yrs. called E! The Gooselins a true story .
    Quiting school. Drugs. Suing for emanciapation.
    Great story.

  • laverdadduele

    Always getting her nails done, boring! She should try new and exiting things, like bungee jumping…without the rope.

  • wtf

    more fake bake, shes going to be a raisin soon with nails and one bleached hair extension sticking out!!!!


  • real housewife of JJ

    wish Sarah Palin would have shot her in Alaska and done the world a favour

    I would even vote Republican if she would do that for me.

  • Cold?

    Ugly Hooker Nails!!

  • UMM

    does she realize that all the time and money she spends on hair appointments, tanning and mani/pedis don’t matter? she’s a complete b!tch, she’s ugly inside out no matter what she does.

  • just letting you know

    It just does not make sense to me. Here is a mother of 8 children reporting that the ONLY way she can make it to pay her bills is to be on a reality show.
    There are other reality families that MAKE DO with what they have, shows like Table of 12 – who also have a handicapped child and several sets of twins and multi children, Then there is the NY SEPTUPLETS that just made 13 and you dont see them living in a million dollar home, They also have 2 children that are hanicapped. The list goes on, and yet there is THIS shameless person who calls herself a MOM. Who USES her children for fame and then spends THEIR money traveling just to get HER name in lights.
    And makes sure that SHE looks fabulous and tanned and all medi/pedi out, and make sure that she flies to New York for her hair.

    All of this just underminds herself and one day her ATTITUDE will get the best of her. Because what comes around goes around and she will get hers . Once her kids grow up, I can see another “Mommy Dearest” book being published. The truth will come out once her children gets a VOICE and lets her have it.

  • Max

    usual cheerful happy self

  • kizbit

    Dear Australia,
    We are so sorry.
    Love, America

  • DarkEmpress

    @just letting you know: I dont think any of those families were doing that well financially which is why they have agreed to have reality shows! The only large family with a reality show that I think would be fine without reality tv money is the Duggars.

  • sorella

    She is so obsessed with her nails, too bad she is not obsessed with her children in that way. Selfish cow.

  • sorella

    She is so obsessed with her nails, too bad she is not obsessed with her children in that way. Selfish cow.

  • Paula

    I only wonder…what would be Kate’s reaction if John took off with the kids right smack in the middle of the Holiday Season and returned only mid-January??? TLC…please…this has to stop!!! This woman never shows one ounce of gratitude and will probably bitch all the way back and forth!!!

  • Eli

    TLC is footing the bill at about $10,000 for each person for first class seats. Kate, 8 kids and her bodyguard. TLC crew and how many nannies probably have to fly coach. Filming for 2-3 weeks. How did the kids get out of private school for that. Two are being home schooled now. The bodyguard is from New Zealand. How nice he gets to go home to visit his family. Rumors are Kate and he are an item. He stays in her basement. He is married with two kids. Maybe he is divorced by now. Kate and Steve might get married there-another rumor. Who knows. With low ratings and there are so many people who can’t stand her. There are many people in real life where she lives and who have met her that say she is a very rude, mean person. Is not nice to her own kids. They are the moneymakers. She takes, takes, takes and never gives back. How come TLC is still doing this? Does Oprah have anything to do with this? Her new network is under the umbrella of TLC.

  • Mary

    i’m thinking she paid Jon something to be able to take the kids, they are both money hungry fame hos!!

  • Soni

    Didn’t two of her kids get explelled? Last I knew, the kids should be home learning proper manners.
    As for tannning”: Does she know you can get skin cancer from tanning salons just as much from natural sum?
    And I thought she said she was broke! I think she is all lies. She needs to keep her kids at home, teach them proper mannners an try to keep them more grounded.
    They are going to regret her soon and they should be with their father.

  • puuke

    Why doesn’t Planet Nails & Tan just open up a franchise in Khate’s basement.

  • Kate Plus Hate

    I’d rather see a new reality show filming several different families each week, from their own livingroom couches, who hate this bytch, commenting on, and reacting to, this should have been over long ago crappy show.

  • Paula

    @Eli: The bodyguard is from New Zealand??? Now it makes sense!!! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!!! TLC pays the bills while the bodyguard introduces “loving” Kate to his family and surroundings!!! Kate needs a bodygurad as much as I need one…

  • Susan

    Gee , I can’t wait to see what freebie this undeserving child neglecting narcissist gets next.

  • anon

    Booballious Kate just stepped off the plane with her hooker heels and huge cleavage. She is with her little kiwi Steve. I hope they get married and live happily ever after down under.

  • anon

    @kizbit@ Crack me up…..LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    All that Botox must have paralyzed the muscles in her face that give her the ability to smile.

  • missy

    she really made an ass of herself on Sarah Palin’s Alaska show.

  • Sherry

    What a whore she is!

  • Sherry

    Keep her there-LOL You can pimp her out and the kids too, she will let you for a $.

  • http://summerdowling87 Summer

    And when is her show going to be over isn’t it time for it to be over all ready. I mean come on how long is this going to freaking last