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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Cabo Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Cabo Couple

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibrian hand-in-hand by soaking in the Cabo San Lucas sun in Mexico on Thursday (December 30).

The couple celebrated their holiday engagement, which they announced earlier this week.

“Windy and chilly here in Cabo,” LeAnn tweeted. “But that hasn’t stopped us from hanging in the somewhat sun! Sooooo relaxed! I cant believe tomorrow is NYE!”

After a walk on the deserted beach, LeAnn, 28, and Eddie, 37, cuddled on some lounge chairs while sipping on tropical drinks.

25+ pictures inside of Cabo couple LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

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leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 03
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leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 16
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 17
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 18
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 19
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 20
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 21
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 22
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 23
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 24
leann rimes eddie cibrian cabo 25

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  • Melissa

    Leann is subscribing to the Kelly Ripa diet. Eww..way, way too skinny Le. STOP IT, EAT A BIG BURRITO IN CABO. Please!!! You looked better with meat on them bones.

  • Melissa

    Compare Leann’s scrawny over worked out body to THIS:

    Bar is so much healthier and natural looking..

  • confidence is silicone free

    if a man knows that you will go to any lengths to keep him & butcher your own body for his affections….might as well kiss that relationship goodbye. A plastic surgeon can not uplift your self- esteem, & what makes a person truly attractive is Confidence, & that comes from loving your self as you are.

  • brad

    she must be super skinny, cause the camera adds 10 lbs.

  • Ronda

    Eddie is KFed #2!

    Leann is Tori Spelling #2.

  • she loves him way more

    so needy, insecure and pathetic i bet she blows him all the time and does a nal and god knows what else to keep him pleased ROTFL

  • confidence is hate free

    “confidence is silicone free”… what would you know about confidence? Is confidence spewing hate and negativity towards people on a blog? If you were a confident person, you wouldn’t feel the need to post a negative comment about someone else’s personal decisions. Do girls with implants make you feel insecure, is that the real issue here? A confident person doesn’t need to announce their negative opinions about plastic surgery. Oh and I’m sure you’ve never been on a diet in your life right? Or gone to the gym…Because you love yourself the way you are… Riiiiggghhht.

  • confidence is silicone free

    @confidence is hate free:

    going to the gym & dieting are healthy things to do. We are required to workout & maintain a good diet for a healthy heart,, body , & mind. No where does plastic surgery fall in the category of wellness. And yes, i workout, & have an amazing body, & never had a boob job, not because i’m well endowed in that area, but because health comes first. I work out & diet cause i love myself & want to have a healthy body;, so your argument is completely illogical. And giving mental & physical health advice is not spewing out hate….just the opposite.

  • TAngel84

    @no longer a fan:

    She does care about her fans and does respond to those with positive things to say.You have to think how many congratulatory tweets she has gotten she doesn’t have time to respond to all of them. That was the reason for the mass thank you post. Thanking all the fans for the congrats. I have been a long time LeAnn fan and will always be! And that’s one of the things that has always stood out about her is that she loves her fans and always tries to make us feel appreciated and special. She hasn’t been on twitter no where near as much as usual either. Only a couple posts here and there.

  • Laura

    Her body is out of control!! That takes some serious hard work!! She looks amazing!! I dont know if thats a good bathing suit or if she got her boobs done but either way she looks awesome! I know they might not have found eachother in the best situations.. but I truly think they are in love and happy. Sometimes things happen in mysterious ways! If you can find true love, real love, be happy for that gift! Happy New Year!

  • Emma

    It’s pretty sad to see how Leann is changing her looks for Eddie; slimming down so much, breast implants, and more. With her first husband this wasn’t necessary, but I guess with Eddie she feels that she has no choice. I really don’t get that she is so obsessed with him that she will change her appearance for a douchebag like him. It’s sad and it won’t work in the long run. He’s a known cheater.

  • jane

    Actually I thought his swim trunks look like an old pillow case and you never see them in the water swimming just strolling along for the paps how sickening is that . and she should sue her Dr for those implants so fakey looking and so wide apart, they look like you could make a ski run down through them and then theres Eddie on his never ending vacations when he should be back in L.A. getting a job and supporting his kids remember those kids, Eddie the ones you had when you were madly in love and married to a really good-looking woman Your parents should whop you upside the head

  • Ronda

    For those delusional fans of Leann’s, will you know refer to Leann as “plastic”. Hypocriscy much? bwahaha

  • Racy

    @betty: I do not know about boob jobs since I never had that problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must have since you are such an expert. Want to compare what we know? After you get some training, let me know. You already know enough about dirty treatment to others. In case you haven’t noticed, celebs do things differently to what most of us do. They need the publicity; they need to please their fans, etc.. Don’t you know anything? I already know the answer to that question. Go back and laugh at a teenager’s picture now.

  • Racy

    One LeAnn fan posting here made a statement about illogical statements – does anybody ever expect logic from these horse’s patooties that dislike LeAnn and Eddie?

  • gwen

    Oh look ANOTHER STAGED PHOTO-OP bought and paid for by none other than Leann Rimes herself.

    These two are just plain predictable and like we have said over and over, who didn’t see this one coming?

    Didn’t we say that Leann was so desperate to prove that EC loves her that she was going to call in the paps to get them engaging in pda, touching all over one another, and some sexual behavior?

    If they were not sincere when they were hugging and kissing all over their spouses, we know that they are not sincere now.

    Leann must think that her engagement to EC is going to shoot them right up into the “IT” couples list, but with each photo-op they just keep getting slammed by the public.

    And what is with the red bikini? That is right, BG wore a red bikini and now Leann is trying to do the same.

    If LR has EC why oh why is she still competing with BG?

    Hey JJ I see that once again you posted about Leann and that her thread is even in your feature column, yet you don’t even bother to put her on your most popular list, why?

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are supposed to be in Cabo celebrating with EC, so why are you still tweeting and posting on JJ?

    So how many times did you have to call that station just to get your song in the top ten?

    Or did you just pay that station the same way that you paid for your Grammy nomination?

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So how many times did you call into that radio station to request your song?

    Or did you just pay for that just like you paid for your Grammy nomination?

    So I checked Itunes top 100 list and guess what? Crazy Women isn’t on there. So LR single can reach top 10 on a radio station where you live(because you were probably calling in to request it like every min) and yet her song is struggling very badly on Itunes.

    How interesting, why is it that all these fans show up at the same time? Notice that there were barely any fans in this thread and then they all just so happen to show up at the same time?

    So even with all this photo-oping and constant tweeting, Crazy Women still isn’t doing very well.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is EC calling you a dumb***? Did you forget to give him his allowance for playing the devoted lover in this STAGED photo-op?

    The photos don’t lie. If you don’t want to be like BG, then why are you ALWAYS SWF her? From the red bikini right down to tying to get your proposal very close the day and time that EC proposed to her.

    1) “Know what is funny? Who are most of the posts above from?”

    So that is why all these fans just popped out of nowhere? You are trying to balance it out by posting under all these different names because another one of your STAGED photo-ops flopped.

    2)” They are from people who can’t stand these two but have time to follow every thing that these two do and talk about it. ”


    Do you really want to go there? WEWE you are always talking about how you are doing this and that for you family, yet how is that even possible when you are putting out tweets every sec? BTW, why are you even tweeting if you are having such a good time with EC?

    3)”And they say LeAnn tweets 24/7. ”

    WEWE, the time codes don’t lie. JJ even posted the tweets that you are making.

    4)”Funny. If you can’t stand them, why do you read about everything they do, say, think, eat, etc.? ”

    Okay, so do you see how this can apply to you?

    If you don’t like the fact that you and EC are going to get slammed everytime you stage a photo-op, then why do you keep tipping off the paps and then coming to sites to read everything we say, do, and think?

    5)”AND then you talk about it everywhere it is possible to post. ”

    Wait. That is odd, because for you to know what those other posters are doing that means that you would have to be on those sites doing the very same thing, right?

    6)”You are all a bunch of liars and jealous. ”

    Why? Because you are stupid enought to keep staging these photo-ops knowing full well that you are going to get slammed?

    You got called out for staging those photos with People mag and what do you do? You go and stage airpotrt photos. You got slammed for doing that and then you invite EVERY media outlet possible to get photos of you and EC as you vacation in Cabo. You know how this ends, and yet you keep trying to shove it down our throats.

    Stop calling the paps. Now that we know that JJ doesn’t even consider you one of the most popular celebs even though they post about you everyday, it is more than obvious that you are paying for the paps to be there.

    7)”If she got boobs, so what? ”

    So what? Because you keep writing all those posts about how BG was fake and that EC wanted to be with LR because she was all natural.

    8)”I could name some that tried to lie about when they got theirs. ”

    Once again, if you hate the fact that we are drooling over you latest attention seeking mention, why do you keep doing it?

    9)”I even read one tweet that said a woman should only get boobs after she has had kids.”


    Let me remind of what you said earlier in your posts. You said that if we don’t like LR and EC, why then read and comment on them.

    And then you show up once again boo hooing over BG tweets . So what is that all about?

    So if you hate BG tweets, why do you keep going back to her tweets?

    10)”How stupid can you get?”

    We don’t know how stupid WEWE can get. I mean AFTER being called out for setting up that STAGED photo-op with People mag, WEWE just keeps on tipping off the paps.

    We know that the paps are not following you and EC. Even JJ made that very clear when they decided not to even include you on any of their most popular list. Now why would they do that seeing as how they post about you everyday? It must be the money.

    11)”Rave on story tellers – we believe everything you say!!!!”

    Oh WEWE, you are just mad because you and EC have the title of the most disliked HW couple, in addition to HW that lies alot.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What’s the matter, does it hurt your feelings that another one of you STAGED photo-ops is getting slammed?

    1) “You already know enough about dirty treatment to others.”

    In other words you are upset because the posters on this site are not fawning over this most recent “EC loves me because…” photo-op?

    2)” In case you haven’t noticed, celebs do things differently to what most of us do. ”

    Wait, hold up.

    Really because you are always saying that BG should just get over it and move on because that was what you and many other women who have had to deal with a cheating husband and raising kids on their own did? And now you are singing a different tune? So thanks for proving our point. So as we have pointed out, BG situation is not like the one that you keep claiming you have because this one involves EC and LR are such attention seekers that they call in the paps to get EVERY move they make.

    3)”They need the publicity; they need to please their fans, etc..”

    So if that was true, then how come you don’t see Britney Spears tweeting EVERY detail of her life. And she has over 6 Million followers, so you would think that with all thoses she would be given a step by step summary of her life the way that LR does.

    Taylor Swift sold out her concerts in min and her sold over 1 million in just one week, so why then don’t we see her on beaches making out with a cheater or standing on the soccer sidelines making out with a cheater?

    If all this was doing Leann any good, her song would be at least in the top 50s on Itunes and JJ would have had placed her in at least one of their most popular lists.’

    This isn’t helping LR and the more photos we see, the more backlash.

    4)”Don’t you know anything? ”

    Since you kept staging photo-ops AFTER many people called you out for setting up that photo-op with People mag, we know that you don’t know anything.

    If you had any decency, you wouldn’t have invited the paps along for this most recent photo-op.

    We know you are setting them up.

    To Laura: Really WEWE, so you have to pose as your own fans and write nice posts about yourself because you still can’t get the public to like you.

  • Annie

    Sorry Leann, a tight bod does not make up for being rotten on the inside. Plus, you know what? Soon the ugly will be showing on the outside too. Karma always catches up with people.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Racy You are one uninformed woman if you are one I have my doubts sometimes. Most women that had babies and breastfeed have sagging breast that why the statement was made. Do you have kids?Leann can have a head to toe makeover and scumbag will still cheat.Eddie is who he is’He has been rumored to have cheated on Leann with his ex girlfriend and wife before marriage to Leann and what makes you think he will stop.

  • Soni

    I think Leann has done one of two things:
    Either she has gotten a boob job or is wearing a push-up bikini top.
    It could be either one, but she loooks alot bigger. If you look at pictures of her a couple of months ago, she hardly had nothing. Now all of a sudden she is overflowing.
    Other than that, I do not like her or Eddie, because I think what they did to their spouces was terrible, but Hollywood people do whatever they want to do, because they are Hollywood.

  • Soni

    One more thing:
    Stop twittering!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are in a romantic setting with your boyfriend/fiance, you should be paying more attention to your boyfriend/fiance and your surroundings, then to your phone.

  • gwen

    The photo-ops that Leann has been staging in the past couple of days is why no one takes Leann’s charitable deeds seriously.

    We said that she was only doing that “It Gets Better” concert because she thinks that doing “good deeds” makes it okay for her to stage these pda photo-ops with EC.

    This photo-op must have really backfired, because Leann is making the rounds.

    How is she going to give EC his allowance if she paying so many blogs and the media to hype up her disgusting behavior?

  • gwen



    I don’t understand how or why sites like x17, JJ, and DailyMail keep telling us that these two are happy and in love when Leann’s own actions contradict the fairytale that they are trying to sell to us.

    If EC is the great catch that People mag and Leann wants usall to believe that he is, why is LR even ALWAYS tweeting? If she has EC like she wants us all to think, then wouldn’t HE be on her mind and not Tanika Ray, WendyW, E news, and Hollyscoop site?

    This photo-op just screams of desperation and that they tipped off the paps. The bad part is that we predicted that this STAGED photoshoot that we are seeing now was going to happen and that was the reason why she was getting involved with the ‘It Get’s Better” concert.

    Seriously how are these photos any different than the ones of EC and his wife from the article that appears in Star mag.

    EC is cheating on Leann and the more pda and EC loves me because photo-ops they stage just makes it more than obvious that LR and EC “romance” isn’t at all what they want us to believe it is.

  • anon

    why is everybody think she got a boob job? Could it be that her bikini is padded & one of those pushups that make you look 2 to 3 sizes bigger?

  • Soni

    #79 Anon:

    No one knows for sure, Because it can ve either one. It is just a couple of months ago she was as flat as a pancake. Alot of peope are thinking she is doing this for Eddie, because her ex husband seemed to be ok with her looks.

  • AmberRose

    Her body looks great! Brandi is probably kicking herself!!!

  • Goop

    We all hate Leann but her body is athletic and healthy. Stop hating.
    Brandi has no muscle so she looks like camille grammer. gross skinny.
    Leann has muscle in her legs and an ASSSSS. Sorry Brandi.

  • Ronda

    Yea, Leann didn’t get implant delusional fans. Check!
    Yea, Leann looks healthy and great delusional fans. Check!
    Bar is fat but is currently a Sports Illustrated model.

    Oh, and yea, Dlisted has another GREAT article on your idol! haha

  • Davey

    who cares?? brandi has em too! but her 50year old face is filled with FILLERS!!
    leann is homewrecker and i will give you that but the boobs thing??
    fake boobs are a must for women bc real boobs look disgusting and saggy witout bras! trust me us guys dont care! we’re too visual!

  • Davey

    who cares?? brandi has em too! but her 50year old face is filled with FILLERS!!
    leann is homewrecker and i will give you that but the boobs thing??
    fake boobs are a must for women bc real boobs look disgusting and saggy witout bras! trust me us guys dont care! we’re too visual!

  • Lucy

    She is a fame-seeking, homewrecking WHORE! He will upgrade in a few years for someone with money and LOOKS!

  • Lucy

    @Davey: Brandi is 37 and way better looking than LeAnn RImes will ever be.

  • Hauoli Makahiki Hou


  • annab

    What is it with everyone going to Cabo? Must be the new hot spot. I can think of other places I would rather go.

  • Ronda


    Leann took one of those “candid” shots that wasn’t “staged” & is now using it as her Twitter profile pic. Oh lordie this isn’t going to end well at all. Like a person commented on, we’re gonna have a murder/suicide on our hands if Eddie leaves her scrawny butt.

  • Issa

    Ya”ll are plain stupid and hypocrites making such venomous comments. Just jealous …she’s got a man who adores her.

  • Issa

    Ya”ll are plain stupid and hypocrites making such venomous comments. Just jealous …she’s got a man who adores her.

  • Jennifer

    There is nothing to be jealous of. Who is jealous of dishonesty, selfishness, and meanness? Who wants to be a homewrecker? Who wants to commit adultery? Who wants to be with someone who cheated on his family? LR is the one who is jealous or envious of something she doesn’t have…that would explain the plastic surgery.

  • Racy

    @Annie: Speaking from experience?

  • Racy

    @Jennifer: YOU are jealous, Jennifer and so are your cohorts simply because you have not been able to do what LeAnn has done. WHO believes you? WHO thinks for one minute you wouldn’t be out there doing what you could if you had the talent. Makes me laught when old bags start hammering on someone who is better looking, talented, etc. AND the ex was over all this – OH,YEAH!!!!

  • Soni

    #93 Jennifer:
    You are so correct in your statement..
    Apprently LeAnn is insecure with Eddie that she felt to keep him, so needed the implants or the push-up bra to make her self look bigger.

  • Melissa

    Oh my GOD! Racy, the woman who is in her 50′s saying others are old bags. You are a retired substitute teacher, how do I know? Because another poster KNOWS who you are, lived down the street from you and your ex who cheated on you. Busted!

    Leann BEFORE the implants and the emancipated look from weight lifting! She looked better before, well, the face, can’t do anything about that!

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Racy What has she accomplished lately besides her affair. Look at Justin Bieber and Willow Smith. Who would be jealous of a woman that has to support a man a real man supports his family. He supported Brandi and gave her all the perks. Leann ring is valued at $80,000,I bet Eddie did not buy it or he lied about his income when it came to his support payments. ,that was part of Leanns charm her bankroll.The fact Eddie is not working shows he is not in any hurry to find work as long as he has his ATM. Real men don’t propose to a woman without having employment. It just shows his motives.

  • Racy

    @Melissa: Ha hahaha such a liar, Melissa. I am not a retired sub teacher – in my state you don’t retire from teaching at 50. I’m not 50 nor a sub teacher. I do tutor sometimes. This just proves to me how far you people will go with your lies to try to convince somebody else that you are right. Everyone who knew us was very surprised when we got a divorce because they suspected nothing. AND was he ever fooled. Ha Ha But you can believe what you will – it is ok with me. You had better wish that you looked as good anywhere as LeAnn does. Don’t know if she had a boob job – don’t care. I am just a fan not trying to run her life. If she did it for Eddie, that is her business. How many mags have you ever been on the front? Bet none. Better watch that lying – you do know what happened to Pinochio, don’t you?

  • Racy

    @betty: You people know a lot about LeAnn and follow her very closely, read about her and post about her not to like her or be interested in her. ME THINKS YOU LIE A LOT about things other than me. I call it jealousy!!

  • twitter

    why is it that she’s always tweeting about wishing jealous people happiness, even though they don’t wish her happiness, or it’s sad how people can’t be happy,& how fortunate she is, & how others can’t move on w/ their life so they project ill will towards her.

    She’s so preoccupied w/ this subject matter, that what she’s really saying is that she loves the fact that she had the power to change people’s lives, or that secretly she likes being jealous of cause it makes her seem special. When people continually talk about something it’s because they on a subconsionce level are creating it. She’s pertuating this problem & secretly gets off on having haters because she thinks if some one hates you, it’s because they want your life & are jealous. If she truly wanted brandi to be happy, she wouldn’t keep rehashing these issues.
    @reply | Flag This
    # 60 anon @ 01/01/2011 at 11:15 pm 0

    it’s gross how she keeps having a dialogue w/ her twitter friends about unhappy & jealous people. She herself is not above it to be continually talking about it. She attracts gossipy people like herself, & they want to be in on the pathetic spotlight that’s over her now due to drama & not talent & music production…..she should realize that she is the sad & pathetic one……just saying..
    @reply | Flag This

    Read more:

  • twitter

    let me be more concise here: why does leann engage in so much dialogue w/ her friends via twitter about brandi g. or haters?

    a lot of people break up marriages, but they never talk about it afterwards. The more she talks about jealous people on her twitter, the more she seems to want to keep the drama going & alive which means she enjoys it. You never hear angie mention jen aniston, or reese withersppon having mentioned abbie cornish, or the ballerina mentioning natalie portman, or christina aguilara’s husband mentioning the other man, etc….. only leann does that which makes her seem like she’s really the one stirring a very watered down pot.