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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Cabo Couple

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Cabo Couple

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibrian hand-in-hand by soaking in the Cabo San Lucas sun in Mexico on Thursday (December 30).

The couple celebrated their holiday engagement, which they announced earlier this week.

“Windy and chilly here in Cabo,” LeAnn tweeted. “But that hasn’t stopped us from hanging in the somewhat sun! Sooooo relaxed! I cant believe tomorrow is NYE!”

After a walk on the deserted beach, LeAnn, 28, and Eddie, 37, cuddled on some lounge chairs while sipping on tropical drinks.

25+ pictures inside of Cabo couple LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

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  • twitter

    the truth is no one else got vocal after they were dumped because they didn’t want to make fools of themselves & look bad.

    brandi g. is very talky & acts like a nutcase, but let’s not forget that eddie was married to that nutcase. There is a saying that goes” tell me who your friends are, & i’ll tell you who you are” Eddie must not be that much more sane that brandi , & the fact that leann fell for someone who had fallen at one time for brandi, means she’s of equal caliber of these nutcases. That’s why they keep talking about their private matters to the press, because they’re not all that differeent from one another & that’s not a good thing.

  • Michael

    Looks like LeAnn put Eddie on her same diet, both trimmer, but LeAnn had additional surgical help to get her new look (fake as it /she is). I just wonder if Eddie had a choice, LeAnn by all evidence is micro-management level controlling. That will wear thin when the honemoon phase is over. Eddie’s future will be quite depressing to him is my bet!

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And so the DAMAGE CONTROL continues.

    It is a shame that Leann’s fanbase is low that she has to come to these sites and pose as her own fans.

    1) amber rose:

    So you still have to come to these sites and pose as your fans because after this media blitz of “We are engaged” STAGED photo-ops, people STILL don’t like you.

    2) goop:

    So you think that trashing BG will somehow make people like you? That tactic has backfired EVERYTIME you use it.

    3) issa

    So if Leann has a man who adores her why is she ALWAYS on twitter?

    It sounds like EC encourgages LR to tweet because that way she would be too distracted to pay attention to what he is doing with another woman.

    So that is LR excuse now? She is getting slammed for all these STAGED photo-ops because people are jealous?

    Oh WEWE, you staged your engagement to EC as close as possible to the day that he proposed to his wife, now that makes you jealous.

    And why is EVERY photo of you and EC just a rip off of one that he did with BG?

    Venomous comments? Why? Because you are getting slammed for this photo-op just like we predicted you would when you first started tweeting about your trip to Cabo?

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So what are you doing here posting on JJ if EC adores you SO much?

    1) “Ha hahaha such a liar, Melissa. I am not a retired sub teacher – in my state you don’t retire from teaching at 50. I’m not 50 nor a sub teacher.”

    Oh WEWE, I told you once before that you need to keep track of what you post when you use all these different names. So now you are not a teacher?

    If you are not a teacher, how then do you know that people don’t retire from teaching at 50?

    2)”I do tutor sometimes. ”

    Really? Because guess who else said that the tutor and even said that they hadn’t been posting for a while because they were tutoring? CBME. So thanks for once again providing even more evidence to support that you are posting under different names.

    3)”This just proves to me how far you people will go with your lies to try to convince somebody else that you are right. ”

    Seriously, no one is lying on you. You said that you were a teacher and how interesting that you and CBME seem to always share the same history no matter what it is.

    Don’t tell lies and then people won’t have to catch you in them.

    4)”Everyone who knew us was very surprised when we got a divorce because they suspected nothing. ”

    But the only thing is that you don’t have a husband. That is lie you tell.

    Can someone please tell me why all these “fans” that show up on JJ all have the same background?

    5)”AND was he ever fooled. Ha Ha But you can believe what you will – it is ok with me.”

    And then two min later you are going to be writing a paragraph telling that same person that you don’t care what they believe.

    6)”You had better wish that you looked as good anywhere as LeAnn does. ”

    Oh WEWE, stop the delusions. If you looked good, EC wouldn’t be cheating on you and you wouldn’t have to stage these pda photos to convince people that EC loves you.

    7)” Don’t know if she had a boob job – don’t care. ”

    So why are you here making excuses if you don’t care?

    8)”I am just a fan not trying to run her life.”

    We all know that you are not a fan.

    What? You are not trying to run LR life, but you make very well sure that you are trying to run BG, DS, and anyone’s who doesn’t condone this behavior.

    9)”If she did it for Eddie, that is her business. ”


    Wait, what is this, are you singing a different tune? Because when it was BG you berated her and said a lot of nasty things.

    When LR tips off the paps, she makes it everyone’s business.

    She should have just enjoyed her trip with EC instead of putting it on display because she thinks that this will somehow validate them.

    All it did was make the public dislike them more, seeing as how LR is on her twitter page boo hooing about how people are being mean and jealous because they didn’t like her photo-opping.

    10)” How many mags have you ever been on the front?”


    Oh WEWE, the last time you were on the cover, you were slammed and the EIC had to apologize for putting you on the cover.

    We are not calling our local media outlets everytime we make a move, so if you can’t deal with the backlash, then stop calling the paps.

    11)” Bet none.”

    That is because WE don’t feel the need to call our local media outlets every move we make.

    LR is on the in the news because she tips off the paps and feeds them info.

    That is a sad life to live. Her life with EC is lacking that much that she has to compensate by paying JJ and Dailymail to tell her how happy and in love she is.

    12)” Better watch that lying – you do know what happened to Pinochio, don’t you?”

    Everytime LR stages a photo-op with EC she lies, so are you saying that what happened to Pinochio is going to happen to LR?

    13) You people know a lot about LeAnn and follow her very closely, read about her and post about her not to like her or be interested in her. ME THINKS YOU LIE A LOT about things other than me. I call it jealousy!!

    So then by your own logic that means that you are jealous of BG right?

    Because you know alot about her, follow BG very closely, read about her and post about her. And you lie a lot about things including things about BG.

    So here you have it, WEWE is always SWF BG because WEWE is jealous of BG, thanks for the clarification.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!

    1)”So that is your damage control?

    You are going to keep arguing that anyone who doesn’t like these photo-ops is jealous of you?

    2)” What exactly is that Leann has been able to do? Make a man break promises to his own kids over and over? Pay a man to show affection to her? Encourage a man to pimp out his kids names and faces just so that he can get a trip to Cabo?

    3)”If WEWE was doing all the things that you are saying, you wouldn’t be sitting on JJ posting under all these different names to make it look like she has fans and her Crazy Women single would be in the top 10 on Itunes.

    There you go again with the “no one believes you” card. So why are you here if no one believes what we are saying? Why do you resort to name calling and stalking if no one believes what we are saying?

    4)”WHO thinks for one minute you wouldn’t be out there doing what you could if you had the talent.”

    What? If you had talent there would be no need to do what you could to get yourself noticed. Look at Taylor Swift. I don’t recall her standing on beaches in a bikini just to get attention for her music. I don’t recall Taylor Swift pimping out another woman’s kids just to get the parents and teachers to buy her music.

    5)” Makes me laught when old bags start hammering on someone who is better looking, talented, etc. ”

    Okd bags? Leann Rimes?

    LR is better looking, than whom a ROCK?

    6)”AND the ex was over all this – OH,YEAH!!!!”

    You are just mad because even after all the hoopla you paid for, no one likes you and EC.

  • Melissa

    Racy dear, we are soooo jealous of Leann. Why, don’t ya know, so is dlisted! hahahaha!

    LeAnn Rimes was probably up in her Cabo hotel suite posing in front of the mirror and thinking to herself about how all eyes and lenses will be on her once she sashays down to the beach in her bikini looking like an extra malnourished Aaron Carter with two rock hard moon jellyfish sucking on his nipples.

    But LeAnn was in for a rude awakening even bigger than the one Eddie Cibrian experiences every morning when he wakes up next to her. LeAnn’s fresh out of the silicone factory titties were upstaged by a hot piece with all-natural snow cone pecs and bottle cap nipples! Dude knows it too. He’s casually standing there like “And?” while LeAnn is desperately making sure the paps get a 360 of her hot “Mr. Burns on Muscle Milk” body. Even though the seagulls are causing a commotion by squawking for life at the sight of LeAnn looking like a salamander trying to digest two large birds, homeboy with the delectable pecs is still getting all the attention!

  • Melissa


    Racy doesn’t know if Leann actually had implants and doesn’t care. PLEASE liar. You see the implants, just like everyone on the internet can SEE the new hard implants.

    Plastic Rimes. What’s next? Her nose?

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Racy Why would I be jealous. I am an old broad and I have not or would never support an able bodied man as Eddie even if I had Oprahs money.I have too much pride.and would have no respect for that type of man. Leann lacks self esteem she puts on this I’m all that act but is too insecure. Anytime you need to pursue a man to get him especially a womanizer like Eddie is not saying too much.for yourself.

  • Racy

    @Melissa: Frankly, I am not one to go around checking other women’s breasts!!!! Have you had this problem long? There is help for that you know. I know that you people have checked out her teeth, her feet, her eyes, her rear end and now you are checking out her boobs – what next?

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) Frankly, I am not one to go around checking other women’s breasts!!!!”

    That’s a lie because you made tons of posts about BG and her breasts.

    2)” Have you had this problem long?”

    So now anyone who doesn’t fawn over you is the one with the problem? You are just mad because these photo-osp didn’t work out the way you thought they would. Which is odd because we told you that you were going to get slammed if you released those photos from Cabo.

    3)” There is help for that you know. ”

    What does EC want you to get help with LR?

    4)”I know that you people have checked out her teeth, her feet, her eyes, her rear end and now you are checking out her boobs – what next?”

    This is funny coming from you because you are done far worse to BG, and now that it’s all coming back to haunt LR, you can’t stand it.

    LR no one would have any been able to make that observation about your breasts, if YOU hadn’t invited the paps to the beach with you.

    You did this to yourself.