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American Idol Winners Get Welcomed Home

American Idol Winners Get Welcomed Home

Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Kris Allen, and the rest of the winners from American Idol each look back at their experience on the reality competition series in these videos promoting the upcoming season.

Kelly, 28, reflected back on what it was like to audition and the thoughts that ran through her head.

“Everybody always asks how I auditioned,” Kelly shared in this new video. “I was 19 when I first auditioned. I still didn’t know it was a TV show. ”

Other videos include the winners sharing about what it takes to win, how they’ve been helping their communities, and how they’ve changed since.

Watch Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, and Lee DeWyze look back at the past nine seasons of American Idol.

The new season starts this January on Fox.

American Idol Welcome Home – Part 1

More videos inside

American Idol Welcome Home – Part 2

American Idol Welcome Home – Part 3

American Idol Welcome Home – Part 4

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34 Responses to “American Idol Winners Get Welcomed Home”

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  1. 1
    Caian Says:

    Kelly Clarkson is so… Kelly Clarkson! I love her!

  2. 2
    BRYSON Says:

    Kelly Clarkson.
    The original and still my favorite idol winner to date..

    On another note I’ve been watching the show faithfullly since season 1 and the show has just become an absolue joke since Paula left. Ellen seriously? Now JLo?? People who have no right to be judging singing competitions! What made idol special was the chemistry Simon, Paula and Randy had. Sad that great era is over. Its a completley different show now!

    Oh well. #TeamXFactorUS Fall 2011 baby! Cannot wait!

  3. 3
    oioioi Says:

    David Cook is a truest American Idol ever. I beyond love the guy.

  4. 4
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Fat dont have any pretty

  5. 5
    leonorcilla Says:

    Adam should have been there … (no offense to Kris Allen though…)

  6. 6
    Sam Says:

    Kelly is probably still my favorite, but Kris Allen is the most underrated. Finally saw him in concert and as Randy would say, he’s da bomb! Great, great voice and really funny. I never got a chance to see his quick wit and great sense of humor on Idol. Guess they were too busy wanting someone else to win. Wouldn’t mind seeing Kelly and Kris sing together!

  7. 7
    missy Says:

    I love kelly and carrie
    david cook too!

  8. 8
    Jane Says:


    Yuck!, nobody wants a clown for an American Idol lol! Just look at all those winners in the video. There’s one thing they all have in common and they are not clowns.

  9. 9
    JOHARH Says:

    kris is so cute !

  10. 10
    carolinagirl Says:

    Are you saig Kris a clown becuase he is not some. And he is underrated.

  11. 11
    josh Says:

    Kris Allen is my favorite. They all are very worthy winners and this is a great show.

  12. 12
    Kassie Says:

    I agree…Kris is sooo underrated. It’s funny how on the show I was a hardcore Adam Lambert fan with Kris as a close second. And now, I’m a huge Kris fan. I’ve bought both CD’s, but the Kris one is my favorite. He has that Indie vibe that I like. Don’t get me wrong, Adam’s CD is good too, but you get tired of it after awhile. My favorite American Idols are Kelly, David, Kris, and Carrie.

  13. 13
    Nicole Says:

    Carrie is the epitome of class and beauty, she’s by far my favorite American Idol. I’ve been following her since her audition, and to this day she’s still the kind-hearted soul she’s always been. :) I got to meet her in 2006, a few times in between then and now, and then again in early 2010 and she hasn’t changed a bit. Love her to death and I love that she’s stayed true to herself after all of this fame and success!

  14. 14
    divina Says:

    still the ORIGINAL KELLY is the BEST!….love her!

  15. 15
    Patsy Says:

    Love Kris Allen the most! He has really turned into a great live performer-never saw his hilarious personality on Idol like we do on Twitter and in live concerts! Can’t wait for his next CD-I have worn out his first one. I can see why he would want to stay in Arkansas as he is surrounded by people who love him and he wanted the best for his wife when he is on the road! What a sweet guy and a beautiful soul. Also love Kelly and Carrie, but am most obsessed with Kris!

  16. 16
    caron Says:

    I love them all,but I have a special thing for Kris. Kris Allen was the true under dog. He is humble, sweet, cute, sexy and has a great sense of humor.
    But I love them all from Kelly to Carrie to Fantasia, to David Cook to Lee.

  17. 17
    Me Says:

    I think you meant to say that to leonorcilla not Sam. You were talking about Adam Lambert being a clown right?

    Oh, and Kelly, David, and Kris. <3 Love them.

  18. 18
    lucy Says:

    I love carrie and kelly!
    they’re the best ones!

  19. 19
    Jane Says:



  20. 20
    Geanna Says:

    I love Kris he is always going to be my fav.and I love all the story in this video this is what American Idol should be about i felt like i was there every step of the way with Kris. I fell like his win was my win to.This is what we want in are Idols. Not some one who is already so train up that we don’t even fell like we are on the journey with them and my fav girls are Kelly and Carrie

  21. 21
    Hugo Says:

    I love Carrie!! to me she is the best AI winner. Her smile, her voice, her class….i mean EVERYTHING ABOUT HER is AMAZING!! i just love her!!!

    She and Kriss Allen are the best!!

  22. 22
    Leslie Says:

    Love Kris Allen. I didn’t start watching until Season 8, but kept watching that season because of Kris and now am enjoying following his career. I’m addicted to his music.

  23. 23
    DD Says:

    The worst winners were Taylor Hicks, Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze!!!! Kelly and Carrie rules!!!! My other favs on the show were Adam Lambert and Katherine McPhee!!!!

  24. 24
    DC Says:

    @Sam: No Kris Allen is by far the most over rated of them all. It’s an embarrassment to American Idol to have a true talent like David Cook in season 7 and go to a loser like Kris Allen the following year. Kris Allen’s career is tanking big time anyway

  25. 25
    Star Says:

    @Jane: well, the CLOWN has a Grammy nomination and has countless awards from Germany,Australia, Asia, UK, is platinum the world over,not bad for a clown. You must be from the USA,

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