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Beyonce: Marquee Nightclub Opening with Solange!

Beyonce: Marquee Nightclub Opening with Solange!

Beyonce and younger sis Solange Knowles hit up the grand opening of Marquee Nightclub inside The Cosmopolitan on Thursday (December 30) in Las Vegas.

The sisters partied with Beyonce‘s hubby Jay-Z and Solange also DJ’d in the club’s Library room.

Ellen Pompeo and her husband Chris Ivery and Samantha Ronson were just a few of the celebs who also came out for the bash.

Beyonce is also in town for Cosmopolitan’s big New Year’s Eve party.

Jay-Z is set to perform, as is Coldplay!

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  • sarah

    So pretty! Both of them. n_n ♥

  • Yummy

    She’s so gorgeous.

  • GAA

    Solange-not pretty and makes herself look worst.

  • missy

    Beyonce is gorgeous
    is she pregnant?
    she doesnt look like preggers still so pretty

  • Christina/Britney Fan

    LOL don’t get me wrong y’all i’m not a beyonce hater but what’s wrong with that girl, she’s always all dressed up with shiny clothes and big weave and make up. Does she ever sit down and wear flat shoes and no make up without having to spend hours on hair and make up for the cameras? Does she live for HER or everything she does has to be for the cameras? LMAO i can only imagine beyonce siting at home with her hair cut and full make-up on, her versace dress and jimmy choo shoes. :D

    So funny :DDDDD Bey stans don’t get all up in my ass mmmk?

  • XYZ

    What are these, 2 imposters? They look nothing like the Knowles sisters. “Solange” looks like an older man.

  • kim

    Beyonce looks old and like Solange’s momma or auntie

  • kim

    Beyonce looks old and like Solange’s momma or auntie

  • Music2daSoul

    Gorgeous Beyonce Knowles. Love her

  • Belinda

    Beyonce is gorgeous. Even when she goes au natural on a lot of behind the scenes footage, she is just as beautiful. I love her sophisticated yet youthful look.

  • Christina/Britney Fan

    @Belinda: Slow down partner, beyonce and natural in the same sentence? lmao, yeah right with her weave? her fake nails? her fake boobs? her nose job? oh right so natural :D

  • Ashley

    Beyonce is extremely pretty. She has such a girlish face, very beautiful.

  • Ashley

    I couldn’t help but notice the comment from Britney/Christina fan. Most women in the entertainment industry wear fake hair and fake nails. A lot of women, not in the entertainment industry do, too. You’re going to me Christina and Britney don’t.

  • Mo-Nique

    Chelsea Handler on BeyC*unt and her ignorant stans! :D

    “Chelsea Handler had alot to say about Beyonce at the Grammys:

    “I was enjoying the show until Beyonce stomped her way onto the stage like a Clydesdale and did this *shows clip of Beyonce grabbing her crotch* Why you grabbing between your legs Kitty Kat? I thought all of your junk was in your trunk. It’s pretty inappropriate. This is a Family show and wherever they are, the two kids I gave up for adoption should not be seeing that.

    So Listen up Badonkabonk, NOt to long ago you made a public statement that you were going to take some time off. What happened? You don’t think I can recognize you just because for once you are not wearing a unitard. Kanye West may be a jack ass but atleast when he said he was going away he did, unlike you, he’s a douchbag of his own word. And what is this? *shows clip of Beyonce swinging her hair during Grammy performance* That is not a dance move. That is what you do when your weave is on fire”

    LMAO so true she adds:

    “I do like her music, it’s just her that I can get enough of. She said she was gonna take a break, Take A Break B*tch“! -Chelsea

  • Felicia

    Beyonce is gorgeous and Solange has a unique style. Beyonce has never had any plastic surgery. Her features and body always have looked pretty much the same since she started. It’s such thing as natural maturation, but her body seems like it was all due to nature. Please don’t start with talking about different angles of her face and acting like that equates to plastic surgery. I look different on some of my pictures, too.

  • Mo-Nique

    lmao Fakeyonce is a fake HOE! ERRRRBODY knows it.

    Flop b!tch has to whore every album to sell about 4 million copies with like 8 singles and every damn tv show. Her daddy buys all her grammys and awards, she’s a fake. My gurl Keri Hilson wasn’t lying when she said Beyhoe is a fakeass who needs to sit down and get some babies. Even Rihanna sold 800,000 copies of her LOUD album in the UK in 5 weeks! BeyHOE could never do that even with all the promotion and lies about the fake sales numbers! BEYDUMB :D

  • Felicia

    But why would Beyonce not perform at the Grammys when she had the most nominations? That doesn’t make sense. Chelsea seems to have anger management problems. I love Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. But she took shots at Angelina Jolie, too. Chelsea doesn’t care about Jennifer Aniston making a lot of movies.
    So when the person is her friend she doesn’t care about how much they work. Chelsea seems to only pick on the women she’s jealous of.

  • Mo-Nique

    Let’s tawk about them videos she makes? YALL know she’s a nasty hoe with low class. Have yall seen VIDEO PHONE? That HOE was dressed as a damn hooker, and acting like one. I cant believe that dumbass OBAMA said she’s a good role model when the HOE shows skin and has no class. She’s married to a former drugs dealer and she shakes like those cheap black nasty GURLS on them Snnop DAWG videos.


  • Mo-Nique


  • Mo-Nique

    @Felicia: She’s right about Angelina. That b!tch stole a married man from his wife.

  • Felicia

    Rihanna only sold like 2 million with Rated R worldwide. She had about 7 singles. Keri Hilson didn’t even sale a 1 million of her last album worldwide. Beyonce last album sold 7 million albums worldwide of her last album. She landed in the top 10 with her album sales again. She had 4 top 10 singles both in the US and worldwide.

  • Mo-Nique

    The New York Post reporting about her fake ass:

  • Mo-Nique

    @Felicia: No honey not 7 million, more like 6 ;) and you forgot to mention that it was re-released and she had

    if i were a hoe
    single b!tches
    Imma a hoe and look at my EGO
    imma nightmare
    video flop
    broken hearted hoe
    diva is a female version of a p!mp

    8 singles and counting ! pushing it down on people’s throats

  • Felicia

    Old story about Ego, and Chrisette Michelle said on Twitter that the song was written for her. It was a demo brought to her, and she didn’t do it. But she said that she liked Beyonce’s version of it. And honey you can’t buy Grammys. There is a 5,000 voting members of the Academy that picks the nominees and winners. Most record executives serve on different committees at the Grammys. I’m sure these other artists and record executives want their artists to win as much as Beyonce. It’s just that the majority of the 5,000 people that vote on it, recognize Beyonce’s talent.

  • ciaraWHO

    What would you expect from a girl who’s man calls her a “ho”

  • Felicia

    Beyonce released it with 1 remix and 1 new song, not like 8 or 10 new songs. Really did you see Keri Hilson’s Fug Me video. You’ve the nerve to talk about Video Phone. Beyonce never released Hello as a single. She released 7 singles. She didn’t even perform the last 3 songs anywhere. She still able to sell 7 million records worldwide. Please what has Pretty Girl Rock did, lol. Keri still not going to go platinum again, lol.

  • Felicia

    I don’t see Beyonce’s name anywhere in that song. Regardless, Jay also said that he knows their a difference from what he says in a song and what he can say in a home. We know how women are talked about in movies and songs. Learn to separate. So what Ludacris talks about how Ciara is going to ride him. Do you think that’s really true? I got to go, though, it’s been nice talking to some angry Ciara and Keri fans.

  • Mo-Nique

    @Felicia: MMMMHUH, YEAH RIGHT!

  • Iris

    I adore Beyonce. She is so talented. I’m not about to entertain some jealous fans of others.

  • Sophie

    I really like Beyonce’s Asian influenced dress. She looks great. Just when I get used to Solange with the cute pixie cut, she’s back to the long extensions. She does like to change her style.

  • Sophie

    Forgot to mention, I like Ellen Pompeo’s style normally, but not this.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    Sisters Wried

  • afan

    Why so much hate on Beyonce.
    she is a tatented artist/singer/performer. With the new year 2011 please come with more love for everybody and less hate. God bless each and every one.

  • Yvette

    Don’t understand why Solange always feels the need to make a statement….misses it every time.

  • amensister

    Regarding Bey song writing credit on her songs
    its been a long known fact that artist put their name on songs they dont write the majority of, but just a few words.

    some do use their “star” to pressure songwriter to accept it or else

    this rumour went round with “about a boy”

    but for Bey and especially her father its a question of WHEN not IF they get caught out

  • Gab

    Who is styling the baby sister? Being the younger, less good-looking, less everything sibling in my family, I feel for her, but sometimes she’s really not helping herself.

  • Debbie

    Mo-Nique @

    Chelsea Handle is a vile individual like yourself.

    Hopefully karma will take care of a few of you haters this year.

  • Rob


  • Caroline

    Beyonce and Ellen Pompeo look really lovely. Songwriting is lyrics and melody. People make the mistake of thinking it’s only lyrics when it’s not.

  • Heather

    The Grammys has a 6,000 or 7,000 body of Academy voters and they vote on both the nominees and winners. It’s not left up to 1 single person, just like the Oscars. The record executives of other labels are on the same committees and part of the voting body. So they would want their own artists to win. The reality is that the majority of people in the Recording Academy thought Beyonce deserved her awards. People like Mariah Carey was married to Tommy Motolla and Jermaine Dupri was Janet Jackson’s boyfriend. People can have close ties to a label head still everybody only getting 1 vote apiece. Beyonce is a gifted artist, so that’s why she wins.

  • Dani

    Why are you so angry? Its a New Year, GROW

    The Knowles Sister looks Great <3

  • sr

    Beyonce is very talented!

  • Anya

    Beyonce looks fat and ugly as usual, and her sister looks like she crawled out of some swamp.

  • Christine

    What the f(*@ is she wearing on her head? Solange is batsh*te crazy like the rest of that family, she just wears it out there more. So tired of this two, they need to go away.

  • Black Girl

    @Christina/Britney Fan: We only see a few pictures of her not every single day of the year. In magazines, she has said that at home she is messy and lazy. If cameras were on you all the time every time you step out, what would you be wearing?

  • Black Girl

    @Christina/Britney Fan: I do not think I have ever seen her wear acrylic nails. I really does not think she had a bood or nose job. If you watch behind the scenes video clips, her breast are really not that big. I think the clothes and lift ups make them look that way.

  • Black Girl

    @Mo-Nique: Lol, I love Chelsea she is a comedian and she pokes fun at everyone. I guess she has never watched any Grammy performances by Rock or Pop stars.

  • Black Girl

    @Mo-Nique: If this was so true every washed up Pop star should try it. Hell even you. There is a thing called talent.

  • Black Girl

    @Mo-Nique: Definition of a role model: a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, esp. by younger people. If being super successful, keeping your personal life private, dating someone for 7 years before marring or becoming a baby momma, and not entering into rehab is not a role model, I guess we do not have any in the world.

  • Black Girl

    @ciaraWHO: Some of you people sound so stupid I am going to stop responding. Jay has never called her a ho (how stupid). He has said on a tract that “I know the difference between a B (Beyonce) and a B&T*H.