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Emma Watson: New Year's in Los Angeles!

Emma Watson: New Year's in Los Angeles!

Emma Watson touches down at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday (December 31).

Looks like the 20-year-old British actress will be celebrating the New Year away from home!

“Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve on Friday – where has the year gone??!” she recently tweeted.

Emma flew in from London, where she celebrated the holidays in “6 inches of snow.”

Emma also had to film some Harry Potter reshoots with co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

“Feels strange to be back!” she wrote on her Facebook page.

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  • diana

    did she have to wear a wig for the reshoots?

  • Kirsten

    She looks cute and classy. I think the girl next to her is Scout Willis. I heard they room together.

  • Marle

    She looked better at Hearthrow Airport. Do you think she calls the paps? Robsten come and leave Hearthrow without any sightings.

  • Mo-Nique

    she’s very beautiful and classy

  • Kim

    Emma looks beautiful! I love her style.

  • Tom

    I guess they have to put a wig on her for the reshoots

  • watsonlover

    OMG OMG OMG, I LOVE HER LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. She just makes my day girlfrannnnnn.

  • Sasha


    Robert has been papped an airport on more than one occasion. So I don’t think she would call the paps. I think it’s more being there at the wrong time and spot. Maybe..

  • Don

    Harry Potter promotions is over. I wonder why Emma is still getting papped. Does her publicist call them? She hasn’t left the airport without getting papped for the past year if I’m not mistaken. Even Robsten only get one fan shot, twitter sightings or none at all when they are not on Summit’s promotional tours. Robsten is at the Isle of Wright and not a pap picture was taken, even after going through the Airport.

  • Kim

    There are always paps at Heathrow. Emma is very recognizable with her hair. It’s not hard to figure out.

  • huanita


  • Don

    I would think that with less hair, she would be harder to recognize. Paps are probably still not used to her shorter hair and to recognize her from farther away would be difficult. You probably had to take a second look plenty of times at new Emma pictures and determine if that is Emma or some other girl/boy/Beiber.

  • Kim

    Tacky Don. You don’t have to be mad at Emma because your favorite celebrity doesn’t get papped.

  • Lisa


  • Sara

    He has a point. WHY is Emma getting photographed so much over her Harry Potter co-stars? Harry Potter and the DHpt1 is over and the next one won’t be until next summer. She’s playing the fame game just like every other actress.

  • Kaz simply smashing !!!!!!!

    I don’t care

  • Missy

    Emma is more popular than her Harry Potter costars. She’s at Heathrow and LAX, only nobodys get by without being noticed. She’s incredibly famous.

  • Gabby

    LOVE her and Love her style!! She looks fabulous. It looks like she’s spending New Years with her Brown roommate Scout Willis. That looks like her on the left in a few of the pictures. :)

  • Soap

    Emma obviously calls the paps. She is fueling her demand by calling the paps. Britney called the paps first and later they followed her even without her calling them. It’s a dangerous game and the only way she will get them to leave her alone is to get out of LA/NYC/London for a very long time. She will go crazy one of these days with the constant harrassment.

  • danielle

    Wow, this thread is sandwiched between Miley and Momsen. I’ll take Emma any day of the week. Cute, classy, stylish, talented and doesn’t need to rely on gimmicks, bad girl looks and deeds to make her way in the field of acting.

  • Missy

    It’s LA, pap city. Emma isn’t a nobody.She sells. Isn’t she nominated along with Robstein for a People’s Choice Award. That’s not a question.

  • kamikaze

    @diana: i would assume so since she wore a wig the first time they shot the epilogue. if you look for pictures you can see she wore a short wig (not pixie short), but i do hope they change that up.

    emma actually is more of the celebrity out of the harry potter trio despite not being the main char. moreso for her looks/modeling. girls in general get papped more often. but i dont get why we are comparing this to rob/kristen at an airport. so what if some celebrities get papped more often than others? its generally easy to tell who is fame hungry and calls the paps themselves. to say that emma is, well thats really quite weird. if she was playing the fame game i doubt she would go to college to get papped. and im pretty sure paps recognize that emma has short hair now. i havent seen people give so much attention to a haircut since “the rachel”

  • New Year

    Maybe Emma wants to play the fame game and go to university? Didn’t she say she wants to experience everything and not sacrifice anything? Free stuff from Burberry is quite tempting.

  • Kim

    All celebs promote themselves and not all play the fame game. Emma travelled alone without an entourage. That’s not attracting attention. It’s not Robstein fans complaining. They don’t care about Emma. It’s Harry Potter fans miffed their celeb doesn’t get papped enough that’s doing the complaining.

  • putt

    very beautiful n soo classy ! love her ♥

  • marina

    Celebs promote themselves only when they have some project to promote. Whether it be movies, dvds, perfumes, clothing line, album, etc. Being famous for nothing (having nothing to promote) is classified as a famewhore.

  • Tara

    Marina- since when is visiting a friend a famewhore? Jealous much. Celebs aren’t just celebs when promoting things. Get real.

    Emma wouldn’t get papped if the photographs didn’t sell. By the looks of it, they sell. They sell very well.

  • Leo

    To “Kim”, “Missy”, “Tara” and “Kirsten” – HAI JOPLEY! Still single? Don’t worry. We’re not all destined to die old spinsters. Something will work out.

    Emma looks cute.

  • Sup


    Hi jopley.

  • Kari

    @Missy: Hi, Jopley!

  • swooning

    sup jopley

  • Kgose

    @Kim @Kirsten @Missy and @Tara

    HI JOPLEY!!!

  • Mirabella

    I think it’s wonderful Jopley let all her sockpuppet personalities out to play for New Year’s Eve.

  • kamikaze

    lol.. im guessing this jopley person is known for posting under several names?

  • Kgose


    Yes she is. LOL

  • marina

    Celebs aren’t just celebs when promoting things

    So I guess Kate Boz and Rachel Bil are respectable celebs? Their photos sell but they have nothing to promote.

  • Gabby

    I find it quite hilarious that some people think Emma called the paps. Heathrow and LAX are two of the biggest airports in the world. The paparazzi practically sleeps there. Plus Emma hasn’t even been photographed since Deathly Hallows promotion ended almost two months ago. She knows how to go under the radar. If anyone is uninterested in the “fame game” its Emma.

  • Laura

    She was photographed at Hearthrow Airport on Dec. 14, a month after Deathly Hallows was released. She tweeted that her exams were over two days before she was pictured (to alert the paps?). She wore a camel colored coat. Airport pics again. How does the paps just get her every time? They haven’t missed her at the airport since she started college in the states. There are hundreds of celebs flying into Hearthrow. A poster above said Robsten flew in without paps drama, and they are bigger stars than Emma. Most big celebs fly private jet, however.

    Emma was also pictured on December 23 in London. Her pictures are on

  • Laura

    *Heathrow Airport

  • Lefty

    Since Deathly Hallows promotion ended, Emma was photographed four times, three times at the airport and one time clubbing.

  • Joe

    How dare she’s not hiding from the paps! She’s the first EVER celebrity to photographed by a pap at the airport! It’s so obvious that she called the paps, I’ve bugged her phone myself! And OMG OMG Robsten are GODS!


  • Joe

    Robsten don’t need to call the paps ’cause they’re doing great with their fake relationship drama to promote a stupid gay movie and fooling around some stupid tween girls. How do I know that? Obviously I’m a genius too!

  • Anna

    People in fake relationships would actually want to be papped. Hiding from the paps would not be a fake relationship. It would actually be the opposite. Reminds me of Justin and Britney. The whole are they dating, are they not dating? They were dating for real but they spent years hiding it and evading the paparazzi.

  • Joe

    @Anna: Nah that’d be too obvious if they do that with so many geniuses around to judge them, that’s why I said “they’re doing grea with their fake relationship”.

  • tilda

    emma watson loves media attenions.she is not very beautiful like eva green,charlize theron,scarlett johnson ,she is not class or cool like natalie portman ,she is not unique like kristen stewart or ellen page.she is not very successfull actress like others.but she is friends with important fashion men or women and productors therefor we are see her in tabloid magazines,magazines than other actress or other harry potter actors.
    for me kristen stewart,robert pattinson,daniel radcliffe,tom felton,ellen page than successfull than her and they much deserve more media attention.

  • Nivea

    So you are saying because it would be too obvious to confirm a fake relationship to the press and be pictured together, by hiding the relationship and avoiding being pictured together, it make them great at their fake relationship? Okay, but how hard is it to fall in love with someone when there are steamy love scenes in the movie, both actors young and attractive, down to earth, and share the same outlook on life (quiet, private people).

    Britney and Justin’s relationship was called fake and a publicity stunt when they were dating. It wasn’t until they broke up that the public believed it was real.

  • Julie

    This is what Ellen Page said in a magazine interview. Emma, take note and stop getting sucked into fame. Being a successful actor is not synonymous with being famous:

    Actresses your age these days, they all seem to be in the tabloids. They’re out doing all sorts of stuff that’s always constantly in the news. You are in the news when you have time to talk about a film. Is that one of the reasons why you like to stay away from Hollywood? So you don’t get sucked into that kind of vortex?

    “Yeah, I mean, I don’t think I would. Just because it’s not particularly where my interests lie. No judgment towards it. You know, a lot of people, kids in their 20s, like to party. The difference when you’re an actor is that your face IS splattered everywhere, and everyone judges you for it. There’s really no compassion being offered to these young women. There’s no questioning it. There’s no ‘oh why is this happening?’ It’s just, let’s judge the bejeesus out of them. And I feel bad. A lot of them are hyper-sexualized at a really young age and I have a lot of compassion for them. But I mean, there’s a lot of actresses that, you know…you have Evan Rachel Wood, Kristen Stewart, Jena Malone…they’re just making good films and making good choices.”

    Yeah, those are 3 of my favorite actresses too.

    “They’re fantastic!”

    I really like them a lot. They make some really good choices.

    “Really good choices and really talented. Unfortunately, I don’t know any of them.”

    Oh, I have a feeling you’ll bump into them someday. I mean, they seem to be doing the same kind of movies that you like to do.

    “Well, I love seeing their work, so I’m so happy for them.”

  • Rachel

    Clearly the Bonnie Wright fans from pottershots have no life. Right Kaz, Jules, Annie. The world isn’t as small as they want to believe.

  • Rob

    : heart:

  • fame

    She should let her hair grow back! She looked far better. Why is she doing this??